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Top 15 Punk Bassists AtrumCimex01/17/15
I Wanna Be A Writer YetAnotherBrick01/08/15
Rec Me Modern Bass Guitar Music ZiggyLadyStardust12/27/14
Finished First Term Of Uni Hedgehog3239612/16/14
I Finally Like Death /m/ (A Pencil's Top 200 Albums 100-76) MyNameIsPencil12/10/14
Favorite 15 Sublime Songs ArsMoriendi10/17/14
My Favorite Bands JaySPNJ09/22/14
Made Irrelevant By Music. ExcentrifugalForz09/17/14
Top 10 Power Trios In Rock johnnyboy197309/15/14
New Job YetAnotherBrick09/15/14
Favorite Music Videos ArsMoriendi09/12/14
Albums That Work Well Together Thuglifethor09/11/14
Out Of Rehab CrimsonFloyd09/06/14
Punk Vs. Metal MisanthropicTurtle09/04/14
Reggae!! itchybuttwhore08/30/14
All Time Favorite Albums Celtics244808/30/14
The Relevance Of Cds Depends On Your Collection Pt 1 YetAnotherBrick08/18/14
Excellent Albums Are Classic aok08/01/14
Albums For A Great Time pannkakesangen07/12/14
My 25 Favorite Albums Of All Time mikep8707/02/14
World Cup Game Changers (last 16) protonjon06/27/14
Time Spent Writing Review? LambsBread06/22/14
Exams Vs World Cup ncguitar06/21/14
Album Cover Guessing Game, Part 2 Green Baron06/20/14
10k Comments dannyboy8905/22/14
Top 10 BlackLlama05/13/14
The 10 Best Albums Released Only After The Band Has Broken Up drasticaction7405/13/14
Great War Of The 90s First Battle (2) Fleshpound05/08/14
My Small (but Growing) Vinyl Collection Spluger05/08/14
What Do You Look For In Music? ArsMoriendi05/05/14
Favorite Rock Albums Of All Time Redincineration04/25/14
Ska Makes You A Better Person dimsim347804/16/14
Albums I Need To Buy YetAnotherBrick04/09/14
Potsy Joins Last.fm LordePots03/27/14
Even More Self-titled Albums SharkTooth03/22/14
Albums You Like From The Year You Were Born ArsMoriendi03/10/14
Lyrics Matching Game! ArsMoriendi02/21/14
420 Comments SharkTooth02/18/14
What Are Some Albums That You Need To Buy But Haven't Yet? erizen82602/05/14
Why Are Cd So Goddamn Hard To Open? SkaCali199102/01/14
Got Denied Out Of My Dream School SkaCali199101/22/14
My Cd Collection Pt. 3 BMDrummer01/04/14
This Is Me YetAnotherBrick12/28/13
311 Vs Sublime wil31112/18/13
Colorado Bound (sorta) Any Recs? SkaCali199112/13/13
Sublime Albums SkaCali199112/06/13
Lost in it Quebecer11/24/13
I Saw Elvis Costello Last Night! jackboblamont11/22/13
25 Perfect Songs demigod!11/16/13
new car jams pt 2 mryrtmrnfoxxxy10/30/13
Sputnikgames. We Need To Make This Happen. MadMikeLove10/13/13
32 Favorite Bands For My 32nd Bday greencorn510/03/13
Reggae Albums I Dig Muisc4Life2609/22/13
What Year Did You Join Sputnik? CrazyPlane09/15/13
Best List Of The Week Epitome09/14/13
In The Back Of My Mind Lately... YetAnotherBrick08/28/13
Starting A Vinyl Collection onthebrightside07/30/13
Favorite Songs> dsroka00507/03/13
Super Scratched Cd's Still Work BroFro06/25/13
Sputnik's Punk Madness Green Baron06/24/13
Genres You Don't Like? ViralOblivion06/01/13
7 Great Buys For $1 Each! spongie6804/27/13
90s Alternative Green Baron04/23/13
Just Won Battle Of The Bands trippinonthizz04/15/13
100 Of Capt's 90's Albums CaptainHadouken04/13/13
