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Non-american Post-hardcore Recs Please??? Storm In A Teacup01/26/15
Recent Purchases CapnJizz01/25/15
Playlist For A Girl. dixoncocks01/20/15
A Pencil's Top 200 Albums (51-26) MyNameIsPencil01/16/15
Sputnik Age Census furpa01/16/15
Albums My Friends And I Listened To In High School Stereochrome101/16/15
My Favorite Album From Each Year, 1990-2014 CapnJizz01/09/15
10 Biggest Discoveries In 2014 Zantera01/02/15
Albums To Listen To In 2015 oisincoleman6412/31/14
30 Random Songs Off My Phone. DinosaurLaserFight12/30/14
First Listen Gold! tcat8412/22/14
Music Related Project I Did For School Supercoolguy6412/15/14
Sad BMDrummer12/07/14
If I Had A Time Machine... Supercoolguy6412/07/14
100 Albums Dwap12/02/14
Favorite Albums bizcoito12/01/14
A Rainbow Of Album Covers Supercoolguy6411/25/14
Post-hardcore/mathcore Recs Ichangedmynametojeff11/19/14
Best Post Hardcore Albums Of All Time trackbytrackreviews11/07/14
2500 Ratings cb12310/26/14
What Post-hardcore Reminds Me Of Supercoolguy6410/12/14
My 40 Favourite Albums Traicion10/12/14
Turned 13 Yesterday Ichangedmynametojeff10/11/14
At The Drive-in Vs. The Mars Volta furpa10/10/14
694 Ratings, 69 Albums Lakes.10/08/14
New Vinyl Pickups furpa10/05/14
New Album / Last Release Of The Year AnimalsAsSummit10/01/14
Feel Good Recs Supercoolguy6409/30/14
Gotham KenboSlice09/23/14
1-1/2 Years On Sputnik. Favorite Albums Found Here. mikep8709/23/14
Backing Vocals Rowan521509/22/14
Pancakes melonade09/11/14
Post-hardcore Songs To Sing In The Shower danielito1908/31/14
Official Sputnik Fantasy Football Thread Green Baron08/27/14
Top 50 Face-melting Riffs undertakerpt08/26/14
High School Senior Year Digs OnViolentNoise08/26/14
5's drksideofthemn508/26/14
Your Top 10? FloatHereForever08/24/14
My Top 10 Albums of the Millennium CocaineCrayons08/24/14
Fav 00's Songs Greem08/23/14
Rec Me Ska/punk ComeToDaddy08/20/14
The Relevance Of Cds Depends On Your Collection Pt 1 YetAnotherBrick08/18/14
Ipod On Shuffle Supercoolguy6408/16/14
10k Kman41808/12/14
I Lakes, Have Returned. Lakes.08/08/14
Artuma's Top 200: 100-51 Artuma08/04/14
Y2k!?!!!???!!! dixoncocks08/02/14
Top 100 SwallowShotguns08/02/14
"Keep your handouts, cupcake" : The Best of Post-Hardcore Snoopcow08/02/14
Album Zoo pannkakesangen08/01/14
Two Years Of Pencil MyNameIsPencil07/28/14
Albums With Potential To Become 5s AmericanFlagAsh07/27/14
Great Album Closers Supercoolguy6407/25/14
dont wann liv in this stupid werld mryrtmrnfoxxxy07/24/14
Getting Into Some Hardcore/post/emo/watever ghlmoedo07/06/14
999 Ratings elbaliem07/03/14
Mexican Metal&punk Bands? iswhatitis07/01/14
More Vinyl lyzakthellama06/27/14
Bands That I'm Looking To Get Into. XxUpinsiderxX06/24/14
Ultimate Post-hardcore Guide WilliamCloudwalker06/22/14
Digginng Hardcore MadGrinder06/21/14
Album Cover Guessing Game, Part 2 Green Baron06/20/14
Favorite Albums (as Of June 2014) Smeg06/12/14
Half Marathon Playlist SethEZ05/27/14
Albums To Run To tommygun05/27/14
4 Years On Sputnik Hurricanslash05/22/14
Closers From Final Album or Only Album Necrotica05/21/14
Some Of My Favorite Video Games AmericanFlagAsh05/20/14
Rec Something Like At The Drive-in StKiyo05/15/14
Hench's Top 25s: 2000 HenchmanOfSanta05/14/14
Hench's Top 25s: 1999 HenchmanOfSanta05/13/14
Hench's Top 25s: 1998 HenchmanOfSanta05/12/14
10 Favorite Albums GmemberKills05/11/14
Cranking Hardcore Here SticksmanTheBored05/11/14
Favorite Albums '94-'14 RadioSuicide05/09/14
Ranking The 5's: Gmemberkills risingabove05/03/14
Cdeisar 2 Sniff04/27/14
Return From Washington Green Baron04/26/14
Modern Music Madness, Rd. 3 MysteriousAlt04/19/14
My Personal 100 Favorite Albums JCGold1404/18/14
Modern Music Madness, Rd. 2 MysteriousAlt04/18/14
Sputnik Modern Music Madness MysteriousAlt04/17/14
Music I Listened To When I Was A Teen joesmoe400004/09/14
Bock Bock Bock Bock Bock Bock Bock widowslaugh12304/01/14
Top 5 DS Games scottpilgrim1003/21/14
My Vinyl Collection (so Far) mortifierftw03/15/14
My Meager Collection (vinyl) Vol. 1 WellFedWhiteMale03/03/14
My Top 25 Albums guitardude59402/17/14
Post-hardcore FearTomorrow02/16/14
Best Sputnik Couples? SnakeDelilah02/14/14
Help Sniper Name His Radio Show sniper02/08/14
In-between Class Jams sapient01/29/14
2000-2013 My Top 75 Albums Greem01/28/14
4.5's That Are Nearly 5's JaySpiral01/24/14
50 Good Albums JamesDay01/19/14
Please Help! Check Out This List! JamesDay01/16/14
Went To The Original Newbury Comics Today (super Cd Run) sapient01/10/14
Artists That I Hated At First But Grew To Love. TheAnimator01/09/14
Cd Collection - Installment One Multifarious01/07/14
Favorite Albums Kirbyoung01/04/14
Vocalists That Changed. GmemberKills01/01/14
Unpopular Music Opinions. MyNameIsPencil01/01/14
My Top Ten Reviewing Mistakes Necrotica12/30/13
This Is Me YetAnotherBrick12/28/13
Twenty Thirteen tommygun12/23/13
