bedtime playlist
         Jun 20 by SitruK6
Bands That Have Used Drum Machines
         Jun 18 by Supercoolguy64
Weird Movies
         Jun 11 by Risodo
hardcore/grind/violence/like these recs please
         Jun 07 by Glossolalia
grind mixed w prog
         Jun 07 by AnimalsAsSummit
Favorite Albums
         Jun 02 by Hundt
I need more Zorn!!
         Jun 02 by Donchivo
New Jersey ain't so bad.
         May 17 by JasonCarne
A Crepuscular Journey, Pt. I
         May 15 by Astral Abortis
The Ultimate Mother's Day Playlist
         May 14 by bbgames
progdaddy: hxc stuff, dirty punk, grind
         May 13 by StarlessCore
New genre tags?
         May 09 by owen