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My Top 10 Favorite Albums Weed Muffins
This is me Albums to check out
4th Sputniversary Digs I Dig When Digging
My personal 100 favorite metal albums(1 per band) 50's First Sputiversary
The best beers Musical Ink
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Vinyl I picked up in 2016 Steve Smith Retires
So Vektor just broke up? recent buys
tylers 10k comment extravaganzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Happy First Day of Winter
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From Best to Worst: Agalloch PSAT Score
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Favorite Agalloch Songs Ranked Albums I Need To Listen To Pt 2
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200K Scrobbles + Vinyl Collection 2008: The Way of All Sputnik
2006: The Devil and Sputnik are Raging Inside Me Timeless Songs (to me)
teach me black metal 2002: The Sputnik Years
2002's Objectively Best Albums My top 25 albums
Anime of 2016 part 1 - Winter Albums for cool, rainy fall days
birthday and 1,000 comments Metal And Drinks
Autumn Albums Cinematographic Music
Sputnik Drinking It's My Birthday
cake day, flug off! It’s Been a Summer
difference between suggest tag and submit tag? Need Advice Recording My Own Music
Late Night Listening Sputnik's favorite songs
What's Your Favorite Album Artwork? Hilariously Bad Movies
Favorite Bands A Hot Summer Day #2
Top 10 - Post-Metal Digs
Sputnik Quotes - Part III Favorite Songs by Favorite Bands
7G's Top 10 Black Metal Updated Vinyl Collection
Sputnik's favourite band TOURNAMENT: Round 2 Sputnik's favourite band TOURNAMENT: Round 1
Hyperion sells his records My Top 25 Favorite Albums
Sputnik's favourite band TOURNAMENT: The first 64 RECOMMEND SIMILAR STUFF PLEASE
My Top 50 Favorite Songs top 100
What Band represents you as a person? Sputnik Users "Yearbook"
Songs that have actually made me cry... Cyg has generic taste in metal
Another black metal list? Just what sputnik needs! Favorite Metal Albums
101 Awesome Artworks A Year on Sputnik
Richard Simmons Free Music To Add Vocals To
Should i bump these to a 5? Rank my 5s
neo-folk is pretty cool I'm new
upcoming games One of those vinyl lists aye
4 years, 101 albums: time well wasted Slope One: Part 2, 3rd Try, Brought To You By #4
RIP Agalloch Live Shows I've Been To
tell me what to listen to RIP Agalloch
Rec Me Dark Folk/Ambient Music and Nostalgia
Favorite Black Metal Albums Metal to which I listen
CDs Acquired Thus Far in 2016 CD's/Vinyl I own
RANKED: Agalloch Metal and Wine
need black metal recommendations ONE SINGLE ALBUM for the rest of your life..
Artists I'm Glad I Discovered In 2016 The Suicide Trials
Most Overrated LP Made Tournament (Nominations) END My "classics" (5's)
I'm leaving this website sputter youtube channels exposed
Guessing age based on ratings Jimmble Jambles of recent
Recent Jams Which songs have made you cry?
Fav '90s Records Quantitative History of your Favorite Albums
atmospheric bm Definitive 90's Considerations
even better metal album art Digs and also how's life?
2000-2015 Favorite Metal Records Blackest of the Black....
Amazing Instrumentals Cold Winter ov Black Metal
Black Metal for a Novice Extreme ratings
Agalloch'in Favorite Album Art
Bands I saw live in 2015 2015 - The year I started collecting vinyl
Online Vinyl? Goodbye 2015
Agalloch LPs/Songs Ranked Happy 35°C Xmas!!
2015: A Year In Concerts Classics
Favorite Atmospheric Black Metal Records A Guide Through the Depths of Black Metal
Do You Sleep to Black Metal? 101 Albums That Make Me Feel
Was "BookBurner", am now "43PercentTurnt" Oh, the Horror (Movies)...
best span of years for music? The Desert Island Can't Live Without 'Em Albums
Thank you Sputnik My Favorite Bands Right Now
666 Comments Frostbitten
In The Feels (Songs that you relate with)? Folk Favorites: (Neofolk/Black Metal)
Rec some good black/post/atmospheric/ambient. Sputnik Battle Jackets?
Black metal to check out rec me atmospheric music w/ vox from the void
Rec Me Some Depressing Stuff Yo Where are you from?
PeachedPunch72 loves Hitler and BrokeNCYDE Super Mario Maker/Fall Digs
Rec me more like these! Albums that just don't get stale x10
Fall Playlist Top 101 Metal Albums
Desert Island Albums Sput's favorite album | closed
Favorite Metal Records Favorite Albums from highschool I still Jam.
Metal that rules Evan's Agalloch Ranking
Vote Now! Folk Metal A Great Funeral For The Folkin' Metal Tournament
Black Metal Calendar black metal recs
Music that Sputnik has Introduced Me to 1,000 mothafking ratings
Getting back into CD's Orgasmic moments in (metal) Music
Rec me Neofolk/Dark Folk/Folk with Metal Leanings Metal experimentation in genres crossover
More Sput Quotes No Work Saturday
Folk Metal - The All Time Greats Agalloch Ranked
Excited for Fall Because of Agalloch Whiskey Funeral
100 Favourite Albums 150K Scrobbles!
Vinyl Purchases (May-August 2015) Favorite Tracks From the Metal Genre
Rec me relaxing music My metal/rock CD collection (part 1)
20 Favorite Metal Albums One album per year (1967-2014)
I have Lymphoma 100 Favorite Albums
Apple Music Digs Bacon And Beer
2010's/2: Tracks Upcoming Gigs!
