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Honorable Mentions For Top Of 2014 Goodbye 2014
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I'm Not Really Into Pop Music.... Christmas Roadtrip
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Anime I Checked Out This Year (not From This Year) Most Rated Albums Of 2014 Vs '13
1 Year On Sput! Music That Helps Me Study For Finals
Best Of 2014: Honorable Mentions Meat Needs 2014 Recs
My Top 25 Albums Of 2014 2014: The Good, The Bad, and The Shitty
CD Collection Best Live Metal Albums
Progressive Death Metal Recs? 2014: Top 100 (Damn I Listened To A Lot Of Music This Year)
Albums I Dug In 2014 Top 20 Lengthy Songs
Album Of The Year 2014 Bands That Changed My Life
Albums That Took Time For Me To Love My Favourite Albums
10 Good Artists/bands That Got Horribly Shite: Exhibit D Death Metal Recs?
Your Top 5 Bands Elevator Prog Me
Safest Albums Of 2014 So Far? Help Me Please
Albums I Own Some Of My Favourite Guitar Solos
Introduction -> First Track Death Metal Recs
Black New to the site.
Opeth Ranked Worst Production Ever
Best Prog(ish) Metal Albums Of All Time Once You Go Opeth
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Halloween Best Song From Each Opeth Album
Albums I've Been Jamming Too For Awhile 216 Months Later...
Favorite Metal Vocalists Fruity Ranks Opeth
My New Account (old=motopitchman) 2500 Ratings
My Vinyl Collection Opeth Ranked
1111 Ratings Best Songs Ever
Favorite Musical Journeys Got Any 90s Recs?
My Journey To Metal Box Of Old Tapes And Other Albums I Now Have
On A Metal Kick Current Digs
Soothing Bands I Get Stoned To.
2014 (Part 2) Opeth Ranked
Dishwashing Shifts B's Or J's
Lambda's Top 50 Of The 00's The Evil Within
In 1999 I turned 7 Opeth Today!!!!
My Top 40 Favorite Albums Ever Needz Moar Opeth Ranked
Thirty Pretty Bullets Dressed In Plaid Bow Down Before The Food You Serve
Personal Top 25 Albums That I Have Heard 49 Concerts Ranked
My Record Collection Uk Prog Magazine's Top 100 Albums
21st Century Riffs: 100 Albums Post-h & Good Recs
More Badass Albums Under 4.0 Badass Albums Under 4.0
Energy Drinks Ranked Lastest Purchases
Newest Acquisitions (4) Might See Opeth And Etid Live
Albums That Get More Shit Than They Deserve Favorite Songs Atm
Orgasmic Outros Top 25 Best Albums Of 2008
Favourite Drum Albums Backing Vocals
Album Digging - Since God Knows When It's My Birthday (plus 50 Favourite Albums)
Metal Classics Top 10 Favourite Albums
50 Favorite Bands My Favorite Super Smash Bros Characters
Most Disappointing Albums Of 2014 So Far Top 30 Favorite Albums
Albums That I Really Dont Care For Despite Everyone Else's Opinion My Favorite Bands
Grand Theft Auto Series 10k + Beautiful Users
10 Years 100 Bands 100 Albums Sputnikbook Maybe?
New Music Acquires Birthday Albums
Another Opeth Ranks List 2/3 Of The Year Ranked
Autumn Jams 2014: July And August
Most Reviewed Album Ever? Top 20 Of 2014 So Far
Rowan's Favourite Male Singers Official Sputnik Fantasy Football Thread
Checking Out Appartments Jams Pleb Gigs
Top 50 Face-melting Riffs 5's
Best Albums Of 2014 New Albums To Get Hyped Over
Top 20 Albums From 1993 To 2014 Opeth Ranked
2014 Head To Head Diggy Wiggy Woo Woos
Artuma's Top 200: 50-1 Hell On Sputnik
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Gimme The Tastiest Meal You Can Cook Vinyls [2]
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Opeth: Anniversary, 1990-2015 Bands Dat Arent Bootal Enough
Boyhood Favorite Non-metal Albums
The Great Album Adventure Part 1 Something Descriptive
100 Metal Songs Artuma's Top 200: 100-51
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Trying To Get Into Opeth Songs That Get You Every Time: Part 3
Album Digging - July (2nd Half) Just Listening
4 Years I'm On A Boat!
My Pie Chart Is Sexy If Pokemon Were Albums
Depressingly Good Music My Current, Top Ten Albums - Suggestions Please
Talons Gets 5000 Comments Opeth Pale Communion Ranked
Reviewing Tips What I'm Looking Forward To For The Rest Of The Year
10 Comment Milestone In This Moment, I Am Euphoric
Interview My Top 15 Favorite Death Metal Albums
Favorite Album Covers Artuma Hits 10k! Top 200 Albums: 200-151
A Display Of Progressive Metal Recent Acquires/digs/listens
Pale Communion Ranked The Best Album Art From All Of The Bands I've Rated
Opeth Albums Ranked My Favorite Guitarists
Great Albums Of 2001 (in No Particular Order) Rec Me Stuff
Rec Me Headphones Nightmares
One Year Sputversary Finally Got A Last.fm
Nostalgia My Metal Band
Upcoming 2014 Albums Second Half Albums I'm Hyped For
999 Ratings Worst Cover Art From (nearly) All Of The Bands I've Rated
My Favorite Guitarists New Cds
Prog Day More Songs That Get Me Every Time
Go Hard Or Fook Off Progressive Black/extreme/death Metal
Best Song Of Each Opeth Album Album Cover Guessing Game, Part 2
Breakdown/Riff Guitar Ear Candy Albums From High School
Stuff I Wanna Trip To Next. Bands You Recd Me Yesterday
Albums I'm Digging Right Now Top Metal Albums Of All Time
5 Under Appreciated Albums Rec Me An Album I Will 5
Cool List Idea Rym Is Messy
Influential Guitarists Gym Song Digs
Rec Me Game Of Throne-sy Music Need Some Vinyl Collection Advice
Pick One...Have Fun Heritage Ranked
Crammin Jams Who needs an Iphone when you have a Xperia Z2 ?
Albums To Run To Epic Closing Tracks
Metal Recs Those Songs That Hit You Every Time
My Favourite Metal Albums Newest Acquisitions (2)
An Opethian Dream Underappreciated Albums From Great Bands
Stuff I Need To Trip To Return Of Idioteque
Moar Opeth My Top 10 Favourite Video Games/albums
10 Albums 5 Bands: Metal In Opposition To The Sophomore Slump
Depressingly Beautiful Songs Hench's Top 25s: 2003
Performed Live With My Band Today Converge, Opeth, Deftones, Brand New & More Ranked
Some Of The Best Metal Debuts Go Habs
Hench's Top 25s: 2002 Stories And Melodies
Hench's Top 25s: 2001 Albums I Still Haven't Heard Yet
Flawless Tracks Hench's Top 25s: 1999
Top 10 Fave Albums! Hench's Top 25s: 1998
Top 20 Opener/Closer Combos Hench's Top 25s: 1996
100 Albums I Own On Cd Albums That Sound Like Their Covers
Great War Of The 90s First Battle (2) Great War Of The 90s First Battle (1)
So Where's That Opeth Single? High Jams
Der Wolf Krieg The Worst Efforts From All Of The Bands I've Rated
Ranking Neurisis17's 5s Record Labels: A Brief History
Avagantamos Tours The World Metal Recommendations
Albums That Took Me Way Too Long To Appreciate Favorite Metal Album Covers
Beast Drummers! Some Of The Best Modern Metal Vocalists
Monday Morning Jams Songs That Give Me Chills
One Year On Sputnik Favorite Rock Albums Of All Time
Worst Albums I've Ever Heard The Yellow Riff Road
Hi. Viva Hard Jammers! [3]
Opeth Ranked Recent Purchases
Spanish Speaking Exam In Two Weeks Happy Easter, Bitches
Essential Heavy Music A Week Of Sputnik
Modern Music Madness, Rd. 3 Obligatory Favorite Bands List
Modern Music Madness, Rd. 2 Sputnik Modern Music Madness
Bands This Site Won't Shut Up About Opeth Ranked
Oh Look, Another Opeth Ranked List. New Civilization Game
My Top 15 Favorite Albums Of All Time Serious Opeth List
Favourite Moments In Music Best Opeth Opener
3 Albums I Can't Wait To Put My Hands On... People Love Opeth Lists..
Opeth, Agalloch Or Tool? Another F***ing Opeth Ranking
I Had A Dream Overrated Records
Types Of Atmosphere Potsy Musings Ii: Marvel Vs Dc
Opeth Studio Records Ranked Jamz That Jam Hard
Opeth Ranked Sput Bday: Favorite Users And Albums
Green Turns Fourteen School Blows
10 Of My Favorite Users, Pt. 2 Give Me Heavy Concept Albums
Why I Loved High School Music Collecting Goals For 2014 (Need Recs)
March Pick-ups Track-by-track Review Of New Opeth?
Favourite Long Songs (7min+) 10 Amazing Metal Riffs
My Favorite Things, Pt 1. Special Albums
Avagantamos, Eater Of Nipples 30 Stellar Prog Albums
Fav Songs The Insomnia List Blues
New CDs came in the mail today Edgy List #2: 777 Ratings ( 666 Stuff Is Lame And Overrated), I am so edgy, Rec For My Fellas
My Favorite Movies Bands I've Seen/will See Soon
Sat/act Study Music Energizing And Atmospheric Albums I Dig
Metal Binge I Might Have A Problem
Underplayed And Underappreciated Good Concepts
Favourite Albums Musik/Mukke/music Collection Upgrade
My Top 10 Favorite Songs I Could Use.........Taco Bell
Favorite Sput Users, Part I My Past Year *thank You Sputnik!*
Buys And Digs Drown Me In Sound: Cinnamon Post Crunch
Most Listened To Albums Writer's Block
One Full Year Sputnik! What Are You Currently Reading?
Favorite Modern Metal Albums For Production? My Top 20 Bands
Birthday Digs Cosmic Carrot My Favorite 10+ Min. Songs
100k Scrobbles! 10 Digs For Winter '13-'14
Current Fav Vocalists New BigPleb Track (demo)
Opeth Ranked Favorite Guitar Albums
Video Game Nostalgia #5 Part 1 - Mega Man X Series 4 Years Of Sputnik
Who Are Arsenal????? Top 40 Albums post-2000 (and some more).
Need New Music - Any Recommendations? Top 10 Favorite Artists!
What Are Some Albums That You Need To Buy But Haven't Yet? Opeth Ranked
Opeth Ranked 50 Classic Albums
Prog Rock/Metal, Metal Top 10 Metal Albums Of All Time
Favorite Swedish Releases Essential Melodic Death Metal
Work Songs Favorite Bands: Past & Present
Favorite Vocalists My Album Collection (CD)
Opeth Ranked Ranking Other People's 5s : Fearthyevil9
Thank You Sputnik My Album Collection Part 2
Spacey Kacey For The Fucking Win What Pickups To Choose?
Bands I Have Seen Live! Wadz 5's Ranked
Favourite Guitar Solo? 5's Ranked
My Plan Failed.... My Favorite Songs
50 Good Albums Studio Ghibli Movies
Recs For Something Epic & Heavy...? Users' Favorite Albums Pt. 2
Please Help! Check Out This List! Users' Favorite Albums
Recommendations For Beautiful Music Please? Cd Collection - Installment Three
Cd's I Just Bought For Threefiddy A Piece Recent Cd Purchases
Today's Listening Album Battle - Opeth
Seeing Red 50 Great Opening Songs
Top 20 Technical/progressive Metal Bands Making Good Progress
New Music In 2014...i Hope Recent Purchases
New Years Sucks 16 Favourite Git's
My Top Ten Reviewing Mistakes albums the year you were born?
2013: A Year In Concerts Moosechris Vinyl Collection
Christmas Haul Music I Own
Vinyl I Pikcked Up This Morning Video Game Nostalgia #2: Shadow Of The Colossus
Good Day Everyone Favorite Years For Music
Albums You Just Can't Get Sick Of Best Bands I've Seen This Year
Albums I Digged Recently (december 2013) Latest Metal Buys!
