Toad's Basic Bitch Summer Listening List 2016
         May 22 by Toad
Slope One: Part 2, 3rd Try, Brought To You By #4
         May 19 by macman76
4 in a row.
         May 18 by JasonCarne
Rec me "experimental/weird" Music
         May 16 by CrimsonLies
Electronic and Ambient Please
         May 10 by Trebor.
Sexy Time
         May 01 by LordePots
My Top 101 Favourite Albums of All-Time
         Apr 30 by minawasay
Potsy's Bad B*tches Vol. I
         Apr 29 by LordePots
Potsy Best of 2k15 Year End To End All 2k15s Slaps
         Mar 26 by LordePots
101 under 101: Part 3
         Mar 17 by Sinternet
These Aren't Your Top 10 III: Portishead
         Mar 15 by ArsMoriendi
Tworty Fifteen (re-post)
         Mar 13 by JamieTwort