Monday, November 24th

Varathron stream new LP 2 replies

Greek black metal veterans Varathron have made their new album Untrodden Corridors of Hades available for streaming at Decibel Mag and at the official Bandcamp location of Agonia Records.

The album was released on November 21.

Stream/short interview of the band here:

And here:

Katy Perry to headline Super B 16 replies

The NFL announced Katy Perry as the headliner to this season's Super Bowl halftime show, making her the first Warped Tour alum to capture such a prestigious honor. The Super Bowl is the football thing that the Detroit Lions haven't won since 1957 (and aren't likely to win ever again if they keep playing like they did yesterday).
The show will be brought to you by Pepsi and will broadcast live from beautiful Glendale, Arizona on February 1, 2015.

Centinex stream new album 0 replies

Swedish death metal veterans Centinex are streaming their new album Redeeming Filth at the official Bandcamp location of Agonia Records.

The album was released on November 21 and you can check it right below.

SoundCloud stream through Terrorizer Mag:

Callejon Debut New Song, Album 0 replies

German Metalcore act Callejon have revealed the first song off of their upcoming full-length album "Wir Sind Angst" (engl.: "We Are Fear"). The album is set to release on the 9th January 2015. You
can pre-order the album on Amazon and iTunes.

Check out the title track of "Wir Sind Angst" below!


Saturday, November 22nd

Brand New in studio 125 replies

The New York post hardcore band Brand New, best known for their album The Devil and God
Are Raging Inside Me, have recently announced that they are now in the studio to record their fifth, currently untitled LP, which will follow up their 2009 release Daisy.

Their official website, Fight Off Your Demons, has been updated to a still image of the band's lead singer Jesse Lacey on a stage and the words "Brand New is in the studio" along with "Procrastinate! Pogolith! Earth! Sound Alliance 2015" below it.

Rumors and speculation regarding the band's fifth studio album have gone back as far as
the beginning of 2014. Though little information surrounding it was known until music blog
Property of Zack announced the group was in the studio recording in the month of May and
then later when members of the band began posting photos of them recording on their
personal Instagram account.

This i ...more

White Arms of Athena release new video 3 replies

Prog Metal main-stays White Arms of Athena have released a new music video for their lead single from their self-titled sophomore album, entitled 'Heavy Sleep'.

The album is due to be released on the 2nd of December, with pre-orders already up and available from:


Baring Teeth stream new album 12 replies

Baring Teeth - the technical death metal band from Dallas - have decided to stream their upcoming album Ghost Chorus Among Old Ruins on SoundCloud via Revolver Magazine.

Vocalist/guitarist Andrew Hawkins told No Clean Singing that:

"Ghost Chorus Among Old Ruins does more than throw a fresh coat of paint on an old style; it seeks to question and re-define the depths and mission of death metal ... you get segments like the beginning of ‘Dripping Sun’ that wouldn’t be out of place at all stylistically on the genius and madness of Ephel Duath’s Pain Necessary To Know. If there is a paramount purpose to ‘Dripping Sun,’ it’s to say fuck you to any and all preconceived notions of ‘been there, done that,’ and to dispel the incorrect adage that there is nothing new under the sun".

The album will be released on the 25th of November in both a digital format as well as on CD, however there is no news on a vinyl release yet, ...more

Friday, November 21st

At the Gates release new video 8 replies

Swedish melodic death metal group At the Gates have released a new video for the song 'Heroes and Tombs'. The song is taken from their latest album, At War with Reality.

You can watch the video here:


Thy Darkened Shade stream new album 2 replies

Greek black metal band Thy Darkened Shade are streaming their new album Liber Lvcifer I: Khem Sedjet at the official Bandcamp location of W.T.C. Productions.

The album was officially released on October 31 and it can be streamed right below.

Flying Lotus and DOOM collaborate on new GTA V track 34 replies

Out of the myriad of new music pooled together for the GTA V re-release is a track for Flying Lotus' FlyLo FM radio station that sees the producer teaming up with MF DOOM.

The collaboration, entitled 'Masquatch', can now be heard here:


You can also stream the tune via SoundCloud here:

Slow Season stream new LP 1 replies

Californian psychedelic/hard rock band Slow Season are streaming their new album Mountains at New Noise Magazine.

The album was released on November 11 through Riding Easy Records.

Stream the album here:

Putrid Evocation stream debut album 0 replies

Chilean old school death metal band Putrid Evocation are streaming their debut album Echoes Of Death at their official Bandcamp location.