5/5 Classic Albums Strong beer and good jams
plug.dj Tomato jams
False Black Metal My Musical Journey Through High School
Best "Hipster Black Metal" Albums to Check Out 8 or 9 years worth of my shit taste
Dark is Heavy Rec me decent rock music
Second Sputiversary Post Metal?
Great Album Covers My New Album
Music I Sleep To The most depressing album recommendations please
2000s vs. 2010s METAL and its many subgenes
Rock And It's MANY Subgenres Part 1 Top 70 Albums Of 2006
Post-Metal Recs Post Metal Bands Ranked
Top 70 Albums Of 2002 Johnny Turns 10000 Part II - Top 100 Albums (50-1)
Top 20 Bands One 20th of April After
VOTE NOW! Prog Metal Tips for Reviewing Music
Fav Album From Each Year (1960-Present) Metal from every state
Sputnik Telephone (I am bored) Fifthy Album Covers I Like
PrinceoftheDogs Top 40 Albums/EP's - 2014 VOTE NOW! Sputnik goes Black
Metal Albums I Need to Hear Thank you Sputnik
Milestone: 1000 Ratings/50 Albums Album Of The Year 2014
favorite black metal My Shitty Nostalgia List
3 Years 50 favorite albums atm, rec some
My 5/5 albums Top 100 Albums
Cam's Top Albums 200-100 Cam's Top Albums 100-1
Agalloch Ranked (Including EPs) Which band do you own the most merch of?
My Sputnikmusic project *Drops Mic*
My first Vinyl record Rec Me Atmospheric Black Metal
Winter Storms Mix Epics
A Procrastinator's Guide To 2014 - Top 50 Albums Three Long Long Years
Kingsman: The Secret Service Top 10 Albums 09/02/15
Songs That Rule Albums I Currently Have On Rotation
Saddest Metal Songs Tool Vs DT, Agalloch Vs Ulver, Neurosis Vs Mastodon
Favorite 10 Albums Sput Smash Bros. Showdown
Tv Shows/series Vs. Films My Fav 2014 Albums
Some Cool Album Art 2014 Top Picks ( A Little Late)
My 10 Current Favorite Bands New Year's Resolutions
Comment With Your Dad's Email Address Wizards Top 21 In Heavy Music For 2014
Fiddy Faves Of 'fourteen The Best Of 2014 In Metal
Sputnik, Like Noplace Is There 40 Favorite Albums Of 2014
Jason's Top 25 Albums Of 2014!!! Personal Top Metal Albums Of 2014
Lambda's 2014 A 2014 Collection
30 Cascadian Black Metal Albums Best Black Metal Albums
Veldin's Favorite 2014 Metal Lps Sputblocked
Pizza And Black Metal In 2014 Crazy Mind-Fuck Films
someguest Finds Purpose 2014: The Good, The Bad, and The Shitty
Digs Thanks To Sput New Turntable
My Favourite Albums Best Fvcking Black Metal
Agalloch'in Hard Winter Black Metal
First Snow Favourite EPs
Metal Albums Of The Decade: 2000-2009 (my favorites) 2014: The Year That Keeps On Giving
Favorite Metal Vocalists Atmospheric 'metal' Recs
2500 Ratings My Vinyl Collection
1111 Ratings Best Songs Ever
Soothing Lambda's Top 50 Of The 00's
Autumn Albums Folk/black Metal
My Top 40 Favorite Albums Ever Personal Top 25 Albums That I Have Heard
Twin Peaks Is Returning 21st Century Riffs: 100 Albums
Best Black Metal Albums Of All Time Favorite Albums Atm
Climaxes Sput User Videos
Metal Classics 50 Favorite Bands
Most Disappointing Albums Of 2014 So Far Top 5: Currently Favourite Bands
Pre-2014 Bm Recs Please 10k + Beautiful Users
10 Years 100 Bands 100 Albums Favorite Black Metal Albums
Superb Digs Autumn Music
2010 Best Albums Of 2014
Wintherr Is Cummin' Artuma's Top 200: 50-1
1/4 Of A Century! Veldin's Metal List - Come Hither
My Taste In Music in 100 Albums My Favorite Black Metal Albums
The Great Album Adventure Part 1 Artuma's Top 200: 100-51
Album Zoo "There's nothing left to save" : Snoopcow's Favorite Albums
Ten Favorite Metal Albums Of 2010 Most Appropriate Album Covers
Artuma's Top 200: 150-101 Favorite Concept Albums
10 Comment Milestone 2014 Quarterly Report #2
Fav Album First Impressions One Year Sputversary
Top 10 Agalloch Songs Rec Me Metal
Perfect Night Time Albums Best Albums Of Each Year (done Legit!)
Agalloch Serpens In Cvlmination 2014 St. Louis Ranked Finally Got A Last.fm
Nostalgia Recording Guitar
999 Ratings Mid 2014
Q2 2014 2014: First Half (songs)
2014: First Half (albums) Yet Another Mid-2014 List
To Listen Artuma's Q2
Rec Non-loudness War Black Metal Extravaganza
Bands That I'm Looking To Get Into. Dark Souls Playlist
Top Metal Albums Of All Time Strictly Metal Diet
Vinyl Collection Part 1: The Metal Need Some Vinyl Collection Advice
Sputnikmusic App for Smartphones? Some Great Closers, Pt. 2
Goat Jams [2] Favorite Black Metal Albums
My Favourite Metal Albums New Album From Johnnydeking29
In Opposition To The Sophomore Slump Saw Agalloch In Concert Last Night.