Top 20 Opeth Songs The Most Listened to Artists in 2013 (last.fm)
3 Favourite Metal Bands My Top 5 Death Metal Albums
Albums That Changed My Outlook On Music Hellfest 2014
Hi Sputnik 25 Biggest Influences On My Guitar Playing
Bronies Deserve A Painful Death Sonisphere 2014
Opeth Albums Ranked So Hungover... So Damn Hungover...
Best Swedish Albums Opeth Rankingd
Albums For Sitting Outside At Night Favorite Metal Bands Of All Time
Chav Hunting Stuff I've Been Listening To
Rec Me Some Progressive Music Best Albums Of All Time
Still Life Ranked Cold And Rainy Autumn Nights - Songs To Dig
Best Album Art Amazon Run #1
Cold Weather Digs Baddest & Realist
Recent Cd Purchases Buying More Of Those Dang Ol Albums
Favorite Album Openers Seasonal Affective Disorder
My Evolution Through High School Bye Sputnik :)
Ranked Gaming List #18 Today Recs?
Top 10 Opeth Songs Favourite Drumming
50 Favorites Albums New Purchases (pre 2000)
Horror Movie Recs? Proving Sophomore Slump Wrong
Epic Album Closers this site just doesn't let me rate these lower than a 2
Can't Sleep Spike Lee
My Top 50 Death Metal Albums (before 2000) Some Great Closers
Songs That Change Lives Opeth Ranked
Me Don't Like Cricket The Vox Is Back
Today Was A Good Day Vinyl Collection
iPod On Shuffle Women
New Progressive Recs Artuma's Top 50 Of The 2000s
Blue. Rec Me Something!
Scary, Frightening And Creepy Album Covers "Heavy" Digs?
The World's Not A Church, It's A Graveyard Feels
Ghost Reveries 90's Artists
It's Time For Fall! Riffs
Needs Moar... Sup Fall
Albums That Changed How I Think Of Music (Pt. 1?) Rip Jac
100 Albums, Demos, Splits Etc That I Enjoy Most Well Produced Albums
Anyone Having Issues With Spontaneous Ejaculation? Birthday
Top 5 Metal/rock Albums Of 2008 10 Years Of Sputnik/mx
Best Of My Cd Collection Albums I Really Like
Top 5 Metal/rock Albums Of 2005 Need Depressing Recs Immediately
Prog Rock Recs? Bands Who Have Never Released Anything Bad
69 Sweet Swedish Albums. 69 Sweet Swedish Album Covers. Top 5 Metal/rock Albums Of 2003
Top 5 Metal/rock Albums Of 2002 Blue
Sick And Rainy Day Top 5 Metal/rock Albums Of 2001
learning to prog 20 Reasons Why 2001 Ruled For Metal
Fave Albums Top 5 Metal/rock Albums Of 1999
Top 5 Metal/rock Albums Of 1998 A Small Victory
Album Artwork My Top 5 Opeth Albums
Rec Mindblowing Albums Transitional
Red Albums Top 5 Metal/rock Albums Of 1996
Favourite Songs Feeling Blue
Top 5 Metal/rock Albums Of 1995 Any Musicians Out There?
Heavy Metal Albums I Dig m/ Vocals
Music and high school Sennheiser HD's?
Another Prog List The Rules Of Rec'ing
Sick Death Metal Vocalists List Is Music
I've Been Paying My Respects Keep Proggin Baby
Ranked Bands Ranked Extreme Metal College Radio Show
Top 10 Celebrity Hotties Ferinuscarnifex's Guide To Listening To Music
Just Bought Too Much Good Music
Vocalists I Dig Another Metal List
I Want To Punch You In The Face Something For Everyone
Top Opeth Albums Top 10 Favorite Metal Albums
Michael Bolton Is My Hero Introduction To Bens:top 100
Just Finished My First Opeth Album Sick Digs
Copying Trebor [7] Sputcam
Albums I've Recently Returned To I'm Young, So I Help Me Out
1000 Ratings! If You Can't Trust In Money In Wtf You Can Trust?
Dreary Day Fantasy Soccer
Plantar Warts Good, Affordable In-earphones
My Cd?s Birthday Jams And Digs
Opeth Album Arts Ranked The Ashes 3rd Test
Track Diggage Guitarists And Bassists Unite!
Favorite Metal Albums I...lost All I Had
Expanding Taste In Metal Observations
Pewdiepie Sucks Ty's Third Sputversary
Awesome Discography Journeys I'm Getting There, I'm Getting There
My Favorite Prog Albums Favorite Albums
Top 10 Opeth Songs Top 5 Opeth Instrumentals
My Small But Growing Vinyl Collection Sputnikcore
Opeth Ranked 180 Degree Opinons
It's My Birthday Non-5 Albums That Have Shaped My Music Tastes
The Best Prog 30 Favorite Albums Of All Time
Albums I've Listened To This Week Leaving Sputnik
Opeth Ranked List #594860904 Underrated Albums
My Cd Collection Still Life Vs. Blackwater Park
Favourite 3 15 Sputnik Months
Artuma's Top 100 Team Fortress 2 Maps
Top Ten Metal Albums 25 Favorite Albums Of All Time
Opeth Ranked Songs That Make You =)
Sputnik's Metal Madness - Second Round Their Second Best
Sputnik's Metal Madness - First Round Dissapointing/ Bad Albums
Wut I Wisten 2 Sputnik's Prog Madness! - Round Of 32
Sputnik's Prog Madness! - Round of 64 Albums That I Wished Were Better
5's Ranked (thievery) The Best Album Closer Songs
The Best Albums Opener Songs *100th Comments Yay* 5's Ranked
Sput's Favorite Albums Madness Rd. 1 Top 10 Death Metal Albums
Rec Me Concept Albums Cheap Recording Equipment
My Bedtime Songs Favorite Live Metal Albums
My 20 Favourite Debut Metal Albums Opeth Vs Agalloch Vs Isis Vs Mastodon Vs Converge
Favourite Metal Albums Of The 90s My Top Ten Drummers
My 25 Favourite Metal Albums Since 2000 I Need Advice....
Feelin' Jazzy Favourite Vocalists
10k Comments Lps Just Bought
Stuck In A Musical Rut Last Of My Kind
Metal Will Never Disappear Of My Pie Chart Favorite Progressive Rock Bands/artists
M/ Metal Brothers M/ Let The Good Times Roll
Can The Marlins Rise Up? Opeth
Akerfeldt For New DT Vocalist 666 Comments For Satan
Happy Birthday Martin Lopez My CD-collection
The New Star Trek 10 Greatest Guitarist-combos: Metal Edition
Prog Metal Madness The Office
Just Finished College... Good Romantic Lyrics
Rec Me Prog Seeing Opeth Sunday
Really Awesome Songs Someone Had To Have The Guts
Record Store Run! Playlist For Reading
Rec Me Some Death/black/doom Metal Most Technically Demanding Albums Of Their Respective Genres
18doms - 18 Degrees Of Musical Separation Ranking All Songs On Watershed By Opeth
Miss You Guys Really Obscure But Good Bands
Ranking All Songs On Deliverance By Opeth Shuffling
A Little Piece Of Mikael Akerfeldt Ranking All Songs On Blackwater Park By Opeth
Albums I'm Digging: April Top 10 Songs For Her
Albums I Dig Friday Night Jams
Favorite Instrument? How Many Band Shirts Do You Own?
Proggin It Up This Thursday Afternoon Even More Prog Thursday
More Prog Thursday 20 Albums I Will Love Forever
Albums have slayed you Essential Jams
Today Is Awesome 4 Years Around This Hellhole
1 Year Sputversary Albums I'm Digging Right Now
Rainy Day Music Top 25
One Memory You Wish You Could Forget? Link Me To Some Metal And Melodeath Karaokes!
How Trve Are Your Facebook Friends 2 Key Years
Change A Link To Tha Past Ii
21 Most Influential Metal Albums Of The 21st Century The Chosen Ones ( My Favorite Albums)
Recent Metal Buys! Coolest Artists Evah
Scandinavian Invasion Sputnik's Hey Arnold!
100 Of Capt's 90's Albums 7 Awesome Prog Albums I've Downloaded Recently
Death Metal And Runescape Opethu~ Or Btbamchan?
Opeth Or Btbam?? Top 25 Modern Metal Frontmen
Albums That People Love To Hate Why I Love Metal
12 Bands I've Found My Love For In The Past Year 10 Favourite Guitarist/singers
A Year Of Sputnik A Prog Metal List
Essential Death Metal The Greatest Scene Ever Committed To Film
15 Best Prog Metal Albums Not Another Easter List
5 Albums I Got Today Some Favourite Albums
New Interview 2013 Metal My Top 100
Tuesday Songs Recent Digs
More Metal Than Ya Momma's Black Kettle Can't Sleep
Songs For Saturday Ranking All Songs On Ghost Reveries By Opeth
Fives Opeth Jams
Gta Is An Rpg?? All The Albums On My Ipod
So Much Prog Lately Proggin Hard
The Meatiest Prog List Ever Saw Opeth Last Night (setlist)
Whatcha Think About Gun Control? Who Are The Greatest Metal Bands??
Wearing A Band's Shirt To Said Band's Concert Remembering Those I've Lost
Favorite Fast Food Restaurant? Furious Styles
Modern Prog Metal Hail To The Metal Of Death!
Title Tracks Brain Explosions Everywhere
Top 20 Albums: The Divine Metal Bands That I've Seen Live (Updated)
Ethereal Prog My Relatively Top 100 Albums
1999 Is The Best Year Ever? Teach Me How To Prog
Wicked Wednesdays New User - Vinyl Icebreaker!
My Favorite Bands Of All Time Just Forty Of Many
When You're Feelin Down Best Concerts
How Do You Really Rank Your Albums? Sex For My Ears
Concerts For Next 3 Months Best metal album this decade?
Heavy Jams Itunes Top 25
Ten Favorite Bands/album/song Craving For A Fresh Shit
Favorite Bands By Country Songs For Life
Saturday Jams Love Hate Love
The Big 4's Of Metal? Most List-mentioned Albums
Top Moments (Vol I) Recent Listening M/
Opeth Or Btbam Favorite Closers
Harleyzhc's 100 Favorite Metal Albums My Top 10 Heavy Metal Bands!
100 Albums Amazing Albums That I Haven't Checked Yet, Amazing They Said, Great Album They Said.
Ten Favorite Metal Bands Of All Time Opeth Binge
A Bunch Of Movies That I Like Prog Metal Recs
Lengthy Band/Artist Listening Sessions Johnny Reaches 6000: Fave Albums
Your Easily Troll'd Sputnik Music Festival
High School Jams 05-09 Bands I've Seen Live
The Best Bands Of All Time According To Sputnik Epicness In Its Purest Form
Best Albums Of 2011 A Song With Better Riffs Than...
Iphone Or Galaxy S3 Top 50 Of My Favorite Albums
Porcupine Tree Vs. Opeth Vs. Anathema Vs. Oceansize Bands I've Seen Live
21st Century's Most Mind-bendingly Awesome Album Openers Looking To Start A Vinyl Collection
Winter Jams Music To Study To
Favorite Metal Openers Better Than The Rest Of The Album
Prog 'n Whatever Start Of My Vinyl Collection
Awesome Album Art Modern metal, creative minds
Don't Underestimate The Power Of Change Can't Get Enough
Heavy New Year 50 Excellent Death Metal Songs
New Year Resolutions, Anybody? 2012: A Year In Concerts
List #100 - 22 Years In The Making Emotional Music
Merry Christmas Sputnik! Digggggggzzzzzz
Anticipated Games of 2013 A Bad Omen
Sputnik, Opinions? Digs
100 Greatest Metal Albums (Definive List) 50 Albums Hadouken Loves!
I Need More Prog Albums I Still Haven't Listened To
Favorite Bands Of All Time 50 Most Listened To Artists Since I Made Last Fm Account
Opeth Ranked Depression.
