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January 2015 LordePots01/31/15
I Take My Shirt Off To Eat Ramen YakNips01/29/15
Sauna OvDeath01/26/15
Things You Don't Like About Sputnik Relinquished01/22/15
Lost Whole Music Library Gwyn.01/19/15
Stuff Thatll Probly Be Worthwhile In '15 Spare01/13/15
Chortles' Half Decade Chortles01/12/15
Stoned Digs TheNexus10001/10/15
Droney Atmospheric Bm Recs TheNexus10001/09/15
Phillie Elverumz TheNexus10001/08/15
Top 20 Beers From 2014 TheManMachine12/31/14
Top 100 Albums Of The Half-decade (2010-2014) mttgry12/26/14
What I'm Looking Forward To In The First Quarter Of 2015 JCGold1412/17/14
Hi (favorite Albums) JohnTheSavage11/24/14
2500 Ratings cb12310/26/14
(1955-2014) Favourite Albums Of LordePots10/16/14
Best Users evilford08/07/14
Mediocrity Digs RoyalImperialGuard07/29/14
Perfect Night Time Albums Muisc4Life2607/09/14
2 Yrs Gwyn.04/23/14
Potsy: What Makes A Cool Music Listener? LordePots04/18/14
Eighty Kay SeaAnemone04/11/14
My Top 65 Indie Albums Greem04/04/14
TWOW New Chapter - Mercy Wadlez03/27/14
The 9th Year Of The 1st Century Of The 3rd Millenium Anno Domini treeqt.03/24/14
Annual Sputnik Madness 2014 Rd. I Pt. Ii SeaAnemone03/18/14
Energizing And Atmospheric Albums I Dig Muisc4Life2603/15/14
Potsy's Particular List With A Large Number Of Words That Start With P In The Title And Absolutely Preposterous Punctuation LordePots02/23/14
100k Scrobbles! cb12302/15/14
Retrograde: 2012 A Year Late Inveigh02/09/14
Potsys Pretentiously Plucked Plethora Of Preciously Personal Picks Part I LordePots02/09/14
2000-2013 My Top 75 Albums Greem01/28/14
New Studio Monitors=life Is 100x Better joshuahuntkc01/21/14
Cool Stuff From 2013 joshuahuntkc01/05/14
New Films I Caught In 2013 joshuahuntkc01/03/14
If I Was New To Sputnik... joshuahuntkc12/22/13
Dragon Ball Z: Buu Saga TheSlenderMan12/13/13
November Vinyl Jruined11/29/13
Shuffle iwasnvrurbf11/25/13
Mount Eerie "White Stag" joshuahuntkc11/13/13
Winter Jams: Recs Plz ThirtySixChambers11/12/13
Best Of 2012 unkle11/11/13
Recent Movie And Music Digs joshuahuntkc10/21/13
Weeks Jams iwasnvrurbf10/04/13
Fall SeaAnemone10/03/13
Rpg Recs TheNexus10009/25/13
Need Albums To Review joshuahuntkc09/25/13
20 Albums For Sitting Alone And Being Edgy Parsnips09/18/13
Infinitely Bored At Uni cb12309/16/13
Unknown Albums Pt. 2 Greem08/20/13
Year Ov Dorucore, Or: Top 30 Reasons Why The Best Album Of 2008 Wasn't Made By La Dispute Havey08/13/13
Need Som Recs BlueW08/08/13
Revisiting 2012 iwasnvrurbf07/26/13
Awesome Discography Journeys cb12307/23/13
Black Metal Recs TheNexus10007/11/13
More Stuff Like iwasnvrurbf07/07/13
Music For People With Shit Taste amemento07/06/13
Four.fives+fives SeaAnemone06/25/13
My Recent Favorites AndyDigital06/02/13
Well, Sputnik? SeaAnemone05/26/13
Is It Too Late For A 2012 List? OnlyBants05/05/13
Nononsense's Classic Albums nononsense04/18/13
40 Best Albums Of The 2012 NoiseForZeus04/05/13
Vinyl #1 PrewDelisek03/31/13
Sputnik Madness Rd Ii SeaAnemone03/21/13
Rec Me Some Similar Albums? AnimalsAsSummit03/15/13
Whacha Know About Wag Nigga: Volume 3 BallsToTheWall03/02/13
Casino '12 CasinoColumbus03/01/13
Gyro's 2012 Gyromania02/12/13
Aura SeaAnemone02/10/13
Liledman Does 2012 liledman02/10/13