It's My Birthday Yay Storm In A Teacup04/12/13
My 40 Favorite Albums jmh88603/27/13
Things I Need To Listen To Basman03/16/13
What I Listen To davidzahn603/08/13
Flashback To Freshman Year wacknizzle03/07/13
More Intensely Impressive Jams YetAnotherBrick03/03/13
Most Played - Summer 2013 micpattern02/23/13
Middle School Jams mttgry02/18/13
Simple Yet Cool Artwork StallionMang02/13/13
Hard Audioporn 3: Xxxtra Hard 70sPriestIsBetter02/03/13
Middle School Jams 02-05 elephantREVOLUTION01/25/13
Summer demigod!01/25/13
100 CDs I own demigod!01/14/13
Lots More 90's omnipanzer12/11/12
The Universe Project MadMikeLove12/02/12
Favorite Childhood Albums deathofasalesman11/27/12
Sublime Vs 40oz. To Freedom (Sublime) huguitoescorza11/20/12
Recs For Fenris MichaelSnoxall11/04/12
My Top 10 Favorite Ska Punk Albums huguitoescorza10/25/12
Music To Roam With jakethecheezcake10/25/12
Guess Who's Back.. Back Again YetAnotherBrick09/27/12
Good Party Music? Piglet09/10/12
A Prog Rock Band You Should Check Out sblevins9509/09/12
90s Emim08/07/12
Prevent Beer Tiredness adhoc08/01/12
got banned????????????????? $$$???????????????????????????????????????????????? (wheres willie) ohfoxxxycole07/27/12
Sirob's Ska-ssentials Sirob07/25/12
50 Random Itunes Songs Deuce831107/22/12
Debut List ibleedcyanide07/15/12
Mac & Jackie's Essential Albums koazey07/06/12
My Top 100 Songs - 2012 Edition sublimefan199107/03/12
Worst Bandz sonictheplumber06/22/12
Ska > Everything ILikeRepetitiveMusic06/13/12
Good Songs Emim06/12/12
Saw A Swat Raid Last Night Apollo06/11/12
Hey Duuuuuudes pothead06/07/12
High School 07-11 pigsonthewing06/06/12
Dante From Clerks Is Now A Pokemon Actor random06/05/12
Started A Band ILikeRepetitiveMusic05/29/12
Hobbies cashnugz42105/22/12
My Top 10 Albums To Get Stoned To Seals8405/14/12
Crimson Floyd's Redundant Third Shuffle CrimsonFloyd05/02/12
1993 And 1996 theacademy04/16/12
Red Lobster Storm In A Teacup04/16/12
The Whole Album jenngray804/07/12
Crimsonfloyd's Second Shuffle CrimsonFloyd04/02/12
Is There A Reason Counterfeit03/27/12
Tyrael's 10k: Dawn Of Sputnik Tyrael03/22/12
Rec Me Band Documentaries insomniac1503/13/12
I Wanna Get High J0ckstrapsFTW03/10/12
Sputnik Will And Testament BigHans03/08/12
Epic Download Day JesusV402/19/12
Favourite Quotes? Piglet02/14/12
Fuck Valentines Day Samshine02/14/12
Top 10 Bands Spacey02/10/12
Mixtape For A Friend Titan5002/06/12
A New Interest In Ska. List Bands. MadMikeLove02/05/12
The Fucking 90's FruityCatOfDoom02/03/12
Top 30 Albums RATM4601/23/12
Albums Purchased 1/21/12 Northwoods01/21/12
Death Came Too Early MFer01/01/12
My Top Ten Favorite Albums sarnold1411/26/11
Saints Row: The Third Radio boogs11/18/11
New To This Site... Recs? MyCarandMyGuitar11/05/11
Can I Get Some Recs? thechodewarrior10/22/11
Top 25 Albums OaklandishMitch10/15/11
Michael Mcdonald! cirq10/15/11
Radio Isn't Complete Shit. Guzzo1010/09/11
I Joined Here When There Was Mxtabs/musicianforums.com, Heres Some Shit Ive Been Listening To The Last 6 Years. Elmo McCheese09/28/11
Triple Integrals Vooligan09/18/11
Get Your Jam On twlichty09/07/11
