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Dimebag Remembered renegadestrings12/09/10
Terrible Albums Abigor12/06/10
Entry-level Metal creampie12/06/10
Off The Chain theacademy11/30/10
My Ipod GhettoIndieshit11/28/10
Hellbound GhettoIndieshit11/26/10
Panter Ranked Analrape11/25/10
Angel Slays The 90s AngelofDeath11/21/10
Top Bands (updated) theacademy11/18/10
Best User Ever!!! iamnotchan11/17/10
Fr33's Favorites fr33convict11/17/10
Am I Scene? awhiteguy11/17/10
Feit Had An Epiphany Counterfeit11/16/10
Top Ten On My Playlist Right Now Darkvoid6711/10/10
Greg's Favorite Albums Of 1990s greg8411/09/10
Hans' Top 100 Songs BigHans11/08/10
Great Southern/southern-influenced Metal BringMeTheWaffles.11/03/10
Lifechanging Albums BringMeTheWaffles.11/03/10
I never say bad words at Sputnik Counterfeit10/28/10
The 90s SD(TheGreatDestroyer)Inc10/27/10
A List For A Friend Strider10/27/10
Hi Erverybody Mewcopa10/27/10
Best Caucasian Music BallsToTheWall10/25/10
What Are Your Favorite Sound-alikes? Emim10/18/10
Tweaker Gave Me A New Pipe ThisIsDildos10/13/10
You Guys Like Guitar Riffs? OvrotLivesAgain10/12/10
Poser Patrol! theacademy10/11/10
The Manliest Albums Ever 2: Judgment Day sonictheplumber10/10/10
I Dun Goofed Counterfeit10/09/10
My Favorite Albums twizted198410/07/10
My Top 20 Heavy Metal Albums Ever OverkillBomber09/30/10
Manly Metal Militia Inveigh09/28/10
Best Albums By Year Spec09/27/10
Mondays Counterfeit09/27/10
Music For Men Counterfeit09/23/10
90's METAL JamieTwort09/23/10
50 Greatest Drumming Albums Spec09/21/10
Fighting The Loudness War, Exhibit A: The Good LepreCon09/20/10
Favorite Album Covers austin88809/16/10
My Weekend Sucked ieatpuppies4dinner09/13/10
End Of The World: Which Albums Do You Save? Gr3mlin09/07/10
My Favourite Albums Of 1990 JamieTwort09/06/10
Real Death Metal paulard66609/05/10
Life Changing Albums ImpendingSpoon32109/03/10
Top 15 Bands According To Last Fm Plays SaintJ4408/30/10
'90: Golden Years Pt. 2 ShoeSoup08/21/10
40 Awesome Riffs JamieTwort08/19/10
What Should I Buy? random08/18/10
Bands I've Just Discovered That Surprised Me, In A Good Way Rush2208/17/10
Best Guitar Solos AngelofDeath08/14/10
Favorite Albums Of 1996 Caveman08/14/10
(in My Eyes) Great Metal Vocals theBlackWidow08/12/10
Favorite Albums of 1992 Caveman08/12/10
Vic's Awesome 90's vmcoia9108/11/10
Favorite Albums of 1990 Caveman08/10/10
Why Doesn't Anyone Like Me? LaCosaNostra1308/06/10
All Original Except For One List ReturnToRock08/03/10
15 Just Plain Epic Songs Caveman08/02/10
Top 25 Favorite Bands SaintJ4407/31/10
Old Albums I Own/love sEby14607/24/10
Pantera Best To Worst austin88807/24/10
Purchased TBliss07/21/10
90's - Albums kangaroopoo07/18/10
List Of Bands I Used To Dislike But Now Can't Get Enough Of austin88807/11/10
My Songlist While Playing Halo 3 crowing5107/05/10
20 Albums Each - Pre And Post Finding Sputnik. DrGunther07/05/10
Big Hans' Top 25 Albums Of All Time BigHans06/29/10
Doctor Who Titan5006/26/10
