10 Best Hip-hop Albums I've Ever Heard
         Sep 02 by MisanthropicTurtle
Hip Hop Recs
         Sep 02 by Phobonnika
Soundtrack To Your Summer
         Sep 01 by TylerLamberg
I Love My Mother Like Pizza Pie
         Sep 01 by chupacabraisreal
Give Me Kvlt-tier Hiphop
         Aug 28 by Koffiiing
Coffee And Death Grips
         Aug 27 by Trebor.
Q&a With Oltnabrick
         Aug 26 by oltnabrick
Be The Stormy You Want To Be
         Aug 26 by Storm In A Teacup
Life Is Beautiful
         Aug 25 by avonbarksdale221
Recent Vinyl Record/acquisitions
         Aug 25 by WellFedWhiteMale
Hip Hop Recs Please.
         Aug 22 by Italianjesusfootball
Top 30 Favorite Albums
         Aug 22 by ElaborateDynamite