2016 - Voivod's Random Best Of
         Dec 04 by Voivod
Noctus' Favourite Albums of 2016
         Dec 04 by DarkNoctus
Eternal Doomnation
         Dec 03 by ZippaThaRippa
Albums I Need To Listen To Pt 2
         Dec 02 by pricealex
Albums I Need To Listen To Pt 1
         Dec 02 by pricealex
Cor's Definitive 2016 Ranking
         Dec 02 by cor22222
Overlooked Death
         Dec 02 by AdolfChrist
The Best Black Metal Albums
         Dec 02 by Leprosy123
Fried in the mind
         Dec 02 by Evanpowers
Favorite albums of 2015
         Nov 30 by loulou
Rerunnin and runnin and runnin
         Nov 30 by sach
They Want Me Dead, But It Ain't Gonna Happen
         Nov 30 by AdolfChrist