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My Top 15 Extreme Metal Bands RATM4601/13/15
Top 15 Albums That Turn 10 This Year RATM4601/09/15
Some Great Records I've Been Listening This Month ricardohrr12/31/14
My Top 100 Most Played Albums In 2014 (according Lastfm) ricardohrr12/29/14
Finalized Favorite Death Metal List InfernalOarsman12/22/14
Top 100 Albums I Heard For The First Time In 2014 Funeralopolis12/13/14
100 Favorite Metal Songs Palatial11/29/14
25 Metal Albums I Never Get Sick of Palatial11/07/14
20-05 maddin11/02/14
Halloween TalonsOfFire10/30/14
Albums I've Been Jamming Too For Awhile killth3p00r10/28/14
Sputnik Rec Me Drinks!! :d Negator10/18/14
21st Century Riffs: 100 Albums Thibs10/05/14
Need More Death Metal ILJ10/03/14
Newest Acquisitions (4) Flugmorph09/29/14
Joining The Navy Necrotica08/22/14
The Relevance Of Cds Depends On Your Collection Pt 1 YetAnotherBrick08/18/14
Rec Me Interesting Dm Flugmorph07/30/14
My 31 Favourite Death Metal Releases... VVild1807/17/14
Music From Your Area Betray07/15/14
The Original Extreme Drummers TheGooseTavern07/15/14
Angry Albums Part 2 titanslayer07/14/14
Bored? Yafwookie764205/30/14
Bumping Ryus05/17/14
Hench's Top 25s: 2002 HenchmanOfSanta05/16/14
Awesome Death Metal Albums #2 Smok3mon05/13/14
Awesome Death Metal Albums #1 Smok3mon05/13/14
Essential Heavy Music FearTomorrow04/19/14
Potsys List Of 100 Albums LordePots04/13/14
Nile Ranked austin88803/03/14
Albums I Need To Listen To titanslayer02/25/14
Do We Live In A Post-ironic Dystopia? Funeralopolis02/04/14
My Album Collection (CD) Flugmorph02/02/14
Went To The Namm Show Necrotica01/26/14
Top 15 Metal Albums Of 2012 joepiestar01/10/14
New Year Digs BigPleb12/30/13
Amazon Run #2 Mookid11/30/13
Music To Rule To demigod!11/22/13
Some of the Best Death Metal Songs SlMBOLlC11/09/13
A Taste Of Death killth3p00r10/30/13
Personal Top 50 Death Metal Albums trainofconsequence10/20/13
My Top 50 Death Metal Albums (post-2000) GetOutOfMyHouse10/19/13
Riffs BigPleb10/03/13
Heavy Metal Albums I Dig Muisc4Life2609/05/13
Some Great Extreme Metal Of The 2000's ThrashK08/11/13
My Awesome Nile Drum Cover SpiritCrusher208/03/13
My Top 10 Favorite Albums (Right Now) augustburnsshred07/26/13
Best Post-2000 Death Metal McDerpes05/30/13
Best Metal Albums 2012 SylentEcho05/30/13
Technicians Of Death branflakes91105/18/13
Cross Country DegausserGuernica2405/14/13
I Creamed BigPleb05/09/13
20-09 maddin04/30/13
7 Wonders Of The World micpattern04/27/13
Death And Grind!! shredaman04/24/13
My Top 20 Albums 22/04/2013 JKoppe04/21/13
The Chosen Ones ( My Favorite Albums) NapalmCrusader04/16/13
100 Of Capt's 90's Albums CaptainHadouken04/13/13
10 Best Death Metal Albums Immortalis4203/30/13
Metal My Top 100 DarkSideOfLucca03/27/13
Simbolic's First Drum Cover!!!!111 SlMBOLlC03/26/13
Nile Ranked \w/ recycledcopier03/23/13
Seeing Three Concerts This Week. Iamthe Nightstars03/18/13
Hail To The Metal Of Death! Donchivo03/12/13
My Favorite Death Metal Guitar Solo Albums recycledcopier03/03/13
Essential Metal poklipart02/09/13
100 CDs I own demigod!01/14/13
Extreme Religious Opinions NecrogenicShrimp01/12/13
Fearthyevil's Best Of 2012 List FearThyEvil01/06/13
Gimmie Metal Recs! shredaman01/01/13
Death Metal Recommendations? hankdee2712/29/12
Most best metal albums of 2012 TheReptilianBrain12/29/12
Top 5 of 2012 Pr0nogo12/21/12
Albums I Still Haven't Listened To Spliffhanger6712/16/12
Good, But Not Good Enough: 2012 djunior12/11/12
Rankings of 2012 Death Metal? NecrogenicShrimp12/10/12
