Omar Souleyman - Wenu Wenu by LordePots
Bjork - Debut by Tunaboy45
Bjork - Post by MrSirLordG
Anne Guthrie - Codiaeum variegatum by Winesburgo
Mr. Bungle - Mr. Bungle by Royl123
Yellow Swans - Going Places by BandNewbac
Geinoh Yamashirogumi - Ecophony Gaia by Jasdevi087
Nico - The Marble Index by adr
Lycia - A Day in the Stark C by WilhelmBla
Bjork - Vespertine by Funeralopo
Lightning Bolt - Ride The Skies by Kman418
Weird Al Yankovic - Straight Outta Lynwo by SnakeDelil
Rozwell Kid - Too Shabby by Radioheadm
Dean Blunt - Black Metal by PappyMason
Cloakroom - Infinity by YakNips
Vanessa Rossetto - Whole Stories by Phlegm
Dan Deacon - Gliss Riffer by Kman418
Mr. Bungle - California by jtswope
Pure - Fetor by oltnabrick
Sunn O))) and Boris - Altar by Ocean of N
Dan Deacon - America by Kman418