Jul 29 by slackened
Rec me some metal and stuff
         Jul 29 by HazelMotes92
My top 25 records in the last weeks (lastfm)
         Jul 28 by Risodo
Cool/Badass/Favorite Band Names
         Jul 26 by tacos N stuff
         Jul 25 by Risodo
Dumb/Cringy/Odd band names
         Jul 24 by tacos N stuff
Archer Season 7
         Jul 24 by Risodo
Bands I've Seen Live
         Jul 22 by elliootsmeuth
Best Movies I've Ever Seen
         Jul 18 by Rowhaus
         Jul 13 by AdolfChrist
The Office: Characters Ranked
         Jul 12 by ZippaThaRippa
2016: Rejects
         Jul 09 by Jacquibim