800 Music Lists Found Mentioning The Gaslight Anthem

Tracks 2014 Pangea01/28/15
Personal Best 2014 Live Shows! NJeroen01/26/15
Best Concerts I Experienced In 2014 NightProwler12/30/14
A 2014 Collection cb12312/29/14
25 Songs From This Year NightProwler12/28/14
My Fav 100 Songs Ever Inigoamo12/27/14
2014 SnakeDelilah12/26/14
White Albums BeneaththeDarkOcean12/24/14
Everything 2014 EverythingEvil211312/23/14
2014 In Review - 35 Albums Rated Beej97712/22/14
Mark's Top Fifty Of 2014 thelastsignal12/20/14
Personal Connection and the Love of Music GnFnRs8712/17/14
Best 2014 Albums NJeroen12/17/14
Skooma's 82 Favorite Albums: 2007-2012 RivalSkoomaDealer12/10/14
My Favorite Albums Of 2014 BYAMdrummer12/07/14
My Top 15 Albums Of 2014 UnstableConnection112/07/14
Favorite Albums Of 2014 pauldrakedsd12/04/14
Best Albums Of 2014... According To Me. pauldrakedsd12/03/14
100 Albums Dwap12/02/14
Greatest Albums When Drunk yourgodisinferior12/02/14
"pop" Punk List dmp313111/22/14
My Best Ever Albums (2012 Edition) joesephed11/13/14
Favorites Of 2014 Thus Far thelastsignal11/02/14
2014: The Year That Keeps On Giving Atari10/29/14
Who Else Is Doing Nothing? BallsToTheWall10/25/14
Albums That Grew On Me dmp313110/18/14
Songs For My Life Part 2 AmericanFlagAsh10/16/14
More Shit My Gf Listens To RivalSkoomaDealer10/08/14
Bands I Think Could/should Have A Lot Of Mainstream Success riseagainst715610/03/14
Favourite Closing Tracks riseagainst715609/24/14
Alt Rock Recs? RedFire12809/12/14
Superb Digs 3 Atari09/09/14
New Music Acquires BeneaththeDarkOcean09/06/14
Albums That Stuck With Me Over The Years mxbrady08/31/14
Summer Ends iSkane08/24/14
Introduction Masthews08/22/14
Rec Me Ska/punk ComeToDaddy08/20/14
Summer Is Here dmp313107/26/14
What I'm Looking Forward To For The Rest Of The Year JCGold1407/24/14
Vinyl Wishlist SnakeDelilah07/12/14
Favorite Brian Fallon Lyrics Schizophrenik06/19/14
Some Great Closers, Pt. 2 Artuma06/03/14
Brian Fallon - Ranked Clumseee05/28/14
Girlfriend Is Coming Up To Visit Me Minushuman2405/07/14
1000 Ratings Woo Artuma05/03/14
100 Favorite Albums mttgry05/02/14
My Personal 100 Favorite Albums JCGold1404/18/14
15 Songs I Love And Enjoy AmericanFlagAsh04/11/14
Eighty Kay SeaAnemone04/11/14
List Of Bands I've Seen Live furpa03/26/14
100 Songs Eko03/22/14
I'm Officially One Of Them Now Trebor.03/06/14
My Meager Collection (vinyl) Vol. 2 WellFedWhiteMale03/03/14
The '59 Sound Ranked SnakeDelilah03/02/14
100k Scrobbles! cb12302/15/14
rip fourthreich dykeyverysmallpeen bach02/14/14
Top 10 The Gaslight Anthem Songs dh19802/13/14
Retrograde: 2012 A Year Late Inveigh02/09/14
Playlist Of Shit I Love theacademy02/05/14
Portugal. The Man Question humblerodent02/03/14
Digs: January 2014 eddie9502/03/14
Beck And Danger Mouse Made An Album Together humblerodent01/24/14
Help Me Out EpicMangoMan01/22/14
Most Played On My Ipod jamiecoughlan01/21/14
My Last.fm turns 10 today. Skoj01/20/14
Just Some Awesome Albums: 2010s Crawl01/18/14
Users' Favorite Albums Judio!01/14/14
Cd Collection - Installment Two Multifarious01/08/14
Songs Everyone Should Hear Schizophrenik12/16/13
My Little Vinyl Collection MrCoffee12/03/13
Playlist #1 dmp313111/29/13
Decade So Far Eko11/26/13
Your 10 Most Played Songs dmp313111/04/13
Top 100 Albums Since 2000 ryan1911/03/13
Top 25 Gaslight Anthem Songs ryan1910/27/13
100 Of My Favorite Songs Right Now ryan1910/24/13
Procrasturbation GnFnRs8709/05/13
The Book Thief Trailer Douglas08/22/13
Something New Kerbstomp08/15/13
Copying Trevor DegausserGuernica2408/14/13
shindig mryrtmrnfoxxxy08/13/13
Some Songs I Like avonbarksdale22108/13/13
Best Of 2012 Rashandarei08/09/13
10 Songs That Define You ZippaThaRippa08/06/13
Osheaga peaks4008/01/13
Albums I'm Jamming To Today DegausserGuernica2408/01/13
So, What's Punk Anyway? dcalderon07/24/13
Gaslight Anthem - The 59 Sound: Ranked Crawl07/21/13
Best Songs From The Ea Nhl Series DegausserGuernica2407/12/13
If You Know Any Good Albums Like These Albums Blackbelt5406/28/13
Four.fives+fives SeaAnemone06/25/13
Sputnik's Punk Madness Green Baron06/24/13
Zombie Songs americanohno06/14/13
Nononsense's Top 15 Last.fm Artists nononsense06/13/13
Download Fest! BigPleb06/11/13
Favourite Vocalists Wafflez05/31/13
Last Of My Kind Butkuiss05/28/13
