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Albums for cool, rainy fall days First list on sputnik
Favorite Albums bands
Autumn Albums Second is really the best
Top 20 Albums ever. PLEB WARNING 2016 wrung out to dry
Favourite vocalists Albums That Make Me Puke Of How Good They Are
Rec Me Your Favorite 2k16 Jams pt.2 (/pt.1 recap) Full-on 5/5
My 10 Favorite Albums Of The Decade 2010-2016 5 More Albums That Changed My Life
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SputnikRadio.com 5 Albums That Changed My Life
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Favorite bands The 2010's Has Been Slow Compared To 2016
CD Collection Best of 2016 (So Far)
40 Records To Spin: 2016 My goats pt. 1
It’s Been a Summer Flawed 5s
Recs and Recent Purchases deeply personal albums to me
List=Digs: The Reunion Tour Need to check
My favourite albums (in no particular order) Favorite artists By number of songs
Some Recent Vinyl Pickups Back to School digs
200 Ratings, Wooo RADIOHEAD RANKED
When You Spend An Hour Making a List... Best Choruses/Hooks?
Ep's worth checking out CD booklets
Sputnik's Favorite Pornstars Some amazing album closers
Radiohead Albums Ranked ALA's Favorite Users
Late Night Listening Con's 500 Ratings/50 Lists/Best Friends
alt's Best Songs of All Time (a year later) Official best users list
Fitter Happier "Girl" Drumming Inspirations
What's Your Favorite Album Artwork? 2016 Is SHIT, But the Music Is Good
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5 Years On Sputnik recent purchases that r also rlly good
Help me with movie choice. Best Openers Ever?
Favorite Cereal Toad Turns Twenty-Two
emester's Super Gosh Darn Belated Q2 of 2016 2100 Pilots
Albums I own ranked [3]: Places 201-300 Sputnik Quotes - Part III
Cute artists for if you're feeling down Potsy 1/2 and a bit 2016
My Top 10 favorite albums Top 10 Artists on my phone
Summer Discoveries : Month 2 My top 25 records in the last weeks (lastfm)
Songs To Cry To 2016 recs.
My Favorite Live Albums Inaccessible Classics
Worth it to see Radiohead? kman 100
Cool/Badass/Favorite Band Names radiohead tonight
Top 100 Favourite Albums (Age 16) Family Road Trip Playlist:
Speed Sputniking My Vinyl Collection 2.0
Sputnik's favourite band TOURNAMENT: Round 4 03vs04vs05vs06vs07 (+recs)
Top 100 Favourite Songs (Age 16) Best 90's mainstream rock albums
Top 10 Favorite Video Games OK Computer Ranked
Sputnik's favourite band TOURNAMENT: Round 3 Boney's Current Top 30 Artists
do you have an /absolute/ favorite artist? Sputnik's favourite band TOURNAMENT: Round 2
My Favourite Records Sputnik's favourite band TOURNAMENT: Round 1
Simply for insurance purposes. My Favorite Albums
My First Half of '16 Rating Nostalgic Bands You've Grown Out Of
Recs similar to any Sputnik's favourite band TOURNAMENT: The first 64
Sputnik's Top "Electronic" Albums Trump Voters
Favorite albums/pieces of all time Flug's Amazing Halftime Extravaganza
98vs99vs00vs01vs02 (+recs) Mid-2016 list
My Top 50 Favorite Songs Albums with great title tracks
Toad's Tops - 2016 pt. 1 Ranked: Radiohead LP Openers
Ranked: Radiohead LP Closers ya1k
My Top 5 Albums 2016 So Far 10 Best Radiohead Songs
2016 : From favorite to least favorite TOP 15 of 2016... so far
Kid A(esthetic) Jas' EXCEPTIONALLY modest 2nd quarter of 2016
The art of album titles My Top 30 Albums of 2016 (Midyear)
It's My Damn Birthday m/ It's Really Halftime! With Links!
3K Comments- NO BAN! Albums I picked up for €1
My First Half of 2016 2016 So Far
lol -torts 1/2 2016
Sputnik Users "Yearbook" V Moda M-100 Headphones
albums i have New EP
My Top 16 for 2016 so far... Yourgodisinferior's Superior Electronic List
LCS Half-year
Vocal Melodies 93vs94vs95vs96vs97 (+recs)
2016.5: my taste is garbage Vinyl collection so far
Over 100 Vinyl Records! RIP Hunter Watson - Black Out Band
My Favorite Indie Albums Ranked: My Shit 5's
Natedogg's halfway house Ash's Halfway 2016 List
Can We Talk About Tinnitus? SputnikMovies // Toad's Top Watches
Friday Grabs 101 Awesome Artworks
Favorite Albums of All Time All-Time Favorite Albums
Last.fm Users on Sputnik? Doof2000Ratings
THINK HAPPY DAMMIT Rowan1000 Ratings
Albums I Find Overrated pt.1 Album with Most Ratings?
1000 Comments (Top 30 Albums) 6 months, 6 5's
What Should I Bump to a 5?? live albums
75 Favorite Movies With Your Good Pal MyCar Rec Me Recs? :)
Soundtrack to my Life wanna have a slap bet
TA TA FOR NOW 2016 Best Albums
summer shows 2016 Let's Play A Game
Flug's May 2016 in Music Vinyl Collection (Rec me stuff)
Current albums/songs worth mentioning. Boney Graduated High School
Clover's Dop-who even cares Favorite Album Covers
Should i bump these to a 5? iPod classic help?
Albums I've Been Into Lately Albums I wuld rate 1 if I culd cuz I h8 them
Recommend me some songs/bands Albums I've been listening to non-stop #2
More Influential: Pink Floyd or Radiohead? 2016 1/2
May 2016 May 2016 resumé
Poll: Most Over-hyped Album of the last decade Sputnik Top 100 Rated
Falling on Hard Times Top 10 Albums of May 2016
Ranking In Rainbows My Top 25 Records Right Now
New to Sput (+vinyl collection) Resorting the Top 200 2: User Usage Weighted Mean
A Moon Shaped Pool: Reshuffled Best of 2016 so far
Should I 5 it? I'm new
you guys heard of DONELD TRUMP May I share a Jam with you?
Best Bands Ever Thoughts and Feedback Please
My Top 50 Radiohead Songs Preacher TV Series
25 Favorite Albums of the 2010's Toad's Basic Bitch Summer Listening List 2016
Resorting the Top 200 Recent favorites
I Love May Weird opinions I have...
Favorite Albums of 2016 so far... 2000- Favorite Films
Grief (pt. 2) albums of the year of the '00s
Favorite Singers Slope One: Part 2, 3rd Try, Brought To You By #4
Possibilities to be Banned in Percentages "Oh Shit" Moments In Music
Physical Album Collection Pt.1 Moon Shaped Pool, Ranked
Top 5 Albums of 2016 (So Far) New Judio Solo LP! First of 2016!
Albums to get me into rap RECENT DIGS (SHAMPOO IS BETTER)
new band Mental Note
2016 Digs. Hangover Cures
Clover's Actual 2016 Q1 101 Radiohead Ranked (Updated)
did anyone just catch eurovision? Ranking Ok Computer
How has your 2016 been so far? highschool
Top Albums/Projects of 2016 - Draft Radiohead Closers Ranked
Top 25 Albums 5/12/16 Favorite 20 Radiohead Songs
Doof's Top 100 Radiohead Songs Low
Electronic and Ambient Please Yo Wassup?
Radiohead ranked Another Radiohead Ranked List
What do you guys do when you're feeling down? OVERLOAD OF NEW MUSIC
Radiohead Ranking (As of Now) Radioheadpots 2016: May Week 47637
6 Years R.I.P Call of Duty (2007-2015)
Rec me a new profile pic for sput + recent jams Are you a Troll………. Rater?
The Big Sputnik Lunch My LPs
Rate My Music Taste My favorite albums
Top 25 Favorite Albums My Top 101 Favourite Albums of All-Time
Jiggly's 2016 Until Now Started collecting vinyl
GoT Season 6 Death Pool Music i want
Albums You've Bought So Far in 2016 Albums That Got Me Into Certain Genres
Inflated Albums My favorite albums of all-time
Vinyl Collection Hype!!!
Vocalist needed for a one-off! April Showers brings May flowers
Top 20 videogames of all time Top 100 Favourite Albums of All Time
Albums on Sputnikmusic with most ratings The most important Prog-albums
User Similarity Artists I'm Glad I Discovered In 2016 (So Far)
Most Overrated Album Ever Made Final Round [VOTING CLOSED] Deathbed
Birthday Buys Most Overrated Album Ever Round 4 [VOTING CLOSED]
Most Overrated Album According to Sput Round 3 VOTING CLOSED Drumming aftercare
Sputnik Peaked in 2012 LP Collection
Most Overrated LP Conceived Round 1 [VOTING NOW CLOSED] Favorite 2016 (so far...).
Most Overrated LP Made Tournament (Nominations) END 2016 Anticipation
Sleepless Nights If vocal range was equal to quality
Rec me albums Lollapalooza 2016
Sputnik Majors Census Guessing age based on ratings
Biggest Improvements- Part Two Rec me something
Doof's Top 100 Songs (Random Order) 1986 - present (a retrospective)
recommend me some albums please Anti-War Songs
Album opener selection box Albums I've Loved In 2016
Most overrated songs Which songs have made you cry?
Doof's Top 100 Albums Best Live Bands
CDs i bought today The Greatest LP Ever Made Tournament Round 2 (WINNERS)
My top 35 favorite bands Help Me
The Greatest LP Ever Made Tournament Round 1 (WINNERS) Waiting: 2016
Roycore Lyrics Matching Game II
My Favorite Bands (Now and Then) Black Sheep Albums
The First 64 Albums.. [CLOSED] Quantitative History of your Favorite Albums
Top Albums (by decade) Radiohead, Worst to Best
New list series idea rec me alternative rock
Quick, Think of Any Songs That Begin With "The"! Dodecaedro Pentakis - Bands
Dodecaedro Pentakis - Albums Nate's Feb '16
(UPDATED) Radiohead Albums Ranked Best to Worst My Favorite Albums Of All Time...
Seasons, a Year This site is kinda outdated
My Vinyl Obsession Revised Top 25 Episodes of the X-Files
Buying Too Much Music? Top 10(current) favorite albums
10 Favourite Alt Rock Albums January - Digs And Recs
Jiggly's Favorite Albums of all Time Definitive 90's Albums
The Greatest Albums Ever Made (Definitive) 101 Essential Live Rock
Vinyl Additions, January 2016 songs that sound like james bond themes
Sputnik Jobs Anticipations // 2016
Next Review??? Albums that got me into Music
top 10 favourite bands trans discrimination
My all time faves Bernie Sanders
January Jams: Week I most anticipated albums of 2016
Vocalists that I think are pretty cool New Year same old Me
Current top fifty favorite albums 1/7/16 My 2015 Discoveries
Aaron is not crunchy 2016 albums hype
Winter Jams Three of a perfect trio (UpwardSpiral)
B4 What Is Pandora 20 Favorite Movies
Got Into College My Top 20 Bands
90's nostalgia - 25 of the best albums My Top 10 Songs According to Itunes
holiday 2015 video game purchases ranked Killer Lines
November Digs + Recs Would 'classic' albums hold up if released today?
Radiohead Ranked Radiohead: Sputnik's Favorite Songs
My Vinyl Collection Are lyrics important when rating an album?
Band suggestions please..I'm in a drought! Catalog of Favourite Bands
Bump Day Doof's Top 100 Artists
Top 100 Albums Favorite Albums
bag of four grapes Nice Things in the 90s
OK Computer vs. Kid A How to change username? (iPod shuffling game)
Top 15 Albums of All Time Pretentious Rock Bands part 2
Your Favorite Band/Artist? Whistling Wind Jams
CD Collection (New User) Desert Island Discs
Great Album Trilogies (Revisited) Vinyl Collection
My Favourite Albums 10 Artists That Need To Quit Making Music!
Interesting Musical Evolutions Radiohead albums ranked
Top 10 Favourite Intros Pixar Movies Ranked
Rec me some bands to check out..thanks Halloween Jamz
My Top 100 Songs- All Time, 2015 "Beautiful" Songs
My Top 50 albums atm (1 per artist) Who are your most played/scrobbled artist?
Albums you should prob jam Doof's Favourite Album (lack of) Progression
quietly... Red and Black and Gray and White Part 2
Recent Digs (10/21/15) Live Albums and DVDs I Own
Best Music YouTubers A Favorite 150 Albums: The Sequel: Part 2 100-51
Many genres in one album RIP my cat
Every Game You Have Game a 10/10? Rate my 2.5's
Thanks Sputnik Jasdevi's top 150 favourite albums: Part 3 50 - 1
Premo Songwriting The Greatest hits of greatest hits
Exquisite Albums Dope Album Covers
sput's favorite pt. 2: scenes from a strawpoll | vote here Jasdevi's top 150 favourite albums: Part 2 100-51
Desert Island Albums Current Top 10 Tracks
Sput's favorite album | closed Headphones
Albums to Listen to During the Apocalypse dathvada321's favorite albums
Top 20 Favorite Albums of All Time My top 20 Artists at the moment
1 Year O' Sputnik Wtf is this life
55 Worthwhile Albums Quality Jams
different kinds of ranking lists My friend's music taste.
Brother/Sister Albums 10 Favourite Songs
College Football Saturday Top 10 of 2003
50 Best Songs of All Time my top 10 favourite vocalists
Exceptional Openers Rank Lambda's Top 10
Back to School Rock Movies That I Need To See
Albums that Changed Music for Me My Favorite Albums
My Top 15 Wrestlers 200 Albums
A New Chapter Favorite Actors
Pappy’s August Jams 100 Favourite Albums
Words That Mean Things #3 150K Scrobbles!
When I was 13 Top 25 Albums
My Top 20 Albums From the 90s Favorite Games of 2011
4.5 Awesome title tracks
Best rock albums. The Big Fiddy
Favorite Songs of All Time radiohead albums ranked
Weaks Milk
Feel Good Songs Potsy: My Non-Edgy Fav Artists as a Whole TBH
My 100 Favorite Albums Sick openers
What do you think was the best year for music? Favourite Smoking Albums
My Top 10 Rock Singers My CD Collection Part 2
My CD Collection Don't Call It a Comeback
One album per year: 1990-2014 50 Favourite Songs
I have Lymphoma 101 Favorite Albums
100 Favorite Albums The Most Overrated Album You've Heard
Albums that take you on a journey Great Band...Greatest Song
Vinyl Collection My CD Collection (Part 1)
Cool Album Titles Important and Essential Music
Favorite Albums of All Time Radiohead: Superior Computer
Can't go a day on Sputnik... Kid Amnesiac
Vinyl Collection Best YouTube Music Reviewers
Albums with a better 2nd half Top 20 favorites from 2000-2015
OK Computer Ranked Some krazy guys Top 50
late night summer walk music What type of music do you listen to?
My Top 100 Albums of All Time Recs Please!
Top 10 Favourite Vocalists (and friends) 50 Favorite Books
Recent DVD purchases Upper Endings
Radiohead Ranked Downer Endings
Record Update Jack's Top 100 Albums
Graduated High School I'm Bored Look At My Shitty Digs
New To Sputnik- My CD collection so far My Top 10 Favourite Radiohead Songs
Arbitrary List (No. 3) My Favourite Albums
Tame Impala=Radiohead? Favorite Albums of All Time
Radiohead - In Rainbows (ranked) Pizza time
The Most Overrated Bands of All Times My Top Ten British Rock Bands
Why Did You Choose That Username? I graduate high school tonight..
The most depressing album recommendations please Top 70 Albums Of 2007
My Favourite Albums Alex's favourite 50 albums-2015
Recs? "i'm in high school but i'm super into music"
Rock And It's MANY Subgenres Part 1 My Top Albums
Albums With Great Runs Home Potsy: '92 til Infinity Part II
Albums To Fall Asleep To Ranking the 4.6's
How Has Your Definition of "Good" Music Changed? Johnny Turns 10000 Part II - Top 100 Albums (50-1)
Alter Ego Johnny Turns 10000 - Top 100 Albums (100-51)
One 20th of April After In Uteros
MY NEW VINYLS Top 70 Albums Of 2001
Concept Album? Underrated/underestimated? Top 70 Albums Of 2000
Favorite Albums Your Favorite Album?
Top 100 Albums That I like More Than Other Albums Cd and Vinyl collection (updated/improved version)
6 years on Sput(5 on this account) Meaning of life?
Year Of The Bunny 2014 OK Computer Ranked
Albums To Which I'm The Most Partial Favorite Album Covers By Bands I Like
Public Library Finds and Other Gets Some good psychological thrillers?
Deadbeets Gimme some essentials for road trips
Best Album Per Genre Top 50 Albums Of 1997
Recent CD Acquisitons Top 50 Albums Of 1995
Blue (Sput cliche #23) Need a drummer ASAP
Recommend me something like these My Shitty Nostalgia List
Questionable Album Titles Strong Openers
Top 20 favorite albums Night(s) Out
Name that Album Cover: Sput cliche #14 My Favorite Music Bands/Aritists
Cam's Top Albums 100-1 Hit a brick wall
Glitchy/Electronic/IDM/Ambient/MathRock Recsss? Albums That Sound Like Their Covers: The Third Child
Comforting Songs My Top 10 Favorite Movies
Diggity Digs I Love These Album Covers!
