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10/10/13 mryrtmrnfoxxxy10/10/13
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20-07 maddin09/07/13
Top 100 Cakey09/03/13
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Shining Vocals Sircy4108/19/13
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Greatest Vocalist Of All Time. Travio07/18/13
Cd Collection YakNips07/16/13
oh god i just got shot ethixx07/15/13
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5s Ranked YakNips06/15/13
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First Night Back At College pbass001/27/13
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High School Jams 05-09 elephantREVOLUTION01/23/13
My Girlfriend Wanted Non-indie Music MosesMalone01/11/13
Vinyl Collection. JrmyPrks01/03/13
Favourite Producer Shimana12/21/12
High School Albums DotEight12/16/12
2012 Concerts KenboSlice12/14/12
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1-year Sputnik Anniversary Vespiion10/22/12
Sick As Hell Vespiion10/13/12
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Life-changing Albums Dolving99905/10/12
My Favourite Album Covers baldymort04/30/12
Gow captaincrunch1104/20/12
Last.fm foxxxyroxxx04/12/12
90+ Hardcore, Phxc, Emo And Screamo Albums immortalizepain04/10/12
5 Favorite Screamers ChuckyTruant04/06/12
Arrrrrgggggghhhhhh!!!!!!! Redman5404/05/12
Recs?? ConnorTheHero04/04/12
Great Albums On An Awful Label: Rise Records blairosh04/03/12
Rise Record's Good Bands Strider03/29/12
Bands That I Am Currently In Love With Everall18203/25/12
Rise Records Needs More Of This Redman5403/24/12
Tops RonMexico0703/21/12
Songs I've Been Crushing Recently blaisetheslayer03/14/12
Finals ILJ03/12/12
My Ratings Vs. Sputnik's silentstar03/09/12
The Letter D mynameash03/02/12
Overshadowed Albums onthebrightside02/27/12
Senior Skip Day Tomorrw!!!! Needsmoarbreakdowns02/26/12
Another Breakdown! ChuckyTruant02/26/12
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Check This Out! rahulmenon02/16/12
Post Hardcore Recs? downxbeat02/15/12
computer mice vs mouses ohfoxxxycole02/14/12
Coasts Eleven Coast02/10/12
Making Music chesse1302/10/12
So Horrific Pharoh02/10/12
Jonny Craig Out Of Dgd Devastator02/08/12
Iphone AdamK02/07/12
Mixtape For A Friend Titan5002/06/12
Striding Away From 2011 Strider01/31/12
I Just Barfed Trebor.01/29/12
Rec Me Post-hardcore Similar To.... ChuckyTruant01/29/12
Rec Me Post-hardcore OysterizerInsomniac01/25/12
Two Years With Sputnik derekkp01/23/12
Top 20 Of 2011 Redman5401/22/12
Post Hardcore OwlProwler01/21/12
Jon Mess Hip-hop Song patman100101/19/12
Chugfest 2012 Needsmoarbreakdowns01/18/12
Betlwed11 betlwedl01/18/12
Goals For 2012 patman100101/10/12
Top 5 Disappointments Of '11 Beauville8801/08/12
Elephantrevolution's Top 100 of 2011 elephantREVOLUTION01/04/12
Treb's 2011 100 Album Extravaganza Trebor.01/03/12
Titan50's Albums Of 2011 Titan5001/02/12
2011 PrewDelisek01/01/12
Fromdahood's 40 Best Songs FromDaHood12/31/11
Lambda's 2011 Lambda12/31/11
Last 15 Albums I've Bought finalflash91512/30/11
Some Sehguh 2011 Stuff sehguh12/30/11