100/100 killrobotmusic05/23/13
New Jersey Essentials DegausserGuernica2404/27/13
Record Store Day 2013!!!!!!! SadAndHolyGlow04/20/13
Albums That Never Get Old CarrotFlowerKing04/19/13
Download Fest 2013 BigPleb04/18/13
Record Store Day ReturnOfTheDnor04/16/13
Tell Me Your Favourite Albums From The 2000s IHeardThat04/14/13
Summertime With Grover Romulus04/10/13
Class Project Kerbstomp04/10/13
Cruisin' For A Weekend Gravity04/05/13
Crawl's Most Essential Albums Crawl04/03/13
More New Vinyls NightProwler03/27/13
My 40 Favorite Albums jmh88603/27/13
Rec Me Anything Good Mookid03/26/13
Bands Seen Live This Year CrackTheSkye03/26/13
The Best Of The Best crowingflow03/20/13
6 Hour Flight During Spring Break, Rec Me Stuff Mookid03/20/13
Cds I Own Gowhenred03/19/13
500 Ratings // Top 50 Lps Eko03/12/13
Ranked (ranked) Emyay03/12/13
Sputnik Words With Friends nononsense03/12/13
What I Listen To davidzahn603/08/13
100 Favorite Songs gansosgrandes03/08/13
Casino '12 CasinoColumbus03/01/13
On The Whiskey GnFnRs8703/01/13
Top 14 Of 2012 Mookid02/25/13
My Upcoming Shows nononsense02/25/13
Dallas Green And Brian Fallon Fronted Band? nononsense02/21/13
Awesome List Is Awesome, Filled With Awesome Music. NightProwler02/19/13
Playlist For Tonight Mookid02/18/13
Top 10 Favourite Albums 155469902/10/13
Fire Emblem: Awakening humblerodent02/10/13
My Rescent 3's slipnslide02/08/13
Albums I Wish I Was More Into CasanovaFrankenstein02/06/13
My Top 10 Of All Time humblerodent02/06/13
Phatj's Top 25 Of 2012 PHATJ02/04/13
Best Of 2012 humblerodent02/02/13
Concerts In 2012 (part 2) steadyriot02/02/13
100 Albums iSkane02/01/13
Vinyl I Got Since I Got A Record Player ConorIsNotHere01/29/13
Bands I'm Excited To See At Download.. ButtsweatAndTears01/25/13
New Account And Favourites Of 2012 helpoemer42001/22/13
Sleepyhead's Top 100 Of 2012 (LPs only) sleepyhead01/21/13
My Top 20 Albums Frame9201/20/13
Vooligan's 2012 Vooligan01/20/13
2012: Another Best Of Phideaux01/17/13
DaveyBoy's Top 40 Songs Of 2012 DaveyBoy01/16/13
Driving Music? wanderlust01/15/13
My Cd Collection ryan1901/15/13
Newjunk's 2012 newjunk201/14/13
New Vinyls And Cds NightProwler01/14/13
Soundtrack For This Week. WesMantooth01/12/13
My Top 10 Of '12 Bandido01/09/13
My Top 25 Favorite Alternative/Indie Rock Albums Of 12' PureMoist01/07/13
Best Of 2012 mitch9101/07/13
DaveyBoy's Top 40 Albums Of 2012 DaveyBoy01/07/13
My Best Of 2012 illfirejersey01/04/13
2012fatha: Top 70 jayfatha01/01/13
Top 25 of 2012 Abscurat01/01/13
Ataventytwelve - 50 Best LPs AtavanHalen12/31/12
Kill2012music killrobotmusic12/31/12
2012 - Top 10 jimmykidd12/30/12
Albums I Just Don't Get NationalRadio12/26/12
2012: My Year In Albums Point112/25/12
Academy Of 2012 theacademy12/23/12
Top 50 Of 2012 Crawl12/21/12
Mallen 2012 mallen-12/20/12
Top 10 Of 2012 gippalthefish12/20/12
Top 25 Of 2012 ThePrisonGuard12/19/12
Adamk's 2012 AdamK12/18/12
Top 75 Of 2012 EverythingEvil211312/17/12
2012 Favorites keyokeyo12/16/12
Perdition's Top 20 of 2012 PerditionTheElder12/15/12
The Year In Zingers: DimSim's Favourite Lyrics Of 2012 dimsim347812/15/12
My Top 12 Albums Of 2012 DaisyHill12/13/12
Top 50 Of 2012 DeathsThread12/12/12
Top 10 Albums Of 2012 TheseRuins12/12/12
Top 10 Songs Of 2012 Point112/11/12
Favorites Of 2012 d00derz12/10/12
Useless Knowledge/2012 Collection cb12312/09/12
My Favorites From 2012 steadyriot12/09/12
Scoot Does 2012 Scoot12/08/12
Mercyfalls 2012 MercyFalls1912/08/12
Urine's Top 50 Albums Of 2012 Urinetrouble12/08/12
Recent Digs cb12312/07/12
Too Short, Too Long, Just Right iSkane12/06/12
Flashback: Part 2 clercqie12/05/12
Best Of 2012 Bouncingsoul12/05/12
Ataventytwelve - 100 Best Songs Of 2012 AtavanHalen12/05/12
Puzzles' Fantastical Best Of 2012 Puzzles12/04/12
Satellite Vs. 2012 Satellite12/02/12
Dougie 2012: A Vague Counterpoint Of Music Stylings Douglas12/02/12
Curse's Top 20 Of 2012 Curse.12/02/12
Favourite Albums Of 2012 jamiecoughlan11/30/12
The Good, The Bad And The Ugly GnFnRs8711/25/12
50 Most Listened To Albums According To Last.fm BYAMdrummer11/22/12
Albums I'll Check Out Later Yoshia11/21/12
Top Albums Of 2012 BYAMdrummer11/21/12
What Do Astronauts Put On Sandwiches? YetAnotherBrick11/15/12
Brilliant Album Openers AutoRock11/15/12
