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Blue trve11/13/14
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Rec Me Brilliant Shit Thibs10/19/14
21st Century Riffs: 100 Albums Thibs10/05/14
1996 Recs Avagantamos09/29/14
Metal Classics someguest09/18/14
1989-2013 Metal Favs iBlue09/16/14
Prog Metal Recs Please iBlue09/13/14
Progressive Melodeath Madbutcher309/01/14
Artuma's Top 200: 50-1 Artuma08/19/14
Veldin's Metal List - Come Hither Veldin08/12/14
Top 100 NeroCorleone8008/10/14
In Memoriam: Edge Of Sanity Handyman00308/10/14
100 Metal Songs yourgodisinferior08/05/14
Crimson Ranked OmairSh08/04/14
My 31 Favourite Death Metal Releases... VVild1807/17/14
Gym Song Digs yourgodisinferior06/11/14
Vinyl Collection Part 1: The Metal SCREAM!06/07/14
Day Off. Time For Music. oathofsolace06/04/14
Albums Where The Title Track Is The Best Track VisionsFromTheDarkSide05/23/14
Potsy: Facking Pockets (shuckin Duck Edition) LordePots05/16/14
Hench's Top 25s: 1996 HenchmanOfSanta05/10/14
100 Albums I Own On Cd nob97305/09/14
Great War Of The 90s First Battle (1) Fleshpound05/08/14
Hench's Top 25s: 1994 HenchmanOfSanta05/08/14
Albums I Need To Buy YetAnotherBrick04/09/14
Gym Leader Game (Pokemon) ArsMoriendi04/08/14
Why I Loved High School Thibs03/31/14
Anyone Here I Still Know? Crimson03/27/14
Winter 2013 - 14' VinVal03/18/14
I Might Have A Problem Solaire03/12/14
Good Concepts killth3p00r03/10/14
Crimson Ranked sumyunguy02/26/14
Sputnik! What Are You Currently Reading? TheArkitecht02/25/14
Top 10 Metal Songs Of All Time Madbutcher302/10/14
Favorite Swedish Releases yourgodisinferior02/03/14
Essential Melodic Death Metal Solaire02/03/14
My Plan Failed.... TheSlenderMan01/22/14
Merry Christmas Sputnik! Some Cds I Got Today FearThyEvil12/25/13
Any Death Metal Suggestions? emester12/16/13
My Top 5 Death Metal Albums Solaire12/11/13
Hi Sputnik yourgodisinferior12/07/13
Stuff I've Been Listening To oathofsolace11/19/13
My 2nd Sput-versary Is In A Week SadAndHolyGlow11/17/13
High On Percs MeatSalad11/15/13
Baddest & Realist Rrromario11/14/13
Kingdom Hearts And Death Metal lyzakthellama11/10/13
Personal Top 50 Death Metal Albums trainofconsequence10/20/13
My Top 50 Death Metal Albums (before 2000) GetOutOfMyHouse10/20/13
College Jobs Avagantamos10/15/13
The World's Not A Church, It's A Graveyard dsroka00510/07/13
Happy Birthday To Meeeeeeee. Spag09/28/13
500 Ratings VisionsFromTheDarkSide09/22/13
Favorite Bands Zorc222209/18/13
Cerebral Desolation Decapod09/13/13
100 Records SCREAM!09/06/13
List Is Music ButteryBiscuitBass08/30/13
Another Metal List BallsToTheWall08/20/13
5 At A Time Decapod08/09/13
Cheeky 10 ButteryBiscuitBass08/08/13
20+ Minute Songs In My Music Library NarkalepticNinja08/01/13
The Ashes 3rd Test ButteryBiscuitBass08/01/13
Edge Of Sanity Ranked NeroCorleone8007/27/13
My Favourite Death Metal Albums amakir07/15/13
Sputnik Birthday Poet07/12/13
The Ten Best Albums Ever Gorlach07/09/13
Crimson Vs Purgatory Afterglow huguitoescorza07/04/13
Artuma's Top 100 Artuma06/30/13
Top Ten Metal Albums dsroka00506/29/13
1993 SpiritCrusher206/27/13
Sputnik's Metal Madness - First Round Scum06/23/13
Worries BigPleb06/20/13
Rec Me Prog rapedbyelephants05/16/13
Who Here Follows Football? Surtur05/11/13
Birthday EvoHavok05/10/13
I Creamed BigPleb05/09/13