The 50 Albums Of 2011 ihopeuchoke12/29/11
My 2011 Ranked HenchmanOfSanta12/28/11
Fifty Foxiest Of 2011 foxblood12/27/11
My Top 40 For 2011 SleepingGiant12/27/11
I Am The Happiest Uncle Ever Right Now. keyboardxmosh12/26/11
Bassists In Post-hardcore Underwhelm? immortalizepain12/25/11
Twlichty's 2011 twlichty12/22/11
New Bass chesse1312/18/11
Academy Of 2011: 100 - 199 theacademy12/18/11
My Top Bands Of 2011 Dummit12/16/11
Stuff I've Been Listening to Frequently For The Past Year Damon12/15/11
Any Recommendations To Broaden My Musical Palate? immortalizepain12/14/11
DaisyHill's Top 11 Of 2011 DaisyHill12/11/11
Dance Gavin Dance Vs. A Lot Like Birds IAmKickass12/09/11
foxxxy controversy ohfoxxxycole12/08/11
Drasticaction74's Top 20 Of 2011 drasticaction7412/07/11
Albums Of 2011 HiLion12/04/11
Turning 21 Next Week Antipunk12/01/11
Tv Shows I Watch, Or Have Started Watching Strider11/28/11
Rev's Top 100 Of 2011 Rev11/19/11
My Life Through Music kevin23411/19/11
Spotify! Vespiion11/07/11
Albums I Have Previously Obsessed Over. (from High School Until Now) avaol11/07/11
High School... Revisited DaisyHill11/02/11
20 taxidermist10/27/11
Halloween Costume SHAKEandBAKE10/24/11
using ubuntu ohfoxxxycole10/21/11
DGD Hiatus, Cancel Tour Comatorium.10/19/11
Songs That I Dig Right Now Redman5410/18/11
2011 Quarterly Report #2 Lambda10/16/11
How To Pronounce Skrillex sehguh10/13/11
work playlist ohfoxxxycole10/13/11
First To 10000? Trebor.10/05/11
Top 10 Dance Gavin Dance Songs rahulmenon10/04/11
Songs That Always Make Me Feel Better foxblood09/29/11
Revisiting 2009 FeralMemories09/26/11
Best Of 2011 elephantREVOLUTION09/21/11
Post-hardcore? Okay tkxxx709/21/11
Radio Show Recs! diatonix09/16/11
All Time Favorite Bands ilovebalz09/16/11
My Top 50 Albums thelonelycanvass09/16/11
2011 Recs Strider09/14/11
Favorites Of 2011 Beecher09/10/11
Favorite Album Closers SexPanther09/03/11
Got New Account + Digs 'n' Recs? DaisyHill08/23/11
Delicious Music runswimxc08/23/11
My Summer Playlist KingJulian32808/11/11
Favorite Post Hardcore dylanthedesertpea08/08/11
2011: The Good And Pretty twlichty08/07/11
Another Warped Review mahan979208/02/11
The Dark Knight Rises Titan5008/01/11
A Grip Of Albums TomArnoldsArmpit07/27/11
My Warped Tour Experience UO91007/22/11
foxxxy ohfoxxxycole07/22/11
All The Bands I Saw At Warped Tour 2011 Beecher07/21/11
Best Of Warped 2011 elephantREVOLUTION07/21/11
Recent Digs. Recs? JasperrrD07/21/11
Albums To Party To ilovebalz07/21/11
I Like Better Music Than You sehguh07/15/11
The Most Arrogant Users On Sputnik Apollo07/13/11
Warped Tour Was Fun, I'm Not Joking Shadein07/13/11
Stuff I've Been Jamming On Recently lolcatzwolfay07/12/11
Dumb Kimm Is Dumb KimmsightMatters07/12/11
Greatest Drummers Of All Time twlichty07/12/11
Favorite Vocalists FromDaHood07/11/11
My Warped Tour Experience SHAKEandBAKE07/11/11
Best Scenecore SexPanther07/10/11
Best(and Worst) Scene Bands twlichty07/09/11
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First Half 2011 HenchmanOfSanta06/19/11
3 Word Band Names Gundlach06/13/11
