1-1/2 Years On Sputnik. Favorite Albums Found Here.
         Sep 23 by mikep87
Disappointing Albums From The Past Few Years
         Sep 21 by MrCOFROX
Albums I Wasn't Expecting To Be Good, But Actually Blew Me Away
         Sep 21 by MrCOFROX
My Top 10 Bands
         Sep 20 by DjentyNerdo
Great Metalcore Albums
         Sep 19 by dixoncocks
Metal Classics
         Sep 18 by someguest
Treb Metal
         Sep 17 by Trebor.
Planecrash Dialect
         Sep 16 by witchxrapist
Need Melodic Hardcore Recs
         Sep 15 by Gameofmetal
A Tepid Whiff Of Adventurous Releases
         Sep 15 by Angelboros
plug -- https://plug.dj/onions -- tdep ranked tbh -- shoutout to futures rip --- sup jak & jestapo u the real winnahs
         Sep 15 by Static
The Always Open Mouth Ranked
         Sep 13 by Memes