100 90s Metal Albums Library Album Mix
Favorite Album Closers Anticipations for 2013
It's Just How I'm Feeling Recent Digs
Bands I Would Love To See Again Need Some Metal Recs
The Real A-to-z Of Songs Best Micro Tube Amp For Metal?
Metal Bands That I've Seen Live Metal Musical
Sweet List Bro Scariest Story?
Best Live Shows That Youve Been To? Top 10 Artists
Amazing Album Openers Recs For A Freind
Bands That Used To Be Good Favorite Closers
Misc Recs Please My Favorite Albums
Shit That Makes Me Smile 50 Of My Favourite Albums
My Top 40 Albums Of All Time Killer Must Own Records
A Meatsalad Listy Wisty Saw Opeth Last Night...
Bass Grooves 2000s Top 50
1990s Top 50 Rec Me Death Metal
100 Killer Albums Pandora Stations
Collab Acoustic Ep? Mcdonald's
Favorite Books Do The Jesus Lean
Songs That Rule Recs For A Newcomer
Sweden Has Anyone Listened To The Skyrim Soundtrack?
Morphing Users Together Music For Soul, Any Recs?
The Year Simbolic Grew Musical Balls Spreading The Word
Part 2 Of 150 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die Albums Recently Purchased
Favorite Metal Drummers Dark Souls Levels + Bosses Ranked
Recent Digs Rec Me Some 5s
21 Bwp And Controller
America Vs Europe Awesome Drummers
Good Fall Albums Bands I've Seen Live
Rec Me Some Metuhlz Three Superb Albums In A Row
Top 50 Metal Albums Ever Top 50 Artists
I Turned 18 Today My Top 20 Artists And Stuff
Metal That Progresses~ Stanley Kubrick
Growlers/raspers Me Likey Opeths Bestest Album.
Atmospheric Metal Watermelon
Emotionally Challenging Recs Rec Me Some Prog
Death Metal Ranked 2000-2012 Gems...
My Life In Music (starting 2006) The F$$$$king Awesome Moments
Music I'm Trying To Get My Roommate Into I Want To Start Writing Reviews.
Cash Money Guitar Solos A Real Man's Prog List
Experimental/prog Metal That Melts Faces If You Were To Choose An Album For Each Decade, Which Would They Be? In The Genre Of Metal (and All Its Subgenres)
What I Got Today What Bands Sound Like...
What I Listen To When I Write Growers
100 Favorite Metal Albums Someone Tell Me Why Everyone Hates On Opeth
More Cd Buys Random Good Albums
Top 20 Movie & Music List My top 10 albums... ever?
100k Last.fm Plays Some Indie And Prog Metal Rcs Please
Favourite Albums M/m/
Favorite Drummers Night-time Walks Songs
How Do I Get Into Opeth? Great Albums 2003
Digs Need Trve Metal Recs
Songs That For Some Reason, I Cant Stop Listening To. Can You Be Trve Metal And Hardcore At Same Time?
Opeth - Blackwater Park (Ranked) Best Songs Ever Part 78
If Only..... Thoughts On Paul Ryan?
Alachlahol's Challenge Greatest Metal Albums For All Time (in My Opinion)
Love Songs Dropped It To Skrillex, Now Elbow Hurts
College Favorite Vocalists[revised]
Top 10 *favorite* Death Metal Songs Got Into Uni!
Guess Who's Back, Back Again,jaajajjajaja. Great Prog Rock/Metal Albums
10k O'clock New To Thrice, Where Do I Start?
My Favorite Live Bands Albums I've Tried Hard To Enjoy But can't
Prog Some Meshuggah Fanboy Just Told Me Dream Theater Aren't Progressive Metal
(OLD) Top 100 Albums My First List
Top Ten Riff Masters Some Bands And Artists I've Seen Live
xXposthardcoreXx2k12 My Musical Progression Into Heavy Music
Rec Me Songs Rec Me Good Music
Dark Souls 50 Albums That Refuse To Leave My Mp3 Player.
Just Ordered Opeth Tickets! Top Albums Of 2012 So Far?
Every Album On My Mp3 Player 25 Greatest Death/black Metal Albums Of All Time
Random Captain List Puzzles Made A Second Ep!
Music With Epicness My Favorite Technical Metal Bands
Ty Turns Two! i like starbucks and i dont care who knows it!!!!!!!! ill shout it from the rooftop watch me dad
Favorite Xbox 360 Games Awesome Songs Of The Moment Vol.11
Top 20 Albums What's Up Sputnik
Top 20 Albums From The 1990's Favorite 5 From 1995 (my Birth Year)
Yet Another Sputnik Newbie List Prog Noob
Metal Died In 1989 Living With A Vegetarian
Greatest Death Metal Band For All Time Can't Find An Album, Help
Awesome 90s Stuff Top 10 Favorite Metal Albums
Favorite Album Artwork N' Stuff Recommend Me Some Metalz
Orientation My Top Ten favorite Albums
Top 5 'classics' I Don't Get Top 10 Favourite Albums Right Now
New Here, Recs Please Rush And Opeth
Bands That Are Cool To Say You Like. Some Things I've Been Listening To.
The Greatest Guitarists Of The Last Fifty Years Artists That Rustle My Jimmies
A Year Of Lurking High School Graduation
Greece Vs. Russia Top 10 Favorite Albums (all-time)
Music of Sweden Music That Helps Me Forget About My Aids
Underrated Solos... Judge My Ipod
Music For A Bleak Day... Very Death Friday
Where's Dryden! My Favorite Albums At The Moment
Songs That Make My Sister Wet Not Entirely Here.
Paris Hilton Has Heart Attack -_- Stuff I've Recently Checked Out And Dig
My Epic Concert Extravaganza My Favorite Metal Albums
Great Metal Bands I Just Don't Like 30 Albums Of Awesomeness
Opeth Ranked Music To Spank My Ostrich To
Depressed Music Omg Cannot Change Avatar
Top 100.. Well, Summer's Here.
The Newness Battle Of The Bands, Round 1
Cozy Playlist Red Albums
Screaming Takes No Talent And Bands That Scream Arent Metal. Writing Music
Moving To Boston Favorite Progressive Bands
Fact: Metal Is The Best Genre Of Music. Recommendations
Chill Albums What I've Been Digging Lately
Some Albums I Like 666 Artists
The Playlist Of Today Riffs: Heavy Vs Melodic??
Super Epic Amazing Jam Recs Please
Decent Prog Recs? Top 10 Death Metal Albums
Top 15 Favorite Albums Favorite Debut Albums
Crimson Floyd's Redundant Third Shuffle Top 50 Favorite Albums
My Favorite Albums By My 10 Favorite Bands Dimor Top 50
10 Albums Better Than Jane Doe And Lateralus Download Fest 2012
Albums I Take On Road Trips My Favourite Album Covers
My Past Month My Favorite Albums Of The '90s
Thanks Sputnik! Playstation All Star Battle Royale: Wish List
My Favorite Metal Albums My Vinyl Collection
Albums I Like Stuff I Need To Buy
Cds I Have For My Car Swag Is For Boys
Favorite Live Albums Mimsy's Good Ish
Late Night Tunes Death Metal
Overrated Albums Recent Jams
My Top 10 Bands Why Haven't I Listened To These Yet?
Best Metal Intros & Interludes Neuropeth
Favourites Bands Any Plans For Record Store Day?
Botb's Favorite Clean Vocalists Random Metal List 2
I Crave Metal This Is Basically All I Listen To Anymore.
My Top 20 Awesome Albums Prog The Shit Out Of Me
Current Favorite Albums 21st Century (so Far)
Songs That Have Given Me An Out-of-body Experience The Heaviest List
Drumming Tunes Opeth Was Amazing
Metal While Hard At Work No Filler Albums
Listening Order Two Best Albums From Each Of My Favorite Bands. Alphabetical Order.
Opeth. Mastodon. Jesus Christ.... 5 Favorite Dual-vocalists
Rec Me Tech Death 20 More Metal albums you should have
Crimsonfloyd's Second Shuffle Indisputable Evidence That Metal Will Never Die
Gonna See These Guys On Friday Rainy Day
25 Favorite Metal Drummers SKULL CRUSHING METAL
Favorite South Park Season Crimsonfloyd's List Of Essential Metal
2012 As Of Right Now. Yankee's Essential Metal Pt. 1
Top 10 Mass Effect Characters Artists I Cant Really Get Into
Omaha's Life Recently My Favorite Bands
My Musical Journey Tyrael's 10k: Dawn Of Sputnik
Thank You Sputnik Rec Me Some Stuff
Living With Autism... Fav Vocal Performances (male)
Addictive Xbox360 Games Fantasy Festival Island
Fav Hard Rock/Metal Albums So Far Top 100 Albums Of 2011
Sputnik Will And Testament ___ Can Go And...
Recent Digs (March 2012) There Is Some Real Bad Weather Coming
The End Is Nigh Favorite Bands. Recs Welcome.
New To This Website. Some Metal Bands I Like. Favorite Songs
Need Help With These, Decision Time Opeth Ranked
Bighans' Faves Top 10 Progressive Albums
My Top 20 Albums Of All Time Best Of '11
List Of Best Lists.. Music That I Should Like, But Don't
Best 8min+ Metal Songs Ever Greatest Metal Songs or: Metal Through the Ages (Ranked By Year)
My Favorite Bands Of All Time 90s Metal For Your Nuts
Lent Top 5 Albums Of 2011
Favorite Bands/albums Best 4 Album Stretch?
Ridiculously Hard Games Albums That Will Haunt Your Dreams
Need essential prog albums Need Recs To Expand My Horizon Please...
Sputnik Guide: How To Piss Sputnikers Off Who Will Win The Premier League?
Sputnik Music Taste Black Metal Sucks
Favorite Live Dvds This Is Huh, Wow
What's The Album With The Most No. Of Ratings Here? Albums People Should Listen To If They Like Heavy Music
Top 40 Artists Coasts Eleven
Legend Of Zelda - Best 20 Dungeons Favorite Music: 90s Up To Now
Songs With Amazing Vocal Performances Bacon
A Year On Sputnik Hating Other Musicians
Record Player? Chronicle's Credits
My Ranking Of Opeth Albums Looking For Prog With Vocals
5 Underrated Metal Albums Death To All But Metal
Albums With A Vibe Albums I Now Love....thanks To Sputnik.
Quality Brooding/ Sombre Recs? Bands That I Don't Care About
End Of January Renovations Music For Your Balls To Drop To
3 New Reviews Up On Youtube Bands I've Been Into Lately.
Orgasmic Moments In Metal My Favourite Bands
Bitch Rant My 2011 (top 50)
Most Generic Sputnik Albums Best Song Titles
Spotify Top 5 Greatest Death Metal Albums
The Noobs Guide To Sputnik Bands I've Seen Live
Top 30 Albums Really, Who Hasn't Downloaded Music Before
Ty's 2011 Calling All Sputnik
I Really Hate Funerals Ipod's 2011 One Year I'll Get It Right.
Slacking Hard Atomic's Top 20 Of 2011
Nagrarok's Top 25 Albums Of 2011 Favorite Albums Ever
Great 2011 Albums, Mostly Metal Hard Jams Inc - The Beginning
Greatest Covers Of All Time Concept Album Recs
No Love / Lotsa Love The Devil Inside
2011: The View Without Hipster Shades Inabsentia's 2011
Top 50 Albums Some Of The Beest Things
2011 To Jethro Never Believed The Hype
Songs I Drink, Smoke And Relax To. The Year In Cover Art
2011 - A decent year for distorted music Irving's Top 25 Albums Of 2011
Titan50's Albums Of 2011 My Year In Music.
Cutman's Favorites, 2011 2011 And Stuff
JT's Top 25 Songs Of 2011 Lambda's 2011
Personal Favorites Of 2011 A Year On Sputnik
Zantera's Top 80 Albums/ep's In 2011 My 2011 Ranked
My Top 40 For 2011 Rec Me Metal Like This...
