455 Music Lists Found Mentioning Tim Hecker

Lost Whole Music Library Gwyn.01/19/15
Can't Be Bothered Ryus01/14/15
Chortles' Half Decade Chortles01/12/15
Consistent Bands/solo Works BigPleb01/09/15
Just Finished One Piece Funeralopolis01/08/15
2010 - 2014: A Mid-decade Review ibringyoufire01/02/15
Top 100 Albums Of The Half-decade (2010-2014) mttgry12/26/14
Klap 4 Shows 2014 klap12/23/14
Sputnik 2nd Anniversary WeSuckYoungBlood12/20/14
Skooma's 82 Favorite Albums: 2007-2012 RivalSkoomaDealer12/10/14
Song I Worked On For Class NakedSnake12/10/14
56 Classic LP's Out Of 2821 Rated Dickens4411/30/14
album filler Ryus11/28/14
Snow Kman41811/22/14
Guy Fawkes Phlegm11/05/14
Ryus's Anniversary Ryus11/02/14
nba season hype jams Ryus10/28/14
Relax Your Mind Let10/27/14
31 Days Of Horror! Vader10/21/14
Summer of (non-sexual) Exploration lyzakthellama10/15/14
Hip Hop----electronic----jazz Ryus10/12/14
Ambient Project MATTVLACH10/02/14
My 2013 (top 50) blackwaterpark10/02/14
Do U Ever Feel AKA Ryus Recs Ryus09/15/14
Swans, 21st May, Roundhouse, London Spokklett09/12/14
Studying Playlist robertsona09/08/14
10k + Beautiful Users YakNips09/08/14
Important Albums YakNips09/01/14
Living The Present, The Lucid Dream, The Intangible Numbers Of Possibilities Behind A Doorway, Who Leads To Another And So On itchybutthole08/17/14
Musik 4 Skooma Trips RivalSkoomaDealer08/15/14
Ryus Turns Fourteen! Ryus08/13/14
Rec Me Dark / Ethereal Stuff Rev08/13/14
10k Kman41808/12/14
Itchy Goes To England itchybutthole08/12/14
My Taste In Music in 100 Albums JamieTwort08/11/14
Keybient Pt. 2 Keyblade08/07/14
I Need Some Book Recs !! EyesWideShut08/02/14
Top 100 SwallowShotguns08/02/14
Factual Evidence Supporting The Claim Of 2006's Relative Superiority Among Neighboring Years treeqt.07/26/14
10 Albums I'd Take With Me To A Remote Island perUmbram07/24/14
Fav Album First Impressions Jacquibim07/15/14
My 100 Favorite Albums theTourist07/13/14
Unemployed Phlegm06/27/14
My Record Collection As Of 6/25/14 cosmicnavel06/25/14
My Favorite Albums from 2013 jfirak06/17/14
Music Worth Checking Out 2 Skull91706/16/14
Sputnik's Canadian Census mindleviticus06/15/14
Fantano-core Ichangedmynametojeff06/12/14
Duncan Donuts YankeeDudel06/11/14
Crammin Jams tommygun06/04/14
Drone Recs lyzakthellama06/01/14
Electronic Music SticksmanTheBored05/25/14
Saw Tim Hecker Last Night mindleviticus05/25/14
Elliot Rodger Gwyn.05/25/14
4 Years On Sputnik Hurricanslash05/22/14
r y m Phlegm05/14/14
Everything Is Jams Jacquibim05/07/14
Record Labels: A Brief History lou100005/04/14
Ranking Other People's 5s: Oltnabrick neurisis1705/02/14
Audio-technica Ath-m50 EJinHD04/29/14
2 Yrs Gwyn.04/23/14
2010s: Best Electronic Releases lou100004/23/14
Metal Gear Solid Ranked EJinHD04/22/14
Personal 100 Fav Albums Since 2010 theTourist04/21/14
I Can Drive And Have Sex With Old People Now Kman41804/20/14
Best Of 2013 lou100004/19/14
Best Of 2011 lou100004/17/14
Jac's Favourite Countries Jacquibim04/16/14
Eighty Kay SeaAnemone04/11/14
Seeking Keyboard Advice RivalSkoomaDealer04/03/14
Belated Best Of 2013 RivalSkoomaDealer03/30/14
Top 50 Albums Of 2013 MiguelVega03/30/14
