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Obligatory Monthly 2013 Digs Funeralopolis02/26/13
Saw Coheed Last Night Sauce02/23/13
Real Men...yeah. NightmareCinema1602/23/13
500 Ratings. Achievement Unlocked. SadAndHolyGlow02/18/13
Favorite 2013 Releases elephantREVOLUTION02/18/13
Shitty Metal Bands That My Shitty Metal Band Is Influenced By Riptide02/17/13
2013 So Far Crawl02/16/13
Bands I've Seen Live (more Than Once) drasticaction7402/15/13
Top 15 Favorite Bands drasticaction7402/12/13
Rec Me Cheap, Used Cds Sites insomniac1502/12/13
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¯\_(?)_/¯ zxlkho01/30/13
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Soon-to-get (hopefully) thecheatisnotdead01/21/13
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Jt What You Know Bout It suppatime01/14/13
Albums/EPs from the year two thousand thirteen (2013) that i have listened to MelloYello01/13/13
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2012 afergusonart01/03/13
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Top 20 Of 2012 MelloYello12/24/12
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Other Music Sites? deepintheorchard05/17/12
2007 autopilotoff05/16/12
2005 autopilotoff05/11/12
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2003 autopilotoff05/09/12
2002 autopilotoff05/08/12
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My Biggest Let-downs McDiggitz11/12/09
My Top 15 Of All Time bam524cky11/10/09
Worst List Of The Day amerikraut11/04/09
Post Hardcore? iwrestledabigmaconce11/03/09
Favorite Openers ninjuice11/03/09
Does Sputnik Play Guild Wars??? Niceinvader10/30/09
Mix Shit Up kfilly2010/28/09
Brutal Legend shindip10/27/09
100 Albums magichorze10/25/09
Bands I've Seen This Year. MammalToes10/22/09
Favorite Bands/albums/songs - 40-31 killrobotmusic10/21/09
Favorite Albums When I Was Immature Teen handoman10/18/09
20k On Last.fm Fugue10/10/09
Ive Gone On A Downloading Rampage MrHotMoms10/09/09
Favorite Closers ninjuice10/08/09
The Second Stage Turbine Blade Ranked Yazz_Flute10/05/09
Top 10 Albums Kronzo10/04/09
Favorite Proggy Albums greg8410/01/09
Post-hardcore Noob bananajam09/29/09
So They Banned Hats In My School Grounds Yazz_Flute09/25/09
Best Of The Decade: 2000-2002 killrobotmusic09/22/09
Favorite Bands At The Moment Ryan1709/20/09
Illness Sucks Stones9909/19/09
Coheed And Cambria Top 30 Songs Yazz_Flute09/14/09
Best Live Videos Found On Youtube EverythingEvil211309/14/09
More Bands Id Like To Get In To MrHotMoms09/13/09
Recent Purchases/gets (part 2) Kronzo09/08/09
19/100 Transient09/07/09
Rip Summer '09 Yazz_Flute09/02/09
Top Albums 2007 jredmond08/25/09
Top Albums 2002 jredmond08/25/09
Airplanes Have Wings! Shredzilla08/10/09
Anyone Else Wish They Could Go To Lollapalooza? thebbqshrimp08/06/09
Songs Stuck In Mah Noggin StephMCK99008/05/09
Bands I'm Seeing Live Matte08/04/09
Reasons I Love Sputnik II: All Of The Awesome Stuff I Wouldn't Have Otherwise Heard Fugue08/04/09
100 Songs Worth Of A Perfect Playlist StephMCK99008/03/09
