Against Me! - Reinventing Axl Rose by bach
Nigel Pepper Cock - Fresh White Reeboks by Ovrot
White Lung - Deep Fantasy by ShadowRema
Flipper - Gone Fishin' by BMDrummer
Midori - Shinsekai by brainmelte
Johnny Hobo and the Freight Trains - Love Songs For The A by BMDrummer
Wavves - V by helpoemer4
The Replacements - Pleased To Meet Me by Arcade
Flipper - Album – Generic Fl by BMDrummer
Polar Bear Club - Death Chorus by SteveP
NOFX - 45 or 46 Songs That by pbateman
Choke - There's A Story To T by ShadowRema
Bomb the Music Industry! - Scrambles by KriegdemKr
Good Riddance - A Comprehensive Guid by Ashen
Joyce Manor - Never Hungover Again by rufinthefu
Minutemen - Double Nickels on th by Arcade
Wipers - Youth of America by KILL
Wipers - Over the Edge by KILL
Brainbombs - Burning Hell by ffs
Husker Du - Zen Arcade by jtswope
Midori - Aratame Hajime Mashi by Frippertro
Bad Religion - True North by Sciroccu
Scholastic Deth - Final Examiner by demigod!
Gallows - Desolation Sounds by TooManyFri
Adolescents - Adolescents by enedwaith
Captain, We're Sinking - The Future Is Cancel by Sl3igHer
Misfits - Walk Among Us by enedwaith
Meat Puppets - Meat Puppets II by KILL
T.S.O.L. - Dance With Me by enedwaith
Dead Kennedys - Fresh Fruit for Rott by romulanran
Minutemen - What Makes a Man Sta by Mort.
Title Fight - Hyperview by BrushedRed
Bad Religion - Against the Grain by Mister Twi
Iggy Pop - Lust For Life by adr
The Stooges - Fun House by adr
Frank Turner - Tape Deck Heart by MonotoneMo
Single Mothers - Negative Qualities by rufinthefu
Amebix - Arise! by romulanran
Propagandhi - Supporting Caste by ShadowRema
Gallows - Grey Britain by ParanoidAn
Butthole Surfers - Psychic... Powerless by ArsMoriend
Jawbreaker - Dear You by SnakeDelil
Ramones - Halfway to Sanity by SmileNerd
The Menzingers - On the Impossible Pa by NightProwl
A Wilhelm Scream - Partycrasher by NightProwl
The Menzingers - Rented World by dimsim3478
The Smith Street Band - No One Gets Lost Any by YetAnother
The Replacements - Let It Be by jtswope
Sublime - Sublime by Ashen
Iggy Pop - The Idiot by Ricochet
The Smith Street Band - Throw Me in the Rive by Rowan5215
The Clash - London Calling by DoofusWain
Jeff Rosenstock - We Cool? by DinosaurJo
Brainbombs - Urge to Kill by ffs
Descendents - Milo Goes to College by xfearbefor
The Gaslight Anthem - Sink or Swim by ShadowRema
Alkaline Trio - From Here To Infirma by DoctorDoom
The Gaslight Anthem - Get Hurt by nylerticke
Flipper - Album – Generic Fl by demigod!
FIDLAR - Too by PunkSka198
A Wilhelm Scream - Mute Print by Ashen
Rancid - ...And Out Come the by zakalwe
Sublime - 40 Oz. to Freedom by bach
Brainbombs - Obey by TheCrocodi
Butthole Surfers - Hairway to Steven by Libertaria
Morning Glory - War Psalms by Ashen
The Gaslight Anthem - Señor and the Queen by ShadowRema
Dogmatist - Worn Out Welcome by Ashen
Tenement - Predatory Headlights by mryrtmrnfo
The Pogues - Red Roses for Me by WallyMcDon
Jawbreaker - 24 Hour Revenge Ther by dimsim3478
Ramones - Ramones by Snowdog808
Various Artists (Punk) - Sexx Tapes x Team Lo by helpoemer4
Andrew Jackson Jihad - Knife Man by adr
The Locust - Plague Soundscapes by SoccerRiot
Misfits - Static Age by InFlamesWe
The State Lottery - When the Night Comes by argonaut
Beatsteaks - Boombox by Deviant.
Titus Andronicus - The Most Lamentable by SowingSeas
The Offspring - Smash by danielcard
Bad Religion - Recipe for Hate by Funeralopo
Suicide - Second Album by adr
Alkaline Trio - From Here To Infirma by pianosmash
Patti Smith - Horses by TWIGtheWON
Butthole Surfers - Locust Abortion Tech by jtswope
Titus Andronicus - The Monitor by Ashen
Frank Turner - Positive Songs for N by Pangea
Jawbreaker - Unfun by TheCharmin