Putting My Ipod On Shuffle Pt. 2 ironmaiden120406/24/10
Putting My Ipod On Shuffle ironmaiden120406/21/10
Fucking Bureaucracy Counterfeit06/19/10
Fuckayoolakers cirq06/17/10
Favorite Albums Of All-time RabidHippo06/16/10
Willie's 90 For The 90s Willie06/15/10
Top 10 Songs To Get The Blood Pumping aprehs706/14/10
Revolution1's 100 Favs revolution106/13/10
Bbq Ranked buckfutter06/11/10
Rec Me Some Metal/Metalcore Blotto06/09/10
The Evolution Of Steel Erect's Musical Progression SteelErectedb4you8er06/06/10
100 Essentials From The 90's buckfutter06/04/10
My Top 10 Favourite Metal/rock Albums Beatskins06/02/10
Weight Training Supplements okcomputer101605/31/10
Metal School Hecksplosion05/27/10
Greatest Metal Albums Of All Time ironmaiden120405/23/10
My Favorite Bands miandel0005/14/10
The Top Overlooked/underrated Metal Albums sfgmen41505/10/10
Top 20 Bands No Order PhotographerAsh05/09/10
My Top 10 Albums PhotographerAsh05/09/10
The 90s Yo part 1 Urinetrouble05/06/10
Rock Band: Good Edition JayVex05/05/10
Manly Albums LepreCon05/04/10
Tom Servo's Top 90 Of The 90's TomServo05/03/10
Heavy Metal! Edwin05/01/10
Best Song By Artist Part 1 BigHans04/29/10
My Top 100 Rock/metal Albums JamieTwort04/28/10
Shuffle Lists Are All The Rage! Emim04/27/10
100 Coments! vanderb0b04/24/10
Best To Worst Pantera Album ironmaiden120404/24/10
My Ipod Likes Roses And Walks On The Beach. BeyondSanity04/19/10
My Top 25 Metal Albums ExcavatedSkull0004/18/10
The Top 100 "Metal" Bands on MySpace ThePalestMexican04/13/10
Metal Guitar Hero Arcitchur04/12/10
Metal/industrial List Of Gratefulness DeliciousTampon04/12/10
My Evolution ConsciousLife04/07/10
Favorite Cd's Monsterpoptart04/04/10
Easy Death Metal Tabs? combustion0704/04/10
Songs For A Good Day azisnomarsa04/03/10
Possible Future Reviews Carnifex03/26/10
Top 40 Songs Of The Moment thischarmingman03/23/10
Current Top 20 On Constant Play... thischarmingman03/22/10
Just a few bands/artists that i like... thischarmingman03/22/10
Top 10 Favorite Metal Bands OvTheFireAndVoid03/15/10
Most Beautiful Metal Songs OvTheFireAndVoid03/15/10
Good Bands That Have A Douche Bag In Them trailofdead9103/14/10
300 Albums Down! fr33convict03/14/10
Really Overpriced Bands Parallels03/12/10
God Of War 3 Demo Won't Install Greenman03/07/10
"The Crazies" was actually good Greenman03/02/10
Academy Top 15 All Time (mp3 Era) theacademy02/26/10
What I'm Listening To... 0m3ga0n302/21/10
Some Music TriefeyeVanPoz02/21/10
So I'd Like To Make An Apology Carnifex02/19/10
My Top 25 Metal Bands mullenmetal02/19/10
Pantera Invents Nu Metal BigHans02/16/10
Albums I Forget Existed, But Arent That Bad Urinetrouble02/07/10
Musical Rip-offs Parallels02/07/10
Recent Music, Rec? Heartfang01/30/10
Albums I Want Similar Styles To Xenorazr01/30/10
Cult Of Luna Metalstyles01/22/10
Songs For Long Distance Runs.... triplet7601/18/10
Which Should Be Top Priority 2 CrisStyles01/17/10
Favourite 50 Albums SD(TheGreatDestroyer)Inc01/13/10
Personal Top 100 ShineOn7501/13/10
Miscellanous Digs random01/12/10
