273 Music Lists Found Mentioning Panda Bear

Blatant Beach Boys Rip Off Recs IronGiant02/27/15
2/16/15 PrewDelisek02/16/15
Favorites Of January 2015 Sturgis02/01/15
January 2015 LordePots01/31/15
January Ranked oisincoleman6401/31/15
January 2015 Is Sick wtferrothorn01/24/15
2015 Kicking Ass Already BigPleb01/23/15
Inherent Vice londoncalling45701/16/15
Which Album Should I Listen To oisincoleman6401/16/15
Potsy 2014: The Passable LordePots01/05/15
2014 Sucked SwallowShotguns12/13/14
Sleap 2k14 Sleaper12/12/14
Things To Look Forward To 2015 McMegaMountain12/11/14
Best Vaporwave/chillwave Albums? IronGiant12/09/14
How Are You? Thuglifethor11/19/14
"There's nothing left to save" : Snoopcow's Favorite Albums Snoopcow07/30/14
Unemployed Phlegm06/27/14
My Favorite Vinyl ElviGemini06/19/14
Electronic Music SticksmanTheBored05/25/14
Potsy: Facking Pockets (shuckin Duck Edition) LordePots05/16/14
Summer 2014 Live, An Anticipatory List Aids05/07/14
...fuk 2 ethos04/22/14
Best Of 2011 lou100004/17/14
Underrated Records SticksmanTheBored04/08/14
Hey Sun Kman41803/25/14
The Insomnia List Blues zakalwe03/19/14
Horror Comedies RVAHC1303/15/14
Vinyl #2 PrewDelisek01/01/14
Things To Look Forward To In 2014 McMegaMountain12/18/13
Shuffle iwasnvrurbf11/25/13
100 Great Albums From 2000 - 2010 Basman11/25/13
Happy Thanksgiving, You Dickhole ibringyoufire11/24/13
2000s Top 20 lou100011/22/13
Music That's Off The Main Road YetAnotherBrick09/30/13
My Vinyl Collection skeletallamper08/30/13
In The Back Of My Mind Lately... YetAnotherBrick08/28/13
Long Songs Kiran08/04/13
25 Fave Albums Polyethylene08/03/13
Recent Vinyl Purchases Polyethylene07/28/13
Summer 2009 TheManMachine07/16/13
secret/magic/soft/ambient/airy recs please ethixx07/10/13
Dave's Wacky Uk Adventure, But Not Really ibringyoufire07/07/13
Massive-sounding Music? Polyethylene06/25/13
Vinyl #1 PrewDelisek03/31/13
Jash's Vinyl (some Of It) Jash03/19/13
~ Strawberry Bubblegum ~ SeaAnemone03/14/13
100 Indie Albums Basman02/11/13
Favourite Electronic Artists 2 lou100002/09/13
Top 10 Dreamworks Animated Films Hedgehog3239601/25/13
Ali's Top 100 Albums Lucid01/20/13
I'm Becoming A Hipster lilium2301/04/13
Favourite Electronic Artists lou100012/09/12
2012 In Film ibringyoufire11/29/12
Gay Music For Gay People Lakes.11/25/12
2000s Top 50 lou100011/17/12
Birthday Tomorrow cuki9210/24/12
4 Rev-tastic Years On Sputnik Rev10/22/12
Artificial Death... cuki9210/16/12
2007 mttgry07/11/12
Mac & Maggie's Essential Albums koazey07/06/12
Music For The Future cuki9207/04/12
Rev's Top 25 Snes Games Rev06/13/12
Best Vegetables In Music kanker06/12/12
Sunchamber Rev06/03/12
Artists/albums That Transition Well mikeg199205/22/12
Kingsoby2011 Notables finally kingsoby105/15/12
Wrath of Bong Rev04/20/12
My Anti-favorite Albums List LittleSampson04/11/12
My Required Favorite Albums List LittleSampson04/10/12
Mrkite Is Making Another List jinglingjongler02/24/12