I Want .1 Increments PrewDelisek02/07/13
Birthday Digs By Zilbel ZilbelPing02/06/13
Thinking/movie Music juiceviaorange02/05/13
2012 mttgry02/04/13
Aids At Last: Top 100 Lps Of 2012 Aids02/03/13
Jash's 2012: That's All Folks Jash02/02/13
Valentines Day Digs wanderlust02/01/13
Digs iwasnvrurbf01/23/13
Sleepyhead's Top 100 Of 2012 (LPs only) sleepyhead01/21/13
2012 Anetherbinge101/19/13
Turntable With A Black Man Recspecs01/18/13
Best Movies 2012 intotheshit01/16/13
Thann's 50 Of '12 Thanntos01/16/13
MY TOP 15 ALBUMS OF 2012 + 2 MORE 3M0N1C01/13/13
Enjoying These cb12301/10/13
Kingsoby666 (2012?) kingsoby101/04/13
Yazz_40 2012 Yazz_Flute01/03/13
Madden Playoff Simulation SowingSeason01/02/13
Treb's 2012 Trebor.01/02/13
2012 In Albums eternium01/02/13
2012's Finest 100 treeqt.01/01/13
Bungy 2012 bungy01/01/13
DEAF GIVES NO FUX 2012 LIST DeafMetal01/01/13
So Yeah, A 2012 List BlueW01/01/13
2012 - Top 10 jimmykidd12/30/12
Another 2012 list LibrePL12/29/12
On The Vino 2k12 (replete W/ Linxxx For Your Personal Betterment) Winesburgohio12/28/12
Top 20 Albums Of 2012 larrytheslug12/27/12
Top 5 Albums Of 2012 BrentV12/26/12
2012: Top 20 & First List :D nathanhh12/26/12
Rec Me Acoustic AllGabrielsAreGlass12/24/12
2012 Not Terrible bakkermaarten00712/24/12
BreakfastCat's 2012 BreakfastCat12/24/12
Favorites Of 2012 JesusHitler12/23/12
A Journey Through 2012 Havey12/23/12
Academy Of 2012 theacademy12/23/12
Stillill's Top 25 Of 2012 stillill12412/22/12
My Top 50 Albums Of 2012 (for Real This Time) ibringyoufire12/22/12
Academy Of 2012 (101-125) theacademy12/22/12
The Best 2012 List On Sputnik intotheshit12/21/12
Favourite Albums Of 2k12 jackthoms0n12/21/12
Happy Holidays/End of the Year (And World) List ShadowRemains12/20/12
Iljajlm's Top 50 + 12 Of 2012 ILJ12/20/12
Top 75 Of 2012 EverythingEvil211312/17/12
Pooh Bear Core 2012 Evreaia12/15/12
The Year In Zingers: DimSim's Favourite Lyrics Of 2012 dimsim347812/15/12
33 Key(blade) Albums Of 2012 Keyblade12/15/12
A 2012 Graveyard Shift Graveyard12/14/12
It's Never Cold Enough eternium12/13/12
Gd Albums, Courtesy Of Fade2riffz Fade2Riffz12/11/12
2012: Album Art stillill12412/11/12
Useless Knowledge/2012 Collection cb12312/09/12
Scoot Does 2012 Scoot12/08/12
Urine's Top 50 Albums Of 2012 Urinetrouble12/08/12
Rev's 2012: Albums Rev12/07/12
Under The Sea In 2012 SeaAnemone12/07/12
Flashback: Part 2 clercqie12/05/12
5 Favorite Songs Of 2012 ThunderNeutral2112/04/12
A Riffin 2012 >.> RiffOClock12/02/12
Claimed By The Night BallsToTheWall11/29/12
End Of The World Soundtrack wanderlust11/29/12
Giving A Shit Recspecs11/27/12
Gttn Rdy SeaAnemone11/16/12
Fuck You Black Metal djtypist11/06/12
Chilly (flannel Season) Rev11/05/12
What Are Your 2012 Favorites So Far ThunderNeutral2110/29/12
Digs Hard Hey ThunderNeutral2110/28/12
So First Well You Know Um SeaAnemone10/22/12
Rebuild Of Evangelion 3.0 Trailer Rev10/17/12
Maybe The End Of The World Is Gonna Happen After All cuki9210/16/12
2012 Diggs trich10/14/12
What Are Your Fav Bands You Pretend To Like StarlessAnd10/13/12
It Won't Let Me Add An Avatar ThunderNeutral2110/12/12
5 Favorite Games In The Last 5 Years ThunderNeutral2110/06/12
Rec Me Your Fave 2012 Shit ThunderNeutral2110/05/12
Top Songs Of 2012 Lucid09/30/12
