I'm New and Here's My Top 100 Albums
         Jul 27 by SweetestPerfection
Inaccessible Classics
         Jul 27 by AffableMartyr
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum songs ranked
         Jul 27 by johnnydeking29
I like that over the top BS
         Jul 27 by CL0VER
Cool/Badass/Favorite Band Names
         Jul 26 by tacos N stuff
New Music(Thanks to Sputnik).
         Jul 26 by Wearingyourmomsface
My vinyl collection as of 7/26/16
         Jul 26 by Sdc123sdc
My top 35 favorite albums of all time
         Jul 25 by Sdc123sdc
Dumb/Cringy/Odd band names
         Jul 24 by tacos N stuff
Recs plz pals
         Jul 24 by TheFirstLemur
So These Past 2 Weeks Have Been Good
         Jul 23 by bgillesp
Periphery Ranked: This Time It's Warranted
         Jul 23 by TheMrAlexK