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Favorite Bands/Artists Death Worship
Metal is Gay Guitar solos from another dimension
Most Overrated LP Made Tournament (Nominations) END Let's Jam on Dubtrack
Reich Says Goodbye I'm (not) a Satanist
Grey Old school death metal
25 Bands for 1200 Ratings Greatest 80's Album Tourney Round 3 (WINNERS)
RiP(od) Doom Aesthetic
Greatest 80's Album Tourney Round 1 (WINNERS) My 2016 Catalogue
Classics evilDeath Metal
Favorite 40 OSDM Albums The History of Black Metal
My Favorite Bands Right Now Six Men, Thirty Classics
the five minute list It's My 22nd Birthday! Favourite Albums From 1993
Top 101 Metal Albums Check Out My Friends' band! m/
Metal that rules Fantastic Metal Drummers
Evaluate My Superior Musical Taste Favorite Death Metal
Shoobies... Important and Essential music
Fun Sludge/Black/Doom Metal album Milk
Zazz Morbid Angel
Sell used CDs? Saturday Morning Cartoons
Favorite Metal Album Art Growls From Hell
10,000 Last.fm scrobbles Kickass metal
The Undertaker plug.dj
cool users Only God Forgives
80s music was tight Favorite Metal Drummers
Why Did You Choose That Username? Updated Top 15 Last.fm Artists
Favorite Death Metal Unholy Lords OvDeath Metal
My Favorite Albums That Start With A Heavy/Br00tvl as hell metal
New Tune Up A Journey Through Metal: Part 25 1991
Four.Zero Heavy Metal A Journey Through Metal: Part 23 1989
Sputnik Voted: Death Metal Classics VOTE NOW! Sputniks DM Classics
My objective list of metal:: 50 Abhorrent Releases
Top 100 Albums Rob's 31 Greatest Albums of All Time
Some Really Bad Albums By Really Good Bands My Death Metal Top 20
Worst Album Closers Ever Cartoons
Your TOP albums in another language Ughh..
Top 50 Death Metal Albums Favorite Metal Of Death
The Best Of 1993 Death Metal Cd For The Car!
Some Really Cool Album Covers Metal Recs For A Friend
Do Any Of Guys Skate? Looking For Some Recs
Which Prog Or Metal Album Is The Worst? (Round 2) Retardical Recs?
Killer Opening Tracks In Metal Death Metal Recs
Death Metal Freshman Vs. Sophomore These Albums Are Really Horrible
Death Metal - Florida Vs. Sweden Vs. New York Vs. England Vs. Canada album filler
Seagrave Vs. Necrolord Vs. Repka Introduction -> First Track
Death Metal Recs Morbid Angel Ranked
My Journey To Metal Don't Take Kindly To List Deletions
Current Digs My Top 40 Favorite Albums Ever
Need More Death Metal Energy Drinks Ranked
Albums That Get More Shit Than They Deserve Dark Souls 2 And Metal.
A Tepid Whiff Of Adventurous Releases Old School Metal
The Relevance Of Cds Depends On Your Collection Pt 1 Shitty Albums From Good Bands
Fordeath Metal My Taste In Music in 100 Albums
100 Metal Songs Florida
My Top 15 Favorite Death Metal Albums Leadz Ov Trvthhvzov
999 Ratings Dark Metal Pt. 2
Can't Be Caught Morbid Angel!
Why 1989 Was One Of The Best Years In Metal Gym Song Digs
Got A Promotion Albums That Slap
I Have To Admit... Revived Death Metal Bands
Underappreciated Albums From Great Bands Bands I Should Enjoy More Than I Actually Do.
Dark Souls Jams Some Of The Best Metal Debuts
Awesome Death Metal Albums #2 Awesome Death Metal Albums #1
Great War Of The 90s First Battle (1) Which Is The Best?
Trends In Metal Over The Last 3 Decades Soundtrack To Hell Vol. 2
Hench's Top 25s: 1991 Soundtrack To Hell Vol. 1
Users I Could Beat At Kickball Hench's Top 25s: 1989
Morbid Angel Ranked (Edited) Stuff I Found While Combing Record Stores
Favorite Metal Album Covers Happy Easter, Heil Satan!