Fuck. Emim01/11/10
Shit I've d From Itunes Buccaneer01/10/10
Whiskey-soaked Music In Honor Of Love For Whiskey SteelErectedb4you8er01/09/10
My Favourite Metal Albums... SD(TheGreatDestroyer)Inc01/08/10
Screamers Emim01/08/10
I Wish Pantera Were Still A Band funkymango01/07/10
Metal Now! Fort2301/04/10
Trendkill Or Intervention? random12/26/09
Which Pantera Album? random12/24/09
Some Of The Angriest Songs I Know lglag12/22/09
Here's Some Digs Pt. 2 random12/20/09
Best Van Halen Starting Points? random12/17/09
Random Albums random12/14/09
Best Dimebag Solos And Riffs eternium12/08/09
Rip Dimebag iwrestledabigmaconce12/08/09
Every Album I Actually Own Parallels12/07/09
Favourite Guitar Solos Dystopic12/07/09
The Lusty List MrButterfingers12/04/09
New To Sputnik... Broaden My Tastes Please! edzzztttuuurrr12/02/09
Searching For Music 46andtwo11/24/09
Grunge/mellow Grunge/mellow Metal SephirothBlade11/21/09
Metal!!! Ewednesday11/04/09
Stuff I Listen To While Playing Xbox Live xThisFireBurnsx10/17/09
Senior Year Is Overrated CrisStyles10/13/09
Songs as catchy as they are awful Greenman10/12/09
Chill Music sonictheplumber10/08/09
9079 Plays On Last.fm BornDeadBuriedAlive09/27/09
Need A Bunch Of Metal Rec's Please Jackus09/21/09
Best Producted Albums/classic Favorites djNils09/18/09
So Beautiful I Cry ninjuice09/16/09
I Had The Hardest Breakup Evr Help Plz Ulsufyring09/03/09
Bands I Just Can't Get Into Chairk2429C08/30/09
Deep Creeping (a Tribute) - Part 2 killrobotmusic08/24/09
Bands That Are Way Overrated Boognish08/23/09
'sup, Rec Metal Titan5008/17/09
Juggalopeth KMKHxC42008/15/09
Thievery (part III) thecheatisnotdead08/05/09
Favourite Vocal Songs Titan5007/29/09
Music My Older Brother Listens To corenotgore07/27/09
Bench Press Success rudolphhess8807/21/09
My 1000th Comment... shindip07/17/09
Just Bought 2 Lunarfall07/03/09
/m/ KILL07/01/09
The Sonic Granduer Of 1990 fireaboveicebelow06/03/09
My Favourite Albums.... triplet7605/25/09
Need Some Rec's Please Jackus05/24/09
So I've Got My Gcse Exams Next Week Titan5005/11/09
Albums That Influence My Drumming BornDeadBuriedAlive05/09/09
Love That Songs Suck I Still That renegadestrings04/26/09
I Listen To A Lot Of Depressing Stuff Titan5004/19/09
Epic 90's Dude! Abdar11204/13/09
Phantomlimb Is A KILL04/01/09
My Draft Registration Came... PuddleSwimmer03/25/09
The Ballstothewall List Altmer03/23/09
Insert Funny Title Here Fugue03/20/09
Top 40 5 Min+ Songs Titan5003/18/09
I'm Back KILL203/16/09
Metal Albums I Love To listen to After Years panagiotis03/16/09
You Cant KILL The Metal KILL03/07/09
True Classics KILL03/04/09
Metal Is The Best Genre KILL02/28/09
GTA: IV Songs Bfhurricane02/24/09
I'm English, And As Such, I Crave Dissapointment. That's Why I Buy Kinder Suprise. Titan5002/22/09
Whenever Boredom Overcomes You, Listen To Music You Must Rugter3202/18/09
My Top 30 Compilations Titan5002/17/09
Maybe If Everyone Who'd Ever Been Close To You Had Died You'd Be Sarcastic Too. Mr. Lizard02/11/09