Albums For Your Eyeballs Anticipated 2015 Releases
A List Of Favorite Albums (1959-2014) Records Records
Will's Billboard Top 20 Albums 9/2/2015-15/2/2015 Songs That Rule
How To Make A Pro Greatest Radiohead Album List Like An Mlg Pitchforker Depressive/sad Non-metal Music Recs Please
My 100 Favorite Albums Everything On My Phone
Focus In Music Groundhog Day Playlist 2015
Cover Art Game Yay Pleb's Name That Cover!
2015 Albums I'm Looking Forward To My Top 10 Albums
Best Top 40 Songs Of The 21st Century New Radiohead Song
My Favorite Albums Of All Time 4 Best Songs Ever Made
Who are you listening to? UK Politics
1 Year Of Sput: Ranking My 5s Top 10 Albums Of The 90s
Albums My Friends And I Listened To In High School Leaving Sputnik
11000 Comments Rainy Day Jams
Create List. Press Play I Wrote An Essay About The Current Public Perception Of Art
Songs That Get You Every Time: Part 6 I Wanna Be A Writer
How To Get Girls Modern Classics
2010 - 2014: A Mid-decade Review My 2014 List
Goodbye 2014 My Cd And Vinyl Collection
8 Lp List + My Top 100 Songs - 2014 Edition
Invite To What.cd? Merry Christmas Sputnik!!!11!!!2
Red And Grey And Black And White White Albums
Christmas Eve Vinyl Collection
Wow These Openers This Year
Your Favorite Albums Ever. The Usual Suspects
Christmas Roadtrip Music Related Project I Did For School
My Favorite Albums Things To Look Forward To 2015
Song I Worked On For Class Best Vaporwave/chillwave Albums?
71 Best Albums Of The 90s Records I Didn't Find Through Sputnik
My Top 20 Radiohead Songs Bands That Overcame Their Best Work, And Then A Few Who Haven't (and May Never)
Bands That Changed My Life 100 Albums
Some Favorite Songs My Favourite Albums
album filler Recs ?
My Pick For Top50 Nineties Rock Albums Radiohead Albums
Hi (favorite Albums) Breakups
Snow I want to be a college radio DJ
Albums That Are Important To Me Some Of My Favourite Guitar Solos
The King Of Limbs Ranked Lyme Disease
The Biting Cold Of November My Best Ever Albums (2012 Edition)
Personal Favourite Albums. Albums To Be Sad In The Snow To
In Rainbows Ranked 20 Best Songs Of The 1990s
My Vinyl Collection Amnesiac Ranked
60s Recs 25 Songs That Aren't Bad
Creep? 1995
Ryus's Anniversary Albums That Flow Well
Rec Me Good Movies 15 Favorite Bands (music Suggestions)
216 Months Later... 2500 Ratings
1111 Ratings My Top 10 Favorite Albums
Greyshadow's Top 50 Favorite Songs Laugh At My 5s
Albums My Parents Own Partial Eclipse
Got Any 90s Recs? Soothing
Bert's Recs (1955-2014) Favourite Albums Of
Favorite Artists Game Songs For My Life Part 2
'heavy Rotation' - Fall Albums That Defined Our Generation?
Bow Down Before The Food You Serve Personal Top 25 Albums That I Have Heard
694 Ratings, 69 Albums 200 Ratings, 20 Albums
Twin Peaks My Record Collection
Okc Vs Angel Dust Vs Mezzanine Uk Prog Magazine's Top 100 Albums
50 - 90s Britpop & Madchester More Badass Albums Under 4.0
Not Good 100,000 Last.fm Scrobbles
Favorite Albums (semi-annual) Epic Album Closers
The Ultimate Ranked List How Radiohead Became My Favorite Band
Orgasmic Outros Favorite Guitar Albums
Backing Vocals So I've Never Listened To Swans.
It's My Birthday (plus 50 Favourite Albums) Great Bands With Terrible Cover Art
Songs That Get You Every Time: Part 5 Radio Show Part 2 & Bandcamp
Top 30 Favorite Albums Kid A Ranked
Studying Playlist Just One Second
I Own These - 07/09/2014 I Just Did This On Garageband Pt. 3
Privacy "indie For Beginners"
Some Great Fucking Movies (opinions) Car Playlist
Most Reviewed Album Ever? All Time Favorite Albums
My 40 Favs Rowan's Favourite Male Singers
Top 50 Face-melting Riffs 5's
Life Is Beautiful Your Top 10?
My Top 10 Albums of the Millennium Top 20 Albums From 1993 To 2014
Fav 00's Songs 1995: The Year Of Disco(volante)
Top 30 Favorite Albums 2 Lists For The Click Of 1
Overrated Bands Artuma's Top 200: 50-1
Radiohead Ranked Best Depressing Albums I've Ever Heard
Hell On Sputnik Vinyls [2]
Ipod On Shuffle Songs That Get You Every Time: Part 4
5 Insanely Overrated Albums u a hoe
There Are Places I Remember. Favorite Non-metal Albums
Fav 90's Songs Awesome Music Videos
22nd Year On Earth Artuma's Top 200: 100-51
Stuff Like This Please Songs That Get You Every Time: Part 3
Hit A Music Wall... Weird Dreams I've Had
Excellent Albums Are Classic 4 Years
"There's nothing left to save" : Snoopcow's Favorite Albums Ratings?
Fall Semester Is Approaching... Depressingly Good Music
Why I Love Electronic Music (part 2) Audiosurf
10 Albums I'd Take With Me To A Remote Island The Best Albums I've Never Listened To
Need More Stuff Like This Pls You Can't Bring Me Down Bitches
Most Underrated Song From Your Top 3 Bands Radiohead Albums Ranked
1000 Ratings, 100 Favourite Albums Favorite Albums Each Year 1985-2010
The Best Album Art From All Of The Bands I've Rated Awesome Albums From The 90s!!!!!!!!!!!!
10 Excellent Episodes Of Lost Musically Creativity
My Favorite Radiohead Songs My 100 Favorite Albums
Albums I've Found And Loved Thanks To Sputnik For Sad Times
Vinyl Wishlist One Year Sputversary
Before They Found Their Sound (vol 3) Perfect Night Time Albums
Best Albums Of Each Year (done Legit!) Finally Got A Last.fm
Sputnik Music Facts And Trivia Game 999 Ratings
Worst Cover Art From (nearly) All Of The Bands I've Rated My Personal Top 50 Favourite Albums
New Cds Bored Af 10 Albums Per Decade Since 70s Why Not
Best 2 Albums Per Decade Unemployed
Woah I'm A Contributor Now Orphan Black
More Songs That Get Me Every Time 5 Overrated Albums
My 50 Favorite Songs Of All Time, With Explanations Album Cover Guessing Game, Part 2
Sad Songs Just Tryin To Chill
Top 20 Albums Looking For Prog
Which User Lives Closest To You? My Top 50 Songs (with Explanations)
Top 20 Greatest Albums Pick One...Have Fun
Sputnikmusic App for Smartphones? Crammin Jams
Going To The Hospital Just Finished Daria
Recent Cd Purchases Top Ten Progressive Rock/Metal Albums
Help Me Understand Pickups How Much Do You Play Your Instrument?
Rec Me Fun Songs To Sing Along To Most Overrated Musicians
Bands Named After Songs Live Gigs
Done With High School! Those Songs That Hit You Every Time
My 50 Favourite Albums A Little Over Six Months On Sputnik
Vinyls So Far 10
Tear-jerking Songs Depressingly Beautiful Songs
Late Night Listening If Your Top 10 Looks Like This Then Please Kill Yourself
Feeeeels Flawless Tracks
I Have Acquired Thom Yorke's Vision Temporarily Creepiest Songs Ever
Potsy: Super Depressing Nostalgic Eternal Playlist Of Doom Aka Strep Throat And Reminiscing On Days Long Past 3.9s Ranked
Top 20 Opener/Closer Combos 100 Albums I Own On Cd
Albums That Sound Like Their Covers Great War Of The 90s First Battle (1)
My Top 10 Favourite Anime Ending Songs List=digs
The Worst Efforts From All Of The Bands I've Rated Top Albums
We Are The 1% Top 10 Side Ones/Track Ones
Baby Birds Rule Super Awesome Hangover Cures?
Some Of My Favorite Albums (recs?) What Is The Best Band Of All Time?
Songs That Give Me Chills One Year On Sputnik
Broken Record Syndrome Modern Music Madness Winner
Best Albums Of The Last Decade By Year ...fuk 2
Modern Music Madness, Final Round What Is A Sputnikmusic? (aka Hi I'm Toad)
Cd Collection: Artists O-z Personal 100 Fav Albums Since 2010
Modern Music Madness, Semi-finals Modern Music Madness, Rd. 4
Rsd Haul A Week Of Sputnik
Modern Music Madness, Rd. 3 Potsy: What Makes A Cool Music Listener?
My Personal 100 Favorite Albums My 10 Favorite Albums & Games Of The 00's
Modern Music Madness, Rd. 2 Most Rated Album
Worst Users of all time Best Of 2011
Sputnik Modern Music Madness Aids' Top 100: Current Favourite Albums
Which Country Makes The Best Music? so who has seen the new Game of Thrones ep?
Recommend Me Your Top Three Albums Of All-time Begging For Atmosphere
The Definitive "grew On Me" List 15 Songs I Love And Enjoy
Depression's A Bitch Eighty Kay
Favourite Moments In Music 7 Years Of Sputnik: Albums 200-101
My 10 Favorite Albums & Games Of The 90's Underrated Records
20 Greatest Types Of Atmosphere
1000 Comments! Took Long Enough! Sput Bday: Favorite Users And Albums
Albums With Immense Beauty Hogan's Vinyl Collection
Cold And Calculated Albums - Work In Progress
Beer Jams Ebay
No More Last.fm Radio Favorite Vocalists Evr
My 100 Favourite Albums At Age 21 70 / 80 / 90 / 00
100 Ratings Top 10 Albums
All Time Favorites Lyricists Of Sputnik
My Favorite Things, Pt 1. Vinyl Escapades
100 Songs My Favorite Artists/bands
The Insomnia List Blues Energizing And Atmospheric Albums I Dig
My Vinyl Collection (so Far) My Library Actually Has A Decent Selection
Third Sputnik Birthday The Sputnik Quiz
Discography Suggestions Rec Me Electronica?
Amnesiac Ranked My Past Year *thank You Sputnik!*
Bands I've Seen Live Cool Album Easter Eggs
One Year Of Sputnik My 10 Favorite Radiohead Songs
Hey Sput, Add Me On Last.fm Awesome Goddamn Sput Users
Rainy Day Playlist Artists That Shaped My Band
Your Classic Albums? Rec Me Essential Albums Everyone Should Hear
Lyrics Matching Game! Rec Me Similar Albums Or Bands
My Top 10 Favorite Bands Night Time
Hear About What's Going On In Ukraine? My Top 20 Bands
Great Closing/final Tracks Recs Please
battlefield4 ps4 / say anything st A Menu Based On Kid A, Yum!
Climactic's Request: Top 10 Underrated Radiohead Songs Top 10 Overrated Radiohead Songs
Top 8 Radiohead Albums so you think you can radiohead
Great First Tracks 100k Scrobbles!
My Radiohead Ranking Best Sputnik Couples?
Quit Smoking To Start Vinyl Collection It's Snowing
Favourite Albums From Artists Best "Black" Songs?
Rock Anthems Radiohead's Albums Ranked
Best Alt./rock Songs - 2000 - 2014 My All Time Favorite Songs Part 2
My All Time Favorite Songs Potsys Pretentiously Plucked Plethora Of Preciously Personal Picks Part I
Radiohead: Worst to Best Best Albums Ever
Omg Favorite Albums Evarrr Top 40 Albums Pre-2000.
Top 40 Albums post-2000 (and some more). Can't Stop Listening
Atmosphere? Treb's 50 Favorite Albums
My Album Collection (CD) Favorite Albums Of All Time
Music For A Snowday 2000-2013 My Top 75 Albums
My Album Collection Part 2 Before And After: Albums Sputnik Turned Me On To, And Albums Sputnik Made Me Realize Aren't So Good.
Discographies I Plan To Listen To In Desperate Need Of New Music
Wadz 5's Ranked 5's Ranked
My Favorite Songs Help Me Out
Radiohead Ranked Tkol Live
Studio Ghibli Movies 6 Greatest Ever Albums
1997 2011: Favorite Albums
Users' Favorite Albums Top 10 Favorite Albums
Recs? Video Game Nostalgia #4: The Timesplitters Franchise
Recommendations For Beautiful Music Please? People Say I Take Music Too Seriously...
Cd Collection - Installment Three Albums To Impress A Girl
Overrated Albums Seeing Red
Aids' 2013 In Last.fm Scrobbles New Music In 2014...i Hope
My Cd Collection Pt. 2 Unpopular Music Opinions.
My Top 100 Songs - 2013 Edition Happy New Year
Album Battle - Radiohead Fye 50% Sale!!
Treb's Last 12 Months Last.fm Santa Was Good To Me This Year
Brace Yourselves Music I Own
Merry Christmas Just Recently Moved To Solihull
Radiohead Twenty Thirteen
Cant Rate Kid A A 1.5 Bargain Vinyls
Radiohead: Top 15 Songs Do You Ever Get Tired Of Wishing You Were Someone Else?
Things To Look Forward To In 2014 Hey Guys I Want Friends
Top 20 Albums (updated For 2014) Sum Closers
Loudness War Radiohead Ranked
Madoka Magica Rebellion My Top 15 Favorite Radiohead Songs
Favorite Albums Of The Decade (so Far) Amazon Run #3
Cowboy Bebop Radiohead Ranked
Winter Jamz Got Invited To A Party, Didn't Go
Classics That Never Get Old Some Favourites From The 90s
25 Biggest Influences On My Guitar Playing Band Names
Radiohead- 10 Best Songs Top 50 Albums I Heard This Year For The First Time
November 2013 Last Year On Lastfm..
Best Movie Characters 100 Great Albums From 2000 - 2010
Happy Thanksgiving, You Dickhole Lost in it
Can't Stop Listening AVEPEZ
Radiohead Ranked Music To Hang Yourself To ^_^
If You Could Listen To Music From Only One Country 2000s Top 20
1990s Top 20 Recent Digs.
That 90s List How Many Cd's Do You Own?
Chav Hunting It's Been A Long Time
100 Highly Recommended Albums You Should Have In Your Collection Right Now Best Albums Of All Time
Kid A Ranked Cold And Rainy Autumn Nights - Songs To Dig
25 Perfect Songs Some Of The Best Album Covers In Negative
I Am 16 My Top 100 Favorite Albums Ever
The Greatest Albums Ever!! Really!! My Evolution Through High School
Bye Sputnik :) November Albums
Top 100 Albums Since 2000 Recs?
25 Great Games new car jams pt 2
My Top 10 Albums Song Titles
25 Awesome Openers 100 Of My Favorite Songs Right Now
Influential Albums. 50 Favorites Albums
Nme's 500 Greatest Albums Roo The Day
My 50 Best Albums/decade: 00s Proving Sophomore Slump Wrong
25 Movies (albums Included) My 50 Best Albums/decade: 90s
Epic Album Closers Albums I Dont Understand
pokemon x/y friend safari Some Great Closers
I Have No Idea What I Am Talking About 10 Greatest Bands
Any Aspiring Screenwriters On Sputnik? Housecoat, Black Coffee And Coltrane
B Side Morning Giving Up
Women Artuma's Top 50 Of The 2000s
Depressing Music Cover Art that Enhances the Album
Best Albums Of The 2000s Experimental Music
Top 10 Favorite Albums More Like Dis Please
Winter Albums Covers Better Than The Album
Favorite Comedian? Feels
00's Artists Weeks Jams
Fall Personal Preferences
Hi Sup Fall
Need New Tv Shows To Watch Albums I'm Digging: September (2nd Half)
Favourite 00's Albums Alternative Playlist
Bands I Can't Get "into" Bands Sputnik Says Is Ok To Listen
More Bands Need To Be Like Rush Radiohead Ranked
Favorite Songs Favorite Sophomore Albums
Fall Recs 10 Favourite Openers (twice)
No Reason To Sleep At Night.. No Reason To Wake In The Morning 10 Years Of Sputnik/mx
Best Of My Cd Collection Bands With Strange Original Names
Radiohead - In Rainbows Ranked Hangover List
Divisive Opinions On Recreational Drug Use Best Albums Of The 90's (by Year)
Fave Albums Songs That Bring The Feels
Transitional Red Albums
Top 10 Albums Favourite Songs
Music And Literature Braves Vs Tigers Ws 2013
Beautiful Radiohead Songs 45 Albums: Make You Write Music
Radiohead Album Closers Ranked Top 50 Favourite Intros
Top 100 It's My 21st Birthday!