Essential Heavy Music Chapel Of Dung
Some Of My Favourite Songs When Rockstars Have Bad Ideas
My First Day As A Dad Winter 2013 - 14'
Which Was More Disgustingly Bad? Buys And Digs
We Don't Go To Ravenholm Anymore So Much Music, And So Little Time
Birthday Digs Cosmic Carrot 6666 Comments
Top Ten Albums Not Featuring Paul Schafer And The Cbs Orchestra 4 Years Of Sputnik
Overrated Metal R.i.p. Lloyd
Me Dig, You Dig, We Dig Top 20 Metalbands
Morbid Angel Ranked Truth Cd Collection - Installment Three
Moosechris Vinyl Collection Christmas 2013
Favourite Drum Albums The Most Listened to Artists in 2013 (last.fm)
Quick Digs List Underachieving Digs
Riffs Of Truth 7: The Return Of The Riffening Butterybiscuitboom
Recent Digs. Rec Me Plz. Record Store Day 2013
Stages On Life's Way Favorite Metal Bands Of All Time
Awesome New Purchases Baddest & Realist
Some of the Best Death Metal Songs Underrated Albums
Comfort In The Future Rip B.T.T.W
Are You Metal? A Taste Of Death
The Return... Personal Top 50 Death Metal Albums
My Top 50 Death Metal Albums (before 2000) My Top 50 Death Metal Albums (post-2000)
Me Don't Like Cricket 20 Favotrite Pissbore Lists
Taking A Break From Sputnik Blue.
My 20th Century The World's Not A Church, It's A Graveyard
One For The Jockey Man My Top Ten Bands
Riffs Morbid Angel Ranked
For The Gentlemans Everywheres 10 Of The Heaviest Albums Evers!
Biggest Difference Between Ratings Miami Heat Threepeat
100 Albums, Demos, Splits Etc That I Enjoy Favourite Bands/album/song
Favorite Bands Cerebral Desolation
Pre Work Digs Gj Miley
80's Death Metal Heavy Metal Albums I Dig
Top 5 Metal/rock Albums Of 1993 Beyond The Grave
Top 10 Metal/rock Albums Of 1989 List Is Music
Top 10 Death Metal Albums My Top 80's Metal Albums
Top Old School Death Metal Albums Afterschool Digz
Something For Everyone Formulas Interludes Ranked
Gateways My Top 20 Death Metal Albums
The Ashes 3rd Test Favorite Metal Albums
List Is A List Wesley Willis Guide To Rock & Roll
Eeeeerrgghhhhhhhhhh Guaaaarrrhhh Metal Mondays
Leads Of Huuuaaaaaaaarrrrrrkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Birthday Jams
My Favourite Death Metal Albums New York Vs Florida
The Ten Best Albums Ever Abominations Agreed
Altars Agreed Metal Albums Still Relevant Today
Dm Kinda Night Death Vs Morbid Angel
Just Death Metal Girlfriend Left Me...
1993 25 Great Metal Debuts
Sputnik's Metal Madness - Second Round Sputnik's Metal Madness - First Round
Graduated High School Yesterday...yay Got Fired
Death Metal Favorites Top 10 Death Metal Albums
Xbox One - Back on Track Metal Recs
Quorthon Summer Means Music Sprees!
Worst Metal Fails I Just Started A Band
Osdm Recs? Hammer Smashed Windshield
M/ Metal Brothers M/ [my ] Top Death Metal Albums
Rec Me Some Good Osdm Who Here Follows Football?
I Creamed Scum's Top 50 Artists On Last.fm
Rec Me Some Death/black/doom Metal Scum's Favorite Debut Albums, Pt. II
Metal's Best Debut Albums Ridin' Dirty
Most Important Old School Death Metal Albums (80's - Early 90's) Death And Grind!!
Essential Jams Let The Truth Be Known
The Lunatic Is On The Grass 2 Key Years
Delicious Spicy Metal chicken Soup With Extra tomatoes & treated with Sufficient imported Indian Peppers For your Hungry ears Favorite Metal
Lifting Digz A Year Of Sputnik
Old School Death Metal Alone We Are But Twigs
Dead Balls Decomposition Hyperdeath
Any Reasons To Keep A Ps3 Top 10 Classic Thrash & Death Songs
10 Best Death Metal Albums Rec Me Death Metal
Metal My Top 100 The Best Featured Metal List Today
More Metal Than Ya Momma's Black Kettle Do You Even Riff?
I'm Tired And Mooching The Lords Of Metal
The Kansas Jayhawks Are A One Seed Plug.dj Greatest Hits
I Bruised My Dick Albums I've Obtained Recently.
