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Release Date: 2002 | Tracklist

Dälek isn't just one of the most unique hip-hop outfits I've ever heard...it's some of the most unique music period. I got into them by checking out various acts on Mike Pattons' music label Ipecac. Their sound can be described as dark, creepy, raw, progressive and lotsa avantgarde. Melody is a rare occurence. It's really ****ed up music sometimes...but really amazing. This is the only Dälek material I have heard...while it took awhile to grow...it's one of my favorite albums already now. This is the first hiphop album I've ever heard so give me a break :)

01 Spiritual Healing
It starts with a quiet jazzy piano interlude...but the song doesn't take time to build up...immediately the beat bursts right in, with one of the most ****ed up samples I've ever heard. It sounds like a robots death cry. The lyrics are really dark and well dropped...it's a great creepy opener. At the end of the song there is this broken beat, that's a bit slower then the original beat...with that timid piano melody again. 4.5/5

02 Speaking Volumes
Amazing...it starts with guitarish noise, and this really cool beat comes in. It's a basic hip-hop beat, but really well produced. As soon as the vocals come the these heavenly samples flow through the song...giving it a really odd feel. It's really an amazing track through headphones. At one point the beat fades, and there is alot of uneasyness, just various ambient melodies and rap vocals. Just awesome. 5/5

03 ...From Mole Hills
The ending of Speak Volumes immediate goes into the intro of this song. Another creepy track with lots of metallic percussion. The drums are real drums...no programming, as with alot of other songs on the album. The song ends with a cool turntable solo. 4/5

04 Antichristo
This is sort os a fill-up track...another slow triphopish beat/atmosphere and some guy speaking in spanish, or mexican...I'm not sure. 3/5

05 Hold Tight
Creepy ambient intro...but the beat comes in suddenly, like with "Spiritual Healing". Really awesome, abstract song. I've never heard anything like it. The lyrics have more of a political angle. It's a really arranged track. It ends with a cool breakbeat and gong like sounds. 4.5/5

06 Heads
Very avantgarde intermission track. It sounds like a water drain, and you hear voices say Dälek over and over...then unexpectedly there is this drum solo. Whoa. 4/5

07 Black Smoke Rises
Speaking of avantgarde music...this is a ****ed up as it gets. This is basically a 12-minute noise track with rap vocals on it. It's almost unbearable at times...some people like it...heck I like avantgarde music alot...as long as it has some sort of progression. This has not real structure...so I pretty much avoid listening to it. If you like getting a sonic assault this is a track to listen to. 2.5/5

08 Trampled Brethren
Amazing track...and amazing intro with Indian snare instruments (I don't know the name of the instruments) and noises...a low voice speaks through it. Then a cool beat with ethnic percussion comes in, allong with the rapper. Around 3:23...the Indian snare instrument-melodies return, as well as the low speaking voice...it's got some muffed repeating percussion and fuzzy samples near the end. It's a really prog-ish track...great stuff. 4.5/5

09 Voices Of The Ether
The beat of this track is more stripped and straight forward...for a Dälek track that is. Just as you think that...some really frigid sounds come in...it sounds like polar wind. After a minute or so the song becomes a bit more stripped, with strange turntable voice samples (I don't know how else to explain it). The beat of the song remains...but what's around it changes frequently. 4/5

10 Forever Close My Eyes
Amazing stuff...it doesn't sound like hip-hop at all, it has more in common with post rock. The vocals appear to be more spoken vocals than rapping. It's a really slow paced track with trippy guitar samples and keyboards. The song rapidly switched between more arranged, and a bit less arranged. The lyrics are really depressing. The song drags on a little long...but there are come cool moments, like a tiny guitar solo around 5 and a half minutes into the song. The song ends the same way it began...with the whole Indian vibe thing. 4.5/5

11 Classical Homicide
This is one of the heavier tracks on the album. This one actually has bit of a melody...it has the same kind of intensity as a guitar riff...but it sounds quite...different. The beat is loud and messy. It's definately got the dynamics of a rock track. It's not really a standout track in my opinion...it's a bit too over the top. 3/5

This album an incredible musical piece as a whole...but it does require an acquired taste because it doesn't sound like most other hip-hop...and it can get really experimental. That's part of the bravery that this group brings though...they break all the rules. You'll either like it or hate it. I definately enjoyed listening to this music...because it's challenging music to listen to...and it sounds awesome. 8.5/10

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July 31st 2004


This sounds interesting I might check them out.

July 31st 2004


Oops, I forgot Classical Homicide *edits*

Tangy zizzle
October 12th 2004


Top album.

Bloody brilliant group.

October 12th 2004


Is this the best one to check out from them?

Contributing Reviewer
January 23rd 2012



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March 7th 2013


brilliant album. shame no one talks about these guys on here.

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August 13th 2013


This is so good

February 11th 2014



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