My Top 5 Favorite Albums
         Jul 31 by BrandonNeedles
I'm On A Boat!
         Jul 31 by ExcentrifugalForz
Ulver (post-bm) Ranked
         Jul 31 by beefshoes
"There's nothing left to save" :: Snoopcow's Favorite Albums
         Jul 30 by Snoopcow
My Favorite Electronic Music Artists
         Jul 30 by Royl123
         Jul 30 by KrazyKris
10 Most Infectious NIN Tracks
         Jul 30 by Froot
My Favorite Metalcore & Post-hardcore Albums
         Jul 30 by BrandonNeedles
Artists That need to stop making music
         Jul 29 by BrandonNeedles
Female Djs
         Jul 29 by ShitsofRain
Mediocrity Digs
         Jul 29 by RoyalImperialGuard
If Pokemon Were Albums
         Jul 29 by ZombicidalMan