My Favorite Bands. MyNamelsVan08/03/09
Stuff I've Been Listening To Alot Lately Amnesty08/01/09
Good Bands My Brother Can't Stand endlessartix07/31/09
Two More Weeks In The United States raggedragamuffin07/27/09
Top 25 Albums OurDearHunter07/27/09
My Musical Progression EverythingEvil211307/25/09
Just Took A Bath dylanthedesertpea07/25/09
11 Albums That Were Important In My Musical Development killrobotmusic07/24/09
Albums I Cant Stop Listening To GoodApollo1249207/23/09
Music My Girlfriend Got Me Into ErasersAtBothEnds07/22/09
Top 7 Bands I've Seen Live Tw1ster07/20/09
My Favorite Coheed Album Order LegendofPittman07/20/09
Who Plays Cod World At War On The Ps3 GoodApollo1249207/18/09
Shrapnel94's Cd Collection Shrapnel9407/17/09
30 Awesome Albums killrobotmusic07/15/09
Top Albums 2003 jredmond07/12/09
Family & Friend Problems CreamCrazy07/12/09
Brand New InTheShallows07/10/09
What Up Baby? FourSquare2007/09/09
Warriors, Come Out To Play-i-ay! Phantom07/08/09
My Fav Prog Albums GoodApollo1249207/07/09
13 Favorite Bands. =D oilerfan94307/07/09
Best Albums Of All Times GoodApollo1249207/06/09
Rec Me. Kronzo07/06/09
Best Songs Of All Times GoodApollo1249207/06/09
Best Bands Of All Times GoodApollo1249207/05/09
New Bands ShunnedSAMURAI07/05/09
Masochist's Favorite Moments In Music, Vol. III Masochist07/01/09
Help Omg londoncalling45706/27/09
Crash And Burn. sXeJigglypuff06/26/09
Sick Titles Zip06/24/09
10 Great Bands theusual106/23/09
And Then They Dance Away Clean Like Savion Glover Phantom06/22/09
Eureka! ThyCrossAwaits06/19/09
Rec Me Stuff To Learn On Guitar handoman06/18/09
Important Albums thecheatisnotdead06/18/09
2009 So Far Acre06/16/09
Albums To Review Kronzo06/13/09
The Ipod Is Shuffed. Shrapnel9406/10/09
30 ninjuice06/08/09
Favourite Albums At The Moment xavia160906/07/09
Bands I'm Into Right Now atrink06/06/09
Favourite Songs At The Moment xavia160906/02/09
My Musical Journey With Sputnik Shrapnel9405/27/09
Buys In The Musical Month Of May CreamCrazy05/24/09
Shockingly Bad Bands Maximo12305/20/09
Need New Music JokesorInsults05/18/09
Worth Everypenny Live mfbroom05/17/09
Since My Computer Wont Let Me Play Counterstrike... Shrapnel9405/16/09
Sputnik Classics I Have Yet To Hear Aids05/15/09
Title Tracks GBJ05/14/09
Duct Tape And Soldered Wire asrowe05/13/09
Where The Milfs At? Understanding In a Crash05/10/09
Give Me Justice, And I'll Have Paris In Flames stoopkid05/05/09
Converting A Mainstream Boy.... Klekticist04/30/09
Modern Scottish History - Lamentably Dull DoctorNurse04/30/09
My New Top 15 Bands MammalToes04/29/09
Favorite Coheed And Cambria Songs greg8404/22/09
Hi Gang... willfellmarsy04/21/09
Lemme Get A Peep On Dat Prog, Ya Herd? stoopkid04/20/09
Scat Swapping School Swallow... stoopkid04/19/09
The Top 10 Albums That Changed My Life Dylonias04/10/09
My Favorite Albums Of All Time onexrainyday04/10/09
Pagan Black Death Scream Grind Math Metal marksellsuswallets04/07/09
My Top 5 Albums TerminalC04/06/09
Recently Acquired Crap racerX7103/30/09
My Arse 'Let's Go', They're Filming Midgets! Phantom03/30/09