Potsy: Facking Pockets (shuckin Duck Edition) Potsy: Super Depressing Nostalgic Eternal Playlist Of Doom Aka Strep Throat And Reminiscing On Days Long Past
100 Albums I Own On Cd Great War Of The 90s First Battle (2)
5 Years on Sputnik Record Labels: A Brief History
1000 Ratings Woo Agalloch
Top 10 Albums For Me So Far Favorite Metal Album Covers
Songs That Give Me Chills One Year On Sputnik
Agalloch Ranked Edgy List #8:blackgaze,new Ulver, Post black metal,Progressive Black Metal, Ne Obliviscaris, Kvelertak>>>mayhem And Burzum
Cd Collection: Artists A-n Modern Music Madness, Rd. 4
A Week Of Sputnik Modern Music Madness, Rd. 3
Modern Music Madness, Rd. 2 Sputnik Modern Music Madness
Jac's Favourite Countries Defying The Sophomore Slump
Potsys List Of 100 Albums My Top 15 Favorite Albums Of All Time
Opeth, Agalloch Or Tool? New Agalloch: First Impression
In What Order Should I Check These Out? Sput Bday: Favorite Users And Albums
29 Albums I've Heard This Year Potsy Joins Last.fm
Favourite Long Songs (7min+) The Mantle V. Ashes Against The Grain
Single Recs Energizing And Atmospheric Albums I Dig
Favorite Albums At The Time, Rec Me Some I Ain't Know Shit 'bout Black Metal
Underplayed And Underappreciated Drown Me In Sound: Cinnamon Post Crunch
Trudging Through Rna-seq Data... Please Rec Me Stuff?! Great Closing/final Tracks
My Favorite 10+ Min. Songs 100k Scrobbles!
A Year On Sputnik Epic Beard Men (POST BEARDS)
Jac's 10k Comment Milestone 3 7 inches for 5$
Depressing Jams Man To Listen To Checklist
Favorite Vocalists Folky Black Metal
My Album Collection Part 2 Discographies I Plan To Listen To
Bergtatt Vs. The Mantle Winter Morning Jams
Cd Collection - Installment One Judio Requesting Black Metal Recs
Music/black Metal 2014 Anticipates Of Win It's Winter, Guize
Songs That Make Me Think Of Mountains Christmas Haul *updated*
Crimson's Vinyl Collection Part 1 More Bm Digs
7 Years Of Sputnik: Eps Rec Me Some Bands Like These
Atmospheric Bm Digs The Finest Hours Of Black/Death Metal
Bronies Deserve A Painful Death So Hungover... So Damn Hungover...
Winter Playlist 101 Amazing Things I Discovered This Year On Sputnik
Ryan Gosling Recommend Me Black Metal
Cold And Rainy Autumn Nights - Songs To Dig It's Agalloch Time
Cold Weather Digs Funeral Jams
Post-metal Favorites Greyscale
My Evolution Through High School Star Wars The Phantom Menace
Proving Sophomore Slump Wrong this site just doesn't let me rate these lower than a 2
Amt Trick Or Treating Instrumental
Vinyl Collection Artuma's Top 50 Of The 2000s
Stuff I Discovered Through Sputnik That Jams Hard The World's Not A Church, It's A Graveyard
It's Time For Fall! Musical Discoveries 2012-2013
Metal Guitarists on Sputnik? Rip Jac
Rec Me small Discogs Rec Me A Bands Discog To Work Through
Best Of My Cd Collection Any Outdoorsmen On Sputnik?
Hangover List Cerebral Desolation
Top 5 Metal/rock Albums Of 2002 Calling All Math Geeks
Turn Off The Lights Breaking Bad
Rip To All The Victims! Winter Is Coming
Neofolk And Metal Recommendations Rec Mindblowing Albums
Transitional 100 Records
Heavy Metal Albums I Dig Whisky
A Music List Ten Incredible Black Metal Albums
Atmospheric Black Metal Rec Me Neofolk/folk Noir
10 Awesome Moments Vol.2 Favorite Albums
I'm Young, So I Help Me Out Dreary Day
Back Pain Depression And Hope (songs)
Just Finished Bioshock: Infinite Awesome Discography Journeys
One Year On Sputnik The Psychedelic Playbook
Rec Me New Black Metal The Mantle Vs Bergtatt
Music For People With Shit Taste My Cd Collection
10 Awesome Moments Vol.1 Favourite 3
Artuma's Top 100 Folk Playlist
25 Favorite Albums Of All Time Sputnik's Metal Madness - First Round
Music For Depression Albums I Own
R.i.p Desktop 30 For 30
Atmusfurz Thunderstorm Digs
The Best Album Closer Songs Opeth Vs Agalloch Vs Isis Vs Mastodon Vs Converge
Good Albums In No Particular Order Or Genre Top10 Experimental/sludge/post/hc/grind Metal Albums
Best Metal Albums 2012 Last Of My Kind
Generic "check out my music" list I Just Need Your Recs
Cross Country The Deepest Thing Ever
Miss You Guys Snowing Like Hell
Metal's Best Debut Albums So We Just Raped Barca
What Bands Do You Personally Connect With The Most? Top 25
Physical Intimacy One Memory You Wish You Could Forget?
