Essential Heavy Music
         Apr 19 by FearTomorrow
Sput Needs More Powerviolence
         Apr 18 by Athom
Hardcore/grind Recs
         Apr 15 by EJinHD
Potsys List Of 100 Albums
         Apr 13 by LordPots
Albums I Need To Buy
         Apr 09 by YetAnotherBrick
Potsy Thinks He Thunk A Thought: Many Musings, Much Opinions
         Mar 31 by LordPots
Winter 2013 - 14'
         Mar 18 by VinVal
Recent Digs And A Few Unknown Albums
         Mar 13 by MortimusPrime
Cool Albems
         Mar 11 by Kman418
Napalm Death F*cking Rule
         Mar 03 by BigPleb
Buys And Digs
         Feb 28 by MoosechriS
Some Recent Purchases
         Feb 22 by MoosechriS