The Future Sound of London - Lifeforms by frigyourge
Aesop Rock - The Impossible Kid by frigyourge
Linkin Park - The Hunting Party by altertide0
Radiohead - Hail to the Thief by zakalwe
The Brave Little Abacus - Just Got Back from t by altertide0
David Wise - Donkey Kong Country by Kusangii
Anthrax - Spreading the Diseas by InFlamesWe
Metallica - ...And Justice for A by romulanran
Aeternam - Ruins of Empires by TheNotrap
Childish Gambino - "Awaken, My Love!" by ScuroFanta
Brian Eno - Reflection by Dewinged
David Wise - DK Jamz: Original Do by Kusangii
Opeth - Ghost Reveries by Flugmorph
Wicca Phase Springs Eternal - SECRET BOY by BlushfulHi
Astronautalis - Cut The Body Loose by Pheromone
Fleetwood Mac - Rumours by DoofusWain
Rishloo - Feathergun by pxl