101 under 15
         Sep 04 by DrMaximus
Favorite Death Metal
         Sep 02 by DoctorJackal
damn son 2 years is nothing
         Aug 23 by Mort.
Weekly Digs
         Aug 20 by CodeOrangeKing
Important and Essential music
         Aug 20 by TheSonomaDude
Rec Me Wicked Crazy Grind
         Aug 18 by CodeOrangeKing
Female fronted core whatever
         Aug 16 by Mort.
Name-your-price hardcore, grind and screamo recs
         Aug 05 by AaronIsCrunchy
Top 50 Metal Albums
         Aug 04 by PunchedPeach72
         Aug 02 by GuanoBumbershoot
Favorite Hardcore Albums
         Aug 01 by TheLindowWicker
Favorite Tracks From the Metal Genre
         Jul 31 by CapnJizz