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10,000 Plays Trebor.06/11/11
Good Vocalists? TheyTookErrJobs06/03/11
Hangover II man parts Trebor.05/25/11
Finally iSkane05/20/11
Epic List For Driving An Hours Distance dawija305/20/11
I Don't Watch T.V. Trebor.05/11/11
Recent Digs. SexPanther05/10/11
My Fav Post-hardcore twlichty05/09/11
Best Of 2008 Klichty05/09/11
Stuff I'm Going To Listen To This Summer Ohlookasea05/07/11
Way Late. But Best Of 2009 Anyway Klichty05/06/11
Man, 2011 Is Awesome ihopeuchoke05/06/11
Dream Jobs Samshine05/03/11
The Jizzle! patman100105/03/11
External Drive Sucks MunsuLight05/01/11
Ipod Shuffled patman100104/30/11
My Favorite Moments In Music SHAKEandBAKE04/29/11
Favorite Songs At The Moment RaiseHail04/26/11
Jobs Or Gates? captaincrunch1104/26/11
Procrastination/End Of Year Acanthus04/25/11
Even More Post-hardcore Rec's Narshh04/25/11
Scariest Movies Ever? sonorirish04/19/11
Le Big One Six mclovin9904/18/11
My Ipod. tkxxx704/18/11
Bass: Good & Audible [recs] BirdlikeSymmetry04/17/11
Break Time crazyblinddude04/16/11
My Favorite Vocalists twlichty04/13/11
Dance Gavin Dance Ranked Srangerthanficti0n04/13/11
Recent Favorites x0m3gax04/13/11
Top 10 Albums ImALion04/13/11
The Albums Of Boooommmmm!!!! Grant13152304/12/11
POST HARDCORE RECS mclovin9904/11/11
No Moar Opeth. mclovin9904/10/11
2011 Has Been So Good Desolator04/10/11
Songs I Can't Stop Listening To derekkp04/06/11
My Top 10 Favorite Bands turboflip070104/04/11
Rec Me Please. xSkepticism04/03/11
What I Slap Dough To At Work. PatchworkNeurology04/02/11
It's Friday! patman100104/01/11
New Emery promiseswept03/31/11
Post Hardcooooore captaincrunch1103/30/11
Underrated Bands Ohlookasea03/28/11
Rec Sspedding sspedding03/27/11
Recommend Me Pop-Punk Thanatopsis03/26/11
Downtown Braddle Mountain witchxrapist03/24/11
It's Been Awhile Sputnik crowing5103/24/11
Possible Upcoming Reviews ShinXetsu03/24/11
Digs+ Recs overtheedge03/23/11
Anyone Else promiseswept03/23/11
2011 Quarterly Report #1 Lambda03/22/11
Bailamos bailar1403/19/11
Warped Tour =( Narshh03/19/11
Killtrox And The Motherships IAmHollywood03/19/11
Frickin Winning promiseswept03/18/11
:post Hxc: Antipunk03/17/11
A Lot Like Birds Demo dylanthedesertpea03/16/11
My Top 10 Of 2011 So Far.... SleepingGiant03/14/11
How's Life Kids? witchxrapist03/13/11
I Need 50000 DIGeridoos AbyssalCreation03/13/11
Sun Drop Commercial tkxxx703/12/11
The Great Debate... JWT15503/12/11
Rift Rules HaloDude44203/11/11
this is some shit right hear ohfoxxxycole03/10/11
Top 10 00s judgedeath203/10/11
DGD DBMII Writing Process coleba03/09/11
Recommend Me Post-hardcore That Does Not Suck Trebor.03/08/11
Creating Cover Art Strider03/08/11
And To Think I Could've Been Seeing Glassjaw Tonight betlwedl03/05/11
Albums I Just Bought At The Local Record Store SleepingGiant03/04/11
My Top 100 Albums alexhennigh03/04/11
Domino's Strider03/04/11
2gnar4u snerefedsav03/03/11
My Top 10 Clean Vocal Albums alexhennigh03/03/11
Dance Gavin Dance beefshoes03/01/11
Jonny Craig Lol LOUIS0NFIRE02/28/11
Best Bad Metal Bands sonorirish02/28/11
Albums Im Looking Forward To In March SleepingGiant02/28/11