Asianguy's 2013 Azn.12/21/13
Tried Looking Up Post-hardcore Bands On Youtube Storm In A Teacup12/18/13
Songs Everyone Should Hear Schizophrenik12/16/13
7 Years Of Sputnik: Eps Captain North12/16/13
My Favourite Albums slarti12/06/13
My Small Vinyl Collection. swordsforhands12/05/13
Band Names YetAnotherBrick12/03/13
My Favourite Album Openers Glokta11/28/13
100 Great Albums From 2000 - 2010 Basman11/25/13
That 90s List Blackbelt5411/22/13
Best Albums Of All Time JamesDay11/17/13
Bye Sputnik :) JamesAnthingElse11/03/13
Legit Games List Lets Get It On ThenamesTrenton11/02/13
Bands You Didn't Really Like At First MyNameIsPencil11/01/13
Post-hardcore Pls? ThenamesTrenton10/27/13
What Film Should I Watch Right Now? Glokta10/25/13
What You Listening To Right Now Other Than Your Life Being Shit, Your Own Music, Friends Bragging About Fucking Fake People Glokta10/25/13
Relationship Of Command Bridges/outros Ranked dcalderon10/22/13
Some Great Closers Artuma10/19/13
Top Ten Albums Simsalabim46210/18/13
Adult Swim In A Box YetAnotherBrick10/17/13
Soothing Songs For The Restless Spirit Simsalabim46210/13/13
Artuma's Top 50 Of The 2000s Artuma10/12/13
Rec Me Something! DRWND10/10/13
Best Guitar Work In Post-hardcore? chinesewhispers10/07/13
Thegardener's Decade TheGardener10/04/13
Musical Discoveries 2012-2013 pbass010/04/13
Split Post-hardcore? JaySpiral10/02/13
Favorite Post Hardcore Albums? moshpotatoes09/24/13
Chillin' At My Internship PitchforkArms09/10/13
Fave Albums Oceanspellcaster09/10/13
The Mars Volta Vs. At The Drive-in Gavininseawater1309/09/13
The Bastardization Of A Genre PitchforkArms09/09/13
45 Albums: Make You Write Music Glokta09/05/13
Punk/Shoegaze Albums I Dig Muisc4Life2609/04/13
Starting High School Tomorrow PortraitsOfDecay09/02/13
I've Been Paying My Respects PitchforkArms08/28/13
More Recs! moshpotatoes08/18/13
Copying Trevor DegausserGuernica2408/14/13
New Twist On An Old Treb Ire08/14/13
One Album Per Year: Fund It drasticaction7408/14/13
My Favourite Albums CaptainSpacker08/13/13
Albums I've Recently Returned To jtswope08/12/13
I'm Young, So I Help Me Out PitchforkArms08/11/13
Modern Post-hardcore That Doesn't Make You Feel Like Douche Recs? ZmbZ9808/11/13
Best Musical Period Dolving99908/03/13
Almost 5s Kman41807/31/13
Bout To Brush Up On Post-hardcore JazzHands33307/31/13
Diggy Digs 808muzik07/31/13
So, What's Punk Anyway? dcalderon07/24/13
2000 Ratings fr33convict07/24/13
Favorite Albums JeremyVee07/21/13
The Forgotten Nirvana/Soundgarden Guitarist NarkalepticNinja07/05/13
My Lame Cd Collection truekebabpower07/05/13
Longboarding Recs DegausserGuernica2407/02/13
Favorite Vocalists WolfCocoon06/30/13
Artuma's Top 100 Artuma06/30/13
Team Fortress 2 Maps DegausserGuernica2406/29/13
Your New Pie Chart Masochist06/27/13
Sputnik's Punk Madness: Elite 8 Green Baron06/27/13
Sputnik's Punk Madness: Sweet 16 Green Baron06/26/13
Sputnik's Punk Madness: Round Of 32 Green Baron06/25/13
Sputnik's Punk Madness Green Baron06/24/13
New Stuff Crawl06/12/13
2013 Spring Is In Full Bloom And Gloom orchideater06/10/13
Best Of The Millenium BackwardBee06/09/13
Ugh BigPleb06/02/13
Universal Acceptance neurisis1705/28/13
Last Of My Kind Butkuiss05/28/13
Workout Playlist Guzzo1005/27/13
Top 20 Gavwah05/26/13
100/100 killrobotmusic05/23/13
Albums I Need To Listen To In Full YakNips05/19/13
Top 50 Albums + Fab Users Gwyn.05/18/13
Vietnam. acorncheese05/13/13
Current Top 100. WolfCocoon05/12/13
Relationship Of Command Ranked fish.05/10/13
Miss You Guys aok05/03/13
Albums I'm Digging: April JJKeys04/30/13
Albums I Dig grizz04/28/13
1 Year Sputversary Gwyn.04/22/13
Ba-ba-ba-ba Who Loves The Sun cuki9204/19/13
Top 15 Post-hardcore Records drasticaction7404/18/13
Record Store Day ReturnOfTheDnor04/16/13
The Chosen Ones ( My Favorite Albums) NapalmCrusader04/16/13
2013 Has Been Good taxidermist04/13/13
100 Of Capt's 90's Albums CaptainHadouken04/13/13
Sweet Sweet Wax clercqie04/09/13
Crawl's Most Essential Albums Crawl04/03/13
Poignancy Gravity04/01/13
My 40 Favorite Albums jmh88603/27/13
Good Music Of The 90's Wirertragen703/23/13
Top 15 Of 2000 Mookid03/14/13
Favorite Fast Food Restaurant? jmnewcomer1803/13/13
2 Years On Sputnik patman100103/13/13
Vinyl Records ILJ03/08/13
At The Library MiniatureHorse03/01/13
First Post Back After Awhile, New Profile, Digs ebola502/19/13
Simple Yet Cool Artwork StallionMang02/13/13
Top 15 Favorite Bands drasticaction7402/12/13
Most List-mentioned Albums Gwyn.02/10/13
Vinyl atrink02/09/13
Favorite Closers Gwyn.02/06/13
Coming Clean MiniatureHorse02/06/13
Rec Me Post-hardcore Kman41802/05/13
Songs Digs ILJ02/05/13
First Night Back At College pbass001/27/13
Most Recent Vinyl Purchases spanndrew5801/27/13
High School Jams 05-09 elephantREVOLUTION01/23/13
Rec Me Some Punk milkwizard01/19/13
50 Favorite Ablums Eva ZmbZ9801/17/13