Under-appreciated Extreme Metal rapedbyelephants05/02/13
Perfect Gaming Music micpattern04/30/13
Bands I Wish Would Get Back Together rapedbyelephants04/28/13
Friday Night Jams ButteryBiscuitBass04/26/13
Proggin It Up This Thursday Afternoon geasoftime04/25/13
Even More Prog Thursday Artuma04/25/13
2 Key Years Keyblade04/18/13
A Year Of Sputnik Vakarian1204/07/13
A Prog Metal List Freakeye04/05/13
Metal My Top 100 DarkSideOfLucca03/27/13
Destroyer Of Light Cd Is Available SteelErectedb4you8er03/21/13
Up All Night, Up All Day grish03/20/13
My Relatively Top 100 Albums Mike0803/08/13
My Current Metal Playlist recycledcopier03/05/13
Craving For A Fresh Shit vanfullofretards02/22/13
Top Albums In My Rotation beneathTheLights02/16/13
Jamn, new original tunes grish02/08/13
James Bond Ranked Insurrection02/02/13
Prog Metal Recs FixedSocketThreat01/28/13
Top 50 Of My Favorite Albums dsroka00501/18/13
Death Metal Vs Thrash Metal huguitoescorza01/17/13
So, You Want To Death Metal? MichaelSnoxall01/12/13
50 Excellent Death Metal Songs RetroSpective12/28/12
Best Bond Villains RetroSpective12/27/12
100 Greatest Metal Albums (Definive List) huguitoescorza12/19/12
100 90s Metal Albums Funeralopolis12/10/12
Metal Musical Funeralopolis12/01/12
Will We Ever Run Out Of New Music? Keyblade11/23/12
New Hard Drive Shuyin11/21/12
Killer Must Own Records ButteryBiscuitBass11/19/12
100 Killer Albums souleater11/16/12
God Is A Swede? Wafflez11/15/12
Is I-Doser Good? GiaNXGX10/20/12
Mid-October digs xVision10/14/12
Top 50 Metal Albums Ever SlMBOLlC10/14/12
Some Albums/bands That I Like emma17610/13/12
My Top 20 Artists And Stuff Wafflez10/13/12
Metal That Progresses~ KILL10/12/12
Growlers/raspers Me Likey OmairSh10/11/12
Death Metal Pantheon swarth7810/08/12
Death Metal Ranked dsroka00510/08/12
The Big 5 Of Progressive-Death huguitoescorza10/04/12
Experimental/prog Metal That Melts Faces DarkSideOfLucca10/02/12
Queued For Later Geadom09/29/12
The word "esque" ruined my review ViperAces09/16/12
Top Albums Of 1996 Cghost09/10/12
Top Albums Of 1994 Cghost09/10/12
If Only..... FictionalFlames09/02/12
Greatest Metal Albums For All Time (in My Opinion) huguitoescorza08/30/12
Jenna Fischer Is Cute PlanningMyDeath08/15/12
Just Ordered Opeth Tickets! TheArkitecht07/29/12
Music With Epicness alpherbethegamow07/20/12
One Song Albums renkls07/08/12
Greatest Death Metal Band For All Time huguitoescorza07/05/12
Top 10 Favorite Metal Albums dsroka00507/03/12
Top 10 Favorite Albums (all-time) dsroka00506/16/12
Music of Sweden Havey06/12/12
Very Death Friday mifzal06/01/12
School's Out AllGabrielsAreGlass05/31/12
Chips Ranked Vespiion05/19/12
Battle Of The Bands, Round 1 CrimsonFloyd05/17/12
Happy 5 Year Sputniversary To Botb botb05/17/12
Sorry Burst Your Bubble Fans Mike0805/06/12
Death Metal CrimsonFloyd04/23/12
I Crave Metal Dimor04/16/12
Favorite Metal Albums Freakeye04/13/12
No Filler Albums emc269104/08/12
My Current Digs Dashy04/02/12
Melodic Death Metal fulgrim03/11/12
The End Is Nigh EverythingEvil211303/01/12
Tom Waits Or Dan Swano? AllGabrielsAreGlass02/22/12
90s Metal For Your Nuts macadoolahicky02/22/12
Scoot's Top 100 Albums Scoot02/19/12
Really Long Songs Anyone? Medicinelover02/19/12
Top 40 Artists Mike0802/11/12
A Year On Sputnik TheArkitecht02/06/12
