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Favorite Metal albums of 2016 Metal bands that became parodies of themselves.
Favorite Metal Albums Alternate Facts: Metal Edition
Top 10 Favorite bands (redux) Latest Discoveries for a MDM Noob.
Do you think you're smart but feel dumb sometimes A Few Bands I've Been Enjoying Lately
Shit Bands I Wasted Money On Seeing Live When I rec me DM
Some Good Songs 5 "Fun" bands to listen to.
Bands I've Seen Live Hard Digs
Story time Bands That My Friend Got Me Into
Good workout music (any recs are awesome) Amon Amarth Ranked
Bring Back Mayhem Festival My personal 100 favorite metal albums(1 per band)
Fearthyevil's: Best of 2016 Serpent Bite's
JWTs Tracks: 2016 Edition Doing Some Digging.
Academy of 2016 Top 10 Albums of 2016
My Favorite Death-ish Metal engleprunt's 2016 - Albums
Everything 2016 Best Metal albums of 2016
Thor's Favorite Albums of 2016 Sully's Best Albums of 2016
Shitty 2016: EOY list Favorite Songs of 2016
Favorite Albums of 2016 Anthracks Tops 2016
Cor's Definitive 2016 Ranking Fav Bands through the ages
Best 2016 albums Underworld: Blood wars
Albums I own Melodic Death Metal Bands you'll enjoy
What are you gonna Be For Halloween? 2008: The Way of All Sputnik
Reasons why I'm broke Users I'd Fight In Battle With
Viking/Pagan metal: An Introduction 2006: The Devil and Sputnik are Raging Inside Me
And I Mead You More Than Ever..... Dunno About Y'all
Top 10 Albums of 2016 So Far Genres that Piss Me OFF.
101 Awesome Artworks March 2016 résumé PART 2
Metal Journey Live Shows I've Been To
The Big Sputnik Lunch Favorite Albums(mainly metal) from 2016(Jan-April)
Flug's March 2016 in Music 711
emester's Q1 of 2016 Are you a Wizard?
melodeath binge Album buying binge
We Pos Together, We Die Together How often do you change your uterine lining?
Rec Me Pagan I Bought A Shirt The Other Day
COOKING WITH TREEMAN 202: FANCY ASS PASTA Graspop Metal Meeting 2016
Most played Metal Bands, Revision of my favorites Thinking of Designing a board game
CD Collection Thus Far 2013 Best Albums
2011 Best Albums I beat Dark Souls
666 Comments Things Other Users Do That Frustrate You.
Rec Me Melodeath! Favorite Metal Records
Metal that rules Power/Fantasy Metal - A Complete and Comprehensive Guide
cheese Favorite Actors
Running Albums Horses
CD Collection So Far My CD Collection (Part 1)
Songs That Rule I graduate high school tonight..
Favorite albums i found this year Sputnik Voted: Melodic Death
VOTE NOW! Melodic Death Melodeth recs
Top 10 Albums 09/02/15 Some Really Cool Album Covers
It's Getting Creycrey (collection U.p.d.a.t.e.) Rotm: Bands I Saw In 2014
Newest Acquisitions (5) Gears Of War!
Top Ten Melodic Death Metal Bands Metal Albums Of The Decade: 2000-2009 (my favorites)
Goin To A Retarded Metal Show Tonight 21st Century Riffs: 100 Albums
2013 Metal Redux 50 Favorite Bands
Complainers 10 Years 100 Bands 100 Albums
Some Of My Favorite Album Covers Pt. 2 Deneri 100
100 Metal Songs Fav Melodic Death atm
Best Melodic Death Metal Wacken 2014
2011 Favorite Melodic Death Metal Albums
Riff Hardness Scale Bored?
Expanding My Collection 100 Albums I Own On Cd
New World Of Warcraft Expansion Awesome Melodic Death Metal
Deathcore/metal Recs? Favorite Metal Album Covers
Some Of My Personal Favorite Albums Of 2013 Sput Bday: Favorite Users And Albums
Tolkien Inspired Bands That Kick Ass Bands I've Seen Live
Sydney Soundwave '14 Report Animals That Suck
Favorite Swedish Releases Essential Melodic Death Metal
Favorite Bands: Past & Present Music of 2013
My Favorite Songs Bands I Saw In 2013 Ranked
Shit I Loved In 2013 Users' Favorite Albums
Baby Stomping Selection Top Ten Favorite Songs
Recent Cd Purchases Fearthyevil's: Best Of 2013
Needs Recomendations For Melodic Death The Best Of 2013 In Metal
Everything 2013 Top 100 Singles Of 2013
Amon Amarth - Ranked 2013 Or How My Shitty Taste Reared Its Ugly Head This Year.