Another Music List Keyblade03/27/14
Late To The Party RiffOClock03/22/14
Metal Hiatus Jacquibim03/11/14
Oltnabrick's Favorite Songs From_2013_ oltnabrick03/07/14
2013 Madness Green Baron03/03/14
So Excited For New Coldplay Album fallenbird03/02/14
A 2013 List Posted Mid February Because Life Is Moving Fast And You'll Be Dead Before You Know It Havey02/16/14
MisterTornado in 2013 MisterTornado02/14/14
Top 18 Os 2013 JaySpiral01/31/14
Uniquedark Voices From 2013 NoiseForZeus01/26/14
Tim Hecker LP's Ranked Motiv301/20/14
Key To 2013 Keyblade01/11/14
Aids' 2013: Albums Of The Year Aids01/10/14
Cd Collection - Installment Four Multifarious01/10/14
Artists That I Hated At First But Grew To Love. TheAnimator01/09/14
~mezz Crew Top 25 Of 2013~ SeaAnemone01/07/14
Favourite Electronic Artists 3 lou100001/07/14
Tim Hecker Top 5 lou100001/07/14
Opie's long awaited Top 20 Of 2013 opie01/07/14
New Playlist! TonalAnomaly01/05/14
Yazz_40 2013 Yazz_Flute01/03/14
Maybe My Last Top Of 2013 List Funeralopolis01/02/14
Tmobotron's 2013 TMobotron01/01/14
Music Guide Of 2013 NationalRadio12/31/13
Rev's 2013: Albums Rev12/31/13
A Lanilioness 2013 LilLioness12/31/13
New Year Digs BigPleb12/30/13
Team Fortress 2 hogan90012/29/13
Ilj's 2013: The Definitive List ILJ12/29/13
Breakingthefragile's 2013 Of Pretty Cool Albums And Some Overlooked Stuff As Well breakingthefragile12/29/13
2013 Toones Monsterpoptart12/28/13
Toaster's 2013 ITsHxCTOASTER12/28/13
Se2aa0ne1mo4ne SeaAnemone12/27/13
Top 50 Albums 2013 AlexTM51012/26/13
Larry's 2013 larrytheslug12/26/13
Who Needs Lyrics Anyway? (2013) opie12/26/13
2013qt. treeqt.12/25/13
A 2013 List mindleviticus12/25/13
Zantera's Top 100 Albums Of 2013 Zantera12/24/13
2013 mttgry12/23/13
2013 Or How My Shitty Taste Reared Its Ugly Head This Year. snowbbird12/23/13
Recommend An Ambient\minimal Album??? Closk12/23/13
JT's 2013 List: Top 50 JamieTwort12/23/13
Onemore 2013 Top 50 List OneMoreRoland12/22/13
Iwasnvr Not Going To Make An Aoty List iwasnvrurbf12/20/13
Top 30 Electronic Songs 2013 gosk8n12/20/13
Zxlkho's Top 50 Of 2013 zxlkho12/20/13
Amphoteric's Top 50 Albums Of 2013 Amphoteric12/20/13
Some Really Bad Albums From 2013 helpoemer42012/19/13
Wadlez' Top 30 Of 2013 Wadlez12/19/13
2013 Albums ParanoidTourist12/19/13
Another Top 50 Of 2013 List theTourist12/19/13
Top 50 Favorite Albums Of 2013 Multifarious12/17/13
Top 25 In 2013 CaptWaffles12/14/13
Marko's '13 Short List Aoty MassiveAttack12/14/13
2013 A Radical Year RadicalEd12/14/13
Madoka Magica Rebellion Rev12/14/13
Bluew's Life In 2013 BlueW12/13/13
Electronic, Ambient And Chill Stuff demigod!12/07/13
My 50 Favorite Albums Of 2013 steadyriot12/07/13
Kingsoby2013 B===d --- 2012 kingsoby112/06/13
Jeremologyy's Top 40 jeremologyy12/06/13
4 More Years iswimfast12/03/13
Albums I Liked In 2013 cosmicnavel12/03/13
Gs3k's Top 100 Albums Of 2013 GrandpaSeth300012/02/13
The Best 50 Albums Of The Year (2013) UpTheBracket9812/02/13
The Top Thirty-Five Derezzination12/02/13
2kman13 Kman41812/02/13
November's Most Listened iwasnvrurbf12/01/13
2013: Another Graveyard Shift Graveyard11/30/13
Jared's Top 50 Albums 2013 thejared11/28/13