Electronica Basman02/23/12
Mrkite Is Bored jinglingjongler02/22/12
Lucid 100 Lucid02/21/12
Why 2011 will be remembered PistolPete02/20/12
i need to download these ohfoxxxycole02/19/12
Folkadelic juiceviaorange02/15/12
Turning 19 Tomorrow! Favourite Albums GunzAndAlcohol02/15/12
My Special Tea devious02/02/12
Rec Me Record Players Rev01/22/12
The 50 Best Albums Of 2011 aKidNamedConnor4101/22/12
Played A-live: Nyc Oct - Dec 2011 aok01/07/12
Rev Hits 5000! Rev01/07/12
Treb's 2011 100 Album Extravaganza Trebor.01/03/12
Psykonaut's 2011 psykonaut01/01/12
Lucidity's 2011: Songs Lucid12/31/11
Patrick Fannon's 2011 Best Music patrickfannon12/31/11
Year End List 2011 eonbluekarma12/30/11
International Year Of Forests iarescientists12/29/11
Drive londoncalling45712/28/11
Best Albums Of '11 juiceviaorange12/27/11
MisterTornado in 2011 MisterTornado12/26/11
Captwaffles' 2011 CaptWaffles12/19/11
Academy Of 2011: 100 - 199 theacademy12/18/11
An Atomic 2011 (part 2) AtomicWaste12/17/11
My Favorites Of The Year Basman12/17/11
Rec Me Albums For My Phone Rev12/15/11
Lakes' Top 20 Of 2011 Lakes.12/11/11
Isitluck?'s Top 15 Of 2011 IsItLuck?12/10/11
Top 20 Albums Of 2011 rebel8612/10/11
Downer's Top 25 Of 2011 Electric City12/08/11
conrad presents 25 from 2011 conradtao12/07/11
Great Albums Of 2011 OrangeHologram12/04/11
Pawpns Top 50 Songs Of 2011 Sleaper11/26/11
Lucidity's 2011: Albums Lucid11/23/11
Any Baroque/chamber Pop Recs? Crownley11/20/11
Rev's Top 100 Of 2011 Rev11/19/11
My Favorite Album Openers TheseModernThings11/14/11
Edit: Favourite Albums Pt. II GunzAndAlcohol11/12/11
Favorite Albums Of 2011 Mindblown11/11/11
Fav Albums Of 2011 Sleaper11/11/11
To 5 Or Not To 5 WhiteWallStargazers11/08/11
Free Prog Records psykonaut10/09/11
A Very 2011 List vmcoia9110/05/11
100 Users aok09/26/11
Giraffes! OrangeHologram09/23/11
My Top Twenty Seven TheFonz12309/17/11
Are You A Metalhead? xenocide.08/22/11
End Of Summer Digs. Check It. Gnarwhalz08/19/11
The Favourite Albums Of An 18-year Old GunzAndAlcohol08/17/11
Independent Radio Job Rev08/15/11
Rev's Top 30 Of 2011 So Far Rev08/02/11
Dumb's Vinyl Collection Pt. 2 ComfortablyDumb08/02/11
Music To Fade In And Out .. sehguh07/30/11
Lakes' Top 20 Of The Decade Past Lakes.07/28/11
Current Vinyl Collection (with Descriptions!) LiquidVelvet07/26/11
Top 5 Let-downs Of 2011 (7/20/11) lancebramsay07/20/11
Goodbye Sputnik... Lucid07/17/11
Top 10 Of 2007 McMegaMountain07/16/11
Sputnik User Superlatives dnor07/14/11
Top Ten Albums Of 2011 (so Far) revolution107/07/11
Garden State 2 Soundtrack telebyrd07/02/11
It's My Birthday?/2011 Ranked psykonaut07/01/11
Killrobotmusic's First Half Of 2011 killrobotmusic06/30/11
Samshine's Guide To Summer Samshine06/29/11
Top 10 Songs Of 1/2 2011 Sleaper06/29/11
Bummed dnor06/29/11
Generic First Half 2011 List NickelbackFTL06/23/11
Vinyl silverleaves06/22/11
Jash's Vinyl Jash06/20/11