Favorite Track One Side Ones beartato10801/16/13
21st Century's Most Mind-bendingly Awesome Album Openers puertasmagicas01/15/13
My Top 50 albums for 2012 butchinette01/15/13
Favourites iwasnvrurbf01/08/13
Post-hardcore!! MyCarandMyGuitar01/04/13
Best Of 2013 intotheshit01/03/13
Favourite Choruses rapideyemovement01/02/13
2012 Shows Blackbelt5412/29/12
Finally Got A Turntable! Vespiion12/21/12
Bands That Sputnik Has Either Introduced Me To Or Helped Me Get Into (ranked) BlueMoonRising12/21/12
What Music Do You Tell People You Listen To? Shimana12/16/12
My Favorite Albums Ever andypandy8512/15/12
Post Hardcore I'm Digging Damon12/08/12
Albums I Was Really Into In High School brokendogleg12/08/12
Rec Me Some Vinyl OysterizerInsomniac12/04/12
Rec Me 5's demigod!12/02/12
Changing The Order Of The Songs Does Change The Product Detritivore12/01/12
Favorite Albums Of All Time VanessaS12/01/12
Bands I Don't Get PretentiousListener11/29/12
Dissonant Post-hardcore/metalcore Dolving99911/26/12
Glassjaw Vs At The Drive-In Gwyn.11/26/12
Songs That Make You Smile Evilly BlueMoonRising11/25/12
Most Musically Inspirational Albums BlueMoonRising11/24/12
What Exactly Is "chaotic Hardcore"? Shimana11/22/12
My Favorite Albums VermicideReloadead11/22/12
50 Most Listened To Albums According To Last.fm BYAMdrummer11/22/12
Today's Cd Haul I Gues zxlkho11/20/12
Killer Must Own Records ButteryBiscuitBass11/19/12
Pandora Stations Hankpym11/16/12
My Cd Collection MCGF11/10/12
150 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die. undertakerpt10/29/12
21st Birthday/list taxidermist10/27/12
Analog Delay? wacknizzle10/23/12
4 Rev-tastic Years On Sputnik Rev10/22/12
5 Albums I Wanted To Like More Than I Did TrstN0110/20/12
100 Favorite Albums chupacabraisreal10/18/12
Punk 100 Blackbelt5410/07/12
Top 10 Favourite Albums DinoPenguin10/07/12
The Opinion Of Sputnik Music Aspenshadow10/07/12
Recs Please eggsvonsatan09/24/12
Favorite Albums Arzakmoebius09/18/12
Taxi's Favorite Users taxidermist09/11/12
Top Albums Of 2000 Cghost09/10/12
Top Albums Of 1998 Cghost09/10/12
Best Songs Ever Part 78 DarthMann09/04/12
Getting Wisdom Tooth Removed Tomorrow Ssssssss09/03/12
Who Else Is In School Right Now Urinetrouble08/18/12
Modern Life Is War Bootleg/live Mp3s? TwoMonthsInTheCold08/15/12
My Top 20 Albums Of The 2000's FevaPowa08/13/12
Good Post-hardcore? Mabbitt08/09/12
Albums You Are Obligated To Love As A Sputniker rapideyemovement08/08/12
Lollapalooza Day 3 hesperus08/06/12
Greatest Rock Albums Of The 00s (2000-2009) huguitoescorza08/02/12
Rec Me Good Music ilikebrutalmusic08/01/12
Dream Line-ups Masochist08/01/12
Masterpieces, Only. FevaPowa07/31/12
Reading Festival (not Books) sehguh07/30/12
got banned????????????????? $$$???????????????????????????????????????????????? (wheres willie) ohfoxxxycole07/27/12
Food Samshine07/26/12
Vinyl Hankpym07/24/12
Ethnicities Ranked Recspecs07/13/12
Post-hardcore cryMore07/12/12
Fell In Love At First Listen WolfCocoon07/09/12
My Top 50 Favorite Albums OysterizerInsomniac07/05/12
2000 mttgry07/04/12
My 50 Favourite Albums MidnightinParis07/03/12
Have A Snack, I'll Feed You Baby Birds. omnipanzer06/29/12
Host-pardcore Emim06/28/12
Some of my favorite albums I'm currently into squidwardtentacles06/27/12
In Casino/out Hankpym06/24/12
A Year Of Lurking ILJ06/19/12
My Favorite Albums Of All-Time (Pt. 1) akimbo06/16/12
Vinyl I Picked Up In The Uk Hankpym06/11/12
Judge My Ipod TheJackal06/05/12
Sputnikmusic Is The Perfect Place... 72haha7206/03/12
Recent Acquisitions Dashy05/30/12
Four Years sniper05/28/12
Soundtrack To Level 60 figure33705/27/12
Time To Rec Me Some Music Owantjaaaa05/26/12
Best Songs '00-'09 drasticaction7405/22/12
Top 100.. Adabelle05/18/12
Female Fronted Synthy Poppy Indie Rock Jams. djocelot05/18/12
Happy 5 Year Sputniversary To Botb botb05/17/12
Metroid Games Ranked AltPunkMetal10105/12/12
Pit is Dead FrankRedHot05/11/12
2000 autopilotoff05/09/12
Bucketlist Samshine05/08/12
It's Fucking Summer! bungy05/06/12
750 Ratings Blackbelt5405/06/12
Albums Ive Discovered On Sputnik So Far dathvada32104/30/12
General Questions macman7604/29/12
Some Good Metalcore/Post Hardcore dathvada32104/28/12
Top 10 - Post-hardcore Guzzo1004/27/12
Coachella 2012 aok04/25/12
New To Sputnik JimFear04/25/12
The Sputnikmusic Chronicles Scoot04/22/12
At The Drive-in Tonight figure33704/15/12
Blackbelt's Top 20 Live Blackbelt5404/13/12
Last.fm foxxxyroxxx04/12/12
Lollapalooza 2012 AnotherBrick04/11/12
90+ Hardcore, Phxc, Emo And Screamo Albums immortalizepain04/10/12
Tom79's Top 100 tom7904/10/12
Why Music Is So Important To Me ILJ04/04/12
Recs?? ConnorTheHero04/04/12
My Favourite Albums RobH03/30/12
What Just Happened? Activista anti-MTV03/30/12
When Music Stops Helping parawhorez03/29/12
Scoot Breaks 10k Scoot03/29/12
Great Album Closers mikeg199203/29/12
20 Punk Albums From My Life. Damus03/27/12
