Sum 41 hate pop by christhjia
Dance Gavin Dance Revive the Robot by iChuckles
New Dark Tranquillity Song by Kusangii
Another New Korn Single by AaroN911
Sights and Sounds new single by XingKing
Green Day Releases 3rd Single by onionbubs
Limp Bizkit to stop rollin', rollin', rollin'? by ElvisJagge
Oathbreaker stream Rheia by emester
Fabio Linoe leaves Rhapsody of Fire by EvoHavok
Mayday Parade redo debut EP by makeshiftl
Suicide Silence announce album by BallsDeep
New Story Of The Year in 2017 by BallsToThe
Second new song from Metallica by JeetJeet
New John Browne song/album by JohnDillin