Dimsim's 2013 dimsim347811/28/13
Jac's Top 25 Of 2013 Jacquibim11/27/13
2013 Electronic Releases Ranked Wadlez11/26/13
Decade So Far Eko11/26/13
Shuffle iwasnvrurbf11/25/13
Top 50 2000s GrandpaSeth300011/22/13
Saw Tim Hecker And Oneohtrix Point Never YetAnotherBrick11/17/13
Ambient EpicMangoMan11/17/13
Fooked BigPleb11/16/13
Tripping betlwedl11/14/13
the other side of 2013 unkle11/14/13
Why I Love Electronic Music (so Far) Eloriaz11/08/13
Albums I Have Yet To Listen To This Year. snowbbird11/07/13
Steam Sputters? BigPleb11/05/13
2013 To Listen List MassiveAttack11/04/13
Bands I'm Interested In neurisis1710/25/13
Eagles Becomes Cultured: 2013 EaglesBecomeVultures10/24/13
Recently Discovered iwasnvrurbf10/24/13
Barely A List Of Stuff Bluew Liked Recently BlueW10/18/13
We Live....then We Die BallsToTheWall10/08/13
Thegardener's Decade TheGardener10/04/13
Stop Making 2013 Lists It's Not Even December Kman41810/04/13
Recommend Sniper A 2013 Album sniper10/03/13
Fall SeaAnemone10/03/13
Anime: Summer 2013 Rev10/01/13
Craving Sweet Tea ITsHxCTOASTER10/01/13
Electronic Playlist TonalAnomaly09/23/13
Best Electronic Music TonalAnomaly09/22/13
Soundtrack to Autumn TheNexus10009/14/13
2013anemone SeaAnemone09/12/13
Leaky Virgins sniper09/12/13
Electronic Music In 2013 geasoftime09/11/13
Getting To Know Some Of The Users [2] treeqt.09/06/13
Study SeaAnemone08/29/13
Denovali Swingfest 2013 In Essen, Ge osmark8608/29/13
Top 10 Celebrity Hotties BallsToTheWall08/25/13
Random Digs List Motiv308/25/13
Free New Ambient/Glitch EP! mindleviticus08/18/13
Albums I've Recently Returned To jtswope08/12/13
My Vinyl Collection NakedSnake08/11/13
Chicken And Waffles Lays ILJ08/09/13
2013 Electronic/ambient Recs Hyperion100108/03/13
Rec Me Reading Music Paracletus9607/22/13
Tim Hecker Ranked? TheNexus10007/18/13
Keybient Keyblade07/11/13
3 Year Sputversary treeqt.07/09/13
Top 15 Tracks: 2013 SeaAnemone07/08/13
Need lonely music recs durianel07/08/13
New To Sputnik durianel06/26/13
Four.fives+fives SeaAnemone06/25/13
When It Rains... BallsToTheWall06/20/13
E3 Gwyn.06/10/13
Playlist For Reading Artuma05/06/13
2010sies SeaAnemone05/01/13
2 Key Years Keyblade04/18/13
Rec Me Electronica RadicalEd04/16/13
Tell Me Your Favourite Albums From The 2000s IHeardThat04/14/13
Talk To Me About Music Skimaskcheck04/10/13
Underrated/obscure Gems Part Ii Winesburgohio03/27/13
Sputnik Madness Rd Ii SeaAnemone03/21/13
Ambient Recs Please NationalRadio03/16/13
Late Digs Aspenshadow03/11/13
Sinkholes, You Bastards DotEight03/03/13
My Vinyl Collection So Far Gyromania02/19/13
How To Electronic mindleviticus02/16/13
Aura SeaAnemone02/10/13
Friday Digs DotEight02/01/13
Something January treeqt.01/28/13
What Justifies A 5 Rating To You? mindleviticus01/27/13
Most Relevant Albums Ever (objectively) BaselineOOO01/22/13
Ali's Top 100 Albums Lucid01/20/13
Canadian 73101/13/13
Electronic And Ambient MichaelSnoxall01/11/13
Theacademy's Best Of 2012 SeaAnemone01/01/13
Snow SeaAnemone12/29/12
Some Stuff I Found HeyListen12/16/12
It's Never Cold Enough eternium12/13/12
My Favorite Albums Of All Time Wirertragen712/10/12
First Semester Of College ShadowAmI11/28/12
