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Team Fortress 2 Maps DegausserGuernica2406/29/13
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1 Year Sputversary Gwyn.04/22/13
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Punk lyzakthellama04/04/13
My Precious TheSatanicSatanist04/02/13
Abduct Me! DeadGuy04/01/13
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The Classics TheSatanicSatanist03/29/13
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80s Blackbelt5403/19/13
Sputnik Madness Rd I (pt. 1) SeaAnemone03/18/13
New User Hoppip03/18/13
Non Flaccid Post-hardcore/noise Rock YankeeDudel03/13/13
Raising Site Presence ohfoxxxycole03/07/13
Fugazi reunion! bungy03/04/13
25 wabbit03/01/13
The End Of An Era? Capablanca02/26/13
Playstation 4 Just Announced Gwyn.02/20/13
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A List About Vinyls. Has That Ever Been Done?? ExcentrifugalForz02/10/13
Vinyl atrink02/09/13
Band's New Record Spare02/06/13
Favorite Closers Gwyn.02/06/13
Please SeaAnemone02/04/13
Vinyl Collection Pt.2 Bloodhail02/03/13
Chemistry Is Boring Monheim01/31/13
New Here, Here Are My 5s thickbricks01/28/13
100 artificialbox01/27/13
Summer demigod!01/25/13
Not Another Vinyl List Tulannical01/23/13
Favourite Noise/post-hardcore/post-punk/stoner Stuff SteveTurnsInsideYou01/19/13
Top 50 Of My Favorite Albums dsroka00501/18/13
50 Favorite Ablums Eva ZmbZ9801/17/13
100 CDs I own demigod!01/14/13
Up Teh Punx iwasnvrurbf01/12/13
My Record Collection Pt.1 DrGonzo193701/11/13
The Past 2 Months On My Path Of Musical Discovery lyzakthellama01/08/13
Favourites iwasnvrurbf01/08/13
20 Albums I Couldn't Live Without Minus.12/12/12
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Recent Digs cb12312/07/12
Codeine Digs Spec12/05/12
Wish You Were Me? intotheshit12/01/12
2012 In Film ibringyoufire11/29/12
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Describe Your Last Shit With A Song Spec11/18/12
Favorite Video Games Mr_Coffee11/17/12
Top 50 Albums Of The 90's (in Order) ZombieDenial11/15/12
Aids' Top 50 Lyricists Aids11/14/12
Rec Me Stuff ILJ11/12/12
My Cd Collection MCGF11/10/12
Mackaye And Albini: Really Great Lol ShadowAmI10/29/12
Greatest Classics Hardcore Punk Albums huguitoescorza10/24/12
Rec Me Some 5s dsroka00510/23/12
greatest games of all time mryrtmrnfoxxxy10/23/12
Breast Cancer Awareness... awal1610/14/12
Watermelon GlassApplesause10/10/12
100 Albums/artists measel4410/09/12
Punk 100 Blackbelt5410/07/12
New User Smithsonian10/04/12
Eurgh, Favourites.. Adabelle10/04/12
Rocket Knives Spare09/30/12
40 Greatest Alternative Artists For All Time (in My Opinion) huguitoescorza09/28/12
I'm New Here MercyFalls1909/25/12
What Do College Students Want? intotheshit09/25/12
Bands Lesser Talked About Albums... larrytheslug09/25/12
A Very Important Question taxidermist09/24/12
Random Good Albums cb12309/21/12
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Top 30 Treachery08/25/12
Objects In My Living Room Ranked bungy08/25/12
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Digital Or Physical????? lyzakthellama08/14/12
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Off To Conquer The States! clercqie06/30/12
1995 mttgry06/30/12
Albums I Want To Listen To... DouglasAdams06/28/12
Host-pardcore Emim06/28/12
1991 mttgry06/27/12
1990 mttgry06/26/12
Albums I'm Waiting To Come In The Mail lyzakthellama06/18/12
My Favorite Albums Of All-Time (Pt. 1) akimbo06/16/12
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Roadddtrippp MybadMADB06/01/12
Four Years sniper05/28/12
Meshuggah Baroness Decapitated Tonight GhostHead05/23/12
Best Songs '00-'09 drasticaction7405/22/12
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100000 Lists.. Adabelle05/03/12
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Songs I Would Cover In A Band By Album MADEinNATIVEamerica04/20/12
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90+ Hardcore, Phxc, Emo And Screamo Albums immortalizepain04/10/12
Tom79's Top 100 tom7904/10/12
Crimsonfloyd's Second Shuffle CrimsonFloyd04/02/12
Hot Diggity Dog DallyLama03/27/12
20 Punk Albums From My Life. Damus03/27/12
10 Albums Recently Listened To That Need To Be Checked Out Sunn17703/26/12
J. Edgar Emim03/19/12
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Sputnik Bball March Madness Year 3 mallen-03/11/12
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Check Out My Pop Punk Band Brah... SkankinJake03/08/12
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Punk Day Trebor.02/23/12
Listening To Cormac Mccarthy And Reading A Book By Clipse SeaAnemone02/23/12
Best 4 Album Stretch? cb12302/20/12
Albums I've Been Listening To Lately austin88802/19/12
i need to download these ohfoxxxycole02/19/12
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Recs? thunderpcats02/13/12
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Lebron's Fault. Crumby02/09/12
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Not Sure What To Call It ThePrisonGuard08/08/11
Your Dream Tour/festival. Acrosstheshield1308/07/11
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First List Since Forever... BradMan07/31/11
Top 100 Albums History Xelas07/26/11
The 90's Antipunk07/25/11
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Post-hardcore Phase Ending dimsim347807/19/11
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Fugazi Spare07/13/11