Half A Year And Here You Are Again AtavanHalen06/16/11
Rec Me Stuff Based Off These Songs. Gnarwhalz06/14/11
The 2011 List You Probably Haven't Heard Of conradtao06/11/11
Sparked Up Summer Rev06/10/11
Imyg dnor06/05/11
Judge Me, Favorite Albums telebyrd06/03/11
Nighttime Is The Right Time. layersmeng06/02/11
Animals Chrisjon8906/02/11
2011 Shenanigans vmcoia9105/30/11
Personal And Confidential. AggravatedYeti05/30/11
Earphones Lucid05/28/11
Real Indie Recs skippingboy12305/24/11
Favourite Songs Of The Year So Far armfarm05/15/11
Top 10 Albums Of 2011...so Far aKidNamedConnor4105/11/11
Planewreck's Top 20 Albums plane05/02/11
Aoty's So Far Shrapnel9405/01/11
Songs About Yearning, Love Lost And Desire aok04/29/11
Michael Scott. KeithStone58204/28/11
Top 50 Albums Of 2011 (4/27) lancebramsay04/27/11
2011 Has Produced Nearly 4 Gb Of Music ThyCrossAwaits04/27/11
2011 Thus Far abumafoo04/24/11
Favorite Albums Of The 2000's aKidNamedConnor4104/24/11
111111111 joshuatree04/23/11
Sick Shit/five Year Anniversary? londoncalling45704/21/11
I Don't Smoke... NickelbackFTL04/20/11
Follow The Smoke To The Riff Filled Land Rev04/20/11
I Hate Michigan NickelbackFTL04/18/11
Nudes On Tinychat tkxxx704/18/11
Sock punch gimme rex gaslightanthem04/16/11
Happy Record Store Day iarescientists04/16/11
I Wish This List Was More Controversial kanker04/15/11
Spring Into Action. AggravatedYeti04/14/11
On The Moon Polymath04/14/11
Stay Alive juiceviaorange04/13/11
Love Making Everywhere juiceviaorange04/08/11
Listimus Maximus psykonaut04/06/11
Too Many Albums To Download G3N3R1C04/06/11
Fall 2011 Is Going To Be Ridic chambered8904/05/11
The Best Composers Of All Time tokilltheking03/07/11
Tentative Best Albums Ever List Ranked robertsona03/06/11
Hey. Prophet17803/05/11
Anyone Know When The Charts Are Going Back Up? MusicIsMyFavorite02/26/11
50 Favorite Albums Evar Shrapnel9402/26/11
Rec Me Stuff Like This MusicIsMyFavorite02/20/11
Cool Psych-pop Mix ShadowAmI02/13/11
My Most Anticipated Albums Of 2011 sightofyourdemons01/27/11
Favorite Album Art iSkane01/14/11
Recent Digs Treska12/24/10
Top 50 Albums ShadowAmI11/26/10
Favorites MrConnection11/24/10
Coffee Shop sightofyourdemons11/08/10
Merriweather Ranks Opeth merriweather10/24/10
Cough Cough Sputter Sputter AggravatedYeti10/23/10
Chill As Shit Indie bab80810/23/10
Best Of 2010 merriweather09/27/10
Top 25 Favorite Albums bab80809/25/10
Tomboy AggravatedYeti09/20/10
Question For Sputnik SoapySoap09/05/10
So Much Music To Chose From! sightofyourdemons09/02/10
Of Montreal Is The Best Band Ever Shrapnel9408/10/10
Top 10 Albums . . . At The Moment MGSBEN08/07/10
New Lp Plutonio08/06/10
New To Sputnik SputnikSox08/02/10
You've Got Mail! Jash07/30/10
2010: Anticipated Albums? DoubtGin07/20/10
Summer Timeeee Jash07/12/10
Bohemian Grove chambered8907/09/10
Dos Equis Jash06/29/10
Nought Decade plane06/20/10
