Tuesday, July 25th

Echo Tail streams new album 5 replies

Alternative Rock band, 'Echo Tail', have just released their new album, Et tu, Yūrei?, on their Bandcamp page, which comes as a "name your price" download or limited edition CD.

The album is lead mostly by synths and drum machines, in contrast to their previous albums, taking on a more industrial rock twist and features a guest appearance by rapper C. C. Munster.


New Osiris (Egypt) song, EP 2 replies

Long-defunct Egyptian metal band Osiris haveposted their first new song in 20 years. The gloriously bombastic track "Forgotten Stones of Time" can be heard below.

According to the Bandcamp, the song is a single from a forthcoming EP, drawing a parallel from slaves that built the ancient pyramids to modern-day workers being crippled by debt:

This track is about slavery in ancient Egypt and their denial to time.

Slaves are forgotten.

Their existence is lost within time and their names erased for eternity. Although the slaves did the hard labor to build the monuments that glorified once a leading civilization, nobody remembers the prisoners of war, the locals in debt or the criminals deemed to a lifetime of atonement, who were made into slaves.

We can draw an analogy between slavery in ancient Egypt and modern day workers who are inevitably tied to a lifetime of payments. After they cease to exist, mode ...more

Two New Converge Tracks 105 replies

Metalcore legends Converge have released two New Tracks Titled "I Can Tell You About Pain" and "Eve" to promote their impending and long-overdue new record. They're available on Spotify and Apple Music, and will likely be uploaded later in the day.


EDIT: Turns out the two singles were to promote a new standalone 7" release. The official title track stream can be found at the link below.


Perturbator announces EP 11 replies

Perturbator - the reigning master of darksynth - has revealed the cover art and track list for his upcoming EP, New Model.


Listen to "Tactical Precision Disarray" off the EP:

Monday, July 24th

Linkin Park release statement 28 replies

Linkin Park have released their first official statement since July 20th when their lead singer Chester Bennington was found dead in his home in Palos Verdes Estates, California, from suicide by hanging.

Dear Chester,

Our hearts are broken. The shockwaves of grief and denial are still sweeping through our family as we come to grips with what has happened.

You touched so many lives, maybe even more than you realized. In the past few days, we’ve seen an outpouring of love and support, both public and private, from around the world. Talinda and the family appreciate it, and want the world to know that you were the best husband, son, and father; the family will never be whole without you.

Talking with you about the years ahead together, your excitement was infectious. Your absence leaves a void that can never be filled—a boisterous, funny, ambitious, creative, kind, generous voice in the room is missing. We’re trying to remi ...more

New Hollywood Undead video, album 39 replies

Musical gang Hollywood Undead have released a music video for their new song "California Dreaming".

The lead single is part of the band's upcoming fifth album "V", set to be released on October 27th. The album will feature 14 tracks, including a feature from Cypress Hill's B-Real.

Watch the video here:

Sundfor sings with John Grant 4 replies

Norwgian pop sensation and singer/songwriter Susanne Sundfor teases her upcoming album, Music for People in Trouble, with a new track featuring John Grant on vocals. The cut, furthermore, continues to showcase her shift from the electronic-baroque instrumentation of her previous albums toward ethereal acoustics and crescendoing choirs.

Listen to the track here:

The new album is out the 25th of August. Sundfor will also be performing at the BBC Proms Scott Walker Tribute at the Royal Albert Hall on the 25th July.

Sunday, July 23rd

Another new Don Broco Track 4 replies

British quartet Don Broco have released another single/video from their as-of-yet to be titled upcoming studio album, entitled "Technology". The song was premiered on BBC Radio One earlier this evening, preceeded by a small interview with lead singer Rob Damiani explaining the songs meaning, in this case being about the bands apparent distaste with the modern obsession with social media, and using phones at live shows. You can hear the song here:

Steven Wilson debuts new video 17 replies

Progressive rock auteur Steven Wilson has released a music video for the song "Permanating". The single features Bollywood-style dancing and smiling - something that is sure to be controversial from a Wilson offering.

Periphery Chester Tribute 37 replies

Post-Hardcore band Periphery have released a cover of Linkin Park's song "Shadow of the Day" off of their third album Minutes to Midnight. The cover has been released as a free download for fans on the band's Facebook page and is their tribute to Chester Bennington and his impact on their music.


