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nevertoolate's most mint albums of 2014 nevertoolate01/31/15
Top 20 Songs Of 2014 sin6901/24/15
iTokoloshe's 30 Albums Of 2014 Tokoloshe01/11/15
Shows I Saw in 2014 AmericnZero0201/10/15
Recs (Hardcore and Hip-Hop) 2CHAINAL01/08/15
The Best Of 2014 (Please Rec) LowellWolfe01/04/15
Potsy 2014: How Not To 2014 LordePots01/02/15
2014 sadchild12/30/14
Top 50 Albums 2014 JohnFire12/29/14
Metalcore sadchild12/26/14
2014 SnakeDelilah12/26/14
My Amazon Music Album Playlist BeneaththeDarkOcean12/25/14
Best Of 2014 RocksLikeToast12/23/14
Rec Good Hardcore-ish Albums 2CHAINAL12/20/14
These 2014 Albums All Suck helpoemer42012/20/14
Mark's Top Fifty Of 2014 thelastsignal12/20/14
1 Year Anniv. + 2014 List Betray12/19/14
Best 20 Albums Of 2014 dbilidb12/19/14
Jacob Hollows' Top 50 Of 2014 Jacob818Hollows12/18/14
My 2014 List SheWatchedTheSky12/17/14
Top 10 Albums 2014 Manicanddisfigured12/14/14
Metal Concert W/gf MegaJake102412/12/14
2chainal's 2014 In Music 2CHAINAL12/12/14
My Personal Top Metal Albums Pt.2 piotrekmax12/06/14
My Favourite Albums 2014 NorwichScene11/18/14
I Saw Every Time I Die And The Ghost Inside Last Night KenboSlice11/15/14
New to the site. R0ffleMyWaffles11/11/14
On A Metal Kick Funeralopolis10/20/14
Photo Class 2CHAINAL10/20/14
Music 2014 LordePots09/27/14
Great /core Albums dixoncocks09/19/14
2/3 Of The Year Ranked peartnoy09/03/14
Rec Me Artsy Sites! Dolving99908/31/14
Metalcore Recs Brometheus08/25/14
Great Visuals, Meh Movies BeneaththeDarkOcean08/20/14
My Ten Desert Island Albums Rickislost08/19/14
Recent Listening Derek52108/19/14
Sumerian Vs Epitaph Who Wins? wwba08/10/14
A Display Of Progressive Metal anachronisticanarchy07/20/14
Best Albums Of 2014...so Far JCGold1406/29/14
Architects - Ranked InFiction06/16/14
Computer's Fried Diamondize06/04/14
Halfway Through 2014 ellagos05/31/14
change 2.5 "average" to 2.5 "mediocre?" Hopelust05/21/14
Albums I Still Haven't Heard Yet BeneaththeDarkOcean05/15/14
Best Albums Of 2014 (so Far) hotsoap05/09/14
Potsy's 2014 So Far LordePots04/26/14
Some Of My 2014 Stuff kukifnasty171704/24/14
Past Month's Digs Derek52104/21/14
Political Compass fish.04/15/14
My First Quarter Of 2014 peartnoy04/05/14
Annual Sputnik Madness 2014 Final Four SeaAnemone03/28/14
Architects Ranked SputnikSweetheart03/25/14
Less Than Three. Dischi03/23/14
Albums I Have Been Getting Into Recently ellagos03/19/14
Best Heavy Albums. earlygrave03/16/14
Shitty 2014 Albums Mistico03/14/14
Favorite Albums. earlygrave03/10/14
Some Songs I Wrote YouthCat03/03/14
Albums I Want To Listen To... But Which One Should I Get First? Beatskins03/01/14
Math Is Hard dixoncocks02/12/14
All Time Favs fraggleblabla01/23/14
iTokoloshe's British Steel XI Tokoloshe12/30/13
Prisonbreak Was A Good Show theacademy12/22/13
Best Of 2012 EmceeKain12/14/13
