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Best Fvcking Black Metal pedro7051211/23/14
Halloween TalonsOfFire10/30/14
75 Norwegian Black Metal Albums VinVal10/25/14
My Journey To Metal steynopeth10/22/14
Current Digs steynopeth10/20/14
21st Century Riffs: 100 Albums Thibs10/05/14
10 Years 100 Bands 100 Albums pedro7051209/07/14
Vinyl Collection -- Rec Me Classics pedro7051209/06/14
My Favorite Bands DeathMosh8908/12/14
Recommend Me Black Metal Gameofmetal07/09/14
Favorite Metal Album Covers adace104/30/14
Monday Morning Jams Roman04/28/14
Boobs On The Cover Thibs04/25/14
Hi. Roman04/22/14
Why I Loved High School Thibs03/31/14
Recent Listens Bricks003/24/14
Tolkien Inspired Bands That Kick Ass lyzakthellama03/14/14
My Gateway Bands Of Heavy Music Beatskins03/10/14
90's Metal Masterpieces kveldulf5701/03/14
Favorite Black Metal. larsthedanishprophet12/31/13
iTokoloshe's 25 Of 2007 Tokoloshe12/13/13
iTokoloshe's 25 Of 2010 Tokoloshe12/10/13
2 Jakoffnow11/06/13
Fxxkit13 TheSpirit10/28/13
Blue. Vakarian1210/11/13
Hola Sputnik battleinthenorth09/26/13
I Want To Punch You In The Face CK08/20/13
Nostalgic Bm Hawks08/17/13
My Collection LifeFeedsOnLife08/17/13
Favorite Metal Albums JeremyVee07/30/13
The Psychedelic Playbook pbass007/19/13
Rec Me New Black Metal pedro7051207/15/13
Jamming! N2B3J06/23/13
Dissapointing/ Bad Albums renovatio78606/22/13
Bands I've Seen Live Conexus05/18/13
Rec Me Some Death/black/doom Metal Needsmoarbreakdowns05/06/13
21 Most Influential Metal Albums Of The 21st Century ManintheBox04/16/13
Recent Metal Buys! shredaman04/16/13
My Birthday: Great Albums As Old As I Am Needsmoarbreakdowns04/08/13
Rec Me More Black Metal DarkSideOfLucca03/18/13
Freshman Year Digs (High School Edition) Azn.03/13/13
Favorite Bands By Country pedro7051202/20/13
Need More Black Metal dragoth01/20/13
Official Top 30 Black Metal Albums huguitoescorza01/17/13
Rec Me Black Metal CK01/15/13
100 Greatest Metal Albums (Definive List) huguitoescorza12/19/12
Death Metal On Thanksgiving (Late Night) hankdee2711/22/12
Can You Be Trve Metal And Hardcore At Same Time? dunksman2309/06/12
Ty Turns Two! Tyrael07/18/12
R.i.p. Blue Girl RevenantBlue05/21/12
My Top 10 Black Metal Albums psite4505/19/12
Rec Me Some Black Metal! FictionalFlames05/16/12
Some Albums I Like BootySweat05/10/12
The Blackened Yankee Systemunfolded05/09/12
My Favourite Album Covers baldymort04/30/12
Recent Jams RunOfTheMill04/22/12
What An Original List! Hawks04/21/12
Fuck Christians AOAA4LIFE04/18/12
Any Plans For Record Store Day? psite4504/17/12
The Heaviest List Tyrael04/11/12
Another 20 Metal Albums You Must Have panagiotis04/02/12
Tyrael's 10k: Dawn Of Sputnik Tyrael03/22/12
Death And Black Essentials Please Trebor.03/05/12
90s Metal For Your Nuts macadoolahicky02/22/12
Black Metal Sucks macadoolahicky02/16/12
Death Metal Vs. Black Metal ManintheBox02/16/12
My Favourite Bands animusnocens01/28/12
Best Song Titles pedro7051201/26/12
Albums That Shaped My Music Taste pjquinones74701/16/12
Why Doesn't Eminem Say The N Word? Sawks01/06/12
Skyrim Hawks12/27/11
The Glory Days... Hawks12/03/11
Why Do You Music? TheSpirit12/03/11
No Walking Dead Till February Trebor.11/28/11
Skyrim: It's Finally Here mariothehedgehog11/11/11
Fall Jams. BringerOfStorms10/10/11
Rejoined The Rush Forum sonictheplumber10/08/11
I Joined Here When There Was Mxtabs/musicianforums.com, Heres Some Shit Ive Been Listening To The Last 6 Years. Elmo McCheese09/28/11