Downtempo SeaAnemone11/19/12
Feelin' Wank cuki9211/08/12
Nyc Goes Dark Rev10/29/12
Ambient Recs Needed BenKnuckles10/29/12
The First Year I Got Into Music (2011) Bramladesh10/28/12
Artificial Death... cuki9210/16/12
What Are Your Fav Bands You Pretend To Like StarlessAnd10/13/12
Ambient (i Need More) Rev10/11/12
Rev's Summer 2012 Anime Wrap-up! Rev10/04/12
New Gybe ShadowAmI10/01/12
Guess Who's Back.. Back Again YetAnotherBrick09/27/12
Off Hiatus Ponton09/16/12
Good Album Art ITsHxCTOASTER09/09/12
Rec Me Some Essential Drone ShadowAmI09/01/12
Electronics StrangerofSorts08/31/12
Rock is the worst genre of music OrangeHologram08/30/12
Top 20 Albums Of 2011 RollieQuibbs08/21/12
Albums That Are One Of A Kind Benjomatico08/15/12
Bluew's Foobar Layout/ui Whateva BlueW08/14/12
Too Soon For A 2011 List? Ire08/08/12
2009-11: Top 100 Albums From 1300+ In The Past 3 Years lobby07/20/12
Just Came Back From Iceland fish.07/19/12
2011 mttgry07/16/12
float away tarkus07/13/12
2007 mttgry07/11/12
Tim Hecker Lp's Ranked mindleviticus07/09/12
2001 mttgry07/05/12
Eko's Quarter Decade Eko06/20/12
Digs pennepasta06/16/12
Let's Be Friends trix4dix06/14/12
Perfect Albums trix4dix06/02/12
Four Years sniper05/28/12
More Electronic Albums For Your Listening Pleasure mindleviticus05/25/12
Last.fm Is Down What The Fuck trix4dix05/22/12
2011 TheGardener05/22/12
The Music I Make mindleviticus05/17/12
2nd Sputniversary Eko05/13/12
Tsundere Ambient tsundereSCIENCE05/12/12
Sput Birthday 1 StrangerofSorts05/12/12
Top 100 Albums... Revisited AutoRock05/09/12
Top 50 Favorite Albums zxlkho05/01/12
Music News? TheGardener04/24/12
Hyperion10000 Hyperion100104/23/12
On The Side Jash04/22/12
Twlichty's Ideal Electronic twlichty04/19/12
Rec Me Electronica Tyrael04/19/12
Thoughts On Music TheGardener04/17/12
Lobby 2011: Top 50 lobby04/13/12
How To Ambient StrangerofSorts04/05/12
Awesome Giant List BlueW03/30/12
List Is Digs Hopeland03/28/12
Need Spoken Vocal Samples BlueW03/18/12
Mushrooms - Rated BlueW03/16/12
"Chill" Music OrangeHologram03/04/12
Hollier's Top 50 Of 2011 Motiv302/26/12
Listening To Cormac Mccarthy And Reading A Book By Clipse SeaAnemone02/23/12
Electronica Basman02/23/12
Lucid 100 Lucid02/21/12
I Need To Listen To These Albums Some More Hopeland02/19/12
i need to download these ohfoxxxycole02/19/12
Coasts Eleven Coast02/10/12
Aids' 2011: Songs Aids02/09/12
Karaoke Hopeland02/08/12
These Album Descriptions Are Concise As F*** YetAnotherBrick02/05/12
Aids' 2011: Albums Aids01/31/12
Djunior's 2011: Top 80 djunior01/30/12
2011 Hopeland01/30/12
The "wow I Forgot How Awesome This Is" List OnlyAnchors01/26/12
20 Songs To Cover My Taste In Music AutoRock01/25/12
Ty's 2011 Tyrael01/22/12
Liledman Does 2011 liledman01/21/12
List Is Ambient StrangerofSorts01/14/12
A Very Monheim-y 2011 Monheim01/08/12
Thann's 50 Of '11 Thanntos01/08/12
Hopefully The Last 2011 List bungy01/07/12
Rev Hits 5000! Rev01/07/12
Top 50 Albums Since 2000 AutoRock01/05/12
2011's Rash Albums Rashandarei01/03/12
Eko's '11: Lps Eko01/02/12
Irving's Top 25 Albums Of 2011 Irving01/02/12
Planewreck's 2011 plane01/02/12
2011 Is Fuckin' Dead, Unabridged ThyCrossAwaits01/02/12
