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My Ten Favorite Punk Albums Cal66501/12/15
Best National Anthem? eddie9512/03/14
album filler Ryus11/28/14
Favourite EPs adr11/03/14
Ryus's Anniversary Ryus11/02/14
Best 80's Hardcore BOR11/01/14
Vinyl Collection Muisc4Life2610/24/14
First Song You Learned To Play On Guitar scottpilgrim1010/03/14
25 Albums, 25 Movies Intothepit09/28/14
Late 80s/early 90s Recs eddie9509/23/14
Top 10 Punk Albums johnnyboy197309/07/14
5's drksideofthemn508/26/14
Starting High School Jams Ryus08/25/14
Rec Me Ska/punk ComeToDaddy08/20/14
The Relevance Of Cds Depends On Your Collection Pt 1 YetAnotherBrick08/18/14
20 Kickass Songs (openers) pannkakesangen08/15/14
50 Greatest Bands Of All Time ThePit08/14/14
Ryus Turns Fourteen! Ryus08/13/14
Hardcore Recs yourgodisinferior08/12/14
Top 100 NeroCorleone8008/10/14
The Great Album Adventure Part 1 pannkakesangen08/06/14
"There's nothing left to save" : Snoopcow's Favorite Albums Snoopcow07/30/14
Rec Me Some Punk Supercoolguy6407/23/14
Eps TheManMachine07/19/14
Vinyl Acquisitions (vol. &) WellFedWhiteMale07/17/14
Bored Af 10 Albums Per Decade Since 70s Why Not Trebor.06/27/14
Rites Of Spring Or Minor Threat Slut06/25/14
Digginng Hardcore MadGrinder06/21/14
My 50 Favorite Songs Of All Time, With Explanations LanternCore06/21/14
160gb Ipod Means Millions Of New Music PaddyPooHead06/17/14
Awesome Albums With Black And White Covers Muisc4Life2606/14/14
Some Punk Rock/HC Favorites AcidCaravan06/04/14
4 Years On Sputnik Hurricanslash05/22/14
Best Songs Ever demigod!05/12/14
Rec Me Punk/pv/hardcore/grind combustion0705/05/14
Recent Acquisitions (vinyl) Part Deux WellFedWhiteMale04/22/14
Essential Heavy Music FearTomorrow04/19/14
Angry, Pissed Off Recs lyzakthellama04/08/14
A Very Convincing Disguise, + Japan Jams flyus04/06/14
Hey Sun Kman41803/25/14
Recent Listens Bricks003/24/14
My Top 10 Punk Rock Bands Muisc4Life2603/24/14
Energizing And Atmospheric Albums I Dig Muisc4Life2603/15/14
Anti-Drug Musicians Vs. Drug Addict Musicians ArsMoriendi03/13/14
If You Could Be A Part Of Any Music Scene, Which Would You Pick? lyzakthellama03/06/14
My Meager Collection (vinyl) Vol. 3 WellFedWhiteMale03/04/14
Stuff I've Been Digging Lately tightwadhill1302/21/14
My Puny Record Collection In The Making mth63102/09/14
Ranking Other People's 5s : Lyzakthellama neurisis1701/24/14
25 Influential Punk Albums (in No Particular Order) Cal66501/19/14
I Need Some Fast Music lyzakthellama01/18/14
Need Some Happy Music brokendogleg01/13/14
Ian Mackaye/Guy Piccioto yourgodisinferior01/10/14
Favorite Punk Debut LPs RadioSuicide01/08/14
Hardcore Chortles01/04/14
55 Hardcore Hits RVAHC1312/31/13
Top 50 Albums zarling5312/23/13
The Ice Cream Truck Waits For No Man OysterizerInsomniac12/22/13
Hey Guys I Want Friends lyzakthellama12/18/13
4 Tha Punx yourgodisinferior12/10/13
My Favorite Punk Bands rockaway9611/26/13
My Evolution Through High School lyzakthellama11/03/13
Bye Sputnik :) JamesAnthingElse11/03/13
Great Bands With 2 Or Less Lps Greem10/12/13
Bands I Dig Right Now cloakanddagger10/06/13
I Really Wanna Make It In The Music Industry! dsroka00509/28/13
80's Artists dsroka00509/20/13
