Second single by Need by dfevil085
Peter Iwers leaves In Flames by ChaoticVor
Need release Rememory by Mythodea
CiLiCe returns with an orchestra by theRoodieD
All Them Witches premiere new single, video by thedmob472
Sixth System of a Down album in the works by Spluger
Marilyn Manson previews Say10 by Brabiz
Fourth In Flames song by Gmork89
BFMV Release New Music Video by KrispyBall
3rd Animals As Leaders Single by TomAkaVeto
Crystal Lake Drop New Track by SteakByrne
Hierophant Stream Mass Grave by zaruyache
3rd Metallica Single by bloc
New Lamb of God single/EP by TheFantast
AAL's Fear of Numbers by MO
New Destrage Video by SitarHero
Pacific Myth Hitting Shores! by Shemson
In Flames reveal third song by Mythodea
40 Watt Sun Album Stream by elliootsme
Insert Witty Meshuggah Title Here by Essence
Jason Becker needs you! by FullOfSoun