My 5's Merry Christmas Sputnik
Twlichty's 2011 2011: A Year In Concerts
Poets 17 In '11 Zantera's Top 30 Songs From 2011
2011 - My Top 50 2011 Billboard Top 40
Winter Digs Overrated / Underrated
2011 I Saw Opeth Last Night
Favorite Songs of 2011 Academy Of 2011
Best Metal Of 2011 An Atomic 2011
Something Descriptive Show For December 15th
I Need Help! Everything 2011
2011 Was Gooooood Albums I Associate With Sputnikers
Balls In Your Mouth 2011 Poet's Songs Of 2011
Haz's 2011 Decibel's Top 40 Extreme Albums Of 2011
10 Favourite Albums Of All Time (for Now) Top 10 Albums Of 2011
Proggy The Greatest Birthday Ever
Easy/intermediate Death Metal Songs Best I've Heard (thus Far)
2011 Goods JT's Top 10 Of 2011
M M X I Most Overly Detailed Top 50 Albums List Ever
The Year Everyone Quit Their Band Forced To Sell Testicles For Food.
Top 10 Albums I Found In 2011 2011 O'clock Part I: The Bad
What Do I Listen To Currently Favorite 24 Guitarists
Need Some Last Minute 2011 Recs!! Favorite 90's Metal Albums
Shows Of 2011 Winter Is Here.
Top 30 Albums Of 2011 Top 25 Of 2011
Top 20 Favorite Drummers 2011: The Year Of The Cheeseburger
Bass Performances Albums That Shaped Metal: 1970-2002
Looking For Some Recomendations All The Albums I Can Fit On My 8 Gig Ipod
Quality Discog's Bands That Grew On Me
Quality Heaviness #3 Lesbian Girl Don't Break My Heart
Magazine Wishlist PMJ's Top 20 Of 2011
Leaving For Seoul - My Ipod Contents Need Metal M/
Another Generic Top 10 What I Be Carryin
20 Amazing Metal Drummers Favorite Record Labels
How Many Artists? Saw Opeth Last Night
Rec Me Good Dm Winter Is Coming
Band Cocktails All Time Best Footballers (soccer Players)
Hammering Process Radio/radio Show Thank You Sputnik
Current Digs New Here, Recs Plz...
Help Me It's My Birthday!
My Entire 8gig Ipod Quality Heaviness #1
My Journey Through Music Opeth vs Tool
Saw Opeth Last Night (w/ Katatonia And Bloodbath) Opeth Ranked
(w/ Video) The Top 25 Mikael Akerfeldt Screaming Passages - An Epic Journey of Ear Rape A-Z Of Favourite Bands/artists
Disappointing Albums Favorite Concept Albums (metal)
Roundup Of Last Week's Shows Metalsucks' 21 Best Metal Cds Of The 21st Century
Colours: Different shades of grey (masterpieces) Prog
Colours: Different shades of blue Colours: Different shades of red
Progressive Moments 1 Who's Getting Mw3
Best In New Music Favorite Albums From 2000 To 2011
Personal Favorite Prog Metal Releases. 25 Favorite Albums
Saw Opeth Last Night I'm New
Needs Moar Metallicopeth Opeth - Ranked
2011 So Far For Me Part 2 2011 Quarterly Report #2
100 More? Anyone Going To See Opeth In Seattle Tonight?
Metalling Hard Today The Only 10 Albums I Have Listened To In The Past Month
Oh Yeah, Lists! My Favourite Albums
List Of My Favourite Bands Evar 22 Worst Movies + The Thing Prequel
My Favorite Tv Shows Finally Found A Post-hardcore Album I Enjoy.
100 Bands I Do Not Care About What Do You Smoke?
Going 2C Opeth Real Metal
Favourite Album Covers Recent Digs
2011 Metal A Very 2011 List
Prog Songs/definitive's Part II Omaha's Top 25 2011 Songs
Ello Sputnik! Albums That Sputnik Loves And I Don't
Opeth - Live 10/1 At The House Of Blues Orlando FL Could I Care Less?
Opeth @ Center Stage September 2011
Albums I Hated On First Listen... Saw Opeth And Katatonia Last Night
Opeth @ Charlotte The Best of The ABCs Of Sputnik
Bands That Sputnik Has Got Me Into. 2011 Digs (songs)
Currently In Amazing Altmer Rotation Why Not... Top 100.
I Joined Here When There Was Mxtabs/musicianforums.com, Heres Some Shit Ive Been Listening To The Last 6 Years. Quotes from The Room
Why Not Pick 100 Favorites Was September Worth The Hype??
Worst Lyrics Ever Top 100 Album Artworks
1000 Comments Favorite Metal Albums Of All Time
Zxlkho's Top Albums Of 2011 Life And Metal Whats The Difference.
The War For Things And Stuff What Shows Are You Going To This Year?
Did Grace For Drowning Just Leak? Going To Uni Tomorrow
Discographies Antichrist
Bored So I'm Making A List....hoopla! Overwhelmed With Sexy Music
Stadium Intro Riffs/songs Writer's Block
In Spanish Class We Do This Thing Top 5 Most Underrated Songs By Well-known Sputnik Bands
Trust Mediafire? Opeth Ranked-redux
Favourite Band? Top 10 Favorite Vg Villains
Why Do My Soundoffs Always Getd New User
Awesome Songs Of The Moment Vol.10 Need Moar Muzak
2011 Recs Mikael Akerfeldt Found Dead
Song Obsessions Giceisthray
Rip Dj Mehdi Users I Mix Up
Headbanging All The Way To Ny Who Will The Next Major Departing Sputniker Be?
I Hate My Friends My First Speeding Ticket
2011 Favorites Rec Me Metal Please
New Animals As Leaders Some Stuff I Like
Classical Recs Albums That Sound Much Better At Night
How About That Quintessential Death Metal
So Much Music, Such Little Time. Some Week
Coffee And Cigarettes New Wilco Album Streamed!
Modern Prog Rock I Need Some Guidance.
2011 Metal [top 10] Death Metal
Most Anticipated Albums Of Late 2011 Septemberrific
Bands With The Best Discographies??1?? thricepeth 2011 CANCELLED
Every 5 I Ever Had Favourite Sub-genre Of Metal
Progressive Rock Albums. Newb Here, Please Rec Me Some Good Albums.
Metal Recs New York Is The Place To Be.
It Told Me To Create A List .... So I Did Worst Rip-off Albums Ever
Back To School Fool Why Was The Site Down?
It's Ridiculous That Most Played Albums On iTunes.
Acoustic Recs Great Album, Bleak Cover
Awesome Songs Of The Moment Vol.9 When I Have Kids
how was your summer sputnik???? Where Should I Start?
Recent Digs What Album Has The Most 5's
Going To Try And Focus Ryan's Top 15
Progressive Heavy Metal My Favorite 100 Songs
A Pure Explosion Of Ownage Rec Me Some Stuff
Too Many Good Shows In The Fall Favourite Albums Of The Decade
Dumb's Vinyl Collection Pt. 2 Post-rock Recs
First List Since Forever... Best Soundoffs
Which Opeth Album? Rec Awesome Modern Metal
Going To The Record Store So I Just Heard The Devil's Orchard....
Current Vinyl Collection (with Descriptions!) Today And Tomorrow
Need Some Proggy Stuff Plzz Little List Of My Fav Albums.
Care To Share Some Prog Metal? It Was A Progressive Day
Best Spongebob Episode Opeth Albums Ranked (pre-heritage)
Mimsy Turns 3 (two Days Ago) Opeth Albums Ranked
Recent Acquisitions Strangely Arousing
Super 8 Is Super Great! Favorite Bands
Rainy Day List. Greatest Drummers Of All Time
Festival This! Too Lazy For Sputnik
Breaking Bad Characters Ranked Best Live Albums
Albums I've Bought Used Favorite Artists- Albums- Songs
Wtf Just Happened? Anime 2
Told Her Beauty Is Why God Invented Eyeballs 100 Favorite Songs
My Favorite Albums The Devil And God Are Asian Inside Of Me?
My Top 51 Favorite Albums. Which Is Better?
Albums I'm Currently Listening To Burzum Is Better In 8bit
Fsharp Presents: Video Games Words That Mean Things
Albums With Sweet Production Albums For The Ages
Saw A Tornado Today Favorite Albums That Will Never Be Classics
Ten Favorite Live Albums Music That Makes Me Want To Write/read
My Favorite All Time Death Metal Releases Top 20 Albums Of All Time
My (potential) Iceland Soundtrack Greatest Directors: Part 2
Wanting To Grow Out Of Deathcore My Top Five Movies
Albums That Make You Happy To Be Alive! Btbam Spanked
Holy Scriptures Batman! Pianocore?
Opeth Will No Longer Be Using Death Growls 1990's: Golden Age Of Music?
Bands I've Recently Gotten Into Sputnikmusic Revolution
Opeth's Albums (in Order From Best To Worst) Top 15 Artists Outside The -core Genres
Top Ten Mike Akerfeldt Screaming Passages (with Video) Worst Albums Ever
Out Of The Loop I Need Eps And Short Albums
Best Of : 25 Albums That Changed My Life Tool Vs. Opeth
The 00's The Nineteen Nineties
Heritage Well, That Was Hard
Remer's Top 50 Artists Since 2007 Slow Night On Sputnik
Finally Some Great Moments
digs Fuuuuuuck Tornadoes
Best Albums Of 2011 Sputnikcore
Jazz Recs I Are A Dumbass
Concept Albums About Famous People Vocal Influences
Road Trip Presidents Ranked
Curse Presents His Top 50 (with Descriptions!) Top 25 On Last.fm
Final Fantasy Distant Worlds Songs For Pursuing A Higher Means Of Self Enlightenment
Under The Ratings Bridge Cinco De Mayo
My Introductions To Metal Another Recent Vinyl List
Dream Jobs Turning Fifteen Today
N00b List My Top Bands
Songs I've Spent A Massive Amount Of Time Listening To Recently. Gonna Be A Really Long Weekend
My CD Collection My Br00tal Playlist For This Month
Best Albums To Blare On A Road Trip 100 Greatest Metal Songs
Wish List Sputnik! I Need To Decide What Albums To Buy!
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My Essential Metal Albums Judgment Day: 25 Favorite Bands
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100 Songs About Dogs + Cats 15 Genres, 15 Awesome Albums
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2011's Gonna Be Sweet Best Music I`ve Ever Listened To...
Vinyl Needed Hardcopies
First 10 Albums I Can Think Of. Albums Rerated
So I Was Listening To Mf Doom... Amazing
Rec Me Your Favorite Album Zelda Games Ranked
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Fr33's Favorites Hello Sputnik :) I'm new and would like some music recommendations please
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My 5s Ranked Interesting List!
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My 20 Most Listened To Albums On Last.fm Why Don't Opeth...
FuckingRIFFS Bands With The Most Consistent Discographies
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200th List Intronaut: Album of the Year?
Top 20 as of 2010 Expanding A Bit
Mai First List!!! Top Albums Of The Decade: Redux
4+ ? Gtfo! Cos Sputnik Told Me To...
Feeling The Need For Some R3d Radnezz 100 Users Favorite Songs
20 Hours Straight Of Papers And Music. The 90s
A List For A Friend 30 Most Played
A List Of Cool Keyboardists Just Added Everything Goes Numb...
Everybody Look At Me I Want Attention!!!! Best Caucasian Music
Something Descriptive Opeth Ranked
What Is The Truly Funniest Tv Show That You Have Watched Soundtrack To A Horror/post-apocalyptic Novel
Top Bands My Classic Albums
Well F***. Prog Prog Prog
Some Albums I Rather Like High Hopes For New Opeth Album?