A Streetcar Named Desire xevman03/26/12
Tyrael's 10k: Dawn Of Sputnik Tyrael03/22/12
Thank You Sputnik SpiritCrusher203/22/12
The Witcher 2 Xbox360 NeutralThunder1203/22/12
Fav Vocal Performances (male) unretrovertigofied03/16/12
Video Games And Such And Digs NeutralThunder1203/06/12
My Top 15 Greatest Albums crazyhobo1703/02/12
The End Is Nigh EverythingEvil211303/01/12
Tv Shows ILJ02/29/12
I Have A Weird Ass Taste In Music parawhorez02/28/12
High School Sports Devastator02/27/12
Overshadowed Albums onthebrightside02/27/12
Quarterly Listening Habits Pt. 1 Chrisjon8902/27/12
Best Sports Films? FrankRedHot02/26/12
My Top 10 Favorite Albums Hankpym02/25/12
I Can't Seem To Get Away From These kevin23402/25/12
One-hundred Lists Masochist02/22/12
Favorite Bands/albums jg77702/21/12
The Walking Dead patman100102/19/12
Albums I've Been Listening To Lately austin88802/19/12
Scoot's Top 100 Albums Scoot02/19/12
Bacon Sandwich defjaw8302/19/12
Post-hardcore's Finest FrankRedHot02/15/12
Post Hardcore Recs? downxbeat02/15/12
What's The Album With The Most No. Of Ratings Here? immortalizepain02/13/12
Which Pmp Do You Use? ILJ02/11/12
Bands For Running Purposes jlech02/08/12
Bacon Flavored Shakes patman100102/07/12
Iphone AdamK02/07/12
Songs With Amazing Vocal Performances FearThyEvil02/06/12
Mixtape For A Friend Titan5002/06/12
These Album Descriptions Are Concise As F*** YetAnotherBrick02/05/12
My Top 20 Favorite Albums Of All-time AltPunkMetal10101/29/12
Myers Briggs Types Mchailas01/28/12
Most Generic Sputnik Albums Timmons01/27/12
Rec Me Post-hardcore OysterizerInsomniac01/25/12
The Noobs Guide To Sputnik IdiotequeCigar01/24/12
Eureka! manicmonkey01/21/12
Stop It Children DinoX01/13/12
Rev Hits 5000! Rev01/07/12
Top 50 Generic Sputnik Albums (kind Of) iSkane01/05/12
5 Ridiculously Awful Pitchfork Reviews AltPunkMetal10112/28/11
The Best Punk Albums I've Owned RegularBen12/26/11
I Am The Happiest Uncle Ever Right Now. keyboardxmosh12/26/11
Bassists In Post-hardcore Underwhelm? immortalizepain12/25/11
This Music's Getting Old TheAshes12/18/11
Recs Please BigShark12/18/11
2011 User Awards - Winners Scoot12/15/11
Finally Done With Finals IAmHollywood12/14/11
Any Recommendations To Broaden My Musical Palate? immortalizepain12/14/11
Pick-up Lines Guaranteed To Work Recspecs12/08/11
Got My Driver's License! YetAnotherBrick12/07/11
6 years on sputnik ohfoxxxycole12/03/11
Turning 21 Next Week Antipunk12/01/11
Post-hardcore cb12311/22/11
So Who's In Charge In Here? Crimson11/20/11
Thrift Store Shoppin! johnnyblaze11/18/11
Just Bored, Just Digs DurzoBlint11/17/11
1990's Honorable Mentions AltPunkMetal10111/15/11
Albums I Want To Like Timmons11/15/11
Ok Spammin My Band's New Song Spare11/12/11
In/casino/out Ranked Yazz_Flute11/11/11
Post-hardcore Recs? UnnamedOcean11/10/11
2011 Horror Movies Colliiiin11/07/11
Making Fried Rice Tonight! EonblueApocalypse8411/07/11
My Entire 8gig Ipod DinoX11/04/11
Daww My First List. TheUnknownErection11/04/11
My Favorite Artists Drawkcab11/01/11
Top 15 Albums Of 2000-2009 AltPunkMetal10110/31/11
20 taxidermist10/27/11
F.y.i. Wolfhorde Is German omnipanzer10/24/11
25 Favorite Albums jg77710/20/11
10000 Plus Favorite Users Plus 60 Favorite Albums Trebor.10/19/11
Favorite Punk Albums DallyLama10/18/11
Buying Cds Online TheBuzzKiller10/16/11
Post Hardcore SeaAnemone10/13/11
work playlist ohfoxxxycole10/13/11
Most Influential Band Of This Decade? KeithStone58210/11/11
Post-hardcore Recommendations? LordLawnmower10/06/11
500 Ratings, 666 Comments tarkus10/06/11
50 Albums For Fall Anastasius10/04/11
The Best of The ABCs Of Sputnik COMPASS09/29/11
Why Not Pick 100 Favorites vmcoia9109/28/11
Bored So I'm Making A List....hoopla! GreyShadow09/20/11
Bands Like At The Drive-in CrimsonChin09/19/11
Triple Integrals Vooligan09/18/11
My Top 10 All-time EaglesBecomeVultures09/14/11
30 Favorite Albums loverapture09/13/11
4.5's chambered8909/06/11
How About That flalafell09/05/11
Rec Me Post Hardcore OrangeHologram09/04/11
Albums I Enjoy CrownOfMagnets08/26/11
What Realy Makes A '5'? DaisyHill08/24/11
Delicious Music runswimxc08/23/11
Are You A Metalhead? xenocide.08/22/11
Too Much Good Stuff juiceviaorange08/21/11
New Music Sucks... rjmunthe08/19/11
Great Albums EonblueApocalypse8408/19/11
Top 100 ohyesbyallmeans08/18/11
Drummers? Tatou08/17/11
Ultimate Album Smackdown!!!! partyboy2408/11/11
Favorite Post Hardcore dylanthedesertpea08/08/11
Good Emo Recs? TheGreatFedora08/07/11
A Pure Explosion Of Ownage Killahit08/04/11
Woohoo I'm 16 YetAnotherBrick08/03/11
Favourite Albums Of The Decade Angel4608/02/11
Lakes' Top 20 Of The Decade Past Lakes.07/28/11
The Albums That Shaped My Musical Taste DragonDave07/28/11
Top 100 Albums History Xelas07/26/11
500 Ratings! Blackbelt5407/25/11
Today And Tomorrow ThePrisonGuard07/21/11
Post-hardcore Phase Ending dimsim347807/19/11
Late Night Playlist ThePrisonGuard07/19/11