On My Horizon thecheatisnotdead03/26/09
Epic Shuffle. Shrapnel9403/25/09
Bands I'm Really Into At The Moment: acidlegion1403/16/09
Genius. jimay33303/13/09
I've Got Some Yellow Liquid For Your Popcorn, And It's Non-dairy! asrowe03/12/09
A Beautiful Healthy Wolf! stoopkid03/08/09
My Top Bands Of The 2000's Tw1ster03/06/09
GTA: IV Songs Bfhurricane02/24/09
3 Years At Sputnik ninjuice02/20/09
Albums I'm Making It My Top Priority To Listen To MattRTS02/19/09
Modern Prog Please Abdar11202/17/09
Favorite Vocal Performances elephantREVOLUTION02/14/09
Some Bands I've Also Liked Lately acidlegion1402/11/09
Songs I've Listened To Lately acidlegion1402/11/09
My Favorite Songs To Play On My Bass MammalToes02/11/09
Current Favorite Songs bolshephobia02/10/09
St. Vals 4 Pookie... willfellmarsy02/10/09
20k Last.fm Plays gasmaskman02/04/09
It's A Ham Steak. A Ham Steak stoopkid02/04/09
Back Into The Swing Of Things... marksellsuswallets02/03/09
Jrowa001's 100 Favs!! jrowa00102/03/09
Listworthy Albums LifeFeedsOnLife01/23/09
Bands That Have Led Me To Where My Tastes Are, And My Tastes Little Johny Pancreas01/15/09
Songs About Me Altmer01/15/09
My Top 20 Albums randomguitarist01/14/09
Recently Bought Albums ironzeppelin78901/11/09
Give Me Some Prog Abdar11201/06/09
And Thanks To Sputnik... porkchop18201/05/09
Discoveries Of '08 SwallowARazor01/01/09
Songs I Have Listened To The Most koecim12/30/08
If I Put a Boring Title You Wouldn't Click on It Golgoroth12/20/08
I Was Watching Cnn Earlier... marksellsuswallets12/18/08
Bands On My Ipod - Top Songs Playlist killrobotmusic12/15/08
Please Hammer Don't Hurt 'em marksellsuswallets12/07/08
Songs I Like From From Artists I Don't Mojo18712/03/08
Recently Purchased Cds Photon12/02/08
Top Albums 2005 jredmond12/01/08
Album Endings That Really Dissapointed. SwallowARazor11/23/08
Muscle Pump Songs FutureHermit11/19/08
Solooooooo marksellsuswallets11/19/08
Recent Digs Altmer11/16/08
Recommendations? cejecj11/06/08
Catchy marksellsuswallets11/04/08
G.u.i. marksellsuswallets10/30/08
Lowest 5 Bands Distance10/27/08
My 10 Favourite Albums Of All Time Craggles10/25/08
My Top 10 Bands Craggles10/22/08
I'm Gonna Ride This Plane Out Of Your Life Again Altmer10/17/08
Thor's Ultimate Biking Playlist Thor10/08/08
My Actual Favorite Albums dahmerszombies10/07/08
My Favorite Bands Of All Time (right Now) cleary2110/01/08
My Top 20 Albums Shrapnel9410/01/08
10 Albums I... willfellmarsy10/01/08
Closure marksellsuswallets09/24/08
My Favorite Bands (i Win) Iluvatar09/24/08
Moments In Musical History... willfellmarsy09/14/08
50, Yo JumpTheF**kUp09/11/08
Great Montage Songs marksellsuswallets09/04/08
My Stereo Turns Up To 11 Shrapnel9408/24/08
Recently Acquired Golgoroth08/20/08
Bands To See Live Before I Die Golgoroth08/20/08
Top 20 Coheed Songs Golgoroth08/19/08
Fav. Guitar Tones marksellsuswallets08/15/08
Pepsishuffle Iluvatar08/08/08
Epic.... cleary2108/07/08
Sometimes... willfellmarsy08/07/08
Epic Proportion Abdar11208/04/08
Oh, For The Love Of Mike Hawk! rosslives72707/30/08
My Top 10 Albums tooolenduso07/24/08