Biggest Disappointment Of 2012 mifzal12/09/12
Anthracks' Top 20 Of 2012 Anthracks12/09/12
Scariest Story? dathvada32111/30/12
A Very Ipod 2012 NocteDominum11/29/12
Songs That Rule dathvada32111/09/12
My Top Albums of 2012 RATM4611/04/12
The Year Simbolic Grew Musical Balls SlMBOLlC11/02/12
Holy Shit!! 2012 ManintheBox11/01/12
Albums That I Recently Started Appreciating DarkSideOfLucca10/23/12
Riff Jams AskAak10/14/12
Rec Me Dm necromechanical10/13/12
Pulled An Allnighter Last Night DarkSideOfLucca10/12/12
Scariest Movie Scene? dathvada32110/09/12
Death Metal Pantheon swarth7810/08/12
Tinychat? dathvada32110/06/12
Tell Me How Bad My Music Taste Is necromechanical09/25/12
Best Death Metal 2012 DarkSideOfLucca09/11/12
My Favorite Live Bands RATM4608/12/12
Technical Death Metal Classics woopoxyjust08/08/12
2012 Albums. FictionalFlames08/07/12
Music To Listen To While Trying To Get The Pick Out Of The Sound Box Sniff08/06/12
2012 Listens So Far Kronzo07/20/12
Top 20 Albums Sewpra07/11/12
Greatest Death Metal Band For All Time huguitoescorza07/05/12
My Top 20 Albums 04/07/12 JKoppe07/04/12
Notrap's 2012 So Far TheNotrap06/29/12
Orientation dathvada32106/28/12
New Nile Rules!!! BirthRite06/26/12
New Releases Pt.1 YUJOS06/26/12
Best Rock/metal Albums Of 2012 Rognent06/26/12
Cd Gets. TBliss206/12/12
June/july In Metal AnalAnnihilator05/30/12
My Favorite Albums At The Moment dathvada32105/29/12
Serious Weekend Digs Dimor05/27/12
Great Heavy Brutal Shit For Angry-ness dunksman2305/18/12
Scary dathvada32105/17/12
Screaming Takes No Talent And Bands That Scream Arent Metal. dathvada32105/15/12
2012 So Far..... FictionalFlames05/06/12
Black/death Metal On The Radio!?!? salival1305/05/12
Favorite Debut Albums DarkSideOfLucca05/02/12
Death metal I love Systemunfolded04/30/12
I Crave Metal Dimor04/16/12
Gimme Death........ And Lots Of It!!!! M/ MoosechriS03/27/12
Thank You Sputnik SpiritCrusher203/22/12
Some Animes I've Seen The7thVermicide03/13/12
So Pumped!!! Cells03/08/12
Death And Black Essentials Please Trebor.03/05/12
Eight Lists Within A List KjSwantko02/28/12
Greatest Metal Songs or: Metal Through the Ages (Ranked By Year) thecountlugosi02/23/12
Metalcore! Shuyin02/15/12
2012 Expectations D41V30N02/14/12
Metal Ain't Dead Yet... mbrigham102/08/12
Holy Epic Fucking Jams Batman!!! ManintheBox01/29/12
My Favourite Metal Albums RoppVsBerrick01/26/12
My Anticipated Releases This Year From The List Provided By Decibel Magazine SleepingGiant01/09/12
I Need Death Metal Recs. Imperial01/03/12
Dagon Vs Cthulhu Vs Shub-niggurath BallsToTheWall12/13/11
Death Metal Playlist Cheesewireism11/30/11
Top 20 Favorite Drummers D41V30N11/28/11
In Metal We Trust BallsToTheWall11/14/11
IMMORTALS 3.5/5 seedofnothing11/12/11
Death Metal I Need More Of It BDx9410/05/11
Why Deathcore Sucks anuspudding09/21/11
Quintessential Death Metal OrangeHologram09/05/11
South East Represent Holla At Your Boy BallsToTheWall09/04/11
DM2011? Antipunk08/19/11
When You're Pissed 2.0 Acrosstheshield1308/03/11
Oinky Loves Mud Oinky08/01/11
Digs... Wjo07/23/11
Bands Hated, Now Loved Decapod07/16/11
Whelp, I'm Back Carnifex07/16/11
Non-black Metal LordOfAlexandria07/01/11
Lost All My Food Crossing The Road Bassist54007/01/11
My Favorite Albums buyrecords06/30/11
Just Got A 160gb Ipod jayfatha06/25/11
Songs So Extreme That They Would Make Hello Kitty/nick Jr. Fans Want To Murder Someone. DarkSideOfLucca06/22/11
Bring A Knife To A Gunfight And Lose BallsToTheWall05/16/11
Grab A Shovel, We've Got Bodies to Bury eggsvonsatan05/14/11
