3 years here
         Aug 22 by Mort.
Late Night Listening
         Aug 19 by BallsDeep
Rec me your favorite albums
         Aug 18 by CaimanJesus
Sputnik's favorite songs
         Aug 16 by maxer
Albums that rule
         Aug 15 by Ocean of Noise
Rec me new (00s and 10s) artists
         Aug 13 by altertide0
Top 10 - Post-Metal
         Aug 13 by Greem
Atmospheric/Melodic/ecc Black Metal
         Aug 10 by Empyreal
5 Years On Sputnik
         Aug 09 by wacknizzle
Heaviest Band EVER!!!!
         Aug 09 by chipperjones
         Aug 08 by elliootsmeuth
TheSpirit and The Maniac! (Essential Brandoncore)
         Aug 07 by TheSpirit