My Top 10 Albums jward07/18/08
Lately SpinLightTwo07/18/08
Bands I've Seen Live... rosslives72707/16/08
New Acquisitions AmericnZero0207/16/08
Itunes Shuffle Shrapnel9407/15/08
Listening To south_of_heaven 1107/15/08
That Was... Epic. Shrapnel9407/10/08
Sleepy Time! Shrapnel9407/10/08
The Acoustic Guitar Shrapnel9407/08/08
Favourite Albums By Favourite Bands ThePalaceOfWisdom07/07/08
Favorite Album Covers Shrapnel9407/07/08
Best Bass Songs Shrapnel9407/07/08
Favourite Bands Ver.2 ThePalaceOfWisdom07/07/08
What Indie Cred? Attention Whore07/06/08
Best Of My Collection Shrapnel9407/06/08
Bands That Sputnik Has Gotten Me Into IanBandeau07/06/08
Nick Thomas' Top Albums Of 2007 ArtistFaves06/30/08
Who Should I See?!?!? citizeninsane06/30/08
Recommend Me Something Pungent allthatfollowedfell06/25/08
Faourite Albums Ever, As Of Now Geedrummer06/21/08
I Didnt Know I Liked Till I Listened citizeninsane06/20/08
Instrumentals (that don't suck) ninjuice06/07/08
I Like Turtles... willfellmarsy05/29/08
My Top 10 Bands crazycobs05/28/08
Boredom Shuffle Ftw Golgoroth05/27/08
Moments... willfellmarsy05/25/08
Coheed Setlist In Seattle razedtotheground05/21/08
Some Songs I've Been Listening To Lately Kronzo05/19/08
Today Is A Good Day... stoopkid05/15/08
Gang Vocals armfarm05/12/08
Sample Of Bands I Like broc05/10/08
What's Playing In My Car Now BearsAreBastards05/09/08
Albums In My Backpack Right Now bobbingforapples05/09/08
The Bamboozle! jameskukucka05/05/08
My Ramona's Top 20 Albums 2008 Edition :) MyRamona05/05/08
5 Favourite Albums allthatfollowedfell05/02/08
Albums I Plan To Listen To On Last.fm Golgoroth04/30/08
A Terrific Start ninjuice04/28/08
As I Slowly Burn A Hole Into The Earth Iluvatar04/23/08
Four Twenty Dewd!!!1 Big Baby Jesus04/20/08
Alright Everyone...CHILL!!... willfellmarsy04/19/08
Top 50 Bands (i Think) TheStarclassicTreatment04/15/08
And For My Listening Pleasure... willfellmarsy04/13/08
Most Updated Awesome Band List TimJim04/12/08
Favorite Songs Right Now kalphiteman404/11/08
Birthday Money Buys OGlaf001804/06/08
Live Or Death Acre04/04/08
The Club Night Of Dreams takeherhome04/02/08
Coheed And Cambria's Set List Last Night steadyeddie04/01/08
Hi south_of_heaven 1103/31/08
Length=goodness willfellmarsy03/29/08
2007 JumpTheF**kUp03/27/08
My Top 10 Albums stoopkid03/24/08
What Songs Should My Band Play? P1303/22/08
Favorite Albums From My Top 25 Most Played Artists midas03/20/08
Recommendationes Por Favor willfellmarsy03/05/08
Coheed And...Cambodia??? stoopkid03/05/08
Recent Addictions altairschaos5603/04/08
Songs To Sleep To Golgoroth03/03/08
The 10 Best Debut Albums MoonlightBleeding02/29/08
Current Digs scarsremain02/29/08
Compact Discs Of Which I Need to Obtain altairschaos5602/28/08
Bands I'm Addicted To Lately Golgoroth02/28/08
I Just Downloaded The Perfect Mix Off Jamglue scarsremain02/28/08
Yay, I Can Do One Too Pebster4902/28/08
While Im Putting A Blade In Someones Neck... altairschaos5602/21/08
My Favorite Albums Of 2007 greg8402/18/08
A Thank You Is In Order ToWhatEnd02/14/08