1 For Every Year I've Been Breathing Air Siege Of Madrigal
Top 10 Long Songs 666
10 I strongly dislike the NY Jets/ Rec me stuff
Best 15 Min+ Songs My Top 5 Albums For Each Year Of The Decade: 2003
Worth The Hype A Journey Through Music
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Songs To Rule The World To. Some Of My Cd's
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Brokencyde Ranked The Sputnik Survival Guide
The Best 10 Records I Have In Terms Of Production The Mellow And The Melancholy
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100th List Getting Your Family Into Your Music
Is There A Random Button On Bandcamp? You Belong To Me
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Fry Me To The Moon Winter Bands A-Z
My Top 5 Albums For Each Year Of The Decade: 2001 The Real Best Albums Of The 90's
Everything On This List Is Better Than Demon Hunter Guess My Fav Sputnikers
More Of Spoon's Favs Ire+jash=omgomgomgomg
Top 20 Favorite Guitarists New Stuff...
Diggity Diggity Showed My Parents Good Music
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Rule 34 Indie Hipster Bullsh*t
Favorite 20 Metal Albums Of The Decade If Vh1 Can Do It, So Can I!
A Message To Justin Beiber Haters Albums Or Songs?
Storm Corrosion (michael Akerfeldt/steven Wilson) Favourite Books
My Descent Into Madness Bands That I Want New Albums From Right Now
Changed My Pic Fave Albums
What. The. Heck. I Need A Life
Phantom Limb Syndrome!? Suggest More Music Like These.!
Greatest Metal Songs Of All Time Life Changing Albums
Music To Accompany A Thunderstorm Incredible
Itunes 10 Sputnik Dance
Opeth: Best To Worst Bands That Should Do A Neverender.
Last Day Of Summer Vacation Gmork Turns 1000
Mental Metal The Great Concept Albums Part 2
The 10 Great Concept Albums Recommend Me Some Beautiful Slow Songs
I Need Rec's Bad Smoking A Bowl
The September Issue Favourite Comedians
Opeth Albums Ranked Favorite 10 Albums Of The Decade
My Favourite Albums Of All Time Aids' Top 50 Of The Decade
Metal's Greatest Opening Tracks 40 Awesome Riffs
All Work And No Play... Cd Backlog!?
Music That Comes In Pairs Favorite Albums Of 2001
Who Negged My Review? Death Metal Recs Please!!!
Weekends Are Too Short Favorite Albums Of 1999
What My Friends Think: Good, Bad Sad Guitar Moments
Incredibly Consistent Artists Underrated
You'll Always Be A Loser Listening To Opeth While Waiting For A Friend To Respond To A Message.
Best Guitar Solos Nes Megaman Games Rated
Experimental/progressive Metal Essentials
Does Anyone Ever Choose Which Opeth To Listen To By... Ryan Reynolds
(in My Eyes) Great Metal Vocals The Only Albums Sputnik Users Care About
2000-2009 Subliminal Message!
Not Just Any Guitar Solo.......... It's Cool Because I Can Make Lists
Vic's Awesome 90's Albums Im Digging/Hi Sputnik
Let's Green Egg And Ham It! Metal It Up!
Sums Me Up (for The Moment) First List On Sputnik
Whoa...two Lists Per Day Bro My Top 100 Of The Decade
Battle Of The Genres- Quarter-final 3 Addictive br00tality brah.
Albums For The Gym Rec's Prease
3 Years At Sputnik, Like Anyone Cares Birthday List
Need More Metal Dark Folk Help
Enlighten Me, Sputnik Beshiing Prowess
Hey Guys (and Girls) Metal That I Listen To
My Favorite Albums Of All Time. Favourite Sub-genre Of Metal?
To Rid The Disease Last List Before The Final Name Change
Most Recent 5 Opeth Albums Ranked In Regard To Personal Opinion Replace Periphery's Vocalist?
Best Live Bands Bodominflames
666 Years On Spuitnuk The Magic Of Music
Ten Best Metal Albums Of The Decade 90's Done Retarded
My Ipod On Shuffle Feel The Love
Generic Boring Dig List New Bands I've Been Into lately.
Purchased Drunk Sputnik, Drunk
My "most Listened-to Albums" While Writing Our Most Recent Record... Rec From These Bands
Battle Of The Genres - Part 7 90's - Albums
Oh wait, I was wrong (title by Deviant.) 6 Hour Drive Ahead Of Me
Poet Turns The Big Three Today! List Of Bands I Used To Dislike But Now Can't Get Enough Of
Must Get My Hands On Top 5 Most Overlooked Opeth Songs
Mellow Music?... Let's Go Back
Recent Aquisitions Laundry Day
Songs I Can't Skip Recently Purchased
Workout Playlist Does Anyone Else Post Pics Of Themselves?
Too Technical For Technology Tour? Some New Bands I've Been Listening To.
20 Albums Each - Pre And Post Finding Sputnik. Recs Plz
Dream Setlist: Opeth Any Good Ambient Metal Bands?
Sad Songs Songs 4 Seduction
Sputnik Lapdog I Be Steady Shufflin'
Pixar Vs. Dreamworks The Soundtrack To A Long Drive.
Top 50 Of The Decade Opeth Ranked (again)
A Decade List Approved By Jesus I Like Making Dumb Lists
Opeth: Morningrise Ranked Opeth: Blackwater Park Ranked
Opeth: My Arms, Your Hearse Ranked Epic.
The Top 10 Albums Of All Time Rage
A Mutated Decade Amazing Fucking Vocalists
Chamberedecade Lambda's Top 50 Of The Decade
Tom Servo's Decade List Bloodstock 2010
Willie's 90 For The 90s Guys I Need Help Digging This Ditch!
Metalllllll Lots Of It Bands I Like A-z
Trying To Write A 2000 Word Essay On Analytical Therapy And Not Coming On Here....... I Failed Payne's 50 Best
Deviant Does The Decade The Decade of Shadow
My Decade Decade, Mother F*ckers
Little Bro's Ipod Michael's Decade
Favorite Albums Released In My Lifetime Top 50 Death / Black Metal Bands
10 Favorite Album Cover Arts Of All Time Willie's Decade List
My Top 10 Best Ways To End A Album My Predictions For The Staff Top 10
Good Ole digs :) What I've Been Listening To
Pandora Vs. Last.fm: Agalloch The Evolution Of Steel Erect's Musical Progression
I Hate Drummers 100 Essentials From The 90's
My 100 Favourite Non-uk Or Ireland Albums Top 10 Ten Minute Plus Songs
Where Do You Usually Listen To Music? Does It Exist? (a Rec List)
Fo The Shreddaz Albums That Have Changed Jash's Life
I Think My Deadwing Cd Is F***ed Sputnik Essential. Part I
How Many Bands Is Too Many For A Facebook Profile? It Took Me A While To Get Into...
Good Ass List A Week Without Metal
Metal School 2008 Top 10 (revised)
Rec Me Some Depressing Stuff Awesome Artwork
Post & Prog Metal Recs? Which One Of These Is Not Like The Others?
Favorite Albums - Suggest Me Some Music! Rec Me Songs By:
Songs On Heavy Rotation Favourite Albums
Morrowind On My Mac Heavy Shit
Hear Ye, Hear Ye... Recent Digs
My Happy Album Buying Trip 11 Great Songs
Top 50 Albums What Was
I Love Me Some Concept Albums Long List Of Awesome
10 Favorite Metal Drum Performances My Top 10 Bands Right Now
Scrambles The Death Dealer Prince Of Persia Movie...
Hey Some Good Death Metal It's My Birthday!
Bands With Siqq Guitar I Have A Confession To Make (alts From Another Time)
I Give You The Gun.... Blow Me Away Metal: A Headbanger's Journey
Favourite Melodic Death Metal Albums Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Online
Rock Band: Good Edition Essential Prog
Tom Servo's Top 90 Of The 90's Albums I Need/want To Check Out
(The Real) What Your Favorite 'Sputnik Band' Says About You Albums I've Given 5/5 Too
T3h D3@f M3tuhlz (revised) Blackwater Park Ranked
My Top 100 Rock/metal Albums Opeth Ranked (again)!
Greg's Top 50 Albums I Own Pt 2
Breakfast 10 Best Prog Albums
Hit Me Baby One More Time Metal Version Sputnikmusic's Favorite Band
Makin Tha Papes Korea
I've Been So Scurred To Do This. Obligated To Make An Obligatory 1000 Comments List
My Vinyl Collection Is The Tits Sick Covers
Best Albums 2000-2009 Last.fm
Top 5 Albums That Start With "B" Vinyl I Own/will Own
Albums I Just Downloaded Most Generic Sputnik List Ever
Top 5 Songs Of All Time? My Favorite Covers
Been Pretty Bummed Lately My Observations
Procrastination My Taste Before And After Joining Sputnik
The Beautiful and the Bestial Song Digs
Albums That Remind Me Of Sputnik Best Drummers In Metal
Too Much Music, Help Me Sort It Out. Some Of My Recommended Progressive Albums To Listen To.
Most Consistent Bands Favorite Instrumentals Of All Time
Favorite Albums Of All Time News Mod Is A Myth
Quality Speakers? Top 10 Opeth Songs
Favorite Cd's I < 3 Songs
Metal Top Ten(from A Metal Noob) Im New Need Metlcore Recs Please
Guess that Sputniker 4 Top 5 Metal Of The Decade...recs?
Top 100 Of The Decade: The Final 10 Ways To Earn Stickers
Lost Music Recent Purchases (3/28/10)
Which Should I Review Next? Just Stopped Jumping On My Bed.
Why Was The Remastered Still Life Removed? Technical Masterbation
Will You Bros Hook Me Up With Prog Metal/rock My Genre-Defining Albums
More Album's That I'm Loving Top 100 Of The Decade, #60-51
Top 15 Opeth Songs Enough Gorillaz Reviews!!!
No Qwe, This Is Opeth Ranked. Sputnik Has Overrated These...shame On You!
Rec Me Classic Albums I Really Need To Hear Metal!!!
Necesito Progressivo!!! Worst Troll Ever On Sputnik
Albums I Own Part 1 Jamie Leaves Mythbusters
Obvious List Is Obvious My Favorite Bands
Essential Prog Metal Listening Next Review = 1.5 = These Albums
My Current Favorite Bands. Top 10 Favorite Metal Bands
Most Beautiful Metal Songs Choose My Next Discography Review Series.
Choose My Next Discography Review Series. Recommend Me Something.
Shiznit I've Been Listening To Top 20 Artists
Opeth God Of War 3 Feedback Cd's Im Giving Away
New Albums? Opeth Ranked. Bring On The Hate!!!
Why European Metal Is Better Music Overload
Cds In My Car This List Is Good
Best Metal Of The Decade Why Sweden Is Awesome
My Top 20 Albums Of The Decade NEEDS MOAR KIRK HAMMETT
Top 10 Bands/Artist Just Ordered New Cds
Still Life Vs Blackwater Park Top Ten Bands
Recent Purchases (2/28/10) New Tastes
Opeth/in Flames Recent Digs.
The Great Eight: Concept Albums Some Personal Favourites
Bands That Hipsters Worship Ghost Reveries Is The Best Opeth Album I've Heard.
My Digs Ten Songs for NYU
Some Of My Favourite Songs (one Per Band) Just Finished Heavy Rain
Digz And More Digz Battle Of The Bands [FINAL]
Classics V0.2 Metal Bands I Love
Battle Of The Bands [Semi-Final 2] Sputniks Favorite Bands?
C+c Recs How Do You Listen To Music?
Battle Of The Bands [Quarter-Final 6] Top Ten Albums Vol. 2
My First List Payroll In The Hay
Best Opeth Song Abc's Of Metal
Those Special Songs New To Sputnik
Albums Another New Guy
My Top 15 Albums Top 10 Manga
Hey! Its Me, Snorky! Need Death Metal Recs
Battle Of The Bands [part 18] Sputnikfest?
30k Last.fm Ugh I Love Stealing Music
Alphabet City Is Haunted Great Study Music
My Favorite Bands A - Z Qwe's Nostalgia
Overrated / Underrated You Know What Tickles Ma Giggle Bone?
