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Memphis May Fire Unconditional Review furpa12/13/14
We Covered Fall Out Boy Beardog11/26/14
Best Metal Albums Challenger36011/24/14
Core Binging Is Fun ncguitar10/18/14
49 Concerts Ranked HenchmanOfSanta10/08/14
Help BertMacklinFBI10/03/14
Songs With Amazing Climaxes furpa09/27/14
Aftershock Festival - Awards TheSupernatural09/15/14
My Favorite Artists That Scream Linx09/09/14
2/3 Of The Year Ranked peartnoy09/03/14
Brandon Needles is back! My CD collection Linx09/02/14
My 50 Favourite Songs Beardog08/23/14
Great Visuals, Meh Movies BeneaththeDarkOcean08/20/14
The Ills Of Modern Jamz pigsonthewing08/02/14
2014 Ranked Thus Far krthll107/12/14
Some Good, Underrated Metalcore Jams wwba07/12/14
Favorite Post-hardcore/metalcore Bands Danred9704/28/14
Some Of My 2014 Stuff kukifnasty171704/24/14
Sput's Best Reviewers Calc04/18/14
My First Quarter Of 2014 peartnoy04/05/14
13 Bands I Saw Last Week Ranked Lettuce03/31/14
List Of Bands I've Seen Live furpa03/26/14
Hardcore/post-hardcore/metalcore/whatever Bands That Are Neat furpa03/23/14
Less Than Three. Dischi03/23/14
Top 25 Post Hardcore/Metalcore Breakdowns mygreendayromance18203/17/14
Top 10 Post-hardcore/Metalcore Bands mygreendayromance18203/16/14
Bands I've Seen Live quik4003/06/14
I Need Awesome Metalcore!! butchinette03/06/14
Prisonbreak Was A Good Show theacademy12/22/13
My 2nd Sput-versary Is In A Week SadAndHolyGlow11/17/13
Bands I Have Seen Live disengage66611/07/13
My Itunes On Shuffle Part 2 KenboSlice11/04/13
My Itunes On Shuffle TheGreatQ11/02/13
Warped Tour 14 Predictions SnakeDelilah10/17/13
Album Closers TheMetalLifer10/06/13
Favorite Post Hardcore Albums? moshpotatoes09/24/13
Bands I've Been Into Recently JamesDay09/01/13
Favourite Albums caitlynraine08/13/13
Favorite 50 Albums Ever UO91008/10/13
Best Of 2012 Rashandarei08/09/13
Warped Tour 2013 Feather07/29/13
My Personal 15 iasookia07/26/13
Best Sounding Live Bands At Warped Tour 2013 JamesDay07/21/13
Warped Tour 2013 Cormano07/16/13
Vans Warped Tour: Before Needsmoarbreakdowns07/11/13
Warped Tour merpmerp07/05/13
Nononsense's Top 15 Last.fm Artists nononsense06/13/13
Workout Playlist Guzzo1005/27/13
Warp '13 Guzzo1005/19/13
Injustice: Gods Among Us Is Freaking Awesome KenboSlice04/17/13
The Best Of The Best crowingflow03/20/13
Quality Live Metal Acts I've Seen funtenot03/14/13
Favorite Albums TheKeywork02/09/13
Songs To Listen To TheWorstOfThem061301/23/13
Favourite Bandy Alonesome01/22/13
Non-classic Albums From 2012 digimental10101/09/13
Favorite Songs TheWorstOfThem061301/09/13
Some Cool Album Art Shimana01/06/13
Favorite Songs Damon1219701/04/13
My Top 33 2012 slowmotion9001/03/13
Vinyl Collection. JrmyPrks01/03/13
My Top 20 Of 2012 Nucrus01/03/13
Top 12 Of '12 FearOfTheDuck12/29/12
My Top 50 Of 2012 RemedyForLove12/24/12
Academy Of 2012 theacademy12/23/12
That Sh-t I Don't Like Shimana12/20/12
Top Three Bands Damon1219712/16/12
2012 In Concerts raggedragamuffin12/13/12
Favorites Of 2012 d00derz12/10/12
Top 50 Of 2012 simonpettersen12/08/12
Post-Hardcore/Metalcore Recs T5Cx12/06/12
2012 Favorites raggedragamuffin12/06/12
Another Aoty List pjquinones74712/02/12
Top 15 simonpettersen11/30/12