Some Awesome Video Games jayfatha04/28/11
My Essential Metal Albums RATM4604/20/11
Weekend Albums ThePrisonGuard04/09/11
Metal To Buy This Weekend RingilEskiath04/01/11
Brutal List Is Brutal 05McDonaldT03/28/11
2000-2009 Was Pretty Awesome jayfatha03/27/11
Twenty Favorite 90's Albums jayfatha03/18/11
Modern Metal Drummers Remer1703/09/11
Favourite Album Covers demigod!02/19/11
Spoon, Knife Or Fork? MarkedFortune02/10/11
Metal Recs MarkedFortune02/06/11
Best Albums Of 2009 Gbhill02/05/11
What Should I Buy Next?? MarkedFortune02/03/11
Albums I Have To Pick Up Soon jayfatha01/24/11
Terrible Albums Abigor12/06/10
Why the Usa Is Awesome wyankeif133712/03/10
Essentials. Darch11/20/10
Still Thrashin Hard Jesuslaves11/14/10
Great Moments In Metal Gorification11/07/10
Lifechanging Albums BringMeTheWaffles.11/03/10
Rec Me Some More Metal JKoppe10/27/10
Albums That Give Me Goosebumps demigod!10/21/10
Albums That Are Growing On Me JKoppe10/20/10
More Songs To Rule The World To. Jebull10/17/10
30 Most Epic Songs On My Ipod wyankeif133710/17/10
Death Metal Mysteryskater201210/03/10
Bullets From Hell Jesuslaves09/28/10
Best Nu-metal Albums. Evarrrr Jesuslaves09/20/10
Awesome/suprisingly Good Jesuslaves09/07/10
Real Death Metal paulard66609/05/10
Ultimate Guitar's 'This Year In Metal: 2009' Sevhead09/04/10
Greatest Metal Songs Of All Time interviewer0209/04/10
I\'m Doped Up On Red Bull Jesuslaves09/02/10
10 Songs: Ipod On Shuffle dancekevindance08/29/10
Tech Death Recs? vanderb0b08/16/10
No Downloading TBliss08/01/10
read my list or i will eat a kitten huffndoback07/27/10
List Of Bands I Used To Dislike But Now Can't Get Enough Of austin88807/11/10
Too Technical For Technology Tour? crowing5107/05/10
Well....this Sucks Oceans07/02/10
Tech. Death Recs alexmetres07/01/10
Top 100 Of The Decade! Kronzo06/17/10
My Top 10 Albums 17/06/2010 JKoppe06/17/10
Metalllllll Lots Of It Oceans06/14/10
Top 50 Death / Black Metal Bands TheAngryPelican06/09/10
Shuffles From Itunes...... Mewcopa06/08/10
First List Alrightmax06/08/10
Best Album Covers Mewcopa05/19/10
Best Albums Of 2009 xspider999x05/13/10
Rock Band: Good Edition JayVex05/05/10
Best Drummers In Metal Thanntos04/09/10
20 Death Metal Albums - A Lethal Guide To Death Metal AshesOfEmpires04/02/10
Top 100, #80-71 FeralMemories03/22/10
Top 5 Metal Dumming Albums OvTheFireAndVoid03/14/10
Starter Kit To Brutal Death Metal Anthracks03/06/10
Why American Metal Is Better FeralMemories03/03/10
My Favoritetechnical Death Metal Bands FacelessBehemoth02/11/10
Are These Bands Worth Listening To? poklipart02/02/10
Terrabyte :d Kronzo01/31/10
Anyone Have A Link To The Top Albums Of The Decade That Was Made A While Back? PeteyThePistol01/23/10
Best Albums Of 2009 SylentEcho01/22/10
Recs Prease Ross2201/19/10
My Fav Metal Albums Of 2009 bornthetravestyofman01/19/10
Top 100 Decade Albums According To Decibel salival1301/18/10
My Favourite All-time Albums Janv9201/13/10
What Would Brian Boitano Do? intothepit8301/04/10
My Top 10 US Releases For 2009 JessTheDane01/01/10
Best of 2009 Zizzer12/31/09
Top 20 Albums Of 2009 TomServo12/31/09
!0 Songs That Transformed Me brutebeard12/24/09
1 Year 1 Album 1 Song : '00-'09 IRAI12/22/09
(provisional) Top 10 Metal Albums Of 2009 lucazade2212/16/09
My Top 40 Albums Of 2009 Bleekill12/14/09
Which Album... Kronzo12/13/09
Top 10 Metal Albums Of 1998 FeralMemories12/11/09
Anything Else I Need To Consider Before The End Of The Year Yordy12/10/09
Jumping On The 09 List Bandwagon Dystopic12/10/09
My Top 20 Metal Albums of 2009 bigguy6911/30/09