Musical Progression Rec Me Some Progressive Metal Music
Sputnik Music Festival The Real Metal Abcs
So Yeah.. I'm New Here Favorites Atm
Abc's Of Metal So Much CD Rippage
The Most Immersive Albums Attention Sputnik Metalheads
Why Sputnik Is Awesome Boognish's Most Annoying Users
Facking Metal Sputnik Blowjobs
5 Solid Albums 10 Favorite Albums Of All Time
Recent Digs Battle Of The Bands [part 5]
Uhhbuys New Here
My Personal Top 25 Records Of The Decade Prog?? Recs Please
Top 5 Side One Track Ones Mendigo & The Zerozeroes
Metal Mixtape Classics v0.1
Holy New Music, Batman! My First List
I Need Recs Recs Prease
How To Spot A Crappy Album Top 100 Decade Albums According To Decibel
Freaks & Animals 6 Albums I Can Listen To In One Sitting
Sex Douchebag Reviews
I've Been Giving Out A Lot Of Fives What Else Do I Need?
Favourite 50 Albums Personal Top 100
Favorite Albums My Favourite All-time Albums
Favorite Album Titles Exceptional Albums For A Lightweight Ipod
Rec Me Some Prog. Bands I'm Looking Into (which Shall I Explore First?)
Opeth - Blackwater Park Ranked Decade List, Because I Have To
Bands I'v Seen Live Ii Albums I Have On Cd
These Bands Are Totally Overrated Dryden Asks For Recs
Best 2 Album Runs Alphabet Bands
Best Albums Of Decade I Need Help Choosing What To Get.
Various Metal I'm Liking... Album Recs plz
Taking Classes At Local Community College Favorite Progressive Albums
Favorite Songs From My Favorite Bands Albums I Actually Own Physical Copies Of
Bands I Saw In 2009 One Year On Sputnik
Submit Your Most Precious Reviews Here Favorite Bands: Alphabet
Albums Bought In '09 Shreddin
Steel Erect's Decade List I Am New
Why Should I Read YOUR Review? Underrated (By Sputnik) Metal
Need Some Recs... Chewie's Top Albums From 2000-2009
5 Songs That Describe Me 'til Death (metal) Do Us Part
Chritmas Gets Year In Reviews
Something Different Top 10 Albums Of The Decade (1999-2009)
I Can't Decide! Stuff I Got For Christmas
Albums I Obtained Today How Many Gb Of Music Do You Have?
My Ipod On Shuffle A Decade Of Decadence
30 Essential Albums Of The 00s Best Scream!
Top 100 Of The Decade. Hail Satan
Bands That I Want To See Live. Death Metal
Hello! I'm New...kinda... My Top Bands #2
Thnxs To Every1s Help These Are My Favourite Bands Out Of The Ones Every1 Suggested(i Couldnt Really Get Into Jane Doe Though Top 10 Metal Albums Of 1995
Top 30 Songs Of The Decade Top 25 Albums Of The Decade
Top 10 Metal Albums Of 1996 Which Album...
Burn2Burn's Magical Journey Through The Decade Help Me Sputnik! Need Advice
Top 10 Metal Albums Of 1998 SlightlyEpic's End Of The Dickade
George Washington Top 10 Metal Albums Of 1999
Top 10 Metal Albums Of 2000's, This List Constantly Changes My Favorite Metal Albums Of 2000s
Top 20 Bob Saget Is Funny?
Thebhoy's Decade, Or: His Favourite 104 Albums Of The Past 10 Years Qwecade
Ball's Decade Biggest Digs List Ever
Top 10 Metal Albums Of 2001 Top 10 Lyricists (not In Order)
Favorite Albums Of The Decade The Heaviest Albums I Own.
The Lusty List 7 Albums I'm Currently Hooked On
Top Ten Wishlist New To Sputnik... Broaden My Tastes Please!
Someone Help Me Out Here My Favorite Albums
What To Buy? Cyber Monday So I'm New Here...
Bands Ive Seen Live Rec Me Dark Acoustic Shit
Finally! After 3 Weeks Of Waiting. Searching For Music
Favorite Genres/Albums 40k Last.fm Plays
Songs I've Been Digging Recently Favorite Albums Of All Time
2010 Looks To Be Promising Flawless Albums
Progressive Melodeath Favorite Metal Albums By Subgenre
Titan's 100 Albums Of The Decade At An Internet Kiosk
Favourite Non-metal Albums Music Progression
Best Bass Albums Top 10 Albums (in No Particular Order)
The Best Metal Of This Decade My "to Buy" List
My October 2009 List Albums Coming Out Out In The Rest Of 09 And 2010?
A Waiory Year 10 Worst Bands Ever (krushd)
Top 10 Bands Top 10 Metal Albums Of 2003
Sputnik, You're Good With Emotions Top Last.fm Artists For Me
Opeth Ranked Girl With A Face Like Prison Bread
Top 10 Metal Albums Of 2005 Metal!!!
Randomly Great Metal Albums I Hate Hip Hop, And I Love Death Metal
Amazing Album Covers Bitches I'm Back
Albums That I Need Really Badly. Bands On This Site
Top 10 Metal Albums Of 2008 The Men Who Stare At Goats
Crysis' Vinyl Collection Top 10 Albums V.2
Ruggy's Current Digs 20 Albums I'm Digging At The Moment
Currently Digging (songs).. Havent Done A List In A While.. My Top 10 Bands...suggest Similar Or Better Bands Please!!!
Been Recently Enjoying The Top 10 Prog Albums I'm Currently Addicted To
I Am Sad Going On A Trip...
100 News Articles Best Opeth Songs?
I Need Metalll Hip Hop,
My Top Rated Rec Epic Long Songs???
Fuck This Site, Edition 2 20k On Last.fm
Favorite Closers Top 10 Favorite Bands
2008 Top 25 Favorite Albums/songs
Need Some Recs! [quirky List Title]
No 5 Syllable Bands Here At The Moment...
On Constant Rotation! Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip
Rec Plz Forest Of October
Gotta See The Psychologist 9079 Plays On Last.fm
Need More Progressive! My First List =d
Top Ten Albums By Now... Colors >>> Blackwater Park
Mouth's Mouth Got Mono 10 Favorite Albums
ha Mexican Cheese
Top 20 Favorite Opeth Songs Illness Sucks
Albums That Defined My High School Years Information On 99sor?
Chewy Chocolate Cookies More Bands Id Like To Get In To
Favorite Death Metal Bands Dvds, Dvds, Dvds!!!!! (1 Dollar Each)
Two Year Anniversary Medieval
Top Bands I've Seen Live 19/100
1000 Comment List! My Fledgling Vinyl Collection
My Mother's Opinion On Music Sputnik Dictionary
Bands Of Sputnikness My Embarrassing Last Fm List
This Or That!? Really Boring Bands
My Favorite Albums Of All Time Essential Metal Bands
My Favourite Albums The 50 Best Albums (in Order)
Bands That Are Way Overrated My First List... Top 20 Songs...
Prog Rock/metal Recs Please Just Bought A Violin
Recommend Me Some New Prog Rock/metal. Opeth: Best Of Ballads
Summer 09' 20 Awesome Metal CDS
Favorite Bands At The Moment Which Should I Buy First?
Songs With Great Background Intricacies I Choose You! Sputnik!
Rec Me Acoustic Songs To Learn I Like Being A N00b
Altmer's Top Metal Bands Favorite Metal Bands
Albums I Can't Live Without My Favourite Album By My Favourite Artists
100 Songs Worth Of A Perfect Playlist Converting My Friend
Top 15 Most Influential Albums (for Me) Bands I'm Off To Download
Amoeba Music Rules An Unimaginative List Title
Best 00s Albums My 5/5 Ratings - No Racism
My Favorite Albums My Favorite Bands
Bands I Don Like.. Ultimate 90s List
Top 25 Albums Music,music,music
Best Album Art Summer Albums
My Musical Progression Need New Music
Top 90s Albums My Last List
Congratulations To Me In Just One Year
Summer Pt 1 My Top 5 Rappers Of All-time
Work Music Allmusic Is Fucking Stupid.
Who Plays Cod World At War On The Ps3 My 1000th Comment...
Working On A Discography Part Ii Aod Needz Tasty Recs
Lesnar Beat Mir Family & Friend Problems
Should I Get My Navel Pierced Top N Albums of 2008
Recent Vinyl Acquisitions Some Good Listening
Recommend Metal Work Playilsit
What Up Baby? My Fav Prog Albums
Albums I've Always Liked But Just Recently Fallen In Loved With. New Car Needs New Music
That's No Coincidence Chill Out
/m/ Top 25 Artists On Last.fm
Recomend Me Something? Just Can't Force Myself...
What I'm Listening To Right Now/plan To Listen To Part 3 Favorite Bands
So Far, So Good Sick Titles
19 Years Thievery (part II)
Extra Funds Will Disappear Fast Did You Hear About That?
My Psp Stares At Me Funny My Recent Top Bands
Eureka! It's Raining Here...
Epic. Top 5 Favorite Songs Of All Time
Coldplay Live Was... Top 10 Favorite Bands Of All Time
Sputnik Whore Bands My Ten Favourite Songs
My Musical Journey Former Nu-Metal fanboi likes:
I Love You Man> The Hangover Perfect Albums
My Favorite Albums At The Moment 30
Albums I Have A Newfound Appreciation For Top 10 Favorite Songs At The Moment
Damn, I Have Good Weekends... Best Albums Of 2008
Four And One Half Awesome Metal Songs
I'm A Young Boy Buries
Insert Hilarious List Title Here In The Flesh
Winter Jams Recent Listens/digs
Generic Lastfm List Current Favorites
20 Must-have Albums Stop. Shuffle Time!
The Finger Thing Means The Taxes I Am Laertes' Son...
Radiohead Done Super Right Go Alphabet
Opeth Setlist May 1, 2009 Sayreville, Nj New Albums, Recs Aswell Please
First Opeth Album?? Favorite Albums From The Past Decade
Working Outside Quick! Answer My Questions!
Still Life Remastered: Holy Fuck A Dilemna Of Epic Proportions...
Seriously Overrated Bands Ouch, My Heart!
A Better List That Clint Eastwood Would Approve Of 50 Favourite Albums (at The Moment)
Shuffle List Revised Wishlist
It Was A Very Good Weekend... The Chem Paper Soundtrack
Bands That Have Inspired My Poetry My Metal List
Get Wasted Sputnik Classics I Have Yet To Hear
I Love, My Friends Hate... Arsis Has Some...
My Need To Listen To List.... Live Long And Prosper
Albums That Influence My Drumming My Playlist (april 17th - May 8th)
Two Handfuls Of Shit What Should I Buy?
More Music! Shit I Keep On My Ipod
So At The Opeth Concert Last Night... Digs/thoughts/theories/watermelons...
Opeth N00b Top 15 Favorite Albums
I'm Leaving... Yep, On A Jetplane Converting A Mainstream Boy....
Awesome Albums Part I So Gooood.....
Death For Life! Sputnik Is Awesome
13 Epic Songs Dream
She's A Supergirl Moar Like This!
Last.fm Bandwagoning Last.fm - My Top 50
Berfday Diggers 5000 Last Fm Plays
The Best Of 2008 Semen In My Balls
Entrancing Albums Help Me Please
New Music Without You I'm Nothing
Xboxf*ckingthreesixty I Hate Cynic
Black Metal Recs I Give Too Many God Damn 5's...
Like A Tick-tock Clock In That Heart Of Hearts My Musical Journey - 2 Years In The Making
Eh? Bad Albums
Album Purchased/preorder Pinata Gonzalez
My Top 10, Recs? An Amazing Start
Epic Shuffle. My Playlist (march 10th To March 24th)
I Got Into A Fight With Delain's Keyboardist The Ballstothewall List
My Top 10 Favourites Mind Recommending Some Bands?
Bands I'm Really Into At The Moment: Live Bands
Thrice Suck: Part 4 In A Series Of 8 Lists About Thrice Superworst Artists Ever!