A Rando Twlichty List twlichty09/03/11
1000 Comments toxin.08/19/11
Come To Tinychat... KimmsightMatters08/15/11
Foxxxyz Phone ohfoxxxycole08/11/11
Top 100 Albums Soflex08/07/11
Nostalgia Gyromania08/04/11
A Spec-tacular List Spec07/26/11
Comic Books, Motherfucker! dimsim347807/22/11
311 & Sublime (with Rome, Bleh) gotsthedewsdood07/16/11
Super 8 Is Super Great! IAmInsect07/14/11
New Music For Kimm! KimmsightMatters07/11/11
My 100 Favourite Albums darkstepheneleven07/11/11
The Summertime johnholly103907/07/11
How's Your Summer Counterfeit07/05/11
Samshine's Guide To Summer Samshine06/29/11
Real Punk Rock effthesystem06/26/11
Top 100 Songs On My Mp3 - 2011 Edition sublimefan199106/23/11
Top 100 Songs Of The 90's Wowzers2406/22/11
My Top 100 Albums Wowzers2406/20/11
Summersongs. Feit style. Counterfeit06/14/11
Nighttime Is The Right Time. layersmeng06/02/11
Here's To Feeling Good All The Time Spec05/25/11
90s Radio Hits chaseguitar05/22/11
Mid 90's Radio BigHans05/16/11
Vinyl Wish List Blindsided05/04/11
I Heart Sputnik HeadClub05/02/11
Help Me Out Emim04/26/11
Songs I Listen To Before I Go To Sleep fearrising1004/26/11
Summer Music demigod!04/24/11
Aids' Top 100 Artists (according To Last.fm) Aids04/22/11
Bands To Download clairecorkren04/04/11
Good Albums When High Veldin04/02/11
Alcoholsexdrugs cirq03/31/11
The Albums You Listened To Before Your Teen Years JarethCutestory03/29/11
Sudden Revelations... JWT15503/29/11
Worst Songs To Have Sex To bunnyxd03/23/11
Your First Piece Counterfeit03/17/11
My Top 100 Albums alexhennigh03/04/11
Music And Games I've Considered Getting WashboardSuds02/21/11
Willie's Essentials Willie02/21/11
Music Emim02/08/11
My Top Ten conm1702/03/11
Original Blunt Cruizin. JesusChris01/25/11
Gifts/recently Accquired Kronzo12/25/10
Here's A Few Off The Top Of My Head... shively12/24/10
The 90's At A Glance KatieKnight12/20/10
Happy Holidays Sputnik Mysteryskater201212/17/10
Music Saved My Life Spec12/14/10
I Dont Always Sleep Spec12/07/10
100 Greatest Song Lyrics Spec12/04/10
Sputnik Profiles: Andcas TheAnalyzer12/03/10
Ska Punk Anyone? Spec11/30/10
Spec's Favourite Vocalists Spec11/29/10
Ender's Game Masochist11/29/10
Been Diggin Teh Punx. Spec11/25/10
Age Of Empires III - TEN CENTS theacademy11/21/10
Spec's Late Night Listens Spec11/21/10
Coming Back To Sputnik Nikkolae11/20/10
The Story Of KimmsightMatters11/20/10
Dub Pistols dreamobile11/20/10
My Top 100 Of All Time steadyriot11/15/10
Birthday Album Gets CreamCrazy11/13/10
My Top Sublime Songs sublimefan199111/11/10
Best Punk/ska Albums steadyriot11/11/10
Completely Pointless Dig List Emim10/27/10
I Need A Halloween Costume Idea Abdar11210/24/10
Sad Songs sublimefan199110/23/10
My Classic Albums UnderDaIce10/22/10
Moist Wood. Plank10/17/10
Kanye's Penis cirq10/16/10
My Favorite Albums twizted198410/07/10
75 Favourite Albums Benjomatico10/04/10
Mah Top 10 Fave Albums Spencrawf09/28/10
Best Albums By Year Spec09/27/10
Redid My Ipod For The First Time In A Year And A Half notorioussam2309/20/10
Really, Really(x10) Scared Right Now Intothepit08/26/10
Music To Smoke Crack And Kill Kids To dopefiend6708/23/10