Moar Indie Pop Plz SmurkinGherkin06/19/10
Robertsona's Decade In Songs robertsona06/18/10
I Rank Staff List Lucid06/17/10
Ryan Flatley's Decade List IsItLuck?06/10/10
Bye College killrobotmusic05/12/10
Just Got First Tattoo MetalFaceDoom04/30/10
Workout Albums DeliciousTampon04/14/10
Albums To Fall Asleep To Ghostechoes03/07/10
New Albums To Really Be Excited For kitteezrfunnieslawlz02/23/10
20,000 Last.fm Plays robertsona02/15/10
Recs Plox AnneFrank02/11/10
Which One? JacobsLadder01/28/10
The Last 10 Years Of Fine Fine Yeti'ing. AggravatedYeti01/22/10
Too Many Albums To Get/check Out killrobotmusic01/13/10
I'm a Real-List [07] Dielikehussayn01/10/10
Robertsona's Decade robertsona01/03/10
Albums To Get When It Warms Up 2 HolidayKirk12/30/09
Adam Downer's Decade Of Awesome Electric City12/07/09
Vinyl Collection Thus Far... MaskAtTheMasquerade12/01/09
Wintertunes Kashmir0911/18/09
Mixtape:[][] SatoIsNotPlace10/17/09
Top 100 Albums Of The 2000's JoRos10/05/09
45: 2000-2009 Kashmir0909/23/09
Chewy Chocolate Cookies Niceinvader09/13/09
Rec An Album To The User Above You robertsona09/02/09
Tie Dyed Mushroom feav23308/30/09
1k Comments! Big Spuniky List Prophet17808/22/09
Possibly My 50 Favorites. modernGuilt10008/05/09
It's Been A Great Summer... ArC07/27/09
Four Years On Sputnik Electric City07/10/09
What I'm Listening To Right Now/plan To Listen To Part 3 robertsona06/29/09
What I'm Listening To Right Now/plan To Listen To robertsona06/12/09
essplode! essplode06/08/09
Big Digs armfarm01/19/09
School Has Started Again SnackaryBinx01/05/09
Digs thebhoy10/10/08
A Look Back At 2007 honourosis08/06/08
Andrew Miller's Top Albums Of 2007 ArtistFaves06/30/08
Summer Time AggravatedYeti06/05/08
Top 50 Of 07 Final Edition Intransit06/04/08
New Buys silverleaves05/19/08
Updated Top 100 Songs Of All Time thebhoy05/12/08
Top Of 2007 Vixenbergen05/11/08
What bands ON THIS LIST should I listen to? doritoz02/01/08
Breakbeat.... Go! StreetlightRock01/21/08
Favorite Mini Albums kazzra01/18/08
Alt/indie Bands I'm Considering To Get Into McP300001/13/08
Iluvatars Top Conglomerate List Of 2007 Iluvatar01/08/08
Favorite Of 07 AggravatedYeti12/29/07
Top 10 Of 2007 cbmartinez12/28/07
Best Christmas Presents? kazzra12/26/07
Top 15 Songs Of 2007 thebhoy12/24/07
Bananaoracle's Completely Generic Top Albums Of 2007 bananaoracle12/24/07
Staff Picks: Top 50 Albums Of 2007 mx12/24/07
Dan/jungler's Top Albums 2007 The Jungler12/22/07
Joe/jungler's Favorite Albums Of 2007 The Jungler12/22/07
Best Of 2007 Robert Crumb12/22/07
Sputnik Users' Top 100 Albums Of 2007 20440912/19/07
Top 2007 Albums IsItLuck?12/17/07
Jebus, Save Me From Sti's bananaoracle12/15/07
Still Quite Bearable Serpento12/13/07
Top 100 Of 2007 Yyy11/09/07
Albums I'm Thinking About Getting londoncalling45710/15/07
Canada londoncalling45707/12/07
200000000000000007 Slaapkamers06/01/07


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