Top Releases of 2015
         Nov 24 by Elvis
Bands I Listen To The Most
         Nov 24 by metalheadrunner
The Ghost Inside involved in fatal bus crash
         Nov 20 by rufinthefury
Concerts I've been to
         Nov 20 by bnest
Concerts I've Attended
         Nov 18 by brettgoespunk
Ashen: metal and core and ish
         Nov 18 by Ashen
ETID Kicked My Ass
         Nov 16 by BigPleb
Favorite album productions
         Nov 15 by peartnoy
101 under 101
         Nov 15 by Sinternet
Seen live 1
         Nov 13 by andgrond
Rec Sputnik an Album
         Nov 12 by ScuroFantasma
My Top 30 Metalcore picks
         Nov 12 by CMX97