Are You A Metalhead? xenocide.08/22/11
My Fave Metal Songs Of All Time mrPetrin08/15/11
Black Metal Recs? pedro7051208/01/11
Bands With Great Makeup BallsToTheWall07/19/11
Some Of My Favorite Album Covers Xenorazr07/12/11
Is Cradle Of Filth Worth A Shit scorpionatorizer07/01/11
My Top 5 Metal Bands Etherealdawn06/11/11
Some Of My Favorite Album Closers Xenorazr06/04/11
How Fat Is Sputnik? Countess05/20/11
Melodic/symphonic Black Metal jayfatha05/08/11
Some Of My Favorite Album Openers Xenorazr05/08/11
Bands That Have Let Me Down itchy04/26/11
10,000 Posts fr33convict04/23/11
Ultimate List dnor04/19/11
Does He Look Like A List??? pedro7051204/06/11
2000-2009 Was Pretty Awesome jayfatha03/27/11
Help! Need new music! pedro7051201/16/11
Top 20 Albums Of 2010 YUJOS12/21/10
100 Records AngelofDeath12/18/10
Fat Chick's Top 40 Of 2010 FatChickIrl12/16/10
I Like Cookies pedro7051212/13/10
So Who Isn't Having Kids These Days Jesuslaves12/01/10
My Milkshake Brings All The Boys To The Yard fr33convict11/25/10
Angel Slays The 90s AngelofDeath11/21/10
Black Metal Finally In My Pie Chart East Hastings11/21/10
Over-freaking-loaded BeardedIdiot11/21/10
Entry Level Black Metal BeardedIdiot11/20/10
Essential Black Metal untitled111/12/10
Weekends Are The Best ImpendingSpoon32110/15/10
666 Comments geng10/10/10
Bullets From Hell Jesuslaves09/28/10
Anberlin marksellsuswallets09/28/10
Slapping God In The Face BallsToTheWall09/26/10
11 Months marksellsuswallets09/21/10
Melodic/symphonic Black Metal Plz Jesuslaves09/19/10
Angel's 2-year AngelofDeath09/16/10
My Descent Into Madness pedro7051209/08/10
Vortex Sings On New Dimmu! GenNarain09/03/10
Vocal Cover Ideas combustion0708/31/10
My Black Metal Picks Mewcopa08/28/10
Great Music You've Never Heard ShoeSoup08/21/10
Rec Me Symphonic/baroque/avant-garde Metal AngelofDeath08/11/10
It's Cool Because I Can Make Lists Ace24508/11/10
Black Metal Recs, Hurry Up Already! Mewcopa07/06/10
Bands I Like Other People Hate theBlackWidow07/06/10
My Current Most Favourite Metal Songs HisPoisonGirl07/04/10
Top 50 Death / Black Metal Bands TheAngryPelican06/09/10
Favorite Albums - Suggest Me Some Music! pedro7051205/22/10
Metal JesusChris05/22/10
10 Favorite Metal Drum Performances pedro7051205/14/10
Rock Band: Good Edition JayVex05/05/10
Recent Downloads #2 Mewcopa04/13/10
Metal Guitar Hero Arcitchur04/12/10
A Few Of My Most Favorite Bands SHINFO04/11/10
Jesus Christ Died For Your Sins Masochist03/16/10
Top 10 Favorite Metal Bands OvTheFireAndVoid03/15/10
Most Beautiful Metal Songs OvTheFireAndVoid03/15/10
Top 5 Metal Dumming Albums OvTheFireAndVoid03/14/10
Recent Albums SpectralArchitect03/11/10
A Mongean Shuffle bigguy6903/02/10
Albums I Want Similar Styles To Xenorazr01/30/10
When I Rule The World... TheSpirit01/28/10
My First List ArchoN01/22/10
Top 100 Decade Albums According To Decibel salival1301/18/10
Symphonic Black Metal Recs porkfaT01/10/10
Various Metal I'm Liking... Markk101/06/10
Songs I Can't Stop Listening To BradMan12/07/09
Top 5 Albums I Own BradMan12/06/09
Black Metal Ist Krieg KILL11/23/09
Badass Diversity TokiWartooth11/01/09
Bands I Want To Get In To MrHotMoms09/06/09
1000 Comment List! Fxxkit1309/03/09
Dimmu Borgir Ranked Xenorazr08/23/09
Black/blackened Metal Recs TheImpervious08/20/09
Biggest Death,Black & Other Metal Dissapointments Ever! jsanchez08/19/09
Music My Older Brother Listens To corenotgore07/27/09
