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Release Date: 2002 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Fun, heavy, and really, really stoned

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To start: I'm biased about this one. Namely in that I love the hell out of stoner rock/sludge metal, even if only for the fun-ness of the weed imagery (I'm a sucker for rave movies too. What can I say? Drug culture is fun.) As a result, I love the hell out of this album. The titles alone are enough to make me want to grab a box of Nilla wafers, turn on Hendrix at Woodstock, and proceed to, in the eloquent words of Dave Chappelle, smoke myself retarded. Putting the song "Hashdealer" after "Keefmaster"? Brilliant! Whoah dude! Quit bogarting that piece bro! I paid for this ***! Now who wants greens?

If you can't tell, these guys really, really, REALLY like weed.

They write whole albums entirely devoted to ganja, and it shows through pretty damn strongly in their music. Sludge fans, you know the drill. Heavy guitars, mixdowns so bass heavy they border on hitting the brown note, lots of groove, and Black Sabbath influences hanging in the air thicker than the herb smoke in a hotboxed microbus.

Everything about it reveres 60's and 70's head culture, albeit with the distinctly modern weight one would expect. From trippy album covers (seriously, what a hell of a poster this cover must make), to long, epic songs with several very different parts a la "Electric Funeral" or "Hand of Doom", and musique concrete sampling that may very well have never happened without the guiding light of Pink Floyd.

As anyone would expect of a metal album, it's heavy. The vocals aren't the clean sound of early Electric Wizard or Sleep, but they strike a happy medium between complete normalcy and gutteral, death metal vocals, like a slightly more raspy version of some of Dopethrone's more aggressive tracks. But despite the booming sound, they never go anywhere near the doomy theatrics of Candlemass or Eyehategod. In the end, it's just stoned psychadelia, with its flirtations with evilness being cartoony and purely for the sake of sounding cool, like the auditory equivalent of watching Night of the Living Dead stoned.

But of course, it's not all good (or I'd have given it a higher rating than a 3.5). For one, there's really not the changeup you'd expect from a full length LP. The songs may be different, but aside from the samples and a brief flirtation with alternate percussion on "Trinity (Gigglebush)", the basic sounds really don't change. You get one vocal delivery, one guitar sound, one bass that I, on rather high quality headphones, can't really distinguish from the guitar, and your standard drums. Then again, I'm a bit of a stickler about using different sounds (it comes from being mostly a listener of electronic music), so I'd imagine a lot of people wouldn't notice.

Even still, the songs get a bit samey at a certain point (considering the only emotional states for these guys seems to be "stoned" and "groovy"), though luckily it's a repetition of something good.

But despite its flaws, it's a fun ride for a fan of the slower side of metal (and weed), and a trippy soundtrack for your next sesh.

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November 14th 2007


Paragraphs, my man... use them ;)

I like the review, there's some rough edges, but I like the energy that comes from this review.

Edit: I also noticed this is your second review in like an hour, and it kind of suffered for it a little... maybe take a little more time to iron out the rough spots next time. Also, there's no real rule about it, but most prefer if you take some time in between review submitals just so you don't push other people's off the front page so quickly.This Message Edited On 11.14.07

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November 14th 2007


OK review, fairly standard album.

November 14th 2007


Yep what Willie said regarding review quality wise, sounds like a good album. I'm a big fan of Sabbath, and I like my sludgy rock.

dub sean
November 14th 2007


What? stoner music I haven't heard about

I will be gettin this soon

November 14th 2007


[q]"but most prefer if you take some time in between review submitals just so you don't push other people's off the front page so quickly"[/q]

i reviewed an album by a up and coming punk group yesterday and it was on the front page for an hour and then went. 16 reviews in 1 day is lame.

but yeah good energy in the review but sort the p'graphs out

November 14th 2007


i reviewed an album by a up and coming punk group yesterday and it was on the front page for an hour and then went. 16 reviews in 1 day is lame.
Yeah, it wouldn't be as bad if people clicked on the "more" button to see the one's that got pushed down, but most don't.
This guy cranked out two reviews in an hour and hasn't been back. I wonder if he is going to fix this.

August 1st 2013


Album Rating: 3.5

nothing on this since 2007 ey? get some Bongzilla into your life people.

August 2nd 2013



August 26th 2013


Album Rating: 3.5

weed. weed!!!!!! weeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


December 11th 2013


Album Rating: 3.5

666lb. bongsession m/

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