Favorite Melodic Death Metal Favorites From 2013
My Top 10 For 2013 '13 Favorites/needs More Listens/disappointments
Top 25 Metal Albums Of 2013 Metal Of 2013 \m/ And Give Me Recs
Another Contrib 2013 List Top 15 Albums Of 2013
Adace's Top 50 Of 2013 Top 12 Albums Of 2013
Amon Amarth > The Beatles Best Albums Of All Time
Amazon Run #1 Hammer Of The Gods: Viking Movies
2 Best Of 2013
Halloween Digs I Need Your Help, Metal Community!
iPod On Shuffle Blue.
Rec Me Books Top 5 Metal/rock Albums Of 2008
Last Albums I Bought Top 5 Metal/rock Albums Of 2006
2013 Is Kicking My Ass 69 Sweet Swedish Albums. 69 Sweet Swedish Album Covers.
Top 25.......thus Far.......... Rec Me Some Metal
Soundwave 2014 Soundwave 14
Amon Amarth Album Art Ranked Favorite Death Metal Bands
I Really Hate My Friends Girlfriend Sometimes My Cd?s
Mayhem Festival 2013 Bioshock Infinite
10 Favorite Amon Amarth Songs Metal: 2013
It's My Birthday Norse Gods Ranked
Mayhem Fest 2013 Notrap's 2013 So Far
Game Rage Songs That Make You =)
Amon Amarth Leaked 2013 Thus Far
Download Fest! Mel Gibson's Viking Movie
Playing Dwarf Fortress Metal Recs
Bands With Names From Star Wars/lord Of The Rings Perfect Gaming Music
How Many Band Shirts Do You Own? Amon Amarth Top 10 Songs
One Memory You Wish You Could Forget? Download Fest 2013
The Chosen Ones ( My Favorite Albums) Scandinavian Invasion
Turok 2 100 Of Capt's 90's Albums
Well, That Was Unexpected Simbolic Gettn Sneaky With The Ladies
Death-velopment Of Melody Upcoming Albums
More Metal Than Ya Momma's Black Kettle Fuck Yeah, Vikings!
Truly Meaty Jamz What Book Are You Reading At The Moment?
Hard Work Jamz An Amon Amarth Ranking
Itunes Top 25 Lifting For Metal: The Official Soundtrack
Kroner Gets Swole. Sputnik's Dirty Dozen
Harleyzhc's 100 Favorite Metal Albums Bands I'm Excited To See At Download..
Bands I've Seen Live A Song With Better Riffs Than...
100 CDs I own Get Swoll Playlist
Check Out My Cousins Band! I Have Cool Friends
Welcome To Afterlife Pandora Stations
Coffee Motherfucker! Do You Have Any? My Most Played Artists This Month
Amazings Albums Cover Good Music My Mom Likes
Good Stuff Amon Amarth Ranked
Cool Stuff The Girl At Work Says I Turned 18 Today
My Workout Music Let Us Discuss Metal
Favorite Metal Albums A Day In The Life Of Dunksman23
Shadow Of The Colossus Music More Cd Buys
Random Viking Metal Interest New Here - Could Use Some Metal Rec's
Can You Be Trve Metal And Hardcore At Same Time? Death And The Like
50 Albums That Refuse To Leave My Mp3 Player. Music With Epicness
Albums/songs That Always Put You In A Certain Mood? Melodic Deth Metulz
Songs That Make Killing Dragons On Skyrim Five Times Better (Power Metal) Greatest Death Metal Band For All Time
Hellfest 2012 Bands Gigs Rankings The Metal Genres I Listen To And My Fav Ablums From Each
Fuck Yeah! Death Metal Vs Black Metal
Take A Look At My Shitty Drum Covers Valour
So I Went To Hot Topic Today If The Avengers Were Metal...
