Best Post Hardcore Albums (2010-present)
         Oct 04 by cocopunk1486
rec me deathcore that doesnt suck
         Oct 03 by DANKTHRONE
Here's What I've Czeched Lately
         Oct 03 by Angelboros
Trivium Ranked
         Oct 02 by TheMrAlexK
Rec most technical & aggressive metalcore bands.
         Oct 02 by Sl3igHer
Dream Converge setlist
         Oct 01 by BookBurner
I've been downloading for days
         Sep 30 by DeadGuy
Toondude10's 75%: Third Base
         Sep 30 by Toondude10
AOTY Prelims
         Sep 30 by pjquinones747
Albums that just don't get stale x10
         Sep 30 by Sl3igHer
Bands that describe my taste in music
         Sep 29 by shanks123
The Ballad Of FlyheadMetal
         Sep 28 by FlyheadMetal