Military Inspection Tomorrow NWOAHM66602/05/12
Dan Swano Guest Hosts Radio Program AllGabrielsAreGlass02/03/12
Rec. Music With Low Voiced Singers Crimson Death01/29/12
Melodeath Rec's Shuyin01/24/12
Quality Heaviness #4 DeadBeat01/14/12
Concept Album Recs AllGabrielsAreGlass01/09/12
School Tomorrow tarkus01/02/12
Metal That I Enjoy ILikeYoyos112/30/11
Rec Me Metal Like This... shrapnel12/24/11
Death Metal Digs fulgrim12/23/11
100 Reasons Why I Love Metal mbrigham111/28/11
Scoot Recs Scoot11/14/11
My Favorite Melodic Extreme Metal Albums Ever XfingTheSullen11/10/11
Winter Is Coming Nagrarok11/09/11
It's My Birthday! TheArkitecht11/04/11
(w/ Video) The Top 25 Mikael Akerfeldt Screaming Passages - An Epic Journey of Ear Rape CrackeTheSkull11/02/11
Needs Moar Metallicopeth omnipanzer10/18/11
Real Metal KronosRage210/10/11
Somewhere Along The Highway Shuyin10/10/11
Working Out Scoot10/08/11
500 Ratings, 666 Comments tarkus10/06/11
Being Evicted Decapod10/05/11
Jazzin' And Death Metallin' m/ TheArkitecht10/05/11
25 Melodeath Masterpieces RandolphCarter09/30/11
Bands That Sputnik Has Got Me Into. Demonickid1025909/29/11
Why Not... Top 100. NeutralMilkMotel09/29/11
Quotes from The Room austin88809/28/11
How About That flalafell09/05/11
Boy Meets World Scoot09/03/11
Rec Me Books tarkus08/24/11
Are You A Metalhead? xenocide.08/22/11
Rofl @ Jozh Scoot08/19/11
Poet's Riffs Poet08/13/11
My Favorite 100 Songs Avagantamos08/07/11
Meeting Sputnikers Irl Aids08/03/11
Post Your Cover Vids Scoot07/30/11
Albums For The Ages Lethe06/21/11
Brings My Piss To A Boil Scoot06/11/11
Top Ten Mike Akerfeldt Screaming Passages (with Video) CrackeTheSkull06/05/11
You Can't Kill The Metal EverythingEvil211306/01/11
The Nineteen Nineties EverythingEvil211305/25/11
Scandinavian Death Metal RightSaidFred05/24/11
Modern Metal Recommendations Anyone? singthewordhope05/17/11
The Longer, The Better (14+) ctaxxxx04/26/11
My 5s InAbsentia04/12/11
Favorite Album Covers 2 austin88804/10/11
Top Ten Favourite Bands (warning may contain traces of cliche). TheArkitecht04/05/11
Prog Metal Is The Best Type Of Metal... flalafell04/01/11
Sputnik Madness N I T shrapnel03/22/11
Jeremy Clarkson Beatbox HSThomas03/16/11
A Metal List JamieTwort03/13/11
Needs More Death Metal Mewcopa003/11/11
Go Football! 37er0003/01/11
Long Songs, Concepts And One-track Albums. TheArkitecht02/18/11
Albums That Should Have Been So Much More daveypeach02/09/11
Melodeath Itwasthatwas02/08/11
1000 Comments 100 Albums zarquan9902/06/11
Ohh Fuuuuu.... New User. TheArkitecht02/05/11
Rec Me Horror combustion0702/02/11
This List Doesn't Exist flalafell01/29/11
Users' Best Of The Decade Willie01/21/11
Best Guitar-driven Songs InAbsentia01/19/11
Prog-metal Anyone? flalafell01/09/11
Albums On My Ipod noahALTfan9412/18/10
100 Songs Of The 20th Century Nagrarok11/27/10
Osdm vanderb0b11/12/10
100 Users Favorite Songs theacademy10/27/10
666 zarquan9910/18/10
So Here I Am... BeardedIdiot10/15/10
Progressive And Neo-classical Recs HSThomas10/10/10
The Witch King's Metal List Vol.1 ShadowRemains10/09/10
Stuff I've Discovered Thanks To This Site iwubmoosik10/08/10
Bored Out Of My Skull BeardedIdiot10/07/10
75 Favourite Albums Benjomatico10/04/10
Consider This My Resignation jesusjuice117910/04/10
I Seek Attention BeardedIdiot10/03/10
Pure Epic chait1210/02/10
