Cinematographic Music
         Sep 25 by Asdfp277
2016 really is a good year for music
         Sep 24 by Wirertragen7
Favorite Metal Albums
         Sep 20 by loulou
Underated Artists
         Sep 17 by loulou
check these out if u havent
         Sep 15 by parksungjoon
Favorite bands
         Sep 12 by loulou
vinyl collection part 1
         Sep 11 by ArizonaIcedOutBoys
         Sep 09 by MistaCrave
3rd wave Black Metal
         Sep 09 by loulou
The Screamo Bible
         Sep 08 by YakNips
Top 50 of 2015
         Sep 08 by Sniff
Need to check 2
         Sep 06 by BlackWizard