In Before 2012 Sucks eternium01/01/12
Another 2011 Albums List BlueW12/31/11
Lucidity's 2011: Songs Lucid12/31/11
Patrick Fannon's 2011 Best Music patrickfannon12/31/11
Happy New Year, Sputnik! Gyromania12/31/11
Vespertine 2011 Vesper12/31/11
My.2011 tuk12/30/11
Hyperion's Eoty 2011 Hyperion100112/29/11
My Top Ten Of 2011 RedTravis71312/28/11
Great Albums Of 2011 Wirertragen712/28/11
Zantera's Top 80 Albums/ep's In 2011 Zantera12/28/11
MisterTornado in 2011 MisterTornado12/26/11
Kicked Back Christmas Eve Rev12/25/11
Revised And Stuff StrangerofSorts12/23/11
Twlichty's 2011 twlichty12/22/11
Omg The Best 2011 breesuschrist12/22/11
Another Best Of 2011 List Arked12/22/11
Sif's Top 10 Albums Of 2011 sifFlammable12/19/11
Captwaffles' 2011 CaptWaffles12/19/11
Preliminary Top 25 of 2011 sleepyhead12/19/11
When In Rome... SeaAnemone12/18/11
Forever Alone Rev12/18/11
2011 O'clock Part Ii: The Good RiffOClock12/17/11
2011car Deathcar12/16/11
Balls In Your Mouth 2011 BallsToTheWall12/15/11
Anchors Top 54 Of 2011 OnlyAnchors12/13/11
Canada In 2011 Hopeland12/11/11
2011 Songs Oty transatlanticfoe12/10/11
A Tsundere 2011 tsundereSCIENCE12/10/11
M M X I AngelofDeath12/06/11
2011 Has Been Strange StrangerofSorts12/04/11
2011 Poptarts Monsterpoptart12/02/11
Chambered's Top 40 Albums Of 2011 chambered8912/01/11
Ambience tarkus11/25/11
Lucidity's 2011: Albums Lucid11/23/11
Under The Sea In 2011: Top 25 SeaAnemone11/23/11
Chambered's Top 30 Songs Of 2011 chambered8911/23/11
Cocktails sifFlammable11/22/11
Download My Crappy Ep Of Sorts BlueW11/22/11
Rev's Top 100 Of 2011 Rev11/19/11
Gyromania Gyromania11/19/11
ill do er Ire11/09/11
Got My Hd 598 Today sifFlammable11/05/11
Winter Music sehguh11/03/11
Perfect Stretches Of Music robertsona11/01/11
Overdue MassiveAttack10/26/11
Asians Are Pretty Cool BallsToTheWall10/24/11
Recs 4 Recs? StrangerofSorts10/13/11
Diggage From Kenya Aids10/12/11
Albums I'm Diggin (2011 So Far) lancebramsay10/12/11
Sputnikbooks breesuschrist10/11/11
500 Ratings, 666 Comments tarkus10/06/11
Gyro's Recent Vinyl Purchases Gyromania10/03/11
Interrrail tuk09/27/11
100 Users aok09/26/11
Sleepy Jams 2011 Rev09/24/11
Rec Me Ambient Monheim09/16/11
Back In Canterbury Motiv309/11/11
Favorite Songs: 2011 Lucid09/04/11
2011 Digs lobby08/15/11
Top 20 Albums of 2011 Timon8708/14/11
2011: The Good And Pretty twlichty08/07/11
2011: A List Amended ThyCrossAwaits08/05/11
Rev's Top 30 Of 2011 So Far Rev08/02/11
Music To Fade In And Out .. sehguh07/30/11
2011 So Far literalsurrealist07/29/11
2011: First Half (yes, This Shit Again) Zantera07/28/11
Current Vinyl Collection (with Descriptions!) LiquidVelvet07/26/11
Rec Me Some Electronic BodhisattvaWhoHears07/19/11
Electronic Music This Year Bloodbirds07/17/11
Things That I Like And Albums That Are Good robertsona07/11/11
Future Music? Decapod07/08/11
Electronic And Ambient Stuff EverythingEvil211307/06/11
Favorite Electronic Songs Lucid07/03/11
2011 Halfway mostly metal ev0ken06/30/11
2011 So Far. You Know The Drill. OnlyAnchors06/26/11
Generic First Half 2011 List NickelbackFTL06/23/11
Deviant And Almost 6 Months Of 2011 Accounted For Deviant.06/16/11
