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My Cd And Vinyl Collection Jasdevi08712/30/14
My Presonal Top 50 Metal Albums piotrekmax12/06/14
20-05 maddin11/02/14
Greyshadow's Top 50 Favorite Songs GreyShadow10/24/14
Best Albums (1964-2013 ***redux***) TheShining198010/06/14
Just Went Through My Old Cds And... KjSwantko10/05/14
Best Bands Ever ConcubinaryCode09/26/14
Worst Bands Ever Vakarian1209/26/14
My Favorite Bands' Worst Albums TheShining198009/26/14
My Favorite Bands' Best Albums TheShining198009/25/14
It's My Birthday (plus 50 Favourite Albums) Jasdevi08709/19/14
My Terrible Taste In Music IceColdSunshine09/08/14
Deneri 100 Deneri09/04/14
Albums I Can't Believe I Used To Be Into FuneralMarch08/24/14
Disturbed/device Ranked cloakanddagger08/21/14
Albums Worth Checking Out. Different Genres Of Metal and a little bit of Punk Rock thrown in. HeavyMetal2508/20/14
Mainsteam Stuff That's Good But People Still Hate Aftertheascension08/19/14
Bands That Used To Be Big / Mainstream wwba08/14/14
Disturbed Ranked Aftertheascension08/12/14
My Objective Top 10 Worst Albums (in-genre) wowyouresohxc08/06/14
The Best Album Art From All Of The Bands I've Rated Jasdevi08707/17/14
Worst Cover Art From (nearly) All Of The Bands I've Rated Jasdevi08707/03/14
IPOD ON SHUFFLE TylerLamberg05/28/14
Disturbed Ranked KenboSlice05/15/14
The Worst Efforts From All Of The Bands I've Rated Jasdevi08705/05/14
Bands I Don't Miss BlackLlama04/25/14
Albums That I Am Currently In Possession Of Jasdevi08704/08/14
My Favorites jackattacks04/02/14
Why I Loved High School Thibs03/31/14
Recent Gets BeneaththeDarkOcean03/23/14
Nu Metal Nostalgia Muisc4Life2603/22/14
My Favorite Bands PillowGuy03/21/14
Bands I've Seen Live quik4003/06/14
Shitty Bands That My Brother Likes titanslayer02/22/14
Album Collection Hits 100 Happy2review02/20/14
Favorite Bands: Past & Present TylerLamberg02/02/14
Top Ten Favorite Songs Laihwal01/06/14
Seeing Red BeneaththeDarkOcean01/05/14
Stuff I Listen To SharkTooth12/19/13
How Many Cd's Do You Own? Rice30311/19/13
Favorite Metal Bands Of All Time AveSatanas11/19/13
Tough Guy Music rapedbyelephants11/08/13
Top 10 Songs Batrider11/03/13
Top 10 Albums By Top 10 Bands Batrider11/03/13
Random 10 For October '13 Zelbinian10/28/13
Bands That I Apparently Shouldn't Like TPM73110/20/13
Scary, Frightening And Creepy Album Covers TheIbar10/10/13
5 Most Overrated Metal Bands ARealDeadOne09/25/13
Continuum theacademy09/16/13
My Cd?s SurfacinGG08/05/13
Bands I Used To Listen To... OhGravity07/17/13
Non-5 Albums That Have Shaped My Music Tastes Mike0807/09/13
Favorite Albums Of All Time Scamp455306/22/13
Cds I Own Derek52105/19/13
My Cd Collection Pt. 1 Ryuu501st05/19/13
Bands I've Seen Live Conexus05/18/13
Not Another Easter List NeoSpaz03/31/13
I Just Asked Someonewhat Metal Bands They Like Vakarian1203/07/13
Favorite Bands TheSmashBro03/05/13
Favorite Albums VTBob8802/26/13
Anticipated Upcoming Releases (updated) TheSmashBro02/24/13
Favorite Albums TheKeywork02/09/13
Reviewing Protip: theacademy02/06/13
Middle School Jams 02-05 elephantREVOLUTION01/25/13
Oh, Nostalgia Minushuman2401/12/13
Games I Love talesfromthevagina01/06/13
Don't Break Out The Guns And Tear Gas, I'm Only Making One Right Now. danielchapstick01/01/13
Top 50 Favorite Albums Of All Time. danielchapstick12/17/12
Top 100 Favorite Songs Of All Time. danielchapstick12/17/12
Stuck In A Rut wy2sl012/15/12
Horrible Music I Used To Listen To chickasawcaleb12/12/12