The album was released on November 1 through Xtreem Music.

Stream the album here:

There For Tomorrow disband 11 replies

Alternative rockers There For Tomorrow have officially called it quits as a band. The news follows hot on the heels of the band's recently-released EP Nightscapes, which was released in late October. They will be performing 2 more shows in December in their hometown as a farewell to their fans.

Since forming in 2003, the band has released 3 albums and 4 EPs over the course of their

You can read the full statement from the band here:

Dear TFT Fans, Friends & Family,
It's been no mystery that we've made a conscious effort to take time off from traveling
since the end of 2012. It was essential for us to come home & take time to find ourselves
as individuals. When this all started, we set out on a mission as mere kids. We reached a
point at the end of 2012 where we found ourselves feeling a bit trapped creatively,
pigeon-holed & painted into a corner that we never anticipated ...more

Thursday, November 20th

Black Sheep Wall debut new song 21 replies

Moorpark, CA Sludge metal band Black Sheep Wall have released a new song, entitled 'White Pig'.

The song is taken from their upcoming LP I'm Going To Kill Myself which is due out January 27th via Season Of Mist. It is their first album with vocal duties by bass player Brandon Gillichbauer since the band parted ways with Trae Mallone. Malone has been removed from the band 3 times now in the band's history.

You can check the new song out here:

Pianos Become the Teeth release two new videos 12 replies

Pianos Become the Teeth have released two new videos for the song 'Repine', which is taken off their latest album Keep You.

The band had this to say on the dual video release:

"It should be looked at less as ‘two versions’ for the same song and more like two perspectives taking place at the same time".

To watch the videos, head here:

Bloodbath stream new album 25 replies

Swedish death metal supergroup Bloodbath have begun streaming their new album Grand Morbid Funeral in its entirety over at MetalSucks.

This release sees Nick Holmes of Paradise Lost taking the role of vocals after a long search following Mikael Akerfeldt of Opeth leaving the group two years ago.

Listen to the stream here:

Periphery debut new track 86 replies

Progressive metalers Periphery have premiered a song from their upcoming Juggernaut
double album entitled 'The Scourge'. The track will appear on Juggernaut: Alpha, which is
set to be released along with Juggernaut: Omega on January 27th, 2015 in the U.S.

Listen to 'The Scourge' here:

New Crimson Moonlight song 5 replies

Norway's Christian blackened death metal project Crimson Moonlight has released a new track, entitled 'The Suffering'.

It is to be featured on a forthcoming album, Divine Darkness, that is currently not slated for a specific release date.

The single can be streamed here from Endtime Productions' official YouTube channel:


It is available digitally for purchase on iTunes or for physical purchase in CD form at the
following link:

DIR EN GREY release new song 67 replies

Japanese rock band DIR EN GREY have released a new song, entitled 'Kukoku no Kyouon'. The song is taken from the band's upcoming 9th full-length album Arche, which is due out on December 10th.

Listen to the new song below:


You can also check out a teaser for the upcoming album here:


Arche album tracklist:
1. Un Deux
2. Soshaku
3. Uroko
4. Phenomenon
5. Cause of Fickleness
6. Tousei
7. Rinkaku
8. Chain Repulsion
9. Midwife
10. Magayasou
11. Kaishun
12. Behind a Vacant Image
13. Sustain the Untruth
14. Kukoku no Kyouon
15. The Inferno
16. Revelation of Mankind

You can visit the website for the new album here:

Northlane reveal new vocalist, debut new song 59 replies

Australian metalcore act Northlane have finally revealed their new vocalist to be former Sound of Seasons frontman, Marcus Bridge. Bridge's first contribution to the band is in the form of a new single, entitled 'Rot,' which can be heard below along with a video for the song.


This announcement brings a long-awaited end to a lengthy audition process, where the band claim they received almost 2000 audition videos, after former vocalist Adrian Fitipaldes left the band for health reasons.

As part of the audition process applicants were asked to upload a cover of either 'Quantum Flux' or 'Dream Awake.' Shortlisted applicants were then asked to write their own lyrics and vocals for Northlane's instrumental track 'Singularity.'

Both of Bridge's audition tracks can be found below.

