The Best Death Metal albums ever, confirmed
         Jul 26 by StarlessCore
Cool/Badass/Favorite Band Names
         Jul 26 by tacos N stuff
My vinyl collection as of 7/26/16
         Jul 26 by Sdc123sdc
Dumb/Cringy/Odd band names
         Jul 24 by tacos N stuff
Recs plz pals
         Jul 24 by TheFirstLemur
Archer Season 7
         Jul 24 by Risodo
TheSpirit's TwoThousand666Teen So Far
         Jul 23 by TheSpirit
2016 Favorite Metal First Half
         Jul 22 by slikphuk
Doom and Gloom
         Jul 21 by Brabiz
Chris' Recommendations
         Jul 21 by VengeanceCactus
Summer Slaughter
         Jul 21 by Rowhaus
A Heavy 2016
         Jul 20 by Intothepit