Top Punk Albums Of 1983 jackboblamont09/19/13
Dischord Artists Ranked dsroka00509/18/13
What Year Did You Join Sputnik? CrazyPlane09/15/13
Hardcore And Hip-hop Rec apert09/07/13
Punk/Shoegaze Albums I Dig Muisc4Life2609/04/13
Summer Shit Kman41808/31/13
Classic Hardcore theripsaw08/29/13
The Gym List Butkuiss08/29/13
The Greatest UrsaMajor08/08/13
Don't Call Me Guilty Of Being White Trebor.07/21/13
Punk Part 2 lyzakthellama07/19/13
Wooo Gta V Gwyn.07/09/13
Sputnik's Punk Madness Winner Green Baron07/03/13
Favorite Vocalists WolfCocoon06/30/13
Sputnik's Punk Madness Finals Green Baron06/29/13
Sputnik's Punk Madness: Final Four Green Baron06/28/13
Sputnik's Punk Madness: Elite 8 Green Baron06/27/13
Sputnik's Punk Madness: Sweet 16 Green Baron06/26/13
Sputnik's Punk Madness: Round Of 32 Green Baron06/25/13
Sputnik's Punk Madness Green Baron06/24/13
Some Essential Hardcore And/or Metalcore Albums xHunterx06/11/13
Trebhammer 40k Trebor.06/04/13
Scum's Favorite Title Tracks Scum06/02/13
Current Top 100. WolfCocoon05/12/13
RIP Jeff Hanneman BigPleb05/03/13
Legendary Hardcore-punk/Crossover Albums 'till 90 NoiseForZeus04/21/13
Cyg's Digs Part 2 Cygnatti04/19/13
Nononsense's Classic Albums nononsense04/18/13
Punk lyzakthellama04/04/13
Sputnik Nit Elite Eight crimes03/31/13
80s Blackbelt5403/19/13
The Terror wabbit02/24/13
Recent Vinyl Buys Sunn17702/23/13
Coming Clean MiniatureHorse02/06/13
My Entire Vinyl Library lyzakthellama02/06/13
Oh Look. Another Top 50 List ibringyoufire01/28/13
Treb's Top 100 Albums Trebor.01/28/13
Summer demigod!01/25/13
Top 50 Of My Favorite Albums dsroka00501/18/13
100 CDs I own demigod!01/14/13
Up Teh Punx iwasnvrurbf01/12/13
Least Played Albums skippingboy12301/03/13
What Do You Listen To Music On? lyzakthellama01/03/13
Best 'pre' Fugazi Band? Gwyn.11/29/12
All These Compact Discs americanohno11/23/12
Vinyl OysterizerInsomniac11/21/12
Malleus Breaks It Down MalleusMaleficarum11/18/12
Hardcore Life. skippingboy12311/13/12
Hardcore And Stuff AdamK11/07/12
My Favorite Lyricists lyzakthellama11/02/12
Hardcore And Punk! MichaelSnoxall11/02/12
Amazings Albums Cover huguitoescorza10/31/12
Mackaye And Albini: Really Great Lol ShadowAmI10/29/12
21st Birthday/list taxidermist10/27/12
Greatest Classics Hardcore Punk Albums huguitoescorza10/24/12
100 Favorite Albums chupacabraisreal10/18/12
Favorite Albums BenKnuckles10/17/12
Punk Recommendations? amp11210/13/12
Punk Digs / Recs? Mickeymau510/12/12
Punk 100 Blackbelt5410/07/12
Shoegaze skippingboy12309/29/12
When Did You Stop Believing In God? Trebor.09/16/12
Taxi's Favorite Users taxidermist09/11/12
Black Mesa Bloodhail09/10/12
Favorite Punk Songs dsroka00509/05/12
Taxi's Favorite User List Of All Time taxidermist09/04/12
I Turn 20 Tomorrow. Woot. DallyLama08/24/12
Crust, Hardcore, Straight Edge, Grind, Etc, What The Fuck Ever Else..rec That Shit. Acrosstheshield1308/21/12
Vinyl I'm Thinking Of Getting OysterizerInsomniac08/18/12
Modern Life Is War Bootleg/live Mp3s? TwoMonthsInTheCold08/15/12
Mom Recs deepintheorchard07/23/12
25 Greatest Albums of History of PUNK huguitoescorza07/23/12
Black Ops Zombies Devastator07/12/12
I Steal Your List Trebor.06/24/12
