My Guitar Albums (First to most recent)
         Jan 16 by CWBrown
vinyl (& CD) pickups ive made in the past monthish
         Jan 15 by ianblxdsoe
JWTs Tracks: 2016 Edition
         Jan 10 by JWT155
My Favorite 10 Paramore Songs
         Jan 09 by Divaman
         Jan 07 by TheMrAlexK
Sputnik Users Yearbook 2017 Edition
         Jan 07 by TVC15
the wonder years ####RANKED DEADASS B 😂👌
         Jan 06 by ianblxdsoe
         Jan 06 by DinosaurJones
Colossal 2016 Mixtape
         Jan 04 by dimsim3478
my remaining vinyl
         Jan 03 by thiswastheyear
Artists I got into prior to 2016
         Jan 03 by GeorgeWBush
Ashcrash's 2016 List
         Jan 03 by ashcrash9