Black Metal Noob 2 Key Years
21 Most Influential Metal Albums Of The 21st Century A Year Of Sputnik
List = Digs 2 Still Digging Fight Me Irl Key
Favorite/best Movie? Happy Birthday Noctus 2013! [:
Metal My Top 100 Everything I Bought In 2013 So Far
Can't Sleep It's Snowing
Back! Rec Me More Black Metal
Remembering Those I've Lost Brain Explosions Everywhere
Rec Me Your Favorite Asphyx Lp My Relatively Top 100 Albums
1999 Is The Best Year Ever? Albums That Have Been Blowing My Mind
Favorite Closers Songs Digs
New Rating System Is The Shit My Top Ten Winter Albums
Atari's Top 50 Johnny Reaches 6000: Fave Albums
deftones are fucking shit jk now read my list Favorite Black Metal Songs
A Song With Better Riffs Than... Need More Black Metal
Winter Jams Black Album Covers
Exam Week Openers Better Than The Rest Of The Album
The Past 2 Months On My Path Of Musical Discovery The Best Metal Of 2012
Turtle's 2012 Last 5 Purchases
Are You Content With Your Life? Wizards Top 20 In Metal For 2012
2012fatha: Top 70 My Favorite Eps/demos/singles Of 2012
2012: A Year In Concerts Top 20 Of 2012
Favorites Of 2012 Death Of A Salesman's 2012
Zxlkho's Top 50 Of 2012 Or Whatever Happy Doomsday!
My Top 10 Albums JT's 2012 List
Favorites Of 2012 Wintry Album Covers
Top 30 Of 2012 A Very Ignimbrite 2012: EPs
2012: Ep's Hawks' Top 25 Of 2012: Metal
I'm A Graduate!! 100 90s Metal Albums
Useless Knowledge/2012 Collection Seasons Ranked
Recent Digs Winter Adventuring In The Grim Woodlands
Favourites Of 2012 Batman Wants Music
70 For 2012 The ABC's Of Good Music (part 2)
The Real A-to-z Of Songs I Like My Coffee Black
Albums I Want. I Want Some Metal Recs
A Very Ipod 2012 End Of The World Soundtrack
Feels Like Forever Giving A Shit
Metal Must-haves, 2000's Todays Jams
Best Metal Instrumentals Recs For A Freind
New Vs. Old Favorite Closers
Christmas Wishlist Music For Walking At Night
Decibel Top 40 - 2012 Songs Of The Week Part 10
if u dont clik u suk dick Fanboys?
Fuck Yeah Black Metal November Chilly (flannel Season)
Rec Me Black Metal Nothing But Black Metal November
Holy Shit!! 2012 My Most Played Artists This Month
Dark Souls Levels + Bosses Ranked My Favorite Moments In Music
Sputnik Tastes Holy Shit This Year Has Been Great For Music
Our New Blog Will Kick Your Ass 4 Rev-tastic Years On Sputnik
Ulver Vs Agalloch Good Fall Albums
Work Sucks, I Know The Mantle Vs. Ashes Against The Grain
100 Favorite Albums Affirmative Action
Rec Me Folk Metal Mid-October digs
Top 50 Metal Albums Ever Top 50 Artists
Some Albums/bands That I Like My Top 20 Artists And Stuff
Worst Case Of Child Abuse Most Consistent Discographies Imo
Atmospheric Metal Best Black Metal Albums
First Day Without A Cigarrete For A While Newly Discovered Music That I've Been Digging Over The Last 6 Months
Songs Of The Week Part 4 Bored
Torrents Metal Digs
I Want To Start Writing Reviews. Experimental/prog Metal That Melts Faces
Life Is Kicking My Ass Bros Atari's 15 Favorite Metal Bands.
2012 Black Metal What I Listen To When I Write
Songs That Remind Me Of My Sister Growers
100 Favorite Metal Albums 4000 Comments
Atmospheric Black Metal? the lonely death of robert hollier
Top 5 Metal Moments Of 2012 So Far Shadow Of The Colossus Music
Songs Of The Week Part 2 Top 20 Movie & Music List
Favorite Songs At The Moment New Here - Could Use Some Metal Rec's
Some Indie And Prog Metal Rcs Please Top Albums Of 2010
This Is Gonna Take Forever 1,000 Comments
Favorite Drummers Digggggssssssss
Tops Albums Of 2006 Iphone 5 And Digs
I Can't Stop Smoking Pot Today. Top Albums Of 2002
Top Albums Of 1999 Agalloch Ranked
A List! Let's Have A List Sup
10 Favorite Black Metal Songs Best Songs Ever Part 78
Studying Digs Greatest Metal Albums For All Time (in My Opinion)
My Pie Chart Won't Change... The Sword Of Metaldom Volume 1
Taking A Leave Of Absence Rec Me Post-metal Similar To...
2012 Has Been/will Be Great Enough?
Could You Rec Me Some Cold, Bleak, Desolate And Wintry Albums Please 5 Recent Album Purchases And 3 Pre-orders
New To Thrice, Where Do I Start? Could Rec Me Some Similar Albums
Users That I'd Like To Spank Been Lurking For Awhile, Decided To Make An Account
2012 Albums. New Ep/song
Stuff I'm On The Fence About Getting Boner Kill
I'm Back!!!! Anyone Else An Ambivert Here?
Contents Of My I-pod Favourite
Will Agalloch Ever Surpass The Mantle? Check This Shit Out!
Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery Cds On Ebay
Is Dawnguard Worth 20 Bucks? My Vinyl Collection.
A Year Of Lurking First List In Ages
Recspecs First Birthday 5000 Comments And A Massive Boner
Death Metal Vs Black Metal Play Grand Theft Auto With Me
Underrated Solos... Top 15 Agalloch Songs
Open Note French Exam Music For A Bleak Day...
Best Of The Best, Albums Full Of Feels (current 5's) Top 10 Black Metal
What A Terribly Boring Memorial Day Meshuggah Baroness Decapitated Tonight
Sputnik User Most Likely To... Southern Fried Children
My Black Metal Adventures Battle Of The Bands, Round 1
Writing Music Good Black Metal Bands?
Some Albums I Like 666 Artists
Pain Killers Bucketlist
Crimson Floyd's Redundant Third Shuffle Recspecs Learns To Turntable
Top 50 Favorite Albums A Slower Sunday.