Life Is Kicking My Ass Bros Recspecs09/30/12
Peat Monster Jruined09/29/12
Just Tricked My Mom Into Pearfect09/27/12
Rasputin 2012 rasputin09/23/12
900 Ratings WeepingBanana09/21/12
...fuk Ethics09/16/12
Enter Fall Rev09/11/12
Podcast Episode 2: Submit Questions And Topics Plz Trebor.09/10/12
Some New Vinyl Jruined09/09/12
Too Drunk To Sleep Recspecs09/08/12
Good Music All Day Erry Day SeaAnemone09/07/12
Q3 Infinite Playlist SowingSeason09/07/12
Treat Yo' Self Turntable Rev09/06/12
New user, Hi guys! :D tacos N stuff09/04/12
Rock is the worst genre of music OrangeHologram08/30/12
Taking A Leave Of Absence Recspecs08/24/12
Bye Bye Sputnik Evreaia08/20/12
Premier League Opening Weekend! Recspecs08/15/12
Gyro's Birthday! Gyromania08/13/12
Guitar People eternium08/12/12
Could Rec Me Some Similar Albums LordHugoThePoet08/12/12
I'm Going To Californiaaaaaa~! Rev08/10/12
Banned Apparently auberginedreamz08/09/12
Sputnik Zombie Survival Squad Recspecs08/08/12
2012 Blackbelt5408/07/12
The World Needs A Hawks Ire08/07/12
New Dropped Flyer Single Scoot08/05/12
Summer 2012: A Brief Look Back SeaAnemone08/02/12
Thrash Is A 4 Letter Word Ovrot08/02/12
Official Ocean Roar Thread RiffOClock08/01/12
Folk deepintheorchard07/28/12
Key 2012 Releases BallsToTheWall07/24/12
An Apalling Case Of Vinyl Addiction Jruined07/21/12
Pentagon's 2012 So Far Pentagon07/21/12
Ty Turns Two! Tyrael07/18/12
12 PolarManki07/18/12
Graveyard's 2012.5 Graveyard07/17/12
Recspecs For Staff 2012 Recspecs07/17/12
Mountain Music Time07/16/12
$4,000 Dollar Cake BallsToTheWall07/15/12
2009 mttgry07/13/12
2008 mttgry07/12/12
Why Do You Love That Sport Recspecs07/11/12
Halfway Station Rail07/10/12
um -- DeafMetal07/10/12
Seaanemone Relates Recent Digs To Sputnikmusic SeaAnemone07/09/12
2005 mttgry07/08/12
A Good 2012 List RiffOClock07/04/12
Longest Playlist Everrrrrr cb12306/28/12
Strange Q2 StrangerofSorts06/27/12
Songs of 2012 BrianE06/27/12
Another Damn First Half Of 2012 List Monsterpoptart06/26/12
Figs Scoot06/24/12
Chambered's Top 15 Albums Of 2012 So Far chambered4906/24/12
Korra Season Finale Rev06/23/12
Anticipating... stillill12406/23/12
Bands With Original Sound? deepintheorchard06/21/12
2012 BallsToTheWall06/19/12
Kingsoby6/12 kingsoby106/18/12
Digs pennepasta06/16/12
Let's Be Friends trix4dix06/14/12
Top 2012 Albums So Far JThack406/14/12
Bumpin In My Trunk BallsToTheWall06/13/12
Top 100 of 2012 (so far) BaselineOOO06/13/12
Graduated High School Today oltnabrick06/05/12
All Of You Suck FrankRedHot06/05/12
Snow White BallsToTheWall06/04/12
Sunchamber Rev06/03/12
E3 Predictions Pentagon06/02/12
Hello, Friends AngelofDeath06/01/12
Witxes Brew Rail05/28/12
Beautiful Albums gosk8n05/25/12
Sun's Out! mvood05/24/12
Fuckthat2012 fuckthatnoise05/23/12
Last.fm Is Down What The Fuck trix4dix05/22/12
Lo-fi Folk/drone sifFlammable05/18/12
Joshuatree's 2012 So Far joshuatree05/17/12
Another New Track North0House205/16/12
Planewreck Continues To Purchase Records Without The Funds plane03/28/12
Bedroom Recordings c0ffee03/08/12
100 Hard Jamz BallsToTheWall02/29/12
Best Sports Films? FrankRedHot02/26/12
Bitch, Bring Me A Beer! FrankRedHot12/21/11
high DeafMetal11/01/11
If You Are Interested In Dark Music DeafMetal10/06/11
Phone breesuschrist10/03/11
Interrrail tuk09/27/11