Kill A Cop Thrash Metal
Hail To The Metal Of Death! The Best Feeling Ever
Black Metal. Origins, Inspirations And Fuckin Riffs M/ Origins
Five Years Need Dm/bm/thrash Recs Bros!!!!
Gos8n Leads Of Truth
My Favorite Death Metal Guitar Solo Albums Necro Deathfuck
Which Band Should I Check Out Next? Death Metal Enema
Sick List Listens, Stuff I Am Checking Out Or Listening Too. Black Metal History Month
Studying Habits My Definitive List
Death Metal Isn't Even Music So Pissbore Was Right And Wikipedia Is Shit
??? Takin' A Sweet Dump ??? A Trve List
The Big 4's Of Metal? Lyrical Gangbang
Sputnik's Dirty Dozen Riffs Of Truth
You Are A Pleb. It's My Birthday
Grindcore And Death Metal Recs Please My Top 20 Metal Albums
Satanic Boogie Aokigahara Suicide Forest
A Song With Better Riffs Than... Death Metal Vs Thrash Metal
Thanks Sputnik/a Mandatory 10k Posts List Pure Hard Jams
I Just Discovered This Site The Day Of Death Metal
Death Metal Recommendations? Albums I Got On Christmas
50 Excellent Death Metal Songs 2012: A Year In Concerts
100 Greatest Metal Albums (Definive List) Best 1980's Metal Songs
Pure Metal 100 90s Metal Albums
"the Big Four" Of Death Metal?!?!?! Best Live Shows That Youve Been To?
Bands That Used To Be Good Favorite Closers
Death Metal On Thanksgiving (Late Night) I Am A Rapist, Satanist, Sadist, Pedophile, Kkk Member, And Gang Member
Killer Must Own Records 12 Most Influential Death Metal Bands
Rec Me Good Death Metal Amazings Albums Cover
No Power, Only Death Metal Earache Records Founder Has A Blog
Shit Sputnik Got Me Into Florida>
Death Vrs. Morbid Angel Covenant Vs Altars Of Madness
Pulled An Allnighter Last Night Death Metal Pantheon
First Day Without A Cigarrete For A While Death Metal Ranked
My Life In Music (starting 2006) I Want To Start Writing Reviews.
My Workout Music Not Another Dm List
Currently Listening Top 20 Movie & Music List
Music To Music To Calm, Relaxing Love Music
I Can't Stop Smoking Pot Today. I Can't Stop Watching The Evil Dead Trilogy
Digs Top Albums Of 1991
The Worst Metal Albums (in My Opinion) Been Out Of The Game For A While
25 Greatest Death/black Metal Albums Of All Time Finally a good Metal list \m/!!!!!!!!!!!
Greatest Death Metal Band For All Time Desert Island Death Metal
Top 10 Album Openers The Greatest Guitarists Of The Last Fifty Years
Exams Are Finished Top 3 Death Metal Albums Ever
Metal Elitism Will Be The Death Of Metal Top 10 Death Metal Albums
Favorite Debut Albums Notrap's Week Jams
Death metal I love End Of The World Music
Shitcore: The Best Songs To Poop To I Be Death Metalin \m/!!!!!!!
Death Metal Friday My Vinyl Collection
My Gym Music Wooooo Demo-lition
Badass Cds I Have For My Car
Need Stuff Like This Hyperion10000
Best Music For Devouring Flesh Random Metal List 2
This Is Basically All I Listen To Anymore. An Atheist Easter
20 Metal Albums We Should All Have... SKULL CRUSHING METAL
Gimme Death........ And Lots Of It!!!! M/ Death Metal
Yankee's Essential Metal Pt. 1 Favorite Metal Albums
Satanic Queef Stew Looking For Good Death Metal/deathcore/melodic Death Metal With Plenty Good Guitar Solos
Gonna Download Binge While I Still Can Top 25 Deafff Metuhlz
Spirit's Favorite Death Metal Death Metal
E- Band - Musicians Wanted Krazytom's 10 Best Death Metal Albums Of All Time
Greatest Metal Songs or: Metal Through the Ages (Ranked By Year) My Favorite Bands Of All Time
Albums That Will Haunt Your Dreams What I've Been Listening To Recently
I Love You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bought A Record Player
Metalcore! This Is Huh, Wow
Santorum V. Metal Vinyls And Cozy Feelings
Bacon Dnor's Metal Week
Best Albums I've Ever Heard My Favourite Metal Albums
Top 5 Greatest Death Metal Albums 80's Death Metal Recs?