31 Days Of Death And Horror jk2two09/29/10
Astronomy BeardedIdiot09/14/10
Sputnik Ends....tommorow Mewcopa09/13/10
One Year On Sputnik Disconnected09/06/10
I Did Not Hit Her, I Did Naaaawt!!! BeardedIdiot09/06/10
Albums I Listened To Yesterday.. (procrastination List) angoragoat09/02/10
Mental Metal Jethro4208/31/10
The Great Concept Albums Part 2 austin88808/30/10
I'm Pretty Sure I Have A Serious Problem BeyondSanity08/13/10
In Need Of A Death Mutalz Booster Pack! sweeptehsweepz08/01/10
Favourite Sub-genre Of Metal? SpectralArchitect07/28/10
Poet Turns The Big Three Today! Poet07/12/10
Sputnikversary! Nagrarok07/06/10
Are You Still... Crimson06/15/10
Top 50 Death / Black Metal Bands TheAngryPelican06/09/10
The Evolution Of Steel Erect's Musical Progression SteelErectedb4you8er06/06/10
Guess That Sputniker 10 tinkrbel06/02/10
Top 10 Guitar Lead Albums TheElephant05/31/10
How Many Bands Is Too Many For A Facebook Profile? salival1305/31/10
Death Metal vanderb0b05/24/10
Guess that Sputniker 8 tinkrbel05/19/10
What Have I Been Up To? Mewcopa05/18/10
Scrambles The Death Dealer EverythingEvil211305/13/10
Hey Some Good Death Metal chambered8905/12/10
My Favorite Albums Of All Time vanderb0b05/08/10
Cinco De Drinko!!!!!!! AnotherBrick05/05/10
Essential Prog qwe305/05/10
10 Best Melodeath Albums vanderb0b04/26/10
Vinyl I Own/will Own Ire04/18/10
Top 100 Of The Decade, #30-21 FeralMemories03/27/10
24 Car Ride Friday, Need Music!!!!!!!!!!!! AnotherBrick103/10/10
My Very Favorite Music Found On Sputnik Jethro4203/05/10
Dream Concert combustion0703/04/10
Why European Metal Is Better FeralMemories03/04/10
Cds In My Car TheElephant03/04/10
Best Reviewers On Sputnik? Countess03/01/10
Rec Me Essential Death Metal Insurrection03/01/10
Top Ten Bands SpectralArchitect02/28/10
New To Sputnik SpectralArchitect02/18/10
Current Obsessions Bullitt02/09/10
Pissed OllieS01/31/10
Killer9 Recs You Killer901/30/10
Recent Music, Rec? Heartfang01/30/10
El Duderino combustion0701/27/10
The New Digz Progmaster8501/18/10
First User To 20,000 Posts? BallsToTheWall01/16/10
What Else Do I Need? Jebull01/14/10
Favorite Album Titles FeralMemories01/12/10
90s Digs sleepyhead12/27/09
Ollies's Christmas Albums OllieS12/25/09
Death Metal FeralMemories12/17/09
Top 10 Metal Albums Of 1996 FeralMemories12/13/09
Help Me Sputnik! Need Advice Rubbadonga12/11/09
George Washington EverythingEvil211312/10/09
The Heaviest Albums I Own. MrButterfingers12/05/09
Recent Digs FeralMemories11/29/09
Best Band Logos FeralMemories11/19/09
Church Burnings Are Something I Support KILL11/19/09
The Best Metal Of This Decade Thor11/15/09
Holy Fuck KILL11/01/09
100 News Articles Prophet17810/14/09
Rec Epic Long Songs??? Heartfang10/10/09
I Had My Teeth Polished KILL09/29/09
Benzum KILL09/17/09
Amazing Evening Stones9909/06/09
My Favorite Albums Of All Time mizzinineman08/27/09
Reasons I Love Sputnik II: All Of The Awesome Stuff I Wouldn't Have Otherwise Heard Fugue08/04/09
What I Found... Crysis08/02/09
Best 00s Albums Titan5007/29/09
Ultimate 90s List Mendigo07/27/09
Music Blog Downloads Shrapnel9407/13/09
Some Albums For The Summer Ire07/06/09
Longest Songs In My Itunes Youwithoutme07/04/09
Diablo Ii Music Shrapnel9407/04/09
..and Thats The Billy Mays Guarantee Shrapnel9406/28/09
Why Not...? Ire06/19/09