Follow Me On My Musical Journey TheseModernThings07/19/11
The Fruits Of My Sputnik Labors A-N Blind07/17/11
Great Films PedalToTheMetal07/17/11
Mimsy Turns 3 (two Days Ago) Emim07/16/11
I Like Better Music Than You sehguh07/15/11
Super 8 Is Super Great! IAmInsect07/14/11
Miss The Not-So-Old Days ABlandLife07/12/11
Won't Trade Chrisjon8907/10/11
No One Cares, But I Don't Care Drawkcab07/09/11
Make Me A List tkxxx707/08/11
15 Random Songs With Great Lyrics CrownOfMagnets07/08/11
4 Months On Sputnik sehguh07/06/11
I Wanna Feel Your Body, Bacon CrownOfMagnets07/03/11
And Now for Something Different ShadowRemains06/30/11
Samshine's Guide To Summer Samshine06/29/11
There's So Much Music I Want To Listen To Shadein06/28/11
How Many Songs Do You Have? outline06/25/11
Sputnikbooks PacificWest06/25/11
Big Digs And Last.fm Antipunk06/23/11
Onedahood FromDaHood06/23/11
These Users Are The Best Users Curse.06/21/11
Favorite Albums That Will Never Be Classics iSkane06/19/11
Recs newjunkaesthetic9306/16/11
Are Your 5s In Regular Rotation? Hocmat06/15/11
3 Word Band Names Gundlach06/13/11
Too-00 mclovin9906/12/11
Finished Tenth Grade Today... outline06/09/11
1990's: Golden Age Of Music? Colliiiin06/08/11
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Reasons I Love Sputnik I: It's Impossible To Get All The Music You Get Recommended; Making A List Just Makes You Feel Worse. Fugue07/29/09
Best 00s Albums Titan5007/29/09
Favourite Vocal Songs Titan5007/29/09
Swine Flu Transient07/28/09
Just Took A Bath dylanthedesertpea07/25/09
Ten Albums Currently In My Car hykudos07/23/09
Song Binging Skimaskcheck07/22/09
Work Music Prophet17807/19/09
My Top Ten Albums SuperDuck07/17/09
1000 Comment Get Titan5007/17/09
Severus Snape thecheatisnotdead07/15/09
Which Of These To Check Out??? zeppelinUSA07/11/09
Four Years On Sputnik Electric City07/10/09
Best Album Openers NovaSilver07/09/09
Summer Songs Tiphanycufflinks07/07/09
Some Albums For The Summer Ire07/06/09
Most Played Albums Gore07/01/09
Top 25 Artists On Last.fm Panfanelpwno07/01/09
Top 15 Bands On Itunes Superfriendlyaviator07/01/09
My Music > Your Music SnackeryBinx06/28/09
Stuff I Don't Have But Need To Get shade06/26/09
19 Years Prophet17806/22/09
Amazing Albums That I Found At A Used Bookstore Matte06/21/09
Summer! (recs Please) shade06/16/09
3 Years Of My Life Have Been Sucked Away By This Website, And All I Have To Show For It Is This Shitty List iarescientists06/16/09
Openers shade06/14/09
Dream Festival Line-up applesoup06/12/09
Digging All The Way To China shade06/11/09
Former Nu-Metal fanboi likes: Klekticist06/10/09
My Creative Writing Class Laughed At Me For Liking Arcade Fire Shrapnel9406/03/09
50 Spectacular Albums Avirov05/31/09
Inspired To Make Music Again, Because Of These Bands fromrows05/30/09
Sauces And Stocks gUmpbubba05/29/09
If The Police Catch Me I'm Fucked Titan5005/28/09
My Musical Journey With Sputnik Shrapnel9405/27/09
Recent Digs, Looking For Similar Stuff scoveg1305/27/09
Alphabet Music Yay! SlightlyEpic05/27/09
Recent Gets Jonnyborg05/27/09
The Finger Thing Means The Taxes Mr. Lizard05/26/09
Albums That Don't Suck Tempertemperature05/25/09
Nightclubs Are For Queers. ThePalaceOfWisdom05/25/09
Need New Music JokesorInsults05/18/09
Killing Music Maximo12305/18/09
Shit Happens withALMONDS05/17/09
When A Band Goes Into Beast Mode mfbroom05/17/09
The Chem Paper Soundtrack Quarterpastfour05/17/09
Musical Journey Captain North05/17/09
Since My Computer Wont Let Me Play Counterstrike... Shrapnel9405/16/09
Sputnik Classics I Have Yet To Hear Aids05/15/09
Recent Sputnik Gets burnafterbreeding05/14/09
Happy Birthday, Sean Shrapnel9405/12/09
Songs I Am Currently Addicted To applesoup05/10/09
Favourite South Park Episodes Per Season/ 5/5 Albums armfarm05/09/09
Done With College feav23305/08/09
More Music! Klekticist05/05/09
Hasta La Vista, Baby...I'll Be Back...Talk To The Hand... Apostle705/03/09
EPs Prophet17805/02/09
Happy Little Trees, Bob Ross stoopkid04/29/09
T-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-top Five Motherfucking Albums. widowslaugh12304/27/09
Stuff To Listen To Soon Klekticist04/21/09
My Top Last.fm 50 Albums Turtlelephant04/20/09
Last.fm Bandwagoning Yazz_Flute04/20/09
Last.fm - My Top 50 SlightlyEpic04/20/09
Scat Swapping School Swallow... stoopkid04/19/09
I Listen To A Lot Of Depressing Stuff Titan5004/19/09
Someone Should Make "sputnikmovies" Titan5004/13/09
The New Oldies fireaboveicebelow04/12/09
Shizz I Have And Need To Listen To, Which I Have Yet To Do Titan5004/12/09
Straight From Hmv Chewie04/11/09
Top 5 Albums Everrr Omg SnackaryBinx04/06/09
Yes londoncalling45703/31/09
Great Expectations Chewie03/31/09
Recently Acquired Crap racerX7103/30/09
Great Album Openers Cerbyrus03/28/09
Pulp Fiction londoncalling45703/28/09
Waiter, There's A Duck In My Soup. ....no, I Didn't Order Duck Soup. Idiot. Essence03/28/09