End Of The World Music My Favorite Metal Albums
My Metal Vinyl Demo-lition
Badass Cds I Have For My Car
Sputnik Summer Cross Country Invitational Earth Day Digs
Recent Jams Writing Papers All Day
What An Original List! Best Metal Intros & Interludes
Some Favorite Vidya This Is Basically All I Listen To Anymore.
My Top 20 Awesome Albums Stuff I Listen To
21st Century (so Far) Some Of The Best Debuts
Albums I've Been Digging No Filler Albums
Autism Awareness Month Rainy Day
25 Favorite Metal Drummers Albums That Changed My Life
Metalsucks' Best Modern Metal Drummers List Is Near Completion... Scoot Breaks 10k
Crimsonfloyd's List Of Essential Metal Radiohead Ranked!!!!1
Happy Birthday To Meeee!! :] Need Some Rec's Based On These Digs
How Can You Not Listen To Metal? Favorite Metal Albums
team fortress 2 Epic Moments
Thank You Sputnik Noctus' Favourite Albums Of All Time!! :]
Odes To My E-brethren Gonna Download Binge While I Still Can
Morning Of Black Metal Death And Black Essentials Please
Stop That The End Is Nigh
Favorite Bands. Recs Welcome. Band Tees
Favorite Songs Which Albums Do I Start With?
Best 8min+ Metal Songs Ever Greatest Metal Songs or: Metal Through the Ages (Ranked By Year)
My Favorite Bands Of All Time Lent
Best 4 Album Stretch? What I've Been Listening To Recently
Scoot's Top 100 Albums 50 States, 50 Bands
Black Metal Sucks 20 First Songs On A Shuffle
Essential Post Metal Albums Top 40 Artists
A Year On Sputnik One Of Lifes Great Milestones
mmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeetttttttaaaaaallllllllll My Favourite Bands
From 4 To 5 Band Tees?
M/ The Day Away Anthony Bourdain
Rev Hits 5000! Top 50 Albums
The Mantle And Ashes Lps Sup Sputnik
A Year On Sputnik Need Some Shoegazy/Post-Metal Recs
Don't Feature This List Winter Digs
Overrated / Underrated 2011 User Awards - Winners
Rec Me Albums For My Phone Wolves' Winter
It's Saturday! What Genre Is Agalloch
Dying My Hair Turning 21 Next Week
Got Bored, Joined This Site. Here's Some Albums That I Approve Of. Quality Discog's
Black Metal Recs? Doom/atmospheric Black Metal
How Many Artists? Skyrim: It's Finally Here
Pokemon Gym Leaders: Ranked Rec Me Rainy And Cold Jams
It's My Birthday! Quality Heaviness #1
My Journey Through Music True Metal
How Much Does High Ratings/critical Acclaim Factor Into Subjective Listening? A-Z Of Favourite Bands/artists
Favorite Albums From 2000 To 2011 Hawks Starts Over!
Teach Me Skramz A Noctus Page! :]
Unleashing The Black Metal Grey Skies
Real Metal Favourite Album Covers
Rejoined The Rush Forum 500 Ratings, 666 Comments
Skool Digs Halo 4 Edition Why Not... Top 100.
I Joined Here When There Was Mxtabs/musicianforums.com, Heres Some Shit Ive Been Listening To The Last 6 Years. Top 100 Album Artworks
Favorite Metal Albums Of All Time Black Doom
Obscure Metal Life And Metal Whats The Difference.
Best Pie Chart..? Cold, Blustery Fall Days
Feeling Post Metal-ish As Of Late... Where To Start
Neo-folk Rec Me Metal Please
I'm Sure You All Can Guess What Happened Your Mom. She Really Is A Wholesome Person.
Sneakin Online Fall Is Coming
Depression Sucks Looking For Interesting Metal
Rec Me Books Shit Metal
Albums I Listen To When I Feel Like Sh!t Black Metal Recs?
A Film Unfinished Kingdom Hearts
Great Day To Be Human Another Noctus List :]
Best Record Collection Ever Beautiful, Powerful Songs
Agalloch Radiohead Would Be Better Instrumental
Blonde's Vs. Brunette's Sputnik Users Rated Trois
Could This Be The Mother Of All Backlogs? Rec Aids Heavy Music
More Aquisitions 2010 metal > 2011 metal
Cant Get Into Black Metal 100 Favorite Songs
My Favorite Albums Rec Me Sum Black
My Top 51 Favorite Albums. Meet Someguest
Atmosphere I Need New Music!!
Albums For The Ages Thank You, Sputnik
Favorite Albums That Will Never Be Classics Music That Makes Me Want To Write/read
Nostalgia! Metallica + Lou Reed = Lolwut
Top 20 Albums Of All Time My Favorite Albums Ever (as Of 2011)
My (potential) Iceland Soundtrack Favourite Users
Sputnikmusic Revolution Atmospheric Black Metal M/ Fuck Yeah
HEY LOOK A USER LIST Black Metal Ya'll Would Recommend
The 00's Heelys
Final Fantasy Distant Worlds Cinco De Mayo
Sunday Comes Too Fast Top 20 Of 2010
Need Awesome Tunes, Plz Songs I've Spent A Massive Amount Of Time Listening To Recently.
Spring / Summer Cocktails My Br00tal Playlist For This Month
Bands That Have Let Me Down Need Beautiful Music
Fridays Are Cool. black metal recs
Judgment Day: 25 Favorite Bands Atmosphere
My 5s Favorite Closers
Wow Internet Connection Does He Look Like A List???
Top Ten Favourite Bands (warning may contain traces of cliche). 50 Favorite Songs - Recs???
Move Over Varg... Prog Metal Is The Best Type Of Metal...
Top 15 Metal Releases Of 2010 Your Sputnik N I T Champ Is...