A Cone Review And A Trebs Review In The Same Day? Trebor.06/21/12
Top 10 Favorite Punk Albums dsroka00506/18/12
I Has To Teww You Somefing bungy06/11/12
High School 07-11 pigsonthewing06/06/12
Top 100 Albums skippingboy12306/02/12
13 Year Old Me Pentagon05/31/12
Malleuscore MalleusMaleficarum05/30/12
Enter Chuck's Hardcore Phase ChuckyTruant05/29/12
Metroid Games Ranked AltPunkMetal10105/12/12
750 Ratings Blackbelt5405/06/12
Vinyl eternium04/12/12
3 obnoxious things straight edge kids do EyeForAnEye04/04/12
Sputnik Police Commisioner BallsToTheWall04/03/12
Awesome Giant List BlueW03/30/12
100 Favorite Albums Of All Time SomethinFishy03/30/12
20 Punk Albums From My Life. Damus03/27/12
Music That Reminds Me Of Spring blaisetheslayer03/26/12
Tyrael's 10k: Dawn Of Sputnik Tyrael03/22/12
Complete Record Collection cvlts03/20/12
Top Played Albums Of Last 12 Months skippingboy12303/17/12
Let's Open Up This Pit xStayxTruex03/16/12
Sputnikmusic Vs A Night Ov Debauchery BallsToTheWall03/15/12
i need to download these ohfoxxxycole02/19/12
50 States, 50 Bands eternium02/17/12
Hardcore Recs List accompliceofmydeath02/03/12
50 Punk Albums I Love skippingboy12301/29/12
My Top 20 Favorite Albums Of All-time AltPunkMetal10101/29/12
Trebor Is A Top Commenter On Know Your Meme Trebor.01/23/12
80's And 90's Hardcore And Post-punk + The Roots GenusHomo01/23/12
The Best Punk Band Ever? lebeau4201/23/12
Felt Like Listening To Some Punk fulgrim12/28/11
The Best Punk Albums I've Owned RegularBen12/26/11
I Don't Get Hardcore tcat8412/20/11
Punk Playlist Cheesewireism12/06/11
Classic Punk Needs To Not Exist Trebor.11/05/11
Sputnik's Most Despised FrankRedHot11/02/11
Minecrafters whywontyoudie10/23/11
10000 Plus Favorite Users Plus 60 Favorite Albums Trebor.10/19/11
100 Bands I Do Not Care About Basman10/11/11
500 Ratings, 666 Comments tarkus10/06/11
My Favorite Punk/hardcore Bands Minushuman2410/04/11
Hardcore Recs tarkus10/03/11
Fantasy Baseball Wrap-up Eko09/30/11
Eat My Sandwich SamHandwich09/29/11
Lol At The Top 80s Album Charts sonictheplumber09/29/11
Best Punk Albums Ever jefflebowski09/05/11
Fave Albums That I've Found For The First Time/new Releases This Year. JosjosJosjos08/20/11
Top 100 ohyesbyallmeans08/18/11
Hardcore I enjoy. Some of its bad. Antipunk08/16/11
Recent Digs KinkyFresh08/10/11
Friday M/ omnipanzer08/05/11
My Last.fm Recs skippingboy12308/03/11
500 Ratings! Blackbelt5407/25/11
Colorado Vacation/hopeful 5's Eko07/20/11
Sputniksucks.com FrankRedHot07/16/11
Happy Bastille Day, Sputnik Cerbyrus07/14/11
My 100 Favourite Albums darkstepheneleven07/11/11
80s Dc Hardcore (Dischord) stillill12407/07/11
And Now for Something Different ShadowRemains06/30/11
Real(real) Punk Rock TheItalianStallion06/26/11
I Was Supposed To Be A Liar Antipunk06/21/11
Anger Ain't A Mood DougTheRanter06/06/11
Hardcore Recs? SeanScud06/05/11
Making An Ass Of Myself On The Forums sonictheplumber05/29/11
I Kill Children KILL05/21/11
Music You Grew Up On... witchxrapist05/20/11
Bring A Knife To A Gunfight And Lose BallsToTheWall05/16/11
I Don't Watch T.V. Trebor.05/11/11
Punk'd AngelofDeath04/25/11
Slow Burning Melancholy BallsToTheWall04/17/11
Record Store Day Purchases DougTheRanter04/16/11