My Fav Death Metal Albums 5 Year Anniversary Coming Up
Favorite Debut Albums Death metal I love
I Be Death Metalin \m/!!!!!!! God Of War Playlist
My Metal Vinyl My Gym Music Wooooo
Lest We Forget Favorite Live Albums
Going To See Titanic Again Tonight Best Music For Devouring Flesh
The Gun Show Need Sum Prog Death Metal Recs
Stuff I Listen To Overrated Albums
Random Metal List Die For Metal
An Atheist Easter Favorite Melodic Death Metal
SKULL CRUSHING METAL Yankee's Essential Metal Pt. 1
My Favourite Albums How Can You Not Listen To Metal?
Songs I'm Diggin Atm My Top 30 Mostl Played Songs
Odes To My E-brethren Sputnikmusic Vs A Night Ov Debauchery
Top 10 Amon Amarth Songs Fire In Downtown Boston
Listened To Rush Melodic Death Metal
My First Sputnik Birthday. Poet's Manly Metal Bands
Turntable Is Ruining My Life New To This Website. Some Metal Bands I Like.
End Of February Renovations An Album Per Genre
My Favorite Bands Of All Time Favorite Melodeath
Going To War Brb Breaking Bad Into 2014
Bands I've Seen Live Top 15 Metal Albums Of 2011
Nagrarok's Top 25 Albums Of 2011 Great 2011 Albums, Mostly Metal
No Love / Lotsa Love Gun Range
Taking Up My Bandwidth Keeping The Streak Alive
Mountain Dew Flavors Ranked Favorite Albums From 2011 (w/ Mini Reviews)
Manliest Party Soundtrack Of All Time Dnor's Top 50 Of 2011
Albums To Die For Poets 17 In '11
2011 Billboard Top 40 Guido
Best Metal Of 2011 Balls In Your Mouth 2011
Poet's Songs Of 2011 IgnimKeif2011
Top 10 Albums Of 2011 Hollier's Soundtrack To 2011
Crysis' Top m/ Of 20// The 5 Bands That Have Changed The Most Drastically
Looking For Some Good Melodic Death Metal Bands. Middle-earth Themed Metal?
Tebow's Playlist The 2011 Tip Of The Iceberg
Need Some Last Minute 2011 Recs!! Performance Enhancing Drugs
Standout Amon Amarth Songs 100 Reasons Why I Love Metal
Combustion: Best Of 2011 Winter Is Coming
Masochist's Magical Mystery Tour (of Florida) Real Metal: An Ode To The Truest Of The True
The Inspiration Of Bearding Nation 2011 Metal
25 Melodeath Masterpieces 2011 Favorites
Metal 2011 Thus Far how was your summer sputnik????
Poet's Riffs 2011 Recs
Rec Me Some Stuff Favourite Albums Of The Decade
Dumb's Vinyl Collection Pt. 1 Are These Albums Worth It?
Help Me Expand My Tastes So Far So 2011
wyankeif's 2011 (so far) Dnor And Balls
Best Cover Art Of 2011 So Far Albums That Make You Want To Murder Children By Headbutting Them In The Face Until They Explode
Melodic Death Metal Favorite metal this year (so far)
Cheez-its Or Cheese Nips You Can't Kill The Metal
Pissed List Annoying Youtube Comments On Almost Every Video
Someone Please Explain To Me The Appeal Of Glassjaw Mosh Part 1
Cinco De Mayo The Obligatory "My iPod" List
Sputnik Video Games Songs I've Spent A Massive Amount Of Time Listening To Recently.
Seeing Amon Amarth In 12 Hours Eclectic Music Library
Awesome Songs Of The Moment Vol.8 My Essential Metal Albums
Riff Recs Concert Slayed Vol 5
Let's Play! Essential Metal Songs
Favorite Album Covers 2 Help Gmork
Recent Metal Buys (march, Some April) Video Games
Anybody Else Have A Case Of The Mondays Metal To Buy This Weekend
Manliest List Ever 2011
Some Q's For You Guys Seems To Be A Craze...
Possible Upcoming Reviews Really?
2011 Albums I Cannot Wait To Hear / Need To Listen To Good Interviews?
What The Fuck... Best Albums Of 2002
Favourite Metal Bands 1000 Ratings
Camel Toe On The Front Page The Great Itunes Purge
Guitar Shreddage Metal/hardcore Albums With Staying Power
Good Shit A Dark Wizard Lies Perched Atop The Mountains Ov Sorowful Deaths
Some of my Favorite Albums Nordic Playlist
Vancouver Canucks Win Again Life Sucks
Best Music I`ve Ever Listened To... Vikings Don't Celebrate Valentines Day
Fimbulvinter The Best Melo-death Bands
Need Some Melodic Death Metal Rec's Old People And The News
Ovrot's Top 10 Songs 1000 Ratings! 100 Albums!
