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Is Emmure Finally Good? Ayil01/05/15
White Albums BeneaththeDarkOcean12/24/14
Top Ten Albums 2014 xMaLigNancy12/20/14
A Pencil's Least Favourite Artists MyNameIsPencil12/14/14
2014: The Good, The Bad, and The Shitty Insurrection12/09/14
These Albums Are Really Horrible InfernalOarsman11/30/14
Bands Whose Existence Saddens Me PunchedPeach7208/28/14
Rec Me Two Oh Fourteen Gestapo08/27/14
Why Do So Many Metalcore Bands Use Random Song Names That Don't Make Any Sense? FuneralMarch08/25/14
Great Visuals, Meh Movies BeneaththeDarkOcean08/20/14
Guilty Pleasures HeavyMetal2508/20/14
Music That Convinces Me That Human Sterilization Is A Good Idea FuneralMarch08/18/14
Does Sour Like Good Music? I Can Never Tell SourAK08/10/14
My Guilty Pleasures Gameofmetal08/04/14
Partycore Good Vs Bad Rice30308/03/14
Post Funniest Reviews Here PitchforkArms07/29/14
Brostep Goes To Warped Tour 2014 Brostep07/10/14
How Come Deathcore Isn't A Genre Tag? erizen82607/08/14
Had The Most Cringeworthy Of School Retreats Jasdevi08705/28/14
Worse Than Emmure RoyalImperialGuard05/17/14
5 Years on Sputnik Nikkolae05/07/14
A Week Of Sputnik StinkyPinky04/19/14
Eternal Enemies Ranked BeneaththeDarkOcean04/17/14
Eyy Yo 2014 Listens Kronzo04/15/14
First Quarter Of 2014. Faraudo04/12/14
Carcass Ranked (comprehensive List) Tunaboy4504/11/14
When Album Covers Go Wrong SharkTooth04/07/14
Most Ridiculous Song Lyrics NarlusKing12303/20/14
Bands I've Seen Live quik4003/06/14
Great Bands You Probably Haven't Heard Faraudo03/02/14
Douchebag Frontmen Countdown BlacKapes02/21/14
The Nu-metal Revival Of 2014 cerealeatingpegasus02/13/14
10 Worst Post Hardcore/Metalcore/Deathcore Bands Of The 2000s Jaquith01/19/14
Bands I Saw In 2013 Ranked charbyno01/19/14
All Time Favorites danieljm98001/06/14
My 2nd Sputversary! SadAndHolyGlow11/24/13
Last "official" Day Of High School ellagos11/01/13
Worst Bands/artists cloakanddagger10/09/13
Terrible Album Recs? SadAndHolyGlow09/11/13
Part 2 Of Another Generic List Which Music Fan Do You Hate Most ? TheAstralsage08/06/13
Fedoras witchxrapist07/07/13
Best "c0re Rapp3r's" Official Poll Incision06/18/13
Full-lengths Ranked : Emmure SadAndHolyGlow06/09/13
Ain't Nobody Got Time for That SadAndHolyGlow06/06/13
My Daughter Is Mad At Me Lambda06/04/13
Genres You Don't Like? ViralOblivion06/01/13
Rip Moreira Jacquibim05/10/13
Dumb People Talk Music TrstN0104/24/13
"core" witchxrapist04/11/13
Shitty Metal Bands That My Shitty Metal Band Is Influenced By Riptide02/17/13
Emmure Vs. Emmuree Dolving99901/25/13
Non-classic Albums From 2012 digimental10101/09/13
Top 50 Favorite Albums Of All Time. danielchapstick12/17/12
Top 100 Favorite Songs Of All Time. danielchapstick12/17/12
Worst Bands Ever PsychedellicDinosaur12/03/12
Why Do You Care? ZGP199211/29/12
Reasons Emmure Is Dope witchxrapist11/29/12
Scum That Must Be Confined In A Concentration Camp VermicideReloadead11/26/12
Anything Grindcore Hardcore Metalcore And Experimental AndyxPandy11/10/12
Obama Wins witchxrapist11/07/12
Cool Stuff The Girl At Work Says MadKungFu10/26/12
Fucking Youtube Retards SlMBOLlC10/26/12
My Shitty Band From When I Was 15-16 necromechanical10/17/12
Top 25 Worst Music Artists I've Ever Heard brassman0109/30/12
Overrated Albums NWOAHM66608/21/12
Good Post-hardcore? Mabbitt08/09/12
Got Pink Eye From Licking My Gfs Asshole adhoc07/27/12
Top 10 Reasons Emmure Is Better Than Your Shitty Death Metal Band expire07/24/12