38 Albums And 2 Extended Plays Trebor.04/07/11
Wonhundredrabbits wabbit04/06/11
Sex! SloppyMilkshake04/04/11
Albums I Love Pt. 3 omnipanzer03/23/11
Intense Albums GhettoIndieshit03/12/11
February In Review couldwinarabbit02/28/11
My Top 25 Hardcore Albums Blackbelt5402/21/11
Favourite Album Covers demigod!02/19/11
38 Poopy Songs By Poopy Bands... SloppyMilkshake02/17/11
Car Got Totalled... Again widowslaugh12302/17/11
Classic Hardcore/post-hardcore Reccs, Please BringMeABrick02/13/11
The Long List Of Short Music Coloso02/11/11
Favorite Users In Order Of Post Count sonictheplumber01/30/11
What Are Some Gr8 Albums From 2011 sonictheplumber01/29/11
Albums To Skate To ECR20601/26/11
Time To Move Defeaterr01/21/11
Need Punk Rawk Recs Blindsided01/19/11
Top Five In Your Face Albums ObeyTheCowGod01/17/11
Punk And Hardcore FuckedUp12/19/10
Random Album Generator alt12/13/10
Pit's 10 Best Hardcore Tracks SlowBoristheBlade12/09/10
Favorite Albums Of The Last 30 Years Blackbelt5411/20/10
Am I Scene? awhiteguy11/17/10
Things that got me into things I like... witchxrapist10/20/10
You Want a Pit List? awhiteguy10/13/10
Skank You, This Is Punktastic bungy10/05/10
Sup Guys Heysatan09/20/10
Hi, Sputnik/$50 On Itunes warpvolta09/17/10
The Hardcore List For Recs eternium09/09/10
The "Must-Haves" of Hardcore Intothepit09/01/10
Hardcore Nostalgia Intothepit08/27/10
My Brand Newest Albums dopefiend6708/22/10
Metalcore/mathcore/hardcore/grindcore Recs HSThomas08/15/10
First List Of Summer shinfojoe08/15/10
Top 20 Albums EuphoricDysphoria8108/12/10
I Love The 80's!! vmcoia9108/05/10
Up The Punx londoncalling45708/05/10
Kickin' It Old School Today accompliceofmydeath08/05/10
Punk Recs rhcpkp1508/02/10
Yea Bro huffndoback08/01/10
Hardcore Sucks ispamyou07/29/10
30 Songs That Popped Up On Shuffle.. RustyJoint07/22/10
15 Bands That I Like Marginally More Than French Housewives RustyJoint07/16/10
Favorite Albums To Run To? witchxrapist07/14/10
Hows This For A Fucking Punk List? dopefiend6707/06/10
Sputnik Essentials. Part III AnotherBrick06/30/10
My Top 20 Punk Albums Blackbelt5406/09/10
Life Is Hard, And So Am I Titan5006/01/10
Chin Up Sputnik Titan5005/20/10
Turning 21 IRAI05/15/10
Need More Punk Monsterpoptart04/21/10
Essential Hardcore intothepit8304/13/10
Short Reviews>long Reviews LeotardMessiah203/26/10
Mr. Feeney Gave Me Detention intothepit8303/16/10
Rec. Me Some Hardcore ZDobx03/13/10
Screeching Weasel/punk Recs rhcpkp1502/28/10
Feeling Lucky, Punk? chambered8902/20/10
Best Album Of The Year So Far... FeralMemories02/07/10
Real Hardcore Urinetrouble02/01/10
Stuff I've Been Obsessing Over. WithHorsesInHerEyes01/22/10
I'm Angry!! bullettoothtony01/18/10
Favorite Bands Revised rhcpkp1501/17/10
Albums I've Acquired In 2009 rhcpkp1512/29/09
Punk Hymns And Safety Pins spankthru6712/11/09
More Punk Giles9212/05/09
My Favorites, are you fucking happy AnneFrank11/17/09
Hardcore Punxxx witchxrapist11/07/09
Hardcore Recs Please EasternLight10/31/09
The 10 Greatest Songs Ever MrAwesome10/20/09
My 10 Favorite Albums MrAwesome10/15/09
Skate! nick96210/13/09
My Daily Commute guitarplaya9109/30/09
More Sexy Album Covers Boognish09/26/09
Neutral Milk Hotel Blow Boognish09/24/09