Albums That Have Bestowed a Positive Opinion of Themselves on Me jefflebowski07/09/11
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Love Without Anger Dads06/06/11
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B List. Tyro05/30/11
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Indian Summer Info YetAnotherBrick04/13/11
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Sex! SloppyMilkshake04/04/11
Going To The Dentist For The First Time In A Really Long Time CrownOfMagnets04/04/11
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I yelled at my ex (but I'm crying inside) CrownOfMagnets03/30/11
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Bands That Need To Reform Scoot03/21/11
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My [vinyl] Collection Antipunk03/10/11
My Top 10 Punk Albums! KinkyFresh03/07/11
Hey. Prophet17803/05/11
Old Rpgs DinoX03/05/11
I Love Getting Tax Money BurningApollo03/04/11
Post Hardcore Recs Please MCGF02/28/11
Orchid- Chaos Is Me widowslaugh12302/24/11
Confound These Ponies... Masochist02/24/11
Willie's Essentials Willie02/21/11
Sputnik, I Lurv You iSkane02/17/11
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Classic Hardcore/post-hardcore Reccs, Please BringMeABrick02/13/11
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The Long List Of Short Music Coloso02/11/11
I Don't Get This Superbowl Thing.. Adabelle02/07/11
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Music Add BurningApollo01/27/11
Eating Pizza And Listening To Fugazi couldwinarabbit01/25/11
Emo/hardcore Albums I Love. ECR20601/19/11
Top 10 In No Order. ECR20601/18/11
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Digletts LegendofPittman01/11/11
10 People On The Bus Scoot01/06/11
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Introducing Spec12/29/10
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2000 Strider12/11/10
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Sometimes I Surprise Myself kitsch10/13/10
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Video Games And Digs LegendofPittman07/12/10
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Post-hardcore Recs EVedder2707/03/10
Deviant Hits 3000 Deviant.06/30/10
Butt Towels SlightlyEpic06/30/10
Fugazi /vs The Smiths Jethro4206/29/10
PROG! - The Bullmoose [mix] JesusV406/26/10
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Are You Still... Crimson06/15/10
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Vinyl Collection TomServo04/06/10
News Mod Is A Myth Prophet17804/05/10
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Instrumental Album Plz AnneFrank03/12/10
Essential 90's Albums intothepit8302/28/10
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50 Worst Movies Ever..... TomServo02/02/10
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Fugazi Spare08/14/09
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I Shuffled My Ipod And Made A List ErasersAtBothEnds07/24/09
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Sufficiently Breathless catsinflats07/20/09
And Nothing Of Value Was Lost? Spare07/18/09
Recent Listens/digs Shrapnel9407/15/09
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Those Who Know Don't Talk, And Those Who Talk Don't Know Golgoroth07/11/09
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19 Years Prophet17806/22/09
3 Years Of My Life Have Been Sucked Away By This Website, And All I Have To Show For It Is This Shitty List iarescientists06/16/09
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J Mascis Time06/07/09
Recent Gets Jonnyborg05/27/09
Nightclubs Are For Queers. ThePalaceOfWisdom05/25/09
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Cookies SlightlyEpic03/03/09
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21st Birthday Buying Spree spoon_of_grimbo01/26/09
First 100 On Ipod SVIIB01/20/09
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Pie Chart Thingie DeadToPain03/18/07
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Stuck With Me Doonothing02/21/07
Best Song Endings Doonothing02/15/07
Fav. Bands And Best Album From Each Doonothing02/07/07
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Top 75 Albums 1985-1994 morrissey01/21/07
Disappointed Attempts andy001/13/07
To Prove I'm Better Than Canyoneer Iluvatar12/24/06
100 Of My Favourite Songs IBegToDiffer12/17/06
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Some of my favourite songs Cannsaw11/22/06
Top 50 bands Cannsaw11/22/06
iluvs 20 post-hardcore/emo albums Iluvatar11/17/06
I too have phallus type genitals francesfarmer11/04/06
Whoah what the hell Iluvatar11/04/06
Real Men Do Top 100s Iluvatar11/02/06
Favorite Albums by my Favorite Bands 4.0 Muisee10/23/06
OshiXcore car mix Intransit10/23/06
What I'm Listening To Right Now londoncalling45710/19/06
As long as you play with passion... Iluvatar10/12/06
Iluvatar likes sing alongs Iluvatar10/03/06
My Favourite Bands ElPablo09/30/06
Favorite Bands Not Around Anymore tburns00009/28/06
Bands I Like oconnor26309/24/06
Iluvs top 100 albums ever in his polluted way of thinking Iluvatar08/20/06
Favourite Post-Hardcore Albums Concubine08/11/06
Iluvatar's Favorite Albums! Iluvatar07/16/06
Top 100 Punk Albums of All Time (Number 2) Brain Toad07/01/06
Top 100 Punk Albums of All Time Brain Toad07/01/06


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