This Past Week Or So... FistfulOfSteel06/04/09
Doomsday Cerbyrus05/27/09
Still Life Remastered: Holy Fuck Ire05/21/09
Pandemic II FistfulOfSteel05/12/09
Best Melodic Death Metal Albums Si1v3RfaNg05/10/09
1 Year Of Sputnik Fugue05/10/09
Fight Club Saidir02/22/09
As Long As Im Going To Sit For Four Hours, Might As Well Make It Worth My While SaviorofNone02/19/09
Whenever Boredom Overcomes You, Listen To Music You Must Rugter3202/18/09
Testing Out The New Speakers... SaviorofNone02/12/09
I Seriously Need New Stuff 72haha7202/12/09
Jrowa001's 100 Favs!! jrowa00102/03/09
Top 100! Yai! Crimson01/15/09
Top 50 Metal Bands List username34501/01/09
My Current Favourite Albums! toseland1512/29/08
Mindblowingly Good Albums Bleak12312/16/08
My Bad benhxc12/01/08
I Want These... benhxc11/27/08
Massive To-get List Buccaneer11/26/08
These Give Me Chills Thor11/24/08
Sylarcutyou's Fav Moments In Music sylarcutyou11/24/08
Recent Buys Part 2 DeathThrashProg11/09/08
Uno Ano willfellmarsy11/02/08
Riffs SynGates10/28/08
Bands That I Got Into Thanks To Sputnik engleprunt10/22/08
Skittles List Part 1 DeathThrashProg10/15/08
To Acquire DeathThrashProg09/07/08
Clean Vocal Recommendations. Burn2Burn09/05/08
My Top 100 Albums Of All Time Yazz_Flute08/27/08
My 50 Favourite Artists billy3308/16/08
Asbergs Magical Journey Through Music: Summary ASberg08/03/08
Looking For More Unique Metal SCREAM!07/19/08
Recently Acquired! botb07/17/08
Masochist's Recent Acquisitions Masochist07/16/08
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Moar willfellmarsy06/25/08
Oh God, What's Wrong With Me? McP300006/09/08
Sputnik Has Spoken! Masochist05/23/08
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Recent Diggin's. botb04/24/08
Kmagnum's 20 Essential Albums kmagnum1x04/22/08
Massive Success At The Music Store Crysis04/20/08
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Favorite Drake Bell Songs Ire04/19/08
A Very Long Thanks To Sputnik SCREAM!04/05/08
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Length=goodness willfellmarsy03/29/08
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Most Played Album Lately Foodforthegods03/26/08
Fresh Brain Surgery SynGates03/08/08
Generic Dig List Yazz_Flute02/27/08
Whats Up Sputnik Freddythejew02/17/08
Oh Hai Metulz. soul2702/09/08
Whishlist Foodforthegods02/09/08
My Top 5 Albums Ever! Go St. Louis! Ire02/03/08
1 Year At Sputnik Yazz_Flute02/03/08
Recents Fucking Digs!!!!!! Reign_In_Blood_8901/14/08
An Attempt At A Top 20 Crimson01/05/08
Albums I Need To Check Out Altmer12/31/07
Some Albums I Need To Get jrowa00112/12/07
Recently Bought....good Stuff jrowa00111/27/07
One Year At Sputnik, One Year Of Metal Crysis11/25/07
Albums I Want Jerrydavidson11/24/07
Christmas Wish List Foodforthegods11/22/07
Favorite Death Metal Reign_In_Blood_8911/11/07
Dan Swan? Collection Foodforthegods11/09/07
Epic Metal freudianslipknot10/27/07
In The Cold Winds Of Nowhere Crysis09/16/07
Bands I Would Love To See Live But Can't Foodforthegods06/13/07
The Twenty Five Finest Albums Meelk05/20/07
Best Of The New Millenium Foodforthegods05/02/07
Mikael Akerfeldt Full Discography Foodforthegods04/19/07
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Best Swedish Band Foodforthegods03/19/07


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