Cocaine Just Ain't The Same When Ya Got Kids To Care For americanohno11/10/12
The Best Of '12 MercyFalls1911/06/12
One Year! Yays! Minushuman2411/01/12
Last.fm #2 adkymo10/19/12
My Radio Show This Week MercyFalls1910/18/12
100 Favorite Albums chupacabraisreal10/18/12
Playstation All Stars Batoru Rowaiaru theacademy10/17/12
Bands That Dissapointed slimdaddy10/15/12
48 Essential Albums By Sirob Sirob10/14/12
Philosophy JackSparrow10/12/12
Stanley Kubrick GnFnRs8710/12/12
Top 10 Actors In The 1995 Saturn Award Nominated Motion Picture: Congo theacademy10/09/12
Boardwalk Empire JackSparrow10/07/12
If I Stay Awake All Night, Will I Still Get Morning Breath ? GnFnRs8710/05/12
This Year Shreds Oneironaut10/05/12
I'm New Here MercyFalls1909/25/12
What Do College Students Want? intotheshit09/25/12
Deluna Fest 2012 Hankpym09/23/12
Quitting Sputnikmusic :( Muisc4Life2609/23/12
Random Good Albums cb12309/21/12
Shiver Worthy Moments iSkane09/19/12
Atari's 2012 Purchases. Atari09/15/12
Best Of 2012 So Far AutoRock09/14/12
Lost All My Music JWT15509/12/12
Top 50 Artists Tokamak09/09/12
50 Indie Albums I Like Blackbelt5409/09/12
Two Years And I've Learned Nothing. omnipanzer09/06/12
Some Of The Best '12 Tokamak09/02/12
Give Me Music AdamK09/02/12
Top 12 Albums Of '12 So Far Alxander1908/31/12
Music That Delays The End Of Summer lukempls08/28/12
Leeds Fest AliW199308/23/12
Digz; Recs Welcome Bandido08/21/12
Songs Of The Summer newjunkaesthetic9308/19/12
The Newsroom JWT15508/14/12
preview new dino j/new dan deacon leaked foxxxy08/14/12
Sup Sputnik Soldiermedic08/10/12
Olympic Digs jamiecoughlan08/08/12
2012 Blackbelt5408/07/12
Tinychat :)))) HipsterGoddess08/05/12
Recent Digs! samuryne08/04/12
Albums I Need To Listen To HelplessnessBlues08/03/12
Looking For Some New Music Tokamak08/02/12
We're Better Than Everyone Else SeaAnemone07/31/12
Camping? Apollo07/30/12
Sunny Happy Playlist whistlyflute07/29/12
My Growing Vinyl Collection GoingToBuffalo07/28/12
Books I've Read This Summer Ranked Schizophrenik07/26/12
Gaslight Virgin SowingSeason07/24/12
Recs 2012 Tokamak07/24/12
salvia foxxxy07/24/12
Favorite Vocalists HitlerIsTheBest07/23/12
Anyone Else An Ambivert Here? benkim07/23/12
Pentagon's 2012 So Far Pentagon07/21/12
Lastfm 7 Days cryMore07/20/12
What should I be feeling here? SadAndHolyGlow07/20/12
Whooaaaaroadtripyeaaahhh SeaAnemone07/19/12
The Rain Here Won't Stop... SadAndHolyGlow07/18/12
Handwritten Is Streaming newjunkaesthetic9307/16/12
Clutch, Gaslight, Or Sleigh Bells??? Azazzel07/11/12
Check This Shit Out! Brontosaurus07/03/12
Off To Conquer The States! clercqie06/30/12
Top 10 Pop Punk/rock Guilty Pleasures Danthearsonist06/29/12
Albums Of 2012to Get Excited For Wirertragen706/21/12
Eko's Quarter Decade Eko06/20/12
My Favorite Albums 2000-2010 MouseMan06/19/12
Songs Of The Quarter Decade Eko06/18/12
Judge My Ipod TheJackal06/05/12
Spec Said I Should Counterfeit06/05/12
Finished Eleventh GradeToday... outline05/27/12
Testing Testing Fuck U HitlerIsGod05/27/12
Summer Listening tom7905/26/12
Favorite Summer Albums Twelve5105/26/12
My Favorite Albums Tokamak05/22/12
New Here. Recs? SirPancake05/21/12
The Summer Of 2012 Masochist05/13/12
Top 100 Albums... Revisited AutoRock05/09/12
2012 Recs Please Tokamak05/08/12
Bucketlist Samshine05/08/12
750 Ratings Blackbelt5405/06/12
Shut Up The Punx AdamK05/03/12
New Gaslight Anthem Song Rules AFunFrolic04/30/12
My Super Duper, Greatest 100 Songs Ever List Buccaneer04/17/12
Tom79's Top 100 tom7904/10/12
Booty Sirob04/08/12
Help Me!!! newjunkaesthetic9304/05/12
My Favourite Albums adkymo03/08/12
The End Is Nigh EverythingEvil211303/01/12
Most Recent Digs Leatherneck02/29/12
100 Hard Jamz BallsToTheWall02/29/12
Listening To Cormac Mccarthy And Reading A Book By Clipse SeaAnemone02/23/12
Scoot's Top 100 Albums Scoot02/19/12
Red Eyes Spec02/08/12
These Album Descriptions Are Concise As F*** YetAnotherBrick02/05/12
Favorite Moments In Music Eko02/03/12
Expand It! Vespiion01/21/12
Rejection JWT15501/15/12
Top 50 Generic Sputnik Albums (kind Of) iSkane01/05/12
Top 50 Albums Since 2000 AutoRock01/05/12
I Need Rec Rec Rec Rec's! WhiteNoise12/30/11
Boss Is On Vacation Which Means... bungy12/27/11
DaveyBoy's Top 10 Live Gigs Of 2011 DaveyBoy12/26/11