My Favorite Songs To Play On My Bass MammalToes02/11/09
School Time Shuffle MammalToes02/09/09
Shuffle Time Baby!!! MammalToes02/06/09
My Top 15 Bands MammalToes01/26/09
Albums I Like To Call My Favorites SlowlyWeRot01/25/09
Favorite Solos (at the moment) AlaskanColors220701/24/09
Ipod On Shuffle dahmerszombies01/22/09
Favourite Bands At The End Of 2008 nodnerB01/06/09
Favorites Now 3ddie01/04/09
Albums Ive Bought Recently metalupyourass6912/31/08
Me And My Mom PuddleSwimmer12/24/08
Songs I Can't Stop Listening To Atm ShadowintheSun12/22/08
Christmas Wishlist sonictheplumber12/08/08
This Is The Law ktscat66612/02/08
Recent Fave Moments Tool12111/30/08
Top 50 metallicaman8811/28/08
These Give Me Chills Thor11/24/08
Apetite For Destruction Rogue Six11/24/08
Songs That Just Pump Me Up 0m3ga0n311/22/08
Brilliant Songs Over 6 Minutes inflames66611/21/08
It Seems Distance11/20/08
Metal Massacre! combustion0711/16/08
What Should I Look Into First armfarm11/15/08
So I'm Dead! dahmerszombies11/15/08
Puke Out Your Emotions Red Cap Brain11/13/08
25 Best Guitar Solos Of The 2000' Foodforthegods11/06/08
Albums I Will Never Get Sick Of inflames66611/04/08
Favorite Metal Ballads Spamwise11/03/08
My Favorite Albums Soflex11/02/08
1980's Albums I Don't Have Yet But Should Auldy10/30/08
Favorite Songs To Play On Guitar combustion0710/23/08
Ipod On Shuffle inflames66610/20/08
35 Song Shuffle 0m3ga0n310/11/08
The Ipod Touch List zacheroog09/21/08
Songs I Dig Rogue Six09/07/08
Guitar Hero Iv Dream Setlist Lambda08/31/08
Awesome Art sonic208/25/08
Current Digs MadnessUnhallowed08/21/08
Twisted Metal Ps3 PuddleSwimmer08/20/08
Gym Playlist #28 renegadestrings07/31/08
Top 15 Songs To Drive Fast To bren73207/29/08
Gym Playlist #2 renegadestrings07/26/08
Ham Sandwhich megadoomfurycrusher907/20/08
Owned: O ~ Z istaros07/12/08
Lindsey Boullt's Top Albums Of 2007 ArtistFaves06/30/08
Albums To Be Enjoyed With Herbs kuririn06/20/08
Songs I'm Learning On Guitar combustion0706/17/08
Songs For A Tool Cover Album dav455006/16/08
Career Mis-steps Part 2 ReturnToRock06/14/08
Most Badass Riffs TheDistantFuture06/08/08
I Got Jacked combustion0706/08/08
Best Albums Ever SylentEcho06/07/08
Pumped needledeathpunk06/01/08
Latest Listening MadnessUnhallowed05/24/08
Awesome Intros jason_f9005/13/08
Awful Album Covers Big Baby Jesus05/10/08
My Favorite Metal Albums 3ddie05/07/08
Fav Albums (in No Particular Order) madanthony04/30/08
Guitar Queer-o Abdar11204/29/08
Top Cd's Ever bullwinkle04/26/08
Wolfy's Essentials Wolfy04/21/08
Recovery Listening MadnessUnhallowed04/03/08
To Get List: Ver 5.0 McP300004/02/08
My Top 10 Can't Live Without Albums ZEEKER18703/21/08
Im On A Chopping Spree And I Could Use A Hand... ASberg02/26/08
Best Songs Of The 90s Altmer02/21/08
20 Brutal Albums I Like Altmer02/13/08
Bands I Wish I Could Have Seen Live CoRpSeSlAyEr01/17/08
I Need New Music! Guitar10812/20/07
My All Time Favorite Bands Foodforthegods12/11/07
These Are The Bands Which I Personally Feel Have Created Original Music sammy66612/10/07
