Zippa's Rippin' Playlist: JAMUARY 2017
         Jan 19 by ZippaThaRippa
2K16: Stylin' in Shadows
         Jan 19 by Metalstyles
The Haunted albums ranked
         Jan 19 by karagiannis1908
Recent Death Metal Listens
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Ocean's Favourite Songs
         Jan 15 by Ocean of Noise
Doof Gym/Running Most Played Songs
         Jan 14 by DoofusWainwright
Someone discovered Jesus
         Jan 14 by eatdirtfartdust12
Short Stuff (Personal Use)
         Jan 13 by bgillesp
Best Album Art 2016
         Jan 13 by Alastor
Doof 101 Most Played Albums
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My favourite album each year for the last 30 years
         Jan 12 by Rodstar
Sput's Favorite Pizza
         Jan 11 by DinosaurJones