25 Musts...... dopefiend6708/23/10
My Brand Newest Albums dopefiend6708/22/10
Favorite Albums Of 1996 Caveman08/14/10
Top 25 Most Played. sdoughertyYDG08/12/10
Favorite Albums of 1992 Caveman08/12/10
Vic's Awesome 90's vmcoia9108/11/10
Recent Digs RLFierro08/10/10
Hiatus In Las Vegas notorioussam2308/10/10
Top Albums At The Moment guitargod878708/09/10
I Don't Get It grendel7708/08/10
My Random 50 Songs On My Ipod guitargod878708/01/10
90's Done Retarded Counterfeit07/24/10
My Top 8 Favorite Songs Ever guitargod878707/24/10
Listless Masochist07/23/10
Battle Of The Genres - Part 8 Lambda07/19/10
How Would Sputnik Remember You? tinkrbel07/19/10
10 Movies/music Digs MetalFaceDoom07/10/10
Fav. Songs By Fav. Bands sublimefan199107/09/10
Socal Bitches March_Of_Sand07/09/10
5 Bands I Would Kill To See An Original Line-up Re Of.(dead Or Alive) dopefiend6707/06/10
Served Up Some Coffee Tonight sightofyourdemons07/02/10
Went Cd Shopping Today finalflash91506/30/10
Bohemian Rhapsodies sublimefan199106/29/10
I Be Steady Shufflin' puma3506/27/10
my ipod is on shuffle like a cat06/27/10
Essential Ska EBTCardMania06/26/10
Top 20 Of The 90's nikki201006/19/10
Top 100 Of The Decade! Kronzo06/17/10
Willie's 90 For The 90s Willie06/15/10
Revolution1's 100 Favs revolution106/13/10
My 21 Year Old Bro's Top 10 Albums Of All Time Lakes.06/12/10
Top 100 Songs On My Mp3 sublimefan199106/06/10
A Few Ridiculously Sick Remixes sublimefan199106/05/10
Nice Shwingshwong Counterfeit06/03/10
Sublime Albums Ranked JesusV406/01/10
But If You Aint Got No Job cirq06/01/10
Summer 2010 notorioussam2305/31/10
Going To Havasu March_Of_Sand05/30/10
A Classic BurningApollo05/27/10
Songs To Remember When We're Gone Schizophrenik05/22/10
100 90's Alt/post Grunge Gems BigHans05/21/10
2010 Summer Chill MetalFaceDoom05/04/10
My Musical Alphabet sublimefan199104/28/10
Boned Counterfeit04/25/10
Ultimate Summer Playlist JWT15504/19/10
If You Liked The Ska/punk IleftyspankedU04/01/10
Summer Soundtrack ART3603/25/10
My Favorite Albums Forrestdwill03/19/10
Rec Me Some Ska/punk Without Tons Of Horns sublimefan199103/11/10
Beach Music, Not Summer Music alachlahol03/11/10
Lets Skank! br00talsamitch02/23/10
The Attempt To Expand My Gf's Musical Taste FattyKnee02/16/10
Best Bass Albums BurningApollo02/15/10
I Love My Library FattyKnee02/12/10
Mudvaynian De-leted His List Ire01/26/10
Top 5 Bands Of The 90's ChisledFromBliss01/24/10
Albums I'm Currently Addicted To JWT15501/02/10
Drunknik WatchItExplode01/01/10
Happy New Year!!! March_Of_Sand01/01/10
My Definitive Bands 1991-2010 1994DazDillinger12/16/09
Cds March_Of_Sand12/15/09
It Seems As Though 90's Music Has Been Playing From Itunes Nonstop Lately. washburnb12/14/09
Ska Gets JacobsLadder12/12/09
More Punk Giles9212/05/09
10 Albums That I Can Always Listen To RobertPaulson12/03/09
Ballin' Basslines sublimefan199111/15/09
...but Theyre Dead cirq11/06/09
10 Best Albums (mostly 90s) ndspitt91411/06/09
I Like Faguars mryrtmrnfoxxxy10/29/09
Gimme Your Input cirq10/24/09
Favorite Bands/albums/songs - 70-61 killrobotmusic10/17/09
Hopelessly 4:20 [mix] JesusV409/28/09