100 Faces Of Sputnik Negro Metal
Dat Outro Emotional/atmopheric Recommendations
Each Person Rec Me One Album Happy Birthday Noctus! :]
Best Trip Ever 2010 In Metal
Stuff I Gathered Here Five Hund-o
Fighting For Fives Agalloch Concert
Hi Guys! :] Epic Purim List
New Music Best Albums Of 2008
Black Metal Recs Scion Rock Fest 2011
Black Metal Best Metal Albums (2010)
Rekindling My Love Of Metal Pokemon Black And White
Rec Me Some Atmospheric Metal Avatar Binge
Bands I Just Don't Get Dooming It Up
Blech, Sick Radiohead Sucks
Give Me One Good Rec Sputnik, I Lurv You
Agalloch - Ranked Top 25 Albums
Bands Sputnik Has Introduced Me To Metal And Spring Fever
An Even More Triumphant Return 2 Years
1000 Comments 100 Albums Best Albums Of 2006
Its Snowing In Texas Users Albums Of The Decade
Fimbulvinter Ricky Gervais...
2010 - Styles' Songs Roo'10 Top 30 Albums
My Aural Infinity Users' Best Of The Decade
2010: A Year In Concerts Not So Generic Digs List
Holy Crap It's a Necromorph! AHHHHHH Help! Need new music!
Some Of The Best From The 200xs Obscure Depression Songs
The Actual Best Albums Of 2010 I Swore I Wouldn't Do This...
Prog-metal Anyone? Ball's Metal In 10
Best Metal Of 2010 Page Lagggggg
Just Bought Some Stuff Top 50 Albums Of 2010
Album Covers:2010 Gimme sum Christmas albums, Fool!
True Pioneers In Metal Which Torrent Site Do Sputnikers Use???
Gyro's Top 25 Of 2010 (with Descriptions) Another Generic Favorites Of 2010 List
wyankeif2010 Two-Headed Boy's 2010
The Decade In Metal I Have A Better Idea
Music For A Rainy Day Awesome, Growing On Me, Needs Another Listen, Meh
2010_fluteinflames A Blizzard, Finally!
My 2010 (top 60) Burn2010Burn
Albums I Would Like To Pick Up Agalloch...live In San Francisco
Birthday Yesterday ...and Top 10 Favourite Metal Albums. Why Not?
The 4 Big Disappointments Of 2010 Iai's Top 40 Of 2010
Finals Week = Studying Music Some Newly 5'd
100 Records 5 Biggest Disappointments Of 2010
Top 7 November 2010 Albums Mogwai Fear Satan
Sputnik's Christmas List 1000 Ratings! 100 Albums!
Fat Chick's Top 40 Of 2010 Top 21 Of 2010
Albums That Caught Me By Surprise This Year Everything 2010
Top 30 Albums Of The Year BigHans Cums Clean
I'm Also Doing It (2010, Top 15) Everyone Else Is Doing It..
Jizz's Top 10 Albums Ranks Top 100 Albums Of 2010
Best Of 2010 50 Things About Me
Snow, Dammit... Not Rain! 2000
Current Digs... Top American Metal Imo
I Realised... 25,000 Comments You Peachy Fuck
Addicted How To Enjoy/get Into Black Metal
4 Years On This Bitch A Decade In Review: Metal
Good Headphones? Having Fun Drowning
My Milkshake Brings All The Boys To The Yard - Favorites
Favourite Albums Of 2010 Recs???
Metal And Stuff Angel Slays The 90s
Black Metal Finally In My Pie Chart Get In Here, Best Albums Of The Year!
Eatin' A Bagel Essential Folk, Viking, And Epic Metal
Hello Sputnik :) I'm new and would like some music recommendations please Trip To Massachusets
2010 Aoty Contestants Whistle While You Work (or Some Garbage Like That)
Post Your Twitter Sound Software...
New EP Basically Done + D/L Top Ten On My Playlist Right Now
2010: The Year In Metal And More I Miss Mammal :(
No Shavember Getting Grim In South Florida
FuckingRIFFS Monkey Nuts Are The Tits
My Top 10 Of 2010 :] Lastfm Has A Dating Site
Rec Me Black Metal Pls Suck It, Texas.
The Walking Dead Brovember
Oi Sputnik! Do Me A Favour... Someone Review This - For Fans Of Trap Them/converge
Best Of Agalloch Too Much Stuff In November
Everybody Look At Me I Want Attention!!!! Something Descriptive
Stepping The Dub? Music I Keep Meaning To Listen To...
Waiting.. Need Some Recs.
666 Best Albums Of 2010
A Journey Through Music Three Years Of Awful Albums
The Mellow And The Melancholy Ragin'
Autumn Albums - Moodsetters For The Start Of October Nfl Predictions & Digz
My Top 5 Albums For Each Year Of The Decade: 2002 Getting Your Family Into Your Music
Addicted To These Songs Winter Bands A-Z
Autumn Music Need Black Metal Recs
Fall Is Upon Us Top 50 Albums
Wishlist Chambered's Ultimate Fall 2010 Digs List
Muffins v. Indiana: New Favorites Since Joining Sputnik Need Folk Metuhl
My Favs...for Right Now Current Metal Favorites
Angel's Metal Guide To Fall Ny Should Have A Death Penalty
Unbanned. Nostalgic
Epic Songs New Headphones?
Angel's 2-year Metal Of The Year. 1980 - 2010
How Do You Quote On Sputnik Fall's Coming, Time For Some Bm
Favorite 20 Metal Albums Of The Decade If Vh1 Can Do It, So Can I!
