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Junz Nocturnalize12/18/14
Metalcore Bands That Are Awesome HeavyMetal2508/20/14
Albums Worth Checking Out. Different Genres Of Metal and a little bit of Punk Rock thrown in. HeavyMetal2508/20/14
The Relevance Of Cds Depends On Your Collection Pt 1 YetAnotherBrick08/18/14
My Favorite Bands DeathMosh8908/12/14
Deathcore 2014 Part Uno SourAK07/21/14
Deathcore : A 2014 Retrospective FuzzyxPickles07/10/14
Help Me Book Shows witchxrapist07/08/14
How Come Deathcore Isn't A Genre Tag? erizen82607/08/14
Metal/death/djent-core IWillReturn06/04/14
Bands Named After Songs RVAHC1305/25/14
Hung Out With Nocturnal IWillReturn05/18/14
5 Years on Sputnik Nikkolae05/07/14
Hi. Roman04/22/14
Guitar Covers AlasKenColors04/16/14
Amazing Deathcore Nocturnal04/11/14
Bands I've Seen Live quik4003/06/14
What I've Been Listening To This Week MoshIAM6902/21/14
Top 5 Best Moshing Songs NarlusKing12302/13/14
Top 25 Of 2012 Sniff12/18/13
Best Of 2012 EmceeKain12/14/13
Meet The Djents PitchforkArms10/29/13
For All Guitarists ChuckyTruant10/28/13
Top 10 Albums I Can't Stop Listening To zoso138710/15/13
Deathcore Albums, The Good Ones. Duckman11810/03/13
Ouch, My Djenitals PitchforkArms08/28/13
Hey! (readmynamelol) ThenamesTrenton08/21/13
Bands I've Seen evetterochelle08/17/13
Cd Collection YakNips07/16/13
What Car Do You Drive? And What Is Your Dream Car? ChuckyTruant07/10/13
5s Ranked YakNips06/15/13
Deathcore'n Hard Son Part 2 VinesOvThorn06/08/13
I Finally Have A Car pjquinones74705/17/13
Rip Moreira Jacquibim05/10/13
Favorite Albums Of 2012 snowbbird05/04/13
Lyric Videos Are Lame witchxrapist05/03/13
Bands Whose Names Start With A V rapedbyelephants04/28/13
My Friends' Progressive Metal Band Iamthe Nightstars04/22/13
Chuck's Top 30 From 2012 ChuckyTruant12/27/12
My Band's Album Out For Free Today! Tribalist12/26/12
2012 List whatshisname12/25/12
2012 Deathcore Eulogize12/16/12
Veil Of Maya Tonight AfterTheBreakdown12/15/12
2k12: Weak Adabelle12/10/12
Rec Hnd Djent HighandDriving11/27/12
The Illusion Of Competition Funeralopolis11/21/12
The Genre Everyone Loves To Hate NastyCrab10/27/12
Deathcore List (extremely Rare) MalleusMaleficarum10/20/12
Favorite Albums Of The Last Ten Years thatguyoverthere10/12/12
Rec Me Some Gym Music ButtsweatAndTears09/29/12
Want New Progressive Metal? Iamthe Nightstars09/05/12
Can Somebody Give Me A Recommendation? pjquinones74708/18/12
Summer Slaughter Tommorow AfterTheBreakdown08/16/12
Prevent Beer Tiredness adhoc08/01/12
My favorite Bands Of Metalcore/Deathcore/subgeners huguitoescorza07/26/12
2012 Listens So Far Kronzo07/20/12
Puppy Recs Devastator07/19/12
Have None Of You Heard Of Noostrak? TheFinalEffortDrums07/03/12
In Need Of Djent JimFear06/21/12
Guitar Strings ChuckyTruant06/17/12
Albums I Just Can't Stop Listening To... JeebusRools06/05/12
Albums The World Needs To Hear Pantone20005/19/12
Metalcore Albums That Are 2/5's ThunderNeutral2105/16/12
2012: Year Of The 4's elephantREVOLUTION05/14/12
Shit I'm Into ConnorTheHero05/07/12
Digs PeriL05/04/12
Metal Like This? PretentiousListener05/03/12
Good Deathcore? Wha??? dathvada32105/02/12
Deathcore That Doesn't Suck RobotJesus04/28/12
Albums I Like dathvada32104/26/12
New To Sputnik AlasKenColors04/18/12