iTokoloshe's 25 Of 2012 Tokoloshe12/12/13
iTokoloshe's 25 Of 2009 Tokoloshe12/11/13
iTokoloshe's 25 Of 2011 Tokoloshe12/11/13
For All Guitarists ChuckyTruant10/28/13
My Top Ten Albums Of 2012 ellagos10/14/13
Never Too Many Metalcore Lists ReAnimator09/24/13
Upcoming Concerts PitchforkArms09/11/13
Bands I've Seen evetterochelle08/17/13
Gimme Black, Gimme Core, Gimme Death, Gimme Punk, Whatchu Got? ZippaThaRippa08/14/13
My Top 10 Favorite Albums spartanawasp07/24/13
Warped Tour merpmerp07/05/13
Download Fest! BigPleb06/11/13
Can't Sleep Digs Spec05/31/13
Got Drunk And Ordered Merch Online Spec05/28/13
Graduated High School Today ChuckyTruant05/25/13
Warp '13 Guzzo1005/19/13
U.k. Core/post-something wacknizzle05/06/13
20-09 maddin04/30/13
Got A Haircut ChuckyTruant04/23/13
Best Albums Of 2012 Faraudo04/11/13
My Favourite Songs NorwichScene03/28/13
Just Forty Of Many KimmsightMatters03/01/13
Birthdays And Metallica slipnslide02/18/13
Need recs for these albums deaftolight01/15/13
70 Great Hardcore Albums wanderlust01/09/13
My Top 33 2012 slowmotion9001/03/13
My Top 20 Of 2012 Nucrus01/03/13
Top 20 Of 2012 Tom270412/24/12
Top 10 Of 2012 gippalthefish12/20/12
Are These Games Worth Getting? NecrogenicShrimp12/18/12
Most Disappointing Albums Of 2012 wanderlust12/16/12
A Teenager's Top 25 blackzombie12/16/12
Favorites Of 2012 d00derz12/10/12
Post-Hardcore/Metalcore Recs T5Cx12/06/12
Best Micro Tube Amp For Metal? ChuckyTruant12/03/12
Dissonant Post-hardcore/metalcore Dolving99911/26/12
Albums Of 2012 DatsNotDaMetulz11/23/12
Malleus Breaks It Down MalleusMaleficarum11/18/12
The Hobbit JackSparrow11/15/12
New On Sound Cloud! ChuckyTruant11/10/12
Wasting Electricity thecheatisnotdead10/30/12
The Genre Everyone Loves To Hate NastyCrab10/27/12
How Do You Rate Albums? SmurkinGherkin10/21/12
10 Of My Favourite Albums In 2012. DrGonzo193710/09/12
Logged Into Sputnik After 2 Years - Ive Missed My Metal applesoup10/07/12
New Laptop! ChuckyTruant09/26/12
British Hc witchxrapist09/17/12
Potsy's Top 10 Skramz siIentpotato09/09/12
Reviews? ChuckyTruant09/07/12
Can You Be Trve Metal And Hardcore At Same Time? dunksman2309/06/12
Chuck's Favorite Users ChuckyTruant09/02/12
Top 5 Of 2012's (post)-hardcore/metal So Far forshoredividesusger08/08/12
Top 10 Metalcore Albums Of The Last 5 Years Leatherneck07/24/12
Parents Gone, 3 Days Alone! Devastator07/06/12
Pie Chart Changes? ChuckyTruant07/02/12
Upcoming Weather, Big Week! Devastator07/01/12
Music Rec's....... exportnow06/30/12
Nigga, What The Fuck Is Juice?! FrankRedHot06/26/12
Mass Effect 3 Ending Leak? Devastator06/26/12
Desert In Siberia ChuckyTruant06/24/12
Great Metalcore Songs ChuckyTruant06/22/12
Rec Me Stuff. cr0wz06/20/12
The Melodic Catalogue silentstar06/17/12
Guitar Strings ChuckyTruant06/17/12
I Seriously Need A Job ChuckyTruant06/12/12
Ipod Shuffle Id# 761953 ChuckyTruant06/05/12
