Boris Warpath
A thoroughly heavy exercise in drone, all about subtle textures carving out palpably tense atmospheres. Voo-Vah sees boris performing their best SUNN O))) impression, and as a whole the album lives up to it?s name of being a destructive and heavy force, though not in the BORIS in all caps way I was hoping would show some influence here.
Boris Urban Dance
The closest thing to resembling actual songs, this album tones the drone and noise (sometimes, the opener is a harsh noise collage), and channels some more conventional Boris with maybe a capital B, but never all caps.
Boris Asia
Certainly experimental, droning boris in all lowercase letters. The first song is a massive, lumbering expanse of drone and noise. Not an album I see myself returning to often, but as with most of boris?s weird shit, I?m glad I gave it a listen.
Kendrick Lamar To Pimp a Butterfly
Jack White Live At Bonnaroo 2014
An excessive exercise in ?how drunk can Jack White get and still play his instrument and sing,? and the whole thing is great if you?re a fan of White's solo work or are interested in hearing some classic Stripes songs in a completely new context.
Veil of Maya Matriarch
This is subpar even by their standards. Clich?d and boring, nothing stands out beyond how cheesy and overproduced it all is, with cringe inducing vocal stutters and effects I would expect to hear from the likes of Emmure. Meh. Pass.
Haste the Day Coward
This shit goes fucking hard. I knew I was right to be excited by the duo of Jimmy and Stephen, and Coward is led by an absolutely monstrous harsh vocal setup courtesy of the two veterans. The riffs come hard and fast, at times sludgy and at others breakneck, delving away from the band?s metalcore roots for a more post metal oriented approach. They even dabble in shoe gaze during ?Shadow,? which currently sticks out as my favorite. Seriously looking forward to getting to know this new treading of a high school staple.
Silverstein I Am Alive In Everything I Touch
Awh man, the wait for this has been long and arduous but it was worth it. A friend of mine once described Silverstein as the "power metal of metalcore." And honestly, he's not too far from the truth. The band has been penning razor sharp heavy verses that give way to massive and soaring arena rock choruses for years now, well before they had the fanbase to fill out their live shows and actually create that anthemic atmosphere their polished brand of metal brings to the table. I Am Alive In Everything I Touch is Silverstein's sound streamlined to a T with some new dynamics mixed in here and there that were hinted at on their last album. The en