Looking For Melodic Death Metal. Current Digs...
Having Fun Drowning Essential Folk, Viking, And Epic Metal
Dealing With Stupidity 30 Most Played
Top Bands The Ten Essential Melodic Death Metal Albums
Albums That Give Me Goosebumps Best Of... Death Metal!
Looking At Snowboards Stranger's Candy Takes You Where You Want To Be
The Best Lotr Characters Epic Songs
Death Metal Albums That Blow Yer Socks Off! I'm Being Interviewed Tomorrow
Awesome Solos My Top 10 Fav Songs
Manly Albums 2 Gmork Turns 1000
Vocal Cover Ideas 20 Shuffle Picks.
My 10 Favorite Album Covers Shuffling My Itouch
Underrated You'll Always Be A Loser
The Stuff I Have Spun In The Vicinity Of My Ear Canals Lately Awesome Metalcore Breakdowns!!
Poet Turns The Big Three Today! Workout Playlist
I Need Rec's Very Bad!!! What Letter Do Your Artists Start With?
Tom Servo's Decade List 10000 Lastfm Plays!!! Rec More!
Metalllllll Lots Of It John Hanson Pretends He Is Relevant
Michael's Decade Current Digs. Recs?
Need Some Melodic Death Metal Recs My Top 10 Favorite Songs Right Now
Top 50 Death / Black Metal Bands First List
Top Bands From Last.fm How Many Bands Is Too Many For A Facebook Profile?
Awesome Artwork Evolution Of My Musical Tastes
Jizz Worthy Moments Part 1 Rock Band: Good Edition
Manly Albums Melodic Death Metal
10 Best Melodeath Albums Music
Metal Guitar Hero Easy Death Metal Tabs?
Itunes Pisses Me Off Most Beautiful Metal Songs
Sofa King Signing Up For Classes Is Such A Drag...
Why Sweden Is Awesome Crabcore, Scenecore, Crunkcore
That Behemoth Shirt Is Fucking Sick Be My Friend!
I Need Recs Various Metal I'm Liking...
My Decade In Metal Merry Fucking Christmas
What The Hell Is A 2 Step? 50% Job Done
Titles Tracks 10 Guitar Solos Of Skill And Feeling
Bands That Can't Write Lyrics, But I Love Them Anyway. My Path To Metal
Looking For Good Melodeath Recommendations... Pink Cellphone
Crysis' Vinyl Collection New Top 15.
Forest Of October 9079 Plays On Last.fm
Best Melodic Death Metal Albums Medieval
Favourite Bands Going Viking On Your Bitch Asses
100 Tracks Of Awesome Face-ripping Brutal Intensity. The Kind Of Brutal That You Can Only Find In Metal! Top 10 Most Inspiring Metal Albums (in No Order)
Altmer's Top Metal Bands You're Entering A World Of Pain
Should I Get My Navel Pierced Grass Is Pretty Messed Up...
Last.fm 1000 Plays Gigs I Will (perhaps) Go To
Best Albums Of 2008 The Furious Rampage Continues!
Album Growers Favourite Songs At The Moment
Generic Lastfm List Woop! I Made A Profile
I Am A Sputnik User! Bands That Have Inspired My Poetry
Done With College My New Top 15 Bands
Death For Life! New Person
I Have 150 Reviews Rugby Music
I Got Into A Fight With Delain's Keyboardist The Ballstothewall List
My Brother Is Coming To The Show The Metal And The Cheese
These Have Been Dug If I Made Mixtapes, This Is What The Current One Would Look Like
Another 2008 List... Jrowa001's 100 Favs!!
Just For Fun Albums I Like To Call My Favorites
Were I To Be Trapped On A Desert Island... Planet Hell
I Need To... Bands That Have Led Me To Where My Tastes Are, And My Tastes
Songs About Me Winter Listenings
D-d-d-d-d-d-digs. A Levels In 2 Days
Top 30 (metal) Songs Of The Year Albums I Have Discovered...and Loved Like Babies
Top 20 (metal) Albums Of 2008 Top 30 Albums Of The Year
Top 10 Metal Songs Of 2008 A Two Year Toast
Top 15 Albums Of 2008 My Current Favourite Albums!