Original post with download:

Saturday, July 22nd

Linkin Park cancels world tour 44 replies

Linkin Park have unsurprisingly cancelled their upcoming "One More Light World Tour" following to death of their lead singer Chester Bennington.

Bennington's cause of death was confirmed earlier this morning by the Los Angeles County coroner, who ruled Bennington's death was due to suicide by hanging. No drugs were found at the scene, but there was a half empty bottle of alcohol. There was no suicide note and an autopsy has yet to be scheduled.

The tour was set to kick off in Mansfield, MA on July 27th and run throughout October before the band was set kick off the Asian leg.


Friday, July 21st

Pentakill return with new album 6 replies

League of Legends virtual power/prog metal band Pentakill have now officially released two new songs, "The Bloodthirster" and "Tear of The Goddess" off their upcoming new album Grasp of the Undying. "The Bloodthirster" features vocalist Jorn Lande (who also appeared on the band's debut album), while "Tears of the Goddess" features Battle Beast lead vocalist Noora Louhimo. The release date for the album has not been announced as of yet.

Both songs can be downloaded for free at the band's website: http://pentakill.leagueoflegends.com/en_US/

"The Bloodthirster"

"Tear of The Goddess"

New Malokarpatan song 4 replies

Slovakian black metal band Malokarpatan are streaming a new song called "V hustej hore na strač*ch nohách striga chalupu svoju ukrýva", which translates to "Within the Dense Woods, the Witch is Hiding her Hut on Magpie Legs". The track is taken from their upcoming album "Nordkarpatenland" and features guest vocals from Necrocock (Master's Hammer). The record will be released through The Ajna Offensive in the USA and via Invictus Productions in Europe on October 31.

Stream: www.soundcloud.com/invictusproductions/malokarpatan-v-hustej-hore-na-stracich-nohach-striga-chalupu-svoju-ukryva

New Art from Thy Art is Murder 29 replies

About a month ago, deathcore act Thy Art is Murder released a new song entitled 'Slaves Beyond Death' and announced their upcoming album entitled 'Dear Desolation'. The album is due out on August 18th of this year.

On July 21st they released the second single from the upcoming album. The song is titled 'Son of Misery'.

Various members of the band have stated that they are focusing on a more straight forward death metal sound for this record. And that the riffs are more focused on being less plentiful, but more memorable.

Watch the videos:

New The Contortionist song 56 replies

The Cumtortionist have released a new song off their upcoming album Clairvoyant titled "Absolve". Clairvoyant is due out September 15th via EOne Heavy/Good Fight Music. The song is a tribute to the release of OJ Simpson and The Contortionist are hoping he will be "absolved" of all his supposed crimes.

Check out the song in the link below:

Four Year Strong Acoustic LP 6 replies

Pop-Punk/Easycore outfit Four Year Strong have announced an upcoming unplugged album featuring acoustic/unplugged versions of songs from their catalogue, new songs, and rarities. The album, called "Some Of You Will Like This, Some Of You Won't", currently has one song up for streaming. The song, an acoustic version of "Heroes Get Remembered, Legends Never Die", can viewed via Youtube here.

1. It Must Really Suck To Be Four Year Strong Right Now... (Unplugged)
2. Heroes Get Remembered, Legends Never Die (Unplugged)
3. Go Down In History (Unplugged)
4. We All Float Down Here (Unplugged)
5. Nice to Know
6. Who Cares (Unplugged)
7. Let Me Down Again
8. Stuck in the Middle (Unplugged)
9. Abandon Ship (Unplugged)
10. Your Ego is Writing Checks Your Body Can't Cash
11. This Summer Session
12. For Our Fathers

Tuesday, July 18th

PVRIS delay album release 33 replies

American electronic rock act PVRIS have announced on their Facebook page that due to "some last-minute production tweaks" their upcoming sophomore album All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell will now be released on August 25th instead of August 4th.


Check out their newest single "Half"

New Jeff Rosenstock Song 26 replies

While on his "Summer Tour" with Laura Stevenson, Jeff Rosenstock stopped by the Exclaim! office to play an acoustic version of a new song from his unannounced album. The new song, called "Melba", can be viewed via Youtube here.