7 Favorite Songs Albums I'm Digging: August (2nd Half)
Summer Shit Turned 21 Today
Radiohead - Ranked Radiohead Closers Ranked
List Is Music Ranked Bands Ranked
Favourite Songs Overrated Albums
Favorite Classes This Year Music That Will Make You Feel And Think
Going Into Junior Year School Starts...woohoo
Albums I Listen To While Gaming Top 8 Radiohead Albums (in Order)
Top 5 Videogames Radiohead Ranked
Rec Me Books Introduction To Bens:top 100
Top 20 Radiohead Songs 25 Awesome Closers
Hello Copying Trevor
New Twist On An Old Treb Copying Trebor [6]
6 Years, 365 Comments My Favourite Albums
Some Songs I Like Brutal Ipod Cull
Classic Artists With Subpar Debuts My Cd?s
I Got Injured At Work 25 Fave Albums
Need Recs Rec Me Hipstercore
Favorite Indie Albums Living On My Own For The First Time.
Best Closing Movie Tracks 3 Years Of Shame
Seriously? My Album Collection (part 4)
30 Favorite Albums Ever Music For Snowboarding
Albums I'm Digging: July (2nd Half) Music Albums I've Bought In My First Year Of Collection.
Favorite Alt Albums From The 1990's 2000 Ratings
Album Artwork That Fits The Music Perfectly I Don't Know Why I'm Depressed, That's The Worst Part
Favorite Albums Jash's Record Label
Songs That Make You Instantly Fall In Love With The Artist. Embarrassing Moment
Cd Collection My Thoughts After 5 Years On Sputnik
Cool Stuff I Got From The Library Albums I'm Digging: July (1st Half)
Sputnikcore Stay Away From These When You're High
3 Year Sputversary Radiohead Ranked
Updated, No Order 30 Favorite Albums Of All Time
Happy Birthday To Me Overplayed Albums
Bottom What Your Favorite Radiohead Album Says About You!
Favorite Songs> Radiohead - Ok Computer: Ranked
Don't Judge A Book By Looking At The Cover Top 50 Favourite Albums
Favorite Vocalists 5 Albums I'd Take Onto A Desert Island
Artuma's Top 100 Most Special Albums For You??
Objectively The Best Lyricists Four.fives+fives
Massive-sounding Music? Monsters University
Why 2007 Is The Best I've Been Here ...
Their Second Best Wut I Wisten 2
What Is The Most Rated Album On Sputnik? Top 15 Favourite Albums
Joy Division/New Order Covers Early 2009
Favorite Albums Of All Time Radiohead Albums Ranked
Sput's Favorite Albums Madness Rd. 4 Sput's Favorite Albums Madness Rd. 3 Sweet Sixteen
Sput's Favorite Albums Madness Rd. 2 5's Ranked (thievery)
The Best Album Closer Songs The Best Albums Opener Songs *100th Comments Yay*
5's Ranked Sput's Favorite Albums Madness Rd. 1
Need Piano-driven Recs 5's Ranked
Requim For A Vinyl Collection 20 Songs That Could Be On The Radio All The Time In An Ideal World
Hey. This Is My Top 50. Objectively Greatest British Bands Ever
Trebhammer 40k My Favourite Albums Since 2000 (unordered)
Top 10 Best Live Sets Ranked: Bands Of Brothers (and Sisters)
The Sputnik Game My Favorite Rock/Alt. Albums - 2000 - 2013
Top 20 Radiohead Songs Top 5 Closing Tracks
I Finally Caught Up With Breaking Bad Top 25
My Top 25 Albums (as It Stands) Ep's
This Month's Most Listened To My New Records
Favorite Progressive Rock Bands/artists Greatest EPs
100/100 The Influences Of A Shit Band
Recs? Current Top 100
Cds I Own Rip Potsy
Top 50 Albums + Fab Users 50 Musical Impacts
Fast Times Or Dazed And Confused? BABIES!!!
Fun Drinking Games? Radiohead Ranked
The List Is Life. My CD-Collection (Part 4)
I Buy Way Too Many Cds College
Most Beautiful Songs/compositions Kewl Albums
Playlist For Reading Who Wants A Playlist
My Favourite Radiohead Albums Alt/indie Recs
Generic Mp3 Player Shuffle Just Played Some Rock Band
Got An External Wooo My Top Radiohead
Favourite Album Openers Another "Radiohead Ranked" List
Good Songs From Bad Albums Albums I Dig
Cds Or Itunes? 20 Albums I Will Love Forever
The 90s Without Hindsight 90s Alternative
Aids' Vinyl Pt. 2 Of 2 1 Year Sputversary
Albums I'm Digging Right Now Shit Mood
Top 25 Yonkers Syndrome
The Chosen Ones ( My Favorite Albums) Finished My Album
Boston Marathon Bombings 100 Of Capt's 90's Albums
My 15 Favorite Albums Summertime With Grover
Ten Favorite Albums Of The 90's Songs That Provide Feels
Went Vinyl Shopping Again Best Radiohead Songs (by Album)
List = Digs 2 Still Digging Fantastic Songs
100 Favorite Albums Of The 90's Questions From My Quest
I'm A Bigger Failure Than I Thought Crawl's Most Essential Albums
Top 10 Favorite Albums 10,000 Plays In Last.fm!!!1
Zfgjhlpxiueb Favorite Albums
Bands I've Seen Live Vinyl #1
My Favourite Albums More New Vinyls
Radiohead Albums: Ranked My 40 Favorite Albums
Melodic Metalcore Recs Please Samshine's Guide To Spring
Melt My Soul (recs Please) Vinyl Recs
Family Matters My Favorite Artwork
My Favourite 20 Albums My 10 All-time Favorite Albums
Good Music Of The 90's Weed Or Beer?
Sputnik's Top 3 Dranks Cheill
Batman: Arkham City Or Red Dead Redemption? Music Depressing Teens?
Jash's Vinyl (some Of It) Songs That Never Get Old
Favorite Movies Radiohead Cover?
30 Favorite Radiohead Songs I'm Gay, Bitches.
Best Of Britain Revised Popping The Vinyl Cherry
Remembering Those I've Lost Will They Stop Making Cds?
500 Ratings // Top 50 Lps World War III
Hey Sputnik, Rec Some New Stuff To Me Am I Supposed To Get Emotional?
Rec Me Alt Rock My Playlist For This Week (3/9 - 3/15)
Second Year Of Sputnik I Have A Migraine... :(
My Relatively Top 100 Albums 100 Favorite Songs
Flashback To Freshman Year 1997 Best Year In Music?
Albums I Think Are Good... Just Not That Good. So, Tomb Raider Is Cool
Stuff I Got In February/temporary Hiatus Albums That Should Be At Least 4 On Sputnik
Drugs Can Help Art Rock Recs With Good Beats?
My Favorite Bands Of All Time On The Whiskey
25 When You're Feelin Down
Most Played February Alternative/indie Rock Recs
Top 20 Favorite Radiohead Songs Serious Issues
Why I Don't Listen To My Native Music My All Time Favorites
Studying Habits Emotional Connections
Feels - Most Depressing Albums? If Peeing Your Pants Is Cool, Consider Me Miles Davis
Ultimate Showdown: Radiohead Vs. Mastodon Simple Yet Cool Artwork
Top 10 Favourite Radiohead Songs Top 15 Favorite Bands
Thesemodernthings' Essential Albums Train Digs
Sputnik's Dirty Dozen Vivacious Vagina Vinyl Virus
10 Favourite Records A List About Vinyls. Has That Ever Been Done??
Most List-mentioned Albums breakingthefragile's 91 Favorite Albums from the '90s
Favorite Closers My Top 10 Of All Time
Songs Digs My Top 50 Favorite Album
Albums I Was Once Obsessed With (in Chronological Order) Gay List
100 Albums Getting Emotional
The Top Ten Top 100 Albums
my top 100 albums of all time My Top Ten Winter Albums
Vinyl I Got Since I Got A Record Player Ok Computer Ranked
~~~~~~~~~~ Oh Look. Another Top 50 List
What's Up? Treb's Top 100 Albums
Rec's Please. New To Sputnik. Your Easily Troll'd
So Im Leaving Sputnik Top 25 Albums I Own
Summer Tearjearkerz
Not Another Vinyl List The Best Bands Of All Time According To Sputnik
Most Relevant Albums Ever (objectively) Who Digs Edgar Allen Poe?
Best Albums Of 2011 Turned 17 The Other Day
Ahhhh Stressed Fun Drum Tracks.
User Bros Top 50 Of My Favorite Albums
50 Favorite Ablums Eva Favorite Track One Side Ones
Sowing The White 21st Century's Most Mind-bendingly Awesome Album Openers
Looking To Start A Vinyl Collection Last 7 Days
My Cd Collection, Part 2 100 CDs I own
Times Pitchfork Have Got It Wrong Music To Study To
Radiohead Ranked Get Swoll Playlist
4 Years: 25 Albums Yesterday
400 Greatest Songs of All Time (100-1) Favourites
Favorite Seinfeld Episodes Rec Me Cheap Foods To Make
East Coast By Train Flawlessness In Music
10 Great Albums When You're Stoned Favourite Choruses
My Vinyl Collection Most Played December
More Vinyls. Great Records Vol.1
List #100 - 22 Years In The Making My Top 10 Albums Of The 1990s!
Good Friend Of Mine Died Today. Sick As A Dog
Album Trolls Soundtrack To The Apocalypse
Made Fun Of For Music Taste? 50 Albums Hadouken Loves!
Celeb Nudes Favorite Bands Of All Time
50 Most Listened To Artists Since I Made Last Fm Account The Captain's Album List.
20 Albums I Couldn't Live Without 90 Reasons Why The 90's Ruled
Library Album Mix My Favorite Albums Of All Time
Fantasy Band Albums I Was Really Into In High School
Finals Time / Ckret's Alt-Indie-Folk Mix "Generic" Music Taste
What Are Your Views On Tribute Acts?! Klappin For Shows '12
Just Joined The New Myspace My Favourite Bands
The Real A-to-z Of Songs Radiohead Ranked
400 Greatest Songs Of All Time (300-201) I Had A Dream
50 Artists November Most Played
Big Booklets Personal Top 10
Music That Scares You...? Top 10 Favourite Artists Of All Time Ever
The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Most Musically Inspirational Albums
Favorite Closers Show Me The Ways Of Your Culture
My Favorite Albums Radiohead vs. Godspeed You! Black Emperor vs. Burial
Another Thanksgiving List Albums I'll Check Out Later
Shit That Makes Me Smile 7 Fantastic 21st-century Albums
A Pile Of Vinyl On My Coffee Table My Ipod's On Shuffle
50 Of My Favourite Albums New Track From Me
10 Overrated Albums By Sputnik Killer Must Own Records
The World Simply Just Can't End... Last 10 Songs On Shuffle
Seeing Rush Tonight Rate My 5's
2000s Top 50 Just Started A Vinyl Collection
1990s Top 50 Pandora Stations
Just Saw Refused. Mind Blown Top 50 Albums Of The 90's (in Order)
Aids' Top 50 Lyricists if u dont clik u suk dick
Dramatic Vocal Recs Please Songs I Consider Fundamental To The Development Of My Taste
I Saw Radiohead My Favorite Non-metal Songs
Favorite Closing Songs UK Albums Rock For All Time
Typist's Top Albums Of All Time: Pt 1. Morphing Users Together
But You Didn't Have To Cut Me Out Itunes Shuffle
Albums You Wish Were Perfomed By Another Artist Awesome Openers
Top 100 Standout Songs Songs For Sally Struthers
Depressing Albums October Most Played
Part 2 Of 150 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die Albums That Rule, Albums That Don't
Recs Please? Life Is Hopeless
4 Rev-tastic Years On Sputnik Radiohead Ranked
Radiohead From Best To Worst Last.fm #2
Artificial Death... Mc Ride Has Vitiligo In The
Ballads With Solos Top 50 Artists
Stanley Kubrick My Top 25 Most Played: Help me find new stuff
Most Consistent Discographies Imo Idioteque Is Back
Emotionally Challenging Recs 100 Albums/artists
The Opinion Of Sputnik Music Picking Up Chicks With Darthmann
Vinyl: Essentials? Hungover At Work Today
1,000 Ratings! Ranking Whatever Comes Into My Mind Because I Cannot Think Of A Zelda Thing Although Zelda May Be Referenced A Little/lot...
Sputnikd My Lists ;_; Rec Me Anime/manga
Jam Session Concerts In 2012 (part One)
Does Your City Have Traffic Cameras? 40 Greatest Alternative Artists For All Time (in My Opinion)
What I Listen To When I Write Growers
Top 50 Radiohead Songs Guitar Pedals I Want
top 15 Lovegood's Highlights Of His Musical Exploration / Journey
Top 10 Albums Top 20 Movie & Music List
Shiver Worthy Moments Favorite Albums
30 Albums I'm Currently Addicted to Gotta Be Above It
Neighbors' House Burned Down ...fuk
Lost All My Music My All-time Favorite Albums
Taxi's Favorite Users I Can't Stop Smoking Pot Today.
20 Albums I've Listened To Most Top Album Since 1980
Best Songs Ever Part 78 okay users lets do this
Radiohead Albums In My Order Some Favorites Of The 90s
50k Last.fm Plays Rain Music
Explain To Me Electronics 10 Albums And Why Sputnik Hates Them In Lists
5 Albums A Year, My Life In Music I Turn 20 Tomorrow. Woot.
Bands/Musicians I Need To See Live Greatest Radiohead's Albums Of All Time
Been Out Of The Game For A While Songs We Should Forget Radiohead Wrote
...They Just Never Get Old... FranzSchuberts Last 6 Months...
10k O'clock (OLD) Top 100 Albums
Top 10 Albums For Synesthetes Been Lurking For Awhile, Decided To Make An Account
Albums You Are Obligated To Love As A Sputniker Too Soon For A 2011 List?
Favorite Radiohead Albums (share Yours As Well) Globalisation Of Music And Reccs
Greatest Rock Albums Of The 00s (2000-2009) Rec Me Good Music
My Favourite Albums (Cd-collection) Boner Kill
My Top 10 Video Games Cool Covers
This Is Haunting Me, Keeping Me From Sleep Top 10 Albums - July 2012
Favorite Vocalists Anyone Else An Ambivert Here?
90's Alternative Songs Puzzles Made A Second Ep!
Top Albums Of Rock of the 90's Just Came Back From Iceland
Recs Please My Cd Collection!
Movie Recs? New Turntable
Good Traveling Music Charts Are Down
Why Is My Taste Superior You Ask? Favorite Xbox 360 Games
vitamin b12 Top 20 Albums From The 1990's
Favorite 5 From 1995 (my Birth Year) i love thunderstorms
Working On My Guitar Tone/digs Favorite Albums
25 Greatest Albums Of The 90's What Are You Listening To Right Now?
Top 10 Bands Of Rock Alternative 90's My Favourite Albums
Soundcloud Critique? My Top 50 Favorite Albums
Current Digs And Stuff My 40 Favorite Songs of All Time
My Top 100 Songs - 2012 Edition My 50 Favourite Albums
Top 25 Favorite Albums 25 For A Quarter
Wasting Words On Lower Cases And Capitals Geddy Lee's 13 Favorite Albums
Have A Snack, I'll Feed You Baby Birds. New Top 10 Albums - Noone Except Me Cares Edition
Saw Explosions In The Sky Last Night... The True Meaning Of Donnie Darko.
Music For Skiing? Albums I've Fallen In Love With Over The Years
Trebsthedevil Favorite Bands Oh Man Here We Go 2 Years Here
Albums That Are An Experience The Decade Battle (1970/9 Vs 2000/9
25 Albums I Would Take To A Desert Island Album Recommendations?
The Game Journey My Music Library, Pt. 1
The Greatest Guitarists Of The Last Fifty Years Do Anti-depressants Harm Creativity?
The Songs Rule My Favorite Albums 2000-2010
Radiohead Closers: Ranked Top 25 Radiohead Songs
Recspecs First Birthday Songs Of The Quarter Decade
Albums That Put Me To Sleep. Literally Bonnaroo 2012 (or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Musics)
Music Made It A Good Day At Work Radiohead Ranked
My School Year In Music Saw Radiohead On 5/29...
2011 Revisited Oh Fod What Ate It
Im Fucking Lazy My 100 Essential Albums
Seeing Radiohead 6/10 Vinyl Record Collection
10 albums I've Recently Heard/re-heard Judge My Ipod
2.00 Am : Prog And Rock Recs What Should I Review Next?
A Children's Crusade On Acid Life Is A Bitch...
What The Fuck Is This /mu/ Bullshit 50 Coolest Albums
My Current 100+ Album Library. Recs, please? Recent Acquisitions
Final Fantasy Games Ranked (main Series) What A Terribly Boring Memorial Day
Finished Eleventh GradeToday... Therayder's 2011
Strange Sunday #2 Love Life
My Epic Concert Extravaganza 20 Mindfuck Artists In My Collection
Best Songs '00-'09 30 Albums Of Awesomeness
Talking Points For The Day (5-20-2012) My Top 20 Favorite Album Covers In My Library
Great Ending Songs On An Album 8-bit Kid A
We Are The Butt Suck Chipmonk Ass Butt We Got Ass Butt Ho Ho Ass Butt Upcoming Games I'm Exciting For!
Fuck High School! Battle Of The Bands, Round 1
Biggest Ego In Music Albums I Will Try To Review Soon
Indie: Required Listening Holy Downloading Spree Batman!
