Frank Turner - Tape Deck Heart by Spec
Lord Snow - Solitude by UpwardSpir
Bad Religion - New Maps of Hell by Sabrutin
The Stooges - Fun House by rabidfish
Butthole Surfers - Electriclarryland by jayt851
No Trend - Too Many Humans by jagride
X - Los Angeles by Pajolero
Against Me! - Transgender Dysphori by Green Baro
Bad Religion - No Substance by Sabrutin
Good Luck - Into Lake Griffy by treeqt.
Alaska (USA) - Everything is Fine by Conmaniac
Mischief Brew - Songs From Under the by porcupinet
A Wilhelm Scream - Career Suicide by DirEnRefus
Bad Religion - The Dissent of Man by Sabrutin
Wavves - V by SandorCleg
The Smith Street Band - No One Gets Lost Any by YoYoMancus
Toys That Kill - Fambly 42 by tom79
Rancid - Honor Is All We Know by doomjitsu
Social Distortion - Sex, Love and Rock ' by Sunnyvale
Rise Against - The Sufferer and the by trackbytra
MDC - Millions Of Dead Cop by GhettoHmbr