Horrible Shit That I Used To Listen To Spliffhanger6712/12/12
My Top 5 Worst Genre Fusions Shimana12/09/12
Disturbed Ranked Ikarus1412/01/12
Nostalgia cb12311/27/12
Top 15 Bands ilikemanymusicgenres11/25/12
New Vs. Old grish11/24/12
Molly Says Hi alltimelow11/22/12
Top 10 Most Underrated Albums By The Sputnik Community MegaJake102411/18/12
Album Collection NuMetalFan202211/15/12
Top 10 Favorite Bands NuMetalFan202211/11/12
Bands That Introduced Me To Nu Metal (and Then To Much Better Bands In The Metal World) JerryCF10/21/12
Best Metal List Of October DougDimmadome10/08/12
My Life In Music (starting 2006) pbass010/05/12
Rec Me Some Gym Music ButtsweatAndTears09/29/12
Punching Ovaries: My High School Nostalgia List flowerybrains09/27/12
Favorite Vocalists TheSmashBro09/13/12
5 Albums A Year, My Life In Music StagnantWords08/26/12
Goosebumps Time (melodic Songs) peartnoy08/24/12
Death Sucks Recspecs08/20/12
Top 20 Artists jrm9607/28/12
Cool Covers digimental10107/26/12
50 Random Itunes Songs Deuce831107/22/12
Favorite Songs (as of July 7, 2012) beartato10807/07/12
Pump Up Songs Ryaneh6907/07/12
Do You Mosh? ILikeRepetitiveMusic06/27/12
Bsod/ksod Acanthus06/26/12
Worst Bandz sonictheplumber06/22/12
My Best Of List For Metal mister666metabolic06/19/12
Graduation!! dathvada32106/12/12
The Top 10 Headbanging Songs MaidenUFO05/31/12
My Current 100+ Album Library. Recs, please? SlowlyFallingAwake05/30/12
Dulce De Leche Musics. MybadMADB05/27/12
A Stepping Stone Into 'heavier Music' CrimsonLies05/03/12
Hello 8th Grade Me guitarnater05/01/12
Epic Intros, Part 1 digimental10104/21/12
Disturbed Ranked! Muisc4Life2604/12/12
The Heaviest List Tyrael04/11/12
Nostalgia Eulogize04/05/12
Bands That I Still Listen To Despite Sputnik's Opinion. JakeStallion04/03/12
Bands I've Seen Live ILikeRepetitiveMusic04/02/12
Songs That Take Me Back To 8th Grade blaisetheslayer03/26/12
Bands I Don't Like Because People Tell Me Not To AdamKPeter03/14/12
So I've Been Told Jesuslaves03/02/12
The Letter D mynameash03/02/12
"Guilty Pleasures" really? Mike0802/27/12
Greatest Metal Songs or: Metal Through the Ages (Ranked By Year) thecountlugosi02/23/12
Albums of my Childhood and Maybe Yours Too EyeForAnEye01/28/12
Concerts I've Attended syffuf2501/27/12
Favourite Bands SleepingWithCharlie01/12/12
Mimsy's Emim01/02/12
Academy Of 2011: 100 - 199 theacademy12/18/11
Still To Hear Out Of 2011 iamSeraph12/07/11
All The Albums I Can Fit On My 8 Gig Ipod FrFRfr11/25/11
My Top 15 Favorite Albums GreyShadow11/18/11
100 Ratings 100 Albums dammets11/09/11
Haunted Houses And Rancid Candy Recspecs11/01/11
Favorite Song List Kymehp10/23/11
5 Surprisingly Good Songs By Hated Bands HongMeiling10/13/11
2002: The Partiest Party Ever ryanson20910/04/11
Brawl To End Them All ryanson20909/29/11
The Sputnik Effect Acanthus09/23/11
Records That Hold A Special Place In My Heart BugZoid08/22/11
My Fave Metal Songs Of All Time mrPetrin08/15/11
Some Of The Worst Bands I've Ever Heard Acrosstheshield1308/04/11
My Top 15 Bands (in No Particular Order) ancientmariner15708/03/11
The Evergrowing Cd Collection That I Have AirRaid07/29/11
Just Got Back From Mayhem Fest... ironmaiden120407/28/11
My Dislike List... eatdogs07/27/11
Fighting Montage Best/worst ledfloyd07/23/11
My Typical Playlist Bands masterkatulu07/22/11
My Favorite Albums. masterkatulu07/22/11
Top 20 Nu Metal Albums hsw18607/12/11
Favorite Albums dEdinsId07/11/11
My Top 50 Albums FuckYeah07/08/11
Music That Get's You Pumped/ Worked Up Rebel9006/15/11
