High School
         Aug 14 by cheapcrayon
nostalgia overload help needed
         Aug 13 by Sinternet
My goats pt. 4
         Aug 12 by batstevens
just got out of the green day show
         Aug 10 by LethalPaintball
seeing green day for the first time tonight
         Aug 09 by LethalPaintball
Top 50 Favorite Albums (of all time...-ish :O)
         Aug 04 by DixFoo
"This list sucks, jump off a bridge"
         Aug 04 by siamesedaydream
Another lame rec contest (round one)
         Aug 02 by ianblxdsoe
Underrated Albums
         Jul 29 by tom79
albums mia's jamming 27/07
         Jul 27 by siamesedaydream
"i'm not like other girls" pt. 1
         Jul 27 by siamesedaydream
every emo kid in grade eight
         Jul 26 by siamesedaydream