Deftones - Gore by kenti123
Emma Ruth Rundle - Some Heavy Ocean by YetAnother
Ratos de Porao - Brasil by Risodo
Despised Icon - Beast by Gameofmeta
Nails - You Will Never Be On by owen
Julien Baker - Sprained Ankle by Conmaniac
Slint - Spiderland by glorybox94
Grizzly Bear - Shields by Tiemuuu
fun. - Some Nights by PumpBoffBa
Crown the Empire - Retrograde by Manqaness2
Relient K - Air For Free by SowingSeas
Saor - Roots by elcrawfodo
Hoth - Oathbreaker by elcrawfodo
Frank Ocean - channel ORANGE by Conmaniac
Iotunn - The Wizard Falls by bnelso55
Rainbow - Long Live Rock & Rol by Sabrutin
Blink-182 - Enema of the State by WatchItExp