Phideaux's Top 20 Of 2010 Phideaux12/19/11
Going Collegiate FromDaHood12/17/11
Concerts In 2011 steadyriot12/14/11
Got My Driver's License! YetAnotherBrick12/07/11
Top 15 Films Released Post-1990 lucazade2212/04/11
How Bout Some Indie Recs? ryan1912/04/11
Fucking Addiction FrankRedHot11/15/11
Terrible Day americanohno11/14/11
My Concert Experiences dobson00110/29/11
15 Albums I (Mistakenly) Overlooked The First Listen steadyriot10/26/11
2 Years, 20k. Is This Something To Be Proud Of? BigHans10/18/11
100 Bands I Do Not Care About Basman10/11/11
Punk Albums Of My Childhood (and Now) Firecracker10/10/11
Most Depressing Songs clictheman10/05/11
Changing My Fife Spec09/27/11
Rec Me Indie Acoustic Teenager Music Puzzles09/21/11
Vinyl CrackTheSkye09/17/11
My Top 50 Albums thelonelycanvass09/16/11
Last Day Before School Tatou09/06/11
Growers Eko09/01/11
Music A-z HelplessnessBlues08/28/11
Pit Goes To College! TheJesus08/26/11
It's Finally Time Spec08/26/11
1000 Comments toxin.08/19/11
Pop Punk Recs partyboy2408/16/11
First Time List Tatou08/13/11
My Top Ten Everything clictheman08/12/11
Brand New Break Up outline08/10/11
Baddassery clictheman08/10/11
Orgcore Orgcore Orgcore mallen-08/09/11
August Digs killrobotmusic08/09/11
Favourite Albums Of The Decade Angel4608/02/11
Moving/albums To Check Out killrobotmusic07/26/11
500 Ratings! Blackbelt5407/25/11
Summer List crazyblinddude07/24/11
1000 Comments/favorite Users Eko07/22/11
Are These Albums Any Good? spudd161207/21/11
**** Women JWT15507/15/11
I Get Embarrased... Jones07/14/11
New Music For Kimm! KimmsightMatters07/11/11
The Summertime johnholly103907/07/11
Arras Main Square Festival 2011 clercqie07/05/11
My Top 50 Songs Eko07/04/11
And Now for Something Different ShadowRemains06/30/11
The Devil And God Are Asian Inside Of Me? gotsthedewsdood06/30/11
Samshine's Guide To Summer Samshine06/29/11
Anything Else? newjunkaesthetic9306/27/11
Summer Digggs disposablehero9406/24/11
June Mix spaceclaw606/24/11
Onedahood FromDaHood06/23/11
These Users Are The Best Users Curse.06/21/11
Seeing Touche Amore And Title Fight Tomorrow sixthgoldenticket06/17/11
Indie Recs For A Punk Fan? Blackbelt5406/17/11
Acoustic Digs dimsim347806/16/11
Rec Me Stuff SpiralBorn06/14/11
During These Summer Months. ModernGuilt06/12/11
Doing It Hard bungy06/10/11
Finished Tenth Grade Today... outline06/09/11
Veeedallen Sputversary mallen-06/05/11
Redefining Music bailar1406/05/11
Advice On Learning Guitar? Eko06/03/11
Rock & Roll ModernGuilt05/30/11
Top 40 Albums Of 2010 EverAdrift05/30/11
Top 5 May Albums + 5 Albums I Found From Sputnik GamemakerPW05/28/11
The 00's EverythingEvil211305/27/11
Underpraised Songs By Praised Artists Eko05/20/11
Beat Up The New Guy PatchesOHoulihan05/17/11
13 Assassins Abdar11205/16/11
2 Years On Sputnik Blackbelt5405/16/11
2 Years At Sputnik crazyblinddude05/16/11
Pit's Last List TheItalianStallion05/16/11
Songs I Am (sort Of) Learning With The Band I Play With Altmer05/16/11
It's Almost Summer. Eko05/15/11
1000 Ratings Lucid05/13/11
40 Favorite Albums EverythingEvil211305/13/11
A Mallen Summer Pt 1 mallen-05/12/11
Scoot's Top 50 Favorite Songs Scoot05/12/11
Favorite 100 Lps/eps Of All Time AutoRock05/12/11
New Member, Recs? lwm705/11/11
Vocal Influences Butkuiss05/11/11
Sputnikmusic: The Game Spec05/09/11
Curse Presents His Top 50 (with Descriptions!) Curse.05/09/11
Top 25 On Last.fm EverythingEvil211305/08/11
25 Rad Tracks killrobotmusic05/05/11
Vinyl Wish List Blindsided05/04/11
My Name is George. Masochist04/29/11
Rec Me Punk Eps bungy04/25/11
Current Albums mctezumasrevenge04/25/11
Sick Shit/five Year Anniversary? londoncalling45704/21/11
Driving Recs Samshine04/19/11
Coffee is for closers only BigHands04/18/11
The Pop And The Punx mallen-04/17/11
Summer's Almost Fucking Here Scoot04/16/11
Happy Record Store Day iarescientists04/16/11
Voca List Emim04/14/11
It's My Fucking 25th Birthday Aaron04/10/11
So I've Decided Curse.04/08/11
Hi Sputnik striker4504/08/11
Help Gmork Gmork8904/06/11
Wonhundredrabbits wabbit04/06/11
Mallen's Top 100 mallen-04/05/11
The Hans 100 (records) BigHans04/04/11
Brilliant Lyricists Scoot04/02/11
Top 10 Albums Of 2010 oldaboriginee04/01/11
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100 Faces Of Sputnik TheEnigma03/29/11