Current Playlist (no Accounting For Taste) JessTheDane11/22/09
Favorite Metal Albums By Subgenre eggsvonsatan11/19/09
Tech Metal And IDM Digs poweroftheweez11/11/09
Albums I Have To Listen To Now Altmer11/04/09
My Favorite Death Metal Albums intothepit8310/16/09
Rec Me Some Death! jpattison10/07/09
My Bands Top Influences CoRpSeSlAyEr10/06/09
Halo Games Ranked pizzamachine09/26/09
Pepsi Is Always Better Than Coke. pizzamachine09/22/09
Favourite Bands lucazade2209/01/09
Altmer's Top Metal Bands Altmer08/06/09
BRUTAL Bleak07/22/09
Dumbledore Is A Bamf ThyCrossAwaits07/17/09
Should I Get My Navel Pierced Altmer07/12/09
Currently Diggin GoodApollo1249207/09/09
my fav death metal albums GoodApollo1249207/07/09
Stuff I Want To Get TheGrooves07/05/09
My Favourite Albums.... triplet7605/25/09
Playlist 05/18/09 FreePizzaDay05/18/09
Extremely Pathethic Music Videos kintups04/30/09
Death For Life! kintups04/27/09
13 Epic Songs kintups04/24/09
Pathetic Music Videos kintups03/29/09
7-string Guitars alexmetres03/23/09
Converting A Mainstream Kid OllieS03/15/09
Top 15 Death Metal Album pingu5303/02/09
Extreme Metal Songs I am listening in my ipod panagiotis02/24/09
Brutal Death panagiotis02/23/09
Digdug SylentEcho02/03/09
Albums I Like To Call My Favorites SlowlyWeRot01/25/09
Vox That Needs To Sdfu JizzInMyPants01/15/09
Albums I Have Discovered...and Loved Like Babies Altmer01/07/09
This Is A Boring List For A Guy With Nothing To Do On A Friday Evening Altmer12/19/08
Fav. Albums Of Fav. Bands alexmetres12/17/08
A Short List For You Altmer11/28/08
Tech Death Boom Boom jingledeath10/25/08
Worth Checking Out? mikem123409/21/08
Favourite Death Metal DeathThrashProg09/07/08
Bands I've Seen Live... rosslives72707/16/08
Horrible Production UpperDecker02/09/08
Whishlist Foodforthegods02/09/08
My Ipod metallicaman802/01/08
My Updated Favorite Albums... No Order naboo01/19/08
Recents Fucking Digs!!!!!! Reign_In_Blood_8901/14/08
Favorite Death Metal Reign_In_Blood_8911/11/07
Top Songs Of 2007 Foodforthegods10/31/07
My Fav Of '07 (in Order) Foodforthegods10/01/07
Releases With Cool Packaging Ominous Inane09/06/07
Extreme Metal! ironman444409/01/07
The End Of Summer Krista1708/28/07
Metal Mastodon_200708/27/07
My Vinyl Collection Ominous Inane08/01/07
July Top Five Ominous Inane07/30/07
Personal Top 25 Metal Albums Ever freudianslipknot07/18/07
Currently Disliking A Lot whackerinc07/17/07
Top Ten Concept Albums Fixed Version Toltec7Arrival07/10/07
Favorite Instrumentals Toltec7Arrival07/09/07
Fave Songs By Fave Bands freudianslipknot06/02/07
5 Death Metal Songs That Have Awesome Openings Ancient05/14/07
Best Of The New Millenium Foodforthegods05/02/07
50 Albums That Have Changed My Life Foodforthegods03/29/07
Top 50 Death Metal Albums CoRpSeSlAyEr03/29/07
Black/Death Metal Albums CoRpSeSlAyEr03/23/07
Best Intros south_of_heaven 1103/23/07
Best Recent Death Metal Albums Gmaj03/02/07
Desert Island Top 20 freudianslipknot02/16/07
My Top 100 NeverFading1402/03/07
Wow, They Don't Suck! south_of_heaven 1101/21/07
The only good metal bands in America Today mortalsoullefttodie10/17/06
Top 10 Death Metal Albums...Ever Gmaj10/11/06
OMFG!!!!!!! LIST IN CAPS!!!!!!! ChrisAdlerisGod09/06/06
TheDevilsOwn's Favorite Bands TheDevilsOwn08/08/06
Loudest and Heaviest Band gigi66608/03/06
Songs I'm Into Right Now naboo07/28/06
These are the Albums that appeared in my cd player. Johnny_the_kid07/26/06
Top 10 Bands tamadrummer0207/06/06


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