Middle School rage music
         Oct 18 by DarkSideOfLucca
myspace grind / white belt + revival
         Oct 04 by combatwounds
Worst Recommendation Contest Rd. 2
         Oct 02 by Prancer
sachiko m/ (with a bit of p/)
         Sep 28 by nocuffin
Morning Metal
         Sep 21 by dixoncocks
sach's guide to dxc (for hal)
         Sep 20 by nocuffin
Painfully Terrible Slam/Death Metal Albums
         Sep 18 by ExecutiveExecuterexe
all music sucks
         Sep 17 by bbgames
ooh boy here i go buying again
         Sep 09 by Sinternet
Sput Lazaretto..
         Sep 06 by butcherboy
Sputniks, as described by bandnames
         Sep 06 by UniqueUniverse
Give me Recs
         Sep 03 by ExecutiveExecuterexe