I Need Money! Majoring In. Metal
Jesus Christ Superstar I Need Death Metal Recs.
Which Band Has The Best Riffs Lambda's 2011
Don't Feature This List Haz's 2011
Dagon Vs Cthulhu Vs Shub-niggurath Worst Albums Of 2011
2011.666: Chaos In Yearlist Turning 21 Next Week
Death Metal Playlist 100 Reasons Why I Love Metal
I've Hit A Musical Brick Wall, Any Suggestions? Bad Movies I Want To See
Quality Heaviness #3 Expendables 2
Die Kerrang!'s 50 Heaviest Albums Of All Time
In Metal We Trust M/ M/ M/
Fuzz Pedals Are Fun Feel The Metal
Truths 3 Need Some Death Metal Recs
Albums On My Ipod 2011 Quarterly Report #2
100 Bands I Do Not Care About Real Metal: An Ode To The Truest Of The True
Real Metal 20 Righteous Tunes
Jazzin' And Death Metallin' m/ Morbid Angel/carcass Ranked
Lol At The Top 80s Album Charts Choosing Death
20 Selections Showing Second's The Best Fairly Cool Album Openers
Tea Party Death Metal...
Quintessential Death Metal DM2011?
Listening Death Metal Too Drunk For Your Mind
Old School Death Metal Releases Got Back From The Tournament
Back 2 Skool Middle School Jams
What Do You Think Was More Disappointing? A Pure Explosion Of Ownage
Deathfest Next Year Fuck Yeah Death Metal Em Slash
Playlist Juillet 2010 Top 30
Need Some Proggy Stuff Plzz Most Influential Heavy Metal Records
Best Albums That I'm Proud To Say That I Owned Essential Metal Albums Part II
I'm New Meatplow's 2011 Quarterly Roundup Pt. 2
2011 Halfway Report Rec Me Metal!
Are You Having A Down Year? The Five Shitty Albums Of 2011
Albums I've heard in 2011 herp derp Why '91 Was The Pinnacle Of Death Metal
10 Biggest Dissapointments By Bands I Enjoy Thus Far My Favorite All Time Death Metal Releases
Top 20 Albums Of All Time Rec Me Death Metal
Cant Wait To Get 20k Comments So Kill Will Review Foreigner You Can't Kill The Metal
Out Of The Loop Down The Drain
100 Dollars Later Nader Sadek Album Steaming
Modern Metal Recommendations Anyone? Grab A Shovel, We've Got Bodies to Bury
Heaviness Imo Top 10 Workout Exercises
Real Albums To Play Games To Death Metal Afficionados...
Favourite Lyricists Inveigh's Favorite Metal
Metal Is Dead Metal As Hell
Brutal List Is Brutal M.e.t.a.l: Get Some!!!!!
A Blast From The Past Dm Is Better
Needs More Death Metal Fuck Alcohol
Scion Rock Fest 2011 Cds I Bought In The Month Of Feb
My Death Metal Died Old School Death Metal
Angel Of Death Metal Roadtrip To Asheville Nc
Lady Gaga Deserves Best Album Recs
Satan Music With Circular Centered Album Covers With Red Satanic Top Left Corner Logos Fimbulvinter
Gobfucked Superglue Hellenes
Black Veil Brides Five Best Morbid Angel Songs
Classic Death Metal Albums Sputnik Pianists
Deaf's New Blog I Can Dig It
Bloodstock! Angel Slays The 90s
Am I Scene? Osdm
The Slow Loris Is So Cute Great Moments In Metal
FuckingRIFFS Dan Seagrave.
Tis The Season 666
Florida Bands/artists Ranked Best Of... Death Metal!
666 Comments The Witch King's Metal List Vol.1
Old school means you're sexy Angel's Essential '80s Metal/hard Rock
I Buyed Favorite Album Covers
Angel's 2-year Metal Of The Year. 1980 - 2010
My Favorite Death Metal 10 Best Albums Ever
Real Death Metal Vocal Cover Ideas
If I Made A Mario Kart Wii Custom Soundtrack... I Need Rec's Bad
'89: Golden Years Pt. 1 Classics
Best Guitar Solos I Love The 80's!!
Flower Power No Downloading
Another List Bites The Dust I Hate You All
Battle Of The Genres- Part 11 Dm
Bird Got Crushed, Brutal. Favorite Albums To Run To?