Autumn=black Metal Bands That I Want New Albums From Right Now
Music To Accompany A Thunderstorm Gmork Turns 1000
Recommend Me Some Beautiful Slow Songs Latest Digs
My Black Metal Picks Rhapsody Subion
Take A Shot At Deviant! I Like Trolling Idiots
Holocaust Jokes... Weekends Are Too Short
You'll Always Be A Loser Metal It Up!
New Drudkh Album. Yesss Dark Folk Help
I Hate You All Night Time Jams
Ten Best Metal Albums Of The Decade Is Cool.
2010 Anticipations Part 2 Fucking Jet Lag
I Am Qwe Black Metal Recs, Hurry Up Already!
Uninteresting Dig List 12 Hour Roadtrip
What Letter Do Your Artists Start With? A Decade List Approved By Jesus
Lady Gaga Meets Soilwork The Most Powerful Song From Each Of The Last 45 Years
Animal Collective Lolwut?? Atmospheric Black Metal!!
We're All Burning In The Melting Pot Chamberedecade
Top 10 Metal Albums Ever Im In Your Computer, Hackin' You
Deviant Does The Decade Hangovers Are Fun!
Band Name Help Melodic/Folk Black Metal
Diversity In The Workplace Beautiful Music
How Many Bands Is Too Many For A Facebook Profile? OV PROG AND MASTERY
Dear Virus: Leave Me Alone Good Black Metal Man
So.. Uh.. Hayley Williams.. Stuff I Really Want On Vinyl
If You'd Like To American Forest Metal Scene
Morrowind On My Mac Rec Me Dubstep
Tasty Musics Scrambles The Death Dealer
Auditory Masturbation Downloads 3 Plz Rec
Black Metal Recs Playlist (april 17th - April 24th)
My Vinyl Collection Is The Tits These Kind Of Lists Are Stupid
Albums That Remind Me Of Sputnik Minus The Stare
Tell Him His Eyes See Too Clear Shoegaze/Ambient/Post-Rock recs?
Pale Folklore Ranked I Am The God-emperor Of Dune
Top 100 Of The Decade, #30-21 Sputnik Is A...
Let's Get Lost In Metal Fallout 3
Recent Albums At Midnight Tonight
Back To The Grind, Dammit My Very Favorite Music Found On Sputnik
Why American Metal Is Better Random Songs I've Been Listening To Lately
Oh Da Humanitiez!!!1!! Extreme Metal - Top 25 -
Black Metal - Best Place To Start? The Real Metal Abcs
Two Questions About Tv Songs That Make Me Cry
Attention Sputnik Metalheads My Personal Top 25 Records Of The Decade
Mendigo & The Zerozeroes Music Genres
Name Ur Alts My First List
Top 100 Decade Albums According To Decibel The New Digz
Favorite Album Artwork Qwe Digs
Favorite Album Titles Perdition's Top 10 Album Openers
Epic Musical Nirvana Achieved The Next Few Albums I Plan On Listening To
Best 2 Album Runs Various Metal I'm Liking...
2010 Anticipations (recs?) One Year On Sputnik
Something Different 30 More
Sleepy Nights Burn2Burn's Magical Journey Through The Decade
Finishing Up The Semester Top 10 Metal Albums Of 1999
Albums I Don't Like Best Metal 99-09
Ball's Decade Winter List
Top 10 Metal Albums Of 2002 Dark Music
Audiosurf: Ride Your Music Doom
Am I Outgrowing The Scene? 20 Reasons Why Metal Rules
Need Folk/viking Metal Recs Fall Be Kind In Flac
Disturbing Similarities Sophomores Of Sputnik
Pussies To The Back Crysis' Vinyl Collection
What's Up, Bologna?? One Whole Year On Sputnik For Zippermouth! 6+ Bans, 4 Different Accounts And A Reputation For Being The Worst User Ever
100 News Articles I Need Metalll
Hip Hop And Metal Help! Recommendations Needed!
Atmospheric BM Rereleasing...
Where Do You Get Your Music From? Forest Of October
Which Of These Shouldn't I Get? 8 Days Of Muzak
Albums That Defined My High School Years Agalloch Setlist!
I Could Not Get Throuuuuughh Septemmberrr Without A Baaatuhhlll So I Met John Haughm Saturday...
METAL SUNDAY Black/blackened Metal Recs
Altmer's Top Metal Bands Favorite Metal Bands
Metalz I Am Saddened
My 5/5 Ratings - No Racism Ultimate 90s List
Where Oh Where? Albums I Need To Actually Buy
Forum Problems Need New Music
Congratulations To Me Workin Off A Hangover
Music Blog Downloads Aod Needz Tasty Recs
Those Who Know Don't Talk, And Those Who Talk Don't Know What Up Baby?
Jams/rec Me Stuff Vacation
New Car Needs New Music Hey Man
10 Albums Of The Millennium Eye Surgery Sucks
My Top 50 Albums To Those Who Have Listened To The New Panopticon
New Albums, Recs Aswell Please Roadtrip
Bands That Have Inspired My Poetry Home From College
Agalloch Are Brilliant My Top Ten Albums As Of Now
First 10 Bands On My Sputnik List Awesome Albums Part I
Elite Albums As Of Now Stuff To Listen To Soon
Dream 100 Comments. This Is Smile Worthy.
Entrancing Albums I Hate Cynic
I Have 150 Reviews I Got Into A Fight With Delain's Keyboardist
The Ballstothewall List The Altmer List
Recent Acquisitions My Metal Vinyls
My Fave Songs Right Now Chronological Life Soundtrack
Been Listening To Fight Club
Need Black Metal! So I'm Getting A New Bed...
Testing Out The New Speakers... Am I The Only One Who's Noticed...