Ghostfest cryMore06/27/12
High School 07-11 pigsonthewing06/06/12
Thenewreview.net rahulmenon06/05/12
Bands That Are Very Popular But I Can't Get Into Dolving99905/22/12
Songs I Like From Albums I Don't Like peartnoy05/20/12
Who Like Hardcore X666X05/19/12
Rec Me Some Really Hated Bands/albums? aqualungcancer05/11/12
Degressive Music Devastator05/08/12
What Does Each Rating Mean For You?? ManintheBox05/07/12
Like A Sir Part Deux: I Capitalize Everything Kellerdeck05/06/12
Bands That Smoke Weed adhoc04/11/12
3 Shows 1 Week raggedragamuffin04/06/12
Unanimous Sputnik Opinions? macman7604/01/12
Great Albums Produced By Joey Sturgis Trebor.03/14/12
Songs I Be Diggin 7 AtomicShane03/13/12
Classiest albums ever Devastator03/02/12
Guilty Pleasures TheFinalEffortDrums02/24/12
Workout Music (Metal Assault) dvlarison02/17/12
Lambda's 2011 Lambda12/31/11
My Youtube Album Reviews Metal6Is6Art612/29/11
2011.666: Chaos In Yearlist NWOAHM66612/06/11
Deathcore 101 HiLion11/05/11
A Day With No Breakdowns AfterTheBreakdown11/02/11
10 People You Meet At Shows Scoot10/16/11
2011 Quarterly Report #2 Lambda10/16/11
List Of My Favourite Bands Evar nateynate10/12/11
Rec Me Some Really Terrible Stuff XfingTheSullen10/06/11
Bands That Shouldn't Exist. thechodewarrior10/05/11
Gears Of War 3 RobotJesus09/19/11
Best Comedy Reviews On Sputnik? JumpTheShark08/31/11
All Stars Tour This Thursday JumpTheShark08/13/11
Breakdowns That Kill You AfterThaBreakdown08/07/11
Favorite Bands emhisrad08/05/11
Tinychat Tonight Was The Best Thing Ever Scoot08/05/11
Top 5 Best And Worst Breakdowns SexPanther08/02/11
2011: The Bad And Ugly twlichty08/01/11
All Stars Tour Ranked AfterTheBreakdown07/31/11
I'm Looking For Some Brocore RobotJesus07/24/11
The Issue Between Felony And Respect MopHeadOvMetal07/23/11
2011 Isn't That Bad lolcatzwolfay07/14/11
Need Metalcore + Mathcore Recs Wheelah07/13/11
Best(and Worst) Scene Bands twlichty07/09/11
2011 Halfway Report Lambda07/01/11
funny last fm tags ZombieParty06/23/11
Sellouts And Crap MopHeadOvMetal06/15/11
Rebecca's Rack....er Rebecca Black BallsToTheWall06/14/11
Redefining Music bailar1406/05/11
*facepalm* InAbsentia05/19/11
Bottom 3 Of 2011 So Far? Lambda05/08/11
Does Emmure Have Aids? Srangerthanficti0n05/07/11
My Journey Through Bad Music MusicIsMyFavorite05/04/11
Asking Alexandria promiseswept03/31/11
2011 Quarterly Report #1 Lambda03/22/11
And Stuff. fuckyourneonshirt03/14/11
I've Been Cranked Up On Shitty Music For Soooo Long! iPim03/09/11
Best Bad Metal Bands sonorirish02/28/11
Recent Digs fuckyourneonshirt02/23/11
S'up TBliss02/16/11
New Emmure - Next Week! unrestrained02/08/11
2011's Gonna Be Sweet mcchub01/31/11
Guidocore Scoot01/27/11
Songs unrestrained01/26/11
Just Joined A Deathcore Band HugCrewLoveRoll01/22/11
Best Reviews On This Site? tkxxx701/20/11
Reckless And Relentless Tour... Strider01/07/11
Emmure Neenahskater12/12/10
Cream Of The Crap v2.0 Scoot11/20/10
50 Worst Album Covers Of All Time Spec10/25/10
Defining Metalcore Spec10/22/10
Flame Me ImpendingSpoon32110/12/10
Beak 'em Up. Spec10/11/10
Why Do I Hate These? GorgonzolaCheese110/07/10
Breakdowns Done Wrong Spec10/05/10
The Worst Breakdowns I've Ever Heard TheBloodTypo10/03/10
I Need A Good Headset!!! & Bands I'm seeing live iPim09/22/10
Funny Reviews wyankeif133709/10/10
Great At Being Terrible MuffExpress08/30/10
Pit's Guilty Pleasures Intothepit08/26/10
Tis Be The Shizz devourmysins08/26/10
