Heavy/Hardcore/Sludge Palooza
         Oct 18 by tacos N stuff
Topster 100
         Oct 18 by yourgodisinferior
2015: We Sputnik?
         Oct 17 by macman76
2014: Sputnik, Like NoPlace Is There
         Oct 17 by macman76
2013: Sputnik Will Find Me
         Oct 16 by macman76
2012: Through the Deep, Dark Sputnik
         Oct 15 by macman76
2010: Sputnik Paralysis
         Oct 14 by macman76
Favorite Sounding Metal Records (Not In Any Sort of Order)
         Oct 12 by Stereochrome1
2016 Besties
         Oct 12 by ThyCrossAwaits
2009: Hymn to the Immortal Sputnik
         Oct 11 by macman76
2008: The Way of All Sputnik
         Oct 10 by macman76
Reasons why I'm broke
         Oct 10 by ScuroFantasma