New Lamb of God single/EP by TheFantast
AAL's Fear of Numbers by MO
New Destrage Video by SitarHero
Pacific Myth Hitting Shores! by Shemson
In Flames reveal third song by Mythodea
40 Watt Sun Album Stream by elliootsme
Insert Witty Meshuggah Title Here by Essence
Jason Becker needs you! by FullOfSoun
BABYMETAL animated series in the works by CrazyDiamo
New Steel Panther video, album by Storm In A
Another new Crowbar track by CrimsonFir
New Animals as Leaders single by Suli
Second new song from Metallica by rockandmet
New Skyharbor Single by BeyondCosb
Third Alter Bridge Single by sam1oq
Goddess Gagged return by SitarHero
Ex-Haji's Kitchen singer's cancer battle by DatsNotDaM
Fit For A King stream new single by SteakByrne
New Animals As Leaders album by chug73
Neurosis stream new album by JAV
Ghost Drop Square Hammer Video by BallsToThe