My Birthday
         Sep 30 by Drifter
Body type?
         Sep 29 by TheMrAlexK
         Sep 29 by Storm In A Teacup
albums i've listened to recently
         Sep 27 by ArizonaIcedOutBoys
Free Da Guys!
         Sep 27 by imjustjoshinya
Sci-Fi and Hip-Hop
         Sep 27 by theNateman
Classic Drill Tracks
         Sep 27 by imjustjoshinya
Alt. Emo Recs
         Sep 26 by apokolypz
Kanye West Albums Ranked
         Sep 26 by ABond
Second is really the best
         Sep 26 by theNateman
Top 20 Albums ever. PLEB WARNING
         Sep 26 by DirEnRefused
2016 wrung out to dry
         Sep 25 by TheWrenKing