sach's spicy slam stash as of 18/8/17 2:30pm AEST
         Aug 18 by nocuffin
straightforward death metal
         Aug 16 by Madbutcher3
         Aug 15 by G0atC0re
pedal to the METAL
         Aug 14 by Winesburgohio
Albums I Need to Listen to Pt 5
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John Zorn Albums Ranked
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Albums I Need to listen to Pt 4
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My Favorite Death Metal Records
         Aug 06 by AnimalsAsSummit
1 year 1 rec '67-'17
         Aug 06 by Neatoo
idk why i'm doing this tbh
         Jul 29 by nocuffin
(: music for super happy fun time listening :)
         Jul 26 by superluminals
Pig Destroyer Ranked.
         Jul 25 by JZW1997