NOFX - First Ditch Effort by conditiona
Bomb the Music Industry! - Adults!!!: Smart!!! by Gleam
Alkaline Trio - Goddamnit by AdolfChris
AJJ - Can't Maintain by Supercoolg
Frank Turner - Positive Songs for N by JS19
Fear - The Record by budgie
Iggy Pop - The Idiot by AmericanFl
Joyce Manor - Cody by Conmaniac
The Offspring - Splinter by SoundofMad
Good Luck - Into Lake Griffy by Conmaniac
Signals Midwest - Latitudes & Longitud by Conmaniac
Sublime - Sublime by alienobser
AFI - Burials by DrGonzo193
Unsane - Total Destruction by Spluger
Joyce Manor - Never Hungover Again by batstevens
The Stranglers - No More Heroes by zakalwe
Jeff Rosenstock - Worry. by SnakeDelil
Cardiacs - Sing to God by zakalwe
Urinals - Negative Capability. by Ryus
Streetlight Manifesto - The Hands That Thiev by Feather
Fear - More Beer by budgie