Thenewreview.net rahulmenon06/05/12
18 At Last dathvada32106/03/12
Malleuscore MalleusMaleficarum05/30/12
Abraham Lincoln...Vampire Hunter?? dathvada32105/28/12
Alpha Jamz promiseswept05/23/12
Music To Spank My Ostrich To FlyntFlossy05/21/12
Let's Play A Game Of Russian Roulette JimFear05/21/12
Summertime Releases ChuckyTruant05/19/12
Metal \m/ mindleviticus05/19/12
Happy 5 Year Sputniversary To Botb botb05/17/12
Metalcore Albums That Are 2/5's ThunderNeutral2105/16/12
Ron Artest=dumbass Devastator05/15/12
Metalcore-esque Post-hardcore Recs? JimFear05/14/12
Work Out Music RevenantBlue05/10/12
Shit I'm Into ConnorTheHero05/07/12
Albums To Get You Pumped dathvada32105/07/12
May The 4th Be With You ChuckyTruant05/04/12
Some Good Metalcore/Post Hardcore dathvada32104/28/12
U.k Hardcore AYearInReview04/27/12
They Got Me ThunderNeutral2104/18/12
Favorite Users Devastator04/09/12
Math Contest! silentstar04/08/12
5 Favorite Dual-vocalists ChuckyTruant04/06/12
Architects Ranked ChuckyTruant04/02/12
Check out this SICK metal list purgatory327704/01/12
Fav Ed, Edd, n Eddy episodes Devastator03/31/12
Mathcore ChuckyTruant03/29/12
Discos Pa Bajarse raulnoise03/28/12
Top 32 Artists of All Time theacademy03/27/12
2009: Top 20 Albums In Aggressive Music NonApplicable03/26/12
Yankee's Essential Metal Pt. 1 Systemunfolded03/26/12
Metalcore Brothers ChuckyTruant03/24/12
Albums With Especially Good Production ChuckyTruant03/11/12
Weights ChuckyTruant03/07/12
There Can Only Be One EyeForAnEye02/28/12
Another Breakdown! ChuckyTruant02/26/12
Songs With Amazing Vocal Performances FearThyEvil02/06/12
Mixtape For A Friend Titan5002/06/12
10 Albums I Am Digging (at The Moment) BigPleb02/01/12
5 Favorite albums of Ever. 1-29-12 ChuckyTruant01/29/12
Favorite Metalcore Bands DieDead01/27/12
Good Metalcore Albums wacknizzle01/23/12
Top 50 Metalcore Bands Shorterfasterlouder01/15/12
Top 11 Of 2011 FearOfTheDuck01/09/12
Songs Of '11 HaloDude44201/07/12
Titan50's Albums Of 2011 Titan5001/02/12
List Of Albums I Got From The Library Misanthropist12/30/11
My Top 40 For 2011 SleepingGiant12/27/11
2011 Hall Of Shame sspedding12/16/11
Favorite Albums Of 2011 indielocker12/14/11
Top 50 Hardcore/metal/punk Releases Of 2010/2011 Shorterfasterlouder12/11/11
Triple J Short Fast Loud Top 40 Albums Of 2011 Shorterfasterlouder12/08/11
My Favourite Albums 2011 NorwichScene12/08/11
New User Macros12/02/11
Tv Shows I Watch, Or Have Started Watching Strider11/28/11
My Favourite Songs By My Favourite Bands :) KirstyLouise11/02/11
What Should I Listen Too? tuque10/26/11
Mathcore sehguh10/09/11
The Definitive Metalcore List Winsomniac10/05/11
It's Nights Like This Spec10/03/11
Albums I've Been Digging Lately kukifnasty171709/29/11
Death Metal Vs. Metalcore Vs. Deathcore witchxrapist09/29/11
2011 Recs Strider09/14/11
My Site Rank Is Going Down sspedding09/04/11
