Imogen Heap - Sparks by SowingSeas
John Mayer - Paradise Valley by ADV123
Jellyfish - Spilt Milk by TheSpirit
Taylor Swift - Red by TalonsOfFi
Aaliyah - Aaliyah by oldnoprick
John Mayer - Where the Light Is by tommygun
Tegan and Sara - Sainthood by tommygun
Daniel Johnston - 1990 by oltnabrick
Nicki Minaj - Pink Friday by Tunaboy45
Nicki Minaj - Pink Friday: Roman Rel by YakNips
All Time Low - So Wrong, It's Right by Slut
Paul Simon - Graceland by Excentrifu
Taylor Swift - Red by Xar
Cash Cash - Overtime by FeedingNet
Simon and Garfunkel - Parsley, Sage, Rosemar by mudloop
Miguel - All I Want Is You by HolidayKir
Lil Wayne - No Ceilings by oltnabrick
Simon and Garfunkel - Sounds of Silence by fallenbird
Cat Stevens - Tea for the Tillerman by aircycle
No Doubt - Tragic Kingdom by bach
Elvis Costello - My Aim Is True by ZiggyLadyS
The Kinks - Arthur (Or the Decline by DikkoZinne
Lil Wayne - Tha Carter III by qwe3
Demi Lovato - Demi by The5thElem
The Beatles - The Beatles by eddie95
Frank Sinatra - Come Fly With Me by ASnideRetu
The Beatles - The Beatles by apokolypz
Maximum the Hormone - Mimi Kajiru by CelestialO
Wilt - My Medicine by Pheromone
Lil Wayne - Dedication 2 by Gyromania
Lil Wayne - Rebirth by Penlord
OneRepublic - Dreaming Out Loud by ClaireOShe
David Sylvian - Secrets of the Beehive by KILL
The Beatles - Magical Mystery Tour by zakalwe
John Mayer - Continuum by bach
Kenny G. - Breathless by manosg
Torche - Harmonicraft by tempest--
John Lennon - Unfinished Music No1: by someguest
Tears For Fears - Elemental by LPFTW
The Beatles - Abbey Road by SsPpAaMm
TK From Ling Tosite Sigure - Flowering by amanwithah
Tears For Fears - Raoul and the Kings of by Inveigh
Foxy Shazam - Introducing by kroglor
Jason Mraz - Love Is a Four Letter by ChoccyPhil
Buckingham Nicks - Buckingham Nicks by SitarHero
The Kinks - Face to Face by DikkoZinne
Duran Duran - Rio by Arcade
Barenaked Ladies - disc one: All Their Gr by SsPpAaMm
Imogen Heap - Speak For Yourself by TenSeconds
Supertramp - Crime of the Century by KILL
The Beatles - Rubber Soul by YetAnother
Foxy Shazam - Gonzo by AllAmerica
Strawberry Switchblade - Strawberry Switchblade by Thunderkat
Jason Mraz - Waiting For My Rocket by Feather
Elvis Costello - This Year's Model by Slut
Be Your Own Pet - Get Awkward by PiedradeLu
Billy Joel - Cold Spring Harbor by PFLZU2TH
Taylor Swift - Red by Sanders
Daniel Johnston - Yip/Jump Music by oltnabrick
Tegan and Sara - The Con by OceanMecha
The Beatles - Revolver by oltnabrick
Tokyo Incidents - Daihakken by Chrisjon89
Chicago - Chicago Transit Author by CheapPurpl
Etienne Sin - The Art of Stealing He by Tellthelad
BABYMETAL - Babymetal by Tunaboy45
Lights - Siberia by Feather
Zolof the Rock and Roll Destroyer - Schematics by theacademy
Lights - Siberia Acoustic by Feather
The Feelies - Crazy Rhythms by DikkoZinne
Frank Sinatra - Come Fly With Me by DikkoZinne
Frank Ocean - Channel Orange by mryrtmrnfo
Macklemore and Ryan Lewis - The Heist by OceanMecha
The All-American Rejects - Move Along by TheSonomaD
Gunther - Pleasureman by MrSirLordG
Maximum the Hormone - Yoshu Fukushu by Brabiz
Arthur Russell - World of Echo by Xar
Demi Lovato - Don't Forget by ElvisAlt12
Maximum the Hormone - Buiikikaesu by PuddlesPud
Frank Ocean - Nostalgia, Ultra by oltnabrick
Simon and Garfunkel - Bridge Over Troubled W by DikkoZinne
Lil Wayne - Tha Carter III by Gyromania
Weird Al Yankovic - Bad Hair Day by asaf
BABYMETAL - Babymetal by trackbytra
The Beatles - The Beatles by facupm
dEMOTIONAL - State: In Denial by Insurrecti
Jason Mraz - We Sing, We Dance, We by Arcade
Weird Al Yankovic - Mandatory Fun by Calc
Dead by April - Dead by April by Maudlinoft
Umbrellas - Illuminare by Iamthe Nig
Zelliack - Noir Tone by zakalwe
The Beatles - The Beatles by MrSirLordG
Peter Gabriel - Melt by Rowan5215