Top 25 of 2014
         Nov 09 by Sniff
The upcoming 2015 bag (favs thus far)
         Nov 03 by MassiveAttack
         Oct 26 by basikchanL
check my mixtape fire emoji
         Oct 23 by treeqt.
Rate My 3.14159265359's
         Oct 07 by treeqt.
A Collection of Minimal Electronic
         Sep 29 by yourgodisinferior
Techno Saved My Life
         Sep 24 by p4p
creeping up the stairs in the dark
         Sep 14 by squaaab
Skinny Puppy & related
         Sep 14 by Cyberduck
Would someone review my album?
         Sep 09 by MercuryToHell
2015 Redux Redacted and Replaced
         Aug 28 by TheWrenKing
Potsy 2015: August Week II
         Aug 14 by LordePots