The Cause Of My Hearing Loss In '08 grief02/13/08
Make A List TheStarclassicTreatment02/11/08
Where To Go Next? steadyeddie02/07/08
Recent Acquisitions Altmer02/05/08
My Ipod metallicaman802/01/08
Ten Current Favourite Songs Altmer02/01/08
My Chemical Romance Geedrummer01/30/08
Stuff I'm Digging Right Now. Altmer01/29/08
Most Listened To Bands (update) jimay33301/22/08
Another List Of Maybe-purchases Altmer01/22/08
Upcoming Gigs Geedrummer01/20/08
20, 347 Songs On Last.fm Confessed200501/18/08
My Shuffled Ipod Final Origin01/14/08
A Bunch Of Other Albums... prakata01/14/08
Iluvatars Top Conglomerate List Of 2007 Iluvatar01/08/08
Top 5 By Top 5 Geedrummer01/08/08
Albums I Need To Check Out Altmer12/31/07
10 Longest Songs On My Ipod armfarm12/31/07
The Best Albums Of 2007 MoonlightBleeding12/28/07
My Top 10 Favorite Songs (in No Particular Order) iforgetrock12/26/07
Sputnik Users' Top 100 Albums Of 2007 20440912/19/07
Bands That I've Seen Live This Year UrbanM1112/19/07
My Top Of 2007 SpinLightTwo12/18/07
Top Albums Of 2007 Confessed200512/18/07
Top 20 Albums iforgetrock12/13/07
What I Got In 07 *Top 10* Otisbum12/07/07
Wahoo south_of_heaven 1112/05/07
Emotional Albums Confessed200512/03/07
Yet Another Buying Spree... spoon_of_grimbo12/01/07
Itunes Shuffle! XMII11/30/07
Recent Digs Geedrummer11/30/07
Songs I've Been Obsessed With Lately. thecheatisnotdead11/16/07
Bands That Are Overrated NOTINTHEFACE11/15/07
10 Best Concept Albums Of Recent Times Pippystix11/10/07
Top 100 Doppelganger11/08/07
Recent Playlist Geedrummer11/04/07
Songs That I Think Will Be Remembered 20 Years From Now armfarm10/30/07
These Are Bands/artists I (still) Need To Get Into Altmer10/27/07
Learning And Living Understanding In a Crash10/25/07
My Top 10 Bands/artists Geedrummer10/25/07
My 15 Coheed And Cambria Faves P1310/24/07
Birthday Albums grief10/18/07
Favorite Openers guitarboy41010/11/07
My Favorite Songs Pastropzut10/05/07
Great Back To Back Albums Cesar10/05/07
Anticipating Badly Geedrummer10/04/07
Top 5 By Time Spent Listening InThisLegacy201009/26/07
Planned Purchases Geedrummer09/24/07
Recent Digs ToWhatEnd09/20/07
My Top 5 Bands/artists Final Origin09/17/07
I Need More Music, Geedrummer09/15/07
One-hit Whatevers cometuesday09/10/07
Modern Bands That Will Be Influences For The Next Generation Amalgam09/09/07
Next Buys Lunarfall09/07/07
Albums I Cant Get Enough Of CancerousCrow08/28/07
Favorite Progressive Rock Albums tribestros08/19/07
Co2ca Co2Ca08/12/07
My Top 10 Guitar Solos tribestros08/07/07
The Sludge: Last.fm Overall Artist The Sludge07/31/07
Favourite Songs Right Now armfarm07/25/07
What Album Should I Buy Next? americanidiot07/19/07
Recent Album Listens americanidiot07/17/07
What Bands Would You Reccomend Me Checking Out That Are Similar To These? americanidiot07/12/07
Next Album Buys Lunarfall07/12/07
Bands I Plan On Getting Into... Feedback? NOTINTHEFACE07/11/07
Latest Purchases Otisbum07/11/07
My Favorite Albums Of 2002 greg8407/06/07
Songs Of The Moment CryEmoKid06/18/07
twenty5 IsItLuck?06/17/07
Songs That Hook You! P1306/09/07