Zachary Garren Trying To Rap. tkxxx702/28/11
Urban Outlandish Foursmallhats02/26/11
What Is Up With Them... Strider02/20/11
Releases I'm Pumped For Kronzo02/16/11
Bands I Should Check Out? Srangerthanficti0n02/16/11
This Is Dedicated To You Ben Stiller... theacademy02/13/11
Next Reviews Strider02/03/11
Modern Post-hardcore Narshh02/01/11
Fernando Torres SHAKEandBAKE02/01/11
2011's Gonna Be Sweet mcchub01/31/11
Songs I've Been Listening To Of Late Strider01/31/11
My Most Anticipated Albums Of 2011 sightofyourdemons01/27/11
Time For Surgery!! crowing5101/27/11
So I Started Watching... Strider01/21/11
Top 20 Songs Played On My Ipod TheWhitePicketFence01/20/11
Post Hxc HaloDude44201/20/11
I'm Glad Sputnik Change Doesn't Its Layout.. Understanding In a Crash01/19/11
I Haven't Been On Here For A While IAmHollywood01/11/11
Stoked Strider01/10/11
Top 10 Most Listens 2010 witchxrapist01/04/11
Bands That Are The Most Fun tkxxx712/24/10
"annoying" Vocals/music That I Enjoy icallitvictory12/19/10
Albums in 2011... crowing5112/17/10
Happy Holidays Sputnik Mysteryskater201212/17/10
Top Albums Of All Time... Recently gocomeback12/06/10
Top 10 bands/artists in no order TheOceanInside12/03/10
Inception Sucked Ass crowing5111/29/10
Post Hardcore Recs Please SpiralShadow11/28/10
30 Favorite Albums SpiralShadow11/22/10
ther is only one way Mewcopa11/12/10
Loadz And Loadz Of Downloadz BeardedIdiot11/12/10
Dbm Ranked wittwright11/07/10
Miserably Misearbile tkxxx711/03/10
Anthropocentric Torii11/01/10
A List For A Friend Strider10/27/10
Recent Digs ARuinedEmpire10/27/10
Need More Downloading//itunes Desires More Music FutureFoe10/24/10
Overplayed Albums Lucid10/10/10
Songs Under One Minute, For A Quick One sightofyourdemons10/05/10
Hope These Are Good Strider10/05/10
Please don't stop the music! Strider10/04/10
Currently On Repeat xTevinx10/03/10
Need Recs Please tkxxx710/03/10
Rec Me Scene Bands... bailar1409/29/10
This Weekend xTevinx09/26/10
Brouhaha sightofyourdemons09/20/10
Neg Away xTevinx09/15/10
My Top Ten Albums ZilbelPing09/13/10
1 Year Anniversery puma3509/03/10
I'm Down With Brown Town witchxrapist09/03/10
Girls Are Confusing UnderDaIce08/30/10
Top 100 Of The Decade Rev08/28/10
Top 10 Modern Post-hardcore WoggleBunny08/27/10
Needz Moar Post Hxc dylanthedesertpea08/27/10
I Have An Ingrown Toenail AbyssalCreation08/23/10
What I'm listening to (Rec's Please) fractured08/23/10
Some Of My Favesies (breakdowns) witchxrapist08/23/10
Take A Shot At Deviant! Deviant.08/20/10
Haven't Been On Here Too Much Lately dylanthedesertpea08/20/10
First List!!:D chesse1308/19/10
Bands I Used To Hate AbyssalCreation08/18/10
I Finally Got A Last.fm Account crowing5108/18/10
Ryan Reynolds theacademy08/13/10
Top 25 Most Played. sdoughertyYDG08/12/10
Last Test Of The Summer!!!!!! witchxrapist08/12/10
Core Digs Bluue08/08/10
Questionable Lyricists coleba08/05/10
How Much Is The Most Expensive Suit You Own? theacademy08/04/10
Some Songs That Remind Me Of Summer DeadBrain08/02/10
Everything Is So Amazing Lately witchxrapist07/31/10
Top Album Closer's crowing5107/26/10
