JJ's 2010-2016 AOTY
         Feb 20 by JJKeys
Food Poisoning
         Feb 19 by closed
Albums 2016
         Feb 17 by Pangea
         Feb 15 by Tyler.
Overlooked Top 100 of the 00s
         Feb 15 by DoofusWainwright
Overlooked Top 100 of the 90s
         Feb 14 by DoofusWainwright
4th Sputniversary
         Feb 13 by MrSirLordGentleman
Rediscovering Some old stuff and some new picks
         Feb 12 by Ankit
Check my album yo
         Feb 10 by johnnydeking29
(What I Consider to Be) Modern Classics
         Feb 10 by porkchoppal195
2016: To Be Sputnik Is to Be Nowhere
         Feb 09 by macman76
Pop archive
         Feb 04 by UndineParty