10 Favorite Albums Of The 90's Best Movies You Ever Saw ?
Favorite Albums Albums With Great Production
Sput Birthday 1 Favorite Albums/EPs Of 2011
Albums Overshadows By The Band's Other Releases Best Albums Of The 90's
Is 'the King Of Limbs' Worth Downloading? I Did Shrooms.
Chill Albums Rec Me Happy Music
Hate Crimes. Top 100 Albums... Revisited
Random Favourite Sunny Day Tunes?
DaveyBoy's Potential 5s (1000 In 50) Good Listens
Top 15 Favorite Albums Me And Music Through Time
Rec Me Indie Do You Put Shit On Your Bookbag?
Vinyl? Crimson Floyd's Redundant Third Shuffle
Top 50 Favorite Albums My Favorite Albums By My 10 Favorite Bands
Albums I Take On Road Trips Variety
Brad Mehldau (Jazz Pianist/Rock Covers) My Favorite Albums Of The '90s
Favorites From 2011 The Best Classic Rock Songs
Favourite Album Of All Time? My Vinyl Collection
Coachella 2012 The Greatest Albums Of All Time
New To Sputnik Swag Is For Boys
Finals: 4/5 Done On The Side
The 10 Most Overrated Albums Of All Time Genre Defining Albums
Wrath of Bong Cd's I Have
5 Albums By Bands I Know I Should Like, But Unfortunately Do Not. Favorite Bands / Artists A-z
Good Shit 20 Awesome Albums? Please Give Recs!
My Super Duper, Greatest 100 Songs Ever List Digs/Books/Rec Me Jazz
This Is Basically All I Listen To Anymore. GIVE ME YOUR HAPPY MUSIC
The Art Of Production Texts From Ire (drunk)
21st Century (so Far) Songs That Have Given Me An Out-of-body Experience
My Anti-favorite Albums List My Required Favorite Albums List
Fuck A Duck Prog Recs?
No Filler Albums Fresh to Sputnik & eager for your Easter Thoughts.
Music I've Been Listening To Lately Sputnikmovies (recs Appreciated)
Live: Rhcp Or Radiohead?? Excitement X 1000
My Current Digs Unanimous Sputnik Opinions?
Top 60 Radiohead Songs Awesome Giant List
100 Favorite Albums Of All Time Best Bands On The Planet
Radiohead: Most To Least Favorite Great Album Closers
Underground Bands Great Album Openers
Albums That Are Bad. F- Radiohead Albums Ranked
My Top 10 Favorite Albums Ever: My Radiohead Cover. :3
Tyrael's 10k: Dawn Of Sputnik Procrastination
Radiohead Albums Ranked Rev's Terrible Anime List
Fabrice Muamba Best Bands Eveh
Writing Music Is Hard Fav Vocal Performances (male)
Most Played Artists Of The Last 12 Months Radiohead Ranked
Can't Stay Awake.... Some Animes I've Seen
Saw Radiohead The Other Night Drunk
Inveigh's Best Of 2011 RateYourMusic.com
Top 100 Albums Of 2011 My First Sputnik Birthday.
Some great album closers Sputnik Will And Testament
Favourite Albums Video Games And Such And Digs
Treb's 90's My Top 15 Greatest Albums
Vinyl Collection Radiohead Ranked
The End Is Nigh 100 Hard Jamz
Radiohead Ranked Need Help With These, Decision Time
Clercqie's Greatest Switch Overshadowed Albums
My Top 20 Albums Of All Time My Top 10 Favorite Albums
My Favorite Non-metal Releases Listening To Cormac Mccarthy And Reading A Book By Clipse
Music That I Should Like, But Don't Albums That I Have Tripped To
Albums You Should Know Electronica
My Favorite Bands Of All Time Krazytom's 10 Best Alt. Rock Albums Of All Time
Top 5 Albums Of 2011 Aids' 2011: Music Videos
Best 4 Album Stretch? Albums That Will Haunt Your Dreams
Just Turned 20, Top Albums Good Band / Bad Album
Need Recs To Expand My Horizon Please... Radio Show 2/19
Sputnik Guide: How To Piss Sputnikers Off Fuck Lab Reports
The Sound Of An Entire Life Passing By. Folkadelic
Turning 19 Tomorrow! Favourite Albums Bought These Today
Bonnaroo 2012 Lineup 20 First Songs On A Shuffle
Favourite Quotes? Book Recommendations
What's The Album With The Most No. Of Ratings Here? Phatj's Top 25 Albums Of 2011
Comment On My List! Keith's Top 20 Of 2011
Classic Shit I Dig Right Now Radio Show 2/5
A.l.b.u.m.s Rawk.
Current Vinyl Collection My Vinyl Collection
Record Player? Loner Jams '12
Radiohead Ranked Favorite Moments In Music
Most Underrated Radiohead Songs Ten Life-changing Albums
The Fucking 90's Famous People I Would Like To Meet
Albums With A Vibe Road Trip
January Jammin' Excitement Spiders Of The 2000-2010 Batwax
End Of January Renovations Aids' 2011: Albums
My addicting albums. Bands I've Never Been Able To Get Into
3 New Reviews Up On Youtube My Top 20 Favorite Albums Of All-time
2nd Chances My 2011 (top 50)
This Guy Thinks I'm In The Illuminati Most Generic Sputnik Albums
Best 40 Albums 2011 My Favourite Non-metal Albums
Diversify My Pie Chart Albums I'm loving Pt 2
Jash's 100 Of 2011 I Really Should Be Reading But...
The Noobs Guide To Sputnik Whats The Coolest Show(s) Youve Ever Been Too?
My Favorite Albums Of All Time Albums I'm Loving
The 50 Best Albums Of 2011 Ty's 2011
My Cd Collection Favorite Albums
This Is Why Anti-piracy Laws Are Stupid Digs And Stuff
15 Favorites Portal 2 Goty
20 Of 2011 Best Albums Of 2011
My Vinyl Collection Rip F.y.e
One Year Later: Top 25 Albums Best Covers Ever
A Vooligan's 2011 Coachella Lineup Is Up
No Love / Lotsa Love asus transformer
Rev Hits 5000! Inabsentia's 2011
Hans Nfl Wildcard Picks Deploying To Afghanistan In March
Treb's 2011 100 Album Extravaganza 2011 Gave Me Blue Balls
Eko's '11: Lps Irving's Top 25 Albums Of 2011
Titan50's Songs Of 2011 Titan50's Albums Of 2011
Top 10 Of 2011 Favorite Album Closers
Psykonaut's 2011 2011
Dank Releases Of 2011 Christmas + Library = Yay!
Patrick Fannon's 2011 Best Music 2011
2011: Kicking Names And Taking Ass 2011 And Stuff
Lambda's 2011 Lady Gaga, Rihanna & Beyonce Ranked
Year End List 2011 Tupik's Top 50 For 2011
Some Sehguh 2011 Stuff Songs That Portray Your State Of Mind
Rec Twlichty Vinyl Albums This Year
Timbo's Top 20 Albums Of 2011 Personal Favorites Of 2011
Favorites From 2011 Feitbizkit2011
The 50 Albums Of 2011 Great Albums Of 2011
5 Ridiculously Awful Pitchfork Reviews Zantera's Top 80 Albums/ep's In 2011
Hans' 2011 Songs Best Of: 2011
Disregard This List Best Albums Of '11
Favourite Albums Of 2011 MisterTornado in 2011
2011 My 5's
Describe Your Music Krm's Top Songs Of 2011
Biggest Disappointments Of 2011 Best Albums Of 2011
Ranked Radiohead (my Personal Favorites) My 7 Favorite Albums Of 2011
Zantera's Top 30 Songs From 2011 Band Name - Should I Change It?
Fav 25 Of 2011 Iai's Top 75 Of 2011
Captain's Prized 2011 Booty Swim's 2011
Best Albums Of 2011 Captwaffles' 2011
My Top 10 For 2011 Bands I Love
Favorite Songs of 2011 Radiohead Ranked
Academy Of 2011: 100 - 199 Top 30 Of 2011
2011 In Retrospect 2011 - 36 Albums
Alextm510 Top 25 2011 Everything 2011
Twothousandeleven 2011 Was Gooooood
Haz's 2011 A Deviant 2011
It's Not Like You Care Fruity Ranks Some of His Favorite Bands. Yeah,
Songs 2011 Shower Music
NigelH's Top 5 Of 2011 Lumpsum's Top 25 Of 2011
Classic MacGruber 2011 Songs Oty
Satellite vs. 2011 Top 20 Albums Of 2011
Are These Headphones Any Good? Downer's Top 25 Of 2011
Good Songs With Good Videos Top 20 Of 2011
Got My Driver's License! 25 Favorite Albums Of The 90s
The National Defense Authorization Act The Sex
My Favorites From 2011 Looking For Atmospheric Album Rec's
Most Overly Detailed Top 50 Albums List Ever Favorite 4th Tracks
2011 Has Been Strange Go To Bed!
How Bout Some Indie Recs? Great Albums Of 2011
Forced To Sell Testicles For Food. 6 years on sputnik
Just Joined Sputnik 2011 O'clock Part I: The Bad
5 Years Of Sputnik 4 Years Ago
You Know What I Realized Recently Folk/ Alt Recs Please
Turning 21 Next Week Chambered's Top 40 Albums Of 2011
Radiohead Vs Nickelback Ranked 40,000 Plays In 1000 Days
10 Great Chill-out Albums X-mas Cd List
Epiphany Electronica Playlist
Top 30 Albums Of 2011 Favorite Bass Players
Top 25 Of 2011 100 Favorite Songs
My Favorite 100 Albums Thanks Sputnik
I Wrote A Poem Bad Movies I Want To See
New!!! Looking For Some Recomendations
Jash Hits 2000 All The Albums I Can Fit On My 8 Gig Ipod
Quality Discog's My Top 20 Tracks Of 2011 (so Far)
Albums That Get Me Through Daily Life Lesbian Girl Don't Break My Heart
Yo These Albums Is For Real Yo Chambered's Top 30 Songs Of 2011
Under The Sea In 2011: Honorable Mentions Best K?d A Songs(Radiohead)
My Frustrations In Music Lars Von Trier Ranked
Rules Of Sputnik Reviewing? 40 Albums From 2011
Bass 2011 Utterly Revolting And Yet...
Your Three Favorite Albums 5 Underrated Albums
2011 Recs? Rev's Top 100 Of 2011
Gyromania Is Kid A a Concept Album?
My Top 15 Favorite Albums Another Generic Top 10
What I Be Carryin My Top 15 Albums: 1990-1999
Favorite Remixes? Current Favorite Top 10 Songs
My Favorite Album Openers Radiohead Tickets
Edit: Favourite Albums Pt. II How Many Artists?
Christopher Nolan Is Michael Bay Favorite Albums Of 2011
Musical Milestones. Spring Playlist
100 Ratings 100 Albums Best Of 2011 (as Of November 9)
Band Cocktails I Need Rec's.....im Desperate
The Sing Off To 5 Or Not To 5
Overrated Alternative Rock Bands Thank You Sputnik
Rec Me Rainy And Cold Jams Im New Here...
New To This Site... Recs? Favourite Songs
My Entire 8gig Ipod Favorite Albums Of 2011 So Far (in No Order)
Top 50 Favorite Albums Of All Time Breasts Or Legs
Faggot Entry Of The Day #1 Jesus Says
New Speakers! (Old Speakers) Radiohead, Ranked
Favorite Radiohead B-sides? Devstep - October 2011
Top 15 Albums Of 2000-2009 About To Submit My Stanford App
Radiohead Ranked Lazy Sunday Afternoon
Songs :) Rush Or Radiohead?
Recs Please Starting Vinyl Collection?
15 Albums I (Mistakenly) Overlooked The First Listen Plus 1 Minus 1: 4.6 Edition
Sputnik's Slow Servers Lyrics
Twlichty's Current Classics Can I Get Some Recs?
Favorite Albums From 2000 To 2011 In Defense Of My Fives
Rec Me Motivational Workout Songs The Revised List Of My 50 Favorite Albums Of All Time
10000 Plus Favorite Users Plus 60 Favorite Albums The Most Over Used Word Ever...
Check These Ratings Just Finished A Couple Remixes
So Yeah 2011 Quarterly Report #2
Deathwish Tarbyrocks
Hey, Does This Pen Work? Favorite Albums Of 2011 (recs)
Favorite Actresses My Top Albums
Perfection And Such Albums I'm Diggin (2011 So Far)
My Favorite Tv Shows Most Influential Band Of This Decade?
Sputnik Band Recent Digs
My 5/5s Wall Street Protests
Top 5 Albums Brah A Very 2011 List
R.i.p. Steve Jobs 50 Albums For Fall
Ello Sputnik! Good Avant Garde Music
Recent Top Listens Dark Souls Is Coming Out Soon
First List Musical Dna
2011 Emotive Dubstep Top 20 Of The Last 20 Years
Fantasy Baseball Wrap-up The Best of The ABCs Of Sputnik
Finally Saw Radiohead Last Night Why Not... Top 100.
I Joined Here When There Was Mxtabs/musicianforums.com, Heres Some Shit Ive Been Listening To The Last 6 Years. Why Not Pick 100 Favorites
Songs I Wish I Could Play On Guitar. Top 100 Album Artworks
My 2011 So Far 100 Users
Radiohead Remix Album Streaming Seasons In Music
A Few Random Songs. 50 Random Songs On My Ipod
Vinyl Collection Thus Far!!! Scatterbrained Hamsters List
Social Commentary. Writer's Block
How Many 5s Do You Have? Favourite Albums
Favorite Movies High Five!
British Stuff Top 5 - 2011 (thus Far)
New User Radio Show Recs!
My Top 50 Albums Would You Please Smokemy Cocky Attitude
Lakes Top 15 Artists V2.0 Cal Chuchesta
Drum Covers 5 On The First Listen?
Back To School Bored Of Indie Rock
Music To Relax To... Sad Songs Make Me Happy
Yet Another Radiohead List Most Consistent Band Of The Last 2 Decades?
Digs Tracking The 90s
Music For Highs Things Are Different Now
My Top 5 Favourite Emotional Songs My Top 100 Albums As Of Now
5 Favorite Songs Every 5 I Ever Had
Selena Gomez My Cds
Radiohead Are A Bunch Of Cockney Gents! Music For Autumn
My Top 10 Albums Of 2011 So Far Remixes
5/5 Newb Here, Please Rec Me Some Good Albums.
Joe Rogan Pitchfork Gives Music A 6.8
Party Music? Cathartic Song Recs
Under Rated Albums Nme Screwed Up. Ponponpon
Origin Of Your Username? Good Albums That Have Been Over-Shadowed or Underated
It Told Me To Create A List .... So I Did Omg Earthquake
Worst Rip-off Albums Ever 10 Worst Albums Of All Time
Wait...sputnik Has Ads Featuring Derek Jeter And Ford Now? Lib's Digs 22/08
Forget You Water. Trying To Get Into More Electronica
Great Albums Top 100
What Is Your Favorite Guitar Solo? Bands That Are Really Hard To Follow With Any Other Band
Favourite Songs Evvverrr... The Favourite Albums Of An 18-year Old
Vocals Suck Live Design The Skyline Song I Like?
Which Radiohead Albums Should I Get Next Top 20 Albums of 2011
Ultimate Album Smackdown!!!! Foxxxyz Phone
Listen To My Song Sputnikers Back To School
Aids' Vinyl Collection - August 2011 Paradigm Shift
Recs Based On These? Best Songs Of 2011 (so Far)
What Album Has The Most 5's Albums That Changed My Life
Which Album You Consider Most Overrated ? 2011: The Good And Pretty
What Album Has The Most Ratings? Charts Are Really Back!!!!!
Radiohead Ranked Alley Of Infinite Suggestions
A Pure Explosion Of Ownage 2000-2010 Derp
What Not To Do On Sputnik. mxckylblgbfgbf
Rev's Top 30 Of 2011 So Far Alternative/indie Recommendations
My Relaxing Music... A Stoner's Paradise
Dumb's Vinyl Collection Pt. 2 Part I: 25 Awesome Albums
Which Radiohead Album Is Best Some 2011 Stuff
Best Review Ever Written? Last.fm Top 25
What Two Albums Should I Get Next? Best Soundoffs
Lakes' Top 20 Of The Decade Past 2011: First Half (yes, This Shit Again)
Whats The F'ing Deal?? Going To The Record Store
Current Vinyl Collection (with Descriptions!) First Dj Set/mix (enter The Mezz)
Vinyl Purchases In The Us Bad To The Motherfucking Bone
Hey I'm New To Sputnik Fighting Montage Best/worst
Rec Me Something For During A Blackout Good Music To Study To
All Time Favorite 100 It Just Don't Hit Me Like It Used To
Best Record Collection Ever Disillusioned
Favorite Albums Of 2011 So Far Qual E's Top 50 Albums
Songs That Make Feel Less Shitty On A Shitty Day Heavy Set Ladies
Help Me Expand My Tastes How Do You Guys Decide How To Treat New Users?
Follow Me On My Musical Journey My 5's Explained
Great Films Bored And Hungry
Top 10 Of 2007 Radiohead Ranked... Really
Super 8 Is Super Great! Ok Computer... Gahhhhhhh
Users Who Suck My Top 10 Favourite Ambient Albums
Most Epic Breakdown Of All Time?? Chambered's Top 20 Songs Of 2011
2011>tits My 100 Favourite Albums
Black Eyed Peas Going On Hiatus For A Few Years! Good Music Outside All Metal
My Opinion On Brink Looking For Something New
One Year Progeta
S*** I'm Digging Atm Top Ten Albums Of 2011 (so Far)
Aids - 1000 Ratings, 50 Classics The Best Albums Ever
1st Half Of 2011, Awesome Year Top 10 Of All Time
Mah Top 50 Moving To California!!!!!