Random Metal List shredaman04/11/12
Lifting is over! Devastator04/10/12
Goodbye Social Life ILJ04/08/12
5 Favorite Screamers ChuckyTruant04/06/12
Metalcore Brothers ChuckyTruant03/24/12
Invalid File jwyles403/21/12
Guitar Influences ChuckyTruant03/20/12
Good Production Pt. III ChuckyTruant03/17/12
Deathcore Alphabet Eulogize03/13/12
Gba Memories rahulmenon03/12/12
Albums With Especially Good Production ChuckyTruant03/11/12
My First Sputnik Birthday. BlazeWilson03/09/12
Veil Of Maya Ranked Devastator03/06/12
Recent Digs (March 2012) AlasKenColors03/05/12
Songs I Be Diggin 5 AtomicShane03/02/12
Deathcore/Metalcore/Death Metal jwyles402/27/12
Rec Me Recording Software? InFiction02/22/12
Recent Listenings Dummit02/20/12
New Digs AfterTheBreakdown02/19/12
New Veil Of Maya keyboardxmosh02/17/12
Which Pmp Do You Use? ILJ02/11/12
Shit I've Been Bumpin' J0ckstrapsFTW02/02/12
Best Metalcore J0ckstrapsFTW01/28/12
New 8-string Junz For You Iamthe Nightstars01/12/12
My Anticipated Releases This Year From The List Provided By Decibel Magazine SleepingGiant01/09/12
I Am The Happiest Uncle Ever Right Now. keyboardxmosh12/26/11
My Favorite Live Bands RobotJesus12/16/11
Deathcore 101 HiLion11/05/11
Donating Blood & Digs HiLion11/03/11
Crush Em All Songs Of The Night/Songs I Wish They Played JeebusRools10/31/11
Crush 'em All Ranked AfterTheBreakdown10/30/11
Crush 'em All Today AfterTheBreakdown10/29/11
New Releases I'm Excited For Zorak10/19/11
Fall Jams. BringerOfStorms10/10/11
My Personal Favorites Frederickog35710/08/11
The Definitive Metalcore List Winsomniac10/05/11
Favorite Deathcore AfterTheBreakdown09/29/11
Sumeriancore Ranked sspedding09/07/11
Alphabet Soup (metalcore, That Is) Tatou08/18/11
Albums Of The Year (2010) R3fl3cti0ns08/05/11
Itunes On Shuffle #2 NocteDominum07/27/11
Sumerian Records 5-year Anniversary Tour AfterTheBreakdown07/26/11
Crush 'em All Tour AfterTheBreakdown07/20/11
Looking For Deathcore Recs ColeTrain07/04/11
Deathcore For Beginners DroopyTongue07/04/11
Heavy Shit Ranked AlonsoHarris06/11/11
50 Albums Of My High School Years AfterTheBreakdown06/09/11
Sputnik Evolution Eulogize06/07/11
The Deathcore Alt Trend Is Not Funny Or Cool sonictheplumber06/06/11
Decent Deathcore Bands MopHeadOvMetal06/04/11
Metal Albums I Have Been Jamming Recently guitarplaya13505/26/11
Skramz, Junz, And Br00tality!!!!!! PinkElephants05/12/11
Good Songs On Terrible Albums sspedding05/10/11
Sumariancore Ranked VeilOfOsiris05/06/11
Sumeriancore, Meet Mediaskcore. Come At It, Bro. Winsomniac04/29/11
Next Review? AfterTheBreakdown04/28/11
What Band Shirt Are You Currently Wearing? asaf04/24/11
Don't Like Veil Of Maya tkxxx704/20/11
Favorite Deathcore Bands Eulogize04/18/11
Rec Me: Prog-deathcore DonniSharK04/16/11
Giet Evorlved ofwgkz04/13/11
Top 10 Albums ImALion04/13/11
The Albums Of Boooommmmm!!!! Grant13152304/12/11
Milwaukee To Denver Roadtrip circa92304/06/11
The Ultimate Mathcore/prog Metalcore List YetAnotherBrick04/02/11
Some Deathcore That Isn't Total Bullshit jigsoreterror03/27/11
I Need 50000 DIGeridoos AbyssalCreation03/13/11
Albums I Just Bought At The Local Record Store SleepingGiant03/04/11
Five Favorite Deathcore Listens So Far aricH02/16/11
What I Have Been Listening To This Month SleepingGiant02/13/11