Changed Accounts Ignimbrite09/16/11
Whoa! 30,000 Posts. BallsToTheWall09/14/11
Fall/winter Concerts Monsterpoptart08/29/11
deaf's birthday 420))) - 666 m/ m/ DeafMetal08/09/11
Computer Is Wrecked Crysis07/31/11
Sputnikmovies 666 BallsToTheWall06/21/11
Folk Deprived :( NarkalepticNinja05/20/11
shitheadbirdfuckers DeafMetal04/17/11
Happy Record Store Day iarescientists04/16/11
Is Musical Taste A Deal-breaker? AngelofDeath04/05/11
Ranking/rating Your Recs somberlain03/29/11
Sputnik: My New Social Crutch. Jruined03/02/11
Constant Circulation For The Last 2-3 Days. Jruined02/23/11
Roadtrip To Asheville Nc BallsToTheWall02/23/11
"unique" Album/band Recs wyankeif133702/01/11
Post-death Metal?? (+Digs) wyankeif133701/31/11
Top Twenty Of Ever breesuschrist12/15/10
Trip To Massachusets BallsToTheWall11/15/10
Whistle While You Work (or Some Garbage Like That) Jruined11/12/10
Thank You To Eternium, Ire, Crysis, Iscarabaid, Liledman, And Butcheredchildren Jruined10/21/10
It's Raining Where I Live Ire10/17/10
I'm Pretty Sure I Have A Serious Problem BeyondSanity08/13/10
Stoked For Eclipse BallsToTheWall05/14/10
Wats Up Guys couch03/21/10
Top 25 Of 2009 Donkey03/11/10
Tight Jeans Are For Sissies BallsToTheWall03/04/10
My Top 20 Albums Of The Decade slodnulius03/01/10
Top 10 Bands/Artist slodnulius03/01/10
Theindomitablespirit Wishes... TheSpirit01/23/10
First User To 20,000 Posts? BallsToTheWall01/16/10
The Year Was 1977 BallsToTheWall01/07/10
50*09 Grimlin01/05/10
Disgrace Of A 2009 List SomeKindOfChampion12/23/09
Je Ne Comprende Francias Jash12/22/09
Top 25 Albums Of 2009 20440912/21/09
Brainsheldis' Favorite 2009 Albums brainsheldis12/17/09
Indie... I Need Some slodnulius12/17/09
Planewreck's Top 25 Of 2009 plane12/17/09
Ball's Decade BallsToTheWall12/08/09
Kane Cooper's Top 50 Records Of The Decade Roach12/08/09
09 Digs lobby12/02/09
I Ate The Hottest Pepper In The World YouAreMySilence11/20/09
combustion07's Top 20 For 2009 combustion0711/15/09
Crysis' Top Of 2009 Crysis11/06/09
Shoegaze Or Shoegaze Related BallsToTheWall11/04/09
Post Metal/ Rock Of '09? YouAreMySilence10/29/09
I Absolutely Hate The Way This Site Orders Its Top Charts brainsheldis10/18/09
Classical Recs? brainsheldis08/29/09
Djdorama.....has Found Metal!!!1 robertsona08/28/09
Top Albums Of 2009 As Of 8.24.09 jredmond08/24/09
Nu-metal Is Automatically A 5 breesuschrist08/06/09
Dildos jingledeath07/28/09
Albums I Need To Actually Buy mothergoose07/26/09
Random Current Picks mothergoose07/24/09
Recent Gets TracedInAir07/19/09
So Harry Potter Sucked BallsToTheWall07/15/09
Ridickelback breesuschrist07/06/09
Horrible Day PuddleSwimmer07/01/09
Rec Me Lo-fi Stuff! breesuschrist06/27/09
Slayerfan420's Favorite Bands SlayerFan42003/28/09
Late Best Of 2008 tuk01/17/09
LOOK AT ME!!!! jrowa00101/02/09
Top 25 Albums Of 2008 FriendofTheDevil7012/31/08
Mendigo's 2008: Albums Mendigo12/27/08
Top 50 Of 2008 ILLIMINATOR12/20/08
Top 2008 Albums IsItLuck?12/17/08
The Best And Worst Of 2008 rasputin12/11/08
Rasputin Wins rasputin12/06/08
Top 25 Of 2008 Doppelganger11/01/08
Going Through A Breakup charlesfishtitz10/23/08
I'm A Giant Eyeball SnackaryBinx10/13/08
Staff Picks: Top Albums of 2009 mx08/28/03


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