Drunknikmusic.com I Was In An Aeroplane Over The Sea.
Return To Sputnik! It's My Birthday?/2011 Ranked
2011 Halfway Report Recent Digs Recommend Me More
I Need Some Recs $125
Killrobotmusic's First Half Of 2011 Ok Now We're Halfway
That Radiohead List Long Time Lurker, First Time Poster
What Have I Missed From This Year? Which Is Better?
Favorite Songs Ever How Many Songs Do You Have?
Sputnikbooks Summer Digggs
The Sputnik Olympics Modern Uk Rock?
Top 100 Songs On My Mp3 - 2011 Edition Fsharp Presents: Video Games
Two Thousand Elevens Top Live Performances Of All Time
Words That Mean Things Generic First Half 2011 List
Top 100 Songs Of The 90's Vinyl Collection.
13 Non-stop Albums Without Judgement What Would We Do?
Vinyl Bands I Need To See Live
Jash's Vinyl My Top 100 Albums
Radiohead Ranked Rec Me 2011 Shtuff
Albums I've heard in 2011 herp derp Music That Makes Me Want To Write/read
Indie Recs For A Punk Fan? My Vinyl Collection (as of 6/17/11)
Half A Year And Here You Are Again Blindsided By 2011
Recs Deviant And Almost 6 Months Of 2011 Accounted For
Top 20 Albums Of All Time 15 Awesome Albums
Disturbing Albums Rec Me Stuff Based Off These Songs.
My 2011 Thus Far; Ranked. My Favorite Albums Ever (as Of 2011)
Get My Priorities Straight. Thank You Sputnik
Too-00 Purchased Some Sennheisers
During These Summer Months. 10,000 Plays
Albums That Make You Happy To Be Alive! Btbam Spanked
Finished Tenth Grade Today... Gateway Albums
10 Bands That Can Cure Writers Block My Vinyl Collection.
1990's: Golden Age Of Music? Bands I've Recently Gotten Into
Top Five Favorite Albums My Radiohead Rankings.
Weezer Covering Radiohead Oh Radiohead...
Summer Albums Favorite Guitarists/underappreciated Guitarists
The 24 Most Influential Albums On My Life Headphones Albums
Best Thinking Music 2011 Is Already Way Better Than 2010
I'm Making A List And You Can't Stop Me Been Tryin' To Escape Reality
2011 Shenanigans Alt-rock
The 00's Today Is My Last Day Being A Teen
Radiohead To Play Warped Tour? Albums I'd Like To Live In
Top 4 Albums of 2011 (So Far) Scotty Wins American Idol!!!
Hangover II man parts The Nineteen Nineties
New Stuff Thats Friggin Sweet Well, That Was Hard
Remer's Top 50 Artists Since 2007 Best Albums Of The 1800s
Most Listened To Albums Reader Appreciation
Sputnik Users Rated Annoying Youtube Comments On Almost Every Video
Electronic Heaven For A Deathbed
New Iphone/phone Plan 10 Albums I'd Least Like To Live In
End Of Year List Radiohead Ranked
10 Albums That Can Change Your Life What Do You Play In Your Car Currently?
A G3n3r1c Best Of 2011 (so Far) List Some Great Moments
I'm New Here My Top 10 Of 2011 So Far
Favrit Albums By Spare She's Engaged And Won't Talk To Me
Favourite Songs Of The Year So Far Your Rating Criteria
The Mars Volta: Wow Oh Dear...
My 50 Favorite Albums Last.fm Top 50 Artists
My Life In Albums Sputnikcore
Jazz Recs Favorite 100 Lps/eps Of All Time
The Soundtrack To An Awesome Night 26???
Top 10 Albums Of 2011...so Far Bienvenidos A Miami
I Don't Watch T.V. Greatest Directors
Concept Albums About Famous People Jash Turns 20
Presidents Ranked Gf Just Dumped My Sorry Ass
3 Best Albums Objectively Of All Time Top 25 On Last.fm
Insanely Depressed Seriously Misspent The First Nineteen Years Of My Life
A Dozen Radiohead B-sides Man, 2011 Is Awesome
Safe At First Top 9 Albums Of 2011 So Far
The Best Damn Thing On The Internet + Recs The Obligatory "My iPod" List
Amazing Songs Sputnik Video Games
Iskane's Top 10 Bands Just Bought A Sweet Gibson Sg
One Of Those Shuffle Ipod Lists Aoty's So Far
Buy Bye April Deep And Meaningful Lyrics
Classic Albums That Suck Fuck Elitism.
My Rainy Day Playlist (feat. Alot Of Radiohead) Help Me Stand Up
???favorite Radiohead Albums????? My Name is George.
Climax On Album Endings..? Waking Life
Top 50 Albums Of 2011 (4/27) 2011 Has Produced Nearly 4 Gb Of Music
School Radio Negs
Help Me Out Aids' 2011 So Far
Bands That Have Let Me Down Best Albums Of All time.
It Clicked. Who Skates?
Probation Terminated Men Who Crave Cock But Aren't Attracted To Men
Wish List LTG's Favourite Albums Of The Last 20 Years: 1991 - 2010
Keith's Top Albums Of 2011 So Far Top 10 2011 So Far
2011 Thus Far Summer Music
Favorite Albums Of The 2000's Knowing You'll Never Like A Song The First Time You Hear It?
In Need Of Recs Based On These Albums And Ep's I've Been Enjoying. Acting Out
Best Albums Of 2011 So Far Favorites
Ok Computer Ranked 111111111
Aids' Top 100 Artists (according To Last.fm) Just Saw The Wall
Favourite Lyricists New Music Sucks
Follow The Smoke To The Riff Filled Land Sex, Drugs, And More Sex
Artists That Used To Be Great Bring Tha 707 Out
Bored The 15 Albums That Got Me Through Exams
I Am Andrew Ryan And I Am Here To Ask You A Question Alt Rock/prog Recs
My Favorites (duh) Slow Burning Melancholy
Rank From Funniest To Least Funny More Recs Please
Sputnik Sucks A Mix For A Friend
A Sizeable Giftcard To A Shitty Store Top 10 Biggest Improvements
Favourite Songs Right Now Music To Slow Me Down
It's Harder Than A Diamond When Deviant Points His Finger At You
Hello Sputnik! Ok Computer Ranked
Songs For A Funeral 2011
(the Real) What Your Favorite 'sputnik Band' Says About You - Part 2 My 100 Favorite Music Artists Of All Time
Favorite Closers 2011 So Far #2
The Art Of Successful Cover Art Summer Vinyls
Damn You Five Hour Energy Hello Sputnik!
This List Is A Shovel Nineties Digs
2011 Has Been So Good Disappointing Albums By Bands I Like
Third Time's The Charm? Love Making Everywhere
50 Albums I Love For Whatever Reason Radiohead: Album Favorites
38 Albums And 2 Extended Plays Songs To Learn For Vocal Practice?
Today Is The Day!!*##%&!#!#*&!!@(! Listimus Maximus
Wonhundredrabbits Mallen's Top 100
Sad Panda Movies
Best Lines Sex!
Oh Boy, Troll Bait! (top 25) The Hans 100 (records)
Top 50 Albums Of The 1990s Even Better Albums To Hear When High
Drug Testing. 1000 Glorious Minutes
Rec Me Indie Aotys So Far
Secret Band/raising Alexandria/wtf Killrobotmusic's Q1 2011
2011 And Dubstep Recs Best Of 2011: Quarter One
Chambered's Top 10 Songs Of 2011 Q1 Nickelback: Ranked
100 Faces Of Sputnik House Of Leaves
Knowledge Is Power! Radiohead Ranked
The Universal Sigh New Guy Needs Helps.
Albums With Great Singing Q1 2011
Each Person Rec Me One Album Futbol Tonight A Las Siete
Skepta - Sex All Over The House Upcoming Albums 2011
Nhl Teams Ranked/top 30 Releases Of 2011 So Far In Desperate Need Of Life-altering Music
Best Party Games Hurry Up
Favorite Albums (revised) Guess What
Top 10 2000-2009 2011 Albums?
2011 Albums I Cannot Wait To Hear / Need To Listen To Top 10 Songs Of 2000
Help Me!!!! willfellmarsy list...willfellmarsy list...Instill Me Wisdom, In My Beliefs...instill Me Routine In Strife...
Top Albums Of 2011 (8 Months Early) Victoria's Favorite Video Games
Conspiracy Theories About The Dead Polar Bear? 2011 Quarterly Report #1
My Piechart Is Possessed Music While You Drivin'
Chambered's Top 5 Albums Of 2011 So Far My Favorite Albums Of All Time
2011 Thus Far Bailamos
Closing Tracks Rolling Stone Greatest Artist
Radiohead Ranked 1000 Ratings
I Remember My First Beer Help Me Fall In Love Again
Fu Track 2
My Favourite Albums I've Discovered In 2011 So Far Strong Opening Tracks
Washboard Digs Sputnik Hipster Doofus
I Wish It Was 1997 2011 Albums?
The Great Debate... Spring Break Fuck Yeah
Dang. My 5's Are Sooo Sputnik Single Again.... Music Is My Friend And Comfort.
Mulholland Drive Most Powerful/breath-taking Alt And Indie Songs
My Classic 5s Diggins
The Magik Of Goodwill In Desperate Need Of Compelling Music
I've Been Cranked Up On Shitty Music For Soooo Long! Radiohead Vs. Thrice
Bands With The Lamest Fanbases Bands I Hate That You Love
Favorite Albums Of All Time How The Hell Do You Give An Album A 0?
Finals... Albums I Wanted To Like...
Albums About The Apocalypse... Forever The Sickest Digs Hahahaha
Pathetically Overrated Sounds Hereditary.
2011 So Far Tentative Best Albums Ever List Ranked
Albums Of The Year As Of Now Albums That Sound Better With Headphones
Songs I Can't Get Enough Of Lately Repeat
Seeing The Light? Just Like Adam
Let's Play A Game 2011 #2: February
10 Years 20 Songs 2001-2010 Who Saw That Ovechkin Goal Last Night?
Thebhoy Celebrates His Birthday What The Hell, Sputnik?
Favorite Artists I Love 2011
Feb. Purchases/downloads February In Review
You Will Hate This List 5's Ranked
My Fifty Favorite Albums 2011 So Far
Best Albums Under 40 Minutes King Of Limbs + Kronic = Win
Download My Album Missing Out
Lots Of Genres Albums I Want
Avatar Binge 50 Favorite Albums Evar
How Do I Change My Avatar + Radiohead Ranked Btbam's Specular Reflection.
Radiohead My Favourite Bands Of All Time
Pitchfork Give King Of Limbs A 7.9 Sputnikers On FOX News!!!
Never Be: Winter 2010/2011 Rec Me Some Stuff
my tummy hurts. waaaahh Confound These Ponies...
I Wrote A Three Chapter, Five Album Concept For My Band The Other Day. Been Listening To Defeater All Day
Some Of My Favorite Guitarists Who's Hungry For Lists
Can't Write Juuuuuust Saaaaaaying
Albums I Put In My Cheese Sandwich Albums I'm Currently Listening To.
White Oak Doors Love that G-love Ad
Karma You Dawg. 2011 Fffffffffffffnuh Rex
Birthday Mix Shoutout To My Homeboy
Weekend Musica Rush
Sleepyhead's Top 5 Of All Time The King Of Limbs. Part 2 And 3?
This List Contains No Radiohead Radiohead Sucks
I Love Leaks. Make Your Own "King of Limbs!"
Worst To Best: Radiohead Albums Music And Games I've Considered Getting
Transition Albums Tupac's Still Alive
You Still Like What You Used To Listen To. Radiohead Ranked
Favorite Songs Off My Classics This Is All Too Much For One Weekend
Games I'm Playing W/ Music I'm Listening To My Favorite Albums Pt 1
Swag Download Controlling
Ditchin' The King Of Limbs Ranked
What Music Did You Listen To When You Were 13? My Favourite Records Of 2011 So Far
Funny How Tastes Evolve Oh Mah Gawd
Favourite Album Covers Why Going To A Crappy Christian Concert Might Have Been Worth It
Oh No, Have't Been On Here In Forever
Best 3 Days Of My Life Vedecation
Things I Would Rather Do Than Go To A Random School Social Event Lol Thom Yorke
Off To The Dominican Gonna Steal The King Of Limbs
The King Of Limbs! Whyyy
Are You Just A Teenager? Are You Excited?!?!??!
Car Got Totalled... Again My Guide To Radiohead
Going To The Space Opera Symphony :2:
Covers With Great Photography I Have Ratings Now
Drunk At 8:00 Am Knott's Top 20 Of Forever
All Nighter Woo Kid A Or Ok Computer?
Most Pretentious Bands (no Deathcab Or Coldplay) Getting Dumped On Valentine's Day
Most Viewed Websites? Top Ten Most Pretentious Bands
Valentines Day Mixtape My Ultimate Winter Mixtape
Current Playlist Bored?
Her? The Long List Of Short Music
A Decade In Songs: 2000s Does Anything Really Matter?
That's Enough, Nickelback. 50 Of My Favorites
Still Hope For The Next Generation? Top Five Radiohead Songs
Radiohead's Top 40 Tracks Oh Look I Bought Cds For Once
1000 Comments 100 Albums My First List
Best Albums Of All Time Just A Fanboy
Quentin Tarantino Ranked Neverending Melancholy
My Favorite Albums Of All-Time Vinyl
Concept Albums Post-death Metal?? (+Digs)
Needed Hardcopies Top Twenty Played Songs On My Ipod
2003: Comeback In Da Club And The Return Of Noise Albums Rerated
Some Great Music Videos Part 1 Itunes Genius Mixes = Fail
Albums To Listen To During Winter Top 20 Albums Of Decade
Christopher Nolan Ranked Sputnikmusic
Chilling Playlist Part 1 Rec Me Your Favorite Album
Zelda Games Ranked Who'd You Rather?
Rec Me Some Psychedelic Albums Take A Journey, Bring These 10 Albums
Users' Best Of The Decade Through The Telescope
2011 Is Gonna Be Fucking Baller Albums That Changed The Way I Listen
Mixtape To Get Girl Into Better Music Top 15 Bands Of 2010 According To Last.fm
Most Rated Albums Here On Sputnik!! Rec Me Some Stuff
My Record Collection Something Descriptive
Bands With This Sound? Growers
My Top 25 Albums How Did You Get Into Music?
Jash's Top Ten/1000 Comments Favorite Albums
Mass Flooding Stoked
More People Need To Listen To These Generic Last.fm List
User's Manual To Cynical Pollock Late Night Albums
Top Albums 2 Favourite Songs From Each One Of My '5' Rated Albums
Cliche, For A Reason Overrated
Vinyl! Last.fm
Fifteen That Grew Miles Up ... Gimme sum Christmas albums, Fool!
Indie: Round 2 Top 30 Last.fm Artists Of 2010
Albums I Got For Christmas, And I Some I Just Bought Sputnik Darlings
Favorite Songs Of All Time La Musique De Mon Amour
Wtf Ipod Touch Music For A Rainy Day
Introducing Sputnik Iphone App
My Most Played Albums Of 2010 What Did Sputnik Get For Xmas?
Fave Pornstars The Greatest Album Of All Time
17 Years Here's A Few Off The Top Of My Head...
Winter Mix Favorite Albums Of All Time
Math Rock? Favorite Albums
Winter Albums My Winter Playlist
Rainy Day Fireplace Music Metal Recs For Metal Virgin
Read If You Want, I Guess 10 Of My Favorite Live Shows
As The Roots Undo Just Grew On Me. 20 Best Albums Of 90's (Grindian's Follow Up)
I Love Christmas The 90's At A Glance
Exams Are Over ... Finally 90's Top 20
Thank You Sputnik My All Time Favourite
Albums On My Ipod Albums in 2011...
Hans.fm 1000 Ratings! 100 Albums!
My All Time Favourite Albums! Sputnik Profiles: Michael Jordan
This Douchebag... Please Check This Out
December Mix Ambience
My Girlfriend's Birthday Mix 100 Favourite Albums
Music Saved My Life Random Album Generator
List!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 50 Things About Me
Lukes List (vs Maces) Mace Vs Luke Lists- Best Of The 90s (maces)
Fancier Slum's Sleep Sounds
World Of Warcraft? Albums I'm Looking Forward To
I'm Maturer Than You Guys Write That Paper
Hey Guys I Really Need Your Help Every Superhero Needs His Theme Music
Keeping Me Awake Through The Night Top 25 Most Played... I Guess
Top 10 Songs About Car Accidents Top 10 Album/song/band
Favourite Winter Albums Can't Wait For These 2011 Albums
Sputnikleaks Top Five Of All Time
I Always Listen To Metal... A Large Pile Of Vinyl
Christmas Shopping Pet Peeves... 100 Greatest Song Lyrics
Dillinger Grew On Me 300 Ratings!