Top Albums Of 2012 PastorOfMupp3ts11/29/12
Anything Grindcore Hardcore Metalcore And Experimental AndyxPandy11/10/12
I Need Recs jwyles411/02/12
Real Worst Users List intotheshit10/15/12
Recent Digs d00derz10/01/12
Tell Me How Bad My Music Taste Is necromechanical09/25/12
Top 20 Albums Fordever09/10/12
Top 50 Artists Tokamak09/09/12
My Top 10 Memphis May Fire Shimana09/02/12
Anyone Else Irritated By The News? Slobo08/30/12
College dathvada32108/25/12
Naked Prince Harry raggedragamuffin08/23/12
Serious Digs sspedding08/17/12
Post-hardcore/light Metalcore Recs? Shimana08/17/12
Memphis May Fire Ranked! Muisc4Life2608/12/12
Rec Me Some Cool Stuff GreyShadow08/10/12
Looking For Some New Music Tokamak08/02/12
2012 Listens PastorOfMupp3ts08/02/12
I Got Warped The Other Day Hospital08/01/12
Top Ten Albums Of 2012 (so Far) Jstefut123408/01/12
Iljajlm's Warped Experience ILJ07/31/12
Stoked For Warped Playlist raggedragamuffin07/31/12
My Top 10 Metalcore Bands jrm9607/29/12
Recs 2012 Tokamak07/24/12
2012 Listens So Far Kronzo07/20/12
My Top Vocalists Shimana07/16/12
My Warped Tour Experience ChuckyTruant07/10/12
My Top 10 Post-hardcore Songs woeisbeppe07/10/12
Warped Tour Recap FromDaHood07/09/12
Bands I Saw At Warped This Year. RobotJesus07/08/12
Top 10 Of 2012 So Far Redman5407/06/12
"1016/" Was Not Found In Our Database. cliiint07/04/12
Anthony Davis Is Overrated TylerOnFire07/01/12
Upcoming Weather, Big Week! Devastator07/01/12
Talent, Meaning, Lyrics SwingThatShxt07/01/12
Finally Apollo06/28/12
Mass Effect 3 Ending Leak? Devastator06/26/12
Best Shows On Tv PastorOfMupp3ts06/25/12
Rec Me Stuff. cr0wz06/20/12
The Melodic Catalogue silentstar06/17/12
Car Soundtrack Tokamak06/12/12
Hey Duuuuuudes pothead06/07/12
Ipod Shuffle Id# 761953 ChuckyTruant06/05/12
18 At Last dathvada32106/03/12
Frustration! rahulmenon05/30/12
My Favorite Albums At The Moment dathvada32105/29/12
Possible Summer Albums Strider05/29/12
Warped Top 20 UO91005/23/12
30 Albums Of Awesomeness dathvada32105/22/12
Modern Metalcore Battle (think rise records except actually decent) dathvada32105/22/12
Summertime Releases ChuckyTruant05/19/12
Albums With Red Covers chesse1304/17/12
90+ Hardcore, Phxc, Emo And Screamo Albums immortalizepain04/10/12
Recs?? ConnorTheHero04/04/12
Real Reasons To Go To Warped This Year betlwedl04/04/12
Warped Tour 2012 ColeTrain04/04/12
Ready For Vans Warped Tour ConnorTheHero03/30/12
Rise Record's Good Bands Strider03/29/12
Bands That I Can Always Listen Too ConnorTheHero03/28/12
New Single From My Band cookiemonster888803/27/12
Bands I Want To See At Warped 2012 jwyles403/27/12
Rise Records Needs More Of This Redman5403/24/12
Finally Got My Driver's License jakeboehmer03/22/12
Invalid File jwyles403/21/12
Metalcore/post Hardcore Alphabet jwyles403/15/12
Bought Beats By Dre Earphones Strider03/14/12
Finals ILJ03/12/12
What To Review First? Strider02/29/12
Another Breakdown! ChuckyTruant02/26/12
Metalcore jwyles402/24/12
Limp Bizkit Are In Ymcmb Now.. PastorOfMupp3ts02/24/12
Metal/post-hardcore With Great Clean Vocals ColeTrain02/17/12
Catchy Songs jwyles402/07/12
Striding Away From 2011 Strider01/31/12
Want All Sorts Of Recs PinkBlackberry01/29/12
My Favorite Albums Of 2011 ChuckyTruant01/29/12