Fuck Buttons' Hung Debuts 8 replies

One half of Fuck Buttons, Andrew Hung, has announced his first LP under his own name entitled 'Realisationship'. Released on October 6th via Lex, it follows some short months after Blanck Mass's lauded album 'World Eater', from the electronic noise outfit's other half Benjamin Power.

Whilst the Blanck Mass LP delves into gothic soundscapes and churning textures, the first track from Hung seems to point to something brighter and more colourful, going so far as to include his own naive, detached vocal performance.

Listen to the first track 'Say What You Want' below:

Andrew Hung - Realisationship

01 Say What You Want
02 Elbow
03 No I Won’t
04 Private Commercial
05 Whispers
06 Shadow
07 Sugar Pops
08 Animal
09 Open Your Eyes

Rosetta are Utopioids 30 replies

Post metal giants Rosetta have announced that their upcoming album "Utopioid" will be released at the end of August on a "name-your-price" basis. This will be the 6th full length released by the band. The announcement can be found on their official website (link below).


Slow stream new LP 5 replies

One-man-affair, Belgian epic/funeral doom metal band Slow, are streaming their new album V - Oceans at the official Bandcamp location of Musical Excrements Records.

The album is an official release since July 16.

Whether you are a fan of bands like Shape of Despair or not, you can stream the album, by hitting on the link below:

Lost Salt Blood Purges and Boring Bathtimes Collab 26 replies

Experimental musicians Lost Salt Blood Purges and Boring Bathtimes have joined forces to collaborate on an 86-minute concept album. The album, titled Yellow Fog Sword, will be released by US label Apothecary Compositions on the 21st of July on cassette and digital formats. The album is also complemented by a fully illustrated, 44-page novelette that expands on the concepts of the album.

Two tracks are available for streaming now, and the full album can be pre-ordered via Apothecary Compositions' bandcamp, here: https://apothecarycompositions.bandcamp.com/album/yellow-fog-sword

1. 'The Violent Light,
2. the Soft Luminescence
3. and the Expanding Earth'
4. 'Ritually Fallen Leaves
5. Lay before a Village that Dreams but Never Sleeps.
6. The Water Leads the Way
7. to Small Dead Souls that Build Upon the Bed of the River.'
8. 'The Tower, Centred In Saltless Plains,
9. The Sorceress, Hid ...more

Monday, July 17th

New Ghost Hall track, video 0 replies

British ambient artist Ghost Hall has released the first track from his upcoming second album, Nine Dragons. The album, inspired by the legendary Kowloon Walled City, will be released on July 24.

Although primarily inspired by Kowloon, the track, "Sai Shing Street", is also inspired by the increasingly difficult housing situations that people in the UK find themselves in. Stream the track below.

Arcane Roots share "Off the Floor" 13 replies

English trio Arcane Roots have released a third song and an accompanying video from their forthcoming sophomore album, Melancholia Hymns, entitled "Off the Floor."

Manchester Orchestra's 'Moth' 12 replies

Indie-rock outfit Manchester Orchestra has released a third song in advance of its upcoming record A Black Mile To The Surface. The track, titled "The Moth", stands in contrast to the first two pre-release singles ("The Gold", "The Alien") with a heavier atmosphere and sleek, eerie soundscape.

You can hear "The Moth" below. A Black Mile To The Surface is slated to drop on July 28th via Loma Vista, and will mark their fifth full length LP as well as their official follow-up to 2014's Cope.

New Wolves in the Throne Room video 52 replies

Cascadian black metal legends Wolves in the Throne Room have released a new video for their track, "Born From The Serpent's Eye", which features a shortened version of what will be a ten minute long track on the upcoming album, Thrice Woven.

Read the full news article on:


Andy Black covers Adele 18 replies

Alternative Rock solo artist Andy Black has released a music video for his cover of Adele's "When We Were Young" off of the recently released Punk Goes Pop Volume 7, which is being distributed via Fearless Records. The track is a duet featuring Andy's wife Juliet Simms and the style is similar to the softer tracks on Andy Black's debut album 'The Shadow Side.' You can stream the music video here via Fearless Records's official Youtube channel.

When We Were Young

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