Tuesday, October 6th

Satyricon frontman diagnosed with tumor 4 replies

Satyricon frontman Satyr Wongraven has announced his recent diagnoses of a brain tumour. In a statement he states that the tumour is benign and is not currently life threatening, but will require him to take time of. The statement is below:

"I’m going home. I got extremely sick 8 days ago and was rushed to hospital. Scans have shown that there is a blind passenger in my head. Most likely it is benign. I can live with it as long as it does not grow bigger. Removing it is extremely complicated and should only be done if it grows into a size where it is a matter of life and death. We all get our set of cards and this happened to be one of mine. There are so many people who have to deal with much worse things than I do, so I do not feel sorry for myself. I have a great family, lots of friends, Satyricon, Wongraven Wines and many people who support my endeavours all over the world. I will spend the next two weeks trying to get my strength back, then try to starting wri ...more

New Brokencyde Music Video 6 replies

New Mexico based Crunkcore band Brokencyde have released a music video for their new track 'Los Locos'. This song follows their attempt to raise funds for a new album via Indiegogo in January this year, which subsequently only got 5% of the required funds.

The Faceless release single 4 replies

Technical death metal band The Faceless unveils 'The Spiraling Void', a new track from their upcoming album entitled In Becoming A Ghost. The album marks the return of former vocalist Derek "Demon Carcass" Rydquist, as well as bassist Brandon Giffin.

Underling stream Bloodworship 1 replies

East Bay atmospheric blackgaze outfit Underling are streaming their debut album Bloodworship on THE AGE OF METAL's website, featuring an in-depth interview with vocalist Antonio Palermo and bassist Robert Morey. The interview primarily discusses the common lyrical themes on the album. Underling includes members from a collection of extreme metal acts, including Fallujah and Arkaik. Bloodworship is the follow-up to the band's 2013 debut EP Breathe Deeply.

Stream: http://theageofmetal.com/underling-streams-their-new-album-bloodworship-and-speaks-about-the-lyrics-behind-it/

Goatlord guitarist involved in murder suicide 66 replies

In a tragic turn of events, black/death/doom metal band Goatlord's guitarist, Joe Frankulin, has killed a mother and her child, before turning the gun on himself. In the guitarist's suburb, it is reported that he went to his neighbour's house, killed mother Jennifer Bagley Donoso in front of her three children, took her oldest son Lex back to his house, barricaded himself in, killed the child, and then himself.

Neighbours report that Frankulin had been acting suspicious and that they were beginning to fear something was wrong. Neighbours said Frankulin used to build skateboard ramps for the children of the neighbourhood. It is still unknown what led to this breakdown, or what Frankulin's motives were.

More info can be found here:

Raventale stream 8th LP 2 replies

Ukrainian black metal band Raventale have begun streaming their eighth album, entitled Dark Substance of Dharma, through Bandcamp.

The album was released through BadMoodMan Music and can be ordered through Solitude Productions.


Solitude Productions:

Monday, October 5th

Dog Fashion Disco release new video 9 replies

'Covered in Blood' comes from Dog Fashion Disco's recently released LP, Ad Nauseam.

The album was funded as part of a stretch goal from last year's Indigogo campaign to raise money to record the band's reunion album, Sweet Nothings.

It should be noted that the video is strictly for mature audiences and some might find the images disturbing.

Bloc Party debut new material 29 replies

After the departure of the drummer Matt Tong and the bassist Gordon Moakes, the British quartet still continues to realease music with their new band members.

The brand new single, 'The Love Within', sounds like a throwback to their Intimacy era.

Here it is:

Moving Mountains/Prawn split 8 replies

Post rock outfit Moving Mountains have broken their hiatus to announce that they are releasing a split with New Jersey emo band, Prawn. This is their first activity since the release of their 2013 self-titled record.

The split, which is untitled, will feature two songs from each band. 'Deathless', the first of Moving Mountains' tracks, is currently streaming on Stereogum:

Draconian reveal new track 8 replies

Draconian have posted a new track, entitled 'Stellar Tombs'. The song is featured on their upcoming full-length Sovran, which is slated for a late October release.

You can check out the new track here:

Sunday, October 4th

Flower Face debuts new single 12 replies

Young indie folk artist Ruby, the sole member behind the Flower Face project, has released the first single from her new album, Fever Dreams, which will be out in the fall of this year.

The new track, entitled 'Virgin', is available for streaming and download from the Flower Face Bandcamp page here: http://flowerface.bandcamp.com.

This album marks the second full length release by the artist and follows up from last year's Funeral Kid EP.

Saturday, October 3rd

Golden Void premiere new video 2 replies

San Francisco natives, Golden Void have released a video for 'Burbank's Dream', the first track off their recently released second album, Berkana.

"'Burbank's Dream' is the second release from Berkana that explores ideas of nature and time and the interplay between the two," says vocalist/keyboardist Camilla Saufley-Mitchell, "which is why we wanted to work with altered, sweeping images of natural features -- to show the effects of time on the natural landscape."

Watch the video below:

Hands Like Houses debut new song 24 replies

Australian post hardcore band Hands Like Houses have released another new song from their upcoming album, Dissonants.

The song, 'New Romantics', can be streamed via YouTube below:

Friday, October 2nd

Perturbator debuts music video 10 replies

Retrosynth cyberpunk Perturbator has premiered a new music video for his track "Complete Domination," from his 2014 album Dangerous Days.

The music video was directed by Monte Legaspi and made as a fan video. It was later made official upon Perturbator's label discovering it on YouTube with only 100 views.

