Today Was A Good Day
         Oct 25 by Jacquibim
Best Day Of All Time
         Oct 24 by Trebor.
Rec Me Rap Please
         Oct 24 by KriegdemKriege
Laugh At My 5s
         Oct 24 by Hurricanslash
Female Vocalists
         Oct 24 by PeaceThroughNethers
fav recent beats pt 1
         Oct 23 by Static
Saw Flying Lotus And Thundercat Last Night
         Oct 22 by peaks40
Doris Ranked
         Oct 21 by 2CHAINAL
albums i would feel dirty not giving a 5 to (pt I)
         Oct 21 by Static
25 Songs.
         Oct 20 by Dodenakker
2014 (Part 2)
         Oct 19 by elbobo999
Aesop Waits
         Oct 18 by breakingthefragile