Albums i'm loving Pt 3 chargers2601/26/12
Warped Tour Is Looking Good... xandermander01/25/12
Country Bumpkin Music xandermander01/20/12
Top 50 Metalcore Bands Shorterfasterlouder01/15/12
Rec Me Electro-influenced Hardcore/metalcore NoMoreSilence01/10/12
Songs Of '11 HaloDude44201/07/12
Elephantrevolution's Top 100 of 2011 elephantREVOLUTION01/04/12
2011's Rash Albums Rashandarei01/03/12
Rash Songs Of 2011 Rashandarei01/02/12
Academy Of 2011: 100 - 199 theacademy12/18/11
Top 20 Digs Of 2011 IAmKickass12/18/11
Top 25 Of 2011 btbam4212/17/11
Could Everyone Rec Me One Song? silentstar12/17/11
Top 50 Hardcore/metal/punk Releases Of 2010/2011 Shorterfasterlouder12/11/11
Surprises Of 2011 (good And Bad) JumpTheShark12/01/11
Can I Get Some Recs? RobotJesus11/18/11
My Top 10 Metalcore Bands your2diefor11/06/11
No Shave November RobotJesus11/05/11
Looking For Some Metalcore silentstar10/28/11
What I Have Been Spinning Lately RobotJesus10/24/11
The Procrastination List ILJ10/13/11
The Definitive Metalcore List Winsomniac10/05/11
Southern Swagg! kukifnasty171710/04/11
How Would You Describe Your Taste in Music? silentstar09/29/11
Albums I've Been Digging Lately kukifnasty171709/29/11
Learned To Low Scream Today DinoX09/26/11
Best Of 2011 elephantREVOLUTION09/21/11
Recent Diggins PinkBlackberry09/03/11
So School Started Today..... Devastator08/25/11
Recs Please? :) JumpTheShark08/24/11
Delicious Music runswimxc08/23/11
All Stars Tour This Thursday JumpTheShark08/13/11
2011: The Good And Pretty twlichty08/07/11
All Stars Tour manicmonkey08/02/11
All Stars Tour KatieKnight07/31/11
Bro's Metalcore Band skippingboy12307/17/11
A Couple Of Albums I Enjoy... silentstar07/06/11
Chicken Adabelle06/29/11
Southern Core SaulZam06/27/11
Thank You, Sputnik Outnumbered06/20/11
Best Lyics Of The Last Songs I Listened To.. JumpTheShark05/19/11
Did Anybody Else Notice...? JumpTheShark05/18/11
Album Artwork I Like/hate JumpTheShark05/11/11
My Fav Post-hardcore twlichty05/09/11
20 Years Strider05/07/11
Contrariancore. Winsomniac05/06/11
Being Replayed TevinMichael05/06/11
Favorite Songs To Listen As Of Now xGoliath05/03/11
The Jizzle! patman100105/03/11
Good Night Sputnik HeadClub05/03/11
Boredsomniac Wants YOU! Winsomniac04/27/11
Albums I'm Digging JumpTheShark04/27/11
Jim Carrey patman100104/27/11
Memphis May Fire Ranked Strider04/26/11
Albums I Need twlichty04/15/11
Good Post Hxc SaulZam04/08/11
Favorite Albums Ever Alexd9303/30/11
Check It Sputbros HaloDude44203/17/11
New Idea For A Band Strider12/06/10
Dropping Out? Winsomniac11/19/10
Random 50 Alexd9311/14/10
Underrated FrostbiteOblivion10/07/10
Albums I Purchased This Year Mace09/16/10
Thanks, Sputnik. BerrySnaps09/01/10
Needz Moar Post Hxc dylanthedesertpea08/27/10
Albums That Would Be Fives kingjulian08/08/10
I Need To Check Out... Iamthe Nightstars06/15/10
Great Great Great Svedankae02/12/10
Bands I Saw In 2009 HenchmanOfSanta01/03/10
Southern Metal gawd6912/30/09
FINALLY rodigo112/12/09
Post-hardcore Recs vakuola10/05/09
Albums I Diggity Dig! sneasy06/07/09
Midterms Suck Balls HangEmHigh01/21/09
Diggity Daggage HangEmHigh09/09/08
1 Year On Sputnik HangEmHigh04/22/08


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