Album Compliments To Films killrobotmusic08/24/09
Recs zack1608/20/09
Perfect Cds To Listen To In Summer greg8407/17/09
The 10 Hottest Bands SuperDuck07/15/09
What Ever Hapened To SKA!! GoodApollo1249207/10/09
Albums To Take With You On A Head Trip killrobotmusic07/10/09
Most Played Albums Gore07/01/09
Summer Playlist '09 guitarplaya9106/26/09
10 Cover Songs I Enjoy killrobotmusic06/23/09
Last.fm 1000 Plays combustion0706/13/09
Some Artists I Like Now Walrus48704/25/09
Epic 90's Dude! Abdar11204/13/09
Every Flavor Of Rock soundsgroovy5503/27/09
Bands I Love Whos Fans I Loathe burnafterbreeding03/26/09
Need Some Recs... djdcowboys1703/13/09
Close-to-modern Day Classics Abdar11203/11/09
Band Name Suggestions? username34503/09/09
Hell Yeah londoncalling45702/20/09
New To This Shit.... rawtoenail02/10/09
School Time Shuffle MammalToes02/09/09
Shuffle Time Baby!!! MammalToes02/06/09
20k Last.fm Plays gasmaskman02/04/09
Bands I Dont Understand Why People Love kygermo01/27/09
Year-end Dig List Masochist12/16/08
Bands On My Ipod - Top Songs Playlist killrobotmusic12/15/08
Top 50 Last.fm Artists: Over A Year Later dub sean12/12/08
Bands I Want To See Live ATYCLB1812/05/08
Top 25 Artists Morningstar9812/02/08
A Stonewhore's Mix Up Euphoric11/16/08
Top 10 Ska Albums jebus FX11/12/08
Eat Your A** Up Like A 40 Ounce Steak londoncalling45711/09/08
My Favorite Albums Soflex11/02/08
Top100 (no Subjectivity Allowed) StreetlightRock10/27/08
Bands I Can't Be Without At The Moment LordSalohcin2110/24/08
The Best Albums Evar! dahmerszombies10/07/08
Guitar Hero Iv Dream Setlist Lambda08/31/08
Sublime Ranked combustion0708/24/08
Shuffle combustion0708/15/08
Lol Abdar11208/08/08
New Stuff JoeForPresident07/21/08
My Top 10 Albums jward07/18/08
Perfect Songs- (1990's-on) bobafe660407/17/08
so doesn`t it make sense that death itself is wrapped in a dream MrKite07/14/08
Masochist's Favorite Moments In Music, Vol. II Masochist07/10/08
Good And Bad Nostalgia jrowa00106/29/08
Summer Playlist backinhindsight06/28/08
*updated Music Taste* metalXIII06/23/08
You Don't Know Me: Top 25 Attention Whore06/09/08
I Got Jacked combustion0706/08/08
Future Reviews combustion0706/06/08
Summer combustion0706/05/08
Music I chill too combustion0706/04/08
Top 10 Bands! gaber0106/02/08
Top 3 Albums In My Life Right Now gaber0106/02/08
90's-Present: Modern Day Classics Abdar11205/26/08
30 Favorite Studio Albums UmphreysHead05/25/08
Albums That Are Always On Tam-Tam05/21/08
When Things Weren't Such A Buzzkill Abdar11205/16/08
California! TheDistantFuture05/09/08
Afternoon In The Park... spoon_of_grimbo05/08/08
Tunes For The Road combustion0704/25/08
Good Albums combustion0704/24/08
Diggins combustion0704/22/08
4/21!!!!!!!! Abdar11204/21/08
420 combustion0704/20/08
Four Twenty Dewd!!!1 Big Baby Jesus04/20/08
Another Dig List irishmanshibby04/19/08
My Top 10 Iam13804/15/08
I'm Going To Shoot A Bear... HispanicImpressions04/09/08
My Favorite Bands IOWNU20004/02/08
Tom Vibrance MrKite03/29/08
Ska?! mryrtmrnfoxxxy02/23/08
Bands I Wish I Could Have Seen Live CoRpSeSlAyEr01/17/08
Yearly Albums Since 1970 McP300012/29/07