Sexy Musics SlightlyEpic03/21/09
Need More Energetic Albums/bands. NovaSilver03/21/09
Post-hardcore Recs? AlexTM51003/20/09
At The Drive-in Full-lenghts Records Listed fromrows03/18/09
Top 40 5 Min+ Songs Titan5003/18/09
Nothing To Do, Might As Well Make A List. fromrows03/14/09
Diggotry SlightlyEpic03/14/09
Genius. jimay33303/13/09
Remedies For A Long Week. SpinLightTwo03/06/09
My 10 Most Listened To Albums SlightlyEpic03/04/09
Hello Mother Leopard I Have Your Cub Mr. Lizard03/04/09
Top 50 Bands Titan5002/28/09
Chronological Life Soundtrack koshnov02/25/09
The Top 15 ThePalaceOfWisdom02/24/09
Albums On Repeat dahmerszombies02/24/09
Favorite Bands PCDexterity02/21/09
Songs That Affected Me Titan5002/19/09
Maybe If Everyone Who'd Ever Been Close To You Had Died You'd Be Sarcastic Too. Mr. Lizard02/11/09
St. Vals 4 Pookie... willfellmarsy02/10/09
I Just Ate Some Pineapple SlightlyEpic02/09/09
Skramz... Where To Start? Spamue1G02/07/09
Recommendations/help Required! DrunkBishyBoshy02/04/09
Back Into The Swing Of Things... marksellsuswallets02/03/09
Jrowa001's 100 Favs!! jrowa00102/03/09
Two Year Anniversary Fuck Omg Yazz_Flute02/03/09
Top Ten Post-hardcore Records fromrows01/30/09
New Name Mr. Lizard01/29/09
Which Ones To Buy? zeppelinUSA01/28/09
Hello Sputnik TheLuckyFew01/27/09
Favs So Far, Many To Go AndManyMore01/26/09
My Favourite Albums In The Whole Of Forever For The Time Being SlightlyEpic01/24/09
5/5 Fruit List SnackaryBinx01/23/09
Just Some Musicsss SlightlyEpic01/22/09
Recommend Me Some Real Good Stuff... Spamue1G01/18/09
Metal Eliteness handoman01/18/09
Shopping List Burning_October01/17/09
Band Names That Start With The Letter A thesystemisdown01/16/09
5 Albums I Can Thank Sputnik For! pneumoniahawk9301/14/09
Recent Buys Curse.01/14/09
My Top 10 Last.fm Songs AbyssalCreation01/12/09
Recently Bought Albums ironzeppelin78901/11/09
Extreme Pasteurization willfellmarsy01/10/09
Recommend SlightlyEpic01/08/09
One-And-A-Half Albums A Day Masochist01/06/09
The Best Of Mcp McP300001/02/09
Where's Snackrybinx?!?! handoman01/01/09
Cds I Got For Christmas arsonist8812/31/08
Before And After Sputnik ironzeppelin78912/28/08
Semi Classics starttostop12/28/08
Albums I Got For Christmas Yazz_Flute12/27/08
This Title Used to be a Faux Pas NotMrBlonde12/23/08
I Wish You A Broken Heart, And A Happy New Year chrisonsputnik12/21/08
Mindblowingly Good Albums Bleak12312/16/08
Favourite Albums.. Ever. SlightlyEpic12/15/08
Favorites Of 2000 McP300012/15/08
Top 30 Lastfm Bands Bleak12312/14/08
Zombies Vs. Vampires! thebhoy12/11/08
Christmas Wishlist Yazz_Flute12/09/08
Julieeeeeeeeet!!! marksellsuswallets12/08/08
Krusty Krab Pizza Is The Pizza For You And Me AndManyMore12/08/08
My Top 20 Albums (old And New) RevengeSoldier12/07/08
Recommend Post-hardcore Etc. Yazz_Flute12/06/08
Songs I've Become Addicted To AbyssalCreation12/06/08
I Open Up My Wallet, And It's Full Of Blood thebhoy12/05/08
Recent Fave Moments Tool12111/30/08
100 SynGates11/29/08
Love Is... willfellmarsy11/27/08
10 Favorite Songs Ever McP300011/23/08
Roadtrip! SnackaryBinx11/21/08
The Metal In Me Captain North11/15/08
Im Pissed I Never Got To See armfarm11/10/08
I Want To bustyagunz11/09/08
Fuck This Captain North11/05/08
Getting Over Hump Day Tiphanycufflinks10/29/08
Post Hardcore/screamo Recommendations Please? ohhhcomely10/27/08
Top100 (no Subjectivity Allowed) StreetlightRock10/27/08
Current Listens Shrapnel9410/26/08
Lately I've Been Obsessed With... 72haha7210/26/08
You Should Really Own These SnackaryBinx10/25/08
Last Time Coming Home LittleTinGodess10/17/08
Suggestions For Working Out / Running rosslives72710/13/08
Current Diggyness marsvolta998110/09/08
Thor's Ultimate Biking Playlist Thor10/08/08
Personal Favorites MIRAI8710/08/08
Thank You Sputnik. (i'm Gay) SnackaryBinx10/07/08
My Myspace Playlist SnackaryBinx10/05/08
1 Year, 50 Albums McP300010/02/08
10 Albums I... willfellmarsy10/01/08
My 50 favourite albums ClearTheLane09/22/08
My Top 20 Songs Of All-time SnackaryBinx09/15/08
A Dig List To Reckon McP300009/14/08
Moments In Musical History... willfellmarsy09/14/08
50, Yo JumpTheF**kUp09/11/08
Some Of My Favourite Albums (in No Particular Order) DhA09/10/08
Im Bored//top 30 As Of The End Of August 08 McP300009/03/08
My Top Forty Albums 72haha7209/01/08
My Top 100 Albums Of All Time Yazz_Flute08/27/08
Recommend Me Good Stuff From... Golgoroth08/27/08
Some Favorite Songs (part 1/5) ClearTheLane08/24/08
I Wish I Could Do That Pastropzut08/20/08
Mis Bandas Preferidas Siberiano08/18/08
Hxc Mix Ohh08/18/08
Albums I Downloaded Last Night rosslives72708/14/08
Suggestions...... marsvolta998108/11/08
From California To My ToWhatEnd08/06/08
Last.fm Top 50 Intransit08/01/08
Best Post-hardcore Bands SnackaryBinx07/31/08
Passionate Stage Presence MyRamona07/30/08
To Get List silverleaves07/28/08