High School Ost geezers198906/08/11
Fuck This Gay Revolution Counterfeit06/07/11
Pretty Good Solos Vedros06/01/11
Hey Crashy Jesuslaves05/29/11
Need Music Suggestions :d GreyShadow05/29/11
Pissed List sithofheaven05/24/11
Libertarians Rock FritzTheCat42005/15/11
Under The Ratings Bridge Butkuiss05/07/11
Favorite Music Albums dEdinsId04/28/11
Good Songs By Bad Bands ManintheBox04/28/11
Top Bands dEdinsId04/25/11
Good Ol' Times ev0ken04/10/11
Ridiculously Fun Albums Irving04/09/11
Movies sithofheaven04/05/11
Manliest List Ever BigHans03/31/11
Top 100 Sputnik Bands xenocide.03/30/11
Top 20 Songs Of 2002 wpstout03/27/11
Bored As Hell = Ipod Shuffle jayfatha03/26/11
Really Really Guilty Pleasures Curse.03/25/11
Top 10 Songs Of 2000 wpstout03/23/11
Top 10 Rock Songs Of The 2000's To Today. hardlyafan21203/17/11
20 Best Nu-metal Albums Of All Time. willhun03/13/11
Top Ten Nu-metal Bands willhun03/13/11
My Top Ten Albums Vedros03/01/11
Great Bands CheeseMaster02/20/11
Guilty Pleassures iSkane02/18/11
Some Albums That Rule DarkDemon66602/18/11
My Top 10 MarkedFortune02/09/11
Metal Recs MarkedFortune02/06/11
What Should I Buy Next?? MarkedFortune02/03/11
Driving Music SirkSakaig01/26/11
Kill Cool Songs JonnyBone01/02/11
Academy of 2010 theacademy12/21/10
Greg's Top Albums Of 2010 (updated) greg8412/10/10
Jwt's 2010: Worst Albums Edition JWT15512/02/10
Le Gym thecheatisnotdead12/02/10
So Where's Everyone From? dante199111/24/10
My Ipod Is On The Shuffle lukasmojolukas11/22/10
Just Turned 22 seifer11/12/10
Greg's Favorite Albums Of 1990s greg8411/09/10
Best Nu Metal Covers Cactupuss11/09/10
Why Is Escape The Fate The Top Advertisement Hysterical11/08/10
My Favorite Rock Bands crocadilion10/28/10
Metal crocadilion10/28/10
Best Of The Bald synergy10/27/10
50 Worst Album Covers Of All Time Spec10/25/10
Freight Freight Train Comin' Butkuiss10/23/10
Shuffle Shuffle Shuffle CouldntThinkofaName10/22/10
The Ten Essential Nu Metal Albums austin88810/19/10
Very Emotional Songs FrozenSun10/14/10
Re-written List Of Albums From Bands I Love That I Can't Wait For FrozenSun10/13/10
Are These Albums Any Good? derekkp10/13/10
Good Shit Right Now shottyxjohnxgottix10/12/10
Taroo's Guilty Pleasures taroo09/27/10
The Definitive Nu Metal Albums Metalstyles09/20/10
You Guys Are Stupid Jesuslaves09/20/10
Ipod On Shuffle Again! X3ro99409/19/10
Favorite Album Covers austin88809/16/10
Abc's Of My Ipod X3ro99409/13/10
Super Cool Emo Dude taroo09/08/10
School Starts Tomorrow:( ironmaiden120409/06/10
Favorite Albums X3ro99409/04/10
Nostalgia wyankeif133709/04/10
I Am Having Some Strange Dreams chambered8908/31/10
Great At Being Terrible MuffExpress08/30/10
Disturbed Ranked greg8408/29/10
Ipod On Shuffle X3ro99408/24/10
Greg's Top Music Videos Of 2010 So Far greg8408/21/10
New Here, Recs Appreciated OFace08/19/10
Favorite Albums Of 2000 Caveman08/16/10
What Do You Think Of Them? dday62408/03/10
August (and Not A Lot After?) thecheatisnotdead07/29/10
I'm In A Music Funk TheDarkerSideOfkaos07/26/10
Wtf Disturbed!! crowing5107/23/10
What Was The First Band That You Loved? ShadowAmI07/20/10
Favorite Bands SacraTerra07/19/10
My Least Favorite Bands ilikerock07/10/10
Lets Take A Trip Down Memory Lane Counterfeit07/08/10
Songs I Can't Skip Emim07/07/10
Some Stuff I Listened To Recently TheDarkerSideOfkaos07/06/10
Some Stuff I Like TheDarkerSideOfkaos07/02/10
Cool Beans Beatskins06/30/10
Top 20 Pump-up Songs dday62406/21/10
Favorite Rock/nu-metal/alternative/metal Bands dday62406/10/10