Winter Fuck Music Radiohead's Kid C
4 Years On This Bitch Quintessential Albums Of Each Decade
Wundercunt! Can Anyone Recomend Me Something?
It's December! Eno's Top 5 Records(as of right now, subject to change in the future!)
Top 5: Bands Spec's Favourite Vocalists
Favourite Album Artwork The 2010's That Never Were
100 Songs Of The 20th Century Life = Music
I Love The Internet Fifty Albums...
Top 50 Albums My Ipod Is On Shuffle
Hey Sputnik, I'm Back My Top 10 Eps
Uplifting Depressing Music Top 10 Radiohead Songs
HiGHtunes. 30 Favorite Albums
Angel Slays The 90s Spec's Late Night Listens
Favorite Albums Of The Last 30 Years The Legend Of Zelda Games Ranked
Songs That Should Be On Rolling Stone 500 Greatest Songs Am I Scene?
1992-2010 (18 Years Of Music) Hello Sputnik :) I'm new and would like some music recommendations please
My Top 100 Of All Time Good Lord
Today Is My Birthday... 15 Favorites
AOTY: 1980 - 2010 Favourite Radiohead Songs
Best Indie Rock Albums Bummed That My List Gotd
Interesting List! Rivers For Mvp
Hans' Top 100 Songs No Shavember
Woo 100 Album Ratings Lyrical Fantasticness
It's A Love Story... Favorite Album Openers
The Saddest Songs 90s: Feit Rips Off Hans & Inveigh
Amnesiac: Ranked Inveigh Does The 90's
200th List Recent Digs
Albums To Listen To When You're Feeling Down Top 20 as of 2010
Mai First List!!! Top Albums Of The Decade: Redux
3 Song Stretch Awesome Production
Bad/good/blech Day Cos Sputnik Told Me To...
100 Favorite Songs Favorite Halloween Chocolate Ranked
Top 50 Albums Albums That Make You Really Glad That You Found Sputnik In The First Place.
30 Favorite Albums Favourite Albums: 2000
10 Least Favourite Radiohead Moments Stealing Music
I'm So Hip Aids's Top 30 Of All-time
15 Albums That Changed My Taste In Music I never say bad words at Sputnik
100 Users Favorite Songs Have You Ever Had An Album That You Couldn't Stop Listening To...
The 90s Completely Pointless Dig List
Shuffling It Up Favourite Music Videos
Depressing As Hell Songs Everyday Listens.
Victoria's Favorite Users Greatest Bands Of All Time
Just Added Everything Goes Numb... Top 8 Radiohead Moments
Sounds Of The City: London "sputnik Albums"
Ipod Shuffle Songs Bonanza... 50 Worst Album Covers Of All Time
50 Of The Best Albums Of All Time (imo) The Alt/indie/rock Albums From The 90s
Is The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me Really A 5? Kid A Ranked
15 Songs Of The 2000's Imo The 15 Best Songs Of The 00s
I Can't Wait Sad Songs
Classic Songs. Classic Albums. My Classic Albums
Discographies Ranked Some Albums I Rather Like
Music Making Another List About Chicks
This Or That? Songs Of The Year (2000-2010)
Recent Digs (recs Welcome) What Are Your Favorite Sound-alikes?
It's Raining Where I Live Easy. Easy Like Sunday Morning.
Top 51 Albums Of The 1990's Sputnik's Fanboys
Worth The Hype Top 51 Albums Of The 2000's
Epic PSAT Win Tits > my record collection
Today Is My Birthday Sputnik. Where Did You Find That Band??
Favourite Album Covers Are these any good?????
Three Years Of Awful Albums Tweaker Gave Me A New Pipe
How Do You Change Username? Making New Users Better Part 1
Beer Is Good Favourite lyrics that occur in a verse.*
Best Taste On Sputnik The Sputnik Survival Guide
Favourite Lines In Music Decent Post-grunge?
Flacing Yr Mom Albums That I Can't Get Enough Of
Every Album On My Ipod Favorite 10 Albums Ever
Today Was (& Radiohead) My Favorite Albums
Recommendations, Please 900 Album Ratings
Just Bought These Make Fun Of Me
More Poopty In My Ipod Thoughts Music/robertsona
Fr33 Turns 3000 75 Favourite Albums
Current Digs... -better Connections
10 Albums That Changed My Life [a-z] Albums
MY Top Ten FAVORITE Songs Of All Time The Real Best Albums Of The 90's
Favourite Albums Of The 90's How Do I Set An Avatar?
Mah Top 10 Fave Albums Got Some New Music
Best Albums By Year Music These Days Sucks...
Top 50 Albums Top 50 Favorite Songs Of All Time
Favorite Bands Alphabetically Desert Island Albums
Recs Top 15 Albums At The Moment
Goodstuff Radiohead Box Set: Potential Tracklist
My Top 10 Songs Of All Time When Rock Meets Electronic
Top 10 Favorite Bands/Artists Favourite Artists, A Through Z
Top 25 Favorite Albums 2010!!! (dontdothis)
I Wanna Get Wrecked... Itunes On Shuffle
Redid My Ipod For The First Time In A Year And A Half Best Nu-metal Albums. Evarrrr
I R Sad Music Recent Digs
Current Favorite Albums Top 15 Songs To Sleep To
Top 20 Albums Of All Time (in my opinion) 2010 Thus Far
Indie Hipster Bullsh*t You Go To Berklee?
Lakes' Top 15 Albums... Ever If Vh1 Can Do It, So Can I!
New Split With Witchxrapist Feit Reaches 100.
Top 10 Radiohead Songs Awesome 90's Albums
Only 10 Album Openers
My Tastes Seem To Be Chilling Out. Abc's
Most Surprising Albums Shows I Have Been Too And Remember
My Super Ultra Small Album Collection 10 Best Albums Ever
Uk Ftw My Favorite Albums Off The Top Of My Head
Albums I Recently Discovered And Loved Give Me One Rec
Bailar Is Bungy Soon To Be Post-arm
I Am Sputnik My Top Ten Favourite Albums Ever
When I'm High... Sputnik Dance
You Need Medication Sweet Tunes
Deew Dna Obor Recommend Me Some Beautiful Slow Songs
Salvia Dragon Top 100 Of The Decade
The 12 Greatest Rock Albums Of The '90s Alphabet Games
Nostalgic For The 90's Its Been A While...What Up Guys
Workday Digs Albums You Know Every Lyric Of.
It's 5:06am So Why Not Make A List? 100 Special Albums
Hey Guys I'm New Aids' Top 50 Of The Decade
Best Alternative Albums I Lurv u gais 2
Hans' Top 15 Artists Top 15 Favorite Alt. Rock Albums
Favorite Albums Of 2001 Favorite Albums Of 2000
marvel vs. capcom 1 fav charactersNew Digs What My Friends Think: Good, Bad
Shows I Watched When I Was A Child Incredibly Consistent Artists
Favorite Albums Of 1997 You'll Always Be A Loser
Favorite Albums Of 1995 My 30 Favorite Songs Of All-time
Favorite Albums Of 1993 2000-2009
Feelin'.. Albums That Keep My Attention Well
Let's Talk Music Vic's Awesome 90's
Favorite Bands Of The 90's 50 Favourite Albums Ever
Songs In My Playlist Just Now Top 15 Stoner Albums
2001 Ranked Takin The Scenic Route
My Favorite Artists Ranked.... I Don't Get It
2000 Ranked My Sister Is A Narcissist
Top 10 Albums . . . At The Moment List Title
Top Ten Albums Right Now My Top 100 Of The Decade
Battle Of The Genres- Quarter-final 3 Albums For The Gym
So What Else Is Coming Out In 2010? New To Sputnik
Most Hyped Albums 2010 Part 2 Devil And God Vs Ok Computer
The Most Important Records I Own. My Random 50 Songs On My Ipod
I Hate Music, Sometimes I Don't Maniac! Recs Garbage.
My Favourite 10 Albums Do Other People Here Download Only Albums?
Post Hardcore Recs? What's Been Floating Around... The Air During You're Summer?
Car Albums Recording An Album With My Friend
New Purchases And Recs Please What Band Combine These ?
5 Favorite Bands Ever Night Time Jams
Stuff I've Been Digging (since It's Been Three Years) The Magic Of Music
Lights! Camera! Sputnik! 51st List
Top 50 Albums Of The 90's Feel The Love
Albums And Other Things Acquired Yesterday Why Are Some People So Musically Blockheaded?
Coolest Band Members Wtf Smashing Pumpkins?
My "most Listened-to Albums" While Writing Our Most Recent Record... Is Cool.
Top 10 "Track 01" 's Just Digs
Every Band With 100+ Plays On My Last.fm Life Changing Albums
Rec Me Some Depressing Shit Stereotyping People By Their Favourite Indie Band
50 Great Songs Favorite Songs At The Moment
Battle Of The Genres - Part 2 What Do These Bands Have In Common?
Sputnik Aspirations Lesser Known Gems By Popular Bands/Musicians
10 Best Songs Part 2 Ruined Albums
Fav. Songs By Fav. Bands 40 Obvious Classics
Rest Of 2010? "Amsterdam ain't a nice place off your face"
Currently In My Car Random Summer Playlist
Idontknow!!radioheadranked Sputnikversary!
NINETIES As The Roots Undo Vinyl... What Up
Albums I've Been Into Lately (fixed) Why I Love The 90's
20 Albums Each - Pre And Post Finding Sputnik. Too Much Wc To Review
Albums I Probably Wouldn't Have... Whos Alt Am I?
Mikeallen's Ultimate Playlist Let's Talk About Fat Chicks!
Best Songs From Some Great Bands Deviant Hits 3000
Sputnik Essentials. Part III Cd's From Libarary 3.0
Who Has The Best Taste On Sputnik intense, hardcore, exhausting, brain-numbing, music that is completely awesome in every frickin way
Bohemian Rhapsodies Feeling Different Today
Just Bought These For $92 420
Deadliest Warrior June
come with me Good Bands, Not So Good Albums.
Recs (songs Or Albums) Based On These Albums... Hey Buttface
KFC VS TACO BELL I Officially Saw The Scariest Movie Ever...
Nought Decade >(my)< Most Listened To Songs At Moment
Top 10 Albums The Top 10 Albums Of All Time
Robertsona's Decade In Songs The Most Powerful Song From Each Of The Last 45 Years
Look?! A List Of Music! Top 100 Of The Decade!
A Mutated Decade Do You Find It Hard To Listen To Whole Albums
Gyro's Decade Of Yum Chamberedecade
Tom Servo's Decade List I Be The New Generation Of Slaves.
Bands I Like A-Z Bands I Like A-z
Rec Me Some Good Bands I Might Like Revolution1's 100 Favs
Vedecade I Wish I Could Invite Sputnik With Me...
Hey Derek! Sprechen Sie Dick! I Saw A Bungy
Payne's 50 Best Das Decade
Deviant Does The Decade Decade, Mother F*ckers
5 Albums That Will Change Your Life The Sputnik Music Abc's
Little Bro's Ipod Michael's Decade
Ryan Flatley's Decade List I Will Find You.
10 To 1 For The Last Decade My Predictions For The Staff Top 10
Favorite Records I No Particular Order Top 100 Songs On My Mp3
Thank You Sputnik The Evolution Of My Musical Taste
The World Cup Underrated Artists
Beautiful Music Music Videos That Are Alright
100 Essentials From The 90's The Songs That Make Me Feel Infinite
Wow So Original! Albums That Have Changed Jash's Life
Best Decade For Music? Top Bands From Last.fm
My Favorite Albums Of All Time Lakes Revised Top 10
Best Bands/artists Best Songs By Bands Pt.1
My Favourite Albums From The Uk And Ireland Digs and non dig
Radiohead; How It Stacks Up. Which Album Are You?
Radiohead Ranked Look, I Ranked Radiohead
20 Beast Songs Lost-the End: In Mourning
Lost... Wanted: Modern Music Recommendations For Someone Who Likes These Albums
My Top 10 Last.fm Albums As Of Now 100 90's Alt/post Grunge Gems
Captain Ramius Commands You! Artists My Girlfriend And I Both Like
Favorite Song Titles Pt. 1 Glorified Albums Which Do Not Deserve the Praise They Receive
Top 50 Albums My Favourite Albums
5 Greatest Albums Ever My Favorite Bands
Scrambles The Death Dealer It's My Birthday!
Recs Preaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 20 Awesome Albums I Got For Free Yesterday
My Favorite Albums Of All Time What The Hell Was That?
The 90s Yo part 1 Albums That Have Deeply Impacted Me Through Hard Times And Long Drives.
These Bands "shred" Top 20
Whats Your Favorite Guitar Solo? Radiohead Albums Ranked
Tom Servo's Top 90 Of The 90's ((Even) More) Stuff
Am I Crazy Or Just Stupid? Favorite High Albums
Best Song By Artist Part 1 What I've Been Listening To Recently...
My Musical Alphabet 100 Bands
Greg's Top 50 Albums I Own Pt 2
Shuffle List A Mike Allen Summer
Djing For Kate's Party! Sputnik
Severely Underrated Albums It's Terrible Love
Kid A Ranked My Ipod Likes Roses And Walks On The Beach.
New Here Current Top 10 Albums
Bands My Daughter Listens To Vinyl I Own/will Own
Record Store Day Vinyl Acquisitions Vedder's 50
My Sputnik Albums Radiohead Ranked
Radiohead Desert Island
12 Bands I Owe To Sputnik My Blog
Pre-prejudiced Albums Greatest Albums
Moar Moar Moar Sputnikers. Dig My Cd Collection?
I'm New, First List Favorite Rec Bands Since Joining Sputnik
My Vinyl Collection My 2000's
Need Recommendations For 90s Music The Decade List.
Top Five Albums Of The Decade. 2000-2009 Top 100 Of The Decade, #20-11
Recent Purchases (3/28/10) Songs That Wreck Me
Writing About Boredom My Ipod
My Fix Foxxxy Is Depressed
Enough Gorillaz Reviews!!! Favourite Albums And Movies Of All Time
Sputnik Has Overrated These...shame On You! Current Top 20 On Constant Play...
Just a few bands/artists that i like... Albums I Own Part 2
Resetting Last.fm Has Anyone Seen The Movie Dig?
My Favorite Albums Best Bands I've Seen Live
I Love Getting Rec's Albums That Epitomize A Band
Nevermind I don't care anymore. Radiohead Albums Ranked
Next Review = 1.5 = These Albums (More) Stuff
10k Mynameisdecade
The 10 Actual Best Songs Ever Bangbus Rules
Albums That Have Changed Me. 10k And Recs
New Here... Favorite Albums 10 Songs I'm In Love With
5 Albums Im Dying To Get My Favorite Albums Ever
The Song That Got Me In To Bands Recommend Me Something.
The Top 15 Albums I Listened To Of 09 Sputnikers What Albums Are Best To Cruise To?
Good Bands, Albums I'm Not Crazy About. Soft Music Is Good
Music Overload Songs Which Hold Meaning To Me
A-z Something To Look Back On And They're Good Because...?
I'm A Whore! Kid A Ranked
100 Comments!!! Essential 90's Albums
Procrastination 10 Songs Ilistened Today...
Recent Digs. How Does Last.fm Work
Amospheric Indie Recs? Soft F*cking II
Bands That Hipsters Worship Absolutely Ingenious
Radiohead: Most Listened To Albums Ghost Reveries Is The Best Opeth Album I've Heard.
Yo Rec Me Up Depressing Day For Depressing Music
Classics V0.2 What's On My Mp3 Player?
New Albums To Really Be Excited For Battle Of The Bands [Semi-Final 2]
Sputniks Favorite Bands? Are You A True Listener?
Need Classical Recs Favorite Albums A-z
Learning Bass How Recs Go Wrong
Band Recs Prease New To Sputnik
How Do You Listen To Music? Suggest Music For Me
Those Special Songs Battle Of The Bands [Quarter-Final 4]
Internships Internships Internships... Radiohead Albums Ranked
20,000 Last.fm Plays My Musical Progression
Lookin to Branch Out, Recs? Post-sputnik Top 10 Albums
30k Last.fm Ugh Snow In Alabama...
My Top 10 Radiohead Songs I Like These Records Right Now
My Favorite Bands A - Z The 1990s
Making A Mix Cd... 1000 Comments
Qwe's Nostalgia Favorite Albums Of All Time (right Now)
Favorite Bands (top 15) Radiohead - Kid A Ranked
Albums I Have Been Digging Lately Headphones
Musical Progression Classics - Ranked 1
Best Radiohead Songs Favorite Albums At The Moment
New Here. Rec Me Stuff. Recent Purchases
Ok Computer Songs Ranked Best Radiohead Songs?
Radiohead, C'mon Battle Of The Bands [part 10]
Guess It's My First Digz 1965-2009
Itouch 4g?? So Much CD Rippage
Birthday Pre-drink The Most Immersive Albums
Boognish's Most Annoying Users Bands I'm Getting Into Later Than Everyone Else...
My Favorite Bands Sputnik Blowjobs
Radiohead Top 5 Bands 2000 - 2010
Best Openers Uhhbuys
My Ever Growing Vinyl Collection Prog?? Recs Please
Depressing Albums Mendigo & The Zerozeroes
Help With Last Fm Best Songs Of The Past 27 Years
Triple J Hottest 100 Favourite Guitar Tones
Albums To Be Excited About This Year!! Chambered's Decade
Cheeseburgerz Are God And So Are These Albums The Last 10 Years Of Fine Fine Yeti'ing.