The Ten Essential Death Metal Albums Hi Guys, It's Just Me
Death Binge Favourite Movies
Sum Moar Stuffs I Didn't Like Before That I Really Like Now Top 50 Death / Black Metal Bands
The Evolution Of Steel Erect's Musical Progression 100 Essentials From The 90's
Bleekill's Essential Death Metal The Death
Albums By Bands I Wish I Payed Attention To Sooner... My Top 10 Bands Right Now
Death Or Black Metal? Rock Band: Good Edition
20 Death Metal Albums - A Lethal Guide To Death Metal Some Metal
Give Me Really Awesome Music Why American Metal Is Better
Four Weeks Until Spring Break Top 10 Worst Games Ever
New To Sputnik Digs From The Grave
I'm a Master of the Custodial Arts, or A Janitor If You Wanna Be A Dick About It Fuckin Pissed: Brutal Death Metal
Rob Zombie: Greatest Vocalist Ever? A Dose Of Essential Metal II
Dryden Asks For Recs What Would Brian Boitano Do?
Jus Chillin Favourite Death Metal!
90s Digs Hail Satan
Top 10 H.p Lovecraft Stories Most Influential Metal Albums
Got Back From Shopping Best Band Logos
Death Metal Reccos Needed Favorite Album Covers
Death Metal Classics My Favorite Death Metal Albums
Florida Death Metal Rec Me Some Death!
So Beautiful I Cry Opeth Are Shit
Altmer's Top Metal Bands Metalz
Old School Death Metal Ftw BRUTAL
Top 80s Albums Need Some Sludgy-ness
Classic Death Metal Top 20 Albums Of How Death Metal Must Be Played
my fav death metal albums What Cds Need Reviewed?
Eureka! Top Ten Best metal Debut Albums
Last.fm 1000 Plays Damn, I Have Good Weekends...
I'm Back Going Crazy Online
Worth Buying? Fucking Hardcore Music
Some Great Albums I've Been Listening To Lately.... The Ultimate Riff n Noise Nirvana
These Albums Rule I Have Break This Week!
Buy Buy Buy!!! Metal Albums I Love To listen to After Years
Resident Evil 5 I Am So Hyper Right Now!
Top 15 Death Metal Album Another Trip Into Toronto, Another Score At Sonic Boom!
90s Death Metal Albums Part1 Cold Help
Dead Metal Whenever Boredom Overcomes You, Listen To Music You Must
So I Heard Blink Got Back Together Ibanez Rg7321
2009 Top 15 Albums O' Mine (the Genericness!)
New Name Were I To Be Stranded On A Desert Island...
Albums I Have Discovered...and Loved Like Babies Albums Ima Hear Tonight- Tommorow Night
List O Artists I Need To Check Out Christmas Albums Ranked.
All My Favourite Albums Albums I Cant Stop Listening To Atm
Albums I've Asked For, For Christmas Yes Or No?
Metal Massacre! Recent Digs
Death Metal 10 Essential Death Metal
Decibel Hall Of Fame Some Recent Diginshat
Thanking sputnik for helping me dig these bands To Acquire
Essential Old School Death Metal Bands Bands/Artists I've Been Digging! Lately
Best Guitar Tones Great Albums/bands I Discovered Due To This Site
Current Listens Louder...better?
Shuffle!!!!! I Got Jacked
Good Albums Wolfy's Essentials
Yeah These Are Some Of My Digs Lately... Songs I Would Kill People To
Top 20 Death Metal Top 5 Cookie Monster Vocals Albums
20 Brutal Albums I Like Recents Fucking Digs!!!!!!
New Years Eve!!! Cd I've Owned In 2007
The 100 Albums That I've Liked Most Thanksgiving Tunes
Another Set Of Good Albums Reccomend Me Stuff
1980's Metal These Are Bands/artists I (still) Need To Get Into
Albums I Am Going To Hunt Down Bands/artists I Want To Get Into (once Again)
Autobiography In 21 Albums Extreme Metal!
Bands I Wish To Check Out In The Coming Months Suggest Death, I Want To Kill!
Bands I Need To Check Out High Voltage Metal Songs!
10 Albums I've Bought Recently Albums I've Bought This Year So Far
Bands I Want To Give The Time. Albums I've Been Listening This Week
Albums I Just Bought Top 50 Death Metal Albums
Death Metal That Owns You Black/Death Metal Albums
Bands I Need To Hear Best Death Metal Bands
10 Best Produced Albums of Any Genre Top 10 Death Metal Albums...Ever
Top 50 Albums of All Time


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