Reading 2011 TomF09/02/11
No Music = No Fun Spec09/02/11
Sputnik Makes Me Feel Guilty For Liking... FearOfTheDuck09/01/11
Feeling Down Spec08/28/11
It's Finally Time Spec08/26/11
Albums Of The Year (2009) R3fl3cti0ns08/05/11
2011: The Bad And Ugly twlichty08/01/11
Bad To The Motherfucking Bone mclovin9907/24/11
Dumb Kimm Is Dumb KimmsightMatters07/12/11
New Music For Kimm! KimmsightMatters07/11/11
Car Trip! JadedButSerene07/11/11
Recs Recs Recs Recs loveisamixtape07/07/11
It Sure Would Be Nice KimmsightMatters07/03/11
Long Time Reader, First Time Poster Jones06/29/11
Gba Is The Best System Ever DinoX06/25/11
Breakdowns: List No. 9871645 BetaAquilae06/15/11
Awesome songs are awesome sspedding06/12/11
Hevy Music Festival Adabelle06/12/11
Sputnikmusic Scandal Revealed! Spec05/31/11
Best Of : 10 Metal Albums That Kick Ass HectorLetberg05/28/11
Who Else Is Stoked For The Apocalypse This Weekend? Spec05/19/11
You Do Have A Way With Words TheEnigma05/17/11
Good Songs On Terrible Albums sspedding05/10/11
Sputnikmusic: The Game Spec05/09/11
Hey Im New applejack05/09/11
Best Of 2008 Klichty05/09/11
Way Late. But Best Of 2009 Anyway Klichty05/06/11
Rise Against's Setlist Last Night AmericnZero0204/14/11
Snack Food puma3504/06/11
Architects - Ranked InFiction04/02/11
Most Impressive Release Of The Quarter Is...? mishAbasi03/31/11
Progressive Metalcore twlichty03/22/11
Albums I Listened To While Doing Homework Today Metamorphosis03/15/11
My Top 10 Of 2011 So Far.... SleepingGiant03/14/11
I've Been Cranked Up On Shitty Music For Soooo Long! iPim03/09/11
Best Bad Metal Bands sonorirish02/28/11
My Top 10 Favorite Metalcore Bands aricH02/27/11
Best 2011 Albums (so Far...) Strider02/21/11
A Simple Task KimmsightMatters02/18/11
Recssssss loveisamixtape02/18/11
30 Best Metal Guitare Riffs (all Genres) FLRTE02/14/11
What I Have Been Listening To This Month SleepingGiant02/13/11
Jane Doe And Friends Spec02/04/11
Next Reviews Strider02/03/11
Songs I've Been Listening To Of Late Strider01/31/11
Ipod Troubles InFiction01/30/11
Covers That Could Destroy The World: Vol. 1 azraelcyanide01/29/11
Sputnikmusic Spec01/25/11
Just Some Schtuff I Listen To TomArnoldsArmpit01/25/11
So I Started Watching... Strider01/21/11
Denver In A Week tapitforever01/20/11
Bet You Didn't Know Drunk01/18/11
Heavy As A Really Heavy Thing Spec01/15/11
Evolove BlueW01/15/11
Stoked Strider01/10/11
Current Favorite Heavy Music easytiger31301/10/11
Clever List Name Here Awesomeface01/09/11
Digs TheEnigma01/06/11
V theacademy01/05/11
Introducing Spec12/29/10
Songsterr GhettoIndieshit12/27/10
In The Mood For Melodic Hardcore Spec12/18/10
The Moshlist Captain North12/16/10
December Mix SamFreeman12/15/10
Music Saved My Life Spec12/14/10
Fucking Metalcore GhettoIndieshit12/11/10
Fanciest KimmsightMatters12/10/10
What A Weekend! InFiction12/05/10
Spec's Favourite Vocalists Spec11/29/10