Christmas Albums McP300012/27/07
50 Favourite Songs Of The Moment Pt. Ii thebhoy12/13/07
My Christmas List McP300012/11/07
My Christmas List dazedandbemused12/09/07
Bands I Want To Check Out, Are They Any Good? Kronzo11/16/07
The Big Ten Ambassador11/05/07
I'll Take A Stab At A-Z Ambassador11/05/07
Abc Bandwagon Jumping fershizzle11/05/07
To Get List/recommendations McP300011/03/07
Favorite Songs 1:30 And Under (no Order) powerpop10/26/07
Hidden Treasure Ambassador10/26/07
Last 20 Albums I've Listened To Jimmy09/27/07
Next Buys Lunarfall09/07/07
Summer londoncalling45708/30/07
Chillaxin' Mix ImInHysteria08/17/07
25 Most Played icaught fire44408/09/07
Top 50 Artists On Last.fm dub sean08/04/07
Thank You, Mr. Hawk; Thank You, Mr. Mirra... Masochist08/01/07
You Say It's Your Birthday? Jimmy07/31/07
5 Worst Albums By 5 Good Bands theminustimes07/22/07
Favorite Bands dudeinthepassinglane07/15/07
My Favorite 90s Albums tribestros06/28/07
My Favorite Songs icaught fire44406/19/07
My Favorite Guitar Solos riobravo102305/24/07
My Top 10 Albums dub sean05/17/07
D Best Albums Imo lanethetrain05/14/07
Favorite Punk Solos HangEmHigh05/02/07
Favorite Bands dub sean04/25/07
Last.fm Overall Top Ten Jimmy03/30/07
Ocean City Soundtrack Syncratic03/04/07
My Favorites tdhinatx02/27/07
Top 25 DuckinFutch802/23/07
Favorite Albums Ruthlessgrunge02/06/07
Copying Slave To The Parasites Because I Lack Originality londoncalling45701/23/07
Albums Getting A Lot Of Play In '07 shevanel0901/22/07
Songs I Listened To All The Time At College grungeguy8801/20/07
Cds I Got This Weekend mryrtmrnfoxxxy01/15/07
Cds I Plan To Get This Weekend mryrtmrnfoxxxy01/13/07
Lol Top 20 kyle66601/01/07
Song I Can't Get Enough Of Lately londoncalling45712/18/06
Solos Syncratic12/08/06
The Best Punk of the world Poponski12/03/06
Top Ten Favorite Bands viennasausage11/29/06
Just spent my money on these Concubine11/25/06
Ska-d for *shot* Serpento11/19/06
My Top 25 Bands Ruthlessgrunge11/16/06
10 Songs I Like to Play (guitar) JayAwesome11/15/06
20 Albums I Am Listening to Lately CognitiveVertigo11/11/06
Revised top 10 Tweed10/25/06
What I'm Listening To Right Now londoncalling45710/19/06
Favorite Songs From Favorite Bands shevanel0910/16/06
A total eargasm!!!! LaVozDormida10/10/06
My Top Ten Favorite Albums shevanel0910/09/06
10 awesome albums crazyguitardude10/01/06
Road Trip! f_u_c_t09/26/06
Top 25 Ska Albums Mike Rakhabit09/17/06
Favourite Album Covers stompybeardo09/06/06
Guitar Jamming Laafe09/05/06
Definitive 90s rock kolzig3318908/31/06
Superfest 2006 heyseuss08/26/06
not-metal songs that i love Diabulus in musica08/17/06
THE NINETIES!!!!1 "Freshly Baked"08/12/06
ten albums gf listens to that i approve of f_u_c_t08/06/06
I don't Looooooove you. francesfarmer08/05/06
Four Zebra07/28/06
Albums that have found their eternal resting place in my stereo Laafe07/26/06
This is not generic. francesfarmer07/16/06
Top Overrated Bands ktstein06/27/06
Im Stoned. francesfarmer06/24/06
The Best Bands Ever DooMGoaT06/19/06
Top 5 Alternative Rock Basslines DesolationRow06/18/06


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