My Metal Vinyls Opeth Setlist - 20/11/08 - London
10 Awesome Songs Recently Played Albums On Itunes
Death Metal Opeth
Songs I Enjoy Playing These Have Been Dug
Snowed In = Excuse To Do Nothing Great Outros
Sickity Diggity Not Digging Sputnik's New Lay-out
Emofag Good New Users
Favorite Songs (as Of 2/21/09) Epic Rock
As Long As Im Going To Sit For Four Hours, Might As Well Make It Worth My While Albums I'm Making It My Top Priority To Listen To
25 Shuffle Need Black Metal!
Bored And Lonely Day Listens So I'm Getting A New Bed...
Around The World In 2008 Testing Out The New Speakers...
Some Bands I've Also Liked Lately I Fart In Your General Direction!
Stuff I Can't Get..help? Top 10 Albums
St. Vals 4 Pookie... Tell Me The Closest Thing To These Albums
My Top 5 Metal Albums Another 50 Songs About Me
Digs Opeth Ranked...again...
It's A Beautiful Day In The Neighbor... Jrowa001's 100 Favs!!
10 Albums I Can't Live Without Which Ones Should I Get?
Just For Fun New Name
Moar Opeth!!!!!11111 Bands Spuntik Introduced Me To
Who's The Most Talented Member In Each Of These Bands? Favs So Far, Many To Go
Favorite Solos (at the moment) Slooooooooooooooooooooooooow Day
My Favourite Albums In The Whole Of Forever For The Time Being Considering
Planet Hell Br00t4l Rec's Please
Albums That Both My Mother And I Enjoy You Know How I Know You're Gay?
Were I To Be Stranded On A Desert Island... My Top 10 Riffs Ever!
I Need To... My Addictions Of The Past Week
Top 100! Yai! Songs About Me
Dreamer's Melancholia Bands/Artists With Significance
30k Last.fm Plays 2008: Albums I Enjoyed
Albums I Have Discovered...and Loved Like Babies Favourite Bands At The End Of 2008
Best Of 2008 Favorites Now
Today's Purchases The Best Of Mcp
Top 10 Songs Of The Year Top 30 Albums Of The Year
Top 10 Metal Songs Of 2008 Set My World Into Motion
Light Up... As If You Have A Choice Top 50 Metal Bands List
Albums Ive Bought Recently Albums Bought In '08
The Story Of A Murderous Top Of 08 List What's Currently Being Spun In My Cd Player
Back To The Metal Christmas Albums Ranked.
Mendigo's 2008: Albums Top 20 Albums Of 2008
15 Songs Of Musical Perfection... Mutatedfreek's Top 15 Of 2008
The Top 10 Metal Albums Of 2008 (according To Wizard) Merry Fackin Christmas
Mendigo's 2008: Songs Awesome Songs Of The Moment Vol.4
Mad Listennz My 2008
Omfgzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!its Fucking Christmas!!!!!! Top 50 Of 2008
Top 10 Of '08. Top 50 Of 2008
Enjoyment Factor Of Opeth Albums Songs That Make Me Punch A Priest In The Face And Use His Entrails To Create A Strong Rope
Most Overrated Bands Ever Jrowa's Fav 50 LP's Of 2008
This Is A Boring List For A Guy With Nothing To Do On A Friday Evening Thirtyalbumsfrom2008thatienjoyed...
Top 25 Of 2008 Favorites Of 2001
Generic Sputnik Top 5 Of 2008 Bands That Save Me
Any Recommendations For Listening? Sputnik Anniversary
Year's End Mindblowingly Good Albums
Fucking Badass Favourite Albums.. Ever.
Recent Digs From The New Guy Top 30 Lastfm Bands
10 Favorite Moments In Metal Current Favorite Albums
Favorite Albums: Past And Present SlightlyEpic
The Best And Worst Of 2008 But Ma, All The Cool Kids Are Doing It...
Peace! 15 Favourite Mellow Songs
2008's Best The Top 25 Of This Year, Altmer's Verdict
King Leonidis!!!!! Top 2008 Albums
Your New Favourite Bands I Am The Atrocity
Albums I've Asked For, For Christmas Top Of '08
2008: 25 Best Albums Bands I Waited Too Long To Get Into
Christmas Cd Wish List New Stuff To Wrap My Ears Around.
Thor's 25 Favorite Metal Albums Of 2008 Top 25 Tracks Of 2008!!!
Power Ballads Recent Fave Moments
100 A Short List For You
Top 50 Yahtzee!!!!
Top 25 Of 2008 Bastard's Best Of '08
Bands I Want To See Live Top 5 Of 08
These Give Me Chills Sylarcutyou's Fav Moments In Music
Final 10 2008 My Best Of 2008
My Fav Of 2008 my favorite stuff of the year
Brilliant Songs Over 6 Minutes These Are A Few Of My Favorite Solos
Solooooooo Absolute Masterpieces
The Albums You Take To Your Grave The Best Concert Moments
Because Of Sputnik Opeth+Cynic Setlist 17th Nov. Glasgooow
Some Tunes I Can Play A Stonewhore's Mix Up
The Metal In Me Current Favorite Albums Ever
Listen To Scald, People Who, Out Of These Bands, Is The Most Technical Proficient?
Albums I Never Really Got To... Favorite Albums
My Personal Top 10 Of The 90's(mostly Metal) I Want To
25 Best Guitar Solos Of The 2000' Top '08 Metal
Decibel Hall Of Fame 666 Album Comments
2008 For Me My Favorite/most Aesthetically Appealing Album Covers
Albums I Will Never Get Sick Of I Still Buy Cd's Too.
Ideal Opeth Setlist Where Should I Start?
Top 25 Of 2008 Latest "hearings"
Hey, Do You Like Metal? Favorite Songs Of 2008
My Massive To-get List Draft
2008 With 2 Months Left 2008's Tentative Best: The Altmer List
Riffs Those Who Cling To This Dominion Will Partake In Its Fall
Im In The Gang(top 10 08)! Opeth
Thanking sputnik for helping me dig these bands My All Time Favorite Bands
Shuffle On Itunes Songs To Clean With?
Ipod On Shuffle Top 10 Longest Songs In My Ipod
10 :: Metal :: 2008 Opeth Setlist - Austin 10/17
Seen Live/upcoming Gigs Bands I Have Seen Live
Kattuns Favrotite Albums Songs To Lsiten To When Its Raining
Last.fm Digs
Thor's Ultimate Biking Playlist The Soundtrack To My Solitude
Which To Buy???? Cd Warehouse Sucks!
Opeth Setlist Seattle Recent Purchases
1 Year, 50 Albums 3 More Months To Go - Top 20 Of 2008
Autumn Is The Greatest Most Awesomest Kick Ass Albums Ever
Digs Random Songs I Like
Bands I Have Tickets For To See Live This Is Just Banter, Don't Freak Out
Songs I've Been Obsessed With Lately (the Deuce). Five More Than Thor...
Favourite Opeth Songs (Revised) Bands With Cool Artwork
50, Yo Nostalgic The First Time.
08 Top 10 Metal So Far. Favorite Songs
My 50 Favorite Songs Top 15 Songs I've Heard From This Year
Top Ten Favorite Albums Recent Buys
Uhhh Corn? Upcoming Shows
Tittyz And Cream? My Top 50 Albums
Last 20 Albums Played Fav list ^^
Im Bored//top 30 As Of The End Of August 08 My Top 5 Of 2008 So Far
My 10 Favorite Albums Of All Time My Top Forty Albums
Another Metal List!!! Bands I Have Seen Live
Thank You Sputnik Songs I Listened To In The Last Hour
Sleepers My Top 100 Albums Of All Time
100 Songs That Give Me Goosebumps Everytime Favorite Opeth Songs
Opeth And Pain Of Salvation Setlists This List Has Opeth, Click Me
Albums Currently On My Ipod Typical Metal
Some Recent Spins I Have Loved To Do List
Albums I.ve Been Listening To Lately Bands I Want To See Live.....
Digging This My 50 Favourite Artists
Top 4 Favorite/most Respected Bands What My Best Of: Ballads Cd Would Look Like
Stuff I'm Thinking About Getting... Favourite 90's Albums
Best Guitar Tones Great Albums/bands I Discovered Due To This Site
Diggin A Hole Top 10 Metal Albums Of The Year
Awesome Riffage Recent Listenings
Bands On My Ipod That I've Seen Live As Of Aug. '08 Fantastic Metal Songs
From California To My Illin
Username345's Favourite Metal Bands Current Digs
08' Favorites (sorry Got To Do It Too) Cheese Crackers
Looking For Music My Top 10 (Couldn't Think Of A Better Title)
Suggestions Please? Best Of 2008 (so Far)
Band's I've Seen Live (my List) My Itunes On Shuffle
Metal Digs Best Of The First Half.
Behold The Power Of List Making Prepare To Fellate...
Iluvatar's Hot 25 Of '08 Gooseflesh
Recent Digs Spinning, Spinning Out Of Control
Favorite Aqueous Tracks I List Therefore I Am
Bands That Sputnik Has Gotten Me Into Recommend Me!
July Already? Best Of 2008, Halftime 2 For 25$
Top 5 Albums Of 2008's First Half My Last Farewell, Sputnik
Some More Of My Favorite Albums Music For Lovers Of Music
Mcp's Top 25 It's Raining Down Here So.......
My Actual Playlist The Best The Best The Best The Best
Daring To Be Different... Recent Things I Have Been Digging/spinning
My All Time Favorite Albums, So Far *updated Music Taste*
Favorite Albums Ever Rank The Opeth
Faourite Albums Ever, As Of Now Soundtrack To A Rainy Day
Fav Opeth Songs. The Most Intelligent Albums Ever Written
Immaculately Conceived 16.666666666666666666666667
Recommend Me Bands Like... Bands Whose Fans Are In Love With Them
Underrated Albums Top 5 Overrated Bands
Albums That Have Held My Attention Recently: I'm Becoming...
Scary Songs Favorite Albums Of 2008 (so Far!)
You Don't Know Me: Top 25 Prepare To Get Your Mindblown
Most Badass Riffs I Got Jacked
Been Listening To What Is Currently Spinning...
What Do You Get When Alex Trebek Has A Picture Of A Giraffe In His Ass During An Earthquake? Top 10 Albums
My Favourite Covers 30 Favorite Studio Albums
Five Cool Metal Band Shirts The Prog List
Sputnik Has Spoken! Albums That Are Always On
Time To Settle This Once & For All... My 3 Favorite Albums
Progessive Nation 2008 Bands Whose Music Speaks To Me
Disease.. Digs
The Second Most Original List Evar!!!!!11!!1!! \m/-_-\m/ Goodz Musicz
Needs: Damnit I Love These Bands And Everyone Else Hates Them!
Simply Beautiful Progressive Nation Tour
Opeth Setlist 5-5-2008 Seattle Drowned In New Albums
Most Played Albums My Top 10 Albums Of 2008 Thus Far
Fav Albums (in No Particular Order) Did You Hurt Your Shmegege...
Albums I Want A Great Start To What I Hope To Be A Great Summer For Music
Guess Who Has Watershed... Ballads I Have Dug Lately
7 Card Stud! Excuse Me!
My Favourite Opeth Albums In Order 1 Year On Sputnik
Wolfy's Essentials More Recent Gets
Today Was A Beautiful Day... Favorite Drake Bell Songs
Yeah These Are Some Of My Digs Lately... Favourite Instrumentals
They Aren't Not Overrated Diggitydig
My Hall Of Fame Best Metal Ever
My Top 10 Some Of My Favorite Bands
Top 50 Bands (i Think) Most Updated Awesome Band List
Favorite Songs Right Now My Favourite Bands! Some Not Nearly As Well Known As They Should Be!
I Have A Gift Card... A Very Long Thanks To Sputnik
Need To Check Out The Numbers Don't Lie
Feel Good Music Length=goodness
Death Metal+progressive=: ) Songs I'm Digging Atm
Most Played Album Lately Shufflez
My Favorite Bands My Favorite Opeth Songs
Gargle My Fluid My Favorite Songs Over 6 Minutes Long
New Cd List Truly Classic Albums
Opeth Finals Fresh Brain Surgery
Needs More,metal/opeth/female nudity Top 5 Cookie Monster Vocals Albums
Since I'm Bored... Mix I Listen To Sleeping
Mental Health Application Epic Rock Band
Album Digs Top 24 Most Played
Kudos To These Live Preformances It's Been A While... Update!!!