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In On A Saturday Night defjaw8303/26/11
I'm Your Vehicle Babbyyyyyy BigHans03/25/11
Top 10 2000-2009 outline03/23/11
1000 Ratings 05McDonaldT03/13/11
My Top 5 Bands NateT03/12/11
DaveyBoy's Soundwave Festival 2011 DaveyBoy03/11/11
Favorite Albums Of All Time CounterClockwise03/08/11
St. Patty's Day... mallen-03/07/11
10 Years 10 Albums 2001-2010 CounterClockwise03/03/11
10 Years 20 Songs 2001-2010 CounterClockwise03/02/11
Albums Of The Now.. Samshine02/27/11
For My Bestest Bud omnipanzer02/24/11
Soundwave Festival - Brisbane Puzzles02/22/11
Why Robert Christgau Should Be Lynched LetoAtreides02/21/11
The Long List Of Short Music Coloso02/11/11
A Decade In Songs: 2000s mallen-02/11/11
Best Of 2010 mitch9102/10/11
Top Ten Of 2010 jmh88602/10/11
Music Emim02/08/11
Pop-punk Coloso02/03/11
Favorite EP's Abdar11201/31/11
Old People At Subway Scoot01/31/11
Nhl '11 Custom Soundtrack mallen-01/29/11
Feiter Salad One Year Counterfeit01/29/11
100 Ratings drinkinirishtonight01/28/11
Top Ten Bands/artists I Got Into In 2010 jmh88601/27/11
Celestialdust's universal digs CelestialDust01/25/11
Rec Me Your Favorite Album TheStefan01/23/11
The Bible For Your Id couldwinarabbit01/23/11
My Favorite Albums Of '10 HARDTOEXPLAIN01/23/11
Users' Best Of The Decade Willie01/21/11
Another 2010 List... ...except This One Rules! DrunkBishyBoshy01/19/11
And We're Definitely Going To Hell, But We'll Have All The Best Stories To Tell mallen-01/17/11
Is It A Rule... outline01/14/11
My Top 25 Albums Abdar11201/13/11
Why Dont I Like Radiohead :( Ralphims01/12/11
Jwt's Best Of 2010 JWT15501/10/11
Dear God, It's A List About Music!!!1! Masochist01/07/11
Pretension Paradise! Or A Yeti 2010. AggravatedYeti01/07/11
My Top Ten Albums Of 2010 gippalthefish01/07/11
Melodic Punk/ska Recs EVedder2701/06/11
A Different Take On 2010 killrobotmusic01/06/11
Halo Vs. Cod Thompsonhunt01/05/11
The Best Albums Of The Year jules4whitehouse01/04/11
Top 10 Songs Of 2010 IamInExile01/04/11
2010car Deathcar01/04/11
Best Of 2010 - Honorable Mentions Meireles01/04/11
Lucidity's 2010: Albums Lucid01/04/11
Payne's 2010 PayneTiger77701/03/11
DaveyBoy's Top 50 Songs Of 2010 DaveyBoy01/03/11
Last.fm adkymo01/02/11
My Favorite 25 Albums Of 2010 EverAdrift01/02/11
Who Else Is Pumped For The New Year's Twilight Zone Marathon On Syfy? londoncalling45712/30/10
Another Generic Favorites Of 2010 List CoreySzn12/30/10
Best Of 2010 adkymo12/30/10
Best of 2010 Zizzer12/30/10
Introducing Spec12/29/10
Top 20 Of 10 omnipanzer12/28/10
DaveyBoy's Top 40 Albums Of 2010 DaveyBoy12/28/10
Qwenty10 qwe312/28/10
2010: The Year In Honorable Mentions Inveigh12/27/10
Best Of 2010 NickelbackFTL12/26/10
Bungy's Better-than-yours Best Of 2010 List bungy12/25/10
2010: Live Songs I Haven't Forgot Yet bungy12/23/10
Ali's 2010 - Albums AliW199312/23/10
Academy of 2010 theacademy12/21/10
Tyler's Top 25 Of 2010 FlawedPerfection12/20/10
Iai's Top 40 Of 2010 Iai12/19/10
Albums On My Ipod noahALTfan9412/18/10
A! E! I! O! U! And Sometimes Y! (Yeah! Woo! Yeah!) bungy12/18/10
Hans.fm BigHans12/17/10
My Top 50 of 2010 SchebbARN12/16/10
Ode To Sputnik couldwinarabbit12/16/10
2010: Best / Worst / Surprising / Disappointing DBlitz12/16/10
Everything 2010 EverythingEvil211312/15/10
New Headphones couldwinarabbit12/15/10
A Mike Allen 2010: Pt. 4 - Songs Of The Year EVedder2712/15/10
Music Saved My Life Spec12/14/10
Mary This Station Is Playing Every Sad Song LetoAtreides12/14/10
Top 100 Albums Of 2010 sphygmo12/14/10
Random Album Generator alt12/13/10
2010 Is Fading, But It's Been A Great Year! OfTheFall12/13/10
A Deviant 2010: The Year That Was Deviant.12/12/10
Which Songs Do You Wish You Could Play CrisStyles12/11/10
A Mike Allen 2010: Pt. 3 - Albums Of The Year EVedder2712/11/10
2010: Favorites CellarGhosts12/10/10
Off The Injured Reserve SlowBoristheBlade12/10/10
Last Weekend Of College EVedder2712/10/10
Fancier couldwinarabbit12/10/10
Some Of My 2010 Honorable Mentions G3N3R1C12/09/10
15 Solid Songs From 2010 killrobotmusic12/09/10
Musical Endevours Of 2010 That Elicited Feelings Of Enjoyment. GulliKyro12/09/10
Is The Universe Just A Hologram? AnotherBrick12/08/10
My Top 15 of 2010 hurleyman42012/07/10