Rec Similar Post-hardcore? marrd07/21/10
Some Great EPs coleba07/16/10
Funny Pessimus66607/16/10
09: A Retrospective Captain North07/16/10
Bed, Wrath, & Beyond witchxrapist07/13/10
A Few Bands I Preferred With Their Original Vocalists... witchxrapist07/11/10
What Cds Should I Burn For Driving? witchxrapist07/09/10
Top 15 Favorite Albums KotoFtw07/09/10
I Needz New Road Trip Tunage StephMCK99007/06/10
Blond Hairs... Again witchxrapist06/29/10
Contributing Reviewers Ranked bailar1106/28/10
my ipod is on shuffle like a cat06/27/10
Top 50 Of The Decade elephantREVOLUTION06/24/10
15 Albums Everyone Should Have agiganticreggin06/19/10
Bands I Listen To Everyday fabzn06/19/10
Top 100 Of The Decade! Kronzo06/17/10
Tracks Of Omnipotence Xplisit06/17/10
Just Watched megadeth10106/07/10
Things I Neglect witchxrapist06/07/10
Yellow Gun Shuffle Comatorium.06/02/10
Going To Havasu March_Of_Sand05/30/10
Jon Mess And Eric Lodge Back In Dance Gavin Dance? wittwright05/29/10
Jesusjuice's Post-hardcore Collection jesusjuice117905/25/10
R.i.p. Dio Bow2LeperMessiah05/17/10
Currently Playing On My Ipod... sdoughertyYDG05/10/10
Mountain Dew Ranked focksy05/10/10
Albums I've Been Listening To Lately breakingb1905/09/10
Cd's I Like snipedthetender04/29/10
I Hate Godspeed kirktastic04/12/10
Recent Digs, Need Some Recs wittwright04/03/10
Music I Found Through Sputnik wittwright03/31/10
Dance Gavin Dance - Happiness (ranked) Thanatopsis03/29/10
Dance Gavin Dance - Downtown Battle Mountain (ranked) Thanatopsis03/29/10
Dance Gavin Dance Albums Ranked Thanatopsis03/29/10
Just Stopped Jumping On My Bed. bungy03/28/10
Essentials sneasy03/21/10
Post-hardcore Recs adrian12303/20/10
10 most Dissapointing Albums Of The Decade Twizzie03/19/10
What I'm Looking Forward To In 2010 Thanatopsis03/19/10
My Favorite Post-hardcore Albums (up To 2009) ivantoar03/19/10
Favorite Post-hardcore Bands Ranked jesusjuice117903/12/10
I Need Recs!!!!!!!!! BurningApollo03/08/10
DaveyBoy's Soundwave Festival 2010 DaveyBoy03/03/10
Expand. hyPROglo03/01/10
Gy!be intothepit8303/01/10
Sputnified! intothepit8302/25/10
My Soundwave Captain North02/24/10
Current Digs BasX02/22/10
Whoa, All My Ratings Suck ZoidbergQuestion02/20/10
Top Bands/last 3 Months! MaidenPriest42002/18/10
The Last 3 Months SlightlyEpic02/17/10
Scene Kid Road Trip Playlist PirateSquid02/16/10
All Kinds Of Recs Dethroned02/16/10
No Bullshit, Just Damn Good Songs youreyesarepretty02/12/10
Alphabet City Is Haunted SlightlyEpic02/12/10
Great Great Great Svedankae02/12/10
Post Rock Recs Wanted StephMCK99002/04/10
Mr Yrtmrnfoudly mryrtmrnfoxxxy02/02/10
Good Post-hardcore Recs? sneasy01/31/10
Purchases mryrtmrnfoxxxy01/24/10
Fye Closed mryrtmrnfoxxxy01/16/10
Wreckz Please thetree01/14/10
Post Hardcore Recommendations adrian12301/14/10
Lyrical Moments Captain North01/13/10
Mike Hranica Replaced hykudos01/09/10
Piratesquid's Best Albums Of '09 PirateSquid01/07/10
DaveyBoy's Top 40 Songs Of 2009 DaveyBoy01/06/10
Rec Me Some... dylanthedesertpea01/03/10
2009 By Month pneumoniahawk9301/01/10
My Personal Top 2009 List MusicinaBox01/01/10