It's A Beautiful Day In The Neighbor... 10 Albums I Can't Live Without
Bands I Currently Dig All The 5/5s
I Drive A Cheverolet Movie The-Ater Band Names That Start With The Letter A
Top 100! Yai! Songs About Me
Recommend Me Some Bands Winter Listenings
Recent Diggins Albums I Have Discovered...and Loved Like Babies
The Best Of Mcp Top 30 Albums Of The Year
Top 50 Metal Bands List A Two Year Toast
The Story Of A Murderous Top Of 08 List My Current Favourite Albums!
Back To The Metal Favorites Of 2006
This Title Used to be a Faux Pas Favorites Of 2002
Omfgzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!its Fucking Christmas!!!!!! This Is A Boring List For A Guy With Nothing To Do On A Friday Evening
Last.fm Top 20 Favorite Underground Albums
Rasputin Wins My Bad
100 A Short List For You
Songs I Need More Of Some Tunes I Can Play
A Stonewhore's Mix Up Listen To Scald, People
Albums To Check Out 666 Album Comments
Uno Ano Making A Metal Cd
My Massive To-get List Albums I'm Flooding Myself With.
Bands That I Got Into Thanks To Sputnik Another Fav Artists List
Metal! The Soundtrack To My Solitude
We Hope That Your Rules And Wisdom Choke You 1 Year, 50 Albums
Digs Epic Top 100 Albums List
My Top Forty Albums Scream's Folk Metal
Extreme Then Unextreme My Top 100 Albums Of All Time
Artwork... Albums Currently On My Ipod
Moar Late Listening Username345's Favourite Metal Bands
Let's Put A Smile On That Face... Looking For More Unique Metal
Last.fm Top 20 Best Of The First Half.
Leaders Of Post-Metal Movement Folk/viking Metal Recs!!
Mcp's Top 25 75 Songs
10 Albums That I Just Got, And Fell In Love With Flying Too Close To...
The Ever Changing List I'm Not Impressed With Nyc
Bands That Suck Kmagnum's 20 Essential Albums
(gasp!) Poison Sea Urchins... A Very Long Thanks To Sputnik
Long Ones.... To Get List: Ver 5.0
The Numbers Don't Lie Archaological Dig.....list
Some New Discs Most Played Album Lately
Girls Called Ethel Ranked 1 To Great Instrumetals
New Cd List To Get List: Ver 4.0
Rip Gary Gygax Underrated Songs On Overrated Albums
Album Digs Doom Metal...
The Top 150 Albums Ever: Part 3 Soundtrack To The Aftermath Of A School Shooting
Current To Get List Best Albums Of Metal Genres
Oh Hai Metulz. What, No Metal? (what I Am Digging Lately But Also Metal)
1 Year At Sputnik My Ipod
Janurary Music What Now, Ho?
Most Listened To Bands (update) Like These?
My New Profile Picture Is Stretched In A Bad Way But I'm Too Lazy To Fix It. Songs I Have Been Digging The Past Weeks
50 Albums That Fire On An Emotional Level For Me Bzzt! Bzzt! Electonic!
Albums I Am Looking Forward To In '08 Lately..
I Owe Sputnik Big Time Metal Bands That Im Considering To Get Into
Word Of The Day: Fire My Top 50 Albums Of All Time
20 Albums I Listened To This Week Word Of The Day: White
Albums That Are Complete Mindfucks Crysis' Shuffle
Where Or Where To Go From Here? Christmas Listening
A List Of Brooding Albums Recommend More Black Metal For Me To Get Into
10 Digs These Past Weeks An Album For Every Season
My Top 20 Favorite Songs My 10 Favorite Songs
Orange Fanta And Pizza Rolls Recent Listening
Recs Please One Year At Sputnik, One Year Of Metal
Z0mg Pwn3d!!!11!!1 5 Best Albums To Sleep To
Top 100 Favorite Album Art From Favorite Bands
With The Flaming Shades Of Fall.... Pairs Of 3... Take Two..... Mother Fuckers
Duh-duh-duh-diggings These Are Bands/artists I (still) Need To Get Into
Top 5 Autumn Songs Top 20 Songs 10+ Minutes Long
Ultimate... Um, Just Ultimate. Albums I Must Have
Extreme Digging My Favorite Progressive Metal/rock Albums
Most Beautiful Metal Songs In The Cold Winds Of Nowhere
My Top 50 Releases With Cool Packaging
Extreme Metal! First Day Of School =/
Bands I Wish To Check Out In The Coming Months The End Of Summer
Awesome Folk Metal Albums Going To College
Long Trip To Jersey Top 20 Most Played Songs
Crysis' Favorite Album Art Songs On My Ipod Over 10 Minutes In Length
Personal Top 25 Metal Albums Ever Best Metal Instrumentals
Crysis' Flawless Metal Albums Albums Which Surprised Me
Music! My All Time Favorite Songs
Fave Songs By Fave Bands The Cold Southern Winter......
The Twenty Five Finest Albums Best Of The New Millenium
Albums That I Am Digging Right Now Albums I Plan On Buying Next
Favourite Bands Of The Moment Top 30 Albums
Bands I Have Really Gotten Into Recently Epic
Desert Island Top 20 My Favorite Albums Ever
This Is Why I Need To Be A Member Of The Staff 2006: The Top 50
Top 10 Albums Of Metal Of 2006 Jacaranda's Nineties Albums
Top 5 Metal Ablums Of '06 Top 10: 2006
Top 100 Albums Of 2006 Some Good Metal
Top Ten Albums Of The Year My Top Metal Albums of 2006!
New Top 50 Favorite Metal Albums For 2006
2006 bitches I am a man
100!!!! Mah Best Albums Vol. 3
TheDevilsOwn's Favorite Bands


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