Songs Darth Vader Would Sing Along To bungy12/07/10
Every Superhero Needs His Theme Music couldwinarabbit12/07/10
Doug's 2010: Part 1 Of 1 Douglas12/06/10
I Need Recs!!!! seifer12/05/10
Surf, You Big Dumb Douche.. RustyJoint12/04/10
Top 25 Of 2000+10 Monsterpoptart12/04/10
Fp's Top 50 (rough) FlawedPerfection12/04/10
Sat's 2010 Pt. V: 30-1 Satellite12/03/10
Anniversary iswimfast12/03/10
Lucidity's 2010: Songs Lucid12/01/10
1000 Ratings! And Some Thank You's. Deathcar12/01/10
Movember In Review couldwinarabbit11/29/10
Favourite Album Artwork Spec11/29/10
Album Art From This Year EVedder2711/28/10
Too Much Homework Antipunk11/28/10
Sat's 2010 Pt. III: Live Satellite11/27/10
2010 05McDonaldT11/27/10
1994-2010 - My Life In Music noahALTfan9411/26/10
Favorites MrConnection11/24/10
That Inevitable Switch couldwinarabbit11/23/10
Top 100 Albums Of 2010 zen572911/23/10
My Top 30 According To Last.fm Curse.11/23/10
Assorted Tuneskis; Good Ones EVedder2711/22/10
Vedder's 2010 Live Acts Ranked EVedder2711/20/10
Vedder's Opener/closer Combos EVedder2711/19/10
Mae Tomorrow Eko11/18/10
Some 2010 Albums 05McDonaldT11/16/10
Feit Had An Epiphany Counterfeit11/16/10
Top 25 Albums Of 2010 tom7911/16/10
My Top 100 Of All Time steadyriot11/15/10
Tell Me Your Favorite Songs Of 2010 EVedder2711/13/10
Birthday Album Gets CreamCrazy11/13/10
On Your Deathbed awhiteguy11/12/10
Best Alternative/post-punk Albums steadyriot11/11/10
Best Punk/ska Albums steadyriot11/11/10
Hans' Top 100 Songs BigHans11/08/10
Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself DyannasLament11/07/10
Rawk. Deathcar11/06/10
Stuff I've Been Getting Into Lately noahALTfan9411/05/10
I Finally Get It KevinGarnett11/05/10
3 Song Stretch Counterfeit11/02/10
Is There Any Hope For Us, Or Are The Rumors True? bungy11/01/10
Seaanemerri merriweather10/29/10
Lucidity's Top 100 Lucid10/28/10
My Month Of Shows Comes To An End. AFunFrolic10/27/10
Rococo.. IamInExile10/26/10
Your Favorite Album CrisStyles10/25/10
I Need A Halloween Costume Idea Abdar11210/24/10
Recent Digs MrBirdoWordo10/24/10
Another List About Chicks Counterfeit10/19/10
Americana EVedder2710/17/10
Mood Music Spec10/17/10
Worth The Hype Spec10/16/10
Fav 20 Songs: The Gaslight Anthem EVedder2710/15/10
Could You Please Rec Me Some Good Rock/indie/alternative? melltuga10/15/10
Fall Album Shopping killrobotmusic10/14/10
Bands Discovered Because Of Sputnik seifer10/14/10
Night Time Walk Playlist FelixCulpa10/08/10
My Favorite Albums twizted198410/07/10
Why Do I Hate These? GorgonzolaCheese110/07/10
Veddigs EVedder2710/06/10
Skank You, This Is Punktastic bungy10/05/10
Redbox mmfarva10/05/10
Sputnik I Need Your Help, Could You Answer A Survey I Made? AFunFrolic10/05/10
Favorite New Jersey Artists killrobotmusic09/30/10
Songs Of The Year So Far GulliKyro09/29/10
Vedder's Top 10 Post-sputnik Artists EVedder2709/29/10
Cool music EVedder2709/28/10
Best Albums By Year Spec09/27/10
Favorite Bands Alphabetically Octavian10309/26/10
Jwt's Songs Of 2010 JWT15509/22/10
Gaslight Setlist CushMG1509/21/10
15000 Last.fm Plays. Artist/album DrunkBishyBoshy09/21/10
Train Ride Abc's iisblackstar09/17/10
Speaking Of Funerals "why Don't You Go Ahead And Go Die" Abdar11209/16/10
Fifa 11 Soundtrack CreamCrazy09/15/10
Favorite Beers killrobotmusic09/14/10
F*ck It Counterfeit09/14/10
If Vh1 Can Do It, So Can I! jesusjuice117909/11/10
Feit Reaches 100. Counterfeit09/10/10
2010: Tell Me What I'm Missing EVedder2709/10/10
Another August Bank Holiday Weekend...another Reading Festival List...sorry craigy209/06/10
Ali's Leeds Festival 2010 AliW199309/01/10
Back From The Dead Curse.08/26/10
Doug Does Lyrics Douglas08/25/10
Rhapsody Subion LetoAtreides08/25/10
Which Concerts Should I Attend? FattyKnee08/24/10
Top 10 Songs Noomi08/24/10
Draft Day! EVedder2708/16/10
2008 Ranked Titan5008/16/10
Top 10 Of 2010 (so Far) killrobotmusic08/11/10
1,000 Ratings Inveigh08/11/10
Going To India On Friday... Deathcar08/11/10
List Title EverythingEvil211308/07/10
Osheaga Day 2 Dave2808/02/10
My Ipod Is A Total Bamf On Shuffle. LightningJ07/29/10
Car Albums Hecksplosion07/29/10
Need Some Honest Opinions killrobotmusic07/27/10
New Purchases And Recs Please Photon07/27/10
Vacation Buys londoncalling45707/23/10