Willie's Decade List Willie06/08/10
If You Could Only...................... AnotherBrick05/14/10
Favorite Mainstream Rock Albums Emim05/14/10
Best Song By Artist, Vol 2 BigHans04/30/10
Awesome Bands rockaloud0604/14/10
My Taste Before And After Joining Sputnik TheThinIce04/13/10
The Top 100 "Metal" Bands on MySpace ThePalestMexican04/13/10
Metal Guitar Hero Arcitchur04/12/10
Songs I've Been Listening To breakingb1903/19/10
Top 10 Albums Yeahtoast03/17/10
The Song That Got Me In To Bands zer0limit03/10/10
Favorite Jewish Albums theacademy03/03/10
1000 Comments JWT15502/11/10
Oh! To Be Young And Tastless Again! cleary2101/31/10
War! TryAndKillThis01/15/10
Albums I Have On Cd SD(TheGreatDestroyer)Inc01/10/10
Greg's Top 50 Albums Of The Decade greg8412/31/09
Academy of 2009 theacademy12/23/09
2010 Looks Solid Ryan1712/22/09
My Cd Collection Ryan1712/17/09
My Top Bands #2 jasper199612/14/09
I Am All For Global Warming Curse.12/12/09
Favorite Albums Of All Time wutangpootang12/12/09
Favorite Bands wutangpootang12/11/09
My Favorite Rock Albums Of The 2000s Ryan1711/30/09
Vinyls Fucking Rule AnotherBrick11/21/09
2010 Looks To Be Promising Writer11/21/09
The Best Hard Rock Of This Decade greg8411/18/09
Sentimental 5s Emim11/16/09
Placenta Teddy Bears Jesuslaves11/10/09
A Far More Accurate Musical Evolution MrHotMoms11/03/09
My Favourite 10 Bands DalioG11/02/09
Songs as catchy as they are awful Greenman10/12/09
Top 20 Nu Metal Albums Yoshizoid10/11/09
My Favorite Bands Blswylde09/29/09
So I Just Realized I've Been On Last.fm For A Year... ZoidbergQuestion09/26/09
Favorite Bands At The Moment Ryan1709/20/09
Albums Me And My Girl Friend Always Listen To/relationship Favorites djNils09/20/09
With New Ipod, Came New Albums zer0limit08/20/09
I Choose You! Sputnik! AnotherBrick08/10/09
Bands I Don't Get endlessartix07/31/09
Most Played Albums Gore07/01/09
Recent Listens mynameisbill12305/12/09
My New Top 15 Bands MammalToes04/29/09
Bands I've Seen Live This Year MammalToes04/29/09
Kintups' Epic Musical Journey kintups04/28/09
Albums I Can Play On Guitar In Their Entirety ConorMichaelJoseph04/24/09
I Have Break This Week! Rugter3204/06/09
Cool Covers ninjuice04/05/09
My Musical Journey - 2 Years In The Making Klekticist04/04/09
Bands I Listened To Before Joining Spunknik Kohleherz04/01/09
Fuck You Music Spoonology02/17/09
School Time Shuffle MammalToes02/09/09
Shuffle Time Baby!!! MammalToes02/06/09
Bands I Am Planning To See This Year MammalToes02/04/09
Albums Spuntik Can't Break Me Of Kohleherz01/28/09
Bands I Dont Understand Why People Love kygermo01/27/09
My Top 15 Bands MammalToes01/26/09
Need New Music! Thriceremoved2501/25/09
The 21 Greatest Nu-metal Records Wizard01/24/09
Top 3 Remixes Demonickid1025901/17/09
Songs That Get Me Thinking Demonickid1025901/16/09
10 Songs We Can Actually Thank Nu Metal For Bull with Gloves01/14/09
My Favorite Albums Of 2008 greg8412/28/08
I Need To Branch Out..help!! AnotherBrick12/25/08
Songs I Can't Stop Listening To Atm ShadowintheSun12/22/08
Top Twenty Bands metalupyourass6912/15/08
CreamCrazy's Albums Of 2008 CreamCrazy12/06/08
Songs I Cant Stop Listening To On My Mp3 Demonickid1025912/05/08
My Top 5 Nu-metal Band Favorites Demonickid1025912/05/08
Every Single Disturbed Song That I Can Think Of Demonickid1025912/05/08
Bands I Want To See Live ATYCLB1812/05/08
My Favorite Disturbed Songs Demonickid1025912/04/08
My Top 5 Favorite Songs Demonickid1025912/04/08
My Top 10 Albums Of The 00's ShadowintheSun12/04/08