My 'perfect' Albums. cannsawxcore07/21/08
My Top 10 Albums jward07/18/08
Favourite Albums By Favourite Bands ThePalaceOfWisdom07/07/08
Favourite Bands Ver.2 ThePalaceOfWisdom07/07/08
Why Don't You Make Like A Banana...and SHIT Yazz_Flute07/06/08
Bands That Sputnik Has Gotten Me Into IanBandeau07/06/08
The A To Z List Of Bands You Should Know SnackaryBinx07/04/08
Teh Shuffle ToWhatEnd07/01/08
Mcp's Top 25 McP300006/26/08
Top At The Drive-in Songs armfarm06/24/08
Albums That Got Me Into Music SnackaryBinx06/22/08
Let's Play Some Soccer! 72haha7206/21/08
6/16/06 iarescientists06/16/08
Top 5 Overrated Bands ReturnToRock06/14/08
Top 10 Bands! gaber0106/02/08
My 10 Fav's CleanInjection05/14/08
Updated Top 100 Songs Of All Time thebhoy05/12/08
Perfect Songs mryrtmrnfoxxxy05/10/08
Bunches Of New Stuff DeadToPain05/08/08
My Ramona's Top 20 Albums 2008 Edition :) MyRamona05/05/08
7 Card Stud! botb04/23/08
As I Slowly Burn A Hole Into The Earth Iluvatar04/23/08
Alright Everyone...CHILL!!... willfellmarsy04/19/08
Diggage HangEmHigh04/17/08
And For My Listening Pleasure... willfellmarsy04/13/08
Stuff I Need: BroRape04/09/08
Classics mryrtmrnfoxxxy04/05/08
Bands I Want To Get Into Recomend Please bobbingforapples04/03/08
No Excuse For This, But Im Procrastinating Doing A Latin Essay Ohh03/23/08
Favorite Albums From My Top 25 Most Played Artists midas03/20/08
Dogs... willfellmarsy03/17/08
Misunderstanding In A Jazz Bash doritos03/16/08
Best Of Atdi Guitar10803/13/08
Recommendationes Por Favor willfellmarsy03/05/08
Favourite Songs By My Favourite Bands armfarm03/02/08
Favorite Bands Of All keepmypmasxe03/01/08
A Thank You Is In Order ToWhatEnd02/14/08
2 Years mryrtmrnfoxxxy02/13/08
Music Thy Name Is Emotion Cesar02/13/08
Albums I'm Considering Giving A Spin Altmer02/12/08
My Ipod metallicaman802/01/08
New Bands That Im Listening Too, And What You Say I Should Listen To downtime911001/31/08
What Albums?: 2 AndManyMore01/30/08
All My Favorite Bands Are Dead!!! Big Baby Jesus01/30/08
Another List Of Maybe-purchases Altmer01/22/08
Songs That Would Be Good On Rock Band doritoz01/17/08
Future Purchases Omnisonic01/11/08
New To Sputnik doritoz01/11/08
I Owe Sputnik Big Time SynGates01/09/08
My Post-christmas Wish List thesystemisdown01/07/08
Kristmas In Kanada Acre01/06/08
Mixtape Jacaranda12/29/07
Yearly Albums Since 1970 McP300012/29/07
Recent Digs For Botb botb12/28/07
Don't Know Why? Cesar12/10/07
What I Got In 07 *Top 10* Otisbum12/07/07
Last 20 Albums I've Listened To McP300012/04/07
Winter Break AggravatedYeti11/27/07
Another Recent Purchases List McP300011/25/07
Another List With Sputnik In The Title mryrtmrnfoxxxy11/25/07
I Dugged That mryrtmrnfoxxxy11/23/07
Shuffled gasmaskman11/23/07
Most Listened To Albums So Far McP300011/11/07
Top 100 Doppelganger11/08/07
Abc Bandwagon Jumping fershizzle11/05/07
Songs That Get My Blood Flowing McP300011/04/07
The Top 10 Post-hardcore Albums LearntoSwim11/01/07
Songs That I Think Will Be Remembered 20 Years From Now armfarm10/30/07
If I Made A Soundtrack x28x06x42x1210/27/07
My Top 10 Albums (no order) powerpop10/26/07
Songs I'm Digging powerpop10/25/07
Mm8's 50 Favourite Songs metallicaman810/25/07
Favorite Album Closers McP300010/23/07
Recent Listenings metallicaman810/20/07
My Top Ten Favorite Albums camdizzle10/13/07
Metal Is For Fags NemesisDivina10/10/07
Most Listened To Albums (by September) McP300010/03/07
Favorite Songs tribestros09/12/07
Modern Bands That Will Be Influences For The Next Generation Amalgam09/09/07
I Pwn... chimera90808/28/07
Songs I Listen To Before I Sleep armfarm08/23/07
The Fifty I Enjoy Most Yield08/21/07
Outside The Street's On Fire, In A Real Death Waltz Syncratic08/09/07
Coolest Song Titles riobravo102308/08/07
Favourite Albums...ever armfarm08/08/07
Road Trip Music tribestros08/05/07
Top 25 Plays Yield08/04/07
Pitt/Clevland Albums The Door Mouse08/01/07
California Listening ToWhatEnd08/01/07
The Sludge: Last.fm Overall Artist The Sludge07/31/07
Recent Album Listens americanidiot07/17/07
Just Getting Back Into It... Hatshepsut07/17/07
Keep Up, Pussies Syncratic07/16/07
My Favorite Albums Of 2000 greg8407/14/07
Canada londoncalling45707/12/07
Top 50 2000's Albums BringHomeTheBacon06/29/07
Songs That I'm Currently Obsessed With x28x06x42x1206/27/07
What Happened To Me? teamsleep69806/26/07
My Top 25 Albums Of All Time DeadToPain06/26/07
Peer Pressure teamsleep69806/25/07
A Few Songs I'm Really Into londoncalling45706/24/07
Albums I Am Listening To Alot Lately armfarm06/19/07
Statistics Of My Itunes Part 2 Yield06/18/07
20 Songs From Albums I've Gotten In Recent Weeks teamsleep69806/17/07
twenty5 IsItLuck?06/17/07
Underrated!!!! McFreaky06/15/07
Myramona's Top 20 Albums Of All Time MyRamona06/15/07
Albums I Wish I Had During Exam Week Yield06/11/07
Songs That Hook You! P1306/09/07
Favorite Songs By Favorite Bands ktstein06/08/07