Favourite Album Artwork Spec11/29/10
Songs That Spark Emotion. Spec11/23/10
Schoolies! Captain North11/20/10
Let's Have A Rec Party Spec11/19/10
Worst TBliss11/14/10
The Essential Architects Spec11/12/10
100 Users Favorite Songs theacademy10/27/10
Birthday Show KimmsightMatters10/27/10
Favorite Albums puma3510/26/10
Finally 1k ! Strider10/23/10
Defining Metalcore Spec10/22/10
Wal-mart Fun tapitforever10/22/10
Best Live Bands I'v Seen Spec10/12/10
Architects Setlist, Glasgow Garage 3rd Oct. chrisonsputnik10/12/10
Some of my favourite breakdowns sspedding10/12/10
Excellent Metalcore Albums FrostbiteOblivion10/11/10
The Most Influential Albums. VanitySeason10/06/10
Breakdowns Done Right Spec10/05/10
My Favorite Albums Of 2006 IN6410/03/10
Don't Hurt Me Eyaaah10/02/10
Melodic Hardcore/pop Punk Spec09/30/10
Moving Mountains Spec09/30/10
Made A Last.fm Account... Spec09/28/10
British Music... Deathcar09/27/10
Listening To... EagleBlade09/22/10
Favorite Albums Of 2009 lukempls09/21/10
Recent Plays ImpendingSpoon32109/19/10
Metalcore TheMelm09/08/10
My Top Ten Hardcore Albums Ever ieatpuppies4dinner08/29/10
My 10 Favorite Album Covers gippalthefish08/24/10
United Kingdumb Playlist Sheeple900008/21/10
Essentials Drunk08/13/10
I'm Pretty Sure I Have A Serious Problem BeyondSanity08/13/10
Relationship Of Command nalapoke08/10/10
Core Digs Bluue08/08/10
Computer Says No BlueW08/04/10
18 Today! Spec07/28/10
Best Live Bands adhoc07/26/10
Just Got Back From The Cool Tour wittwright07/26/10
Cool Tour Review elephantREVOLUTION07/24/10
Cool Beans And Digs dylanthedesertpea07/20/10
Best Album Closers Spec07/08/10
Metalcore Albums BlueW07/01/10
Rec Me Some Uk Metal? azraelcyanide06/28/10
Top 10 Albums MichaelAffliction06/24/10
Deathcore and some Metalcore that doesn't suck(yes thats possible) Oceans06/15/10
I Need To Check Out... Iamthe Nightstars06/15/10
Live In '10 Transient06/13/10
Current Digs. Recs? Danie06/10/10
Metalcoring With Mordecai Mordecai.06/07/10
Delicious Maliciousness Xplisit06/05/10
Top 10 Metalcore Albums supercooper06/03/10
Digs and non dig adhoc05/29/10
10 Best Albums Ever adhoc05/23/10
Anger In A Hardcore Related Form chrisonsputnik05/14/10
Currently Playing On My Ipod... sdoughertyYDG05/10/10
I Hate It When Albums End With Like Four Minutes Of Silence... ebay05/04/10
Music Drought Spec05/01/10
Rec's Please adhoc05/01/10
Metal Albums: 2009 mrodizzle04/29/10
Angryfastloud WhosPatrick04/23/10
I Like Hardcore, Rec Me Hardcore Mr. Lizard04/20/10
Anything Negative About These? xTevinx04/19/10
Google Redirect Virus Mr. Lizard04/13/10
God Is Real Spec04/08/10
Ello, Love! Emim04/03/10
Soundwave 2010 Ranked InFiction03/25/10
Some Metal sexpoi03/22/10
So Is Anyone Else Stoked For Iron Man 2? PinkBlackberry03/14/10
Ellipses... thetree03/08/10
My Favorites Algebracore Bands slodnulius03/03/10