2011: Mid Year Report Lucid06/15/11
Headphones Albums Deathcar05/31/11
Electronic Heaven Yotimi05/21/11
1000 Ratings Lucid05/13/11
One More Final twlichty05/12/11
Favorite 100 Lps/eps Of All Time AutoRock05/12/11
Favorite Songs Of 2011 Thus Far CounterClockwise05/03/11
Top 50 Albums Of 2011 (4/27) lancebramsay04/27/11
2011 Has Produced Nearly 4 Gb Of Music ThyCrossAwaits04/27/11
Aids' 2011 So Far Aids04/26/11
When Deviant Points His Finger At You Deviant.04/14/11
Too Many Albums To Download G3N3R1C04/06/11
My Blog brutebeard03/31/11
Most Difficult Book You've Read scissorlocked03/31/11
Best Of 2011: Quarter One TheDegenerate03/31/11
Electronic You Should Own twlichty03/26/11
Nhl Teams Ranked/top 30 Releases Of 2011 So Far Aids03/25/11
Two Thousand I'm In Heaven mmfarva03/24/11
Gyro's 2011 (so Far) Gyromania03/20/11
2011 Thus Far CounterClockwise03/20/11
New Music twlichty03/19/11
Vinyl, Vinyl, Vinyl SharkEthic03/19/11
Bliss huskerdoo03/19/11
Favorite Albums Of All Time CounterClockwise03/08/11
How Much Music Do You Download? dreamobile03/07/11
2011 So Far sleepyhead03/06/11
Life Sucks Aids03/06/11
I Just Bought A Cd In The First Time I Can Remember kitsch03/05/11
2011 #2: February DoubtGin03/02/11
Sputnik: My New Social Crutch. Jruined03/02/11
New Music! CrownOfMagnets02/27/11
More Hawking. Also Best 2k11 Albums So Far robertsona02/10/11
Ambient/drone Recs Needed HSThomas01/28/11
Albums I Have huskerdoo01/28/11
Thee Term Project MassiveAttack12/10/10
Good Headphones? Zion11/26/10
E Lec Tro Nic Bee Boop robertsona11/23/10
Digital Music Production robertsona11/19/10
Ambient Recs. robertsona11/15/10
Ambience Bitchfork11/07/10
Skidoosh // Robertsona robertsona11/02/10
What Pmp/mp3 Players Do You Guys Own Photon10/25/10
Ambient Stuff TyrannosaurusPeanut08/29/10
Andrew Hartwig's Decade List br3ad_man06/11/10
Michael's Decade Mikesn06/10/10
Dude We're Just A Rock And Roll Band SlightlyEpic05/07/10
Last 3 Months FistfulOfSteel03/14/10
Considering Stuicide charles200003/05/10
Recs Help Wanted charles200002/06/10
Hey Guys aviary02/02/10
All I Got For Christmas Was... witchxrapist12/24/09
Mike's Top 25 Of 2009 Mikesn12/21/09
Favorite Ambient Albums repeatdefender11/02/09
Alphabet Favorites ImNotATaco10/21/09
Croat Recommends: "electronic" MassiveAttack09/19/09
8 Days Of Muzak libertine23709/18/09
Recent Neo-classical, Minimalist Electronic, Post-rockish Digs Zion08/31/09
Let Music Reign!! TracedInAir04/15/09
Dem Sportz? poweroftheweez03/13/09
Recent Buys KittensandScorpions01/29/09
Pickups, Digs And Electric Sounds StreetlightRock10/11/08
Long Spaces Hidden_Shoal04/27/08
Long Ones.... cometuesday04/03/08
Serenity cometuesday02/26/08
Tentative Electronica cometuesday02/11/08
Music Ftw cometuesday01/30/08
Word Of The Day: Silver/gold cometuesday01/04/08
Word Of The Day: White cometuesday01/03/08
Word Of The Day: Blue cometuesday01/01/08
Review Indecision! cometuesday12/10/07
Albums That I Am Digging To. bananaoracle11/19/07
Albums That I Listen To When I Eat Apple Pie. bananaoracle11/19/07
Artists Without Buzz cometuesday11/05/07


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