Bands I Don Like.. corenotgore07/27/09
Black Metal ThyCrossAwaits07/24/09
Disgusting praisebetohim06/15/09
Awesome Metal Songs Mojo18706/04/09
Tour Playlist marksellsuswallets04/13/09
ITS EASTER!!!!!!!!!!! KILL04/12/09
Black Metal. Nauseum03/29/09
Recommend...now ThyCrossAwaits03/25/09
The Ballstothewall List Altmer03/23/09
Metal Albums I Love To listen to After Years panagiotis03/16/09
Songs I Want Played At My Funeral KILL02/27/09
Some Black Metal Albums i enjoy panagiotis02/23/09
I'm Into This Sort Of Shit Atm KILL02/22/09
Listworthy Albums LifeFeedsOnLife01/23/09
Br00t4l Rec's Please Fugue01/20/09
Never Be A D.J... MiK12/19/08
All My Favourite Albums pingu5312/16/08
My 10 All Time Favourite Albums newflesh8212/13/08
Favorite Metal Covers rudolphhess8812/07/08
Best Black Metal Albums EPurpl312/04/08
Halloween Jams LearntoSwim10/30/08
Current Digs ealordofthedepths10/06/08
The Five Best Black Meta Albums Ever... Jotunn09/16/08
Give Me Black Metal Dayvan Cowboy08/11/08
Band's I've Seen Live (my List) Foodforthegods07/17/08
Owned: A ~ D istaros07/11/08
Great Songs By Not So Great Bands TheDistantFuture05/22/08
Albums I'm Listening To At The Moment FenderUsa05/12/08
Love To My Hearing. ffc1402/24/08
Albums I'm Considering Giving A Spin Altmer02/12/08
Cd I've Owned In 2007 Foodforthegods12/06/07
Top Songs Of 2007 Foodforthegods10/31/07
When The Symphonies Meet The Metal Altmer10/26/07
Kvltisk Svartmetall Altmer10/03/07
My Fav Of '07 (in Order) Foodforthegods10/01/07
Songs That Form The Soundtrack To Hell Altmer09/29/07
Autobiography In 21 Albums jk2two09/08/07
So Much Music, So Little Time... StreetlightRock08/20/07
I Just Bought... Foodforthegods07/23/07
Currently Disliking A Lot whackerinc07/17/07
10 Best Album Release During The First Half Of 2007 Foodforthegods06/20/07
My Favorite Songs This Month Foodforthegods06/06/07
Fave Songs By Fave Bands freudianslipknot06/02/07
10 Albums I've Bought Recently Foodforthegods06/01/07
History Of Obsession Bfhurricane05/11/07
Worthy Or Worthless? XTA05/10/07
Best Of 2007 CoRpSeSlAyEr05/05/07
Best Of The New Millenium Foodforthegods05/02/07
Wishlist Foodforthegods04/26/07
Top Ten Bands I Discovered Through Metal Hammer Magazine Mikevil04/23/07
Albums I've Bought This Year So Far Foodforthegods04/20/07
April 24th Foodforthegods04/17/07
Tour I'll See This Year Foodforthegods04/13/07
Albums I Need In 2007 carney311004/11/07
Albums I've Been Listening This Week Foodforthegods04/05/07
Records I'm Going To Buy Foodforthegods03/30/07
Top 50 Metal Albums Of All Time Altmer03/29/07
Bands I Need To Hear ironman444402/09/07
My Ultimate List O Bands That I Love Inflames01/26/07
Satan's Soundtrack CoRpSeSlAyEr01/11/07
Happy Halloween HumanCannonball10/31/06
Top 15 Albums of 06 jameskukucka10/26/06
Stuff Im Currently Digging Bfhurricane10/21/06
A total eargasm!!!! LaVozDormida10/10/06
Awesome bands i found on my uncles magazine Diabulus in musica10/09/06
Artists that will kick you in the fucking teeth punkabettie08/26/06
Some of my Favorite Albums jameskukucka08/13/06
Bands I Listen To jaxonkills6908/09/06
TheDevilsOwn's Favorite Bands TheDevilsOwn08/08/06
Important songs that helped me develop through the harsh world. wikuk07/29/06
5 Songs that Changed my Perspective Johnny_the_kid07/28/06
These are the Albums that appeared in my cd player. Johnny_the_kid07/26/06


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