Fall time filth
         Oct 03 by eatdirtfartdust12
My vinyl and CD purchases since late august
         Oct 03 by BenMorrison
My doom metal band has a single out
         Oct 01 by HenchmanOfSanta
not enough time in the day for music ugh
         Oct 01 by evilford
Nostalgia Rock
         Sep 30 by BlackLlama
2015 Summer Digs
         Sep 28 by Spag
Top 101 Metal Albums
         Sep 28 by dathvada321
         Sep 27 by MistaCrave
Favorite Metal Records
         Sep 25 by CamiloG
Favorite DM (In response to VVild18)
         Sep 24 by MistaCrave
Metal to the Extreme
         Sep 23 by dathvada321
Top 25 Favorite Metal Acts
         Sep 20 by CapnJizz