Ground Zero - Consume Red by ShitsofRai
Sundrugs - Hidden Scenes by WashboardS
Gashkadin - Fully Ripe by GrandpaSet
Necro Deathmort - Music Of Bleak Origin by LordPots
Bjork - Medulla by PillowGuy
Weird Al Yankovic - Running With Scissors by xfearbefor
Sundrugs - Hidden Scenes by WashboardS
Jonsi - Go by ShitsofRai
Mr. Bungle - California by Oysterizer
SORNE - House of Stone by Veldin
King Tears Bat Trip - King Tears Bat Trip by Calc
Helms Alee - Sleepwalking Sailors by PostMesmer
Apator - Masturbate in Praise o by Solbrave
?????VIRTUAL - 札幌コンテンポ by mindleviti
Lightning Bolt - Hypermagic Mountain by Kman418
Eluvium - Talk Amongst the Trees by OmairSh
Volcanic Queen - Lumyth by OldManGram
Bjork - Volta by Chrisjon89
Love Through Cannibalism - Metapodestroyer by emester
Tim Hecker - Ravedeath, 1972 by SaneTBP
Mr. Bungle - OU818 by Calculatin