Senses Fail Pull the Thorns from Your Heart
Holy balls... The new Senses Fail has arrived in full fucking force with Pull the Thorns From Your Heart. The
album rips and tears its way through the track list with a newly energized Buddy Nielsen heading the charge with his most
empowered and passionate performance on vocals to date. The guitars race through riff after riff and the bass and drums round
out the rhythm section with a rumbling and dynamic low end to fill out the aural assault. Sparse, but lovely bits of slower moments
with a hint of spacey shoegaze provide some breathing room at the right moments before lurching back into the breakneck pace
Refused Freedom
Before the shit storm of ridiculous low ratings begin flowing in because this isnt the The Shape of Punk
that Came, I feel the need
to give my two cents. Album is an absolute blast from start to finish and is definitely one of the most fun
and outright weird albums to grace my
speakers this summer. Experimentation is present in abundance and more often than not the groups age
and expertise lead to
successful songs that toy with a lot of genres and ideas. The album is gonna get ripped to shreds critically,
but then again so did
TSOPTC when it came out. Im just gonna be over here j
The Ongoing Concept Handmade
Band did some SERIOUS growing up between their last LP and this release. The overblown honky tonk dramatics are gone, or at least toned down to less laughable and outright cheesy quantities. The vocals, whether screamed or sung, dominate the album and provide a rollercoaster ride through one of metalcore's most promising young acts.
Between the Buried and Me Coma Ecliptic
More grooves, less riffs, and Tommy's theatrics on full display. It all comes down to whether or not you find them enjoyable.
Sun Kil Moon Tiny Cities
Sun Kil Moon Universal Themes
As my first exposure to Kozolek and his vast catalogue, I picked a hell of a place to start. The lyrics flow out of him endlessly and effortlessly, weaving affecting tales specific to Mark's life, but with a sentiment that really is universal and relatable to anyone with an hour to spare and listen.
Jaga Jazzist Starfire
Super weird, synth heavy, irresistibly catchy without having any hooks, and way better than anything they?ve released since
What We Must. Also stands head and shoulders most contemporary post rock being churned out these days.
Jarrod Alonge Beating a Dead Horse
Only heard "Hey Jarrod, What's that Song Again?" but fuuuuck me, I laughed wayyyy too much