The 100 Albums That I've Liked Most Altmer12/04/07
Recent Listening Confessed200512/02/07
Reccomend Me Stuff blackened0711/13/07
Songs That Should Be On Guitar Hero botb11/12/07
I Got The Spins! masterchaos10/17/07
Reccomend.... americanidiot10/09/07
Omg Top Albums Boddah09/10/07
Best Guitar Solos In The World badbreath0709/10/07
Modern Bands That Will Be Influences For The Next Generation Amalgam09/09/07
Top 10 Favourite Slatsky708/31/07
Some Stuff I've Been Digging Lately. Altmer08/25/07
Favorite Metal Albums tribestros08/22/07
Some Songs teamsleep69808/01/07
Nice To See You Again teamsleep69807/30/07
My Top 10 Favorite Songs Wrathchild22207/19/07
Personal Top 25 Metal Albums Ever freudianslipknot07/18/07
Fav Albums AndManyMore07/10/07
Almost Perfect Songs goneshootin2207/08/07
More Best Of The 90's(with Some Metal This Time) grungekicksmetalsass07/05/07
My Favorite Albums Of The 90s greg8407/02/07
Good Fighting Songs logmania45606/30/07
Panteras Best Songs wooden rock fingers06/28/07
What Happened To Me? teamsleep69806/26/07
My Cd Case metalhead1706/26/07
Pie Chart metalhead1706/26/07
High Voltage Metal Songs! NeverFading1406/25/07
Peer Pressure teamsleep69806/25/07
Top 10 Albums I've Been Listening To Lately.... mfb06/19/07
New Solos That I Learned Mastodon_200706/19/07
Songs I Cant Help But Air Guitar To. ERoc49006/14/07
Bands I Would Love To See Live But Can't Foodforthegods06/13/07
20 Songs That Stand In The Best Ever. Foodforthegods06/03/07
Fave Songs By Fave Bands freudianslipknot06/02/07
50 songs that I find awesome. Adapter05/30/07
My Favorite Pantera Songs Understanding In a Crash05/27/07
New Stuff I'm Checking Out teamsleep69805/16/07
D Best Albums Imo lanethetrain05/14/07
Favourite Guitar Solos. goneshootin2205/12/07
Even Great Bands Screw Up renegadestrings05/09/07
My Top 5 IcedVictim04/30/07
If I Was A Millionaire.... teamsleep69804/30/07
Albums I Just Put Onto My Music Server Altmer04/23/07
Favourite Bands TheStarclassicTreatment04/19/07
Songs I Just Can't Stop Listening To NeverFading1404/10/07
Recomended Album For Each Artist (part 2) thrash4life04/08/07
Favourite Intros goneshootin2204/06/07
Artists I Wanna Get Into thrash4life04/02/07
Favorite Bands atalackofwrds03/30/07
50 Albums That Have Changed My Life Foodforthegods03/29/07
Top 50 Metal Albums Of All Time Altmer03/29/07
My Top 50 Bands/Artists CognitiveVertigo03/27/07
Favourite Album By Each Of My Favourite Bands Altmer03/22/07
My Favourite Songs By Each Of My Favourite Bands Altmer03/09/07
Songs That Are Fun To Play On The Guitar. goneshootin2203/04/07
Music For A Tough Week londoncalling45702/20/07
Guitar Hero 3 Otisbum02/19/07
Songs That Got Me Into Bands irishmanshibby02/17/07
Desert Island Top 20 freudianslipknot02/16/07
25 Songs That Blew Me Away From Day 1 Altmer02/15/07
Best Songs To Sing-along To NeverFading1402/10/07
What I Like To Get Pumped To: Revised list from the othe fisky00902/08/07
Bands And My Fave Songs sr1902/05/07