Albums I Drive To. astrel06/05/07
Top Twenty Bands Yield05/29/07
My Favorite Contemporary Albums astrel05/24/07
Bands (with Songs) That I'm Really Digging. SpinLightTwo05/17/07
New Stuff I'm Checking Out teamsleep69805/16/07
Itunes Albums Full Collapse29904/25/07
Bands I'm Into VisceraEyes04/19/07
10 Of My Favorite Bands sethpierce04/18/07
New Bands That I've Been Digging antihippy04/15/07
Artists I Want To Get Cd's Of. x28x06x42x1204/02/07
My Top 10 Cds Atm Careyb04/01/07
My Collection BlindGuy101203/30/07
My Top 50 Bands/Artists CognitiveVertigo03/27/07
The Unknown BlindGuy101203/24/07
Top Ten Albums The_Flash!!!!03/18/07
Top 50 Albums Yield03/11/07
I Love Austin tdhinatx03/08/07
100 Favorite Albums Muisee03/06/07
Ocean City Soundtrack Syncratic03/04/07
My Reccomendations MrKite03/02/07
Thanks Guys Doonothing03/02/07
My Favorites tdhinatx02/27/07
Stuff On The Rotation Lately jameskukucka02/25/07
Feeling Pumped? Intransit02/24/07
Why I Play... Syncratic02/15/07
Songs That Are Too Short The Door Mouse02/13/07
Well, That Worked Out Spectrum02/13/07
Partner Song List Iluvatar02/12/07
Post Hardcore Goodness Full Collapse29902/12/07
Homegrown In My Head Iluvatar02/11/07
My 20 Most Favorite Albums phillramirez02/06/07
My Favorite Albums Of All Time HumanCannonball02/03/07
Bands I Want To Check Out BlindGuy101201/24/07
Artists That Got Me Into Music Wyko01/24/07
A Fantastical Mix Cd Careyb01/15/07
Jacaranda's Albums Of This Decade... So Far. Jacaranda12/30/06
To Prove I'm Better Than Canyoneer Iluvatar12/24/06
To Prove That Many Great Riffs Aren't From Metal Intransit12/24/06
Amazing Albums Syncratic12/22/06
Song I Can't Get Enough Of Lately londoncalling45712/18/06
100 Of My Favourite Songs IBegToDiffer12/17/06
Listening Spree Otisbum12/16/06
New Top 50 Hatshepsut12/09/06
As Of Late Syncratic11/30/06
Top 10 Bands, in order of the moment. scaredlittleman11/26/06
Top 10 Bands Iluvatar11/25/06
Latest 20 songs im into teamsleep69811/20/06
iluvs 20 post-hardcore/emo albums Iluvatar11/17/06
Bands I Think Are Overrated carolinaheels38711/13/06
The Best Albums In My Vault IBegToDiffer11/12/06
*sigh* francesfarmer11/11/06
20 Albums i want teamsleep69811/11/06
My fav albums Concubine11/08/06
FP's One Hundred FlawedPerfection11/07/06
I too have phallus type genitals francesfarmer11/04/06
I am a man Hatshepsut11/04/06
Whoah what the hell Iluvatar11/04/06
My 10 favourite albums CeeBone11/03/06
Real Men Do Top 100s Iluvatar11/02/06
Favorite Songs. Ever. hummer11/01/06
Revised top 10 Tweed10/25/06
Favorite Albums by my Favorite Bands 4.0 Muisee10/23/06
OshiXcore car mix Intransit10/23/06
Band Ey Be See HumanCannonball10/19/06
A top 30 of my favorite bands HumanCannonball10/18/06
John grooves to this Iluvatar10/15/06
As long as you play with passion... Iluvatar10/12/06
100!!!! Hatshepsut10/09/06
Top 5 Genre Defining Albums Iluvatar10/05/06
Sputnik luvs da musik FlawedPerfection10/04/06
Iluvatar likes sing alongs Iluvatar10/03/06
ABCDEFG... Hatshepsut10/02/06
Favorite Bands Not Around Anymore tburns00009/28/06
Playing along makes these songs better! YDload09/23/06
All The Albums of Bands I Want daghka09/17/06
Muisee's Guilty Pleasures Muisee09/15/06
click me Laafe09/13/06
Choruses Syncratic09/07/06
Great songs from non-classic albums YDload09/02/06
Songs of late WatermellonGun08/29/06
My A list Intransit08/23/06
Grrpanda (An idea pertaining to dreams) Iluvatar08/23/06
Favorite three-word Bands HumanGroceryStore08/23/06
Iluvs top 100 albums ever in his polluted way of thinking Iluvatar08/20/06
A list of riffs I like a lot. Probably wont all be metal and classic rock, kids. Shadius08/20/06
Riffs that rip your pants off lost_profits08/19/06
The Fake Alphabumetical List Iluvatar08/17/06
Songs i'm liking at the moment pizzapie8808/15/06
Favourite Post-Hardcore Albums Concubine08/11/06
Track 2 Syncratic08/07/06
Ideal Songs Vol. 2 Syncratic08/05/06
Ideal Songs Vol. 1 Syncratic08/04/06
Coolest Songs of the Moment Syncratic07/27/06
My Top 10 Personal Favourite Albums Concubine07/27/06
Awesome Chord Progressions! YDload07/26/06
Last week\'s most played songs... ktstein07/24/06
Iluvatar's Weekly Music Playlist! (Now with Cheese for 39 cents extra) Iluvatar07/17/06
My top 10 songs to drum to astrel07/17/06
Iluvatar's Favorite Albums! Iluvatar07/16/06
Now Thats What I Call Hits! Vol. Iluvatar! Iluvatar07/01/06
Last 15 songs played on my iPod. ktstein06/30/06
Iluvatar's Favorite Bands! Iluvatar06/29/06
Hatshepsut ftw Hatshepsut06/25/06
MY list of bands Sputnik introduced me to Hatshepsut06/25/06
Iluvatar's Best Songs EVER Iluvatar06/24/06
My Night At the Drive-In Iluvatar06/21/06
Iluvatar's First half of the Decade list (2000-2005) Iluvatar06/19/06
My All-Time Favorites NEDM06/19/06
Iluvatar's Top 10 Albums Evar And Stuff Iluvatar06/18/06


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