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Ging Nang Boyz 生きたい
For nine years after the Ging Nang Boyz's first album cycle, all we heard from the band was five singles. They were the furthest thing from satisfying; a handful of good, even downright amazing songs every year is nothing compared to a full-length, fleshed-out work released in due time. So, we're now a couple of years removed from the Ging Nang Boyz's second album cycle, and with the dissolution of the band's entire lineup besides frontman Mineta Kazunobu, as well as his consistent acting career, it could be assumed that there's going to be even less activity from the Ging Nang Boyz than before. And here we are, with yet another sing
The Pillows Stroll and Roll
At least as good as Trial and My Foot; perhaps even better than both of them. Stroll and Roll is a confident, consistent effort from a band that's disappointed time and time again for the past 15 years. Not so with this album; although I doubt anyone will be ranking Stroll and Roll alongside The Pillows' late '90s classics, I'm thoroughly impressed by this concise collection of mostly upbeat, occasionally heartbreaking cuts from a trio of 50-year-olds who just won't quit after 27 years and 20 albums. Definitely one of the best Pillows albums of the 21st century, and one of the most fun rock albums you'll pr
Ging Nang Boyz ピンクローター
Fantastic A-side; everything else on the single is fairly pointless.
Ging Nang Boyz 17才
A masterfully arranged cover of a Japanese pop classic, performed in an intentionally obtuse fashion. "17" sounds flat and lazy until you realise the band is still trying really hard on this track; only this time, they're trying hard not to sound "good", at least in that immediate sense. As they've often done, albeit not as bluntly, the Ging Nang Boyz turn the ugliness of a buzzsaw guitar intro, a squashed mix, a jarring keyboard solo, quaking drums and shaky vocals into a beautifully sincere and earnest work on this single. The only real detraction to the single is that it sounds like an introduction to an album, except without the album. Of
Ging Nang Boyz ボーイズ・オン・ザ・ラン
"Berochu" is kinda unflatteringly produced but "Boys on the Run" and the Takako Okamura cover are revelations. Also the Boys on the Run movie is wild; y'all should check that out.
Ging Nang Boyz
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