Favorite Songs By Favorite Bands ktstein06/08/07
Help... Where Do I Start!!!! thrash4life06/04/07
10 Amazing Solos TheStarclassicTreatment05/24/07
Dream Concerts jrowa00105/19/07
Why I've Been Broke Lately steadyeddie04/30/07
Favourite Bands TheStarclassicTreatment04/19/07
10 Favourite Songs Atm. Riziger04/16/07
Spread The Love Cesar04/15/07
My Most Listened To Albums ShadowHawk04/15/07
My Collection BlindGuy101203/30/07
Bands I Love, Thanks To Sputnik! steadyeddie03/20/07
Favourite Songs To Drum To TheStarclassicTreatment03/14/07
My Favorites tdhinatx02/27/07
Fav. Concept Albums YourTeammate02/21/07
Most Listened To Bands jimay33302/20/07
Last 10 Albums I Bought/downloaded ktstein02/19/07
Nightime Listening... spoon_of_grimbo02/17/07
Ten Albums I Recently Bought/downloaded altrockdude02/13/07
Favourite Albums Ever. TheStarclassicTreatment02/13/07
Partner Song List Iluvatar02/12/07
Songs For Playing Beirut 20440902/12/07
My Favorite Albums Of All Time HumanCannonball02/03/07
The Best Albums Of 2006 greg8402/01/07
Cds I Plan To Get This Weekend mryrtmrnfoxxxy01/13/07
Music For WoW Spectrum01/01/07
To Prove I'm Better Than Canyoneer Iluvatar12/24/06
Bands I Wanna Get Into Isola12/20/06
5 Albums I'm Looking Forward To In 2007 Musicfreak8138912/19/06
awesome bands satansaves12/08/06
20 of my favorite albums nicklee190312/01/06
Random songs i'm into at the moment ktstein12/01/06
Favorite 25 Bands Linker10411/27/06
MM8's: songs with good lyrics metallicaman811/27/06
Get Outta My Head! FlawedPerfection11/22/06
Some of my favourite songs Cannsaw11/22/06
Top 50 bands Cannsaw11/22/06
Albums I have been listening to lately GenuineImitation11/15/06
20 Albums I Am Listening to Lately CognitiveVertigo11/11/06
NASCAR Nextel's The Sludge 100 The Sludge11/08/06
My fav albums Concubine11/08/06
FP's One Hundred FlawedPerfection11/07/06
Whoah what the hell Iluvatar11/04/06
Real Men Do Top 100s Iluvatar11/02/06
Favorite Bands YourTeammate11/02/06
10 Min. Playlist Otisbum11/01/06
Dog Days of Summer FlawedPerfection10/26/06
Albums I'm looking to pick up 2 Riziger10/22/06
Band Ey Be See HumanCannonball10/19/06
A top 30 of my favorite bands HumanCannonball10/18/06
argh coheed fanboyism Iluvatar10/16/06
John grooves to this Iluvatar10/15/06
Top 10 vocalists Nibor10/05/06
Iluvatar likes sing alongs Iluvatar10/03/06
40 songs I just can\'t get enough of raggedragamuffin08/20/06
Iluvs top 100 albums ever in his polluted way of thinking Iluvatar08/20/06
My Top 10 Favorite Songs BloodThirstyGuillotine07/28/06
Top 5 Favorite Bands BloodThirstyGuillotine07/28/06
Singles that get a bad rap yo Iluvatar07/17/06
Favorite Live concerts (only been to a few) The Sludge07/17/06
Iluvatar's Favorite Albums! Iluvatar07/16/06
Iluv's favorite singles! (2000-2006) Iluvatar07/13/06
Now Thats What I Call Hits! Vol. Iluvatar! Iluvatar07/01/06
Last 15 songs played on my iPod. ktstein06/30/06
Iluvatar's Favorite Bands! Iluvatar06/29/06
Whats on The Sludge's Crappy MP3 Player? The Sludge06/25/06


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