Dream Awake:





Crunkasuarus Rex debut video 13 replies

Pop spunk group Crunkasuarus Rex have debuted their first music video for their debut EP Here
It Comes. The video for the song, entitled 'Cheers to the Years', can be seen here:


Jimmy Ruffin dies at 78 12 replies

Motown legend Jimmy Ruffin has passed away in his Las Vegas home at the age of 78. Jimmy Ruffin is most famous for his 1966 hit 'What Becomes of the Broken Hearted', his only single to ever reach the Billboard Top 10.


Wednesday, November 19th

Palm Desert stream new album 1 replies

Polish stoner/70s rock band Palm Desert are streaming their new album Pearls From the Muddy Hollow at their official Bandcamp location.

Palm Desert's third album was released on October 31 through Krauted Mind Records.

Stream the album here:

Faith No More, motherfucker 105 replies

Critically acclaimed alternative rock legends Faith No More have released the first single off their upcoming 7th studio album, 'Motherfucker'. The album is set for a 2015 release and will be the band's first studio album in 18 years.

Roddy Bottum (keyboards) said this about the track:

"It feels apt that the first track we're releasing is 'Motherfucker,' a song about accountability. Basically we've created, recorded and mixed a new body of work by ourselves and we're releasing it on our own label. It's a huge deal for us to only have ourselves to answer to at this point in our career and the song is about that, where the buck stops via the basic imagery of foie gras production, bondage... y'know, stuff like that".

Read the full article and listen to 'Motherfucker' here:

Ride reunite 11 replies

British shoegaze band Ride have confirmed that they will be embarking on a reunion tour during 2015. The band had split up in 1996 shortly after the release of their album Tarantula, only briefly reforming in 2001 for a Channel 4 documentary.

Vocalist/guitarist Mark Gardener says that there are no current plans to record new material, but "[I'm] sure there will be writing because that's what undoubtedly happens when we rehearse".

05-22 Glasgow, Scotland - Barrowland Ballroom
05-23 Manchester, England - Albert Hall
05-24 London, England - Roundhouse
05-26 Amsterdam, Netherlands - Paradiso
05-27 Paris, France - Olympia
05-29 Barcelona, Spain - Primavera Sound Festival
06-02 Toronto, Ontario - DanForth Music Hall
06-04 New York, NY - Terminal 5
06-07 London, England - Field Day

Lola Colt stream debut LP 4 replies

English alt/psych rock band Lola Colt are streaming their debut album Away from the Water at their official Bandcamp location.

The album was released on October 27 through Fuzz Club Records.

Stream the album here:

Warren of Ohms streams album 12 replies

Warren of Ohms, the one man math/screamo band from Sputnik user Xingking, has released his sophomore
album The Wolf and the Fox.
The album can be downloaded and streamed for free via his bandcamp page. If you choose the "Name your
price" option he states:

"...100% of the money donated using the "Name Your Price" feature will in turn be fully donated to a local no-kill
animal shelter. Helping Animals Live On (HALO Rescue), to provide a clean shelter, bedding, toys and more to
rescued cats and dogs."

Matty Mullins releases new music video 35 replies

Self-proclaimed "voice of a generation" Matty Mullins has released a new music video for his song 'See You In Everything.'

You can check it out here:


Tuesday, November 18th

Walk The Moon release new song 10 replies

Indie pop band Walk The Moon have released a new single from their upcoming sophomore album Talking Is Hard, which is due out on December 2nd.

The song, entitled 'Different Colors', and can be streamed below.


The other currently released song from the album, 'Shut Up And Dance', can be heard here:


Rise Of The Northstar stream debut album 6 replies

French hardcore act Rise of the Northstar are streaming their debut album Welcame at, through the official SoundCloud location of Nuclear Blast Records.

The album will see an official release on November 21, but until then you can jam the album right below.

Katy Perry to headline Super B by treeqt.
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Brand New in studio by Hospital
Periphery debut new track by Betray
Eminem releases Shady CXYPHER by StrizzMati
Black Sheep Wall debut new song by h0rsie
Baring Teeth stream new album by OvDeath
White Arms of Athena release new video by Deathbeds
There For Tomorrow disband by d3vianc3
Bloodbath stream new album by thumbcrush
Northlane reveal new vocalist, debut new song by JeetJeet
Chris Letchford streams new single by Voltimand
Faith No More, motherfucker by DrGonzo193
At the Gates release new video by Nocturnali
DIR EN GREY release new song by TheKleszcz
Periphery detail Juggernaut by zaruyache
Pianos Become the Teeth release two new videos by dbizzles
Blind Guardian tease new album by Titan

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