This Is The Law ktscat66612/02/08
Top 10 Albums toastinablender12/01/08
Power Ballads FutureHermit11/30/08
Songs I Need More Of Crysis11/23/08
50 #1's Masochist11/13/08
Barack Obama! cleary2111/06/08
Red Fucking October cleary2110/30/08
11 Angry Songs zer0limit10/29/08
15 Great Opening Songs zer0limit10/24/08
35 Song Shuffle 0m3ga0n310/11/08
My Recent Album Tastes TremorChrist10/02/08
I Shuffled... racerX7108/24/08
Twisted Metal Ps3 PuddleSwimmer08/20/08
Why I Can Still Stand To Turn On The Radio cleary2108/07/08
Gym Playlist #28 renegadestrings07/31/08
Fire Abdar11207/24/08
Gym Playlist #1 renegadestrings07/21/08
Another Dream Tour (different Bands This Time) TheDramaClub9307/09/08
Horribly Underrated Songs Oneiron07/07/08
A Day In The Life Of... DrunkBishyBoshy07/02/08
Good And Bad Nostalgia jrowa00106/29/08
Cds I've Gotten Recently raggedragamuffin06/26/08
Best Songs Of 2008 greg8406/24/08
75 Songs Oneiron06/20/08
Most Badass Riffs TheDistantFuture06/08/08
Disturbed Faves renegadestrings06/03/08
Road Rage!!! Nach005/15/08
Damnit I Love These Bands And Everyone Else Hates Them! Ouch05/07/08
A Terrific Start ninjuice04/28/08
Bad Albums From Good Artists rockfan12304/17/08
Songs I'm Digging Atm Acey03/28/08
Awesome Pump Up Songs Abdar11203/26/08
My Current Favorite Top 12 Artists fXpT03/05/08
Bands I Own Two Or More Albums By thesystemisdown02/15/08
The Cause Of My Hearing Loss In '08 grief02/13/08
I Like To Conform skullcrusher14902/05/08
Top 10 Bands That Occasionally Make Me Gag And Disgrace Their Genre. TheSunSleeps34801/09/08
They May Suck But... thesystemisdown12/06/07
Song Dig List ^_^ AshtrayTheUnforgiven11/29/07
Top 10 Underrated Bands grungekicksmetalsass11/29/07
Thanksgiving Tunes Crysis11/20/07
Guitar Hero 3 ktstein11/09/07
Top 10 Worst Album Covers tribestros10/12/07
Sputnik Needs A Hero rattlehead4214710/09/07
My Favourite Bands parry10709/24/07
Albums I Despise tribestros09/14/07
Songs I'm Currently Digging. mudvaynegodsmackacdc09/12/07
Top 20 Most Played Songs Crysis08/07/07
My Favorite Albums Of 2000 greg8407/14/07
My Favorite Albums Of 2002 greg8407/06/07
My Favorite Nu Metal Albums greg8405/18/07
Nu-metal Bands CognitiveVertigo04/19/07
The Albums Which Defined My Generation lozzdude04/04/07
My Collection BlindGuy101203/30/07
Top 30 Albums Crysis03/19/07
Top 15 Songs I Want To See Preformed Live RIPkezia03/18/07
Favourite Songs To Drum To TheStarclassicTreatment03/14/07
My Favorite Bands metalmilitia501303/03/07
Driving Music JoeJester12/11/06
My 5 favorite albums Montanadabest12/10/06
My Locker Room Music Acey12/07/06
My Top 10 Disturbed Songs Linker10412/04/06
Favorite 25 Bands Linker10411/27/06
Top 5 Redemption Albums Acey11/20/06
10 Min. Playlist Otisbum11/01/06
Bad ABC's ToWhatEnd10/19/06
I Saw Them Suck Live! Intransit10/13/06
my five most played songs on my iPod Acey10/01/06
Nu-Metal/Alternative Rock Classics Acey09/07/06
Songs With catchy choruses Acey08/27/06
Great Bands, Horrid Albums bicepman400008/22/06
Good songs, Bad bands HumanGroceryStore08/21/06
Awesome covers Diabulus in musica08/18/06
Top 50 Albums of All Time DoomsdayMachine308/10/06
top songs with piano involved Acey08/08/06
favourite hard songs bionid08/06/06
Top Ten Amazing Album Openers barosjn07/28/06
My Favorite Disturbed Songs Acey07/24/06
Best nu-metal bands of all time Acey07/17/06
My Top 20 Bands of All-Time cpmengelbrecht07/16/06
Deep Desperate Darkness FundamentallyLoathsome06/25/06


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