Boognish Mix Cd How To Spot A Crappy Album
Favorite Album Productions Which Should Be Top Priority 2
Go Saints The Book Of Eli...wow
Top 10 Most Overrated Albums Essay Music
I've Been Giving Out A Lot Of Fives Dream Radiohead Setlist
Too Many Albums To Get/check Out Personal Top 100
Lyrical Moments Exceptional Albums For A Lightweight Ipod
Starting A Shoe Gazey/post Rock Band The Most Influential Musical Geniuses Of Recent Times
Albums I Have On Cd I'm a Real-List [07]
Radiohead Augest 2008 Vancouver These Bands Are Totally Overrated
Who Did You Discover This Year I Need Help Choosing What To Get.
Which Album Should I Start With? Argghhhh Snow And Ice!!
Baconstarships Decade List Bands I'm Thinking Of Getting Into
Robertsona's Decade One Year On Sputnik
10 Albums That Are Pretty Much Perfect Albums I'm Currently Addicted To
Steel Erect's Decade List Music For Douchebags
Favorite Album Covers Albums That Are The Start To Kickass Next Few Days
Chewie's Top Albums From 2000-2009 Music Renaissance
My Cliche Radiohead List A Decade Of Robotmusic
A Nice Christmas Strikey: Decade: 50
Omg, It's Christmas Albums I Own
Moisturizing Keeps Me Young And Supple What Is Music?
The Best Bands What My Shuffle Sounds Like
30 Essential Albums Of The 00s Recommendations Please!!
Top 100 Of The Decade. Top 15 Artist Redux
My Top 20 Albums Of The Decade Bands That I Want To See Live.
Past Their Prime Amazing Music Videos/recs...
I Wanna Be Indie What's The Album You've Listened To The Most?
My Albums Of The Decade Burn2Burn's Magical Journey Through The Decade
Savonarola Vs. Robespierre Meat Digs, 12/12/09
Chambered's Top 10 Songs Of The Decade 2000-09 Radiohead Ranked
George Washington The Soft F*cking List
In Times Like These..... Thebhoy's Decade, Or: His Favourite 104 Albums Of The Past 10 Years
Qwecade Ball's Decade
Most Listened To This Year Kane Cooper's Top 50 Records Of The Decade
Snow Capped Mushy Caps. Top 10 Lyricists (not In Order)
First Snow--winter Recs Needed Adam Downer's Decade Of Awesome
Love One Another. Girls, Man
Obama Is A Top Albums of All Time
Another Great Trip To The Library... Masochist's Favorite Songs During 2009
10 Albums That I Can Always Listen To 3 Years, Oohlalala
New To Sputnik... Broaden My Tastes Please! Someone Help Me Out Here
My Favorite Albums Vinyl Collection Thus Far...
A Shuffle - Mrhotmoms Style Things That Are Inherently Awesome
Electronica Recs Bands I Want To Get More Into
My Last Fm Top 30 November 09 Top Ten Albums From The Aughts
List Of Albums In No Order I Got At The Sf Library That Are Eeping Me From Packing To Move To Santa Cruz Searching For Music
Favorite Genres/Albums The 'problem' With British Music
Favorite Albums Of All Time 18th Birthday Ftw!
Top 5 Last Songs Vinyls Fucking Rule
2010 Looks To Be Promising Alligator Ipod Shuffle!
Rec. Me Your Albums Of The Year Musical Rut, Need Help
Medeski, Martin & Wood ? Titan's 100 Albums Of The Decade
End Of Semester Playlist Favourite Non-metal Albums
Albums Coming Out In 2010 (hopefully...) Current Favorite Albums
That Was A First Down!!! Top 10 Albums (in No Particular Order)
Ok Computer = Dark Side Of The Moon? Personal. The 10.
Radiohead Albums Ranked 5k Last.fm
10 Worst Bands Ever (krushd) Free Weed
2000-2009: 100 Top Last.fm Artists For Me
My Favourite Bands As Of Now Give Me Something Epic!!!
Best Of The Decade Best Radiohead Albums In Order
Candle Lit Bath While Smokin' a J Pl Obviously The True Radiohead Best
Albums To Fall Asleep To My Top 20 Albums
Meatplow's Melancholy An Old Friend Of Mine Was Found Dead This Morning.
Going To Arctic Monkeys Bitches I'm Back
Shameless Promotion + Influences Minor>major
100 Albums Albums With The Coolest Endings
Favorite Bands/albums/songs - 10-1 So... My PE Wellness Playlist
Alphabet Favorites My Favorite Radiohead Albums!
Tearjerkers Albums On My Floor
New And In Need Of Some New Music Setto To A Falt
Top 10 Favourite Songs 90's 90's 90's!
Top Albums According To Last.fm Songs I Cried A Bit At The End Of
Itunes Most Played Songs 20 Favorite Albums At The Moment
100 News Articles 10 From You, 10 From Me
Albums Albums Albums Senior Year Is Overrated
Oops, Best Post Rock Albums Of All Time
My Favourite Radiohead Songs (and A Cover) Hip Hop,
20k On Last.fm 50 Bands/Artists Better Than Avenged Sevenfold
My Top 10 All Time Albums Itunes Recenty Added Albums
Converge Top 100 Albums Of The 2000's
20 Shuffles My 20 Favorite Albums Of 2007
Kiss And Ac/dc> Radiohead? 10 Albums That Influence You In Some Way
The Decade That Was 00 Shameless Blog Plug
Damn You Pitchfork There Are Hidden Treasures In The Oceans, In The Valleys Of Your Mind [mix]
This List Is Awesome Bitch Slapped By Awesomeness
So They Banned Hats In My School Grounds Fall Music (rec's Wanted!)
DiS DaT nu sHiT Top Ten Albums By Now...
45: 2000-2009 Heineken?!?!?!
6 Albums Joe Somebody
Pretty Things Best Of The Decade: 2000-2002
Longboarding Playlist Albums I Need
Help Best 10 Albums 2000-2009
ILL, AITE, Neutral, LAME, CRAP This Week On School Radio
My Movie And Music List Two Year Anniversary
A Tentative Top 15 From The 90's My Top 10 Albums
It's Been An Awful Past Few Days Top 10 Favorite Songs
My Favourite Songs My Favourite Bands
The Best Albums Ever, According To Me. Top 10 Current Favourite Artists
19/100 "Kill him now, Anakin"
15 Songs From My Current Playlist Favourite Albums
People's Guide To Radiohead A-z
Favourite Arists/album/song Favorite Guitar Albums
Reading Festival 09 Favourite Albums (so Far)
My Embarrassing Last Fm List Favorite Drumming Albums
Classical Recs? Are These Albums Worth Keeping?
My Top 30 On Lastfm Today My Favorite Albums, For Now.
My Favorite Albums Of All Time These Are My Twisted
I Humbly Request Some Recs Summer Pt 2
Late Night Tip The 50 Best Albums (in Order)
Late Night Tracks 1k Comments! Big Spuniky List
Beautiful Songs Some Asshole Stole My Cd's
New Ipod, Need More Music Top 50 Played Songs
5 Albums I've Been Listening To Alot Albums That Change Things
Favorite Bands . . .ever 10 Beautiful Songs
Uber Br00t4l Death Metal Top 10 Albums
Just Bought A Violin Ground Breaking Bands I Just Can't Seem To Get Into.
Ok Computer Ranked If Someone Gave Me The Cash To Get 30 Albums...
So I Keep Getting Logged Out Favorite Post-2000 Albums
Bandslam Wiggaslam Rec Some Electronic Music!
Symmetrically Shaped Shapes Recent Digzz
Please Recommend List Kills Boredom
Radiohead's Kid A: Ranked I Choose You! Sputnik!
Snow Music Decapitated Taco
Current Digs 50,000 On Last.fm
Top 20 Albums At The Moment.... New Car New Playlist
Not Just A Hip Hop Head 2009 Purchases
Want 25
Reasons I Love Sputnik II: All Of The Awesome Stuff I Wouldn't Have Otherwise Heard Awesome Album Art
My 20 Favorite Albums. Stuff I've Been Listening To Alot Lately
Bands I Don't Get 51 Favourite Artists
50 Best 00s Albums
Favourite Vocal Songs Two More Weeks In The United States
Ultimate 90s List Top 25 Albums
Songs That I Can't Have A Conversation During Because They Are So Glorious. Summer Albums
Top 10 Bands I Rated A 4.5 I Shuffled My Ipod And Made A List
11 Albums That Were Important In My Musical Development Top 90s Albums
Good Morning/night Road Trip
Albums I Want To Check Out Recent Gains From Sputnik
My 3rd List In 3 Days Songs I've Been Digging Recently
Work Music Some Of My Favourite Album Openers
Bloodthirsty Songs Of Justice Does Sputnik Not Like Aol?
Shrapnel94's Cd Collection My Top Ten Albums
1000 Comment Get Most Rated Albums On Sputnik
30 Awesome Albums The 10 Hottest Bands
Sometimes I Love It When You Break My Heart My Alchemy Index
Top 10 Four Years On Sputnik
So All My Friends Went To Guilfest Albums To Take With You On A Head Trip
Good Shit To Relax 2 Albums I Get Asked About At Work
What Up Baby? Big Jugs Pt. 6
All-time Favs Some Albums For The Summer
New Bands Huflefs Tlsi
My "Classics" Chill Out
Top 25 Albums On Last.fm Top 25 Artists On Last.fm
Canada Day! Songs That End Wars
Killer Album Art 24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week
"it's Quite Easy Mein Fuhrer, You See... Oh I'm Sorry Mr. President..." Radiohead Playlist
Current Myspace Playlist Top 20 Last.fm Bands
4 Years Of Music I Got My Upright Bass Fixed Today
19 Years And Then They Dance Away Clean Like Savion Glover
Things That Freak Me Out Lyrics
Summer! (recs Please) 3 Years Of My Life Have Been Sucked Away By This Website, And All I Have To Show For It Is This Shitty List
Openers New In Town
Coldplay Live Was... Playin' A Gig
Personal Top 25 Albums The Ipod Is Shuffed.
My Top 50 Albums My Favorite Albums At The Moment
My Current Top 10 Favorite Albums Of All Time. Top 10 Favorite Songs At The Moment
Give Me Their Babies Sputnik told me to do it...
Top 10 Radiohead... For Now Favourite Bands
Sputnikmusic Fellows! Winter Jams
50 Spectacular Albums Radiohead
Current Favorites 20 Must-have Albums
If The Police Catch Me I'm Fucked My Musical Journey With Sputnik
I Used To Be Carried In The Arms Of Cheerleaders Radiohead Done Perfectly.
Favorite Albums Set Your Recs
Favorite Albums From The Past Decade 50 Favourite Albums (at The Moment)
I Suppose It's A Bad Time To Tell You... The Best Songs To Trip To
Revised Wishlist Worth Everypenny Live
Soundtrack To A Day Bands That Have Inspired My Poetry
Since My Computer Wont Let Me Play Counterstrike... Songs I Hate By Bands I Like
My Favourite Albums So I've Got My Gcse Exams Next Week
1 Year Of Sputnik My Playlist (april 17th - May 8th)
My Summer Playlist Opposite Day
Music=life Shit I Keep On My Ipod
What Album Do I Bring In For Creative Writing Class? Mix I Made, Open To Recs
Mik's All Time Tunes Top 15 Favorite Albums
Awesome Vocals Mastodon Tickets!!!
I'm Leaving... Yep, On A Jetplane Converting A Mainstream Boy....
By The Power Of The Death Star, Do We Not Have A Tray That Is Fucking Dry? 50 Favorite Albums And Songs.
Top Ten Bands Right Now... Songs That Suck That I Still Love
Albums To Look Forward To... The Bends > Ok Computer
Popping My Sputnik Cherry =] Last.fm Bandwagoning
5000 Last Fm Plays Scat Swapping School Swallow...
I Listen To A Lot Of Depressing Stuff Birthday Albums/recent Purchases
Take It Away 'cause There's Nothing To Miss Favorite Vocalists W/ Songs
All Work And No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy Top 10 Albums, Recs Please
Epic 90's Dude! Recent Album Listens
Without You I'm Nothing Someone Should Make "sputnikmovies"
15,000 Plays On Last.fm Shizz I Have And Need To Listen To, Which I Have Yet To Do
Growers I Really Need Some New Music
Recently Listening If I Were The Keys, Then Where Would I Be?
The Last Thoughts Before The End Of The World Awesome Drums
My Musical Journey - 2 Years In The Making Albums That Have Changed My Life
Eh? Albums That Actually Mean Something.
My Playlist (march 25th - March 31st) Ya Dig?
Top 20 Albums Radiohead Setlist 27/03
Twister Favorite Songs By Favorite Bands
Songs I'm Digging, On This, The 27th Of March As Of 2 Years Ago...
Radiohead Ranked Albums I Really Like..
The Altmer List Are Any Of These Artists Worth Getting Into?
Mind Recommending Some Bands? New Disks To Be Spun
Top 40 5 Min+ Songs Top Ten Albums Aka Never Made A List Before
Superworst Artists Ever! Genius.
My Most Influential Albums Favourite Bands
Here Comes The Argument Seen Live
Close-to-modern Day Classics A Beautiful Healthy Wolf!
Remedies For A Long Week. Top 50 Played Bands According To Last Fm
I Don't Get Radiohead Top Five Favorite Albums Ever
Jrowa001 Does The Shuffle Snowed In = Excuse To Do Nothing
Essential Albums 50 Bands/groups that are usually consistent
Top 50 Bands Ultimate List Of Best Artists Ever.
Sober For A Day I Love Toast!
Ten Sweet Ass Albums Help Me Out
My Favourite Albums Part III Sickity Diggity
Review Of 2007 (looking Back) My 10 Favorite Albums
Recommend Bands ! Recent Listens
Albums I've Brought Over The Last 3 Months I'm English, And As Such, I Crave Dissapointment. That's Why I Buy Kinder Suprise.
Favorite Bands My Current Top 5 Albums
Albums I Need To Listen To Before I Die (part I) 50 Songs I Am Enjoying At The Moment
Songs That Affected Me Top 10 Favorites Of 2008
Bad Trip! More Shuffling
Fuck You Music Better Album Covers
Recommendations Please!!! Okay, So I've Finally Worked Out Radiohead's Best Songs?
Growers 100
Mix Album That Flows. Best_albums_ever
Pandora Is Fantastic Kevin Spacey Is Dirty
Jrowa001's 100 Favs!! Two Year Anniversary Fuck Omg
Albums That I Want A Hard Copy Of 10 Albums That Help Me Defy Sleep
Top 5 Albums Of The New Millenium Top 10 Albums Of The 90's
Songdigz The Product Of Baby Fucking
Bands Spuntik Introduced Me To If You're Willing To Play The Game, We're Gonna Ride On The Gravy Train...
Hello Sputnik Essay Music
Music To Grade By 10 Albums That Influenced My Music Life
Sad Songs Bananaoracle's Totally Generic Best Of 08 List
You Know How I Know You're Gay? Shopping List
Round 2: Fight Breakup
Favourite Movies!!! ... Uh, I Mean Shuffle. 30k Last.fm Plays
The Simpler The Better Illuminati
My Current Top 30 Last Fm Tracks The Best Of Mcp
Albums Bought In '08 It's Come To This (revised)
Must Hear Before '09 December Album List
Favorite 15 Albums Of 2007 (revised) Favorites Of 2007
Albums I Got For Christmas 15 Songs Of Musical Perfection...
Current Favorite Ballads/slower Songs Favorites Of 2003
Best Live Shows I've Ever Seen Fucking Rasputin
My Top 10 Albums As Of This Moment Most Overrated Bands Ever
Radiohead Album Openers Any Recommendations For Listening?
Sputnik Anniversary Yet Another Last.fm List
Bands On My Ipod - Top Songs Playlist This
Favorites Of 2000 My Top 30 Last Fm Artists
What I'm Checking Out Now Laundry List
Top 50 Last.fm Artists: Over A Year Later Some Songs I Am Attempting To Learn
Christmas Wishlist CreamedCraz
Recent Vinyl Acquisitions My Top 20 Albums (old And New)
I Open Up My Wallet, And It's Full Of Blood Gems Or Crap? 11 Cheap Albums!
Favorite Recent Downloads Christmas Cd Wish List
17 Hours In A Car Recent Fave Moments
Slow And Powerful 1 Year At Sputnik!
Me Need Sleepy Mixtape From Hell
It Wouldn't Be An Album Without... Album Closers
These Give Me Chills 10 Favorite Songs Ever
10 Bands Better Than Alter Bridge 20 Fantastic Songs
Fav Bands At The Minute A Stonewhore's Mix Up
Welcome List I'm Bored So I Thought I'd Update My Top 30 List
Sophmore Albums That Surpassed The Original Celebrations!