Some of my Favorite Albums LeoGurko02/11/11
Top Ten Of 2010 jmh88602/10/11
Best Albums Of 2010 theblindinglight02/10/11
Top Ten Bands/artists I Got Into In 2010 jmh88601/27/11
Im Looking For Death Metal/Hardcore/Deathcore Recs Neenahskater01/25/11
Diversify! 0m3ga0n301/16/11
Top 50 Albums Of 2010 FeralMemories01/04/11
Delayed 2010 List Kronzo01/03/11
Random Digs GhettoIndieshit12/12/10
Rad Show Tonight! botb12/12/10
Jwt's 2010: Worst Albums Edition JWT15512/02/10
New ATB Leak wyankeif133711/21/10
Marc From Veil Of Maya witchxrapist11/15/10
Technical Much Breethindeathcore10/08/10
Gonna Make A List While Drunk InFiction09/30/10
I Love Terrible Music. Winsomniac09/26/10
20 Great Songs From 20 Great Artists Scrambled09/22/10
Recent Gets Kronzo09/08/10
Wtf Is Calculous Rock? witchxrapist08/31/10
It's Cool Because I Can Make Lists Ace24508/11/10
Whitechapel's..... beefshoes08/10/10
Summer Slaughter 2010 reeshespeeshes07/27/10
Top Album Closer's crowing5107/26/10
Xbox Live Membership Ended TheFacemore07/19/10
Summer Slaughter Priorities glocks4sale07/17/10
Slaughtering An Inanimate Season That Is Able To Be Slaughtered Grog5007/15/10
Workout Playlist Dystopic07/06/10
Too Technical For Technology Tour? crowing5107/05/10
Shower Shuffle AbyssalCreation07/02/10
The Soundtrack To A Long Drive. Vano06/25/10
My Computer Was Died witchxrapist06/20/10
Favorite Sumerian-core glocks4sale06/08/10
Delicious Maliciousness Xplisit06/05/10
Most Listened For May 2010 dansxdead05/29/10
What's In My Cd Player twiszted68905/10/10
Best Deathcore? xTevinx04/25/10
Favorite Bands Top 10 bdeal204/25/10
As I Go On More Job Interviews.. Understanding In a Crash04/21/10
The Top 100 "Metal" Bands on MySpace ThePalestMexican04/13/10
Nice Weather Digs twiszted68904/11/10
Watchtower! FeralMemories04/09/10
Digs For March 2010 dansxdead03/31/10
Fallout 3 TheNewWhack03/25/10
What I'm Looking Forward To In 2010 Thanatopsis03/19/10
New Albums? alexmetres03/05/10
Oh Da Humanitiez!!!1!! Shredzilla02/15/10
To The Users That Read. Bitstream01/01/10
Snowed In PeteyThePistol12/19/09
Newbie Alert! Dystopic12/08/09
Best Of Sumeriancore MaidenPriest42011/24/09
Artists In My Mediaplayer xTevinx11/19/09
Need Band Names! Nikkolae11/18/09
Albums That Have Shaped Me As A Human Being drmidnight7311/04/09
Top 10 Metal Albums Of 2008 FeralMemories10/28/09
Rec Plz Meditation09/30/09
Top 10 Bro-downs funtenot09/29/09
Tech.... Deathcore? chrisbringsrevenge08/27/09
Looking For Suggestions. PapaSmurf1308/14/09
20 Awesome Metal CDS Scrambled08/12/09
Best Breakdowns: Series Two Si1v3RfaNg06/05/09
Sweet Breakdowns. (let The Flamage Begin) XtheComb1neX05/20/09
This Is My Escape Art poweroftheweez05/04/09
Top Played Songs. Sort of. Bitstream03/21/09
Bands I've Seen Live MammalToes01/26/09
My Top 15 Bands MammalToes01/26/09
Top 25 Of 2008 asdemonsburn12/10/08
Deak Browns poweroftheweez10/27/08
Currently A-lovin'... poweroftheweez08/27/08
Bands/Artists I've Been Digging! Lately alexmetres08/13/08
Bands I've Seen In The Last Year chaoticmelody08/08/08
Buster (drummer) from Kidcrash's 10 Records / August kidcrash08/07/08
What I'm Diggin Inflames04/08/08
The Benefits Of Irresponsiblity. Metalikane03/04/08


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