Favorite Bands: Alphabet Kronzo12/31/09
My Favorite Albums Of 2009 TwasGenocide12/31/09
The Coolest Songs I Got To Know This Year Svedankae12/30/09
Thankyou Sputnik Slobo12/28/09
Lucidity's Decade Lucid12/25/09
Hos's 2009 Collection HenchmanOfSanta12/24/09
Academy of 2009 theacademy12/23/09
Top 10 For 2009 loseit1312/23/09
DaveyBoy's Top 25 Albums Of 2009 DaveyBoy12/22/09
My Top 10 Modern Post Hardcore sspedding12/22/09
Cliche List?... I Think Yes dylanthedesertpea12/18/09
Opinions On My Top 10 Of 09 pneumoniahawk9312/18/09
What Are Your Decade Picks? rodigo112/17/09
HUGE Best of 2009 List elephantREVOLUTION12/13/09
FINALLY rodigo112/12/09
Music For Snowboarding! lechium312/12/09
Anal. SpritzSpritz12/12/09
It's A Damn Celebration. Bitstream12/12/09
SlightlyEpic's End Of The Dickade SlightlyEpic12/11/09
Albums Of The Year. Calculate12/01/09
Rec. Me Some Bands Of The Following loseit1311/29/09
Stuff I've Downloaded Lately March_Of_Sand11/23/09
Thierry Henry SHAKEandBAKE11/20/09
2009 By The Streetlight StreetlightRock11/19/09
Artists In My Mediaplayer xTevinx11/19/09
Musical Genius According To Slightlyepic SlightlyEpic11/15/09
Explosions And Rabid Tigers And Guts Strewn All Across The Floor And Last.fm SlightlyEpic11/10/09
Which Dgd Is Most Accessible? MrHotMoms11/09/09
Albums I've Been Listening To MaidenPriest42011/08/09
Top Last.fm Artists For Me MaidenPriest42011/08/09
A Far More Accurate Musical Evolution MrHotMoms11/03/09
Great Post-hardcore With Bass MillionMilesAway11/02/09
Albums That Make Me Feel SlightlyEpic11/02/09
2009 More Like 2000 And Lame SlightlyEpic10/26/09
Best Of 09 elephantREVOLUTION10/26/09
Another '09 List EverythingEvil211310/22/09
Songs That Are Stuck In My Head. Ewednesday10/19/09
Needing Some Fun Recommendations Fapper10/17/09
Itunes Most Played Songs Demonicgman10/15/09
Strizzmatik's Top 20 Of 2009 (so Far) StrizzMatik10/14/09
My Top Five Albums This Year IRAI10/14/09
Current Diglets StephMCK99010/09/09
Ive Gone On A Downloading Rampage MrHotMoms10/09/09
Top 10 Albums Kronzo10/04/09
Soundwave 2010 sneasy10/03/09
My Top Bands Of 2009 xTevinx09/30/09
Cd's I Cant Stop Listening Too PinkBlackberry09/30/09
10 Albums I'm Spinning rodigo109/29/09
Something For Every Mood. Calculate09/28/09
What's The Point? SlightlyEpic09/26/09
Yeah Favorite Songs Yeah widowslaugh12309/25/09
Nhl Western Conference Standing Predictions March_Of_Sand09/24/09
Jumping In Front Of A Bus. thediamondcanopy09/20/09
Information On 99sor? MrHotMoms09/17/09
Today Is A Good Day d00derz09/15/09
Unimaginative 2009 List SlightlyEpic09/11/09
Oh Look, A Desert Island SlightlyEpic09/08/09
Bands I Want To Get In To MrHotMoms09/06/09
Top 20 Last.fm Cubik12508/30/09
Slightlyepic Evolved Into Musical Elitist! SlightlyEpic08/28/09
Best Live Bands Fapper08/28/09
Top Albums 2007 jredmond08/25/09
Smoke In The Room zekeinsomnia08/24/09
Am I The Only One Who Doesn't Think Sowing Season's Brand New's Best Song? Cubik12508/23/09
There Is No Happy Here SlightlyEpic08/23/09
Rumored Soundwave 2010 Lineup moose199208/13/09
Monumental Disappointments sspedding08/10/09
