The Stooges - Have Some Fun: Live by Frippertro
Spazz - Crush Kill Destroy by Gwyn.
The Stooges - Fun House by Frippertro
Suicide - Second Album by Frippertro
NOFX - So Long and Thanks f by Spec
Midori - Aratame Hajime Mashi by Frippertro
The Drones - I See Seaweed by CL0VER
The Menzingers - Rented World by SnakeDelil
Dead Kennedys - Fresh Fruit for Rott by someguest
Rise Against - Revolutions per Minu by Flugmorph
Brainbombs - Obey by YetAnother
Alkaline Trio - Agony and Irony by JWT155
The Gaslight Anthem - American Slang by Sunnyvale
Millencolin - True Brew by Ebola
The Clash - The Clash (US versio by someguest
Sex Pistols - Never Mind the Bollo by someguest
The Drones - Havilah by OvDeath
Butthole Surfers - Independent Worm Sal by SharkTooth
Butthole Surfers - Locust Abortion Tech by ArsMoriend
Rancid - ...And Out Come the by jayt851
The Stooges - Fun House by someguest
The Clash - London Calling by Dylan620
Minutemen - Double Nickels on th by jtswope
Gallows - Grey Britain by BigPleb
Butthole Surfers - Rembrandt Pussyhorse by ArsMoriend
FIDLAR - Too by Arcade
Misfits - Static Age by enedwaith
Bad Religion - True North by Satellite
The Stooges - Ready To Die by Tunaboy45
The Stooges - Raw Power by Arcade
Suicide - Suicide by TheBarber
White Lung - Deep Fantasy by SpiritCrus
Superheaven - Ours Is Chrome by icatchthir
Polar Bear Club - Clash Battle Guilt P by TooManyFri
Joyce Manor - Never Hungover Again by torts
The Smith Street Band - No One Gets Lost Any by MyCarandMy
Gallows - Desolation Sounds by anarchistf
The Clash - The Clash by PappyMason
Iggy Pop - Lust For Life by NorthernSk
Ramones - Ramones by guitarded_
The Smith Street Band - Sunshine and Technol by KriegdemKr
The Draft - In A Million Pieces by LordePots
Bad Religion - Against the Grain by frigyourge
Gob - The World According by claygurnz
Iggy Pop - The Idiot by Pheromone
The Smith Street Band - Throw Me in the Rive by FreddieDel
The State Lottery - When the Night Comes by Sunnyvale
Signals Midwest - Latitudes & Longitud by dimsim3478
Cheap Girls - My Roaring 20s by SteveP
Bomb the Music Industry! - Vacation by dimsim3478
(hed) p.e. - Evolution by nuuprizing
Gallows - Orchestra Of Wolves by Dolving999
The Menzingers - On the Impossible Pa by JWT155
Wipers - Over the Edge by KILL
Reel Big Fish - Turn the Radio Off by Muisc4Life
Bad Religion - Into the Unknown by BobScratch
Meat Puppets - Up on the Sun by demigod!
Daytrader - Last Days of Rome by Archael
Wavves - Wavvves by jsaf7
The Gaslight Anthem - SeƱor and the Queen by JWT155
Hot Water Music - Exister by CosmicPie
Titus Andronicus - The Most Lamentable by LoLifant
Jeff Rosenstock - We Cool? by SonofSnow
Husker Du - Zen Arcade by zakalwe
Agent Orange - Living in Darkness by enedwaith
Ramones - Rocket to Russia by enedwaith
Frank Turner - Love, Ire & Song by benkim