Soundwave 2010 (perth) Results ThePalaceOfWisdom03/01/10
Indie Pop Please EasternLight02/24/10
All Kinds Of Recs Dethroned02/16/10
Soundwave 2010, 2.0 ThePalaceOfWisdom02/05/10
My Favorite Songs Of 2009 gippalthefish02/04/10
Current 10 Favorite Metalcore Bands codyskidmore01/30/10
Kenan And Kel TBliss01/30/10
Need Good Metalcore chrisonsputnik01/26/10
Bloc's Diamonds In The Rough bloc01/21/10
Botb's Top Albums Of 09 botb01/16/10
Wreckz Please thetree01/14/10
Jrowa001 Top 100 Of 2009 jrowa00101/12/10
Slightlyepic Teaches You How To Stfu SlightlyEpic01/06/10
Sick Ass Metal Riffs easytiger31301/05/10
The Palace Of Wisdom Teaches You To Metalcore ThePalaceOfWisdom01/05/10
Mordecai'ing In '09 Mordecai.12/24/09
Academy of 2009 theacademy12/23/09
How Many Gb Of Music Do You Have? slodnulius12/23/09
Top 100 Of '09, Pt. 1 YouAreMySilence12/17/09
Brodangle thetree12/17/09
Decided On A Band Name! ErasersAtBothEnds12/17/09
My Top 20 Metal Albums Of 2009 slodnulius12/13/09
Anything Else I Need To Consider Before The End Of The Year Yordy12/10/09
Music Recommendations InFiction12/05/09
Top 20 Metal Albums Of 2009 FeralMemories12/05/09
Deathcar's Best Of '09 Deathcar12/03/09
Cliche 2009 List minimesmyidol11/28/09
2009 In Metal TBliss11/21/09
Bands I've Seen This Fall xTevinx11/20/09
So I Just Saw d00derz11/20/09
Albums I Am Loving This Month. thricemice11/16/09
Diggz Mr. Lizard11/15/09
Alternate Media Player Carnifex11/14/09
Albums I've Really Liked This Year PeteyThePistol11/04/09
Albums That Get Me Through Math Section ErasersAtBothEnds11/03/09
My Guitar Covers ErasersAtBothEnds11/02/09
Started A Metalcore Band! ErasersAtBothEnds11/02/09
Amazing Gig Mr. Lizard11/01/09
Ten Albums Sputnikmusic Introduced To Me mkCII10/30/09
'09 Live Shows Comatorium.10/22/09
Metal Recs? Matte10/16/09
Albums That Got Rec'd To Me On Buttnik. jacks59210/15/09
My Musical Progression ApatheticHorizons10/13/09
Rethinking My Major mayzdrummer10/13/09
Need '09 Metal Recs SomeKindOfChampion10/07/09
I Love Shows btbam9910/06/09
Letter A's On My Itunes mayzdrummer10/05/09
Her Middle Name Was Boom! chrisonsputnik09/30/09
But... Brokencyde Rulez!!! MillionMilesAway09/29/09
Busy marksellsuswallets09/28/09
"bands Im Into Att He Moment" thricemice09/27/09
Recs For Music I Like Recently ApatheticHorizons09/21/09
Bands I'm Seeing Live This Year, And Next. chrisonsputnik09/18/09
Last.fm Recommendations = Sputnik Recommendations? killrobotmusic08/21/09
My Fallbacks BoomBoom722108/19/09
I Got Sad ErasersAtBothEnds08/11/09
Aussies! Mordecai.08/04/09
What Album Should I Review Next? LisbonGirls08/03/09
Need New Music Heartfang07/24/09
I Shuffled My Ipod And Made A List ErasersAtBothEnds07/24/09
Road Trip ErasersAtBothEnds07/22/09
Constant Repeat ErasersAtBothEnds07/09/09
My Favorite Songs To Play On Guitar ErasersAtBothEnds07/02/09
2009 In Metal Thusfar FistfulOfSteel06/22/09