I Hate Tim Tebow illmitch09/19/09
Fuck School LOATHSOME09/17/09
Thanks Sputnik rhcpkp1509/07/09
10 Favorite Bands Of All Time EasternLight09/05/09
Hardcore/hardcore Punk breesuschrist09/04/09
My Favourite Albums And Movies Boognish09/03/09
Bands Of Sputnikness Deathcar08/31/09
I'm Looking For Some Fast Punk Music Ryanarchy08/30/09
Londonvinyl457 londoncalling45708/26/09
Deep Creeping (a Tribute) - Part 2 killrobotmusic08/24/09
Favorites!! Polcii131308/22/09
Oldz breesuschrist07/30/09
Top 80s Albums Titan5007/15/09
Summer Playlist '09 guitarplaya9106/26/09
Hardcore Bro combustion0706/25/09
Just Picked Up 6/19/09 FreePizzaDay06/19/09
The Sonic Granduer Of 1990 fireaboveicebelow06/03/09
Favourite Title Tracks Sbayuts05/21/09
My Musical Progression Over The Years Adam_Harrison905/16/09
Hardcore Punk Boognish02/18/09
Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique Boognish02/13/09
10 Albums I Can't Live Without Gmaj02/02/09
Favourite Albums Of All Time pneumoniahawk9301/18/09
Need Some Reccomendations... SoulReaper01/02/09
Top 100 Albums queef69bonerHARD12/05/08
Top100 (no Subjectivity Allowed) StreetlightRock10/27/08
Vinyl Collection londoncalling45710/24/08
Most Awesomest Kick Ass Albums Ever NotMrBlonde09/28/08
My 50 Favorite Songs NotMrBlonde09/07/08
Punk Mix And Match pogostick107/04/08
Dude, Are You Dead? combustion0706/24/08
Top 10 Bands! gaber0106/02/08
Punk Bands!! (top 10) gaber0106/01/08
Recent Diggin's. botb04/24/08
Albums That Go With Me Everywhere TamsinGadai04/16/08
Favorite Punk Bands natereiber200502/29/08
Feeling The Need To Conform londoncalling45712/27/07
Ian Curtis Has A Funny Voice StreetlightRock11/30/07
All Punx'd Out StreetlightRock11/26/07
Sorry Mr. Kite londoncalling45711/17/07
Driving. Mirror.Circuit11/04/07
10 More Albums I Will Never Tire Of Mirror.Circuit10/30/07
Hate Me StreetlightRock10/29/07
Albums Voor In Nepal (deel 2) Keverzwijn09/30/07
Needing... Ephex09/23/07
Great Old School Hardcore Songs thecrimson09/01/07
Ten Punk Songs That Changed My Life DesolationRow08/31/07
Rise Against Set List ToWhatEnd08/17/07
Albums I Must Get Into Sooner Or Later Hatshepsut08/09/07
Favorite Bands MKO82907/14/07
50 Punk Necessities descendents107/01/07
Music! nick96206/18/07
Dead Kennedys 1233110706/07/07
10 Fav Albums chronikkda_punk04/30/07
Itunes Albums 2 Full Collapse29904/26/07
Vinyl londoncalling45704/02/07
Pie Chart Thingie DeadToPain03/18/07
High Rotation londoncalling45702/26/07
Music For A Tough Week londoncalling45702/20/07
My Favorite Albums Of All Time HumanCannonball02/03/07
Punk As **** CheckersOnMyShoesYo01/25/07
Bands That I Like, But My Parents Really Don't CheckersOnMyShoesYo01/08/07
Songs I Enjoy Playing On Bass londoncalling45701/01/07
Punk Bands (kinda) That Got Me Into The Genre downtime911012/18/06
Best Albums I've Bought Recently CheckersOnMyShoesYo12/16/06
My current mix of 10/25/06 misfitsfiend10/25/06
My Favourite Bands ElPablo09/30/06
Top 25 Punk Albums Mike Rakhabit09/17/06
Top 100 Punk Albums of All Time (Number 2) Brain Toad07/01/06
Top 100 Punk Albums of All Time Brain Toad07/01/06
Which one? Hatshepsut06/24/06


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