Bjork - Vespertine by DoctorDoom
Nara Leao - Dez Anos Depois by Gyromania
Tim Hecker - Haunt Me, Haunt Me D by Kman418
Crotchduster - Big Fat Box of Shit by snewso
Eluvium - Curious Things by zaruyache
Volcanic Queen - Moments Captured in by YakNips
Stars of the Lid - And Their Refinement by elliootsme
Hakaristi - Hakaristi by iloveyoual
Belong - October Language by loveisamix
Girl Talk - Secret Diary by CL0VER
Apator - Masturbate in Praise by Sinternet
Popol Vuh - Hosianna Mantra by p4p
Pryapisme - Hyperblast Super Col by BallsDeep
Arthur Russell - World of Echo by Yotimi
Neu! - Neu! by MrSirLordG
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Mr. Bungle - California by Collis
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Tau Tau - Eyelids by Toad
Vanessa Rossetto - Whole Stories by hal1ax
Jefre Cantu-Ledesma - Devotion by oltnabrick