In Memory Of The Fallen bailar1208/24/10
Heavy Death Metal counterfeitson08/22/10
Over-rated ispamyou08/06/10
This Record Sucks sonictheplumber08/06/10
Questionable Lyricists coleba08/05/10
Just Got Back From Warped.. crowing5107/31/10
Who Is Going To Warped In.... crowing5107/30/10
These Bands Are Not Hardcore LaCosaNostra1307/29/10
Awesome F-ing Albums counterfeitson07/25/10
Enrique's Favorite Sputnikers bailar1107/12/10
S**txcore theBlackWidow07/08/10
The No Talent Tour? crowing5107/08/10
Guess That Sputniker 11 tinkrbel07/07/10
Shower Shuffle AbyssalCreation07/02/10
40 Days Till Warped FoulCity06/20/10
Metalllllll Lots Of It Oceans06/14/10
Decade Of THE S**t bailar06/12/10
Sputnik Bloopers buckfutter05/25/10
The Epitome Of Br00tal Mewcopa05/24/10
Bands That Make Me Want To Kill Myself adhoc05/23/10
Sputnik Hates Me. rewritingdreams05/22/10
Top 10 Bands I Hate reeshespeeshes05/16/10
Low Ass Juns witchxrapist05/12/10
Lolwut Carnifex05/02/10
Someone Listen To Merauder Already SepticReAnimate05/01/10
I Need A Cure! intothepit8304/22/10
Warped Tour Fever fatlip2704/22/10
Top 10 Worst Album Covers ThePalestMexican04/18/10
The Top 100 "Metal" Bands on MySpace ThePalestMexican04/13/10
hello peoples! SexWithJaneDoeMonday04/11/10
The Worst Band Ever [round Two] Lambda03/31/10
Current Diggs. GianSensebe03/18/10
Currently Listening DominicV03/17/10
Buckethead: Reviewing The Discography Kronzo03/07/10
Post Rock Recs Wanted StephMCK99002/04/10
Sputnik Blowjobs Kronzo02/01/10
I Have Too Much Bias ThePalestMexican02/01/10
I Hate Everyone bullettoothtony01/17/10
Chritmas Gets sXeMOSHCOREhXc12/27/09
My Brother's A Retarded Bitch! ignorantfack12/22/09
Who Likes Cheese?!?! ignorantfack12/22/09
Albums Of The Year! bullettoothtony12/17/09
Favorite Bands wutangpootang12/11/09
Sputnikjerks.com KilltheSwitch12/11/09
Rec Me Bad Music Kronzo12/01/09
Birthday Buys PeteyThePistol11/20/09
Artists In My Mediaplayer xTevinx11/19/09
My Top Metalcore Bands xTevinx11/17/09
Bands All Of My Friends Like That I Couldn't Get Into drmidnight7311/06/09
Current Diglets StephMCK99010/09/09
My Top Bands Of 2009 xTevinx09/30/09
Nfl Rankings BallsToTheWall09/12/09
Whats On My Ipod MizaelMassacre09/09/09
Top 15 Favourite Breakdowns teewood08/26/09
Bitches I'm Back!!!!!!!!!!!1111 metalcoremaXXXed08/24/09
What A Perfect Romance, A Plague On Both Your Houses cookieMONSTER07/19/09
Worst Post-2000 Rock/metal Albums I've Heard XNoMercyX07/13/09
Bands I've Seen To Many Times RAGE1207/03/09
Songs I Like And Feel Very Bad About Liking ErasersAtBothEnds07/02/09
Shuffle And Discuss sXeJigglypuff06/22/09
My New Top 15 Bands MammalToes04/29/09
Bands I've Seen Live This Year MammalToes04/29/09
New Stuff cubik12403/18/09
Overrated/underrated Albums 2 aresx02/08/09
Bands I Am Planning To See This Year MammalToes02/04/09
Bands I've Seen Live MammalToes01/26/09
Bands I Dont Like kygermo01/23/09
Vox That Needs To Sdfu JizzInMyPants01/15/09
Review DWittisarockstar12/30/08
Albums My Sister And I Actually Agree On. xmOBSCENEx12/22/08
My All Time Favorite 20 beefman12/10/08
My Best Breakdown List 0m3ga0n311/21/08
Bands I've Seen In The Last Year chaoticmelody08/08/08
My Favorites Of 2007 chaoticmelody08/07/08
Yeah, It's That Good chaoticmelody08/05/08
Fresh Core asaf07/17/08
What I'm Diggin Inflames04/08/08
Most Played On My Ipod Inflames04/04/08
Bands I Found In 2007 Inflames01/09/08


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