Back To The Metal Top 20 Albums Of 2008
My 2008 Top 10 Of '08.
Jrowa's Fav 50 LP's Of 2008 This Is A Boring List For A Guy With Nothing To Do On A Friday Evening
Thirtyalbumsfrom2008thatienjoyed... Top 25 Of 2008
Fucking Badass Top Twenty Bands
The Best And Worst Of 2008 The Top 25 Of This Year, Altmer's Verdict
Your New Favourite Bands 2008: 25 Best Albums
Top Ten Albums Thor's 25 Favorite Metal Albums Of 2008
Recent Fave Moments Songs I Need More Of
My Best Of 2008 Some Tunes I Can Play
Some Recent Diginshat Hey, Do You Like Metal?
Draft 2008's Tentative Best: The Altmer List
Riffs Im In The Gang(top 10 08)!
Thanking sputnik for helping me dig these bands Zune Shuffle
Favorite Songs To Play On Guitar Seen Live/upcoming Gigs
Skittles List Part 1 Surprises + Disappointments Of 2008 So Far
35 Song Shuffle Albums That Have Surprised Me
My 10 Ten Of 2008 So Far 3 More Months To Go - Top 20 Of 2008
Listened To As Of Late Digs
Top 10 Of The Year So Far Bands I Have Tickets For To See Live
This Is Just Banter, Don't Freak Out We Can't Stop Here. This Is Bat Country!
Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day! Five More Than Thor...
Down In A Hole So Long
08 Top 10 Metal So Far. Now Where Is Your Gooood
My Top 5 Of 2008 So Far Muscle Miiiilk
My Top 100 Albums Of All Time Digs
Artwork... 100 Songs That Give Me Goosebumps Everytime
Stuff Some Recent Spins I Have Loved
Shuffle Favorites Of 2006
Pissed Owned: A ~ D
Folk/viking Metal Recs!! Teh Shuffle
Cds I've Gotten Recently Songs I'm Learning On Guitar
I Got Jacked Summer
This Past Week Pumped
What Do You Get When Alex Trebek Has A Picture Of A Giraffe In His Ass During An Earthquake? Five Cool Metal Band Shirts
20 Favorite Albums Di___g
I Have A Hole In My Eye A Very Long Thanks To Sputnik
Music That Makes Me Feel Hardcore The Numbers Don't Lie
(good) Bands Ive Seen Live My Favorite Bands
I Just Got Weird Looks From The Cashier Kudos To These Live Preformances
Melodeath Mood Oh Hai Metulz.
My Ipod Get Me A Spoon!!!!
What Albums? Metal Bands That Im Considering To Get Into
Shuffled Bands I'm Into At The Moment
This Is Why Im Hott Sweet Music
Bands I Want To Check Out, Are They Any Good? Top 10 Albums Atm
Favorite Album Art From Favorite Bands Mm8's 50 Favourite Songs
Top 10 Dvd's Stealing My Own Idea
Bands I Listen To The Most. Viking Metal!
Tunes Of My Viking War Ship Extreme Metal!
Bands I Wish To Check Out In The Coming Months The End Of Summer
Bands I Need To Check Out Personal Top 25 Metal Albums Ever
Scandinavian Based Bands - Death Metal Fave Songs By Fave Bands
Cause Only One 'dig' Shows Up Best Of The New Millenium
30 Swedish Band That I Love My Top 10 Most Addicted Metal Albums
I Used To Hate Death Metal Favourite Bands Of The Moment
Albums I've Been Listening This Week 50 Albums That Have Changed My Life
Top 50 Death Metal Albums Best Swedish Band
Best Recent Death Metal Albums Epic
Feeling Pumped? Desert Island Top 20
Bands I Saw Live In 2006/2007 My Top 100
Death Metal Wow, They Don't Suck!
My Top Modern Metal Albums This Is Why I Need To Be A Member Of The Staff
10 Scandanavian Reasons Recent Bands
Top 100 Albums Of 2006 Bands That I Caught Live This Year
My Top Metal Albums of 2006! Music I've Been Meaning to Listen to
Melodic Eargasm Favorite Metal Albums For 2006
Riffs that rip your pants off Iluvatar's Weekly Playlist!
Iluvatar's Top 10 Songs


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