Sputnik Fantasy Premier League Iai07/18/10
Albums On Vinyl Spec07/17/10
50 Great Songs killrobotmusic07/15/10
Gay musicConsumer07/15/10
The Year Of 2010 mmfarva07/11/10
Music For When I'm ______ Zizzer07/08/10
Punk qwer7yfreak07/07/10
Deviant Preps His 2010 List Deviant.07/07/10
Mikeallen's Ultimate Playlist EVedder2707/01/10
I've Been On Sputnik For About A Year... I'm A Casual Observer thomas306/30/10
Big Hans' Top 25 Albums Of All Time BigHans06/29/10
Staff Members Ranked bailar1106/27/10
I Like The Following Albums Petrified06/25/10
Newest Cd Aquisitions Damrod06/24/10
SPUTNIK AWARDS - 2010 theacademy06/23/10
Picked Up ThyCrossAwaits06/19/10
Aquarium Snails thecheatisnotdead06/19/10
Top 5 Of 2010... Thus Far LepreCon06/18/10
Tom Servo's Decade List TomServo06/15/10
I Need To Check Out... Iamthe Nightstars06/15/10
Rec Me Some Good Bands I Might Like kobe2406/14/10
Vedecade EVedder2706/13/10
Payne's 50 Best PayneTiger77706/12/10
Deviant Does The Decade Deviant.06/12/10
The Decade of Shadow ShadowRemains06/12/10
Decade, Mother F*ckers Inveigh06/12/10
Just Got Engaged =) Deathcar06/11/10
Little Bro's Ipod Klekticist06/11/10
Mikeallen's 2010 1st Half EVedder2706/10/10
My Top 20 Punk Albums Blackbelt5406/09/10
Summer Concerts Monsterpoptart06/07/10
Vocal Performances BallsToTheWall06/04/10
Good Music Blogs DoubtGin05/31/10
Going To Havasu March_Of_Sand05/30/10
So Fucking Bored CreamCrazy05/30/10
*Four Letter Word* Work JWT15505/28/10
Presentation londoncalling45705/26/10
2010 = Good Blindsided05/25/10
I Actually Liked The Lost Finale LetoAtreides05/24/10
Jersey Shore Season 2 BallsToTheWall05/24/10
Songs To Remember When We're Gone Schizophrenik05/22/10
Recommend Me Some Music askbill05/19/10
My Happy Album Buying Trip Hydroxybenzo05/16/10
Favorite Mainstream Rock Albums Emim05/14/10
Scrambles The Death Dealer EverythingEvil211305/13/10
Bye College killrobotmusic05/12/10
Click Fan And See A Dancing Walrus! Emim05/11/10
Indie/punk/post-hardcore/post-rock List Abdar11205/10/10
Two Thousand And Ten SlightlyEpic05/09/10
So I Stayed Home From School Today atrink05/07/10
Procrastination March_Of_Sand05/05/10
2010 Summer Chill MetalFaceDoom05/04/10
Jwt's 2010 So Far JWT15505/01/10
Just Got First Tattoo MetalFaceDoom04/30/10
Best Song By Artist Part 1 BigHans04/29/10
A Mike Allen Summer EVedder2704/26/10
Last Monday's Leak AtavanHalen04/25/10
I Make A List You Rec Me Albums Everybody Is Happy SrightryEpic04/23/10
Need More Punk Monsterpoptart04/21/10
Moving To Utah. JesusChris04/21/10
Vedder's 50 EVedder2704/17/10
Avon Barksdale... Inveigh04/08/10
The Gaslight Anthem The '59 Sound Ranked TomServo04/07/10
I Am The God-emperor Of Dune LetoAtreides03/27/10
My Fix Inveigh03/25/10
Yes, I Still Buy Cds Damrod03/25/10
Mynameisdecade mynameischan03/16/10
Crashing londoncalling45702/20/10
The Attempt To Expand My Gf's Musical Taste FattyKnee02/16/10
Top 10 Favorite Albums P0sThArDC0RExkid02/12/10
I Love My Library FattyKnee02/12/10
First List In Ages FattyKnee02/06/10
I Like Eating Excrement HugCrewLoveRoll02/05/10
So Much CD Rippage Aids02/04/10
Just Got Into Last.fm... 1000 Plays DrunkBishyBoshy01/28/10
2010 Might Be Good mitch9101/21/10
Valentine's Day Cds fatlip2701/20/10
Just Made A Profile BumpyourBump01/14/10
I'm Goin' Out West - Top Plays VeryPleasantNeighbor01/11/10
A Decade Of Robotmusic killrobotmusic12/27/09
Strikey: Decade: 50 Knott-12/25/09
Lucidity's Decade Lucid12/25/09
Cds March_Of_Sand12/15/09
George Washington EverythingEvil211312/10/09
My 30 Favourite Bands marcholden12/02/09
You Guys Should Write A Story About Me shade11/20/09
End Of Semester Playlist killrobotmusic11/17/09
Favorite Bands/albums/songs - 30-21 killrobotmusic10/21/09
Albums I Always Keep In My Car HugCrewLoveRoll10/21/09
Whiskey And Vinyl DaTwig10/19/09
Cold Fronts In Florida = Awesome Ricven10/18/09
25-track Mix Cd- Punk holyhardcore10/11/09
Digging My Own Grave...and Albums thecheatisnotdead10/07/09
Current Likings Wrathchild8910/03/09
10 Albums That Influence You In Some Way CrisStyles09/30/09
My Daily Commute guitarplaya9109/30/09
19/100 Transient09/07/09
Reading Festival 09 craigy208/31/09
Deep Creeping (a Tribute) - Part 2 killrobotmusic08/24/09
Bands I've Seen Live (notable) joobakka08/24/09