Current Top 15 2009 Lucid06/18/09
The Hangover + Finals Finally Over withALMONDS06/05/09
Insert Hilarious List Title Here HugCrewLoveRoll06/03/09
Woop! I Made A Profile SmurkinGherkin05/29/09
Going Crazy Online McP300005/27/09
Metalcore Ranked GBJ05/26/09
Top 10 Artists Of The Last Week withALMONDS05/22/09
Tonight's Musical Journey Nauseum05/21/09
Half Life 2 Is Such A Great Time Killer withALMONDS05/16/09
Get Wasted Chimaira9305/16/09
Title Tracks GBJ05/14/09
Arsis Has Some... Klekticist05/14/09
Last Three Months GBJ05/14/09
A "the best of metalcore" list that doesnt suck withALMONDS05/13/09
Two Thousand And Nine SlightlyEpic05/11/09
my old list of top 5 albums metal666pwns04/29/09
New Person ThisLittleWorld04/21/09
Last.fm - My Top 50 SlightlyEpic04/20/09
2009 Digs Lucid04/11/09
2009 So Far JumpTheF**kUp04/11/09
I Wish I Wish I Was A Fish... chrisbringsrevenge04/03/09
Dr. Pepper Now Back In Australia ThePalaceOfWisdom03/08/09
Wow btbam9903/01/09
Stuff That Rules AngelPhoenix02/20/09
Other Bands I'm Into acidlegion1402/13/09
Heaviest Band Eva ironzeppelin78902/12/09
New Wave Of British Metal TrojanWhore02/11/09
I Just Ate Some Pineapple SlightlyEpic02/09/09
Favourite 5 Releases Of 08 Petsi02/09/09
Skramz... Where To Start? Spamue1G02/07/09
Artists Of The Semester DWittisarockstar02/05/09
A Lazy Pace... StreetlightRock02/02/09
Waste Of Time DWittisarockstar02/02/09
Thinking About Getting These...Yes Or No? lucazade2201/28/09
21st Birthday Buying Spree spoon_of_grimbo01/26/09
Underrated Bands You Should Get To Know Cogitus01/25/09
-core SomeKindOfChampion01/24/09
Recommend Me Some Real Good Stuff... Spamue1G01/18/09
I Just Felt Like Making A List SlightlyEpic01/17/09
My Top 20 Albums randomguitarist01/14/09
Great All Around Metal Albums randomguitarist01/13/09
My Favourite... SlightlyEpic12/22/08
Top 5 Favorite Bands btbam9910/25/08
Sputnikmusic's Most Hostile Users 72haha7209/29/08
A Recent/new Direction Understanding In a Crash09/16/08
Drowning In Music StreetlightRock09/08/08
25 Bands I've Seen Live In The Last Year. ArmyOfRage09/01/08
Thank You Sputnik dav455009/01/08
Bands I've Seen Live OnTheEdge08/28/08
Turning Points In My Music HideYourDisguise06/07/08
27 Degrees In Ottawa P1304/21/08
Song Digs DWittisarockstar03/29/08
Mental Health Application Confessed200503/03/08
Albums I Downloaded Recently altrockdude01/22/08
Upcoming Gigs Confessed200501/21/08
20, 347 Songs On Last.fm Confessed200501/18/08
Top Albums Of 2007 Confessed200512/18/07
Recent Listening Confessed200512/02/07
Bands I Want To Check Out, Are They Any Good? Kronzo11/16/07
Some Great Releases People Should Check Out... i am the robots11/13/07
Best Bands I've Seen Live Confessed200508/25/07
Best Metal Albums Of 2007 Thus Far... spoon_of_grimbo07/17/07
Best Of Modern Uk Metal Confessed200506/14/07


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