My Top 100 NeverFading1402/03/07
Songs I Find Weird, But Awesome goneshootin2202/01/07
My Ultimate List O Bands That I Love Inflames01/26/07
Bands I Like In No Order ciarabassmasta01/26/07
Zune Shuffle mryrtmrnfoxxxy01/23/07
Albums Getting A Lot Of Play In '07 shevanel0901/22/07
Pro Wrestler Theme Song goneshootin2201/20/07
Cd's I Bought In London (new) The Flabbit Rides High01/08/07
Classic Metal Songs Everyone Should Have Heard Altmer01/08/07
Some Good Metal Ratmond12/22/06
Current CD Collection RATMFanatic12/12/06
MM8: 100 albums omg metallicaman812/10/06
Music I've Been Meaning to Listen to UrbanM1112/09/06
My favorite guitar solos NeverFading1412/06/06
They have hands on them. Jim11/30/06
Top 50 The Flabbit Rides High11/25/06
Latest 20 songs im into teamsleep69811/20/06
Songs That I Have Been Diggin Lately shevanel0911/20/06
20 Rocking Songs blekzebbed11/17/06
Best Bands of All Time inflames66611/13/06
Current Songs I'm Digging RATMFanatic11/13/06
My Current Favorite Bands. xfirexexitx11/11/06
My Top 50 Albums IvortheEngineDriver11/08/06
10 heaviest songs i know and enjoy schmalls11/06/06
MM8's 100 fav songs metallicaman811/04/06
My Favorite Guitar Solos freecharlie811/02/06
Songs For The Gym LiveWire42010/06/06
Songs to be Pissed With raggedragamuffin10/04/06
Favorite Metal Songs dazecivic10/03/06
Vicious13's Favorite Bands of all Everdom vicious1309/25/06
Game time whatttt south_of_heaven 1109/22/06
My Favorite Bands ubercow09/17/06
Gigant-Ozz Values Tour bicepman400008/26/06
Grant\'s Awesome Metal/Hard Rock Festival south_of_heaven 1108/26/06
Great Bands, Horrid Albums bicepman400008/22/06
Favorite Pantera songs HumanGroceryStore08/21/06
Top Bands chazza131308/21/06
South\'s 100 Songs south_of_heaven 1108/20/06
40 songs I just can\'t get enough of raggedragamuffin08/20/06
Killer Album Covers bicepman400008/19/06
Awesome covers Diabulus in musica08/18/06
Priestmetal's desert Island CD Priestmetal08/14/06
Songs that get me angry rockfan08/12/06
My Top 10 Favs. Thyrteen08/11/06
Top 50 Albums of All Time DoomsdayMachine308/10/06
Dave Mustaine's favorite metal bands heavy metal kid08/09/06
Hard as nails bicepman400008/06/06
11 Albums my gf doesnt approve of me listening to f_u_c_t08/06/06
Music for my funeral turkishbezerker0408/02/06
Shopping List Tarantino's Tarantulas07/31/06
Songs to paint your house to bicepman400007/30/06
Greatest metal solos jane07/25/06
The Worst Albums I Own Excluding St. Anger south_of_heaven 1107/25/06
Metallicaman's Fav songs metallicaman807/18/06
The 4 Albums Ive bought Most Recently Tarantino's Tarantulas07/18/06
SoH11's 50 Albums south_of_heaven 1107/16/06
Frickin Sweet Solos south_of_heaven 1107/15/06
Top 10 Bands tamadrummer0207/06/06
Bicepman4000 top 10 albums bicepman400006/30/06
My Top 100 Bands Dave de Sylvia06/29/06
5 Songs to Kill to Tarantino's Tarantulas06/28/06
Songs that Make You Feel Like a God south_of_heaven 1106/22/06
Fav Bands motleyman1306/17/06


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