New Megadeth track and album 117 replies

Following the departure of Chris Broderick and Shawn Drover and their ensuing creation of Act of Defiance, and the following drafting of Angra and solo guitarist Kiko Loureiro and Lamb of God's Chris Adler, Megadeth have released the first song (Fatal Illusion) from their new album, Dystopia, which is currently slated for an early 2016 release.

Fit for an Autopsy stream new LP 16 replies

American deathcore band Fit For An Autopsy are currently streaming their third album Absolute Hope Absolute Hell via YouTube.

Give a listen here:

Thursday, October 1st

Deacon the Villain streams new LP 8 replies

Deacon the Villain, from the hip-hop group Cunninlynguists, has released a new solo LP, entitled Peace or Power

The LP can be streamed through the Cunninlynguists Bandcamp:

Coheed and Cambria stream third single 46 replies

Coheed and Cambria have officially released the third song off their upcoming album The Color Before the Sun, entitled 'Eraser'.

The album is set to drop on October 16th.

Listen here:

Moby releases rock tune 12 replies

Out of the blue, Moby has released a new electro-punk song, entitled 'The Light Is Clear In My Eyes'. Dubbed as Moby & The Void Pacific Choir, further details regarding the project are yet to be announced.

Listen to the song and watch a video for the track here - http://mobyandthevoidpacificchoir.com

Or on Youtube below:

Kauan debuts new video 3 replies

Russian/Ukrainian post rock/doom outfit Kauan have premiered a second music video/lyrics video for their upcoming 7th album, Sorni Nai.

The album is a single, 52-minute-long track, ruminating on the infamous Djatlov Pass Incident - a case where 9 hikers mysteriously perished in the frost-laden Ural Mountains, and the case was shut by Soviet investigators before any explanation could be offered, leading some to believe extraterrestrial forces were at work.

The video showcases from 12:42 to 18:40 of the album.

Sorni Nai is currently available for pre-order through Blood Music with an expected release of October 20th.

Jr. Clooney release new EP 2 replies

St. Louis jazzy math-rock quartet Jr. Clooney have released their new EP "EP" via their Bandcamp page for free download/pay-what-you-want-basis. You can stream/download it here:


Night Birds stream Mutiny 10 replies

Surf punk band Night Birds are streaming their latest album, Mutiny at Muscle Beach, via Fat Wreck Records at Impose Magazine:

You can order the album from their bandcamp:

Check out a review: http://www.sputnikmusic.com/review/68751/Night-Birds-Mutiny-At-Muscle-Beach/

1. (I'm) Wired
2. Life is Not Amusement for Me
3. Blank Eyes
4. Lapsed Catholics Need Discipline
5. In the Red/In the Black
6. Golden Age of TV
7. Mutiny at Muscle Beach
8. Son of Dad
9. Off the Grid
10. King Kong
11. Miskatonic Stomp
12. Left in the Middle

Wednesday, September 30th

The Matches reunite with new music 4 replies

Pop Punk quartet, The Matches, release their first song in 6 years after touring in honor of their debut album E. Von Dahl Killed The Locals. Frontman, Shawn Harris, stated the following:

“None of us really planned on writing new Matches music, but after the shows, we were hit with inspiration and creativity. While we were living in different places around the U.S. and working on other things, we managed to work remotely on a batch of songs, but zeroed in on two. We wanted them to be great and something you guys would love.

Listen to "The Life Of A Match" here: http://substreammagazine.com/2015/09/premiere-hear-the-matches-first-song-in-six-years-life-of-a-match/

New Sunn O))) album 46 replies

Sunn O))) have announced a new studio album, Kannon, due December 4 through Southern Lord. It was produced by Randall Dunn, who also did their 2009 album Monoliths and Demolitions. The album sports contributions from Attila Csihar, Oren Ambarchi, Rex Ritter, and Steve Moore.

Kannon tracklist:
1. Kannon 1
2. Kannon 2
3. Kannon 3

Sunn O))) at last years Southwest Terror Fest:

Entwine stream new album 0 replies

Finnish modern/gothic metal band Entwine are streaming their new album Chaotic Nation at Kaaos Zine.

The album will be officially released on October 2 through Spinefarm Records.


Satan stream new LP 16 replies

Two years after their acclaimed comeback, British NWOBHM veterans Satan are streaming their 4th LP Atom by Atom at the official Bandcamp location of Listenable Records.

The album will be officially released on October 2.


Weary Eyes stream new EP 2 replies

Russian math/post-rock band Weary Eyes have released new EP called 'How To Leave Places' via 7/8. The record is the follow-up to their well-recieved debut LP 'WWGBBYW'.

Listen and download the record for free here: wearyeyes.bandcamp.com

Tuesday, September 29th

Dream On Dreamer debut new single 15 replies

Dream On Dreamer have released two stand alone singles in 2015 whilst announcing their third studio album Songs of Solitude would be released sometime this Fall.

Today, the hardcore group released the music video for 'Vertigo', which is taken from the upcoming album, which currently has a release date of November 13th.

Check out the video here:

Panic! At the Disco debut new song 38 replies

American pop-w/e band Panic! At the Disco have released another single from their upcoming studio album.

The song, entitled 'Victorious' is available to stream on YouTube.

You can listen below:

Monday, September 28th

Indian Handcrafts stream Creep 9 replies

Canadian stoner rock duo Indian Handcrafts are streaming their new album Creep on Metal Injection. The album Comes out on October 2 via Sargent House.

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New Deftones album upcoming by Source

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