Leaving Playlist pneumoniahawk9308/10/09
Songs Stuck In Mah Noggin StephMCK99008/05/09
Albums Defining My Summer mayzdrummer07/30/09
Albums Im Diggin This Summer... lechium307/27/09
Recent Gains From Sputnik Rntyznr07/21/09
Top N Albums of 2008 Abscurat07/12/09
Top N Albums of 2009 (so far) Abscurat07/09/09
5 Best Sets I Saw At Warped zachblack07/08/09
Rec Me. Kronzo07/06/09
Rec Me Anything pneumoniahawk9307/06/09
Breathe... StreetlightRock07/05/09
R.i.p. Steve Mcnair HenchmanOfSanta07/04/09
Albums Of 2009 freddievillarreal07/01/09
Wonderful Album Art Lions06/29/09
3 Cds I Just Bought. TREO506/25/09
Presenting... 2009. SlightlyEpic06/24/09
I Hate The Radio!! Cubik12506/21/09
Just Picked Up! Cubik12506/19/09
End Of School List pneumoniahawk9306/18/09
Top 4 Albums Of 2009 So Far CradleofMILF06/17/09
Waiting... GBJ06/17/09
Albums To Review Kronzo06/13/09
Stuff In My Current Rotation m4nny06/08/09
What's The Citation For? marksellsuswallets06/06/09
Alphabet Music Yay! SlightlyEpic05/27/09
Got Ink? TheNewWhack05/18/09
Suggestions ????? widowslaugh12305/17/09
The Last 3 Months SlightlyEpic05/14/09
Man Can't Live On Metal Alone... TheNewWhack05/12/09
Two Thousand And Nine SlightlyEpic05/11/09
Oh Snap SlightlyEpic05/08/09
Last.fm - My Top 50 SlightlyEpic04/20/09
Albumseseseasasdadsdfsfg SlightlyEpic04/18/09
Bands I Will Absolutely Be Seeing At Bamboozle This Year TerminalC04/15/09
Music Is Poop SlightlyEpic04/03/09
Top Played Songs. Sort of. Bitstream03/21/09
Albums I Never Seem To Get Bored Of Bitstream02/20/09
Other New Stuff xequalscore02/18/09
I Just Ate Some Pineapple SlightlyEpic02/09/09
Best Of 08 keziasfortress01/26/09
Top Albums Of 08 mastershake222201/26/09
Just Some Musicsss SlightlyEpic01/22/09
Midterms Suck Balls HangEmHigh01/21/09
Thanks Sputnik!! xmOBSCENEx01/20/09
2008: Albums I Enjoyed elephantREVOLUTION01/08/09
Songs I Have Listened To The Most koecim12/30/08
I Was Watching Cnn Earlier... marksellsuswallets12/18/08
Top 25 Songs Of 2008 Lucid12/09/08
First 100 Bands In My Ipod Distance10/30/08
Mark's Top 10 Of '08 (thus Far...) marksellsuswallets10/29/08
Last.fm skitz10/13/08
Bored...myspace Playlist marksellsuswallets09/26/08
Songs That Will Change Your Life zack182daley09/19/08
You Think You Like All Music? Check This List Of My Favorite Bands: zack182daley09/14/08
Moar Digzz marksellsuswallets09/11/08
Upcoming Shows elephantREVOLUTION09/04/08
Dem. National Convention... marksellsuswallets08/27/08
Current Faves hammet_ownz08/11/08
My All Time Favourite List hammet_ownz08/06/08
Dopey Air Guitar Songs For an Alabaster Retard Like Me hammet_ownz08/05/08
Best Of 2008 (so Far) dancelogandance07/29/08
My Itunes On Shuffle #2 ThePriceofBeauty07/15/08
Top Cd's Ever bullwinkle04/26/08
Introducing.... skitz03/18/08
Bands I Found In 2007 Inflames01/09/08
Why I Like 2006 Better Than 2007 dancelogandance12/17/07
Best Of 2007 dancelogandance12/10/07
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Albums I've Bought Lately altrockdude06/29/07
Albums I Cant Get Enough Of altrockdude03/03/07


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