Always The Summers Are Slippin Away EverythingEvil211308/20/09
Favorite/favourite/faverit Songs Currently killrobotmusic08/18/09
II Amnesty08/14/09
Addicted To World Of Goo And... rotterdog08/11/09
Good Morning Playlist killrobotmusic08/11/09
Max Payne thecheatisnotdead08/09/09
R.i.p Kelly Clarkson BallsToTheWall08/08/09
Anyone Else Wish They Could Go To Lollapalooza? thebbqshrimp08/06/09
Kill The Dj killrobotmusic07/30/09
Revised Top Albums Of 2008 killrobotmusic07/29/09
Swine Flu Transient07/28/09
Gotta Love Sound Garden thecheatisnotdead07/25/09
Convince Me To Like These Bands Using One Song Logman45607/12/09
My Lolla 2009 Schedule poweroftheweez07/08/09
Albums I've Always Liked But Just Recently Fallen In Loved With. LiveForMusic07/05/09
Summer Playlist '09 guitarplaya9106/26/09
Signed Lps AmnesiacR06/25/09
Songs I've Been Obsessed With Lately thecheatisnotdead06/15/09
Digdug thecheatisnotdead06/08/09
Albums That Don't Suck Tempertemperature05/25/09
Lebron James radianteclipse05/23/09
Needs Mad Listenz For Da Roooad! SomeKindOfChampion05/20/09
Mix For A Friend AmnesiacR05/18/09
Top 15 Lastfm. Artists natey05/13/09
Two Handfuls Of Shit MusicinaBox05/08/09
Recent Listenings ilikemusic05/01/09
All Night Long ToWhatEnd04/30/09
Sleeplessness Curse.04/29/09
50 Favorite Albums And Songs. Thesunwentout04/27/09
Recommend Please thebhoy04/12/09
15,000 Plays On Last.fm craigy204/12/09
Soft Recs Plx Knott-04/07/09
Like A Tick-tock Clock In That Heart Of Hearts Golgoroth04/06/09
I Love Cake MyPoorBrain03/18/09
Genius. jimay33303/13/09
Sunday fromrows03/01/09
Brown Vs. Garcia ToWhatEnd02/25/09
Right Now. JoeForPresident02/22/09
Punk Bands I Like youreyesarepretty02/20/09
Checking Out AmnesiacR02/16/09
I Feel Like Crap... chrisonsputnik02/14/09
Am I The Only One Who's Noticed... Golgoroth02/11/09
100 natey02/09/09
Recent Hodge Podge 00DK0002/06/09
If You're Poor...Eat Your Child Apostle702/06/09
Favorite Songs At The Moment ironzeppelin78901/28/09
Well Jesus Christ, I'm Alone Again... dukes01/28/09
I Drive A Cheverolet Movie The-Ater FistfulOfSteel01/19/09
I'm Having A Music Meltdown JoeForPresident01/18/09
Late Best Of 2008 tuk01/17/09
Top 100! Yai! Crimson01/15/09
Recent Digs RandMcNally01/12/09
Top Listens On Last.fm dukes01/06/09
6:50am's Attempt At Boredom Relief Knott-01/05/09
Ordered Or Acquired AmnesiacR01/03/09
Songs I'm Loving Knott-01/03/09
Top 15 Albums Of 2008 kalphiteman412/31/08
My Favorite Finds Of The Year CoreySzn12/30/08
Top 20 Albums Of 2008 CoreySzn12/26/08
The Best Of 2008: Top 10 Albums ScorpionStan12/23/08
My Top Albums Of 2008 guitarplaya9112/22/08
Crimson's 2008 Crimson12/20/08
Top 50 Of 2008 Bleak12312/20/08
Few Albums I Enjoyed In 08 savethewhales12/19/08
Top 25 Of 2008 Mikesn12/19/08
My Top 15 Of 2008 Curse.12/19/08
Top 2008 Albums IsItLuck?12/17/08
Mindblowingly Good Albums Bleak12312/16/08
Destroyed In Seconds: Top 33 Albums Of The Year SomeKindOfChampion12/15/08
Top 15 Albums Of 2008 Lucid12/14/08
Choose For Me. Otisbum12/06/08
Top 5 Right Now Knott-12/06/08
2008, In Music jimay33312/04/08
My Top 30 Of 2008 spoon_of_grimbo12/02/08
Is It Necessary For Me To Drink My Own Urine? londoncalling45711/30/08
Bands I Saw Live In 2008 roofi11/22/08
My Fav Of 2008 Cesar11/22/08
Haha Next 100 Distance11/18/08
'08 JumpTheF**kUp11/18/08
Top 25 Of 08 Rough Draft Minus The Flair11/17/08
Recent Most Played Albums lunchforthesky11/15/08
Recent Purchases dukes11/06/08
My Top 5 Artists For The Past 7 Days On Last.fm dukes10/28/08
Please Tell Me armfarm10/19/08
New Awesome Stuff!!!!!! JoeForPresident10/08/08
My 10 Ten Of 2008 So Far Curse.10/08/08
Digs Hewitt09/27/08
Currently Listening To (10/09/2008) DhA09/10/08
Drowning In Music StreetlightRock09/08/08
My Top 10 Of 08 (so Far) JPAC09/05/08
My Reading Festival craigy208/25/08
Top 10 Songs At The Moment (august) ArmyOfRage08/23/08
Albums Currently On My Ipod Windows08/23/08
My Albums Of Summer 2008 CoreySzn08/06/08
Last.fm Top 50 Intransit08/01/08
A Guide To What Is Great In 08 samthebassman07/24/08
In With The New Trash Serpento07/14/08
Best Of 08 Intransit07/03/08
Top 50 Of 07 Final Edition Intransit06/04/08
What bands ON THIS LIST should I listen to? doritoz02/01/08


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