Favourite Songs Of All Time Favorite Albums
Eat Your A** Up Like A 40 Ounce Steak Top 5 Rainy Day Albums
Some Favorites As Of Late Soundtracks To My Revelations
My Top 100 Albums :[
Halloween Playlist Mixtape: Nightmare
Getting Over Hump Day Bands I Just Cant Get Into No Matter How Hard I Try
Those Who Cling To This Dominion Will Partake In Its Fall Top100 (no Subjectivity Allowed)
Current Listens Last.fm
Powerful Closers Songs That Get Me Pumped
Vinyl Collection Bands I Can't Be Without At The Moment
Albums I Have Obsessed Over At Some Point In My Life 15 Great Opening Songs
The Greatest Openers Ever The Greatest Closers Ever
15 Great Song Closures Top 15 Bands At The Moment
all time songs. Buying Spree Part 1
Yo Mens I Needs Yalls Help Kattuns Favrotite Albums
Best Albums Ever Last.fm Top 20
Favourite 30 Artists Tonight, I'm A Rock And Roll Staaaaaaaaaaaaar!!!
Lala Another Generic Wants List
Thor's Ultimate Biking Playlist It's a Thursday.
Personal Favorites Thank You Sputnik. (i'm Gay)
The Soundtrack To My Solitude We Hope That Your Rules And Wisdom Choke You
My Recent Album Tastes 1 Year, 50 Albums
My Top 20 Albums Digs
Recommendations, Please... Full Cd Collection
My 50 favourite albums What New Mystery Is This?
My 5 Favorite Albums (No Order) My Top 20 Songs Of All-time
Currently Listening To (10/09/2008) I Ain't Got No Dough, Don't Mean I Be Broke.
Im Bored//top 30 As Of The End Of August 08 My 10 Favorite Albums Of All Time
Diglist My Top Forty Albums
Muscle Miiiilk Thank You Sputnik
Guitar Hero Iv Dream Setlist Sleepers
Top Ten Best Closing Songs Cover Artwork That I Love
Some Favorite Songs (part 3/5) 100 Songs That Give Me Goosebumps Everytime
My Stereo Turns Up To 11 Mis Bandas Preferidas
My Favourite Radiohead Songs Purchases After Surgery
Songs That Should Not Be Missed What My Best Of: Ballads Cd Would Look Like
America, Fuck Yea?!?! Epic!!!
Favourite 90's Albums Reccomend Me Stuff From These
Radiohead Setlist At Allpoints West Some Stuff I Found At The Library
If You Want To Get Into These Bands, Try... The Master Of Kong Foo:
Sometimes... Epic Proportion
Illin Great Songs You May Not Have Heard
Last.fm Top 50 Best Albums
Earth Air
Water My 'perfect' Albums.
My Top 10 Albums Songs That Accompany My Emotions Currently
My Itunes On Shuffle #2 Itunes Shuffle
Eurphoric Tunes Owned: O ~ Z
Sleepy Time! The Acoustic Guitar
Spinning, Spinning Out Of Control Favorite Album Covers
Favorite Aqueous Tracks Best Of My Collection
Top 20 Songs This Must Be Another Dream
Mojib's Top Albums Of 2007 The Pax Cecilia's Top Albums Of 2007
Steven Wilson's Top Albums Of 2007 Telescreen's Top Albums Of 2007
Valencia's Top Albums Of 2007 Tera Melos' Top Albums Of 2007
Adam's Top Albums Of 2007 Jimmy's Top Albums Of 2007
Richard Fortus' Top Albums Of 2007 Space's Top Albums Of 2007
Kiss Kiss's Top Albums Of 2007 Andrew Miller's Top Albums Of 2007
Tommy Rogers' Top Albums Of 2007 Alphabet
Mcp's Top 25 Some Of My Favorite Moments In Music
Been Reading Spin Lately 16.666666666666666666666667
6/16/06 Original Passages In Music
You Don't Know Me: Top 25 Top 50 Of 07 Final Edition
This Past Week What Is Currently Spinning...
Pump Up Songs Trippy Spacey Stuff
Life Changing Songs 90's-Present: Modern Day Classics
Which Two? Sputnik Has Spoken!
Lol Wut Is Juggalo? Time To Settle This Once & For All...
My 3 Favorite Albums Albums I Want.
Bands Whose Music Speaks To Me When Things Weren't Such A Buzzkill
Disease.. Today Is A Good Day...
My 10 Fav's Doo Bee Daa Daa
Not That I'm A Pussy... Updated Top 100 Songs Of All Time
Perfect Songs Digging This Shat
Recent Purchases Simply Beautiful
Bands I'm Not Sure How To Get Into Most Played Albums
...boredom Reigns... Farewell Sputnik
Sleeeeeepy Albums I'm Digging - Recommendations
Great Songs In The 00s Great Albums I've Been Listening To Recently
Ballads I Have Dug Lately Wolfy's Essentials
Bands That Are Cooler Than You New Top 25 Albums
4/21!!!!!!!! Top 30 Records Of All Time.
10 Favorite Bands- Creativity Over Similarity Disappointing Albums
Yeah These Are Some Of My Digs Lately... My Top 10 Favourite Radiohead
Currently Enjoying Creme De La Creme
My Top 10 New Purchases And Soon To Be Purchased
Current Fav. Songs I Have A Gift Card...
Digital Photography Can Be A Very Boring Class Songs That Rule My Heart
Album Experiences I'm Digging These Albums
Digg 'em Up Need To Check Out
The Best Part Of Waking Up... Bands I Want To Get Into Recomend Please
Songs That Re-thunk Me Great Sophmore Albums
Digs Best Records Of The 90s
Awesome Pump Up Songs Better Bands/Artists I Fall Asleep To
Teh Shuffel Chuffel Shuffle To The Max
My Top 10 Albums No Excuse For This, But Im Procrastinating Doing A Latin Essay
Recent Listens Walk Down Memory Lane
Recomendations Stuff I've Been Listening To Lately.
Misunderstanding In A Jazz Bash The Greatest Bands Of All-time (no Disputes)
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My Top 25 Played Rip Gary Gygax
My Current Top 10 Songs Of All Time Shuffle 2: It Came From The Crapper
Circa 2003-2004 Im Bored=shuffle Mode
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Favorite Bands Of All Toppeliste, Per Ora
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Best Songs Of The 90s The Top 150 Albums Ever: Part 3
The Top 150 Albums Ever: Part 2 My Favoritest Album Ever In The History Of My Favoritest Albums Ever Made
Digs My Top Ten Albums Of 2007
Earliest Best Of Decade List Ever Stoop Kid Dont Know Shit
Stoopy Like Radiohead Radiohead Is Touring In Houston
Bands I Own Two Or More Albums By 2 Years
Top 20 Radiohead
Buys This Weekend Top 10 on iTunes
Art Music PLAY FROM YOUR FUCKING HEART!!@!@!!!!!!11111111@@22222222!!!!!!!!!!!221$23%7%@567894978(89
Albums I Could See Going Up In My Ratings Zune Zune Zune Pt. Deux
What, No Metal? (what I Am Digging Lately But Also Metal) In The End...
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Another List Of Maybe-purchases Songs For The Rejected
What A Downer It's Just A Ride
Favorite Mini Albums Grab Me A Shovel
My Favorite Albums Of The 90s Albums I've Been Hooked On During Intersession
Favourite Atmospheric Songs Junk Dat Been All Up In My Ear
G D F G C F C I Don't Know
My Shuffled Ipod Recents Fucking Digs!!!!!!
15 Real Mood Albums 50 Albums That Fire On An Emotional Level For Me
Grocery List Favorite Vocals
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My Favourite Songs Of 07 Lately..
Best Of 2007 Christmas/birthday
Iluvatars Top Conglomerate List Of 2007 My Top 20 Albums Of All Time
This Week My Post-christmas Wish List
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My 12 Favourite Album Closers My Favorite Bands
My 10 Favorite Songs Meaningful Phrase
Word Of The Day: Black 2007: The Top 50
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Only Hours Away Albums I Need To Check Out
Top Five Alumbs Of 2007 Copia And The Such
Epic! Mixtape
Favorite Of 07 Yearly Albums Since 1970
The Best Albums Of 2007 Top 10 Of 2007
What I Liked This Year Iluvatar's Top 15 Of 2007
My 15 Of '07 Top 15 Songs Of 2007
Staff Picks: Top 50 Albums Of 2007 Top 15 Albums Of 2007
Damrod's Top15 Albums Of 2007 Flawed's Top 15 Of 2007
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Iai's Best Of 2007 (top 15) The Real Best Of 2007
A List Of Brooding Albums Must Have Corporate Holiday List
Bands To See Live Sputnik Users' Top 100 Albums Of 2007
Fanboyism My Top Of 2007
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Best Of 2007 Top 25 Albums Of 2007
Another Bad List Top 15 Albums Of 2007
Top 10 Of 2007 Albums I'm Looking To Purchase
Late Discoveries Of 2007 A Playlist For A Car Ride
Album's I Have Been Getting Into Lately Fucking Awesome.
My Christmas List 50 Favourite Songs As Of December 6th, 2007
Duggins Radiohead Top 7 Albums
The 100 Albums That I've Liked Most My Best Of 07... Maybe
Top 15 Of 2007 John's Playlist Of Anti-boredom Music
2007 My Fav. Albums
Some Help For Ghostface Winter Break
Gotten Into Recently 5 Most Beautiful Songs
Sweet Music My 10 Favorite To Sleep To
Tear Jerkers Radiohead Forever
Top 20 Albums :) The Most Emotionally Compelling Songs I've Heard So Far
My 10 Favorite Of 2007 As Of November 12th. Most Listened To Albums So Far
Albums I Need To Get My Top 10 Favourite Songs
Top 100 Grower Albums
Melancholic. Abc Bandwagon Jumping
Why The Scene Kids Don't Like Me My Recent Playlist
20 Albums To Check Out In 2007 Bands I Listen To Other Than Metal And Punk
Mellowed Out Stuff I Like Songs That Annoy My Roomates
Recent Purchases 07
Fershizzle Has It Wrong. Radiohead: After Rethinking; Albums Ranked
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My Top 10 Albums My Top 10 Artists
Can You Guess The Theme? Fav 20 Albums Atm
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My Top Ten Favorite Albums Favorite Radiohead Songs
Best Albums 2003 Most Talented Bands That I Listen To
Best Of The British Rock Most Listened To Albums (by September)
My Top 10 Of All Time Most Songs On My Itunes By Artist
Albums Voor In Nepal (deel 2) Favorite Albums At The Moment
Best Albums 2001 Best Albums 2000
Best Instrumentals My Dream Concert Festival
Best Albums 1997 Shocking Album Releases
Good Bands A-z 7 Top.
Omg Top Albums Modern Bands That Will Be Influences For The Next Generation
Radiohead Recurring albums
10 Songs That Changed My Life My Favourite Live Albums Of All Time: Top 10
My Favourite Albums Of All Time: Top 20 My Favourite Bands/Artists: Top 10
Good Bands My Mom Has On Her Ipod Totally Random
20 Damn Good Songs Zune Zune Zune
Favorite Alternative Rock Albums I Likez Metal, Too
My Non-metal Favourites Abc List :d
A List Of Recently Played Albums Co2ca
Some Songs I Have Dug Lately My Favourite British Artists
Outside The Street's On Fire, In A Real Death Waltz Albums I Must Get Into Sooner Or Later
Playing Someone Else's Music Here, There, And Everywhere
Cds I Own (as Of 8/4/07) My Top 10
Pitt/Clevland Albums 12 Favourite 90s Albums
My Favourite Albumszzz Albums That Changed My Life
Need Your Help Songs I've Been Diggin Lately
10 Albums I Sleep To Song Obsessions
Favorite Bands 10 Favorite Albums Oat
Top 20 Bands As Of Today Last 20 Albums I've Listened To
Some Nice Albums Of Late... ... This List Gets Bigger & Bigger Everyday
More Best Of The 90's(with Some Metal This Time) Albums I Use To Test Music Equipment
Top 50 2000's Albums My Favorite 90s Albums
My Favorite Albums 300
A Few Songs I'm Really Into Ocean City '07
twenty5 Some Generic Digs Of The Last Couple Of Weeks
Myramona's Top 20 Albums Of All Time To Get Or When To Get?
Songs That Hook You! Favorite Songs By Favorite Bands
Top 10 Favorite Songs (june, 07) 5 Best Progressive Albums
Top Artists, Top Albums Live Acts I Have To See
My Favorite Contemporary Albums My Favorite Albums
Song's I'm Really Digging. Bands (with Songs) That I'm Really Digging.
Top 10 All-time Flawed's Faves Update
D Best Albums Imo Music I Have Been Listening To.
Albums I've Discovered Lately Albums I'm Contemplating Getting (still)
Songs I Have Been Digging Lately 26 "long" Reasons To Love Music
10 Fav Albums Bands Ive Liked Throughout The Years
Great Songs (In no particular order) Albums I Am Finally Discovering
Money Doesn't Grow On Trees You Dicks! 'i've Got A Watch That Turns Into A Lightbulb'
My Top 10 Cds Atm Last.fm Top Artists
Stuff I've Been Checking Out Lately My Desert Island Albums
My Top 50 Bands/Artists Overlooked Albums
Top Five Radiohead Tracks New Stuff Im Into
Top Ten Albums Top Five Favorite Bands Atm
Trendy Yes, I Stole This From What?
Favourite Albums At The Moment Helpful Songs
Me, Defined I'm Getting These Albums The Day I Get Back
Mixtape Vol. ? 100 Favorite Albums
Beneath The Fall Top 25
Best Song Endings Top 30 Albums Ever
Explain. Now. To People Who Say Music These Days Suck
Worst Radiohead Songs Fav. Bands And Best Album From Each
My Favorite Albums Updated And Extended: Favorite Albums Of All-time
Favorite Albums If These Songs Were Girls I Would Marry Them.
My Favorite Bands Underrated Drummers
Zune Shuffle Top 100 Albums 1995-2004
Songs I Listened To All The Time At College A Few Albums I Found In My Brother's Room That I Am Now Checking Out
Songs Im Listenin 2 Atm Infectious Beets
Purely Acoustic Cd's I Bought In London (new)
On The Horizon Overrated Artists Of Whom I Own CDs
Bands That Annoy Me Horrorshow needs some fresh meat
Cds I Got For Christmas Eargasmic Songs
Jacaranda's Albums Of This Decade... So Far. Jacaranda's Nineties Albums
The 25 Greatest Albums Of The 1990's The Dent
Top 10 Radiohead Songs Double '07
Top 20 Albums 100 Of My Favourite Songs
My Top Ten Favorite Songs Music That Will Change Your Life...
My Top Ten Favorite Bands Bands I absolutely HATE
New Top 50 Top 10
Songs that just always be favourites 99 Awesome Albums
23 Great Flavors Favorite 20 albums
Top 50 Cool Basslines Fools!!!!
Best Radiohead Songs My Top 10 Favorite Albums
Sad Songs Albums Everyone should own
20 Albums I Am Listening to Lately NASCAR Nextel's The Sludge 100
My fav albums My Top 50 Albums
CALM DOWN! FP's One Hundred
My Top 10 Albums I too have phallus type genitals
I am a man Tearjerkers
Real Men Do Top 100s Favorite Songs. Ever.
teh secks When I need catharsis...
Favorite 25 Bands Favorite Albums by my Favorite Bands 4.0
Favorite Radiohead Songs Jimmy's abc bands
Current Favorites colours
A Cold Winter's Day This is it, This is The One
100!!!! top 10 albums
Guess What Top 10 Albums Of The 90's
FP's Song ABCs My Favourite Bands
My 10 favorite bands Top 20 albums, one per artist.
if my life was a movie One Word Choruses
Rock N' Roll Lullabys All The Albums of Bands I Want
My Stoner Mix Perfect Solo\'s
Seven Albums I Bought With Book Money Top 40 Favorite Songs of All Time
Worst Album Covers Favourite Album Covers
Favorite Bands Beauty
Flawed\'s Favorite Albums 10 Greatest Albums EVAR
Perfection Festival My Dream Festival
My Fantasy Festival Official top 25 Radiohead songs, as voted by me.
Iluvs top 100 albums ever in his polluted way of thinking OMG ORIGINAL LIST
Yeah I copied Thor and made an alphabet list Favorite slow songs
Songs i'm liking at the moment Some of my Favorite Albums
Songs for a Trance My favorite songs... Too hard, but ones I've been most obsessed with
SNAKES ON A PLANE!!! 10 Albums That Changed My Life
MyRamona's top 10 albums Holy Fuck....
Bands i'm trying to get into My Favorite Albums
Songs not been on a list yet. Ideal Songs Vol. 1
Most overated bands in Rock/Metal Muisee's Top 15 Favorite Albums
Four My Top 10 Personal Favourite Albums
10 songs I wish I'd written Ten overated bands
The Girlfriend Likes The Music! This is not generic.
My Top 50 Favourite Albums Ever The Funeral Anthems
The Top Worst Album Covers Of All Time 10 Songs To Scare Small Children With. . .
Last 15 songs played on my iPod. Bassist201's Best Albums Ever
Overrated Hatshepsut ftw
MY list of bands Sputnik introduced me to All-time Top Five (High Fidelity)
Deep Desperate Darkness Top5 artist I got into because of Sputnik
Im Stoned. 5 Songs to Wake Up With
My favorite bands 2000 to 2005 + an explanation of syphillis
The Five Most Overrated Indie Albums Ever Top 10 Albums of All Time
My top 10 most played albums The Top 15 Albums of the 1990s
Top 100 Favourite bands


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