Doom Metal... Top 5 Albums
Plz Help - Reccomendations Top 5 Albums At The Moment
Am I The Only One Who Doesn't... The Top 150 Albums Ever: Part 3
Digs Top 30 Opeth Songs
Bands I Own Two Or More Albums By Stuff I Played Out Too Quick
Songs Of The Moment 2 Years
20 Albums That Changed My Life Make A List
Oh Hai Metulz. Horrible Production
Albums I Could See Going Up In My Ratings $$$
Do The Truffle Shuffle!!! My Top 5 Albums Ever! Go St. Louis!
1 Year At Sputnik My Favourite Vocal Performances
My Ipod Epic Songs
My Chemical Romance Top 10 Bands...
Needs More Opeth Favorite Bands
Most Listened To Bands (update) Moonlight's Best Metal
Like These? My Updated Favorite Albums... No Order
Albums I Wouldn't Mind Having 20, 347 Songs On Last.fm
Currently Digging... My Favorite Albums Of The 90s
Songs I Have Been Digging The Past Weeks I Don't Know
15 Real Mood Albums 50 Albums That Fire On An Emotional Level For Me
Future Purchases Albums I Am Looking Forward To In '08
I Owe Sputnik Big Time My Top 20 Albums Of All Time
My Post-christmas Wish List 30 Favorite Album Openers
My Top 50 Albums Of All Time My 10 Favorite Songs
Death Metullllll!!!!!!!! |m/ 2008 Awaits
New Years Eve!!! Albums That Are Complete Mindfucks
More Purchases Recent Digs For Botb
Non-conformists Drink Coffee Christmas Albums
Help! Favorite Metal Albums
Christmas Listening My Favorite Albums: 1990-2007
Metal In This Decade A List Of Brooding Albums
Battle Of The Bands Recommendations For Tonight's Trip To Best Buy....
Album's I Have Been Getting Into Lately My All Time Favorite Bands
My Top 20 Favorite Songs Orgasmic Ear Sex
Albums I Want That I Can't Find Anywhere Cd I've Owned In 2007
Last 20 Albums I've Listened To The 100 Albums That I've Liked Most
Fledgling Metalhead... Emotional Albums
Itunes Shuffle! Recent Digs
Top 10 - Prog Metal Song Dig List ^_^
Albums That I Need To Play More But Don't Get Around To Recommendations For Me Please?
Recent Aquisition Recs Please
Gotten Into Recently One Year At Sputnik, One Year Of Metal
Madden 08 Mix Z0mg Pwn3d!!!11!!1
This Is Why Im Hott Christmas Wish List
Sweet Music My Top 10 Bands
Ghost Reveries Gimme More Metal
What I've Been Listening To Recently The Most Emotionally Compelling Songs I've Heard So Far
Top 100 Favorite Album Art From Favorite Bands
With The Flaming Shades Of Fall.... I'll Take A Stab At A-Z
My A To Z List My Recent Playlist
Pairs Of 3... Take Two..... Mother Fuckers Recent Diggins
Best Of 2005 Favourite 10 Albums Ever
My 30 Favourite Albums My 15 Favorite Ballads
Top 20 Songs 10+ Minutes Long My Favorite Albums
Mm8's 50 Favourite Songs My Favorite Prog Albums
Can You Guess The Theme? The 10 Best Progressive Metal Albums
Birthday Albums I Got The Spins!
Ultimate Opeth Album My 20 Favourite Ballads
10 Bands That Are Not Overrated Albums Voor In Nepal (deel 2)
My Favorite Progressive Metal/rock Albums Underrated Metal Songs
Most Beautiful Metal Songs 10 Albums That Are Depressing
The 10 Best Albums Of 2007 In My Opinion Prog Metal Recommendations Needed
The Best 50 Metal Releases Of The 21st Century In The Cold Winds Of Nowhere
Bands That Have Albums That Need To Come Out Now Good Bands A-z
Songs I'm Currently Digging. Another Bunch Of Digs Of The Last Couple Weeks...
Opeth, Best To Worst My Top 50
Autobiography In 21 Albums My Top 10 Prog Albums At The Moment
Releases With Cool Packaging Recommendations?
Recurring albums Digging Atm
Another Pointless List My A-z List
Albums I Bought This Summer First Day Of School =/
Fye sucks The End Of Summer
Overrated Metal Albums Good Metal Albums
Best Bands I've Seen Live Favorite Metal Albums
I Likez Metal, Too My Favorite Albums
Stealing From Yet More Guitarists Some Songs I Have Dug Lately
Some Truly Emotional Songs Top 20 Most Played Songs
Past Month's Top Bands Playing Someone Else's Music
Awesome Songs Of The Moment Vol.1 My Vinyl Collection
The Best Of 2005 Albums That Changed My Life
Crysis' Favorite Album Art Top10 Albums Imo
Stuff Sputnikmusic Got Me Into! Opeth From Best To ........ Best
Song Obsessions Songs On My Ipod Over 10 Minutes In Length
Personal Top 25 Metal Albums Ever Recent Album Listens
A Walk At Dusk Just Getting Back Into It...
My Cd Player Rotation With My Next Paycheck.
Albums I Want And Will Eventually Get. Songs I've Been Hooked On Lately
10 Favorite Albums Oat Top 20 Bands As Of Today
Personal Favorite Bands My Fave Albums
Favorite Love Songs Best Ever
Next Album Buys Albums I Am Finally Discovering Part II
Actual Favs The Best Of 2000s (so Far)
Top 5 Bands Of June Best Metal Instrumentals
Crysis' Flawless Metal Albums Albums I Really Want
A Song Dig List My Cd Case
Top 25.... Again High Voltage Metal Songs!
A Few Songs I'm Really Into Best Music Dvds
Albums Im Digging Right Now Stuff I Bought.
My All Time Favorite Songs 20 Songs That Stand In The Best Ever.
Favorite Album Covers Top Artists, Top Albums
Fave Songs By Fave Bands Top Car Tunes
Fun!!! My Top Albums Of May
My Favorite Guitar Solos Recent Metal Purchases
The Cold Southern Winter...... My Favorite Albums
Dream Concerts Top 10 All-time
Split Albums I'd Like To See Albums With Cool Covers
Best Of The New Millenium A Current List Of Digs
Albums To Play When You're Depressed Bands I'm Getting Into
Bands I Should Like But Actually Dislike Albums I've Bought This Year So Far
Albums I Bought In The Last Six Months That Blew Me Away Favourite Bands
Mikael Akerfeldt Full Discography Albums Recently Acquired. Yay!
Albums I Plan On Buying Next Albums I Am Finally Discovering
10 Favourite Songs Atm. Top 25 Songs With Best Lyrics
Spread The Love My Most Listened To Albums
30 Swedish Band That I Love Bands Sputnik Made Me Listen To And Like.
Songs I Just Can't Stop Listening To Albums I Want
Favourite Bands Of The Moment 20 Albums I'm Digging Right Now
Albums I've Been Listening This Week Band I've Seen Live
Last 5 Albums Bought Albums I Just Bought
Joining The Dark Side Favorite Metal Bands...all Subgenres
Last.fm Top Artists My Collection
Stuff I've Been Checking Out Lately 50 Albums That Have Changed My Life
Top 50 Metal Albums Of All Time Favorite Opeth Albums
Albums To Mellow Out To My Top 50 Bands/Artists
Top Ten Albums I Need To Get 10 Album That I Would Need On A Desert Island
The Unknown The Ultimate List Of Songs I Want To Be Played At My Funeral
Favourite Album By Each Of My Favourite Bands I'm Conforming With The Pie Graphs..
Bands I Love, Thanks To Sputnik! Best Swedish Band
Top 30 Albums Favorite Pie Graph Albums
Five Metal-for-travel Essentials Recent Albums
My Last Trip To The Store My Favorite Solos To Play On Guitar
My All Time Top 5 Albums Favourite Songs To Drum To
What Im Digging Really. Top 3 Favourite Songs Of Each Of My Favourites
Top 50 Albums Another Generic "i'm Digging This List"
Favourite Bands My Favorite More Recent Albums
My Favourite Songs By Each Of My Favourite Bands Some Bands I Want To Get Into But Cant Seem To Be Bothered
Albums Bought In February... Some Of My Favourite Band's Most Disappointing Songs
Thanks Guys Cds I'm Going To Buy
Generic Heavy Rotation Lately List High Rotation
Songs I've Dug This Week New Favorite Bands
Most Listened To Bands Desert Island Top 20
25 Songs That Blew Me Away From Day 1 Favorite Opeth Songs
Top 30 Albums Ever Classics
Best Songs To Sing-along To Cds I Got For My Birthday
Currently...? My Favorite Slow Songs
Albums I Bought/ordered Today My Top 100
If These Songs Were Girls I Would Marry Them. New Bands Im Gunna Check Out
My Ultimate List O Bands That I Love My Top 3 Opeth Songs From Each Album
Bands I Want To Check Out Songs That Really Grow On You
Copying Slave To The Parasites Because I Lack Originality Albums Getting A Lot Of Play In '07
Songs I've Been Really Digging The Last Week My Top Modern Metal Albums
Best Modern Metal Albums Albums I've Recently Downloaded
Cd's I Bought In London (new) Classic Metal Songs Everyone Should Have Heard
Music For WoW 10 Scandanavian Reasons
Jacaranda's Albums Of This Decade... So Far. Gi's Christmas List
The Abc's Of Music Melodic Death Masterpieces
Metal Sampler Of All Time
Lately Current Listenings...
Cd's I own New Top 50
Generic bullsh*t Melodic Eargasm
awesome bands Favorite bands i've gotten into this year
Bands ive recently goten into Bands Sputnik introduced to me
Favorite 20 albums Top 50
THANK YOU SPUTNIK!(again) Songs That I Have Been Diggin Lately
Top Metal Acts Albums I have been listening to lately
Bands i gota start listenin 2 20 Albums I Am Listening to Lately
My fav albums My Top 50 Albums
FP's One Hundred I am a man
Thank you Sputnik! MM8's 100 fav songs
World of Warcraft music Albums I'm looking to pick up 2
recent purchasage Albums I'm about to give a try because this site praises them so highly
10 Best Produced Albums of Any Genre Top 10 Death Metal Albums...Ever
A total eargasm!!!! Awesome bands i found on my uncles magazine
100!!!! Should've Been Great
Sputnik luvs da musik ABCDEFG...
FP's Song ABCs Mah Best Albums Vol. 3
OMFG!!!!!!! LIST IN CAPS!!!!!!! Flawed\'s Favorite Acoustic Songs
Flawed\'s Favorite Albums Perfection Festival
Updated Fav. Albums Updated Fav. Opeth songs
South\'s 100 Songs OMG ORIGINAL LIST
A list of riffs I like a lot. Probably wont all be metal and classic rock, kids. Albums I bought this week
Yeah I copied Thor and made an alphabet list Thank You Sputnik
Priestmetal's desert Island CD My Favorite Albums
Martins favorite bands TheDevilsOwn's Favorite Bands
randombuyage Favorite Albums for Each Genre
Shopping List My 10 Favorite Albums (No Order)
Tope 5 albums (Current) Awesome Songs I Just Heard
Top albums by bands whose names start with 'Opeth' Five Favourite Albums
The 4 Albums Ive bought Most Recently Top 10 Favourite Bands
Hatshepsut's favorite Opeth songs Hatshepsut ftw
MY list of bands Sputnik introduced me to Top 5 Songs that I've Listened to in the Past Hour
10 Favorite Songs My favorite bands
2005: The Top 50 Favorite Opeth albums, in order
Top Ten Most Listened To Bands 2000 to 2005 + an explanation of syphillis
My favorite albums of EVER


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